The Iola Register from Iola, Kansas on March 31, 1927 · Page 8
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The Iola Register from Iola, Kansas · Page 8

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, March 31, 1927
Page 8
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:P AG 4 EIGHT Number 1 (Cd^tlDued from Paxe 1) ftd In Cliiniu .x>ne report saying jjOO.flOO Chinese had been killed);. Chang said he had instructed the Niauliing garrison commander tb lodge u protest with the Britisii and American naval authorltlt ^H against "wliat, I consider the unjustified bumbardmeht of the cliy."' "No notice given us bofpre the IJombar^Imelilt,;' he added, "and no time was aliiowed in which! to take measures to protect .foreign lives and property. The NaUonal- Ixt mlliiary autliiirities considjfr the bombardnieni a-great indignity, and our officers and men in Nanl^ing are deeply aroused and incensed." Rsuorts concerning Nauliing, which lie characterized as exaggerated, liail "created a tensu interna- tjoual aimospliere," he said, adding; • . "As a result qt these. reports it is feared we Jiave. lost much of tlie sympathj- which formerly existed for u.s among liberty-loving peoples. The NK,tionalist leaders want friendly relations with the foreign powers. ' ! • "We are not anti-foreign but pro- Ghiiiese., Our aim in- ternaUoiiaJ equality—to become an equal ill the family of nations." ' (Continued ^ from Paga 1) flight, ii nd no arisen,' :;"Mr. Ford spent a. good now resting. comfortal>Iy new complications have read i the last bulletin isi ued: by] DK It. D. McCiure.' chief kurgeonj of* the Henry Ford hospftuU jThe buljetin indicated: thatifor a mnn of 64iyear8, possessed ofrruih- er frail, though .wiry pli.v»<i(iu,i«,, Mr. F^»rd had improved remarlc tbljU fin the first atatemeiit made pub- lip ills liijurles were'desiilbed as includini^ hemorrhages of tl e bladder and lungs, aJthough sllf lit, and a: concussion, which even yesterday had cleared up. ;There were. . however,: jiain'ul concussions of (the cliest and back miisclcH. and thb back was vreuch- ert. Reported I )r. .\i..-C."lure • wliich led Aim to fix .^Ir. Ford's ijange of ejfpansion by sjilinting. The first re "ort referri' dtlnor operati.iii," but Clure's bulletin stated the j tilth" consisted ^ of. tlie spliliitiug. ' The Hfenry Fprd hospit il was closely guarded^ today and i one ex- " • ors, in- •ir sou. Party From Anking ' Tell Of Excesses Shanghai. Maivh 31. (AP)—A party-of I'orty-seve'n Americans and Britishers evacuated from Ankiug by the United Btates destroyer Hulbert has reached the interna^ tJoiial settlement here witli apotliee sloryof excesses by mobs bent up| on doing harnr to foreigners. ' This Kritlsheis and Americans said that Ijeforc euibarklng Ihey were attacked uiid stoned by an angry moh. \ The, geueial situation in tlie Yaug- se valley and In Shangliai Is, as strained as ever." 'i. • to a .M<opera- jay that ned in large him [led into a Ford was be- known" eXiMit- investi- aiil one SITUATION TENSE IN CHINA, REPORT I^.ndoii, .\farch :tl. (AP)—Purporting to rellecl tlie general feeling ill Siianghai over the situation growing out of the anti-foreign niiiveiiient uiiioug .Ihe Chinese, Fteu- ler";* corresponileni cables. Foreigners liere realize fully the gravity of "the issue, at stake—with ilrawa! from tlie Yangtse valley or some detiiiite quick action by the powers. • There is scarcely an American or a Briton in. China who sees any possible, alternative. They are waiting anxiously for the joint de- oh and !ng oiit- cept especially Selected yisi clijdiug 'Mrs. Ford and ith Ii ^lsel, aiid Mrs. Edsei l'"oijd, were admitted. There was a report tot Mr. Ford himself _ had ta t'.'e license number of tl cl08:;d car which waylay< last Sunday nigii't qnd eras him ah' be diove. ^lone in Coiipe from his ialJoratorit4> to hi* home eslate'at DeirUori Ford suokesmenjsaid •"it lieved the autuiiiubiie i.s and that arrests niiglit he ed," •'A great many men are gu'iliig from many angles," spoki'sinau. \\'Uli*all operations und -r cover by private Invfstlgators. lowever. it beiame a niirtler of iittei ding tlie Ford spokei«!ii -n aiid awaiting an an'noiinceiiieiit .l - ' Tri-State Streams kra 'Near Flood Stagi«' N QW .loplln. Mo.. .Mar. 31. , (Al')^- Htreams' throiighliut the . irl -state diKlrict were ni 'iir flu<nl '! iage Hiday as a result of heavy rains Of: the last 'H iiours .T .