Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on March 31, 1927 · Page 9
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 9

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, March 31, 1927
Page 9
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SECTION TWO MATERIALSIN lOLA, KAN., THURSDAY EVENING, MARCH:$1, 1927. ARE OF BEST Workmanship ^ Of Register's Home Beautiful Also Is Best. A vail- ablei In lola— Board Worked. T\he, Home Beautiful When ihu Idi'U ut' ItulltliiiK tlx- l(fKl"*l''l"'« "HollK! lifUIItll 'llI"' Will* IllHl tOllClflVfd It WilH (ll'ctlll 'd Unit ubnvf all otlit-r tiiiiiKH. It itiiiMt Ix* • ii iiKi 'lfl of KDIHI ('oiutlri)rliifii. T(i>' J£i'j!l:.t''r ffil tl|ut.'iiT fiiHifrliir. '<in itctlvliy «'lik')i.iiilKlit Hl \ii>iiliit<- tlx- ullltzutloii of li('(t«;r JIK'UKKIH iiiui iiiuii'i'iulH III fuliirc C'UIIHIHII (Kill wi>rk III lulu uiiil JI'H truili' tt-rrl- liiry,. it !«oiild bf r<|iiderlnK u HITV- U'« of cxo-pltouul' bfiiclit and of iar-r <-ac'lilng. ltii|iurt:inr<'. Willi tills Idea (if good ooiist iiir- j tiou ill mind, ttii- lut-n wlio \\€>i'<> to build till- liunii! iind Hit- iiien-liMiit.-! who \yere to' liinii.^h llu- iiialt -riiil.s for the home were -cari-fully .SOIHIM- ed ;and liivltid m looperatf with the Register In this Informative prqgiaui of-coiistriictioii. At tlif liret meeting of the Board of Directors, "which is comiioiied of the builders of -llie "Honie Beautiful," the one primary, deci.sion reafiicd •was that this liotue ^wa.s to be well constructed. -No matter what' ilse. had to be pSaVrificed. only the behl dfniiiteria);: and wurkniunshiji niii>t •enter iiito '-its coiistruclion. Thesb men had as their primary object in This is the uriisfs M\ Kegiiter's Honie Beau will lie opeiuil to the Saturday afternoon, whs prepared by tlie fir etch i)f th ifnl whic imblic till Tfhe sketc ni of an'-liil wanted to be positive tliat the horn would be kept comfortably wariij i cases of extreme .cold, lio the heal- iiii? plant, along with j jiracticallr eVerythiiigelse in'tlie hiinie; is pi'i- cooperaling in the, i liaps just a little bit Jitller thai tecis which designed the house, Wa.'-libiirii and Slt'iokey. ~it flttawa, Kapsas. It is uii e.vcellent illlus- tnilioii of the exterior-appearance of as will be cipulized by those who visit it next week. A photograph will be taken as uoon as possible and printed in u )ater issue of the Register. the Idea ot fostering better-CDU- slrucjlon iif homes and buildiiigs built in lola in the'future. The matter-of selecting an 'architect was considered of mujoir importance and the firm of WatJiiburn & >iiuokey, of Ottawa. Kansas, were unanimously agreed iiiion. Their ability wa .s. Weill known in lida. .'i'lt-y hav<t <leHiKne <l some of Wu-^ ni <rst artistic -of, our local buildings , including the .Meiiioriiil'-llitll and Iminiy complliiients fii.rii the tl the ne-i' "HeKlster office. Being cnnveiilenlly ioiated to oUi, iln-y would be ill.u pihSitliin o Inti'lll-I K.ently supervise jhi! cofiNti ucllon til the hlJUH- ,• From the lime xrntind was flrHt broken laxl .Viivi'tuber until this Week, when the fliiiil ('(iiiKlrticlloii work WiiH ciunpUtled, the walch- woi 'il liiiM been "r.o .od «oii«l rili Il"p." Cood -inecliiinlcH like to do K<i<>d work, They would inucli prefer to turn out u Job well doiie~ Ihiin nliodlly <loiie. And oillj- tlio bent of niechunicH were, selecljeil for this •»«rk. Alid ' when liieyl were sif- . lected, they were t <dd that this Job WHS to be well iilone. tio matter how much lime nilxhX b« consumed ill the doing. No.