Fayette County Leader from Fayette, Iowa on July 12, 1962 · Page 2
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Fayette County Leader from Fayette, Iowa · Page 2

Fayette, Iowa
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Thursday, July 12, 1962
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Established In 1914 lj Neighbors 3 =7 NATION AI IBlTCt Hi 62 Subw -iiptkai Rates 1/. Fayer,*- and Adio;n.rig Courses Outside rayett* and A2>>:r.:r.£ C.-. si- n; ?>« YfK The Leader is published wet 'r .h- _-. F* ?-*•"•? !•;-»««. n,i on Thursday snomjng Er.'.ered it :h* Pc»rt Off i: J"i;i »' second class mailer, under the A.-: cl Vi-;!-. J.. :r?*> Mautfc* Slon*m«n. OWBR aad P%b£i*fe«? "What's new! Editorial Comments - - - INTERESTED ??? YES or NO ??? The regular meeting of the Fayette Youth Council was scheduled to have been held Monday evening. July 9 at the Legion Hall. Because of the fact tbere were 2 adult advisors, one Youth Council member and one honorary' member present, only an informal dis cussion was held The same situation existed at the preceding meeting in June. There will be no dance held Friday night. July IX as the Legion will be participating in the city wide promotion' - nor will there be any further opening of the Center until more evidence of concrete interest is shown by both parents and Youth Center members. The adult advisors felt that previous disciplinary action taken should have solved behavior problems, but disrespect and destruction of property, failure to accept responsibility, and general disobedience still prevails. The Council appreciates the American Legion having permitted its using the Hall. A few weeks ago over one hundred invitations were sent out to parents of members to attend a Parent-Youth dance, and out of that number there were nine sets of parents represented, although almost sixty young people attended S.r.h when an average att. ndance of over 50 Youth rn mbers register at an activity it would seem the p-ojoct is ail worthwhile, but discipline problems should not be a part of any true Youth Center, and it should no! be impossible to get pvents to serve on- the Council, or to take active part toward the betterment of a project beneficial to their own children. Now we are leaving the future of our Center up to you parents and members. The next regular meeting of the Council will be held Hie 2nd Monday of August. (August 14th) We invite all who are interested to attend and try' once more to work out our difficulties, and give all an opportunity to share in the responsibility. The meeting will be fx id at the Legion Hall at 7:30 P. M As far as the active Council Members are concerned this is the last time «uch an invitation will be issued, and an organization which has been held together for 2 1 * years by a few ink* ested people will come to an end. Will you be there A: mist 14th ??? Youth Council Board KM her Johnson Publicity Chairman Big Question Does anyone in the government really want to save the taxpayers money? Before considering that question, read this story. Last January H. established electric utilities-all big taxpayers, all under public regulation -submitted a plan for firming the federal government's hydroelectric system on the Missouri river. It would work on a barter plan, with no money changing hands. The utilities would supply needed supplemental power to the government system during low water periods, and the government would pay it back during the periods when water releases were ample. Now the Department of the Interior has rejected to the proposal. Instead, it apparently has decided w accept a plan proposed by a group of rural electric coops involving the construction of a $3G million steam plant. The plant doesn't exist now, couldn't be completed for several years, and wouldn't be needed at all if the utility plan were accepted It would be financed with a Rural Electrification Administration loan, at below-cost interest rates, which is a form of subsidy if there ever was one. And, as a practical matter, it would provide only about 30 per cent as much supplementary power as would the utility offer. There's the story. Now you might consider question which opens this little piece. the Invest In America A million new jobs a year call for at least $17,000 new capital investment per job--seventeen billion dollars per year. And at least another twenty billion dollars a year is needed to maintain the plants and machinery providing the 67 million jobs we now enjoy. Where is the money