Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois on January 17, 1950 · Page 18
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Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois · Page 18

Alton, Illinois
Issue Date:
Tuesday, January 17, 1950
Page 18
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ALTON SVBNINO TELBORAPM Steel, Auto Stocks • Lead Advance W6W *ORK, Jan. 17. t*» St«el and automobile stocks spearheaded a broad advance in the rtiarket today. Two pronounced buying spells carried prices ahead fractions to itifr* than a point. Turnover picked up whenever prices showed a tendency to advance. The day's transactions totaled around 1,900,000 shares. Only a whiff of buying was enough to raise quotations In some groups—notably rail, radlo-televl- slon, liquor and copper shares. Corporate bonds, including rail obligations, moved narrowly, AkWt 52 Al'Chem A Dye 204 Aliled Sirs 34 1-4 Allis Ch 32 3-4 Am Can 108 1-2 Afn Car A Fdy 27 1-4 Am Gas A Elec 51 1-4 Aqi Loco 16 1-4 Am Pow 15 3-8 A* Rad , 14 Am Smelt 55 5-8 Am Snuff 41 1-2 AT A T 147 5-8 Am Tobacco 74 1-4 Am Zinc 65-8 Anaconda 30 Armco 28 3-8 Armour 81-2 A"T A Sr 102 1-2 Avco 6 1-4 Bald Loco 12 1-4 Bendix 36 Birth Steel 32 Borden 49 3-8 Bdrg Warner 57 Bflggs 29 3-4 Case 41 3-8 C^terpll Trac 34 1-2 Ches A O 29 7-8 Chi A NW 13 Chi RI A Pac 42 3-4 Chrysler 65 ' Comwealth Edls 29 3-4 Ongoleum-Nairn 27 1-2 Cons Edison 28 1-2 Cons Gai 43 1-2 Container 39 3-4 C«nt Can 35 7-8 Cont Steel 14 5-8 Corn Prod 68 1-2 Crane » 28 3-8 Curt tVright 83-8 Douglas 73 1-4 DuPont 62 3-8 Eastman 46 1-4 Eaton 30 Et Auto-Llte 43 7-8 G.E 42 1-4 Gftn Food! « 48 5-8 O:M 721-2 G«n Tire 23 Goodrich 73 3-4 Goodyear 46 1-4 Gt Nor Ire Ore 12 5-8 Gt Northern pf 19 1-4 Greyhound 11 1-4 Homestake 47 Mbud-Hersh 133-8 Hudson Motor 14 5-8 III. Cent 37 5-8 Iri)and 39 1-4 Im Con Corp 14 3-8 Irii Harv 27 1-2 lift Harv pfd 180 3-4 Inl Nick Can 28 1-2 IT AT 12 5-8 Jewel 58 1-2 J$hns-Manv 46 3-4 Kennecott 53 1-2 keystone SAW 173-4 KJmberly-Clark 25 Llb-Glas 63 1-4 Llbby, McN A L 77-8 Marshall Field 25 3-8 Mpntg Ward 557-8 N«ih-Kelv 17 3-4 NM Biscuit 393-4 Nat Cont 8 I' 4 Nit Dairy 39 X-8 Natl Steel 88 7-8 N:Y CR R •'. 12 s-s No Am Avla • • • H 1-* North Amer 19 Nprthern Pac ••••• 19 OfJlo Oil 27 3-8 Owens Glau ••••• 64 1-8 Pickard 43-4 Pan Am Air 95-8 Param Pic 187-8 Penney 56 1-4 Finn "1-4 F»pli 9 7-8 Phelps 50 1-2 Phillip Mor 52 PMUipi « pfcomlx Ho§ 9 7-8 Pur* OH 28 Beo "I-?, JtpO ••• 2<1 1 "' ftepub Stl 24 1-2 Scott 67 3 '4 Sears 42 7-8 Shell Oil 35 1-2 Slrnmons .. • 28 7-8 Sinclair 23 Socony Vac 16 5 " 8 S&uth Pac 52 5-8 Spiegel 9 7 ' 8 SUnd Brands ••• 22 1-S Stand Oil Cal 62 3-4 Stand Oil Ind 43 5-8 SUnd Oil NJ 67 1-4 Sterling 377-8 tftudebaker 27 1-4 Sjvlft 35 5-8 Texac Co 6° 1- 2 Timken-Axle 15 5-8 Tram-America ........... 15 7-8 Un-Carbide 44 Un Pacific 85 1-2 Un Air Llnei 14 3-4 Uh Aircraft 26 1-2 US Rubber 41 U-SStl 27 3-4 \tf U 20 7-8 West Elec 31 3-8 Woolworth 50 Wor P A M Pr Pf 18 5-8 Zonlte 5 York Curb Ark Nat Gas A 107-8 Carnation 63 1-4 Cltle* Svc 74 El Bond A Share 18 5-8 Ford M Can A 21 3-4 Hecla Mln U 3-8 KaUer-Frawr 51-8 Kingston Prod 31-8 Hud Power 15 5-8 Livestock Pried At East St. Louts NATIONAL STOCKYARDS, III., Jan. 17, f/H - (USDA)-HOGS- 16,500; barrows and gilts 50 to 75, mostly 50 lower than average Monday; sows 25 to 50 lower; good and choice 180-240 pounds 15.7516.50; top 16.50 for moderate number; mostly 210 pounds down; later sales mostly 16.25 down; 250-300 pounds 14.25-15,50; most 140-170 pounds 14.50-16.00; few 16.25; 100130 pound pigs 12.50-14.25; good and choice sows 400 pounds down 12.75-13.25; very few choice 13.50; heavier sows 11.00-12.25; stags 8.5010.50. CATTLE — 5000; calves 1400; high good steers to 27.75; other medium and good steers 24.5026.00; medium and good heifers and mixed yearlings 21.00-26.00, choice mised yearlings 30.00; common and medium 17.00-20.00; cows, strong; common and medium cows 15.00-17.00; few good 17.50; canners and cutters 12.50-15.00; bulls weak to 50 lower; medium and good 18.50-20.00; cutter and common 15.50-17.50; vealers steady to 1.00 higher; good and choice veal- crs 27.00-37.00; common and medium 18.00-26.00. SHEEP — 1800; market not established. Produce Prices At St. Louin ST. LOUIS, Jan. 17, UP) — Produce and live poultry: PRODUCE — Eggs, current receipts 26'/4-27Ml, unclassified 23M;- 25 'A. Butter, 92 score 60H-62, 90 score 59>/4-60Vi, 90 score 58-59. POULTRY — Heavy breed fowl 19, commercial fryer, broiler and roaster crosses 29, reds 1814-20, young hen turkeys 30, young loin turkeys 25. Conduct Dixon Rites at Kane VENETIAN •LINOS Aluminum — Wood - Stoe! OM BHn* DM 4-M22 ALTON VENETIAN •LINO CO. Ml M. taitte Ave. fc. Alton, III Chicago, St Louis Grain Quotations Chicago Cash Grain CHICAGO, Jan. 17, (fr — WHEAT—None. COUN — No. 1 yellow 1.32'4; No. 2, 1.32',4; No. 3, 1.27%-31U: No. 4, 1.24'/, -26%. OATS — No. 1 heavy white 76-li- 78; No. 1 Ivhlte 76 V4-V4; No. 2 white 76U: No. 3 heavy white medium 75 Vi. BAULEY -- Nominal: Malting, 1.20-60; feed 90-1.20. SOYBEANS—None. ChlciiRo Grain Ktittirri High Low Close WHEAT Mar. ... 