\o seriius dain- agt- had been; reported tliis_ aiter- nooii. , " V - Jleiivy rains aceompa'iie i by hail i in'some places, wei-e gein'rai last! night and this inoniiiig over wide lOLA DAILY BEGISTER; TJffirRSDAY "THE MARINES HAVE LANDED E^^NING. MARdiH 31.1927. .Miss The picture sliows the army transport Chaumom as it arrived in .Sliangh.ii witli ed States Marines. Tlie .Vaiiiies are now protecting tlie for. Ign seiileineiit there. Tlie photograph was en by a passi;ngor on the I'resident Jeflfer.son, and part of the .iefleis.iii and several in th lower right hand corner of the picture. Numbers (Coiitinned froin Page 1) !Mrs. H. t Mudjft? Is I Two Eleltrocuted At I . Dead In Denver Now' Alchiifon Early ToilaJK Is cargo of 1,200 u 'ni tal pas.sengcrs ;ue vijfible iiiilu.-itry finds ai.l indications iioint- Topeka. Kans., .Mar. ni. f- .Mrs. H. I'. LMiiilge, widow of tli.> j -iiiK I" tlie feileial government keep-; former general niaiia.i',.r of the lug its iiaiids off the situation. Santa i'V railroad, tornur pr .i- •Neltaer the I'ui'.n nor the .opera-; d^.,,, of the Hoi k M::ii(l uili I tors have any appeal pen.ling i" ' and former prisideni .if ili.- H.iiv .r Washington. , ; and Itio t:iaiide railioa.l. .Ii.,l \\. ,1; nesday In Iii-iiver. aiiortli'ig i Word received here loilav. Illinois Miners An^ Operators Will Meet to Mr. Atchison, T'VM • men ii.oriiiiig s)i wiii'ii they llii-'li teiisioii i!...iv r;if 'lal (i;il.' elcriri ;ii'lil'lii atiiilji - ! ^ I • I Nuniikr4 (Continued from! Page 1) lleves tt has done thfs. .The committee believes it hasj built a house at/5^ moderate cost trie limits of its sizd leaves a ,b80- lutely nothing to be\lesired, but is in fact a .Model da w^i as a Beautiful - Home. N O I MK y connected with the . enterprise' ' expects, of course, thai anyone' will actually duplicate this ho ise—although everyone connected trith It woulii feel greatly flattered if some one did. But it is expe rted, at least it is hoped, that some who are planning homes of t^eir own will see some particular feature of The Home Beautiful thi y had not thought aliout befoft 4o<l which they can introduce ri to their own new house with pro it and .satisfaction. It is expect d and hoped tliat as a result of The Home Beautiful there will b • an improve- mt-nt in future liome s to be built in lola and eisewheie in Alien county in the mattei of architecture, arrangement, di coratlon. fillings and furnishing! and 'all tlje features that, go to make a house a iiioiici home. J \an.i., .Mar. .11. if. - re'_ eiei'Irncuted rtly after 7::iO o 'l hecaniei eiilangledj lines near here I riiislied into a • line pole. Tent I.I the bodies P)|th lot Ufti ;ili\t lind atfj llii-v ttVic lionOverhav. «)ma- .Miiilge died five vi -iirs ago. Ii.i, iMid Orr. I ili:Iiiies, llorlon. Kak Springfield, 111.. .Mar. HI. (AI'I Following llie policy adopteil at le ImllaiiapoliH-inet-tiiiK last weekt Harry FIshwiik. loesideiil ol lli^' Illinois (oal niiiier.s" union todayi Wichita. Kaiis.. .Mar. :',\. livit.d itii-e .Miller, head of thei Angered at their father's jperators. to a joint contirenct?' infidellt.v, the two ;itlilfti< Rich Oil Man Battled i DflMntd^ Will Fly To With Sons, Is Assertion Antonio Tomorrow With the H'W wage cisiou of London. Washing Tokyo regarding the .N'ank rages, with the facts of which eacii government is fully acquaii: t«d." areas of southwest southeast Kansas. "i'he precipitation ranged l.lw inches at Diamond, 4.m inches at Waco. .Mo. \Vashouts occurred on liri.-l'ittsbiirg electric line Fi^s"), railroad between - Wiico. Spring riv<r at (Nirtliagt' feet and three inches betw 7:;I0 o'clock this nioruiiJ{^ rajii-'all at Carthage belw night and this morning 3.32 inchi-s." iiri and light toiiigjit. (Al'i aii.p.