Postville Herald from Postville, Iowa on September 8, 1948 · Page 5
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Postville Herald from Postville, Iowa · Page 5

Postville, Iowa
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Wednesday, September 8, 1948
Page 5
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CDNESDAY, SEPTEMBER 8. 1948. old Picnic Dinner Lull's Park Sunday. picnic dinner was |l' S park Sunday in honor of and Mrs. Francis McCaffrey girls of Burbank, California, I 0 me visiting here. Those at- ding «'ere: ... and Mrs. Herman Kohnke boys of Kensett, Mr. and Mrs. [ier Zieman and Gretchen, Mr. Mrs- Lyle Zieman and famt- | Mr. and Mrs. Irving Deering family, Mrs. Louis Meyer, and Mrs. Frank Tehel and [lily, Mr. and Mrs. .Leo Heins family. Mr. and Mrs. Howard f -danier. Misses Opal, Mert and Gordanier, and MS - , and Mrs. ace Gordanier. mmunity Church Hold Reception. lie Ladies' Aid of the Com- jiity Presbyterian Church will a reception for the Postville tool teachers, Sunday evening, ktember 12. The reception will kin at 7:15 p. m. jiyone interested in meeting teachers is- urged to atend j reception. Those attending are led to bring their own sand- hes. THE POSTVILLE HERALD, POSTVILLE, IOWA PAGE FIVE. For Health and Coolness— COUNT ON ICE CREAM hft Registration Intinues In County aft registrotion is continuing She four-county area surronnd- - Postville according to rules ning the recently enacted Se- Service Act. Following is Jalendar for the coming week wing registration times for the |ertn age groups: hose born in 1926 will register leptember 8 or 9. born in 1927 will register |September 10 or 11. nose bom in 1928 will register [September 13 or 14. fiose born in 1929 will register September 15 or 16. No Smallpox Cases Reported In 33 Weeks Si;iSSa!l«ll!!i«llll!IIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII!lllllllll!llinillllllllllllll ANCE — at the — CHECKERBOARD [ PRAIRIE DC CHIEN, WIS. SAT., SEPT. 11 neckerboard Four Aces IDMISSION: 42c plus 8c tax BATTLE of ilUSIC BOB LEIGHTON AND HIS BAND Direct from City's Finest Ballroom VS. STAN STANLEY AND HIS BAND Danciest Band in the Land OMISSION: 83c pins 17c tax [HURS., SEPT. 16 SHEP FIELDS his Rippling Rhythm Let the family have as much ice cream to eat as it likes. There's a good reason for this, other than just making a "hit" with the home folks by way of a favorite dessert. The reason, Iowa State research home economists tell us, is because ice cream is a wonderful provider of vitamin B-2—the vitamin called riboflavin. Many foods contain riboflavin— peas, meat, eggs, lima beans, nuts, some greens, to mention a few. Ice cream gets special notice, however, because it's one food that gives its full richness in riboflavin to the body in such a way that all of the vitamin actually gets used. Research workers have found this is true for ice cream but that certain other foods cannot provide all of their riboflavin to the body. It's one thing, they point out, to eat plenty of the foods which are known to contain large amounts of vitamin and minerals for good health—but the important thing is —how well can these vitamins and minerals be used? Good Health Plenty of riboflavin does wonderful things for a person. It promotes good eyesight, normal skin and general good health. The vitamin is needed for good growth in children, and it helps the body to carry on its important task of res piration. Some folks need more riboflavin than others. The amount depends on body size, the quantity of food eaten and age. Most grown folks get along well on two milligrams of riboflavin each day—a tiny amount but potent. Now of course, you wouldn't put your family on an all-ice cream diet even if the youngsters might like the idea. You depend on many other common foods. So don't worry too much about the two milli grams needed by each person daily if you plan your meals carefully to include sizeable helpings of several foods which contain riboflavin Ice cream helps to make this task easier. More research will reveal what other foods may do as well One thing interesting is that riboflavin is very sensitive to light. Thus it's well to keep riboflavin- rich foods away from sunlight. This means watching that the milk you use isn't losing vitamin activity by standing in the sunshine. Heat doesn't seem to bother the vitamin; home stewing doesn't change the riboflavin content of meat, most research workers say, but throwing away waters from vegetables may mean a real loss. Riboflavin like so many other vitamins is soluble in water. In canning only small losses occur, and during freezing there is no loss of the vitamin. Iowa Studies Eight young women students and staff members took part in the vitamin studies showing that ice cream not only contains plenty of ribo flavin but contains it in a form readily used by the body. PRICES SLASHED AGAIN ON Summer Dresses $3.98 "There have been no cases