2.15% 2.15 2.15',»-". May ... 2.11 2.10', 2.10-V* July ... 1.92U 1.91 Mi 1.91%-% Sep. ... 1.92% 1.92 1.92"-s CORN— Mar ... 1.29-'K 1.28% 1.29U Mny ... 1.2< n » 1.27'li 1.28-28U July ... 1.27 1.2GH 1.26'Vin Sep. ... 1.22'i 1.22 1.22 Dec. ... 1.14':. 1.14'A 1.14*. OATS— Mnr T2 ^ Mnv ... 69*. 68ft 6!>',i, July ... 62--H 61% 62'% Sop, ... 61'4 61 • 61 •;» Dec. ... 63 63 63 p YE May '... l.'UVi 1.40U 1.40%-31 July ... 1.32'-i 1.41 1.41'*-n Sep. ... 1.32',-i l-41'.i 1.42 SOYBEANS— Mar. ... 2.33^ 2.32 2.32%-'A Mny ... 2.20% 2.28 2.29-28% July ... 2.25% 2.1M 2.24',i Nov ... 2.01 Vi 2.00U 2.00Vi WAREHOUSE SPACE 2000 tquart Fwt Fireproof. Both Kail and Truck Facilities. DIAL 3-SM4 SEPTIC TANK CESS POOL BUILDING PUMP SERVICE Electric Eeel Sewer Service DIAL 2-8642 ••p •OGMTIBS—LOBOBB WOOD nivtn LODGE— NO. 1062. spe- i cial meeting Tuesdny, .Jan. IT, 1 i o'clock. F. C. degree. Visiting brethren A. F. Tlnde.ll. W. M. KANE, Jan. 17 — (Special) — Funeral rites for Duard Dlxon were held Sunday afternoon at. the Methodist church with the Rev. H. M. Fish officiating. Pallbearers were Loren Carr, Everett Carrlco, George Cory, Virgil Tucker, S. F. Wehrly, and Oren Sieberman. A quartette composed of Mrs. Kenneth Darr, Miss Martha Wehrly, John Wehrly, and Curtiss Pregler sang two songs, with Mrs. Curtlus Pregler as accompanist. Burial was In Kane cemetery. Announce* Daughter'* Marriage KANE — Mrs. Howard Springman is announcing the marriage of her daughter, Miss Mary Martin, to William Reedy, Decatur. Mrs. Reedy Is a niece of Mrs. Charles Brown, Kane. Attend Funeral Rltei KANE — Mr. and Mrs. Mark Devening, Mr. and Mrs. Cllft Devening, and Mrs. Emma Devening attended funeral'rites for the latter's sister, Mrs, Ida Proffer, In Jcrseyville, Monday. Return* From Hospital KANE — Miss Joy Crawford, who underwent an appendectomy at Jacksonville Hospital, was able to return home Thursday, Knn« Note* KANE —- Mr. and Mrs. Earl Hopper, Wood River, spent Saturday with Mrs. Tom Hudson. She accompanied them home for a week's visit. She will also visit Mrs. Lulu Littleton. Norman Brooks and • family, Providence, were six o'cjock dinner guests Saturday of Mr, and Mrs. Henry Brooks. Mr. and Mrs. Ralph Under spent Sunday at Hardin with Mrs. W. S. Relnecke. Mr. and Mrs, Fayne Murry, and Mr. and Mrs, Everett Ferguson went to Jefferson Barracks Hospital, Sunday, to see Otis Sturmon, a surgical patient. Mr. and Mrs. Charles Clark of Oklahoma were guests over the weekend of Mr. and Mrs. Henry Stevens. Miss Alice Wooldrldge returned Saturday from. Alton, where she was a guest of her sister, Mrs. T O. Davis, for several days. Mr. -and Mrs. Ray Reynolds, and Mr, and Mrs, T. O. Clark and so% Ronald, Alton, were guests Sunday of their mother, Mrs. Ross Reynolds. 40 Million Peasants inRcd China Face Starvation HONG KONG, Jan. 17 <fl»> — Millions of peasants face starvation In red China this year. Upwards of 40,000.000 persons, by Communist government estimate, are In famine areas. Some 8:000,000 right now are desperately hungry. In East China alone, 16,000,000 may starve to death. Floods, crop pests and plague's are blamed for the great food shortage, 43 Jap Officials Held On Suspicion of Bribery TOKYO, Jan. 17 <£•> —Japanese police said today they have arrested 43 government officials on suspicion of bribery. All are members of the "closer! institutions liquidating commission," charged with selling assets, of government agencies that went out of business at the end ot the war. Three thousand detectives were used In a two-year InvestIgutlon of/the agency's activities. St. Ixmift Ciifth Grain ST. LOUIS, Jan. 17, !#> — WHEAT — Receipts 30 cars, sold U, No. .'