Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois on September 11, 1972 · Page 18
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Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois · Page 18

Alton, Illinois
Issue Date:
Monday, September 11, 1972
Page 18
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JM Alien Boning Telegraph Monday, Sept. 11, 1972 L6AViN<S ON ANOTHER TRIP TO CHECK OUT ANi>,. I WILL BE ViSiTiN£ By Ltjrry Lewis STOP TfLLiMv? E TIN5 TO CHECK OUT today's FUNNY AMANDA PANDA By Marcia Course Of\l& THOUSAND- COMFUCIUS SAV^ BOWL, 6AMe*- AJD T/M3i TO MOOSE By Bob Weber WELL SOON PINO OUT. MOOSE.' \ THE STICK \ OUT OF THE WAY... >/ xsnu. SAY I DON'T N660 GLASSES, MOLLY.' LETTER OMTH CHART RZDE PCIMZO VTMPOEXTI Than* to Mrs. Mnrjoric A. Farley' Forgo, N. Dak. Cc) 1972 b» NEA, hie. Today's FUNNY will pay $1.00 for each original "funny" used. Send gogt to- Today's FUNNY, 1200 West Third St., Cleveland, Ohio 44113. THE WIZARD OF ID Parker and Hart I / I SUFPK'-Se' A / i/MUST /IN I TC- —- till IT f/W TORN SET ARE SOU WHEN WILL. NOD By Winslow Mortimer THE NURSE HAS GONE,MR. (MANCHESTER- TOOK A KIPTC> THE CLINIC- HERE FIJI ,V\E'.. ^ /' OUJHANK ( l'/M AFRAIP'I .' V c'AMT WALK DAVID CRANE KEUIiY DRAKE By Alfred Andriohi /AFTER HEARING AVON TORN POWN "THE CALVPSO KID" FOR A PATE.. SMIDGENS TIGER I 6ROWUP\ I'M 6o\ti6 TO BE A ) POLITICIAN i J THE SRHTH FARIDLY Bv A. LKOKUM WHO INVENTED THE THKIlPrlOMETEK? Win The Now Book of Knowledge (20 volumns). Send your questions, name, age, address to "Tell Me Why!" care of this paper, include Zip Code. In case of By Bob Cordray fl "I 1 ' c \ ;' \° questions, the author will decide the winner. Today's winner is: RANDY PUR YEAH, 14, Austin, Texas A thermometer i.s a devic.'o used to measure how hot o 1 ' cold something is. The liquid- filled thermometer is the kind we are most familiar with. It is used to measure your temperature or room temperature. Most liquid thermometers contain either mercury or colored- alcohol. Mercury thermometers are used for By Bud Blake scientific work because they are more accurate. When a liquid thermometer is taken from a cold location to a warmer one, the mercuiy or alohol expands. Therefore it rises in the stem. When the thermometer is moved to a colder place, the liouul contracts and so drops to u lower position. The first thermometer ol this type — using a liqu d sealed in a glass tube — i.s said to have been used by Ferdinand II of Tuscany a.s early as 16f)4. Alcohol was the liquid used. Galileo did use By >Ir. and Mrs, George Smith a thermometer before this time, but his kind did not have a sealed tube. In 1714, Gabriel Fahrenheit, a German instrument, maker, invented the nuTeiirv-in-glass thermometer. And he also invented the scale