The Postville Review from Postville, Iowa on September 17, 1892 · Page 4
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The Postville Review from Postville, Iowa · Page 4

Postville, Iowa
Issue Date:
Saturday, September 17, 1892
Page 4
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Our Baby ffM A Ijorttity; fair, plump And liAn'tlijr. liul wli«n two yeari ol«| M«*r*.f till* Humor n pre ad oftt h».' • dead, ,.«cit attd t <K «h*«« [ <lown Into li«r pyen, onr* print sure, Iitlidttf itiHl titt'ii'iix. ltriod'i Hnr- MpKrllla tt«T« her n »w llto nmt sppflllto Than On humor «ub*I<l« 1, tli« • .<•....•£ nmi IMII im»» r*n .ti(>«>. mid llis nors* oullreljr htmlc.. up, Klin !<• •*w pvifagtly well." t. W, FIIKDKHICK , l >nn forld KrMt, n»r Crete* Dt av«nuo, lytiroM Hill, tJro*k- MADCAP; Emm:* I'red*: lie k. IIooU'« Vlll% car« nil I .lw Ult, billouinvM. utuii, tl«k benJnclie, lii«ll«it"lioii. This is an every il.ty occtti i cuce; wtmiCM aic Liken with ".i 11- puuc" or l.iinl f<c!- in;:. \\\\'\iv vunkirp, w.i 'kmp,. c;i!lii!(*. ni 5 \\ u p P i n p. "1 lit* That All-Gone or Faint Feeling cause of tins feeling in some dci .inionn*!: *t»V.ncss, or irre^nUnty ...culent lt> lie. TV It nutters little (torn \\ c.m\c it uuy aii»c : 'Instant relief iti.ny .»l\\.i\s be foiiml liv ti-iiij: Lydi.t Ptitk-h,\m*$ Yt£iUtlte Ct'Wfi'ttuu. It is the only Positive Cure ami fxgiiimMe Remedy for those peculiar we-aknexscs ami «iltnent< of women. It acts in perfect h.mnony will, the laws lhn govern the female system untlerallciicumstanccs. All nmiitut, «tU It. AT ifH by mad, in f.m. ..I |Mli - T I*>I*<>)(-4. ....Kii-vti'i mi 4iit. t.Urr 1'iHi, *J..c. O-rtf- IJX»tul«-">v* f «•«•<• l v Aiitlm* in "niiflirfiirr. UtUIft v !-"<MhM SttU,C«, WIF T' S^SP EC IFIC FOP, renovating tin ent.trsystem, eliminating all Poisons from the Blood, whether of scrofulous or maliriol origin, ilu's -preparation has no equal. , . -on- IHE STORY OF A SIN. '.UtH "l':r c'^l.t'-cn tncniht I ha.t an tu.'.:... r J-'*- t-'»J uiv tenant. I was tr,o.::.l fy Ijcal f.'iyiieiatt:, 1:1 cl.'.-.incd no r.-/:r/: tl-.t sort ^ra.luo.Uy grew worse. I filially lj;k S. S .V., au.t KCI cr.'.irii) cured rfler 11 sit:; a f.-.v Ijtllll." C. B. J '.cLrr.orn, Itendersm, Tex. BY HET.EN B. MATTIKKS. BOOK II. HEAPED. CITAPTKIt I. Forlornly H-av. Andqnlvci Ini: with tltr rtnrt ho (It-arc. Madcap sat with her buck to the wr.u wnll. Hint was just then I IIIIIT v illi pate tiaii.sliiccnl cliDtlfrsof swi'Pl- ii'ss ami color, nml as slip ilrow mil" of • it tliiw ir/.nio Mails a riiss lier lips, realized, as she had never done liet'oii'. I In' lesson nf happiness Unit the Uoweis '.i h its year by year. Tliey say 10 iis (anil It Is n tness'iire from t'iod they speak, if only we eonlil iiiiilcrsland ill. "\V<- willii'i-'d and died last year. Imt we have come liaek airain litynii; .•'ml so will joy. but yon must wan for it. as ti-- have waited I OIIR, bin <tinfilled into tlu> liubt ni last." Anil :o iho heart that can feel this otitw-.ird intlnenee. there is no death puss hie; it will rejoice where rcliiritm would bid il mourn, and in woisiiiiiin^ its Creator's Viorks, will forttet ilselt. As one who has died icnorant, nml w.kened to lliu value of what it form- eily held cheap (so Laz:in:x may li•ivu loiind clenienls of frramlciirin .Manila's nnicli Kei'vini; when lio iniain joined llic iiiiiiB cire'e, as he must Imvu seen with olearereyes .Martha's heautv and Itelp- ssness), Mmlciip, in the vigorous n'- tionnd from a oriisliln?blow, had sprmi!; to ik kevness of content in hercveiy-ilay xistence that made prvciotis Vliu commonest incident of evcry-day home, life, where all was licrown, not stolen from aunt tier woman's storo of happiness, or eniktelied at with u SIMISO Unit hunger impended over tho next moment, yet so vividly new thatlier husband's sii^p thrilled her as when ho had been liist tier lover, and her children's voico sounded sweet in her ears as wlieu tliey tirst fiilteied her name. Shu heard herself softly called by one ol them at that very moment, and'look- iJis-T round, saw J)ody peepint; at her 'a : ^,??V 'TKnATlSr5 on Blood andSfcto KT-1 I Diceawjwtikddefc 'lncowii't SriiciPtcCo- Atkntl.Qfc BileBeMis Small. GnarantMd to cure Bilious Attacks, Sick- S eailauhd aiul CuiiNtlpiitloii. 40 la eacb it tie. Price tUc. Fur u.vlu by drueul&ts. Picture **7, 17, "0" and, lumple dows ?rco. J, F. SMITH A CO.. ProririVforS, ^flV YORK* ELY'S rn.Mii iMpgz&gi CATARRHr^ll Prlco 50 CenU. 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Madcap started tip, nml forgetting that she liad promised not to leave lb it corner of the garden on which Mr. Kvre's study uavo (for he could not write, lie said, if on lookinj; up now and then she were not within siitlil), slipped behind the bush that had screeuekl the utile brothers from their father, and piutiiiif an arm round each,asked them, lietweeii the kisses that even in her luiriv she could not t r ;it — '• U'hat black lady, and where did you see heri"' "S'pose she thnutjlit it was grandpa's funeral every day," said Donne, pi-acti- illy. "We met her in the copse, mother, and she is as loud of kissing Uody as vou are." •'•And her ky—«nd B ""1 Doily, shaking his bead saillv. "Sink dafs Hie poor'oomnn daddy's been puiiisli- iu^—eh, nuiuimyV" ••No. no!" cried Madcap, pnssianate- Iv. "And were vou kind to Ir." I'cUyy" she added, tiikiut; the child's lovely Hushed luce between her hands. "()! yes,"' he. said, nodding; "ina told her not to ky. and kissed her; but mo couldn't call her mummy, 'oo know; you is nimnmy," and lit) patted her lace fondly. "Josephine's waiting for us at the pate, and daddv's