coming from? The answer: From the same source of capital that has provided it in the past savings in the form of retained earnings of business enterprises and the savings of the American people-your savings. Survey suggesis changes In entertainment program By E. T. Alcorn As many of you who attended the 1961 fair know, a survey was conducted in an effort to learn the likes and dislikes of our patrons. As a result of the survey, several changes have been made in the entertainment program that will be presented to fairgoers this year. We nave endeavored to retain the popular features and to add others in which an interest was shown. One of the new features to be added is an open competition tractor pulling contest This event has proven to be very popular everywhere providing it has been properly conducted. We have secured the services of Ken Vesperman of Lancaster, Wisconsin to run the contest. Ken has excellent equipment and a wealth of experience and we are confident that a first class contest will result Contestants will compete for cash prizes totaling 9450. There will be pulls in three different classes depending on the weight of the tractor entered. Each contestant will pull a weighted stone boat over a 220 foot course which will be laid out in front of the grandstand. Weight will be added every 10 feet as the tractor proceeds down the course until it stalls. The contestant who • travels the greatest distance will be the winner of the class and will pick up 950. prize money. There ^will be a total of $150. in cash awarded to the first five places in each of the three classes. Rules of You don't have to own stock in a corporation to be a capitalist- an investor. That's only one way. If you put your savings in a bank or savings and loan institution, or take out life insurance or buy estate, your money-your savings-is put to work by business and industry to develop jobs, production of goods and services. That's what investment means -putting money to work. Let's voluntarily and wisely Invest in America: our funds and our faith in our future. "We are all capitalists-investors of our savings. Ray and Leon, Maynard. Edgar, Minneapolis.; Max; Berrudji. Minn.; and Mrs. Lester (Mildred) Schmitt, Oelwein. Also her brother. William Wegner, Decorah. and her sister, Mrs. Anna Wolfe. Oelwein. Linda Wolfe presided at the guest book, and Mrs. Robert Wolfe (Maynard) and Mrs. Carl Heller were in charge of the gifts. During the refreshment hour Bonnie Wolfe presided at the punch bowl, Mrs. Roger Schmitt, Charles City, and Kay Wolfe, Minneapolis, cut and .served the cake, and Mrs. David Schmitt, Cedar Rapids, poured the coffee. Other towns represented by the 75 persons present were Waterloo, Waverly, Fayette, Arlington, Randalia, Hazelton. Strawberry point, Maynard, and Milwaukee, Wis. The oldest persons present were Mr. and Mrs. John Wilkinson. 91 and 90, former neighbors of the Wegners, Lynelle Yvonne Wolfe, 16 months, daughter of the Max Wolfes, was the youngest. the contest and entry blanks will soon be available from all implement dealers in Fayette County, or may be obtained by writing, to the Secretary of the Fair in West Union. Another afternoon feature to be added this year is not a new one, in fact it is one of the oldest forms of entertainment at fairs. However it has not been presented at the Fayette County Fair for several year. On Thursday afternoon members of the Iowa Thoro- bred Horse Racing Association will present a six event progrtm of running races. All races will be started with a starting gate. As a special added attraction there will be two heats of harness racing with Shetland ponies between the shafts. Former resident is Honored on birthday MAYNARD - Mrs. Emilie Wolfe, Oelwein, a former long-time resident of the Maynard community, was honored Sunday, July 1, when her children, a brother, a sister and their families met at the Community hall for a family dinner to observe her 80th birthday anniversary which was • Friday,' June 29. Open house was held in the afternoon for former neighbors and friends to extend congratulations. All five of her children were present for the event. They are Externum Council Activities Calendar Thursday, July 12 — Center Do-B-Best 4-K dub meeting - 10 a. m. Gloria Dobbs County 4-H party. Saturday, July 14 — Jefferson Good Luck 4-H club meeting Westfield Worthy Winners 4-H club meeting - Extension Office Eden starlets 4-K dub meeting DJyria CUpperettes 4-H dub meeting - Illyria church Monday* July 16 ~ Beef