of smallpox reported in Iowa for the first 33 weeks of 1948," said Dr. Ralph Heeren of the Iowa State Department of Health. "This, shows that our smallpox vaccination program which has been operating for the past nine years is paying big dividends to the people of Iowa." During the nine-year period since the smallpox vaccination program began in 1939 the annual average of reported smallpox cases was 189. In the last seven years the average has been 53 cases. In 1947 there were only three cases reported and so far in 1948 there have been no cases reported. For the nine-year period prior to 1939 the annual average of reported cases of smallpox in Iowa was 1196. "It is indeed gratifying to see the splendid results (hat the intensive smallpox vaccination program has has brought and we cannot help being proud of this record," said Dr. Heeren, "but, we must not relax in our efforts to curb the spread of this disease. Because pf the low prevalence of the disease there is less possibility of natural immunity and this low prevalence will also eliminate one of the factors that stimulated parents to voluntary vaccination of their babies and children." Giving the children protection against smallpox is chiefly a parental responsibility and Dr. Heeren urges vaccination of every child between three and twelve months of age and again when the child is old enough for school. Every child or adult who has not already had his protection should also be vaccinated. Because we made such a fine record last year and again this year, let us not become complacent and careless. Smallpox is still a dangerous disease, but it can be avoided through vaccination. Bath Towels Are Best If They Aren't Ironed Put your turkish towels away without ironing on laundry day. They'll be fluffier and more absorbent, says Fannie Gannon, Iowa State College home management specialist. Ironing flattens the loops, she says. Turkish or terry towels improve with laundering. It's after several launderings that they really absorb water the best. Wash any towel at least once before using it, Miss Gannon suggests. This removes any traces of waxy coating which may be present and fluffs up the yarns so they absorb water more readily. Wash towels in suds of soft hot water with granulated or flake type soap or a synthetic detergent. Always rinse them thoroughly. Three rinses will help keep your towels at their softest and fluffiest. Shake the towels before you hang them on the line. Then, when you take them down, shake them again. Look for good quality in towels when you buy. Generally, the longer the loops the greater drying power. But towels with short loops usually wear better. Inquire about color-fastness to washing if this information isn't given in the label. To choose the best towel for your money, compare weights as you hold the towels in your hands. Notice the number of square inches of terry—or looped surface—in the entire towel. That's the drying area. Remember, the towel will shrink in the first few washings. A good firm selvage on both sides gives the best service. Look for good hems, too, securely fastened at the corners. Raw edges should be turned under at least one-fourth inch. Hold the hem up to the light, and you'll see how much has been turned under the first time. Storage Of Corn Is Problem In Iowa Herald Want Ads bring results. Sees Steady Hog Prices For This Winter Hog prices aren't likely to shoot up again this December as they did last year, but neither are they likely to take as much of a seasonal drop as normally occurs, says Francis Kutish, farm economist at Iowa State College. December is the time of year when hog prices are normally near their seasonal low. However, last year normal trends 'didn't hold true, as the price of hogs shot upward that month. Any change from the normal pattern of hog prices will be the result of changes in the general price level, Kutish says. There isn't anything in the outlook picture now that points toward the general price level raising sharply in December. Nor is there anything that indicates now there will be any deflation this winter. He points out that demand for meat should be stronger this fall and winter than a year ago. City wages are higher and total incomes are larger. On the supply side, there will be moderately less meat, Kutish thinks. The picture should unfold something like this. Meat prices will rise seasonably with temporary dips through this fall. The price decline this fall and early winter will be less than usual because the seasonal rise in meat supplies will be less than usual. . The winter low spot will probably come later than usual because of later spring far rowings. |Values up to $11.98, Now at only— [Values up to $16.98, Now at only— $5.98 New Fall Dmses Doris Dodson and Trudy Hall For Juniors $10.98 TO $19.95 Colonial, Georgiana and Style-Rite For Misses and Women $9.98 TO SI6.98 HUEBNER'S General Merchandise TURN