^ better'cliijice of a general coutractor could have been made t-liau .lolin A. Ilrifliih. ilr. Griffith has bulU- .scores [of homes and buildings lii and aroiind l<ila, has .scores of-iiI<yised clients, and has constantly striven to make each job a better coi^structed one than the last. He selected individual carpenters for this job who were Well fitted -for the work to ..which they w <'re assigned, and the result will be more than evident to would really have been iieressar .Mr. Shannon also had chargi tlje tin work and M 'llleriiig. an I this work, done by ,\Ir. .loe Spanj) leT, is mechanically perfect. Tn nwcV" cannot be shid of the plunil ing in the "Home Beautiful." It i complete in ev.-ry detail and a W'-ll. installed as any pliimb.'ii;; .|o ever done in lola. 'I 'lie lola I'liinil ini; coni|iany ni.iy lonl;- forward l<i ' roiiK llOTIIt .loiK expected to visit Ihr ilies <if tile liotan- expected .\lf. Howard- .1. ICIectric Works ha.-, eildeaviii ed I make the •'Honie lli -aiiilliil" ii e 'eclrlcal piiradise. lie has.' proli iilily Incorporated more IIIIUMIIII features In his purl i .if tin' \Mirl| iliiiii any of the other-< ooiieraiorii| 'I 'llire nre ilecir^<iil i iiniieclldli aiid apiiliuiiies eVi ryu hei c, ilu 'i it^'e sUitch plaleH (il genujiie wal lint to match llie uond Nvurk iiii the light flxliires are of a beaut seldom seen in cities th^> sliic <i lola. , Tlif! c'Miiieralors liavc cooperatrjl not only with the Uegi,ster 1^1.1 building (his -Hoirre Beautiful." btil likewise with each other and taken as a whole, the Job is. as harinoii- lonsly assembled as you may eX' pect to .see for a good long 'uliiJ*? to colne. The primary object of the "Hoin/> BeautItul" was to fnsti-r good construction' ill; lola This object has certainly been accomplished as well as any single building enterprise could possibly have hoped to ac- com|)li.«h it.' .^s a .secoiiflary consideration, the home, was to he the jiindel home for the average oiti- SILVERWARE IS FROMLEFFLER jQuairty And Permanence Is Assured In Display Of Proper Silver. Beautiful silverware ia something which is inevitably associated with tbe idea of a beautiful home. There is a quality of perniaiieiice, of beauty and of satisfaction about sllvf-rw .ire which has always,made it one of the big and IniporlJnl Items which every hrlde anil groom liiiiU lorward to owning. ' B.aiiiiriil silve^wari' will jiciupy ji |)i'onilii'-nt I'lace in the Bpglstt-rV lloini- lle -iiiitlful iiiid the dlHpfny will be niaili' fiy one of the prolii- lllelil lewelers of lola. .Valliaii l.eff- lei'. Mr. I.effier has been In business for a greal many years In loin Mud his Htore liim becnine known widely as a place where Jewelry and silverware of the highest iiuality and the inuHt beautiful designs may be found. The dining room table In the Home Heauljful will be set with the proper allverware for four places, and It will be a display which will- hold the attention of every visitor who uees It. ., . iZcn with ' the average income. t..e critical who may care to exam- , j,^.^ ..ousideration may h;:ve been deviated from to sonic ine the carpentry. As_: assistants in the work of construction .\lr. Griffitli chose the specialists whom he ctinside'red be3t I fitted for the • particular line of work to which they were assigned.' Boy Perkins was in charge of the concrete ;Work, end a i prettier set of basement walla and foundations were' never seen in lola. The sidewalks, driveway and other flat work are models of good concrete construction. , y\T. Perkins was also in charge of I the brick w-ork ;and .the fouiida- ^ tiouH and flues are. there to evidence his artistry. Clem Fisk was selected to apply the plaster because Mr. Flsk's work has stood . as lola's istandard of excellence for many, many years. Clair Liniolu was invited to do the painting and paperhinglug and he has a job of which he may wrill he proud. Seldom Is a job of wood finishing ef|Uiil to that in the "Home.B(»aji- tltiil" Hceii in Iidu and the applira- tioiV of the wall -paper shows the hand of the skilled artist. Bui II Hoiild h(iv<» been impossible for oven the piaster lueihaiilcs . ineiiiioiied above; 111 turn out so perfect a job had they not had llie best of materiuls to work with. Kvery sH'ck of lu'mber, every sack -of cJfniciit or plaster, every hiick. every door, every wliiiloiv si'iil lo tlie "Home Beanllfiir' was the best material that money could buy for .the particular purpose for which It was inteuded. The .Vorlhrup l<iinibe.r company has taken much pride in the materials which have gone into the construction'of the ••^loir.e Beautiful" and all who have followed the construction work on the home will rckd'Uy agree that it Is; indeed a. just prifde. The hardware f^irnished by the T. B. Shannon Hardware company was th< best tliai could be had. It ^ is quality; merchandise throughout ^ \ aiid not a ;tbing from the expensive dcor sets f down tp the clothes . books in the closets have been slighted in any tyay. The painti, varnishes, ejiamels,- stains and wax furnished by Fred 'Rowden are the last >\° th ^ir.particular line, neither quality aor quantity having been spared Itj any way. "The .•wail paper, furnished' by the Cook Dr^ig Store* will a: revelation lo all I who see it. It bleiTds perfectly ' witii the wood-work and floors in eaeh rooiu and prol ably does as inucb as any other on^ thing toward making the home the . terplece which it Ip. The heating plant ,• insdel of perfectioi. extent. Wanting to make it so'very good and so very atlractive, tlie builders may possibly have reached out a little beyond the average ii come class, but certainly tlie ave Iik- ai ^d iiverage visit it 'and metiiod ible for hihi age citizen with the conio will be able to get ideas in materials which it will be pos^ to incorporate into jiist the honie that he <:aii afford, aiid if this tie tiie caiic,. something lias been iiCr coniplislied alopg the lines^of even this se<-oudary consid 'ration. AVhen the -^legister first. a.bnouiiced Hie plan of the luinie it/was willingly ad'iiitlcil tiiat this plan would hot suit «'ver.vcine perfecll.v. No plan caii be Dertect -and no home was e\.r planned' which would jilease evi -ryone, but certainly everyone will be able to discover features of the plan which has been followed tl^t will help them to better plan tlh- home of their dreams. Ger- tii 'inly some features of a home as vvi-ll. planned as the "Home Beaiiti- fill" may be incorporated.into that lijiine which you have wanted. And 'j/ tills he the case, soihething haa Jieeii accomplished along the lines or heiiiint; those interested to better plan their future construction work. The builders of the Uegls- ters "Home Beautiful" are ill the business of building - homes i • and they will be ready and willing''at any lime to assist any prospective buil.ler in planning his construction program, in heljping him lo select the jiroper andlat the same time the most economical materials, and their knowledge and ex- perii 'iio^ is yours for Jhe asking. plant might hdve been used in this ibi loom bom$, bat Ur. Sliannon finished mas- is Indeed a A smaller In the Model Hid)me \Vt' .'irc .showiiij.,' .some of; flic very lati'st t'lectrioal ne- fjP.ssHii'.