! rod winter 2.17!i, sample grade red winter 1.80, No. 3 mixed 2 - lf '"'CORN — Receipts 36 cars, sold 2, No. 2 yellow 1.33, No. 3 yellow 1.31. OATS — Receipts 7 cars, sold 4, No. 2 white 77Vi-77 l /j, sample grade .mixed 75 Vi. Belgium Israel BRUSSELS, Jan. 17, (/Pi — Belgium has accorded full recognition to Israel, a foreign office commu- nique announced last night. The Belgian official representation in Israel will be raised to the rank of legation, staffed by an extraordinary envoy and a minister plenipotentiary. Israel will create a similar post In Brussels. Mao VUit* Leningrad MOSCOW, Jan, 17. (^P»—Chlnest Communist Leader Mao Tze-tuns returned to Moscow today for a brief trip to Leningrad. It' wns Mao's first trip since he arrived here nearly a month ago to attend Prime Minister Stalin's birthday celebration. The Chinest leader has said he planned to take several journeys while he is in this country. NOTICM NOTICE OF CLAIM DATE Notice In hereby given tn all persons that Flnt Monday In March, 1050, !» the Claim Date In the estate of Bert Huckstep. Jr., Deceased pending In the Prnbntc Court of Madison County Illinois, and that claims may be filed ngalnst the xald estate on or before said date without li>»uance of summons. Dated this 6th day of January, 1030. CECILE HUCKSTER. Executrix. Attest: JOSEPH 1IEALEY. Prohate Clerk. JACOBY. PATTON & MANNS, Attorneys. IH. W, PATTON)._ __ CAUL FOR BIDS" Thn Revenue Committee of the City Council hereby Rives notice that It will receive settled proposals (or the sale of tho City of Alton. Illinois, of n.OOO Wheel TAX Auto Stickers for the fiscal year beginning April 1. IBM, and appropriate receipt forms therefor in triplicate. The stickers must be cap- ahic of transfer arid attachment to windshields and the dollfn may be specified by the bidder, provided the design shall not be one which has been used In the past five years by the City. Sealed proposals must be filed with the City Clerk on or before 5:00 O'clock P. M., January U3. 1950. Any or all proposals are subject to acceptance or rejection I))' the City Council. MIKE WAIDE. Chulnnnn Revenue Committee; WALTER C. BROWN, WALTER WETSTEIN Jan. 17. IB, 20 ""NqTiCE~6r CLAIM DATE " Notice IH hereby given to all persons thai First Monday In February. 1980. is Die Claim Date In the estate of Oscar Krank Sotterman, Deceased, pending in the Probate Court of Madison County. Illinois, and that claims may be (lied HKninst the said estate on or before mi id dale without Issuance ol summons. Dated this 30th day of December. 1949. ELSIE LAURA MICHEL, Executrix- Attest-. JOSEPH IIEAI.HY, Probate Clerk. W. H. THOMAS, Attorney, East Third St.. Alton, Illinois Jan. 10. 17, 34, WOOD RIVER LODGE—No. 1062. Stated meeting Wednesday. Jan. IB, 7:30 p. m. Business. Visiting brethren wel- A. F. Tlndell, W. M. FRANKLIN LODGE-No. 25, A. F & A. M. Stated meeting Tuesday, Jan. 17, at 7:.1n p. m. Financial matters of Importance Verne Williamson, W. M. PIASA LODGE—No. 27, A. F. & A. M. Special meeting Tuesday. Jim. 17th, at 7:30 p. m. School of Instruction. Visiting brethren welcome. Harold W. Bcuttic, W. M. I* LOST— STRAVKW—STOLEN HOUSES FOR SALE EAST ALTON, Illinois A venae, 4 rooms modern, cabinet*, Insulated, full basement, food furnace, Karaite, chicken house, lot Price f4,650.00 WOOD RIVBR, Gdwardsvllle Road, fi rooms modern, new furnace, good roof, located near Wood River Township hospital. Price f5,50O.OO HARTFORD, W. Watktns, 5 rooms modern, fa* in basement! wired for electric stove, full basement, plastered walls, coal furnace, water heater, Price $4,75O.OO Buyers we have many, Listings we have few, List your house with us, And we will make you happy, too. Call Hate HALE REALTY COMPANY EAST ALTON, ILLINOIS Phone 4-5119 After B P. M. 4-80A1 JANUARY SALE! PRICES SLASHED! 1949 Lincoln Sedan Coupe 1948 Oldsmoblle Hydramatlc 1948 Mercury Club Coupe . 1948 Ford 2-Dr. . . . $2495 1789 1373 996 1940 Lincoln ........ 345 1939 Chevrolet 198 CRAIG BROS. Inc.! i» HELP—MALI- * WANTED—Experienced couple to live on plnce; pleasant quarters, 3-7381. SITUATIONS WANTED—MALE WORK OF ANY KINO—Prefer daytime job. Call 4-2080. C. H. Atteberry. Cot- tagc_Hins.__ _ _ _ YOUNG MARRIED— ShurtTeff""»tudent attending night school, desires full Hni<?_day employment. Phone 2-5038. r /ICE MANAGER - ACCOUNTANT — • .ants Job where some sweat stain on uhite collar" might spell $'«. Resume and references on request. Box 820. care Telegraph. HOME REPAIRS—Miscellaneous work, electrical, plumbing, linoleum tile, guttering — any repair work In home Phone 2-617S, 8IT WANTED—FKMALB TAKEN BY MISTAKE—Green suede | purse at 40H. Friday evening. PIcnsc return to 40». no_qucsllon.s_ asked | Lb¥f^BiaclT~and'~whlte beagle hound, j ahout 4 years old. Howard. Call Jack | Phillips, 14!) Cardot street. East Alton. 