The Iola Register from Iola, Kansas on February 24, 1915 · Page 6
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The Iola Register from Iola, Kansas · Page 6

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, February 24, 1915
Page 6
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INSfiHTFOR NEELEY StEJrATOeiAL cbxTEST DOES N^)T ^ EXCITE MUCH INTEREST. S Coniri|butioB« tg , Ciimimi^ Funds •y Cause fensaOon—Fight Orer Appropriations. V Topeka, Feb. 23.—It ~is apparent : now that the real fight of the Jeglsla- ! live session will hot be staged around jsither political or economic issues. Instead it will h(nge on the appropria tions to the eduipational and cleemo- l synary institutiol ^s. While the isNue is \t's not political the fight is. A Republi can liouse is tryin gto keep the ap- [ propriationg as ;Ibw as possible. A •- Deniocratic senate ig trying to boost ; them. The reconiinendatious of tlie ( senate ways an.d means committee : are something {like a million dollars ' in «xccss of the 'aiiiounts recomnicnd- cd by the ways and moans commiiton of the liouse. "the aniouiif. rocom- ;' mended by the hpu .si; comniltinc. how •ever, is in excess of Iho iipi)roprin- i tions of two years UK ", mid ihc • ^llropriatlonb of liyo years ano wore in ^'Dxcesg of 'any jirovlous sosslon. If I legislation foIlovVa Iho usiiiil ohiinnols ? It all means in ifee end, the will ; concede somcllil|iB, tlio senate will concede somethi^j; and the approjirial ; tions will run aomctliihR like thro <'7 ' quarters of a niillion doUiirs hielicr ; than they have ever boon before. It, - ; all means an increase in taxes for i. state purposes aiid on that point puts the Republican administration on the • defensive and givc^ the Democrats a, -talking point in the next campaign. THE TOLA DAILY REGISTER. WEDNESDAY EVENING, FEBRUARY 24,1915. But- unless thes Kansas Democrats^ -take a great bracejOnc talking point 1; won't help them; much in 191fi. The' —Kansas Democrijts-:arc "shot." The ' Hodg <>s-Thomp80 }i factional row has .•shattered It and} there is no strong •'rtanin sight to'poll it togetlicr. A |,strong, clean cut candidate for; Gov, ernor might turn'tne trick, hut tiiorc . is BO such man in sight. Candidates so far mentioned are either of the .22 'short Variety, lack of wide acqiiaint- -ance necessary tp fix them in the pub , lie .raind, or arc |,icdup in iho faction ial row. J. W; Orr is mentioned, and V is one| of the biggest men in the partp-, ^but he is hopelessly entangled in tlie ifac .tional row. His nomination would be the signal for the unsheathing of a great variety oC cullcry. Goorsc H. :R'6ss is a good man, but is not sui- •jficiently conspicuibus lo th,. public eye ;to make the soirt, oC candidate tUo ^Democrats need. it — , The first feeling of rosontnicnt Gov. . ;Capper has varouafiMi in his owji parly ^followed thi noiiiiriation ' of .loo .Merger to be Ijivestock Sanitary Inspecl- ?pr. The Governor has handled a very ^difllcult situation, with finesse and 'XapX and his appointments havo HO far im .et with very geporal apjiroval, both •from a political standpoint and froni that of fitness for the iilaco. Hiit tlie fappolntraent of Mprccr has stirred the rHardshell Republicans and tlmre Is ionie-rumbling going! on. It is not ^nown when Mercer relroaiod from Armagetldon and directed li'is foot- istepB ini the" dire(;tlon of Iho Hopuh- ^ican party, but he was still a I'ro- •^rcssive at the beginning of Iho cnm- Ipaign last year. Mercer was.Uve- ^ stock Sanitary Inspecror under,jGovor iior Stubbs and long was a spoke in that political wheel; The Hardsliells ^fd n|ot object to the Bristow appoinl- Snent. They recognized the fact that the Softshell section of the party was Entitled to recognition aiid were sfit- tafied when the appointment went to Pristow. But Mercer is a horse of an Other color andt his iaiipointment is un tiopular with tiie aid liners, .altlVough' there i^ notjuestioh that ho