The Iola Register from Iola, Kansas on March 31, 1927 · Page 10
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The Iola Register from Iola, Kansas · Page 10

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, March 31, 1927
Page 10
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PAGE TEN i 1' THE lOLA DAItY REGISTER. THURSDAY EVENIN G. MARCH 31.1927. jSharthon Hardware Company Furnishes Home Locks, Chirta And Heating Equip- ^ment. Occasionally some radical change Is made in I lie design of a- commonplace article whicli removes it Trpm llie rea'hn of thiiigs cxi)ccted »nd causes it to become starting Innovation. One of the things n iioMse c(jiistructi<in whJ(:h in the »ast wUk taken for pranted is doof ocks, but llio new Sehlagc Button • ^ck is .«o dil'ferent from all otli- «rs that tliis simple fixture is one « f;:fhc feadires of the Moino Heau- tiffar. Tlicro is no other lock like the Schlage. The unit 'is- coin- 1 ktcly self coniiiined, the latch 1< coniJiilied with the liolt, there J re '.iiosiTi'ws .to be .•je(.'n,.thc key I ole is ill tli(> haiidlo and the lock Hoke Beautiful Floor Plans <iannot lie tatiipcred utside.' In lieei )inK flire to fiiriiisli the l-jiro iliroiiglKrtit thi Sliaiiiion ivith fi'iim tlie \.vit]\ their dc)est> of hard- Home Ueau- l >ardwaro Co,. Itoil J.ocks. irnace, which ful till tistall.'d iH.hlage Ilni The Ton-Ill XnneKj %tas fully jU'i^i-ribeil tcr a fc'\v -wocJvs ;i • (!OnSJi |l>|Tll OIK'' of jig plants availabli', ailed by Slian'noti's. Thi> china was hiinnon's cljina i|e|{ r the largi-iil. in auRaH. Kroiii- the i available oin> of Ih- CSlgliS W .LM clKiSeli. orted Knclisli ware, eld piilliTii upon lazed siirl .-ice. M;i) riis ill this saiiH' (infilily of areiavail.'iblc. Tile g \nR taken from Sh; Shannons is one < ardware .-mil impl liihm'ents iitsoutli.a' a id nlKo on6 of the < ill Theilleg- |;9 and which lie best Ilea Iwas also iii- si^le(^ed from .•(ritiieiit, one Soiillieastern |i»iiy iratterjis very lalejit 'riiis is im- in (he -r.itrh- soft creamy y' other pat- china aKi ;ware, loo, niion's large r the l.irgesi ment «'Stali­ tem Kansas, ildesi, having b en est:ililisln'ii ab.'iit thirty "years a);o. Mr. T.'H. Shaiiiioi) has made his'stpre (lie hi-ail(niart(irs foj; lliis p; rt lif Kansas noi oiilv for hard- IV ife but also for farm implements, •trlelors. haniess ami other com- •miditics w'.'''ii the fan'iier needs. Ff r the J 'ily home-, aj; well as for th » farm. .Mr. Shannon has china. pl< .ssware. kitchen njensjls, stoves, bo h coal and pas. fpr healing aiiil CO' Iking. - - • , n the model honif^ will be,.shown on' of tlie famoiiv; Lorraine gas raiges with a self, rcgul'aiing oven •wUch automatically muintuins a constant temperature; I^EiiESSGAS msTk High Test Gajsoiinc Selected To ^ake It Move. It will surprWc to the V Jtbfs at thci Home Beautiful Who make a hobliy of motoring to Ici that Peerless Gasoline was selected to be used in the Star car which will be on exhibition in the garage of this hoinc. ] Peerless Is one of the few companies that has alway^ made a sjie- cialty of supplying lis customi with two kinds of gasoline, regular quality and ;a high quality for use in cold weat w^hcn starting is sonietimes di! cult^ and forlthose motorists ^ take a special joy in the perfoi anco of their cars. ' Right now the company Is m: Ing extensive developments in th refineries to produce | a gasol which will bo especially adap. for use in high compl-cBsion ^h- gine.