Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois on January 17, 1950 · Page 16
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Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois · Page 16

Alton, Illinois
Issue Date:
Tuesday, January 17, 1950
Page 16
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Page 16 article text (OCR)

PAO« SIXTEEN ALTON KVEN1NO TELfJORAfH TUBIOAY, JANUARY ir, i«SO K6SP THEM JUST iw case we THAMES; POPEVE/.' ITS M006CM AND SFPKiSH'.- -<CK , W6. HAVE JuSf ^STALLED Y< ' • THIS AUTO ASsePASLy- LIME WIMPV IS COIN , M*SS r—'ii'M 'so oiive.'.' \_\vtt tnt \oup> iiu4iiiti.uuiiiUiUiiMiiiiiiAiiiiiuiJliililllllllllllllllllinillMMMIMlllllllllll^ IMMWHWRnllillM / 6-STOP 1 THAT AIM'T THAT RACKET/ A MO WAY ' • I C-CAM'T -^S,T'HANPLE C-C-CONCENTRATe/ ) TH' KIP/ >A &OTTA USE PSVCHOueRQV. MAKE HI/VNTHlNK y HE AIN'T ANIsJOYlM' POIN O' DRUWAAIM KIP... I' HERE, I'LL BE R.I&MT BACK W ^^(^^r^ TO arr)SIKH.BUT, THeOUGH TO /SOSH.V/0NT THE AMKZ2N ) I LOOK PALACE, DON'T ) SILLY IN, YtfU? ^\ THIS RIG? THEY'RE ) A FEW LEAVES TOO BIG" (N THE RIGHT PLACES WILL FIX THAT...THEN WE'LL ON EYE- NO' NO' \ A.WRI6HT...BUT I uw. nv. VHO \ WNT QQftf , NTC) i EVER HE^,ED / ^M/\ZO^I L^ND , OF A 5A.TYE )\WITHC>UT MY AX? "WEARING A, OUR BOARDING HOUSE - WITH MAJOR HOOPLE By WILLIAMS EGAD. MARTHA.' A POSTAL FROM BROTHER 3AK£/ HE'S TO SEE US BETV^EErJ JOklMGLV OS To KILL THE- FATTED CALP/ r^",,- .-, \-^.. Tonight's Radio The leKgraph rMM made up from protremt weekly by th* itetlona II be respomtble tot chentet ma«t Droaramt since malllnt b» ON TBB DIAL! K», « WEW 119; KFUO WW, KMO&, lit*! WIL 1M»; KWK. IXMi WOKE (mi «I. tin 8:00 p. M. KSD— Newt. JumplB Jack* KXoK--Green Hornet KFUO— News. KM .X News WII — Jack Bennett. KWK— Straight Arrow. I:1B H M KSD— Music from Holly wood and Vine KFUO— For Those Who Served. KMOX -World New. t- M KSD N. w» KXOK— Jack Armstrong. KFUO— Whispering Reeds. KMOX- Curt Masse* KWK-B Bar B Ranch. P M KSD— Music KMOX— Uiwelt Oomaa. WIL— Sports Extra P. M. KSD— News. Sports Review KXOK— Hollywood Showtime. KFUO IFMI— Concert. KMOX-Beuleto WIL— News KWK -News 1' M KSD— News of the World. KXOK— News. KMOX— Jack Smith Shew, WIL— Frankte Lane. KWK— Gil Newsome P M. KSD— Frank Sinatra. D Klrsten. KXOK— Counterspy. KMOX— Dick Haymea Wll — In Ilia Steps. P M KSD -Sons Shop. iiimiiiiiiiiiimmimiHMminimimmiiillini HllimiilHIlimiBIIIHIIOIIllllllintiiitntwtti^w »:!» A *' r.SU ^le* Ori« KF J<) Mediation KMOX World New* WIL—Breakfast Club. MJB <tWK- Btrm ittnattv fiU A. M KSD—Tim* «M IcmpM. KF"«' H.vinris for tti« Mem*. KMOX—News KWK-NtWt WOKZ—Chuck Wagon. f:JO A M KXUK-Mawa WKW New? Melortj KFltO~l> S Navv Band KMOX—Weather and Road Info. Ozafk Varieties. KWK -Ea Wilson WOKZ—Al Rlehl. 