knows the iib and is a good man for the place. . One of the thoi»ns that rankles in This is the package bright red, don't forget AUNT JEMIMA^ IVUfCAKE FLOUR makes the kind of griddle cakes that taste better every time you eat them. M-m-m!!! Coupon on top tells how to get the funnv Rag Doll Family. TRJUWIie FOR NEXT EVENT BALDniN TOVRNAMEXT IS FIRST STEP TOWARD CHAMPIONSHIP. lolM Basket BaH Five Annexes String of Twelve ConMecolIve Viclorles —Tenm tp Lawrence. the Democratic situarron is that there are a number of Democratic editors who did not get a postofTice. Democratic newspapers ;n Kansas are scattering, and while there are some strong Democratic weerclios, there are others that need bolstering with >a postofllcc or some other paying appointment. Quito a number of these were overlooked wlicn the pie, .was jiasaed. The rdsull is considerable friction which might have boon avoided. The postoflico; patronage is behind the very acute Democratic break in llie Second District, although the situation frames itself from'a different angle, Tiio Fort Scott Tribune, the most influential and mo.-t militant Democratic newspaper in the district has time and again made tlie charge that postofiico apijointments in the Second District were sold to the highest bidder and tliP'Sonator Thompson and Congressman Taggart profited in Iho transaction. And the Tribune has jiot yet been sued for libel. Senator Bowman of Garnott, who is a really strong man nnd who" made a futile race against Taggart last year will again be in the race and the prospects for a grand fight never were better. The lola high school basket ball team, which has just annexed an unbroken string of tvelve victories, scoring 572 points to opponents' 197,^18 now practicing: for the next big. event in the championship race. These victories give the team no offipial standing as champions. The real state cliampionship is decided by tournaments, and now the'lola five faces the most trying test of all for thfey will likely take part in three within (he next foi|r weeks. The first official step is the tojirna- mcnt for the Second Kansas District to be held at Baldwin February 26-27. Some firteen or sixteen loams participate this year. lx)ts are drawn to choose opponents and as soon as a team Is beaten it is cliniinatod, and the winni'rs play till one team is victor, lola has bright prospects of taking the Kansas (Mty, Kas., now appear- her Kansas City, Kas. now apepar her strongest opponents. Other teams of consequence in the Second District have fallen easily Ijofore the fir© of the iolans in the past few weeks. Similar tournaments are played in each of the eight Kansas dlst|ricts to choose the team for the official state iwntests at Emporia, March 19-20. Only eight teams tiikc pjart in this, but as they are the (listrict loaders, some very fast affairs aiio put on. The winner of this tournament .^s the official sta'te champion. Then on March 2 (i -2T occurs the Kansas University tournament at Lawrence, an invitation affair in which some fill) or sixty teams from over Kansas take part. Tlie, uaiiios will be played in the Robinson gymnasium. The prize here is a handsome loving cun, and the winning of this tournament, whije having no official standing, is an honor all Kansas teams^ are coveting. Basket ball fans who witness tliis event get to see all Kansas teams of consequence in- action. So the fact remains that few weeks will bo grilling ones for the wearers of orange and blue. Next Friday the lola machine will go to Should they lose a game they arc out of the official race. Victory., moans a part in the big' show at Em poria. On .Saturday night after finish ing Hi) the district meet. Coach Har rish will take the team to Lawrence for a return game with the team which was beaten at the Auditorium «ot long ago. \V |i ;lo lola is not exactly "basket ball wild" as credited l)y some neigh boring newspapers, she is backing he: high school quintet I'oart and sou