*! and which will eUiiifina,te knocks. I The Peerless Oil Company, | with Its main offices in Chanute, is almost a local industry and has c I- ways received an excellent patrbh- :iigo from or lola. thiv motor icar own? GIBSON SELECTS Is- Jinotega Is Oc <iie Ub^ral rail • n 1 L_.. . These are the floor plans of the Ilecisler's Home Beautiful. It IM n;>l ncce'ssary togo into detail at this time to explain theni or to cotument upon thepi for the re.ison tli^t most of those who nee •llir-se plans today will lie viewing the fiiiishe<l house 'two or three davs hence. No change.* of Impurlance have been hiade in these plans since tliey were drawn. Jones Electric Won ks Hormonioiis Electrical Fixtures H0PE CHEST IS PENNEYAFFAIR • I.(lcal Store Has Selected Suitable Furnishings For the Bride. • A her briilo treasures most highly hope cjiest. In it: .she 1ms .jie- cun^iilated, often over a. jieriod of toweis. bejl irtlclcs with ,hiiig t<niche.'< to lle.r now home. The 4. V. J'en- y.eai -H. the linens, spniads and siuiilav WhiJh to add the firiit ney In T the rooT| ttie (ill Mr. ntor Jng nhov Deds r horn choK able f:o. [JI.IV.S the part; of tlip 'liriil . till? Rcgist.r Home . He intlful. IJH comp.-iny not only Kjrtlected doifi.'s. lalile elotliH: aiiid bed II lliKiiis for the ho^it; li |it also |ili'.'ipi>i ie.s :ind <tiirla,ii |,M. :it rari- bus hei'rt .I'Xijrc .i .^ed by |<'. .1. Cirlson. mnniipiT- «if the and Iris asKJslants .'ln Helecl- lie'ni ;iieri:ils | which will be for i exteil fore In t|ie Ilueji ilo.sets. <in the aiul jivindows of the niodi-1 Ka<!h partiriilar jiieee was n froiii the large stork avnil- hecjiuse it seei'ned lieKt: siijted . The bed sprnads, istane-. are of a nialrrial and desirin- wlih li will not be stoeked sively in tlio middle hexf f;ill or winter. west lie- IJiil these If therr has been one thing more than ant^fher wtiich "the privileged few" wljo have. fieen allowed -in the IIoiiic Beautiful diiring tlio r-ast v.'cOk have exclaimed over, it, is the electric light fixtures whic'i have been installed by the Jones Klectrici Works. .The>' arc so new and so cVlfferont from the u.sual fi.\- tures tjsit no one coiilil help noticing* them ;inimedialely, and yet thcrt) i^rnotliing about them wlpeh suggest^: the. bizarre. They are simplyjb'eiiutiful, artistic, in perfect tJiEte—a&d. "different." Thdy hre just the selection one w >iT 'i(F c.vpcct from this firm wh:cn was chosen b/ thi- directors of th"; Home beautiful not only to install the fixtures, but to do all the electrical work In connection with the building of the home. Howard .lones. manager of the company, has ?,alned a ropiitallon In loin of the most 'enviable sort'for iloing the kind of electrli'ul wtirk whicji gives HHtisfuctlon to llie'fnumt par- iie \ir;,r iinil exacting pp|)plj. HlH spreadM liiirinonize exactly with the fiifnltiire and wtill loveriiigH. The ,1. (". Penney Co. Is wtdl ffl- \r<i lo stock the hope chest of the Hotai' Meaullful or (he lirldc. The company with its 77.1 slores is celebrating its sliver anniversary next month. This ntitlon-wirie institution was=Hiarted in Kemnierer. Wyoming, during April. !l!l02. Since then it has. Rr<jwn steadily until It now has siorcsjin 4ti states.i During the first year of its operation; the sales of the J. CI Penney Co. fthen jfnown as Ihc Golden Rnlfi store) ariioiinted to,$28,8118.11. lint wlii Supplies ins'Ja'lation of the electrical conduit irysCem involved in il; • con- njition] of the