1:tt A M KSU News KXOK—Breakfast Tim*. W£W -Sarreo Mean Pro«ram Kd'lio it rnnu Be Neat 8:00 A. M KSD—Tim* and remooe. KXOK-News WEW News KFno NPW> saiuta to Morning KMOX—News. WIL. Mlssuuri Rangam l:l» A M • KXOK- -BreaHtast Club Wl-.»- * V'un Service KMOX-Clock Watchers. WOKZ Western Hounoup iuB|3A3|3—QSX 'K V Gt:8 I'onsol" 1 V»netie« 8:18 6:30 0:45 OUT OUR WAY SO JAK.E'6 AROUND LOOSE AG>A\M — TM6 P8I MOST BE- OOZIrJG.'-— HE'S USIMG 'THAT SAME OLD OILY APPROACH,"BETWEEM Tfi?AllOS VJE'LL MA^JE TO A FIRECRACKER OOM.' 5O TI6HT WITH / HOW MY WEIGHT I ( MOTHER CAM'T MOVE,AW ) WOULP CALPH AISi'T \ HAVE 5TEOM<S EWOU3H | VVORKEP ., TO PULL ME / OM US> : UP--AN' '"•>"• ^ IT'S COLC* OUT HEKB.' O.k'. "A SCHEME TO LITTLE EXTRA TELEVISION — UNDER THE MAMMOCK WE WLL .COMT LOO'- BULLETIN BOAt BEING AUCTIONED BOX SCOW.' GIGANTIC AUCTION BIO FOKYDU BATE ! BOYS- FOR LUNCI TMEY UKE / APIDLV TME "DEACCN" SEAL* THf 01UIK DOOR TMATOHeSASOfTPETE LOOK.P/kU... y RUT I'VE IT'S FOUR A.M.! \ KNCiY IF ANVOWE THE CLASSIFIED PLAC6C AM AD AP PCPARTMBNr/EARLIER TONIOHT IS CLOSED! / ABOUT FINDING A DCILL ME A HOLE NEAR AWPWEU u£ k RAG SHOT, THB MOB TQ fiUICK NtMtLV tl.OOC.OCVl DETC'WATINi CAP AND MIKE KWK — Music for Tomorrow. P M KSD— Cavalcade ot America KXOK— Orchestra. KFUO (FMl-News. KMfiX -Mv'on I neater WIL— K-7 Heturns. KWK— California Caravan. P. M. KKUO (FMi— Sports. KWK New? P M KSD— Fannie Bnce KXOK— Gentlemen of the Press. KFUO iFMi--K(imiJ,\ Worship KM'l-S Ml ain< .ir> Nortn. WIL — News. J. Bennett. KWK Official Uttective 'P. M KFUO (FM i -Magazine. P M KSD -Bop Hope KXOK— Amcr. Town Meeting. KFUO iKM< -Concert Hall KMOX— Life with Luigl KWK— Gaonei Heatlo P. M. KWK— News. Sports P M KSD— McGee ana Molly. KXOh -N»w» KFUO IFMi— News KMOX— Escape WIL — Cavalcade ol Music. KWK— Murder by Experts. P M KXOK— Wake Up. St Louis KFUO (FMi- -Melody Pattern P M KSD il>'iivw(i«n I' heater KFUO iFMi Blessings WIL— Harlem Rhvthm KWK— Frank Edwards. P. M. WIL— Sports. KWK j Love a My 'ery 1 J M KSD— People are Funny KXOK Song and Dance Parade KFUO I-"'.:' New. KMOX— St. L. Serenade WIL— Hockey: St. Louis vs. Pittsburgh. KWK—Joh'n Slcele, H M KFUO KM> -Open Bible. t .-I KSD News. KXOK— Sports KFUO iFMi -Masters Mu.ic. KMOX Wnrltl News KWK -Sports. News P M KSD— Morion Downey K.'.Oi' l.i^vv.- KMOX— Guest Star. KWK -orchestra P M. KSD— Richard Harknrss i.XU!'. -ie.!!]!!!!!! iVIusic Kr'i ;> H M Ncn>, KMOX— Crime Report Instrumental. KWK— Shoppers Special. 1 J M KSD NAH Show KFUO >KM' ,Mi'd<- with Me WIL — Voice of the Army. H M KSU News Sports KXOK— News. KFUO iFM, Conc-ert tavorlles. KMOX New-, Musical Hour. WIL— Dawn Patrol. KWK -Orchestra P. M. KSD— Music. M K.S1J Mews P M KSD-Music News. P M KMOX— All Night Frolic WEDNESDAY 8:00 A M KSU— News , KXOK Nabor News Markets k Town and Cnuniry Weather. Charley Stookcy. New . iMn-i'-al Clock. KFUO— Call. i\.'' >x Hunuxr s.