none to sleep," said Domic, taking his mother's hand to lead her awav; anil seized by u sudden impulse, for which her youth perhaps was nci ountdile, .Madcap went r.wuy with Htm.. :oss the garden to where the nnrro v- itod. Mr. li/ro had laid no commands on her w n"j out, or cominir in. nor had lie eii'oic'l her ))iomise with reuard to Hester: he had simply rendered any meeiiii; between the two women im- imssililu by never letting his wife out of his sinht. ]5ut to-day the strango occurrence ha I heliillenhim of falliuif into a sudden dead sleep as he sat at his table, tho result, probibly of those waking nights that had laiiily fallen to his lot, Josephine started ami colored ni her mistress approached—a close observer would have sial guiltily, if tho fikclla French face were permitted by its owner lo express deceit—hut she answered composedly enough that tho miyimi was a mile" beyond the village, and then waited for the chtklion to U Jgiven over to her charge. But with four little eager hands pull ing nt her two more than hali-willinr ones, the garden seemed to Madcap a dull enough refuge lo return to, ami she permitted herself to ho drugged through the gate that opened on the copse (iho only egress from the house savo through the village), anil step liv step the great er length of it, till suddenly, all limbed with romping and happiness, she cunin to tho very spot whore she had kneeled by Hester, and heard her story. "Mo so tired," said Duilv, sitting down on the grass, as Madcap paused and clasp.'d both hands to her heart "Come and sit on my knee, mummy,' 1 he added, patting a tinv lap 'invitingly, "Tired already?" cr ed Madcap, forgetting Hester, anil thinking that she saw a shade of uuusuitl pallor on the little beloved face, "O! no, ma'am,'' said Josephine, whose rule in life it was always to tell a lie when the truth was not pleasant; "but ho is so fond of this copso, ami will always sit down just hew"—then, with her usual tact, withdrew a little, and nifeoted tobusy herself overa scrap of work she took from her pookut. Madcap stood for u moment lookin around, then, yielding to Doily's entreaties, sat down with him beside her, while Donne, tired out with his search after birds'-nests, came to her side, and leaned his head to her sliouldar—a rare sign of tenderues3 in the boy, and one that brought the color to Madcap's cheek. Does a mother's love for her child lie in the joy, the delight he Is to her, or is it something entirely inde- pmulent of the return he may make to her in kind'r For a Jong while the word "mother" carries no aignilleance with it to his mind; lie loves her as some thing tenderer, gentler to him than any other, but he would be equally hnppv with any one equally devoted. set oft runnin ! m me opposite, direction; so that when Frank, who placed his pride second to her safety, looked round, it was to see her vanishing like a new Atulantii in the distance, whereupon he turned and ran too, till when at last she stopped breathless it was to lind at her heels what she thought U have left fnr behind. Douiio had not turned n hnfr. hut Dody was couching v.olcntty with the haste nt which ho had been swept along; nml as Madcap caught him up, she Hash ed at poor Frank a look that iiiclu Ic.I cruelty to her child, in the list of the young man's other in.silemeanois. l'craaps he chose, to ac; -pt tint glance as a greet in .', however hostile, for lie Raid, "i'ou were goin^to the village?'' Scorning tn reply. Madcap went forward, but D.i.ty turtle.I his head over his mother's siiou'd'r. and. hv way of fr.endk overt ore, remarked, "Us is go- in.' it-rnayin ;1" "S > nth I," s ii 1 Frank resolutely, and wou-leriu t if Mr. Kyre were mid to let his lreus ire Hun "o uuiuarde.l; "leil are von wise to no?" he added, addressing the hack of a little chestnut lie id. "There will be roil ;h people there—gypsies, ln-giiirs, iritups o, all kin Is." "Are you my keep a?" cried Madcap, slopping short in the I stamping her loot with a passion that made Duly, vaguely alarmed, din; round her ueek, cry in : Don't be uugedy, mummy; don't he angedyP Mother's not afraid of anyboly." said Donne, pressing ilcli mllv'ag.iiint her side; "she's goin; to dance with us, tilt 1 W ''11 take cure of her." "Where is Josephine?" cried Madcap, for the lirsl tun • notic.ii; toe girl's disappearance. "She bus gone back to the Hall,"said Frank, the color coining into his face. U your request?" s ii.l Madcap, setting Dody down, an.I l.ieing the young man. •At my request." 'O! this is intolerable." cried Madcap, "that you are to totve your company on me thus—that I am to he placed under surveillance, my vciy s u'vants sent awav at your bid ling! ' Until today 1 had always thou ;hl a lady was free to choose her own s i '.civ— "I regret." ho said. "Dial. I am compelled to inflict myself on you until Mr. Kyre comes." ""Did he constitute you my jailer?" she said, with a biiter' contempt that was like a mirror h el up to him of what he was in herces. "May 1 ask what special lilne-is for the p >-,t made vou undertake it? These poer people around will not harm inc. would mail* a • m m UJ FOLKS REDUCED escape from her arms; it is in the, in frequent caress, the unexpected kiss, tll»t the mother finds her reward, when, without her bidding,, he will run to her and olacp hU little arms about her knees, or momentarily lean his head against hor breiist as if he would convey to her that, though he knows not what the word "mother" menus, he yet feels her to be diilereu* to all others ia the world, A shadow orossed the three, and Mtid- cap looked up wUU a etnit to see Frank In the nct.of TO8 »!n<r them, lie WHS very pale, and raised his hut without seejulug to look ftti hnr, utid contlnuei oklW ntter he; and nothiu • Hi it sli • ™ ild say to me, would make me scorn and loathe you more than I do now.'" "Mummy's very an • • v." said Dody in an awe-struck vnic •; "irit she won' smack vou," he adue I. siippi.iga gentle little hand in Frank's, whereupon the poor voting fellow caught the child up, and for a m cnent held the rosy face against his own pale one, at which Madcap cried, with a half sob— "Would you rob me of my children?" and went a step or two alone for pride, then paused, exoecting to n • overtaken by the little lovers who ha I never hitherto failed her, lint they were too taken ill> Willi Frank to leave linn; an,I s v, in solitary pride, she passe I the forge, descended the village, and. crossing a meadow and the wood bevoad. emerged suddenly on the green where the merrymaking was held. In the center rose a inagnillcent horse-chestnut, from whose trunk the may-bowers or alleys radiated like the green spokes of a giant wheel, built of green and hki'soiuing boughs, arche.l overhead, an I linn ; with gr -at clusters of lilac, laburnum, and guelder-roses, that swepi the hair of the lads and lapses who passed below. 'l\vo mi I two, hand in hau I, smiling in each other's eves, s'.v h • u" i 1 >r '.i>day. if not. to in irro.v, th i j >yo:n­ les dance.1 in c.-i i out of th i seemiurly endless alleys many a tlue-iuriied leg .m.l twinkling foot nvirkin ;olT me »:ir- ring moments to a merry tun e<l by Hie blind llddler from the next parish. Without, tho old men and women loitered, their eves bngntennr in c:i i young laces came and went. Tiiey saw what they had once been, wu it they would like to beoncj m I perhap., sighed to thiiu that these merry lovers must in time come, lo be as lb 'inselv but Mr. Frith has Ion! ago to.d the scene much more beautifully in colors than 1 can ever do in words Madcap forgot Frank to gaze with delight at the scene, and llie children escaping from him. clasping hands, and failing in behind the last Jack and Jill danced in errily in and out, round anl about, with the rest, their dark lvads sprinkled from above with scatterings of sweetest color—n'>ver p in sin r, save to entreat their mother and Frank to come and danc i also. Hut he was hardly thinking nf M id- cap then in his keen anxiety that. Mr Kyro should arrive. Eici moment he diva led the apnoarance of Hester, who was to meet Daily at the in lying (hv golden means he liad ch.irme I this t. from Jos > phi no in his moment ol spec with her in tin copse): and thou vh she wished Madcap well, the risk of thntwo women once more m iotuu was not to be exaggerated. Hut if Frank's eyes could have pierc id the stout bo ly of tree not it dozen yards from him, ho would have seen in hiding the vory wo man whose presence ho dreaded. Mr. Kyre, approaching from the village, siiw Hester thus, marked the crcMcUing trait, tho eagerly peeringoyes h>-rif no M'-ulcnn—the \vl»olrt here, 'ness of demeanor that yet betokened yearn ing lovo, and disappointed hope, and feeling toward hor as somj noxious thing that threatened the Hie of what he loved, passed her by with a loo'/ heavy mi a blow; thon stepping to his wife s sldo, took her baud and said, "So yon have come a-maying, Madcap—and Frank, too; and lo">k at young rogues," he added, as the children came running toward them with chains of rosos about their nocks, "and it's all very pretty, and I'll take vou home by a now way across the groeii"-- and so, with a word here and there to the merry-makers, Jed her away, and only on looking back soma time later discovered that Frank and the children had disappeared. CHAPTHll II. Brian (k gruy o'ou I Irani tlioonst, Whoro Iho lurk Is Klwdmr— BiiMictlihitr of lliuuiinir at least Unlost tn tlio bi'liitiliuf. One may do worse tilings than sit in a new-mown haycock, eating iisvlhibiib. Hut the llnvor of the one Madcap was eating bad been taken away by the presence in the hay-Held of a young man who Btood at ti little distance, talking to her husband. Mr. Fyre hud for a longtime endured in silence the .dally, hourly expression of her-contempt for Frank, hud even thrown naiv lights on the young man's wickedness by fanoy sketches, half grotesque, half pathetic, of the different states of mind through which he must nave run. lint tit length the subject hud booomo too nuteh for oven his iron nerves, and he had heggod of her, since they could not meiul tho matter, to disouss it with him no more. On one polite he had been (Inn, that when tliey met Lord Lovel, eliher abroad or In the vdlago, she should uueoed to him the recognition that was sultiiuie, consider- jni? the friendly relationsthiit had existed between the two families, all the more so that the county hud reoeivjj li|m with a oolduesn, anl subjected hlra to slights that, while borne [>y Frank with simple heroism, rousyd every lu- atluotof manhood In Mr. Ey<v, niid up. sue nat se/Mi .nr. wvra with I'r.iTK ti. lido him; and though the latter h id the grace lo pause at a distance to rts- her slight acknowledgment of his presence, she none tue less felt tint hero was the beginning of an icy that could never prove anything bat intolerable to her. "And what a lack of delica-y," she tliougut, lifting her eyes to a Inc.) that gave no siirn (for he was by now reconciled to sum ting in her opinion for what he was not j. and. indeed, showed so much health, sweetness, and good liuino! as pro\oked her with him more iban ever, an | showe 1 him uglv as sin beside Mr. Evro's virtue. To thochild- reu no such deformity was apparent as they left Madcap, and