4-:noo or Wlcgand Oil Co.. East Alton, ( Ill i _l-V241. I POINTJER BIRD DOG—Lost from" 904 i WashlnKton. Color red and white. Any- I nne knowing wherenbouts please call I .'I-HMS. FOUND—Dog of mixed breed; white with brown ears and head, medium size. In vicinity of Fosterburg. Call at 32ll^G£orge street. East Alton. LOST"— Black, tan and whit* female fox hound. Will be identified by three initials In each ear Liberal reward. Leroy Gatfney, Mcdora. Phone 50K. MIDDLEAGED LADY — Wants housework by day or week. 2-4769. WANTED""— "~siip~covers to~7nake~at reasonable price. 246 Beach. Phone _ __ _____ WOMAN WANTS "WORK— By day or washing and ironing. Call 3-3368. ___ WHITE WOMAN— Neat and clean, will do housework by hour in Wood River. II WATCH Ac JEWELRY REPAIRING — Murphy, 630 E. Bdwy. (Crown Gift Shop I. WANTED—Chair seat weaving. 2-3808. "MY. OH ME 1 —1 didn't know our rugs were no soiled" said a Flna Foam user. Buck's Paint Store. 655 E. Broadway. STATE LICENSE AUTO. CHAUFFEURS DRIVERS Etc C. CLARK, 1504 E. Bdwy. WANTED—Riders to California. Leaving on Jan. 22. References preferred. Dial 2-2951. INCOME TAX SERVICE C. CLARK, 1504 E. BDWY. HARRY A MOORE- PIANO TUNING and REPAIRING 803 Forest Ave.. Alton. Oi«l 3-7886 "ALTON CEMETERY HA» LOT« TOR 8ALC •ftver*! nundrcd «-grav» lot* in ««rlou> MTU ol tit* cemtterv «ri- «v«tl«bl». INCOME TAX RETURNS BOOKKEEPING SERVICE NOTARY PUBLIC Call 2-5468 PASSENGERS WANTED— Leaving Wednesday morning for Virginia. Can take three. _ Phcinc__4:J ) 3H2^ LET US~BUTCHER— And process your hogs. Lockers for rent. Brighton Packing Co. ____ _____ __ JOHN" KRPON SHOE REPAIR 715 Delmar — Hartford. Illinois One block north of Hall's Service Station. Prompt and efficient service. All work guaranteed. Union shop. _ WANTED— Ride to Union"and Natural Bridge, flours. j^S. _ 2--7J84. ___ _ PROflCtiON FOR YOU WHEN FIRE STRIKES Do you need MORE Fire Extinguishers? Are the ones you have In the RIGHT PLACES? Do you have the RIGHT KIND? We will make a complete SURVEY ot your premises to determine whether or not you have adequate fire protection. There is NO CHARGE for the survey. We have a complete line of first-aid hand-fire protection equipment, including: 0 Soda Acid f Foam 0 Carbon Tctrachlorldc • Carbon Dioxide ICO2> • Dry Chemical and others Let us do your SERVICING and RECHARGING work. Price quotations upon request. FVH - FYTER SALES and SERVICE DAIV HOEBER. Authorized Factory _ ____ _ ____ ____ EXPERIENCED— Colored woman wishes week work. _ Phone 3-7105. _ ___ EXPERIENCED' LADY— TO do "day work: washing and ironing, wash walls 2-424B. ____ ;_ _ _____ GIRL— Wants day work,' Call 2-6220. wlLL CARE FOR CHILD — In my home while mother works. 4-9673. ____ I'RONINGS WANTED — in my home. Dial 2-5951). _ BABttBK AMU H*AtlT* CENTRAL ILLINOIS SCHOOL OF BEAUTY CUITURB 401 H*mr> BtNM Alton's Oldest State Accredited Beauty School 11 Years ot successfully Uraduallna •tUdtnU AMBER W HUNTER Pr*> S-M11. «01 rUCNRY LAUNDERING WASHINGS & IRONINGS WANTED— _.__. __ __ CURTAINS "— Washed~'and stretched. Called for and delivered. Dial 3-1)373. cUlfTAINS — Washed and' stretched. Called for and delivered. 2-7656. *t BUB ANNOUNCEMENT* TO PROPERTY OWNERS — Beware of termites. They ore destructive to your property. For free Information call Century Termite Control. Phone 152. 1019 Ruskln Ave.. Edwardsville. 111. All work guaranteed. CONTRACT CEMENT WORK — Of all kinds. Union work. Full estimates. LYNN WOOD. 3603 Franor. 3-B293, 2-1175. PA'RTY is" KNOWN—Who look brlndle ! dog Jan. B nl a farm nenr Piasn, III., ' while hunlinx. Same will bo prosecuted if dog is not returned LESTER McCOHMlCK. Q'Dwyer't Gambling Plan Embalmed Until Election f ALBANY, N. Y., J*n. 17, W Mayor WlUUm O. Dwyer'i plan to MflMinc on all iporti • <Jt»d duck In the leg- today. But the proposal *M*lMtt to become • row. p tP tb» Unit election next miyor-a contrp In Burnt*; Noni< Injured DUMAS, Tox., Jan. 17. UP) — A two-foot pipeline which feeds Texas gas to (tie west coast ruptured with a spectacular roar last night und flamed brilliantly for a time. No casualties were reported. The explosion occurred 'ibout u mile from a booster station of the Kl Paso Natural Gas Co., seven miles touthwest of here. The explosion und (Ire could be seen as far away as the v Amarlllo air terminal, 33 miles from here. The mean yearly temperature In Yakutsk, Siberia, Is 12 degrees below «ero, according to the Encyclopedia Brltannlca. I _ _ IN MKMOItlAM __ IN MEMORY— Of ~Mr«. Bertha Eldsorf, who paused away 24 years ago today, Jan. 17. 