Producer* tourWisconsin Jersey Parish show • EUkader. • y «T Softball tournajnent - Fayegf Tv&ffar,My 17 — - . * JfeU*7totftag and Management ebhtnJttees meet fH Uvestpck :w*m$ * 1 :30 P- m- - Benton Harrison Maynard Boy Scout Troop has camp-out MAYNARD — Sixteen members of Boy Scout Troop 74 and two leaders, David Parsons and Ivan Opperman, camped out Friday night at Twin Bridges. They were instructed by the leaders about selecting a good location for the camp and how to set it up. After cooking their supper some went fishing and some swirnming. Later in .the evening they studied about first aid, the scouting/law and oath and other facts they must know for advancement Saturday morning before breaking camp they looked over the plant life in the area to learn the edible varieties. DWi-Jct Extension <™&^?3!l, jOWrict Guernsey show » RobmVFele (arm Extend courtesy MAYNARD — Members of the congregation of the Emmanuel Methodist church met at the park Sunday following the church services for a picnic as a welcome- back courtesy for the pastor, the Rev. Herbert Shaffer, and family. Also as a farwell for. two families! of the church: Mr. and Mrs. Alvin Kelly and family who will move August IS to Central City where he has a position ,in the school, as girls' coach and'industrial arts tostruftor, and for Mr. and Mrs. Dalton D,ahl and family who will go to Grand Forks, North Dakota, where be will take part hi the year* to study at .the University of North Dakota'', sponsored' by the National Science Foundation. ;,t one 'K! II-. Chattin' With Stone v .Slumber paj"li< s . mk norm d event, was one! Bec/ius- Un-se p ;i! lit*, slum'*-" '• thing there is vei;. h':', '"><• of fv .... . v ,.K • • . '"'I it v...... •.•.-.-••) ,nt<. • • of fi,> ni )• mil'; I*-',• Vv A "f sleep, 'i (.. - M'liet "down a few minut- -. old folks would th.nk \* ;••(.•• had arrived at last. But then one giggle would trigger anotlw-r. arid like a chain reaction the wbo)< group would be off and running :-e;im. And it seems th. re'«~ no v .ith thing as doing something individ ually. . . everything is done in a group, such as getting a drink, -something to eat going lo the- hath room. Three times we were chased out of the bathroom so they could hold a short convention. And, to wind things up before they even got to sleep, the question "what time are you going to get up" was thoroughly discussed. Well, we knew that if they didn't get to sleep pretty soon. . • they'd still be up when they should be getting up. t Anyway, the girls appeared to be having a good time. . . and apparently that's uhat slumlvr parties are for. What th< heck, you can sleep anytime. —•— There has been considerable comment on the color chosei, for the front of the new Lade.- building. And most of the comments were derogatory. . . or at least just a little insulting. However two or three people did say that it looked real nice. Now they may or may not be color blind, but we certainly appreciat ed their comments. Quite frankly, the color didn't turn out just as we had anticipated, but we didn't feel it was too bad. Especially not bad enough to go to the expense of repainting It right away. But. we also like to make everyone happy if possible. And. since there are so many who expressed a negative opinion of the color, we have come up with a way tu change it. We'll put a container on the counter in the Leader office, and anyone who dislikes the color of the building is cjuite welcome to step inside and drop pieces of silver or green backs into the container for the purpose of repainting the building. When enough contributions are received - we'll i e paint. Friday night, July 13. the black cats will be howling again in Fayette, as the second Mad Midnight M.irathon takes over. Let's hope it's bigger and better than the first. Practically all of the Fayette merchants are participating in this sales event, and they have some real good bargains. The sale will begin at 8 p. m. and last until midnight. And many of the stores will have exceptional bargains to be placed on sale each hour of the evening. There was standing room only in Fayette during the last Mid- nighCMarathon. And the customers and merchants were all happy with the promotion and results. This one should really be terrific, so come early and stay late if you want to pick up those bargains. Marriage licenses issued Marriage licenses issued during June in the cleik of courts office in West Union were Gary Frederick Briesemeistcr. 