r.m to liira with a familiarity tint even their father's presence could not check; an 1 at this irush proof of how all things love I him. she thought of ii "sler. and tunic.1 her eyes away from beholding tho bio-, that h" had made on her landscape. A'ul in Hester, too, she was bitlerly disap- po nted—that one interview between them bud not prepared her for a woman willing to sink into a nnro haiig-r-on at the gates of the man who had wroti: ed her. even if th it mill were so liur.l- eiieil in sin as to permit it— and gradually lite passion ite bond of sympilhy with Hester had slackened, and the Inn ;ing lo speak with h"r. to try uu 1 help her, died out in M ideap's he art, ami nearly equal in guilt stood both man and worn ,n in her eyes. I'erhaps the touch of ingratitude to herself shown in Hester's persistent avoidance of h"i'.con tribute.ItoMadc ip's senses of disappointment—we Hud it so much more easy to forgive the sins of others when our forgiveness is entreated—hut this pair of s..liters asked no man's absolution, and were even careful to p trade their wrong-doing on the boos '-tops,so that Ma lea '.s atti.ude only faintly shadowed forth that stern er one of' tho whole county toward them. "Wait till the Duke comes," Mr. Eyre had said one day when his atten lion bad been drawn to some fresh slight to Frank; and within an hour had written a letter that he rode some ten miles to post, but which, oddly enough, was addressed to the Duchess, not the Doke. lint.Madcap had little faith in Frank's rehabilitation now—it would bo only whitewashing a sepulcher, she thought, as she looked down into the little ugly face of ii green-inau orchis that Do .ly hail pluc;ed out of the hedge anil brought to her; and the uglinessof that little freaked representation of man hood showed handsomely lo her besidi tile outward presentment of Fran;, moral iniquity.' l'ohiud her tho hedge curved sharply on ei I her side, so that si ic seemed to sit in a green elbow-chair, whence lo gaze out at the moving panorama of life in the meadow beyond. Xmv and again, blown by a i'ittte pull' of air. came from a neighboring Held the delicate perfume of blossoming beans, cresting all other scents as a minor key of music will separate itself from the lou ler chords around it to penetrate to the inmost sense and heart; and us Madcap leaned back, with Doily's green-inau in her hands, she forgot Frank in a thought subtle anil sweet as the scent itself. There had lately come a change in her looks—the difference between a June rose slceped in-sunshine, sparkling Willi d -w, and a white musk ros that in its Tilania-like tender hoaiiry woos us nearer to gaze at the purity uul soilness of its petals; an I it was this change in her that moved both the men's hearts asono, and s-t them shoulder to shoulder, to guard her against the mere p issibi ity of harm. And thus bed red round bv a lovo vigilant, devoted as a mother's,' it seemed us though no evil could reach her; but the intense stiin. Hie ever-recur- dread, were becoming to.) much lor even Mr. Fyre's iron frame, though he had not yet r ail /.'d, beyond a certain point, suit -wni might pass beyond his own control, physic il effects of inentil causes might take ni itteva ntfo their own hands an 1 carry in beyond his will; but Frank obs»rv- ed ni.iiiy signs in him that escaped cai>. an I e treated him in vain to seek change oi in ir.ivei. Mr. Kvre, however, stood firm; ha did not believe in running aiv.iy fro u fit.-, lie said, and Mad :up win better at Home; there was his book, too, that he was just then busy on, and if lie could ward off lliose sud.leu Ills of sleep that over- iioweivd him at odd moments, he would bo as well as ever. liven to Frank ho did not show what was in his mind; bis habitual reserve made it easy to drop the veil as he pleased; but could Frank have looked within, he would have been appille I at the glimpse afforded. A mill, hitherto abiivo the necessity of lying, Mr. Hyro found his presunt life of dishonor and suoierl'ugo worse than death; his iroedom gone, with that sense of sec irity in his life that he s i keenly vain >d—fettered, powerless, the pirt that hu had personated becoming hard ir to him ea-h day—ho might havn exclaimed with C.iussin. that ho who loses cons'i:'i"n, has noi.aiug left tint is worm k-. ; .ping. Hut the uior> iVinteroas llian all, tho events of Hi < day on wii 'ii he h 11 com ) noon Hester at Uu mwiii;, lul produce 1 an ell' 'ct in lis i • >. :i il, sle >pin r or wuk.u {, w n mv M- off i :i;d, 1 1 is- ler's attitude tmvar.l M i leap was that of roven ;e, an 1 one) given op ior- timily she ivo tld tell the whole truth; her pi-'teiiiled afC'ction forthoc'iiKl being a d 'Vice to Ii it In her real objec; in rem lining in the vdla :o. FARM NOTES. According to the American Analyst Micro Is ¥L ',OU(',UOtr ,fX >M Invested in Un dairy business in this country. On account of their hardness Turner mil Thwack raspberries arc repelled salted to cultivation iu sections tin favorable to fniir. When (he horses have finished, the mode curing sore feet Is to take oil I heir shoes mid turn them on the past lire. Willie the genuine celery msl lias noi been reported hi this country, it Is pre vulciit iu Kurope and may bo expected acre lit any lime. 1-VtMl l.o- l'r.IveM. •V llrittsh autliorlly states that thou sands of calves arc raised annuall.v Ii Hie county of l.lnterick. Ireland, oi Uiin milk and alittle Unseed meal, osu illy scalded and mixed with the milk and these calves are readily marketed iu Kuyland wheu u year old. Trimming Vming Tri-cM. Tt Is best not to cut young trees buck in the fall, but perform