ABOUT When Jim Crittenden of Tripoli pulled a huge muskie into his boat recently, the fish turned the tables and with one big flop capsized the tiny boat and tipped Mr Crittenden and his father and mother into the lake. They made it to shore safely. JUST RECEIVED A Carload of LINSEED MEAL $76.00 per ton COMING SOON Carload of 17% DEHYDRATED ALFALFA MEAL $56.00 per ton FROM THE CAR Hall Roberts' Son Postville, Iowa Surf 5* SALE NSW! HEAVY WASH HARD WATER SUDS CHAMP 1 Pkg. at Reg. Price 34c 1 Package £> V Glasses Sparkle \J *oth for.. 9Q^ Without Wiping $UDS UK* SiXTyf NHARO £$T WATER! GOLD MEDAL FLOUR, d»0 OA 50 pound bag for <P<J«0%f CATSUP — 14 ounce bottles, An 2 bottles for only 4:1 C SPRY, 3 pound can, d»t 1 C per can only wl<U MORRELL SNACK LUNCHEON At\ MEAT, 12 ounce can *Kf C COLORED MARSHMALLOWS, M PURITAN, 10 oz. pkg LLC Iowa is the golden buckle of the Corn Belt this year as far as grain production is concerned but there is one dark spot in the picture— lack of storage facilities, The Hawkeye state's corn crop is setting an all-time record with over 646 million bushels expected, according to government crop reports. This would be 11.5 million bushels more than the previous high record of over 634 million bushels produced in 1946. Iowans have already harvested an all-time record oats crop of over 273 million bushels. Wheat, barley and soybean production is up, too. Two Angles Storage comes into the picture from two angles, according to C. H. Van Vlack, extension agricultural engineer at Iowa State College. Grain must be protected (1) so that it will be fit for human and animal consumption later, and (2) to make possible more orderly marketing of grain by farmers taking advantage of government loan and purchase agreement programs. Bumper crops can cause prices to drop below government price support levels, he points out. Commercial storage facilities are inadequate and the only place that grain can be stored is on the farm, Van Vlack says. There isn't time enough to build either terminal bins or country elevators. Too Small The Commodity Credit Corpor- 43c FRUIT PEACHES PRUNES PEARS At Special Sale Prices! REGULATION FOOTBALL GIVEN AWAY FREE SATURDAY NIGHT The purchase of one of these popular brands of breakfast foods will five you one chance on our drawing on Saturday night. One chance toes with each box. WHEATIES KIX CHERRIOS You Need Not Be Present To Win ! The Farmers Store Telephone No. 231 Postville, Iowa ation's storage capacity is small too. The CCC now has bins that will hold about 50 million bushels contrasted with a capacity of more than 300 million bushels during the war. The new CCC charter passed by Congress prohibits the corporation from buying or leasing additional storage facilities. The only logical answer to Iowa's grain storage problem is for all farmers to make the fullest possible use of present farm storage and to construct additional storage facilities if needed, Van Vlack says. Estimate Needs The problem in Iowa will be mainly with corn. Van Vlack says that the first thing for a farmer to do is to estimate his storage needs now for the bumper corn crop. If more crib room is needed, consider building either a temporary • or a semi-permanent corncrib. Plans for both may be obtained from county extension directors' offices or by writing to the Extension Service, Iowa, State College. Van Vlack says to order materials early. Snow fencing, woven wire, lumber and other materials needed to build cribs are not too plentiful. If necessary' supplies are to be set aside for building corncribs, farmers will have to convince manufacturers and others that the materials are needed, according to USDA reports. A hog's body is made up of 70 percent water. Too much flour or too hot an oven will result in a humped cake. Cop*. Aditrtiurt bthanf* inc. It4t Here's the recipe for a prize-winning dinner that's easy on you and your budget! Come in to HAROLD'S and take your choice from the grand variety in our Full-Vision Frozen Foods Case. You'll be pleasantly surprised at the ease with which you can prepare a delicious dinner with these fine foods . . . and you'll be amazed at their low cost. Try Frozen Foods today! FROZEN FOODS GREEN BEANS, 10 oz. pkg.__ 29c LIMA BEANS, 12 oz. pkg. 42c PEAS, 12 ounce package 30c CORN, 12 ounce package 29c Surf 5* SALE NSW! HEAVY WASH HARD WATER SUDS CHAMP J j8c saosuKe sixry in HARDEST wiff?*! Glasses Sparkle Without Wiping FRESH FROZEN FISH SHRIMP, 12 ounce pkg 84c PERGH, pound package 39c CODFISH, pound package 40c These are just a few of the many fine Blue Goose Frozen Foods you will find at our store. ~ MEATS Hormel's CEDAR FRANKS, per pound___55c Armour's Muncheon "SUMMER SAUSAGE, pound 65c ROUND_ STEAK, per pound 89c SMOKED HAM, Center slices 89c HILLS COFFEE, per pound 53c CAKE FLOUR, Swansdown 41c [HAROLD5 CASH MARKET! PHONE 271 POSIV.LLE *

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