new Uegister of, the biiiidiiig la year;a-,o wa *4 ine pieces of that kind U has been done in of work loUi M^r. .lones will also have on dis- jilay in the .Model itomt- f. display if < leetrical appliances vhich will be- 'ifVed witli eager intuifcst as '!u-> ii 'presonl the newest develop- mert In |their line: the Westing- hoii nn ;tomatic perccdal^r. toaster, waffle iron and electric iron. All of these are equipped with theimosiatic controls which automat |icall >'j turn off the current when a diing<'rjous heat has been iittain- cd. The! percolator ciin boil dry wltl out liuiting it a i >art1cle, the iroiij <-an Iv forgotten without any danger of setting tlie house on fire; waffle iron will never "burn These articles will'bo dis- the up,' i'lay opci Ha! •( I 'd for jtlle first time In lola ir llonn- lieiiuliflll when it Is 1 (1 lor public Inspection next Irday. : in 1^20 the sales totaled iiKire than I 'Mi pillllon dollars. With several additional slores lo be openeij In the fill II Isj'xpected that the company s sales In_1ft27 will reach the ir>il iiillion dollar mark.' Til' local .1. ('. Penney Slcire was openid on .Inly 2^. Ifl22. F6r sometime It was housed on the west side )f the square, moving lo its prese it and larger quarters about a yesr ago. Mr. V. .1. (Tarl.son is muna ;er of the store, h.iving served in thtt capacity a little more than a ycaf. Mr. (;ilbcrt Reeves is assistant manager. FRED ROWDEN SELECK PAINT Local Dealer Furnishes Seidlitz Paint for Home Beautiful. Lav men Volunteers^ 40,000 Strotig, Wilt Raise $SMO/)00 Fund bi West To Pension Presbyterian Ministers \iA army of 40,000 Preshgrterian a ^X layni«n is being orgaaUed in .jToUiteen state.i from nilnota to the !pac fic Coast Xor an lnjten!slve CJun- -teatgn to falso approximately .^6,0 )0.000 among thents^ves and &ei - fellow l .tymcn aa tlielr aliu« In B Jl5, fund the church is falsing nationally to; BO 1 V « a torol Icm that has faced It for 210 fireaii. •; i . Tliat problem/la th« c^r« of ^tts 'WG <.' disabled and worn oat min- J- fctcu, mapsKJnarlos and their widows and:orphans. Tlic $]'6,0OO,00Q SMU bo used to lnaAjgurat« .a ser- J, Vice p.^nnlon plan, later to become iBcIf- !u:jtalnlng. which will gnar- imte ! pensions of from ; |«<>0 to ;''ilZfOtO isinnually for the ministers and miissionarics in their dcclia> Ing ; mra. • . Ca lupaignfi tn eastern statcA liave' iMcn completed with, in ronnd .^lium 'iera, $7,000,000 rntacd' ther« to L'^lodfcs nayahlo over a 6-yoar i>or- fod. CaijipfUgns' In Ohio. Indiana.' '^tchiganl )uid K<^tuc)cy ROW are •%lD <i fig itt) wlth'$2.i)I1.0 <ro aa the .jbuoti a. Thoh wlU como ^rivM .Trbm inihols ,to tho: Pacific Coast, ilirt ng about the middle ,«»r April I •%nd • AdtOKr early in May, With the •'%ntlri fund, expected to be raised SMtct tbu Pre.'sbyterlan General Aaieml: ly meets May 2i in Ban Fran- Tho states to be cOrerftd 4 R th»i campaigns [are GftlMorbia. Cot- ii, Illinois. Jtowa, KansM, Minora, Missouri. Nebraska, Oltla- OregorL ^nth r>akota„{ Wasbin^pn -and Wisconaiii. I X^ittM Fathd In'A Tear . Win H. Hays Prdsbytcrlfta Cbrtrch a groat »cb- {jlcvement—r^a i bofmir of Having nOaed & lsrgei| And tban .ever before lists l)6i !nj raised for such a ptirpoee. «ad «t bacvtOB earrted otit tbe taak laUie rear of acQve work. It -was only at fibe last meetlnfe of the, Oener^ AwiaraMy A veai! •««. natloija! Laymen's CominlUeo witlj Will H. Hays as Chaitinan. Mri Itays,! besides being director oil movlHg picture