the work In the spring. If cut back now the trees will require another pruning In the spring, should any portion of tho trees be whiter killed, which is liblo to happen every season. .Vlat lire Animal* lor llriM'illiiK. Mature animals are best for breeding purposes. Many herds or Hocks have deteriorated because of the iinuuul selection of young and Immature animals for breeding. An animal that Is not fully matured is lacking vigor, nod its offspring will inherit many of Its defects. nnnKiT <>r i ii-iti-i'iMiiii^, Experiments made demonstrate that iu-breedlns of swine lias done nion tbau its share to spread the hog cholera, debility rendering the animals hi :apalile of withstanding the attacks of the disease, as well as causing them to be more susceptible to it. A breeder who used bonis of different breeds every season, such as Berkshire, W laud China and lissex, found that the disease rarely appeared, mid the anl mals mere quickly recovered. l.lmi' UH u 1'VrtUl/t'r, land that has not been favorable, to certain crops that are subject to tils- ease, such as potatoes, should be plow ed, and forty bushels of ulrslacked lime applied per acre. The lliuc will assist hi destroying the spores of fungi, and thus aid In preventing rot. Whether bcnolicial in arresting disease or mil iho lime will be found useful as a fertilizer, and DM u means of decomposing Inert matter in the soil. ither one's own seed every season. .No mailer how iruslwoilby and good -.eed houses are, quite a percentage ol heir seeds will be pour. This is slated uhlscdly, and alter careful lestins of i great iiiuubcr. In the frequent hurry >f largo establishments poor seeds in some way get ini.\cd Willi the good ones, and Hie percentage of those thai will germinate- Is too often large. While the bulk of our seeds probably j come from commercial seedsmen, there Is a considerable quantity that tan be gathered l'roin the home garden. It Is with seeds as 11 Is with fertilizers, but eveu the best should not make us neglect the hoineuiiule fertilizers. Seeds should be looked at hi the same light, iu gathering tlieui during the summer season, several points must be observed, says Country Ueiitleuuiii. The ger- .niuailon of seeds depends upon such things, and these, external, must be understood. One great trouble with .ceils is that they are gathered before they are mature. If u quantity is gathered, some of them will be found to lie small, green and light, showing clearly that while some nre perfectly ripe, others have not yet matured. The time for gathering is when the pods or shells are yellow.and ready to drop the seeds on the ground. Even then a small percentage will be useless, and the immature ones should he silled oul and destroyed. There are others which have dark, dry-looking shells or husks, and these are so light that they can be removed Willi the funning mill. Seeds gathered during a wet season are often moldy, and the signs of decay arc already present. They should be carefully rejected. Seeds must lie selected from good stock plants, l'hese plants iuusl be singled out early iu the growing season, and good cultivation should be given to them right up to tho time of gathering the seeds. If weeds are allowed to grow up lround them they become coarse in texture and rapidly deteriorate in quality. The seeds will inherit some of these ol>- jictlouuble qualities, and perpetuate them iu the plants of the next season, liood, large-growing, tender and well- llavorcd.plants are the ones to select. A rank-growing one Is not necessarily a good seed plant. Too great moisture or heat or lack of food supply will aften give tin unnatural growth to the plants, and the seeds will partake of the same qualities. After these points are considered, It must then be remembered that there are external circumstances which affect the germination of seeds. Very many good seeds fall to produce good plants. This is generally owing to the poor surroundings, a bad season or un- ongenial soil. But, nevertheless, the percentage of good ones will be such is to insure a fairly successful crop. But seed that Is poor in possibilities should not be used, for under tho most favorable circumstances It can only pioduce an interior plant. Chief sccretnry Morlcy has arrived In Dublin to undertake Ills olllcliil duties. There wan no demonstration of welcome on his arrival. Mail That li Mnra Vnloalile Tb&n dold. Chicago Tribune. "There it no Rold in the hi)l» uronnJ ur place, but there is mud Hint it mire valuable than gold," taid Mr. II. L. Kramer, who registered yeilerday at tho Auditorlam, of tho Indiana Mineral Sptlngn, Warren county, Ind. "It U I magnetic mineral mud and it it more valuable than gold, fur it euret rheumatism in every form, no matter how long the victim hat been a nuffercr. "Uh, no," laughingly replied Mr. Kramer to the reporter^ quention, "we do not give out patientt mud to eat; it U made op in poultices and placed on the joint* where the pain it most nevere." "It ia only within the past few years that this wonderful Mngnetic Mud deposit baa been known. Large quantities • f it hat been carried away, and people are traveling from far and neur to cur new 'i.