1926: Ueur our, although we'll no more >ce Your lovely face and gentle smile; , We're happy thai the good God gave I Hi you. If only for a while. __ SadlyjuUsed by_Mrs._Uarva Pool. IN~LOVfNG MEMORY— Of ouf~darifiiy little son and brother. Donny Tanner, who departed this ll(e 10 years ago, January 17. 1940: O. tweet loving baby hands. That held our heart* In golden uandt. Though it's been >o long, little darling. 1 1 lire you've been away. You hold them »tlll. In hi'uvcn today. Sadly mUM>d bv Mother, 8l»ter, HKLf WANTt:il-MAI.» II FULtTbR ""i'A"Hf "TIME Could you sell «n »uto service coupon booklet for $1 00 containing lubrications. brake adjusting, spark plug cleaning, wheel alignment, oil change. etc. Car owners grab It on sight. $15 to $25 paid dally. Hotel Stratford. Room 211, 8-9:30 a m.: 12-1 noon, 6-0:30 p. m. Mr, Keycs No phone TREE SPECIALIST t'rlmmlng. topping and removing, wt haul away the brush Fully Insured and reliable We also have some sweet gum shade trees left. Free estimate M C. LOVE *1 7 J??2 GUTTERING—Spouting, metal chimney covers. Free estimates. WHITE'S TIN SHOP. 2-1424. TREE SPECIALIST Trim Top, Take Down and Haul Insured ED KRAUT. Dial 4-8343 The shortest route from New York City to China I* over the North Pole. READ TELEGRAPH WANT ADS I.OT» MONUMiNTS - MARKERS ALTON MEMORIAL SALES HO Main St Alton, 111 Phon» 2-8421 fetablUhed to serve Alton and community ai AUTHORIZED DEALCHB From our modern dltplay room IM- turlni all leading jranltM Quality • Service Sattufactlon AI prlcM which ar« competitive Order now tor spring d«llv*ry (ram local firm NOT repr»«ntlnj au» ouuld* jlnUiirtta _ _ IMS COLLEGE GRADUATE— Inter***** In ashling high »chool *lud*nU w»J> troublesome suWncu. Writ* Bon «*>. car* T*Ugr*ph. •WHO" KILLED ~EVA BMITHT->I*M» __ RUMMAGE SALE— ThurwUy, J»J». W. b««innlit| » a. m. M4 Kail 3rd. Given by Alton kocttty o( St. M«Uh«w*. r boy to work on used car lot: must lie familiar with general lot work. Carter Wood River Motor Co., Inc.. 31S N. Wood River Ave. Dt»l jyjW5. _ WANTED—Salesman for old established auto firm.: siilury and commission. General Motors oar. Write Box U30, care Telegraph. WANTED—Experienced used cur salesman for General Motor* dealer. Write JBox IW._care_Tejei(ruph. YOUNG MAN— fo do general work and do Hunt chorea In retail utore; experience will help but not necessary II energetic and willing Full or half-day time considered. Give age and personal reference*. Write Post Office Box No. 8^ Alton. Ill __ VOUNG""MAN-Grocery or meat experi lence preferred, to train for manager. Write full qualification* and exper- '!££?• Box _OTO, care Telegraph. I* HEM* WANTCU—riMAI.* WATfRM?^ANfE»-Apply"room~lT fauUtlch building after 8 a. m. "SELL, NEWEST EVERYDAY CARDS' No experience needed. Folkt buy 19- Card $1 Creeling >«ssiirunent Irani sample* wo *end you on approval Pay* you up to 100% profit! Also rltow PHEB Sample* of Imprinted Note*, Napkin*, Personal SUtionory. Write for san»ple»l ARTISTIC. 31i> Way. Elmlra. N, * YOUNG LADY— fojf "general store" work and can do *ome typing. Experience not necessary If willing to work and learn. Give personal reference, age. and pa»«'experience If an> Write Po*l Office Box No. 8. AUon._lll. WILL XCtSfPT APPlSCAfION'S — tot men who can tell complete line of art and commercial calendar! and ad- vertwinij *peclallle* Good commUslon and bonuna*. Small refundable deposit leouirtd Write or call Standard Cjl- endar Co, 1»U Madltpn Ave, Madl•on: III. PAPER HANGING— And Patch plastering: prompt service. Dial 4-2289. FIRST CLASS CARPENTER WORK DONE — Neat on finishing. Contractor 4-6951. __ __ _ ' FLOOR SANDING — And refinishing. qlso painting. Reasonable rates free estimates. Dial 3-6514 or 3-3230. PAINTING & DECORATING— Removing wallpaper and patch plastering No. money down with 36 months to pay if so desired All work guaranteed Free estimates. John Ewliig. 2-8795. WANTED— Paper hanging Good work at reasonable prices. Phone 3-5987 01 2616 Yager street INTERIOR DECORATING" - Plastering. patch plastering, removing wallpaper Reference, Free estimates. Dial 3-817? DIAL 2-2I4I - For free estimate or * floor sanding and inside painting WALLPAPER STEAMER FOR RENT- DUI 2-2141 1004 Phinney WHY WAIT?