-iiutr Weather KWK— Charlie Ackerson. .\ Al KSL) Hvronb r..MU\ I 1 am, I an 1 .- Market*. KWK-Orchestre News 0:3(1 A M KSU- Melodies KFUO— Farm and Home Journal «:4a A M KSU- Weatnai Newa WEW Grancipaopv Innes KFUO— News 7:00 7:15 7:30 714S 8:00 8:15 U:30 8:45 lt:00 9:15 tt:3U 9:40 10:UW 10:15 10:30 10:45 11:00 ATTENTION LADIES! BOWLING IS FUN Afternoon Beginner Leagues Now Organizing Cull Mrs. IJiuns 4-04GU after 4 or BOWL-INN 4-7104 . 11:00 A. M. KSD—News Weather. a:3l) A M KSt) New» WIL—News Orchestra ' WEW Grandoapnt mnet KF ; •)- Nev/s KWK -News Bandstand Revue 9:00 A M KSD—Welcome Traveler*. KXOK •• M.i True Storv B brocket WEW-News Social Secretary KFI'O—Adventures in Research. KMOX—Quiz. WIL—Sunshine Serenade™ KWK —Bandstand Revue «;18 A M WEW—Mother'. Health Class KMOX--Arthur Godfrey KFUO—For Veterans WOKZ—Chapel of the Air. 0:30 A M KSD Marriaer lo? CwO WEW Ask Father Lm<t KFUO—Student's Devotion. WIL News Ra\ Mannlna WOKZ-Junt foi Vou 0:49 A M KSD—Doroth.v Dlx KXOK-Vic Llndlahr WEW -Marm.l; KFUO-Themes ot the Ages 10:00 A M KSD We Love and Learn. KXOK—Modern Romances WEW— 770 Record Club KFUO—Music of Masters. WOKZ- Plattei Parnde 10:15 A. M. KSD—Garroway 10:30 M M KSU • K i-iHrfh Show KXOK—Quick as a Flash KFUO—Homemaker's Chat. KMOX-Grand Slam WIL—News Musu WOKZ—Girl About Town. 10:45 A. M. KSD—David Harum. WKW Stein and Greiner KFUO—Recital. KMl'X OlKflll'TX WOKZ—Song Fest. 11:01) A KSO \e\\- Weather. KXOK—Ladies Be Seated. WEW—Shoppers Bulletin Kl-L, O ':nen Bible KMOX- Wend.v Warren Newa. WIL— MJB Show KWK—Tom Dalley WOKZ News Music 11:15 A. M. KSD—Bing Crotby. KFI,O Nent. • KMMX -Auni Jenin ' storlea. KWK -Kate Smith WOKZ—Fourth Knights. 11:30 A M KSD fluss Uavia ' KXOK—Forest Park Lunch. WEW-Just Foi Women KFI'O-~Musicai Memoirs KMOX—Romance ot Helen Trent WIL—News MJB KWK Recall it and Wia Newu WOKZ Musirm Bntreea. 11:45 A. M. WEW—Markets. KFUc Melofl.1 oui. KMOX —Our Gal Sunday. 12:00 Nonn KSD- News KXOK—Howd* Neighbors. KFUO—Devotional Music KMOX world News WOKZ- News Farm *nd Maiket 12:18 P M. KSD—J. Holt's Notebook. WEW— Grandpapp.\ (ones KKDi) rtepose with Christ KVMX Mn Perkins WOKZ—Saddle Rhythm. 12:30 P. M. KSD—News. H - "v viT'ii! Or Maione. KWK—News, WOKZ—Bargain Counter. I2:4» P M KSU Wiiiil •- Kev, In Ulc Stores? Nancy Dlxon KFUO—On the Farm Front KMOX-BJs Sister —Or Crane WOKZ—WalU time. 1:00 P M KSJ'—Double of NMhlna, KXOK-Newi WEW—Man AMW row* KFUO—Music Appreciation, Hour KMOX--Second Mrs BurtMt WIL-T«lo-T«st KWK—Ladies tut WOKZ-Ntws. Record*. til* P H KXOK-Tb* MMUM* mvn-nt* ta AuaMU* KMOX—PMT> Mason. 1:30 P M. KSD-Today't Children. KXOK—Bride and Groom KMt?£-Thu> II Nof« Drak*. WIL—News Melody t*u«. KWK—Queen lot a Day IM f M K8D-L«nt of th* World. WKW-POM N«W« KMOX-BrlRhtar DM KWK -Qulf Club WOKZ—National Guard. 