of te-n- perature that is known by his name. On the scale the freezing point of water is 32 degrees, ,md the boiling point of water is 212 degrees. A Swedish astronomer, A n d e r s Celsius, later ..LEFT/M CALL ITADISGUISE, GOES i,OR "PROTECTIVE SHOPPING..SCOIORING". I'VE JUAN 'N.C>OMEZ>{ MY IMASE/ j I'LL WFAR'FM.' MU/BIEN, WI?AP UP MY SNOWBIRD CLOTHES' AVON SHOUt P BF J TAKE ME TO THF RIO DOING HER IAS7 ^-ANCHO HOTEL, DRIVFR' SHOW ABOUT NOW.'/BUT LET /ME OUT A ' BLOCK AWAY/ ft __.- RIVEla By George- Slxta HUMPF.'.-l THOUGHT VOU TOLD ME YOU FEED THIS UBIQUITOUS CANINE A 8AUAMC5D, ,01ET O/V\ETIMES I WISH! H6'P JUST FEED J \\ THAT'S RIGHT, D.T...WE By Dick Cavalli 1 REAU-V LOVE TO PLAV BAT-A-BALL. 197? by NEA, Inc., T.M. Rcrj U.5 Pat. Off. SOMETIMES I GET 60 WRAPPED UP IN IT... ?? THAT WAG,AN CHOICE OF WORDS. 9-lf Sk-^^ O OkfSftfegfe True Life Adventures Bv Carl Andnrson •§r SNVIMMlSka ES/ 3^ SUSFTS^TS THE-RE IS ,-\ ^O E WHERK HE >srr£STC>S A. NVAV OF FINC'lMS OUT. JEFF COBB AS MRS. AMBS ATTEMPTS TO CALL LONG DISTANCE TO HER DAUGHTER AT HOME... ] HEULO «.!.... THE PHONE'S DEAD' A MOTORCYCLE GANGL.THEY'RE... LOOK OUT/' ...HELLO; EDIE9... I....HELLO.'.... HELL02'— he Oa//y Guard/an SHORT RIBS suggested that the interval MQMEX1T/ HE TUKMS between freezing and boiling The Chuckle Box Now Yorki-i-: Hey mister, is that the moon or the sun' ; Calil' I don't know, I'm a stranger here myself. Policeman: Did you 'akf a ba!h today'.' Hippie: Why, is one LITTLE PEOPLE'S PUZZLE 4ACR055 By Frank O'Neal 1 WATCHED 1UE CH'ESS CHAMPIONSHIP ON' TV LAST N1SMT. TO QL£=SS -2... IT TOOK AN HX'R AND A HALF. THI: FUXZLI; BOX sew- /i TNIDEST CRODOT Ql'lNCY Bv Ted Shearer / REVERENP, ( ARE YOU IN A YEAH, IT MISMT BE A LITTL-E *VlTH THE BOSS. Here are the names of tli:ee professions. To find out what they are, rearrange the letters in each word. See tomorrow's paper for ine answer. Win The New Book c: Knowledge yearbook. Send your riddles, 'jokes, to: "Kiddles, Jokes; Te'l Me Why!" (live Zip Code. Today's winner is: THIS II A SKBAS'llANO, Cherry Hill. N.J. Telegraph Want ~^ wffi Ads CLICK: cnir r-oiuiCAST roii TUESDAY ann'i- IILMSOD.-, li,m^ n<i .,, ,- prr- .M:-t011l, rv'rlllluillv ;;i>l wlut thi-v M-Ok illlll U!L> rap:,hlr i:| , K •.•lillill!.,!- IMJ; largr MI in.-; ui nimir- i .,,, ,.,- nuikes iiKinev wiih I n, K.U., m IDVI: with SiMi-pin, hiiikl,, K,|- . ,., u . Uv with,r;i in u-| should ,•-.,.,,!,,. Cciutiun in dc.ilni'.; \\ Mi Ai'n- , . iivi", ,.r c, ,;,,,,-' i,,, i,. ,i, in; ,,' ',:. f one woiKs uvcitimc. You rim spot j:eiv "".'i' o,u',i;.un. Dou'l jump at hrM "'" ' A'liiai Kin c.ui lie ul aid. ' L ""•"• cimi.',,. which is unorili"- •' "> iiei .ircounliiiH anil count V, Ill ,;;,.. M uKlMo i()ct. ^:t - Nov. 1'U: /•'I- 1 ' initiative. He a : ,ell'Starici. ARM'S (Mann .'] Cllcck linaiu u,l '. •.., ,'|, ,,, .,, purlllCM'. IllH deep II,:- M.lnni, il'c.ii Accent now is mi le.