and sincerely hopes the boys will return home with state honors safely tucked in their haversacks. The speed skill nnd endurance exhibited in the past twolvo games certainly bespeak more than a fighting chance for victory in all three tournaments. "Penina Cured me In Six Weeks." S,000,000 People In This Country Have Catar|rh. \ Mr. Tiim F. Dady. No. 3 Manhattan St., Rochester. N, T., writes: "I- was troubled with catarrh of the head for many years before I paid much attention to It. but a few months ago I was so annoyed by headaches and dtfDculty In breathing throuKh my nose, and my eyes smarted and looked so Inflamed that I felt I must , do •omethlns to reller \ tlila state of affairs. f "I noticed one of your ad.i. Ih the paper, and then and there decided toi try Peruna. 1 am. pleased to say that It came up to all my expectations, for In six weeks It had driven the catarrh out of my syateni and I have not been troubled since." Mrs. A. 3. Tleman^ 1122 Wyomlnur St., San Antonio, Texas, writes: "I BUftered over nhie years with catarrh of the head, nose and ears. Five bottles of Peruna have restored m© my health." MORXN NEWS FOB TODXY HOMt TALENT TO filVE MISHML E>TERTAI>.>IK>T. OFFICIAL STATEMENTOFTHE Bank Made; to the Bank Commissioner at close of business Feb. 550, 1915j RESOURCES. I Loans and discounts $204,411.78 -1 Overdrafts 78.77 Real Estate owned 9,106.00 Bank Building 9,000.00 Expense Account 999.97 Guaranty Fund with State Treasurer 1,500.00 Cash and Sight Exchange. ..$115,778.14 Total......... .......$340,874.96 LIABILITIES. Capital Stock $ 2-5,000.00 Surplus Fund .:•<.. 15,000.00 Undivided Profits, Interest > and Exchange ... ... 1,701.28 DEPOSITS .<i;2!)9,l73.68 Total ...$310,874.96 The :il)ovo statement is correct. J: H. CAMri'.ELL, Cashicj-. Wc Pay Interest on Time Certificates of Deposit. We Pay Interest on Savings Accounts. DEPOSITS GUARANTEED BY THE DEPOSITORS GUARANTY FUND OF THE STATE j9F KANSAS. Koran (<ruin Coroiiaujr rsKfailini; >cn .Mai'lilnerj—Xews >ofcs and rcr ^onul Mention. attached Neeley's seat to leuraJ Not much importance is hereabout to (Congressman contest for the senatorial which Ex-Senator Curtis was elected. -N'one of the Democratic politicians ap pear to be interested in it. Senator Curtis, in looking over me Neeiey rec^ ord, has discovered that a number of postofficc employes contributed, to Neeley's campaign fundfi which, by the w-ay, is* a felony under the law. And there is a prospect that.a contest will, brin gout some very interesting, but unpleasant facts. The fact is, that while it cannot be printed until it is a matter of record, there is material iff the political situation for a big sensation and two prominent Dem ocratic statesmen are likely to be implicated. JAY E. HOUSE. VARIED DIET FOR CATTLE In Several Parts of the World the ; Feeding of Fish and Mutton Has Proved of Benefit. There is no heed to suffer the annoying, excruciating pain of neuralgia; Sioatn's Liniment laid on gently will soothe the aching head like magic. Don't delay. Try it at once< H<«r Wl4 ptl>«. S.y .jiuiD,rni.«, ou» r>io»n n Liniment in tM b««t Liniment tor ;Nfurnliriii on eiiHb. I have triwi it 8u «w"«(ii !ly: it Im« ru'vcr fsUed."—F. //. H'gftoma, Anuusta, Ark. Mf$. Ruth C. Clfiypof^K Jwirjymdf-nr^ Mo., wrilft: "A f^cnrt of ours told \i» ftbouiymir Ijiiiimmi.- Wr havo been using like It. W B UM ) :it pn ovorytblnK. norp", e«l», burns, brtiinei!. thtn throut. bivuliirhca sod on c%*cryttji»K' Wv?. V,'.n cHit 't (CPt «Ion« without it-' Wo tliiok i\ ia tt»c beat LinimcBl made." .? is the best remcdi' for rheumatism, tMckalche, sore throat and sprains. • y Al aU d4ki^ 2Sc [Sead four centS'^in stamps for a TRIAL j^TTLE Dr. Etfl SJSIoan, Inc. 1 B. fhi|sasl|ihis ,Pa.