-tel and bath boiiBe, coating over 1150,- i COO, whicj has junt lec-n completed, in • riler that lliey may drink the Mnjinelic Mineral Water niiil ba'ho in the mud. Tie re are uowards of two bun lreil p"ojle. • hereto day, and muny have lecovered to rapidly an to make it a wonder lo Ihem- sehes and th°ir frifruln. We look for- -iiud to tho limn when people will be j limiting to the Indiana Mineral Springs "in every State and Ter-itory in lh» Union to bo cured of clirori", rlieuiuiiiic and kidney iikeutos that l>t.fUid the bet •iieriicil bkill. "The mud is found immediately at t'10 ha ••oof tho center of'a horiio.hoe Bhaped bltff. wheie the Springs are 11 o loca'ed, and it neoms that tho waters ot tho springs ,louring fourth there fcr counile»8 ,ig 8. lias thoroughly impregnated this deposit •titli mineral properties, and mngnetizvl it so that when a steel blade is left in it, ater a few hours it becomes thoroughly Mcignelizod BO that you cautnke up a large dirning needle " Mr. C. L Slone, general pasarnwr gent of the C. & E. I. railway, of Chi- eigo, line iisned a beautiful little pampti- li t which tells nil about this wenderful health resort, and gives the experionco of many prominent people who have lean cured there within tho last year. It will vid he Bent by mail free, upon request. The man who puts heart into everything lie does is watched by angels when he works. ANYONE would bo justified In recommend. Ing lk'ia'lmiii's Tills fur nil iillcetioua of th« liver uiul oilier vllal organs. 'August lower in • l had been' troubled five months c/ilh D/spepsia. I had a fullness after eating, and a heavy load iu the ';f my stomach. Sometimes a 1 -:\ lily sickness would overtake I was working for Thomas : fenry, Druggist, Allegheny City, '•... in whose employ I had been for •i years. I used August Flewei r two weeks. I was relieved of all onMe. I can now cat things I •red not touch before. I have . '.-tied twenty pounds cmcc my re- Luvcxv. J. D. Cos.Allcshcuy, Pa. • AT PLEASANT SUnly of I-'iirm WccilN. In country schools, at least, n profitable diverslou from regular studies would be that .of botany, at least to iho extent of learning the habits, names and characteristics of the worst kinds of farms weeds. The study should In ciild specimens of weeds from a ills lance, or at least such descriptions of 11 ii • 11 1 as will help them to recognition if I hey spread Into the neighborhood Some weeds that afterwards prove most Injurious are often Introduced ni­ hil rmless plants or llowers. when. If Ihelr tru,! character were known, Iheb spread might at llrsi be easily prevented. made him purse the day wlioiv tlirongli JJester he Imil Inst Ids fuden •udwiqe. Aim Madcap hud so 1 tit* obeyed him 08 to swoop Frank a tru fu ll.wim ooutv e»y wheu she methlm uta tielghhor'n holme, tlieu turned uu her heol Hie I;?*: inumeut .uiHl litis »Ji.> u.iil<s | a rjw>.4i> Te he I'on I i lined. RULES WITH AN IRON WILL. Tlie KtninKi! Way in "Whlt'li un Al'rh'ii- tiuoiM) I 'l-uulH^ller I'lHtplu. A medical missionary In Africa writes Harper's Bazar of uu Invitation received from a iintlvo ruler, Queen Sandyinnuda. A very busy, energetic woman she has shown herself to lie, so that her limited realm holds the tlrst rank in Unit section of the dark confluent. Her enemies— mostly men, as wo understand—are her sworn foes, for she him built a town and rules It successfully. "She rules with an Iron will," and has dis- coinllted the kings living near her domains in all their attempts to put her down. Her methods of government are certainly peculiar. Sho treats her slaves like freo people, allowing thorn to go and como us they plouse, if tliey only express their wishes to tho royal mistress, excoptiug thum to faithfully no compllsh a llxed apportionment of labor In payment of tho food consumed by each, mid which is ninlnly rice. Her town, uu Inland ono having direct communication with tho simeuast, has naturally grown to ho a noted center of trade; it is enllud Jarliacca. It Is plain to see that this African quoon knows her own mind nud Is not to be dethroned by trlgnlug men MRS. HARRISON SERIOUSLY ILL. T.iu I'roKliluuil Oniiiiot Tukii uTrip Througt New York. Now York, Sept 12.— President Harrison telegraphs to cimU 'iuuti llaeken, of tho republican statu oxecullvo can ID )i tee that ho greatly ivgwts lo eon- ttnn the' UlanntoU pf tortny Unit Mr*, lltin'lson's ceinditlou Is HUC J I us to make it ImptwiWo to tolty the tup Uuvu «Sh I'rolll In rcppermlnt. Twenty pounds of peppermint oil per IK'1'2, says the Western I'urul, Is considered a fair yield, but tho yield Is often greater. The producer realizes from two to four dollars per pound for his crop, which, is belter by far than any grain crop would yield, and It must also be remembered that this revenue Is derived from land which a short lime ago were considered a wilderness ami wellnlgh worthless. St. Joseph county's (Michigan) last year's crop of peppermint oil sold at ten dollars a pound and made the nice total of if-UMUM) for the growers of the herb. There are thousands of acres of such hind lu ttte coulherii part of the same state that He unreclaimed, only wait lug for Intelligent and Industrious eul llvutors of the sol), who have a llllle capital to be laid out iu drainage when they will yield abundant harvests of this ami other crops. Tho expense of drainage Is the main ono to be met and this Is not great when results are considered. Turnip Flavor In Milk. Fanning World: Tho only way to get turnip flavor out of the milk Is to heat the milk In a warm bath to i;!o- 140 degrees (mediately after milking, This win completely eradicate tho turnip flavor and tho milk will niako good, sweet butter. This heating of the milk will also cause tho cream more perfectly to rise If set iu shallow pans, nud will thus increase tho amount of butter. Wo have often, described the mode of heating milk In a water bath, which is, in Bhort, to sot tho vessel containing water, allowing tho water to circulate under tho vessel containing tho milk by raising It on two thin hum of iron. The milk will thon he heated by hot water and cannot be scorched, Tho taint of milk from sour or moldy ensilage is removed by healing it ISO degrees. Wo hnvo mndo butter quite satisfactory to very particular customers after thus heating the udlk. Torch tJt'u. It. L. Bone In National Dairyman As there has been much said uutl done In tho way of a remedy for perch lice I wish to liavo n few words to add lu ihut direction. As everybody has plan or remedy for everything, and as It so happened that I have one. mid have been bothered with both kinds of Hue. 1 send you mine. As to the small llco they are not much Iu my way. Being a reader ot your valuable paper, I wish to Inform others how to got rid ot tho little pesta. About two years ago, while making soap our lye overrun tho grease. Having uliqut .!