1:00 t "- *SD i nr TuiT He Beautiful KXOK—Pick a Data. HfEW-Choppers Bulletin KFUo-Ma«aiine *f uw Air KMOX—Nona from Nowhere. KWK Lionel Barrymor* WOKZ—News. Whirllgif. 1:15 P M KSD-Road ot bite. KFUO- Musical Rela»ation. KMOX—Hilltop House KWK—Hollywood 0 9 A. tat f> M KSD P vr>un«- Family. KXOK—Hannibal Cobb. WEW—Si L U Serlea. K**'(IU- N»?w> KMOX—House Party. WIL—New«. Melodies. KWK--Ed Wilson 3:V> P M KSU -RI«M td Happlnaw WEW-Sacred Heart KFUO—Muiic and Arta Unlvanlt> I.-OU H M KSU liai-irsiaBf Win KXOK—Carter Family WEW-Newt Master'* Momenta. KFI'O- Be 01 liooo '.heel KMOX Undo i- Pint U>va. WIL—Show Time. ftWK Nrvvs Kf Wllsrin WOKZ—News, Varieties. 3:lb - \' KSU S\rlla umia». KXOK—Blng Sings KMOX—Guldlni U«ht 1:30 P M KSD-• Lorenzo 'ones. KXOK -Sons and Ounce Parad*. KFUO—Barf)' "nlen^r KMOX—Editor's Daughter. WIL—News Ori'heitm WOKZ—Personality Time. t 4s !•• '• 'I.'-'' !..iiiif i»."rtnfi Brown WEW—Spcak Up, Democracy. KMOX—Hearts In Harmony. Wll,- Harrv jamei 4:00 " •" K^D wi-.i'h u>ri Marries WEW—News. Novelalrres. KFUO—Song Shop KMOX—News. Curt Ray. X W1L—Jack Bennett. KWK New? Ei *ilsim WOKZ—This U the Story. 4:15 »- 'i KSD "tirii* Kmw Ufa, WEW—Grandpappy Jone». WOKZ—News and Sports. 4:3U H Al KSD jim flair Bill KFL'O OD^T Bible KMf)X Hous»w've.« i»r«t ueague WIL—News. J. Bennett. WOKZ—Today's Top Tunes. 445 I J M KSIJ k-n-ni H»«e »arrell. KXOK-News KFUO—News. Sports. Antarctic icebergs often arc a mile or more in length, and a few have been found to measure 20 to 30 miles. * * * Hear the Nelly Don Story— "THE GOLDEN NEEDLE" On Cavalcade of America Tonight on KSD—7:00 P.M. NBC NETWORK NELLY DONS Exclusively at ' PHOEBE GOLDBERG'S WOOD RIVER, ILL. New Markets Sought For Prune Products DAVIS Calif.—<£•>—The prune is seeking a destiny bigger than the breakfast table. An exhibit here recently displayed these new prune products: Bottled fresh prune jijlce, made with a new process that retains the taste of fresh prunes. Frozen prune concentrate. Sieved canned prunes, adaptable for prune ice cream, open face prune pie, prune milkshake, prune bread or cake, prune candy, and prune desserts. Breakfast cereal flakes with 25 per cent prune content. Prune granules. Prune cola. The exhibit was prepared by the University of California College of Agriculture here. India Slow* Construction NEW DELHI, India—UPI—The government of India has decided to discourage all non-essential constructions, as part of its economy drive and because of scarcity of building material. Minister for Works N. V. Gadgil told tha legislative assembly recently that this included cinema houses but nol sports stadiums if they were not luxuriously designed. Children taking worms to th« one-legged kiwi at the Auckland, New Zealand Zoo, get in free. RCA VICTOR'S Large 10-inch Screen Priced at only $19995 KSD-TV PROGRAM CHANNEL 5 Tuesday. Jan. 17 P.M. 4:15 Judy Splinters. (NBCi 4:30 Howdy Doody. iNBCi 5:00 Cactus Jim iNBCi 5:30 Art Museum Program. 