-.l siiiis of N. .V nrliti :iV:. Mar.. 31. (.-^ ( •iiiiiiaiiiler ' Fi aacesco lie I 'i ;IIII:MIIIIC !••! (oilay that he willj bject of lira wing avreeiin'iil before i.ioo (iaslon. wealthy .\i-.Uirk. i'-'i'''' t; A'-loiiio. Te.\as. \jhejii "lild^ Oltiahotna farmer." Ifoiighi |i "V .i 'it' , !>' J <:-iiiiu4 his fonr-conti with him on llie slio-i.i oi New-, f'-''* •"" K'T ) <iw. il.;- first had! Debaters Gather Fo^ Pi Kappa Delti Farmers In Seed WHeat Pool May Save Money Topeka, I<ans., Mar. 31. fAP^—! Farmers in northwestern; who received seed wheat f om the JlUU.uoO "jiool" formed last fall by business iiiei) will be releas )d from their'contracts if the cond tiou of the crop warrants it's abandonment for the sowing of spring crops. Directors of the Kansas Seed Wlieat As.sociation, which rai.'^ed the $100,000 last year, decided to-j day to send a representative to! northwe.<jtern Kansas, who will de-) . tide, with the .advice of local ! tered for the Ottawa, Kans., Mar. 31 Representatives of a dozen Kan-! sas colleges gatlier^d he -ei today for the- annual two day regional convention of Pi Kappa D jlta, forensic fraternity. Tljirty four debate teams of two leach, ten of them girls teams and ohifors and extempore speakers have hairmen. what farmers are to [released .from their contracts. ! The farmers had give lie as.sociation One fourth of "tlj.e Top. Tliey were provided wiUi jieed because they were unable to inancie seeding operations .after wo consecutive crop failures. The finals in lialf dozen the speak tests will be tomorrow nitht. Ottawa I'niversity is acting to the convention. The are Prof. J. H. Lawrence, governor, and Prof. .V. comb. I„indsborg, se^tretaij urer. ' from -Mo., to the .I<ipr and the.' Hire and : ^)se s'x e>i 6 and i •i 'lic: '<Hi iiild-! as II red ' likirk some time ago. a!<-niili(i;f to :,te;stimony introdiici-il toilav in the I suit for Jir .O.iiiii) bronghl' against ml .1 III si .\ di^•:.Il;lo Ohio Miners Invite Owners To Meetineri '•>' fiiiiups! f»r aii ..Mi- 'm i --hhi>r's i ijiUdreii , "'ation of .Mr.^*. i'hillips affei tlon-? tli< y n<ver t!iiin oi iji at tialvestou.- iitiiig thing Columbus, Ohioi Mar. 31. (API — )n the ev'j of the, threatened sus- leiisioii of niiiiiiu; in Ohio, Oiiiii niners have invited Oliio (ip"ra- ors to a joint i -onfereiio' witli tlio ihject ol lira wing up a new wage (igreement. This was announced tiAlav liy I..e<' Hall, presiilenl of the Ohio miners. and damage to his liliout iL'hlii.r's il>ildren is the^fact ut as had as CVp -rted. Meet •^osses Search For Barker And F KAP)—! peen en- prizes, ng con- as host officials Cmporia, I. Hol!>• treas- Athletibs Most Dtscusse H ow do Iho AlhletiM look? What about Cobb, qollln* If thlH fellow nnleV li* Rood a MxirtKiop ij.* they i«ny he^ In? . ' ilnviiiK mode lh«> rniiiid nf- the Imajor Icnjtiie cumps: niif tlitnr ' ' appar^nl to moi. the rival clubs are much Inter- CKteil in the pnsRlbilitins of the Philadelphia: Athletics. T^iere is • no gettlnp iiway from the tart that ail -the. .Vlubs appear to have a whoie.soiiie" «respecl . for Connie Macks rejuvenated aggregatioii ' Whlle-one=fi'nds much difference of opinion in the various camps a ^-«o iht .strength and weakness' oi tlie vanou.s chib.s. I douht if any team is being nrore generally dlsru.'i .sed or feared than the Athletics over my optimistic rcprrl.^for plriyers and managers wo ild' Im- mediiiloly start to offoi nrgu- meiils (o break down my view* point.' I don't.hellpvo I bumpct into a sUiglo person who believtd thbt Cobb., (•olllnii'or Wheat w luld be able to play anything like |00 ball gamfcs It; was I he' connonsus Where that fhej had legs a|l.three break riends 1. nh 31 waiting ;e of haiiki robbery j lien, ((lauile Loo|ier! Fayelteville. Ark.. M: .