() gallons of good lyu left, mid Ihlnklng It would 1 )0 u good doxo for lice, I resolved to try If. I put the contents into a ItO-gal- Ion kottle, tilled the remainder with witter from tho cistern, kindled n tiro under tho same, and made It ,is hot us tiro would make It. I then seized u Imckof, and marched to 3 ho poultry house, administering to their IVUII I H with a pint tin cup. I llrst lonk out |lp< roosts, piiwl them in n mum pllo. scald' KlKlit Doing. S. S. Times- night-doing Is a very simple thing, lint right-doing Is not always an easy thing. A straight line Is the shortest line possible between two points; yet, as a practical matter. It would be easier lo draw a dozen crooked lines than one itiiilght oae In offhand drawing. All of us can see the way of right '.King, but who of us can walk iu that way without wavering? No woman luis been hanged fur murilev hi Mansaclitibctts williln niciiinry. M. I.. T'loMl'tJON & UO., Druggist*, CoiKk'isporl, l'a., fay Hull's t'utiirrli Cur* U llic 0i:»t mill only sure cure for eularrh U»ey ever sold. Druggists soil it, TSc. A Pennsylvania woman litis a varied col. tccllou of leclli of her iclullvcs. 1 Ur Ou\y <>u y Kvcr rilnl«<l —Cut You ITIn iii« Wiu-,1-; There Is u <l liii-li dUpluy lulvurllsi'.munl hi I ti Iri j't'J'cr litis llci-l; nlii.-li tins MO Inu ivunll slit.e t.\i-t-|il one ueril. The Mine: Is Inns of l-lirli new one iipm-sii'lni; eneli Meek fl'iilll Tie) !>)'. Hurler MciliilMe l'<». 'fids Iniiisi; |i!:iecs U "I 'icsecnl" on el erj tiling lliey iniiliu unit pillillnll. l.iinli fin it, M-IMI lllejll Itiu llillnu «f ttiu wiilil, IOIII Itiei- will relnrn yitn »ooK, II1 -:A U'l'l l-'Ll I. I.I'l'llOUHAI'IIS IU* SeMl'l .KS irillltt. In spite of Its lee and severe colli, Lull- rndur piiswiisi 's 1100 spei -ics of tluivi-ring plants, 6U ferns and uvcr ~"<0 siiueles of DOdnes and lk-huni. THE NEXT MORNING I FEEL BRIGHT AND NEW AND Mlf COMPLEXION IS BETTER. My doctor MJ8 It act* prnllv nn Iho Etninnch, ll*i.| tnil klilnoy*. and tsa plp^ant luxr.tlv,,. Till, drink b made from hrrlm, and id tirviiart--,! fur Ufio u caally •a tea. it Iscalltil LANE'S MEDIGINE tplilr-u tor a firs- t.ilii|>!«. IJllf' »i»N pttfh <tA<, In et.t-r IM- O'ulthy, tlili It a it er_*Ttm V. w<j(inwARi<, I.«R.)», H. Y. Ml!-'. l .OtiAN 'S I'MVKHSi'l'V. Mi . (i« ncral l.ogan is trying to iin-e a iiiiHion dollars to endow an •Atii'ia-an un i v.i sit v that shall rei og- iii/e men and women on precisely the same footing either as students or teaelieis or professors, the sole test being competency. To this purpose* th • proposes to organize a national society that shall be under the con- .trol of ii national president and vlco p-i.'salents. This is a noble project. .Nothing can be greater than a plan th t i nah'cs people to obtain a higher education. Hut even above this ii that which enables them to preserva at .il 1 limes vigorous health. Most lie•qi'c break down with pulmonary troubles while pursuing thcirstiiclios. It is tliis wh ch gives point to th« era-/." for athletic pursuits that Is now the. banc of many of our colleges. A better way is to take that excellent remedy, Hum's G UIIMAN C OUOII AND 'K IDXKV C VUE. This is especially tcaleuhited for people who pursue aed- cnta y callings, as well as those who !aro exposed to the open ulr, and ther* tiy take io!d. Got it of any druggUI. S vi.VAN K EJIKDV Co., Feoria, 111. DON'T Tiim.n WITH AVPUCTIONS ol the ill runt niul lungs. Tuku HAIX'S HONBV OK lloiiKiiouxi) A.NU TAIL l'iKii's TuuinACIIK Dnoi'3 Cure In one iiihiule. Mr. Tvsie UJ0 liciul of eultlo and liorics lllclinril King, of Corpus Clirlstl, i>wns 700,tHX> mres of laud and 103,- A Knot of SU'i'iifCth. A lady was riding In a carriage, when spying a heaiillful Mower by the side of n large lock, she alighted to take :t tip. that she might move It to lit i- conservatory, but found that delicate as It appeared It resisted all her efforts, because the root ran under the rock. Ah! thought she, this is an Illustration of the safety of the Christian, whoso life of beauty Is under the shelter of the ltoek, and whose root of strength runs far beneath it. Arthur Helps: A hnblt of mistrust Is th2 torment of some people. It taints their love and their friendship. They take up small causes of offense. Tliey expect their friends to show the same aspect to them at all times, which Is moil! than human nature can do. They try experiments to ascertain whether they are siillicii-ntly loved. Some persons acquire these suspicious ways from natural dillldciiee in them selves. With others the habit arises from a selllshuess which can not bo siitlslled. And their endeavor should b» lo uproot such a disposition, and not to soothe it. I'M O, I.OMll l.llin NttlY, ii-niV t'lMliing, 1 'iitiiliiirH, fllnvos, • e- I !,':i I, I'lii-h (iarniunU 4 i (iiio i''s liju Works,-Jti) W. .Miliuoilx'u. Seiul