^.MVjiluriiiK the Ki't'.'it liiu'Of— / WESTINNGHobsE APPLIANCES AUTOMATIC PEI^COL A TORS A UTO.MATIC TOASTERS AUTOMATIC WAFFLE IRONS MODERN ELECTRIC BEDROOM FANS r ' • Vi.sit the Home Beautiful and inspect wonderful new appiiance.s, or drop into our shop and let us show you their many fine points. Jones Electric 8 East Jackson Phone 192 5^ i-jt., "--2 ... Harry Sinclair Seeks New Trial in Courts Washington. .Mar. Sn. (API- Convicted of contempt of tlie senate in t-efusiiig to answer questions in the Teapot Home investigation, Harry F. Sinclair, nilliou- aire oil operator, sought a ntiw trial, today in tlie District of Columbia snpreine court. JA principal ground on .which his ci«uiisel. George • P. Hoover of Washington, and Martin W. LilHe- ton of N'ew "^'ork, argue<l was that Hie jury was not iierniltted lo welgh'ail the evidence ami was in effe<'t Instructed tu return a verdict agalnHf the lesse.- of the Wyoming naval oil reserve. Sinclair was convlcii-d ofi .March 10 ;)inder a staliite wlilcB makuH iiuiiidatory biilh a Jail sentence and u fine. The Dalai l.ainn of Tihei claims to be the Hii |irenie lieijil of thf* Tibetan Slate; in spiriilnal: affairs this Is conceded, hut In temporal thhiKM the TIsha hlaipa is Ills rival. . IS FROM cools Rexall Drug: Store GiV Control Of Vital Feature. tha It An generally there is one thing nearer to ruinlngj of a home or of lutely beautiful, tllat thing ik wall paper! The dire4 Beautiful Were n^t untnlnd|ru( this fact when C<iok.s to perforni poVtaiit and deiij ib1-y have felt more than Juiiti agreed which cari the appefrijnce making It ors of tliB thei- thill ate tasl it ctome of s^Iei 'ted |5a selections are apjiroprlate and in perfect tiiste, of cuurse, hut are more than thi t, they are ti.-itlir aiid beaut fui. S'ou agre» thill this sjtatemeut Is] exaggeration when| you visjt home. t)ue wbnld exptict, howev find such a selection of papjer as have clular years of {which .Mr. His to a point ^hich out 1.500jcataloga jf wall:pa^(< mail to people in lola's trade ritory an'd he is c^btaining a) ' derful business from all ov fr| count v aiid even (owns in id, ing counties in : ddition ti regular Ibia cu.stoiners. Cook's I has been among UIE^ outstanding i leaders in pt^ogite! siive merchandising in lola for- yi'drs. The telephone number "UT" and the slogan "we deliver" ha .-e .become almost h luseboid words among the maiiy hundreds who patronize the institution reg ilnrly. Cook's has always Carried tli^ ftex- all line of drugif { and ren^e for this from,^ Cook's because specialized in this branch of t^ieir biisiness and have| built it lo a ~" is seldoni attained in a town size. TliLs spring^ Mr. CooH en abso- Hbme iui- !and Iried ur- pa- ia their si -N 'Ctlon jllnce last day when the last Istrjp of tlijls P> r was hung. There' are certiiin oleraeijUfj good toHte and 'aj^propriatnijss in the selection of w-hll paper are rattler fundaihental, bu |t Cook has gone bm'oitd this. hey ar- wlll no the to tfrobahiyi the great widely kiioutn in tli it Is most appropriate that firm isliould have rejireHenl such a, y feature of the Homo Bcautifiil; Way line ft The longest rail world has just beiii reoiienejl er being tint of UHB for ten The line runs from lUfiii Mvonia, to Vlndl ^oKtock, lii berla. a distance of G,800 mlleffj. the Journey lakes thirteen THE HOME BEAUTIFUL HAS ei;t and e country.! this Isenl Ir by ler- I'on- the oln- lUs PAGES 9 TO 14. WESLEY GHAPEL (E. A. y( ung) Mar. 28.