•..,. i, ., ,,.. ciinne. led with invi",inien|., i,,n mi and VIIKH per.-,.in-, i; fM i',' ,,, ,,,, inentlv Analy/e I'm iujvihel |, u .. ii >. i nist your oun juil^iiicnt. nil hdl-l/oiis. Ki-lusc to he |n- i.'led Accept e .pansion Your >l "^ le ' 'catches Mil. " I''-"''", ol conlllH'inellt aie ! " I"* I n i c. Si 11 lie' re .{I ict n in . "''' ''•'lal'y. Y'IIU can )'.nil '>'•" "I'tt.mi/iiiKin, iiisliiiiii"ii. • del.ill:,, lean, rule., beioiu 'run.:! I., hi'eak iliein. \i'KU UKN il)cc '••'- Ian !!»• Lie low. may be sliuhilv on i sU i.-. on mail ;.i;>- ]..: 11 ii"i • hip "i,' initiative. You (;ain Kv ,;,, ,.]], ,'i],' servini' and |ilaniun^. K,',.p .,i' 1; , u !. gy private-. Study laiiru^ nie.^>. i it;e l)ijii't iJ. U.ii much uf ,i hui-i'v luuld ,loi'.,/ l : .iir,ui'c' .-lecuritx 1 in ^na^ ( ,t win I- ami ht'tilth. Avoid e\nvn'i i, \ with I'isces Seeiel could 'i,e ','e- Vualed. Be UlSci'eel. You can k nn and earn. TANChR C.lnne -l-Julv '..,- CjOid lunar aspect n , lw , , ; M|1 ifli / With SUCCtSa thi'...L;-l deavors. Caprirui n prominent n,le bnve ahead win', li'ip.',',' you, own style hmp|, aM ,,. M1 i ' viduality. Romance j h much m OH tnre ' l.hO (July -3-Aiia. -jj, i , tion now ib ke\ r Y' HI f:nish HI. ei lied ••\<,'1 ; AIUI'S (Jan 2IM'el. Ih): l '" it ' 1 ."c icw.iri.led You iia\e 1 '"'I' "I .•.iti.'.laclion. I'annlv c'nl'er i' -.pi-esses love. He rei cp ^' "-' c. ip; 01 ad- tine l> n n undci' '"'in-. In Ip-, yi.n t,, fulnll li.i'-i. ' " ''"ii le KolliH places! i'-'. (l-'i'l). I!J - March JU): ' u!l o aspect now cuini id. 1 • nil ' haiice i ur added knowledge. ! '"' iie.iu iiciijii. Your nal' 'iliiieo .in t . A . K, iiHelront ^ ."' ui mvn person. You .11 c 11; IOIJAY is YUUU U1KIII- ' A ' '•"" liave tine sense ol hii "'"''• aie veisatile. expi-essive .nnl ''•'• Vou ha\e natuial taliil! 1.1 '13N ' 3Nld 'I 'laXDOT 'It 'VNN31NV '6 '3AihJ3a 'f 'NOOW 'I 'ANN3d "L — . re oiiiliiR-d. BuiL-nni,t ,. broutjhl into locus. I'raiiR d i° torts dominate. One who oppo-.d you in p.ibt now tould oii-r tu to operate. Aix-irpl. VIRGO (Au K ^J-SU-IH •", siiM.i II ip is lealured V i-,itin- ,, i".. ', ul-io la in pn.iu!.- B t . indei.i .„., '•',• original. Don t I'l.'.o,.,-\vi.i sn liunioi, Vfia.ilil.t . ir. . •',,'1,' .'' procedures. Be lie.-:ible. v. lilVn >' 'V , laugh ul own liable^. '*" LIBRA iSepl ri-u. t -j^, |,,.|,, Call be paid. collected laly.l .T • in- .,,,.,, ean put acro.-,-s ul '" !l! '-'c •' natural critic. Y ''aie.l.n.l. ;ue |||y|i_ m Oclot.CI , "' '•*•<• ' I'aujJe winch lead-, to Ic.i ' i1 ' 1 " 11 -old ,.ppoi tunny lor creal •" !1 '''v . nd travel. ' Waal Ada L

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