tin-eia-ular. An I he A eionii tioi'ipe. riilludolphiu Times: Take one ounce of spirits of resolution, nn equal proportion of the oil of good conscience; infuse into theso a tiililospoonful of the salts of patience mid add thereto a few r-prlgs of other's woes, which grow extensively in the garden of lite, tint her also a handful of tho blossoms of hope; sweeten theso with the balm of IT'ovidince and if possible procure a few drops of genuine friendship, hut be careful of counterfeits iu tho ingredients of self interest, which grows spontaneously; the least admixture of it with tlie above would spoil tho composition, lloduco tho whole to an electuary by a propel' proportion of content, llavor Willi the essence of good judgment and regulate the quantity according to tho virulence of the disease. Huvlug tried the above recipe we kuow it to be au Infallible euro. A raco war prevails at>, Ln., which thus far has resulted lu tho kill- lug of ouo white man by shooting, and the hanging ot Edward Luuruut and Gabriel Maglolre, negroes, who had made threats agalust tho whites. Flvo men implicated lu tho huuglug havo been arrested. Mrs. Atuiti Jack, of Fnrmlngton, 111., was takou with a severe coughing spell siunu time ago, mid a lump was ejected which is reported to have hoeu a mass of coioinou plus. is fail is among Hie. possibilities I'm.) ciimiiiiijilliiu nf llic fruit i--n,I te lie giuul for the eomple'xiun, and ii.miy holies arc luating Hie claim. (/UN —.Ml t'iu Bl'M.i'u.l froo Ijy l>r. ltllwr'# ('."ill »>i -v- IC MM Ho jstia afior llml vli.y'MUMi. i-iirt'u. Tryii'uJ^^ajlti $2.IK) Irlat I„,.IIH [r„u lo Fit Ciese*. HDIIIV .0 ^'r. Klllia, 9HI 'Aruli St., 1 hllii., l'a. Tlie ph er vlnc.niril of nort.Y,m Ohio, now finn -n> l.,r it « Anierieiin wines, was iitiintvil \<y lliiae- 'I'. Di'iiei in 1S57 one milt from the elty of Saiulu>l.y. "Mj HmliHuil Oui Quit robacoo Splttlnt | Ilia 1 ,1 fo Awnjr" Writes Mrs. .1. B. Waldrulh. 170 Mark ist., Winona, Minn. Sue says " 'Nolobae' is a grand, go id remedy. Two boxes uot only cured my hut-b.uid, hut his brother •is well, and I sold two boxes lo our neighbors, Mr. Joi Taylor and Mr. Keolock and enrol them hnlh. I have orders for set- end boxes. Pienso tend mo your terms :o agents. I endow you letter lrom my brother, Mr. It niee." Here it is: W INONA, Minn., April 10, 1802. "After cliew.n/ nail imokinir tobucco for nioie than thirty yenr^. I was prevailei! upon to try ft box of NOl'OBAC. To m) surprise I was mtirelj cured ot the Gltay | habit. Money would not induce me to i coiiimeiice its use. You can use this in i w.iv yon FCO fit. V. V. liousic." | Noiobac acta directly upon the tobacco iliseased nerveB restoiing thoin to a nor- mil oiuUt.ion and eiloriiunuting the poisonous Nioitine fiom Ike system. It is guaranteed when used according to simple diiections to cure any case, to vou run no financial or physical risk when yon tike NOTOBAU. Sand for our bonk called "DON'T TOBACCO SPIT YOUR LIFE AWAY." Address the Sterling Uauiedy Co., Box 214, Indiana Mineral Springs, lud. It is now claimed that fast trains tire safer than slow ones. I UAVK seen ono doso of Uruflycrotlnt rolloro s elt unit nervous lieariaeho wlioo everytlihiK else had fiilluil, unit eiiu cheerfully roe nilnonfl It. M. 0. '/.oil, 1'IIIIB- 1 doluUlu. l'a. 01 uU DruRitlsts. fitly ceuu. TAKE HRAHT, If you're a aafforing woiuun. Tho chronic nesikiiesscs, painful disorders, and Uullcaledoraug*- liients that como to woman, only nave a nositivo remedy In Dr. Pierce 's Favorite- Prescription. If you'll faithfully use ft, every dlsturhanoo and irregularity can liepcj-manenUyciirea. IVs a legiumate medlome for woman, carefully adapted to her dellcato orgiuiltotlon. II bullda up and Invigorates the enUro oyttem, regulates and S romotet all tho proper funo- ons, and rettores health and atxenglh. % "livorlto Prescription" tt the only roinody for woman't Ills thaCt guaranteed. It it tails to bouoDt or ouro, you havo your wouoy hack. Utile Queen Wilhohulna, not'yot 12, was tho foremost llguro In tho coiv- nionles attending tho opeulu^ of tho Meerwcdo ship ouunl, wlileh wliou emuphto is to ouunuot Amstoiihun with the Ithluo,' Thl» itrwit o«m- u.eivlal clmimel ta to he ft'oo 'it lull uiul Is a niurvcl of twufuhiess owl skill Hiippluepft always llw Just \wym\A di'ty, nml In n stintlaltt U«v» with tt. Which Is tho best to try, U you have Co.; terri—n, Wedlolno that eloima to have cured otkm, or a mealotoo tlmt is, haoked by aiooey to euro you I Tho proprietors of Dr. tSunit Catarrh Romody ngroo to cure your Catarrh, ptrfteUu mid jJajwaiwiiUy, or tbayU joy you «S00 in caVh. L YON A MBALY, t 09 Mloiuu* St, Cblpwo. will tall rraa Uialt M*!> «>I««I^- CtUUf 9« oi oawl UUUUIBHIU, ubl. hum tti4 IqulpiMUU, un flu U """ rjlaai ««r? artlila "*? Wk ALL THE SAWE, ALWAYS. RELIEVES ail Stomach Dlatnao. REMOVES Nanaea, tana* <rf ConouTioa, PAIII. REVIVES fiiuiio ENERGY. RESTORES Monual ClrcnlMloaV Wt VAUU TO TOI Tin. ML MAITKS aUBlCIXK CO.. *' \-*aaa .aHa %H BR ^ TliliTrndo Mark Is on Ibt teat WATERPROOF COAT Si^oKuo' 1 m 41,0 World I J,roi '- A. J. TOWER, BOSTON, MASS. Auction Sale. DON'T FWI. TO ATTEND TllK Groat Auction Sale oi* Lots ui tin* iii-w Uiwn i.l C US) A II V, t«o rntleu >omt» nf MHwmikf«>. Kxtr|i.-ni it|i|ini-Hinity fnr i»ri»flt- uhlu invft'Mnpiit, Kur funhei- ti'irilciiliirx uu).)y CUOAHV KKOSM No. lti'4 Second Ht„ Milwmiltco, WUs Patents! Pensions! Band tot lo»%olor'«Oiililaor llo» mOlilaln • l<atMt> Read tor l))iiw»l ill Prll".!..!! mel ll«lllll> IJtHfaV VHtiliU ftriiir.ll. \» ««l.lMiiluii, l>. V. B ARLOWS I NDICO B LUB. 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