—We ar« sorry to hear of George Stewart [>f Bronson being so sick. Hope he is better at this writing. J. A. Yonng visitk»d his son and family of Lone Elip.Sunday. Mr..and .Mr;s. Fr^nk Curley and daughter Viola wer day. Harry Young Is \|' road In LaHarpe. Tils uncle, Walter Most: all the chjldren neighborhood are o Mrs, Anna Hard so 'well the p^st wl Sam Piles and Hijii Albert helped J. A. Young haul hjuy one day last week. I Not a very larg church services.Su^diiy. Some are kept home on, ax-co|int of i sicknei^s. We hope for bwier, interest in the future. Mrs. Will Morrison led the Kpworth League Sunday evening. The funeral of '.Mr. Will .Myers's cousin,w;as held in Falrvinw Saturday. We did not learn his name. Farmers are again takiiig up the farm work after tln^ storiii. The writer receiv4d a bouquet erf flowers from .Mr. and .Mrs. Honk. Many thanks for this .Mr. and .Mrs. Tom ("urley visited their son Frank and family last Sunday. ; in Ic|la Satur- orking on the j |He boards with oung land fam- in. our er fh<i niea.sle.s. has inoljheen i leek. crowd at the DON'T FAIL TO SEE j • '' • Our Display of ' Dr^ Cleaned Garments Fine Silks, Woolens, Home Furnishings, in the Home Beautiful Phone 105 been choHc itally impo dies, (liost this 'In to tant the nfi- lears. in jfil- . lind lljays. Electric Refrigeration You Too^ Sliould Have Frigidaire you are Once Frigidaire is installed in your home, ever free from the need of outside ice supply. The n(i^' ute the connections are made and the current turnecj you have automatic electric refrigera'tion—you have permanent convenience of direct frost-coil <.'ooling—; have Frigidaire. See Frigidaire in Actual Operation ii| The Home Beautiful ..xamine In.spect the ne\y mtjdels now on di.splay. ~ . Frigjdaire frost-coil. See how it work.s—how it p .serve.s_lhe freshne.ssand flavor of all foods—how freezes ice cubes and makes frozen deserts. See How Easily You Can Own a Frigidaire L. 8. BUSTARD CA. t t ybu xe pelt SALES anrSERVICE 208 North Washington, Phone 834 9 1 GBNEBAL M&XO .X.Ji^. 4 -If ' Smart New Easter Footwear Shoes for all the Family in THE "HOMEBEAUTIFUL" Our displiiy at 4;ke Home Beautiful will include all the new styles, in women's, men's and chikiieii's smart foot wear. And piany styles so new" they have not yet made their street Idebut. the Home Owner a HOME-OWNING is very much in eveiyone's mind. Ther6 is a great deal ojf talk about it. Much of it-is good COMMON SENSE4but there is also quite a lot of NONSENSE, -; Altogdthef" the m'^an who wants to establish his own homecan-' not be b do about amed if he finds it hard to mak^ up his mind what to it. - • But fokun^tely he, can get ri&hi down to rock-bottom facts, if he cares enough to reason it outi ^ OW FIRST AS TO COST: One cjf the .stock bug-a-boos trotted out in front of the man who is thinking of buying or building hi.s own home i.s, "Think of the taxes and repairs^ •you have to pay for." |; _ i Why.; Dear Sir and Madam, you pay for both TAXES and REPAIRS every time you pay a month's PENT. i And besides that you pay INTEREST on the landlord's investment, allowance for DEPRECIA^ON, and the landlord's PROFIT. \ §0 from the day you^own your own home, you pay NO MORE in taxes than ryoii have been paying. . _ Ybu manage the REPAIRS to suit your.self. ' ' ^ The DEPRECIATION does not cause you any concern because you are going to live in the house. ! You t-harge yourself INTEREST, or not-^usl as you like. i And you pay YOUlisELF the landlord's PROFIT. \ • And when all isLsaid and done, the GREATEST PROFIT you will pay to yourself .cannot be measured in dollars and cents. It is the profit of the way YOU FEEL ABOUT YOURSELF—and the way the neighbors feel about YOU. \ - .\ . '. . This i^' all worth thinking over. And if there, is anything we can do that night a.ssist you in locating, financing or planning your home, just give us a call and our e.xperience Will'be at your service. >^

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