5:45 I. N. S. Telenews. 6:00 Kukla. Fran and Ollie. Puppet Show. iNBCi B.30 Charlie Ackerson Show. fi:45 News Caravan. iNBCi 7:00 The Milton Bcrle Show. INBCi 8:00 Fireside Theater. iNBC 8:30 Life of Wley; Jackie Gleason in 1 Title Role. INBCI 9:00 Original Amateur Hour; Ted Mack. M. C. iNBCi 10:00 Toast of the Town. (CBS) lllOO Film Musical. 11:05 to 11:10 News. WEDNESDAY, JAN. 18 3:30 Test Pattern. Transcribed Music and News Tape. 3:45 Just Make It Music; Russ Severin. COAU'LETE RCA VICTOR LINE Cash or Credit BILL'S radio shop IS East Ferguson Ave. WOOD RIVER, ILLINOIS Dial 4-5141 ENJOY ELM DAIRY HOMOGENIZED MILK EVERS PAINTING AND DECORATING •->i >< t . t»o« PHONf 1 1126 l.ilx r»l I r,>tl> FRIGIDAIRE ( uinplrlr l.iiic - >'.»»> I rriu SCHWARTZ APPLIANCE CO. I \\ I I'.lu . I -.1 I N \ ^ \\(><>1> Kl\ til II I COMPARE THE MANY ADDED FEATURES OF THE NEW FORD TRACTOR WITH ANY COMPARABLE TRACTOR 22 New Features of the New Ford Tractor 1. 4-speed Transmission. 2. New Design Water Pump. 3. Ford Hydraulic System. 4. Drawbar Position Control. 5. Newly Designed Front Wheels. 6. Automatic Type Steering. 7. Front Wheel Stops—Bottom of Spindles. 8. Improved Design Rear Wheels. 9. Duo-Servo Brakes. , 10. Demountable Wheel Hubs. 11. Voltage Regulator and 2 Brush Generator. 12. New Battery Mounting and Cover. 13. Pre-Cleaner Air Intake. 14. Hinged Seat. 15. Step Plates. 16. Room for Drivtr Between Seat and Controls. 17. New Steel Bushing Front Center Axle. 18. Improved Brake Pedals. 19. Both Brake Pedals on Right Side. 20. Added Attachment Lugs. 21. Hinged Radiator Grille. 22. Provisioned for attaching Swinging Drawbar. Below are come comparative fifur»« taken out off operator manuals off the old Ford Tractor and the tuw Ford Tractor: The National Plowing Contest was won for the second consecutive year by Paul Stietbolt. driving a Ford Tractor. The contest was held near Runnels, Iowa, be/ore 70,000 people. S fief bolt defended his National Level Land Plowing crown successful// against 8 other finalists. A winner in '46 and '48. he is (he only 3 time winner in (he history pf National Plowing Competition. Old 9N Ford Tractor Maximum Drawbar II. I*. Second Gvnr I'lowiiiK. Low 2.51 M.P.H. Second 3-32 M.P.H. Third High 7.48 M.P.H. New SN Ford Tractor . Mnxlimim Drawbar II.P. Second Ucur I'lowiiiK. Low 3.69 M.P.H. Second 4.75 M.P.H. Third 6.54 M.P.H. High 13.64 M.P.H. B.M M»r* H.P. 2S.7% MM* Dr«wb»r H.P. OARTER MOS. TRAOTOR AND EQUIPMENT 00. WOOD KIVER, ILL.

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