producers and PostnJaster-Generfil In the lata Presliient Harding'^ cabinet, to an elder }ln the Presbyterian ChurcH and one of Its most active laymen^ For a month preliminary organ.j Izatloi work has Seen going on ini the fourteen states from Illinois to Catlfo -nlfi Vhere the ^ final campaign: will be held. In m.any Instance» Mr. Hays already hna ap- potntel local chWrmcn. Meeting^ have boon held with repre.senta-j tlves >f. the; Itaymeji's Commltteo and 6 tho Presbyterian Board oC Minfaitirlal Relief and Sustenta-I tlon,. Philadelphia, in chargeJ Quotas automatically are fixed by\ adding ten per cent to the benevolence* of each Presbytery for 1926. -I I ^. This preliminary work •will continue 'until each Presbytery is organized and then will come tho aetual Boltci|tatton of pledges and eventuiny, it is .felt. Ithe solving forever o< the problem' of the old Prcsby^evlan mlnlatei^—a problem that tho church has been trying to aotve i^tnoe 1717 when It first or- iriuilted k "Bjoard for<t>lotu Purposes,"]' ia Philadelphia and paid the Apt. pension ever given—a Inmp snm of about $21 to t|ia tridOtr of one of its ministers. J j.Eaefli jot 3,800 Presbyterian churches in the fourteen veatem Once a house has been built its owner is most anxious to insure its .ii'.'rmanence. to. protect his "in- vcKtntenl in building materials, labor, i-eal estate and all the other tiling^ which the building of a housi! includes. , No one thing works toward the long life of a structure more than paint.' Ueiilizing • tlie truth of this .statement it is only logical that the luijiders of the Home: neaiitl-; ful shciiild have chosen Seidlitz l,ongM)il I'nints anil Varnlr,hes for !lie exterior and Interior woodwork. Mr. Fred Uowden is the loci; dealer for the Seidlitz Varnish Comii.'.iiy ;ind Ills long . experience with paints and other finishes Jus- lliied his selection of tills particular brand. ; .Mr. Uowden is well .known In lolii atid .Mien ("oiinty not only ns a dealer In high grade finishes but al .4o for his ability as an. interior derorator and palifiter of artistic signs. .Mr. rtowibn established Ms :-hop at Its present location, 2(iS South .lefferson, several years ago aiiil is nirw probali'ly the' largest fxiliisive dealer in pninls. varnishes' and wall coverings in Allen County, lie at all times carries a. large line fif wall paper in addition to paint. AHistic Touch Is Addcjd Which Makes a House! A Ho ^1(^ After a house has been built, the «alls papered, Ihe draperies aiid riirtnins hung, tlu' furniture ninvj ^i in and the rugs arraiige<l there still remain the flnisljing touchijs which change the to a home. Probably no one in lola is better filled lo harmonize the variotis elements in a room artd to furnish the proper refining touches than .Mr. A. Gibson of Gibson 's -Stttdio. .Mr. Gibson has rhosen uith great lare the pictures which will adorn t!ie walls and the few pieces pt choice bric-a-brac which arc needed to set off to best advantage tlic. ti'iore liiilky and iililitdrian plecijs in the variojis rooms. ITor instance in one corner of the room which sei'mcd qnite baroi and uninviting .Mr. Gibson h.TS; placed small three cornered briicket which changed its entire atmosphere. Practically all of thi? picturbp shown in the IJome Bcfintirul haVi been framed and mounted by Mt. Gibson i in his own studio. In h'i: profcs.sion as a photographer Gibson has had occasion to ma ter the ir.tricate art of proper! blemling the main subject or