— Get your decorating done now before the spring rush There Is no plastering job too small or too large for us Will we plaster youi ceiling' Ycsi Will we plaster your complete room? Yes! Yes! Will we remove your wallpaper, paint your walls or nan? wallpaper Yesl Do we guarantee out work? Yes: Will we decorate youi whole house and give you easy terms'' Yes! Why not phone us today No Ob- llgatlon. Of course not Phone J4-4T 2 * 1 INTERIOR PAINTING - Removing bi cleaning wallpaper: floor reflnUhlnt Spcclaj prices now 3-8364 __ MA'KE OLD FLOORS ~LIKE "NEW -~R«ni our high upeed sandei and ed«*r Dial 2-2141 1004 Phinney _ _ __ INTERIOR PAINTING-Piliiterlni and patch plastering If .vo« are tired ol old wallpaper call ui today we will remove youi Wallpaper and with in* utted style color*, we will remo<lero lie your home Call loda.v for • tree estimate 2-6030. __ USED CAR LOT 1300 E. BROADWAY DIAL 2-6122 Broadway Wasnir fUpa.r Genuln* ttonUl* P»rU and ttolto lot all machine* Cttll If 01 and UeUv«r. gUICH SEKVICE Dial 2-S88S l*«« K. Broadway 41 _ ___ VERY COMFORTABLE-^Slecping room. JjccellerUjgcatlon. Dial 3-8584. _. _____ EAST ALTON— Modern sleeping room for girl, adjoining bath. Near restaurants. Dial 4-6U85. _______ MODERN SLEEPING ROOM— On bus line. Gas heat. Dial 4-3946 __ _ __ SLEEPING ROOM— For lady. 3111 E. College, on bus line. 3-5138. ____ SLEEPING ROOM— For girl. Nicely fur- nishcd. adjoining bath. Phone 4-9338. SLEEPING ROOM— In all modern home for girl. 405 McCasland. East Alton. 4-6353. ____________ _ ________ •' ROXANA— One sleeping room for rent. JL'L 5 Thomas. 4-6356. _________ _ _ WOCJD RIVER — Clean, modern sleeping room; private entrance. 150 Tenth street. 3-7237. ____ CLE'AN. QUIET ROOM— On bus stop. 838 Washington. 2 : 5569. __ __ __ _ NEAT SLEEPING ROOM"— 817 E. 5"th street. 3-8798. ___ _____ NICE SLEEPING ROOM — "in private home. 1 block from bus. 2-9166 after 6 p. m. _ ___ ___ ______ NICE SLEEPING ROOM F~OR 1 — 311 Market. TRUCK BODIES Cuitom BulK to Your Specifications PLATFORMS, 7x12 $137.96 GRAIN BODY, 7x10 $228.00 PANEL BODY, 7x12 $650.00 SEE US FOR YOUR PAINTING AND REPAIR WORK. TRIANGLE BODY COMPANY 406-R ST. LOUIS ROAD COLLINSVILLE, ILL. Telephone 06 ORDER NOW! Stokir Coal Available Call 4-6004 48 FURNISHED HOUSES 2-ROOM FURNISHED HOUSE — .Two adults only. Dial 4-5619. FOR RENT—4-room modern. Completely ' furnished. No children. Apply 512 South 12th street, Wood River, between 8 and 9:30 p. m. r,a ALL MODERN SLEEPING ROOM—Adjoining bath; hot water at all times. C56 Lorena. Wood River. 4-9103. DOUBLE SLEEPING ROOM — On bus line near broadway. Automatic hot water. 730 Washington. Dial 2-4612, MODERN SLEEPING ROOM—For Beif- tlcman on bus line. Phone 3-8474. 42 BOOM AND BOARD HAVE ROOM Sc BOARD—For a lady. Dial 2-5.905- after 5:30 p.. m. BUSINESS PLACES FOR RENT or SALE—Masonry build- Ing. 28x42 at 191 Goulding avenue. East Alton. Suitable for grocery etc. Oil heat and water furnished Two apis, above now occupied Dial 4-5884 ,4 WANTED TO RENT 41 HOUSEKEEPING BOOM* FURNISHED—Light" : housekeeping~fbom. Lights water. Bas, heat. Adults. 703 Washington. 2-1740. • EAST ALTON—2 housekeeping rooms on first floor; also one large housekeeping room. 4-6685. _ FURNISHiSD^Llght house'keeping room 3121 College. 2-5083. 4A AfAK'IMKNTS— FLATS a-ROOM APT.—Modern. Accept 1 child, i no pets. Dial 2-82S9. _ I MIDDLETOWN—Near' bus" line. Living '. room, bedroom, kitchen and dinette; i large closets and storage room; vene- j lian blinds, private entrance. Elec- j Iricit.v and automatic heat furnished, i S75.__Write Box 9BO. care Tetegrapli 'i'WQ LARGE ROOMS—Private bath, $45 ; per month; two large rooms. S3U per month. Heat, light and water furnish- i ed. G. H. Forstmg. 20 W. Cherrj, JHartford. •THREE ROOMS — Private bath, en trance, water, lights, heat. Adults. Kef : crcnc'es. 3423 Glllham street. ; 3~~& , 4-ROOM" MODERN "APTS.--Auto- ! matic heat and hot water. Apply 'between 9 and 7 p. m. ACTON APTS , Wood River. Apt. _7. _ i 4-ROOM UNFURNISHED — Ultra mod 1 crn, in preferred location. $125 montti j No children. Dial 3-5426. | < ;i ROOMS—Heat, hot water, stove and , refrigerator furnished. Wood River. , I 4-2157. . .. . WANTED—2 or 3 basement rooms in Wood River. Urgent. Dial 4-3646. ENGINEER Si WIFE—Desire completely furnished 3-room or larger apt., or house; prefer Edwardsville or Wood River area. Call 4-7301, extension 53. Mr. Bruncr, week days before 5 p, m. W__ FARMS AND |.ANI> 20VACRE FARM—4-roorii house." garage attached, large roo/ns, electricity, other outbuildings. 10 acres in cultivation, balance pasture. Ground has been limed. 3 wells, cistern, all weather road, school bu?. $7000. Write Box 940, care Telegraph. 40 ACRES—Extra good farming ground; ' no buildings. Electricity, all weather road. School bus. Nice site for building. Price $125 acre. Write Box 05u care _ T _ e J e S-£ a Pj 1 FOR SALE—(id-acre stock farm on all- weather road; all stock and machinery. Close to Alton. For information phone 109-L2. Brighton, 111. 