21, and S. Kaye Campbell, 19, Ixith of Fayette; Larry Joe Johnson, 22, Ponenay and Donna Chaplin, 22, Oelwein; Clarion Hagelie, 31, and Barbara Hunsberger, 21, both of West Union; LaVerne Elmer Thode, 21, Arlington, and Carol Jean Burrack, 18, Aurora; Keith Strong, 32, San Joes, Calif., and Mary Samek, 24. Fayette; Loren E. Smith, 20, Oelwein and Virginia Lee Kelly, 21, Maynard. Ronald Lee Hulise, 20, Cedar Rapids and Mary Jean Gordon, 18, Arlington; Lester Joseph Staake, 33, Elgin and Uis Jean Rubendall, 16. Clermont; Daniel Terry Gibbs, 20, and Paula Eva Peeper, 19, both of Waterloo. Patridges attend 5th Anniversary ceremony MAYNARD - Mr. and Mrs. Irving Patridge returned home Wednesday evening, June 27, from a few days trip to points in central Iowa. On Sunday they attended services at the Collegiate Presbyterian church, Ames, of which Patridge was a charter member. That afternoon they were pre* ent at a meeting of the two-year agriculture graduates held at the Memorial Union at Iowa State university, Ames. The meeting also noted the 50th anniversity of graduates of the first two-year class. Patridge was one of 12 members' of that class of 1913 present. Tliey were presented commemorative medals. The following day they attended the annual meeting of the reinsurance company in GrinneH. W PAYS TO ADVERTISE >• WITH LEADER WANT APS Creek Bottom Comments — By Reuben We hop - you "city sliikers" will not lie bored if we onee again look into the farm sitthee ashun. Colummit Sydney J. Harris cjuot ed one Silvio Conte of Mass as c!"cl,v-)ng "fanners are like the ttrei who has feasted on sweet an iion hut is now gnawing on 'II, • -»d <•<>],, of lealitV". We that .IKK himself could out iat M.itment. fedar Rapids (ia/> tte ran • M.toria] on "long range farm ,> n !!• el!- il". (allmg for a re • v. i] .!< :•> .a 1 -- n t:r< in- nt. of up to !-;" million aeres. They coyly men tioiv ci the !;„ ( ((,,-,( Senator Ific-k ( nlooper had p es. nted such a program to the S, nate. The Farm Bureau Spoki-sin ei i e p-inted the editorial. It was a good editorial, yi s. but it doesn't take much delving to figure out the "angles". 'Hie clever, witty, and articulate Mr. Smith is knocking on the Senatorial chamber door, and that LOCALS Relatives and friends gathered at the home of Mr. and Mrs. James Green in observance of their third wedding anniversary of July 4. —•— Mrs. Leo Demuth of Jesup. Mrs. Robert Demuth of Austin, Minn., and Jill visited Tuesday with Mrs. Agnes (ireen, and Mrs. Don Blue and family and Mr. and Mrs. James Green and friends. — • — Mr. and Mrs. Howard R. Johnson. Harriet. Ann and Ellen, accompanied by M-s. Lester Heed of Aurora, recently attended the wedding of .lames K. Spensley and Karen Cravens in Minneapolis. James is the son of Mr.and Mrs. James Spenslev of Bastrop, Louisiana formerly of Aurora, and the nephew of Mrs. Johnson and Mrs. Heed. He had spent several sum mers in Fayette, and was graduated from the University 'if Minnesota in the school of engineering. He received his Commission in the Air Force and is presently stationed in Texas. — • — Mr. and Mrs. Ted Johnson and four children of Wheaton, Mary land are vacationing in the Ina Johnson home. Other guests have been the Eugene Johnsons of LaPorte City, Mr. and Mrs. Oscar Bany of Tripoli, Barbara Bany and Carol Steffenson of Waterloo, and the Forrest Dureys of Manchester. —•— Douglas James of Dayton. Ohio spent the past week in the home of his aunt and uncle, Mr. and Mrs. Howard Johnson. • —#— Miss Patti Wells and Miss Joan Heidrick enjoyed the week-end at Clear Lake with friends. — • — Miss Nan Witterstein returned to her home in Morrison, 111., after having spent two weeks in the home of her grandparents, the Hurley Fritz'. FREE COLOR Let us help you with your new paint colors! We're headquarters for decorating ideas, beautiful room pictures, how-to-paint hints, and a complete line of paints and accessories that make your week-end decorating easy. Come see our famous 1,322 colors in Colorizer Paints! LION BRAND PAINTS THAYER'S FURNITURE - APPLIANCES PH. W , PAY1TTH Call Us For Refrigerator And T. V, Servtci Open 9 to 9 Mori, ihru Sat. knocking will quieting ;ir. N' nearer. The fiillie Sol h.r, IMHIIII - th slug fe.st that h.i\ • « ••!) neleerl i, igation ; m-e| a!w. foees du' One (!;,-. )<•' <ON' iVemlr Esli more dis II grows \er •-, investigation I out political klmdv sh lOtllll el • i! I... Have •n the lii:::>e M" ' ion l.n..- touch ;U ever !>e< ill\est ,l •.Ciliil.lls lO Collie lO ;. e .-ir:,. !> local bn; in,-:,,ni,-in. v.li . .•• !'