su^ jects of a picture wjtli its back ground. This Is as trn<> when lljn composition is a room, an entirt hon^o or a portrait. I j The visitors to the Home Bean liful will_ be delighted with tlit artistic arrangement of all llie vai*- ions oUjci'ts in the rooms and th«i blending of colors to make' the eii tire home delightfnt to fhe eye. npied | Troops - Managua, Nlcaraiua, Mar. .30. (AP)^ —JinotcgaJ nc ir Matagalpa. hs' jteea occupied >y the X.ibcral forces without a bkttle. tho j Conservative soldicEs litlidrawihg as the Liherala .advanc ed. A iba'ttle IB looked ever." at Matigua. reinforcements to . tihe number of 700 are on the waj- jo that vicjinity, where they expected - - urday. In the region of Boaco and Tierra Azul. to the northeast of Managua, the Conservaltives are reported by American Military At­ tache Bloor to haye about 3,400 men in thie field ^d the Liberals 1,600. for soonV how- Conservative EASTER OUTFIT Richardson's Department Store Gived Touch To the * + * REALE.STATKTRANSFEBS * issued Daily from Office of* * lola Abstract Co. • * • * A new Lost Property Office hijt ri 'cently been opened i In |London tjc deal with the ever increasing flooti of umbrellas, suit-cases, canes, anld gloves left behind by Londoners Ijn omnibuses and liiibllc places. In ISfi'l, when Ihe Lost Property Office was first opened, 2.1)01) artlcl were dealt with, but In 1025 iKc number had Increased to over Id'.i- onn. THE HOME BEAUTIFUL .March .3f>, 1027. Thomas G. Harils and wife Kmily to Allcri Karl ("arson and Florence B. Carson, K. \i of NE. H of NE. 25-24-1S, $1.00. Walter and Ina .M. Bur- tls.-;, hi^ wife, to J. .M. and Lydia M. Weh.'ster. .North no acres of fc. V^-of 3E. Vt of .Sec. 21: SW. '4 of S^c. 22!. less right of way: also li right of way 20 feet wide on East side of S. of .SE. '4 of SE. Sec. 21: all in ,Twp. 25, Rg. 18, |L • |j A woman always feels hue when !^tic is green with envy. Cannot be a home beauUl- fill without properly selectj ed pictures—photos |of deal relatives and friends—an| .some bric-a-brac hejre and there. See our display i^ the Model Home, j GIBSON'S states wlU bp Organized for tho cajnpaigna, whlch..iJ^ be hcl<t slmnltaneousiy, and an average of from ten to fifteen laymen .of eacb dmrch will Xorm tl>e army at about that: IDEAL BOOKS for the IDEAL HOME .Vofhlng dlBtingiil .>hes tho character of the home so much as the kinil <if books and readinginattcr that catches the eye of a t^isitor as lie or she enters the library. i ; The i^iosl Imnortant book of the hrtme should be, of course, the Itibie. Hut there should he also a good selection of .New Fiction, Old Standard Worlts in I*oetry apd Prose. Reference Hooks. Biographies, Histories and Books of Travel, as well as the latest and most up to date magazines. ' ' . I Let the store which for so many years has supplied the needs for the Ideal Homes of this conrmunlty. continue to offer you thei best in Books.: :• ; • The Evans Store -Now that ESister proachlng nothing i>i .tercBt to women tl{ for spring., In roundittgs can a dn viewed than in. model home would without suitable afternoon gowuit. millinery, lingerie other accessories sin-ingtimo apparel, will be shown by Rl p.irtment i>torc. Groat care has 1 in choosing the which win be article 'will he of t rics and styles. RichBTdson's is a the best known shop it was started by Mr| ardson only about In that Klinrt time made a real place trade terrilory and women's wear is a large amount of a Spring