59 i 'Uli SALEl^jew FHA approved ~l)ome> in Wood River or East Alton at low. as $350 down and $42 .per month. 1'heti are real buys. Must be seen to ue ap predated. Phone Edwardsvillr £16t Ralph H. Ladd. _General Contractor i'OR SALE by owner—Tipton avenue Wood River. S rooms and garage, hard wood floors, gas heat, automatic ga not waler heater storm sash, ntsulal pd. Venetian blind:. Dial 4-9559. I, 5 4 B ROOMS — $2000 "down Immediate possession. Good location HIEHL AGENCY 303 Dclmar. 2-7722 - 2-5354 - 3-372J 1946 BUICK Super Sedanette I Really a Dandy, radio, heater I (carter Wood River) Motor Co., Inc. 315 N. Wood River Ave. Dial 4-3421 or 4-4385 59 House* lor Sale 6-ROOM HOME — Extra, large rooms, beautiful large living room, hardwood floors, level lot. Excellent condition 2-3239. 6 ROOM MODERN, $5500. 2-2222. Madison 4 ROOM MODERN—Harold St Stoker. Immediate possession Price $6500. 2-2222. _• 5 ROOM MODERN — 1 acre — Elm St. $6950. 2-2222. Houses for Sale) ffi FURNISHED _ ....... 4~ROOM FLAT — Furnished. Modern M ___ OREGENZER'S Radio Television Service at your home. Guaranteed. Dial 3-50X2. ' J222 State. __ _ RADIO 6 TEltVlSION SERV rOUH MKN TO UHVICBirOU SQUARE DEAL SHOP 720 1. BROADWAY -. 3-9411 H-- -— ' 1 2 MODERN FURNISHED - Bcsement rooms. Heat, lights, gas. furnished. 19;' Goulding. East Alton. WOOD RIVER — Basement, 2 rooms, dry. clean, private entrance, large built-in cabinets, heat, lights and -water iur- nished. Adults. *9_wcekly. 4-5783. ' LJ-HOOM FUHNfsHED" -~ Basement ap!. Private entrance- and bath, electric refrigerator and stove, heat water and lights furnished. $40 per month 4o,, Tipton. Wood River after 5 p. m. ..... FURNISHED APX— First floor. Private entrance, close in. 2Z_Ej_ 6th street. 2~ROOM— Modern apartment. P«iy Btc . entrance and bath. 121 Conley, Wood River. 4-7701, .- NICELY FURNISHED" ROOMS - in Milton district. Electric stove .and refrigerator. private entrance. W° r ^'nK couple prefer^ej. tflj_per_month . 2-6408 2-ROOM— Modern" furnished apt.: front and rear entrance, newly decorated. 2-1548, _ __ TWO" FURNISHED "ROOMS-And bath. Newly decorated, private entrance and garage. *M month. Baby accepted. In Wood Rlver._4 : 8512. ____ _____ FURNISHED— 5-room basement apt. Private entrance. Phone 4-8687. •j-KOOM MODERN — furnished apt. Private entrance, private bath, gas heat. B2l_J^ 6th street. _ Z"FUR~NISHED" ROOMS — East Alton. Couple. Heat and lights, gas, hot water, refrigerator. 145 Old St. Loui* Road. EastAlton. ___ __ . _ _. 3 ""LIGlFr HOUSEKEEPING ROOMS- Wlth sun porch, prtvat* entrance, or • vate bath, Utilltiei turniihecj. 808 Illi- nols avenue. East Alton. 5 ROOM — All modern, about 1 acre, small outbuildings, on highway S7500 E. ALTON — 5 room, all modern, gas heat, combination windows, insulated $7300 C. H. AUTEN AGENCY 3-8422 Hale 2-2246 — Tuetkcn 3-5095 _ Drew 2-1296 .SEW "4-ROOM--AH modern house $801) down, balance on contract C. ENOS Alb.v street road. Phone 2-8114. or ruRNi REr gffi A WH A TH V A^.<n.v (JALL »-T«U 01 »-*»*» MiS. ilLCMM M A. DEVLIN MdVINC, STORAGI LOCAL 6 L ma WAUHMUTOM AVg T .. LONG DISTANCE OIA» moo * iTOWAor co &!§•?& Na«TN AM Cttt M8U. » »i roit FOH~ RENT—.3-room houte. Upper AI- ton. 2-7161. 4-ROOM HOUSE-rurnlshed or unfur- nlshcd. $40 month. See Mr*. Ulnn. Lincoln pHyj^_CottBgeJHyis._ FOiTRENt-4-room house, 2 room house, light*, water Accept »m»ll child On Boy Scout Lane. Dlaljt^&at^ 3-ROOM HOUS'E—For rent, reafanable. Phone 4-2072... 6-ROOM—UnfurnUhed. clo»e In. ence. required. »75 per month. Bon 540, .care Telegraph. Z^ROOM HOUSE — In North CottU* Hill*. Dial 4-5077. fjfOWTlSOOTRN'TibUMl - »50 pel month. WO_ru| for »30. j^»». „. _, e^o6»T"MODERN - CkM* in. *•«•*• ence* required. »T5 per month. Writ* Box 540. care Telegraph. 7~RObM MOOERN-Located Upper Alton area. Stoker beat. «<»od neighborhood. Dial 8-8730. 4.ROOM UNFURNWHED HOUM -ror rent. 2801 North, *We»fc 4-ROOM BASEMENT MOW*""* ren\. Dial »-«a»L KOR SALE '— 3-room basement house with bath. 16'xl8' garage Corner lot. on lith and S. Market street, Hartford. Price $2200. $800 down will J>u> . DUNNEGAN~ ST.— New" 4-roo"m modern. Nice cabinets, full basement, level lot Only ....... ................. *«8Uu WOOD RIVER — 6-room modern. Fireplace, gas furnace, corner lot. Very nice. Price ................. $13,000 STANLEY E. WILTON AGENCY 2-4294 _ 2-4147 Bill Hughson - - - 2-1665 __ HOUSE FOR SALE— By owner. T ipa- clous, beautifully decorated rooms. ready to occupy. Hardwood floors throughout, large lot. 2-car garage. Good Upper Alton residential area near schools and bus. Phone 2-4628 affer 4_jp._m, _ ___ _ _ _ ROSEWOOD HEIGHTS'— New" "4-room brick house. Hardwood floors, inlaid in kitchen and bath, wired for stove, insulated, full basement, hot air furnace. Lot 60x200. ¥3000 down, balance -:._._4-ROOM HOUSE— Vi acre of ground, off Foslerburg road. DUI 3-2088. __ VIJEWLAND ST — New 4-room modern. Hardwood floors, lull basement, garage. SS300. *1200 cash, balance on contract for deed at »35 per month. 