•: ''< ;i " in. mber. s.-ud. ' if Ihe hod as man', m inher.. ;e; the Kenn Pur ejni. they c«.u!d i-enlly Dt vine win-re u i!h the,,- c,,i|, iliii (regain nig iil.m". One oilier day. this bus inessinan's out spok' n p-olner said. "I wi-h sotii'body would gr.e me some gooil le.con why we are Farm Bureau nf mhe '-s. Why in I) »!.-, we p.-v fifl-eii dollars to an outfit. Hint's ti'\:n' lo run us out of business". V,e Hunk these fellows off.-red two good juicy mor Sels of food for thought. c-b-c The surgeon's new wife Wore a look of pure peril When he shouted. "Don't me. .My darling, I'm sterile." by (Jcorge Joseph New cars registered During month of June New cars registered in the Fayette County treasurers office during June were; Thomas KemmiTcr. Oelwein. Pontiar: Claire or V'elma Schnor. Hawkeye. Ford: Varlyn Fink, Randalia. Rambler: Richard Griebenow, Clermont. Ford: Aubrey Story. Randalia. SSAB: Iowa Motor Co., Inc. Oelwein. Ford; Kenneth Schatz. West Union. Willys Jeep: Howard Sullivan. West Union, Falcon: Cordon or Frances Hoopman. Clermont. Ford: .lames or Harriet Gable, Oelwein. Chevrolet: Dick Bashore. West Union, Volkswagen: Thomas McCue, Sumner. Cadilnc; Kenmth Whalen. Oelwein. Pontine: Arnold or Arvilla Klammer, Westgate. Chevrolet: Wardell Chev. Co. Oelwein, Cacl- ilac; David Reese. Fayette. Buick: Anton Steinlage, West Union, Ford; Gustave or Ella Begalske, Hawkeye, Rambler: Loe or Augusta Schori. Elgin, Buick; Carole Chap man. Arlington. Rambler; Eniil or Genevieve Lassig, Clermont, Mercury. Ray or Ruth Fels. West Union. Plymouth; John Falb and Sons, Elgin. Chevrolet; Elmer Pape. West Union. Chevrolet: Robert Hernandez, Oelwein, Chevrolet: Kenneth or Patricia Peterman, Oelwein, Chevrolet; William Dolores Orr. Fayette, Chevrolet; Dale Nefzger, Fayette. Chevrolet; U• n-y or I-jura Hjdmeng, Wau- .mi. liirnbler: William or Laura Bauinga tner, . Oelwein, Chevro lit; Ha,old Ferguson. Jr., Sumner, In <l; Milliard or Jannes Wester field. West Union. Pontiac; Haihc Geraldine Fritz. Favette. Chev roM: Wilbur Ford Sales, West Union. Ftrd; Yov.n'Vs, Oelwein. |-'ord; Elm <>'• Marian, Fenner. Oe'wiin. Cli 'VroM: Thomas Biver, [iamb Ocl 'CeJM e -Isoil. Oelw. ill. Ilostrom. W .st I i i Snii'l. W. st I.eo Mo k. W. Googe J< fit lit '.: Donald I Virginia Rob Ifambler; (',, | nif.n. Ford; Rol, Union, Corvai--; it Union. Chevrolet genson, Clermont. ipe. West Union. or <"b< \ roi< t: Russell or Avis Wc in; C-. Elgin. Plymouth station wag -iiy. .Mania and or LaVerne Alcorn, West Union. Apache. Eagle Cat»o .er; Francis Hennis. Cterm'nt. Falcon; Joyce or Malx'l Fen ill. Hawkeye. Plymouth station wag on: Peoples Natural Gas. West. Union. Ford: Russell Brant, Del wein. Oldsltiobile; Phillip or Roth Kami!- Ison. Wi st Union. Pontine station wagon: Otto or Rita Wela-r, Oelwein. Ford; Glender or* and Mild ed [Jrcitsprccher. Arlington, Chevrolet: Clifford Saboe, West Un ion. Trailhlazer camper. Edmund or Marguerite Kirhy, Oelwein. Pontiac; George or Beth McFarlane. Oelwein. Mercury stat ion wagon; Albert Kuennen, St. Lucas, Chrysler; Richard Clemens, Oelwein. Ford: Schmidt, Stanley, West Union, Falcon; Marvin Larson. Clermont, Ford; Robert or Gwendolyn. Oelwein. Chevrolet station wagon; Arnold or Marie Hintz. Westgate, Ford; Donald or Naomi Welsh, Oelwein, Chevrolet; Clarence or Esther. Wolf. West gate. Chevrolet; Mary Brannon, Waucoma. Ford; Leonard Fencl, West Union. Rambler; William or Charlotte Struck, Plymouth; Carl Steinbronn. Westgate, Chevrolet; Bernice Kerns, Fayette, Pontiac. Guy or and Ruby Spragg, Oel wein. Chevrolet; Dale Walrod, Oelwein, Chevrolet; Kenneth Gage, Fayette, Rambler; Veldon or Mary Orth. Clermont. Plymouth; Deane or Mary Davis, Randalia, Chevrolet; Rose Huinker, Oelwein, Chevrolet: Jess Daringcr. Oelwein, Chevrolet station wagon; Harry Wardell, Oelwein, Cadilac; Reg. Pub. Co., Inc., Oelwein, Pontiac station wagon; Donald Porter, Oel wein. Pontiac; Charles Clark, Fayette, Chevrolet station wagon. Trucks were licensed during June to John and Florence Bird now, Maynard, International; Al- lx>rt Frey. West Union, Ford; Service Center, Oelwein, Ford; Big (Jain Products. West Union, IHC; Miller and Sage. West Union, IHC; George Alderson, Wadena, Chevrolet; Oelwein Chemical Co., Oelwein, Ford; Albert Frey, West Union, International. YOUR MOST Snap-A-Part • Forms Registers Register Forms? SOURCE OF Cnntlniiroic Pnrmi Continuous Forms. •"""' • """'"is FORMS IN IH^ Guest Checks |^||L ORDER NOW from the

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