| The use of firh and rnutton as food ioT cattle is, it seems, not uncommon in certain parts ofthe world. Dry, salt fish is fed to cattle, sheep and horses in Shetland and Iceland. The cattle kept for displays of :streii£th at the village festivals in certain sections of Madras are prepared for the show upon a d et of mutton. And in the same sectic n bandicoots (the two- foot-toiig India rats) are also often ground up into slock fodd. Over sixty years ago experiments were carried out m Rothamsted. the great English agricultural cxiieriinent station, in raising pigs upon a diet of dried .N'ew- fdundland codSsli. ' The .Madras RKhcries bureay has rfr; Cj'nlly conducted Kimilar experiments' li ion heifers. In this case controls v.iere nialnialned in the thape of an cijual lot of li -'ifcn! fed on a vegetable di <l. At the end of Kix months it ivas loutul ilial (he fish-fei heifers had m \ic ;isLd Ui p'.iundj lu weight, whereas t ;l;>' Gonirols on a normal diet EliouT -i n 7 '.':|ioiind iiicrfta.-^e. l''roni wiiMi it to tuliow that, as a fait .';iric iuMoi '< 1- rali.le, meat is not desirii'il'.'. '11, e oi.erto'- <jf" .the Madras statio 'i Bi.'g,:;e:-t.;, l.'x:.i-;• M-, tli .it 'n'rc- gions vvlieie fish a,-e plentiful and low in I'ric'.; the surplus might to advan- tnsc Ij;' i ;f -'l as a stock food ;t requires a litlie iimi; and patience to -^d- uealo ill.' cattle lo the new food, but •jnce tl is yccoiaplished ihey consume i: v.iih apparent relish. . I A IIO.MII l>yAP FAIK uriLnixi AMrmpt to Blow Up exhibition Aroiis eg file Foreigners. San Francisco, Peb.^23.—An attempt to blow, up the Japanesie building at the Panama-iPaciflc Exposition was discovered yesterday by a janitor, who found in the basement beseath a huge showcase a st.'ck of dynamite, the fuse half burned. Every effort was made to keep the affair secret, but this morning a guarded story was published in a Japanese paper. It is said seveiral other sticks of dynamite were found in the building, but other than to acknowledge one stick was found the Japanese consul will not discuss the subject. A search ing investigation, is in progress. From persons in the Japanese colony has come the information that the government In Tokio has' been apprised of the act and that much feeling has been created, not'only among the Japanesp in this city but in Japan as well;' To Cure Catanii Pari^ the Blood Reason it Out, Where Doe* it ^ Start the Mucus From? II. Cramer Innumerable catarrh siifferei-g hnve riirpd thenwelveg by purifying their lilmirt with S. H. S. Catarrh often iovadPK the entire ajrittem before It chokes the naaal paaaaKeiT It l>ecomea so chronic aad ei tenaWe that the atomach, liver, kUlneya, bronchial tiibca and moat of. the elands are lovolved wttiiout aiicii wrloim^ conditions belOK realized. Catarrh may he the result of aoroe serious blood trouble of former years, and thLi is only one of the many peculiar pITecta of Impure blood. Now 8. S. 8., In i«« Influence upoa the mucous aiirfaces, yaiisca thoiie catarrhal aecrettbng to be • changed or converted Into a aubstance easily, quickly, and naturally eipelled , from the body. It ao changes this mii ^riis that It, la not the ropy, cloiiKinK acuff that pliiRS the nose, chokes the throat, causes aevere bowel trouble, upsets the stomach and cnntssi- Inates, the food Just entering Ihe ^blood. It la often difficult to convince catarrh sufferers that chronic coush, chest pains, gai^iog, fetid breath and other ayinp- toma are ouiy the local erldeoce of deep seated trouble. Get a bottle ot S. 8. S. today and try It. Ton will get good results, real benefit and soon lie aware of a gradual cleanlOK up and a check to the pj-ogress and dancers of catarrh. Avoid Bubatltutes. 8. S. 8. Is prepared only by The Swift SpeclfU Co., 61 Swtft Bld«., Atlanta. Ga. They conduct a medical de- MORAN, FEU. 23.— J. spent Sunday at home Mrs. Mary Coffee" has returned to Kincaid after a visit with her parents. Mrs. Ed. Twiheham went to Parsons for a visit with her sister, Mrs. Shaw. ' Mrs. Chas. Hill and little daughter have returned to their home in Wyoming after spending most of the winter with his parents, Mr. and Mrs Nowt Brown. Mrs. Brown accompanied Mrs. Hill as far us Kansas City. Mrs. Fred Swisher nnd children spent Sunday in l.