2-U458. _ __ _____ ___ ____ r'OR SALE'— a-rooni home. Basement under 2 rooms. Hot air furnace, garage. $492.1. f)7B East Penning. Wood JUver. . J_ __ ____ _____ 10 ACRES— <S room modern — near city, $10,500. 2-2222. 5 ROOM BUNCALOW-|ust out of city. All modern. H.W.F., price. $7000. 2-2222. _ 0~ROOM HOUSE— All modern"; garage In b««em*nt. gat he»t, carpeting upstairs. 3-68M after 4 p, m ____ 4-ROOM MODERN HOME— Newly "«toc- orated. hot air heat, near school* and bus. Vacant. For further Information. 2-42M. ______ _ 6-ROOM HOUSE— Built-in cabinets, I acr« of ground, fruit trctt. nice strawberry patch. In city HmlU. Im mediate possession. Phone 73J-R. Jer leyvlll*. ___ _____ _ EXTRA LARGE— 4-room horn*, approximately 3 y*a» old, Til* bath, til* kitchen. g«» hwt. cablnjti, hardwood floor*. v«n«Uan bWndj. K« c »"»<" *»« dllion throughout. A-I tocatlo*. GROSH REAL ESTATE UPPER ALTON Close in. Attractive 5-room. tile kitchen, large cabinet unit, inlaid, tile bath. 1 large bedrooms, closets, dining room, living room, hardwood floors, all new)5 decorated, new roof, recently painted. Enclosed front porch life-time screens, furnace and stoker, near schools ano bus $9800 UNION ST.—$2000 CASH 3 apartments, brick. One 2-room. one . 3-room; income from 2 apts. $110, one I 5-room apt., not rented: large closets, 2 apts. newly decorated 2 baths, I shower and part bath in basement; '; furnace and stoker. Possible income I 5185 ' : $12,600 PHINNEY AVE. • a-room modern 3 room* and entrance, hall down, hardwood floors, cabinet sink, 3 bedroom* closet*, up; 2 bath*, ; oil heat, good roof Immediate posse«: oion $8950 > DIAMOND ST. Modern n-room 4 rooms and bath down, 2 up; newly decorated Inside, newly painted outside good roof concrete bascmenl. furnace, garage Near St. Patrick's and public schools $9430 MIDDLETOWN 4 rooms down Modern kitchen, hardwood floors, carpeted, powder room, down. 3 bedrooms and bath up. Closet*, complete insulation, newly decorated, large screened porch gas furnace, automatic hot water. Near schools and churches $12,000 MIDDLETOWN '• Beautiful A-room brick. Entrance hall, living room, dining room, modern kitchen, 2 large bedrooms, closet*, new bath fixtures, hardwood floors. Venetian blind?, insulated, gas furnace. I Price $10,900 UPPER ALTON ' 4 room*. Large living room, excellent i condition. 2 bedroom*, closet*, bath, wired for stove, hardwood floor* two enclosed porches, full basement, furnace, stoker; near bus. walking distance to business district and ichool*. Pric. $7330 NEAR SIDNEY ST. uarge attractive 4-room. Newly decorated, new cabinet unit, new linoleum, 2 bedrooms, bath, large living room, concrete basement, furnace, garage. Price $8300 NORTH OF GODFREY Five - room Modern Kitchen cabinet unit, inlaid, entrance hall, guest closet, living > room, dining room, 2 bedrooms, bath. Venetian blind*. One acre land. 2 large chicken House*, other outbuildings, fruit trees $7000 .. CONDIT ST. . New 4-room. Hardwood floor*, cabinet unit, Inlaid kitchen, concrete baaement. lurnace, automatic hot water, storm windows, Venetian blind*. 50x150 chicken equipment $5600 WASHINGTON AVE. 5 room.* Modern kitchen, 3 bedroom*, closet*, bath, ga* furnace, automatic hot water . $7350 MILTON Attractive 4 room*. Large sun room, long living room, attractively decorated. 2 bedrooms, closets, pretty bath, cabinets In kitchen, concrete basement, white wall*, good furnace, garage $0550 LESLIE AVE., W. R. Attractive 5 room modern Excellent condition, newly decorated, 2 large bedrooms, clo»eU. bath, living room, dining room, kitchen, cabinet unit, good roof, dry basement, garage $MOO WASHINGTON AVf, E. ALTON New 3-apt. house. 3 room* and bath to each apt. Oil heater, cabinet unit. Income $129 • $7SOO WOOD RIVER AVI., EAST ALTON Attractive »-»ooro ftora* MK) «u» rowm fireplace living room, hardwood floor* throiicbout. modern VouMtlowf cabinet unit. I bedroom*, eloaet*. toth, ihower pert til* concrete baaMnent, lurnace and larage Immediate , slon GROSH REAL ESTATE 1002 Pttmnev Avenuj Office Phone: 3-WM Aft« •>. M Call

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