Home. i.s rapidly apr of greater in- an the st>'le3 wh^t better sur- •ss or coat be home? No he coiiipletu hjiuse dresses, rocks, coats, nd the many of modern These things :hardsoii"a Hc- een exercised ariotts items dlsdlayed. Every |u> latest fab- ready one of |i in lola, altho Roscoe Rich\-n years ago. |fhe store has ll.self in this its display of bojind to attract tenlion. MODEL HOME TO HAVElRAfilOTOO Ross Arbuckle Equips the Home Beautiful WHh Good Receiving Set. It is a truly aniazihg thing in' this country of ours and In tlils age of invention and progress tlte way the luxuries and novelties of yesterday become the necessities of today. The radio has scarcely arrived at Ac point where it would be classed as a necessity, and yet tt is rapidly becon^ing almost as common and as generally, to be found among progressive American hon^es as tb^ telephone^ The steady decline in price of the radio combined . with the equally steady and much more spectacular advance in perlformance and perfection have combined , to ' bring this about. The Register's Home Beautiful will be enuipped_ with a radio, of course, and that; radio, as cvery- Iiody would nat|ur8lly expect, will be installed by Ross Arhyckle. It;- wiU be the selection froil among' his finest Radiolas which he c6n> slders to be most appropriate for:. {.a dwelling such as the Model : Home. Mr. Arbuckle has always beeaV^j associated with radio in Iota andi|jJP> probably knows twice as mych J about it as anyi other one man in' town. From when ,the Yadio recelV-i i ing act was first invented., he haS; , made a hobby of thisj thing, not -1 only fi:om a nierchandi{3ing standpoint, but from-the angle of an investigator and a scientist. For several years, • at great ; expense to himself, he operted Radio Station ' KFID'from his parage building' on South Street aiftl broadcast' programs every day. The station wa ^s - cxcedingly popular and advertised lola very widely and favorably. -In buying a radio it is Important | even more important to [have lie- hind that' machine the services of a man who really KNCrt'S about radio and who can give expert advice -and instrnction. That is the reason the radio public of this vicinity has aH'ays patronized At-' buckle's so extensively and that is the reason he was chosen to make this important dispjay in the Register's Home Beautiful. Women's clothes are never funnier—if brevity is ihe so il of wit. tta-f fot The first trnaty I with China, opening lis ports tojforeign trade, was signed in 1842. j Moslem tribes |of Xorfhern Africa bury their dead facing toward Mecca. ;..] When selecting: ymr Ea.ster Caiidy be sure that it is— SIFERS* - FBESH—WHOI.*;SOME Wherever Good Candy is Sold.' . Sifeip Candy OoJ 1 V lOLA, KANSAS (]^)eii the at the Examine the ies We can fuTii.sli your home with .similar high grade materials at .surprisingly low beeau.«|$ of the purchasing power <)t our 773 stores. .Wc T'rovidffd the Home Beautiful With— DRAPEaUES, CURTAINS^ BED SPREADS, BLANKEtS, T0WI5LS ANI> LINENS. iHSti(fVTlON- * 'where savihge} are gmUeit' * SOUTH SIDE SQUARE lOLA, KANSAS IF Speed Mean Anything , Power, Get-away WW Smoothli^s, Quietness, •IT Economy, mean sAything • • If* Any or All Thpe Things C^unt With You. You Will appreciate the valu,€ of our gas and lubricants. The Pberless Oil & il«tltefii|t€o^ lOLA, KANSAS You car take pride in performance your A long liw^ed active mcftoi* m^a^ Miything

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