^l^arpe visiting Mrs. Swisher's mother, Mrs. Downing. Clyde l-ucky of Elsmoro is here visiting his brother Ern i.ucky. Jim M«:Guire of Osawaloinie, is here on business. A chocolate bazaar w':ll be given by the ladles of the Presbyterian church Friday^ February 26 in the •l.^ambeth building two doors west ot Messinger's store. Doors will be open at 2 o'clock. They will sell cakes, pies home made candies and chocolate con fections, fancy aprons and caps. A parcel post booth will deliver any package in the booth for 10 cents. Cocoa and wafers will be served for 10 cents. Supper will be served beginning at 5:30 for 2.5 cents; Miss Mable Ford went to Kansas City on- business today. Mrs. John Sapp is on the sick list. Glenn Spafford left Monday evening for Cushing, Okla., on business. H. W. Lambeth sold his farm last Friday to Mr. Winslow arid will have a sale some time soon. Phillip Ensminger s.iipped a car load of hogs Tuesday, p. V. Oil Co.,' shipjied two cars of 011 last week. Will Noble of Bronson, and Harry Griffon, of Uniontown were in Moran todajr on business. The Moran Grain compftny is install ing a new seed cleaner. C.. D. Larson is installing a 0,000 gallon storage tank which will reduce the price of gasoline. Claud Bradford, who has been work Ing for Ed Rapp the past two years has rented a farm west of Moran. Miss Echo Lucky of yElsmore, Is in town' visiting relatives. S. C. Meador has been sufl'cring the past week with rheumatism. Harry Redden and Clarence Vandeveer were liere from Cushing, Okla.', Sunday for a visit with their families. I ^ewig White- who has been suffering with a carbuncle on his knee is again able to be out. Geo. Dowler, of Oklahoma, is here visiting his sister Mrs. Fred Swisher. The weather prevented the .Lockwood players from apcarlng hero Mon day evening.' The musical which was scheduled to be given at the M. E. church tonight has been postponed until Thurs day night. It will be given by Moran talent. This will be a musical treat and everyone is Invited to hear the following program: Selection—Quartette. Vocal Solo— "Rose df My Heart," (Ix)hr), Mrs.R. E. Gillum. Reading, selected—Miss Bess Caldwell. Vocal Solo—"Violets," (Roma) Miss Blanche Smock. Piano Solo—(a) Sextette from Lucia, (Donextttte). (b> Cavalicrla Rus- ttcana, (Mascagni), Miss Floy McGlashen. Vocal Solo— "To a Wild Rose," (Hageborn), Mrs. Curtis Kent. i Vocal Solo—"Serenade," (Schubert) Miss Hazel Strawn. Pleading, Selected—Miss Bess Cald weU. • Vocal Solo—"Oh Happy Day," (Carl Gotze), Glenn Thompson. Selection'—Quartette. Hair woric done for 50c an ounce: by ritAlKii: HALL. (Mrs. Frank Myers.) February 23. — In spite of the lain Sunday, about thirty got out to Sunday school. We expected our disirict superintendent but the weather would not iierinit so there was no pfeaeliin;.;. Rev .Oliver will be hero a week from hxt Sunday which will he his last time this cnnlerence year. Glenlv Isaac, led Epwoslli League last Sunday night. ' The lariieis expect to serve lunch at .Mrs. Kelly's sale Thursday. Last ,We;lncsday fifteen ladii 's. young and middle aged, responded lo Mrs. Venables invitation to lirlii lier qiiMt and sew carpet rags. We sev /t .'ii eleven iiounils of rags to say notliiiiv of JMe .quilting and tlic good dinner we had: Seven little folks lielpcd make a good time. Stanley Sellmaii,- of Lallariie, attended llie i)ie KUjiiier al tlie Hall Friday evening and stayed until Saturday with Mr. K. .\lyers. Miss I'^lorence Hound spent Wednesday nisrht at .Mr. .Strnnk's. Mr. .1. W. (inlletl an(l Mr. Ven- ablo wont to Hronson Saturday lo quarterly coiirerenco and on acocunt of rain did not .^ci liotne till Sunday evening. Mrs. .Mary .'\nder.';pn visited .Mrs. .Maud Ander.son Wertnesila.v. Everett Dennis oi' lola, siieiil Saturday and Sunday at the home of his sister, Mrs, .1. .('. Anderson. Mr. and .Mrs. T. S. Williams, .Air. and ; .Mrs. Van Camp and family were Sun. (.'ay \ isitors at tlic KranK .Myers' home. I i!iv;';ii' Williams Silent Sunday with * .'Vi'tie lioyer. Wc I'.oar ,Mr. Kiino has a tcIe]>lione installed hi his home. Mrs. Mary .\iid(?rson snriit 'riiiirKday u-ltli .Mrs. Myers. ("larriKc, Will and MiU'tin Anilcr- .>--(iii wcri' licl))iiig their parents move to tlioi.r iHw lioiiic near Betlie! last week. -Mr. iiiul Mrs. E <1 Boyer spent Suii- ii:iy ,.l'tPrn;)on at .Mr. Walter Lyllr;';--. ,» Tlie i:lc Slipper Friday night was not vory W(-ll attended on account of the weiither. We had a short inogram. sf)Iri Iwoiity-one iiics and made ten doihirs. i:very one had,such a good time it was decided to have another I'll- supiicr March fifth. Ray Waj^ner visited Sam Cain one ni.:;lil last week. Mr. Lowcry l'a.?o li'-is been on the sii-Ii list I'or aTew days. How was .Monday for a real stormy day. J'"'iiie for jitneys. .Mr. and .Mis. H. Boeken were ^nests at llio W. W. Smart home Sunday after noon. itiport ol' I'rairie Hall S C I KXO I for til,' I 'll 111 iiionlli, ending l-'ehriiary 12, l:H.".: .Xmiii 'i -r of pupils enrolled, 37; a\oraj :i; atti'iiihuice. 32. Following are the naiiii's of those who were neither absent nor tardy: Maude Iloeken. Bessie a'ld nlMiiclie .Marple. Ross Cress. TlinsH' lecelviiiK. five-montli certifi- ( ali^s I'or being neither absent nor tar­ dy, are Bessie Marple and Boss Cress. Visitors wclcouie.—Florence H. Round loaclier. '• . •I. 'i .Miltlebach went to Topeka this it'.oriilng to siiend several days'attend- in;; sessions of the Kansas Shoe Ite- t:iilers' .\.-iao(iation, of which he is a iiieiuher. BROPIAL COUGHS When the bronchial tubes are affected with that weakening, tickling cough, they need immediate and sen^ sible treatment. The breath seems shorter because of mucous obstnic- tions; uso^lly fever is present and your Jiead jars with every cough. Your chest aches and the inflammation often spreads to the lungs. The food-toriic that has proven its worth f6r forty years—is Scott's EmffP- sion. It drives out the cold, which is the root of the trouble, and checks the cough by aiding the healing prtKess of the enfeebled membranes. If you. are troubled with bronchitis or know an allflicted friend, always remember that Spott's Emulsion builds strength while relieving tlie trouble. 14-61 Scott&Bowue, Bloomfield, N.J. Christy Mathewson Famous Basebqll Pitcher, says: 'Tuxedo gets to me in a natural, pleasant way. It's what I call good, honest companionable tobacco—-the kind to •tick to." Tuxedo Keeps You In Good Trim Christy Mathewson, lovingly known as "The Old Master," is probably the greatest pitcher base- Dall has ever known. This wonderful athlete is noted for his clearheaded common sense, his quick "wits, perfect physical condi^ tion, and absolute control over his nerves. His use and endorsement of Tuxedo prove that this inspiring and healthful tobacco is helpful to mind and body. —Register Want Ads bring results, while conguitiDg. p«rtni«it for free adWce that is worth | Mrs. Prank White, R. R. 4." Hair Te- ceived by mail, The Pmrfect Tobaeeo for Pipe and Cigarette just sort of oozes its gentle way info your life and suddenly you realize its powers for good— because it puts peace in jrour mind and a happy taste in youtimbuth. Tuxedo's flavor I is so enticingly mi^d and delicately fragrant * it will not irritate the most sensitive throat. All the bite and sting have been removed by the famous "Tuxedo Process." This exclusive jprocess of refining the very best Kentucky Burley tobacco has been widely iinitated, but without success. YOU CAN BUY TUXEDO EVERYWHERE Convenient, (lasiiila wrapped, - moisture- proof pouch la Tin Humidon 40c and 30c lassiila mm Famous Green Tin « A isture- *J#^ with golll letterinc.' 1 . . . curved to fit pocket * I 40c and 80c In Glass Humidon 5Qe and 90c THE AMERICAN TOBACCO COMPANV

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