\l'i -lleriiian Barker, rial on a charge ^iid two other Jii nd- i)ick Coiisick. escaped fioni he Washington county jail early ^oday by sawing at oiiening in the eiliiig- of their ee 1 and^ slidingj ^lom the roof of lli^' prison down a rain iiipe to the .street. Barker was chitrped with ini|ili- (Jatioii in tlic rolibery of the'hank We.'it Fork. Ark. ijiioper !was charged with fDrgery. tijiil Cousick •lurgiaiy. Barker is " an allegeil itieiiiber of the Innian-llarker ban- it gang. 1 ' Sheriff's po.s'ses were^ searching f^r tile men today, ; P|fo Trace Found Of Arkansas Bandits every-, are Iknown to have would down before tlie season gfit well under way "Nol one of the three w the game as a regular llrsl" is tlie way one we4 American League pressed himself The question was also] as to whether the addi il be In"^ ify July; known mana ^erl^ ex- ralsed ion of three great stars like-Col b Collins and WHieat would be a good thing for discipline. Tht belief was expre.ised tlfey migh break it down rather than build i up. Coniite Mack answers ;hi8 by sayiiig they are the three easiest men' im the team to handl Boley Will Help Mackm »n p ETTI.N'G back to Short^op Joe • Boley This chap Is aibig leagu|ir right never has tart- to now„ evei). though he ha; play6d a game in ihe majofrs. lihowed Oil what of Much Interest in Veterans TPO the above queries I have in* variably responded with the wme answers It would have been »iurh- easier if I had carbon cop- lies made ol niy views ;on the subject Jand passed theni; arounld at each camp Ceriainl.v! it «|ould have saved, much timei ' | . The^Athletics look -great ' [been my stereotyped way ol s ing "the jdub from Marl ralne|r believe thii .18 the year for |the. team to cop . ••Tilt Kind It ton ol the three vets—Col.h Collins>udWheat-r ,1,., ,i,in now win surpiL^e you CObb reported , ' *nd he •lmo,vt at hi» plii.vinjj M^ht „, «<I«'«''l • «•><« rereiit \ears fiepi^d lliio -the; , game with only a tetv day* proi'-' il(ie Colliii). say* hlH les doesn't bother hiin « bit WlieBl. i;eporif<d ready tor (tuirheft is one 6t the tasiesi men on Hi*; team Roley If u cork«r • • • • l^hat Conhi* >/l«ok 8ay«. A ll I i'i>pi<ai!fil llili opliiiaii over iitd ov«t aMtn II Kiiuck mv what he I have sejn minor l^agiier h« wa« r<j thejbig ^how as far back »>'-"l )ahly he was^ hetteJ Pni I hell ne and hi n as a ady for t.s 1922; pla.ver doubt if Boiley will Five yea r^ have s hirdly a greiii: hatter \Vliui ha liim 'do in the (leld^mallijs hiM HiMiid; oulH* a wonder more-he make<i itUook euit II joe Uolt-y Clin hit Ainerli -iiii l^iuguo liiid he he will lie a whale ol « Coiiiiii< Macli \fk mi Kivnl clulm r<{ nl« M KC I^'* team kud liilve rvft^. liarri.soii. Ark., .Mar. 3J. (AIM — ill all iilghl liuiil by a delachiueiil | i|:illoiial giiarihiiiieii iiini slier- j f t iroiigh ' Western Covi', •iir lieri'. Ill pursuit of three im-n lli^ nililii-d the ,'S'ewloll roiiiity mil Tiii-sdiy of iil.nmt failed tii mi I III- on laws. feinbcrs' Of Phdrniacy Board Reappointed Topeka, Kans.. Mar. 31. (AP) — Governor i'aulen reappointed today two members of tlie state bjiard ( f pliarmacy., There wore; P 11. Kiinkenherg of Ottawa and A. II. King of .Manliattan. The ap- piiiitmeiits were for three yearj nils; leilo fly ii- Tho Home Beautifil was not built foi* any 'particular person. It was built to serve Ihe purposes above , indicated, anu'then to be sold—not at auction [but as residence property ordinarily is sold, to anyone who wHl iay the price the owner is wlllii]g to accept. For .sale purposes the house,is in the hands of Mr. John Reuther. real estjite dealer, and one wishing to purchase it should see him. lint'themain thing right now is Diat tola's Home Beautiful—built "In the winter time cutsiders will- please take notice- -is .finished, completed; tlirough, done, and reaily for rnspectloni Remember the dates and hour*: April 2 to 10 inclusive, every afleipoon from 2j TONIGHT—LAST TIMES I Buddy Rogers and I FIS Gray,iwith a big cast in i Hi G and every evenin fe from 7 to fl. Rainfall .34 In( hes At Arkansas City Arkansas C'ity, Ka (AIM —itainfali here 11 .3-1 of all inch. • Tot^i 3.(515 inches, with iighlj sunshines this mornii !ure is sixty degrees. 1.. March 31 ist night was for .March .showerrf and g. Teiiipera- ir ! FOR INSURANCE ) City and Farm Phone 131 p • 820 Ray Investmtnt Co. Mrs. Philip Sj Friday and | Saturdisisr Oply i : - • • 1 : The Famou^ IJEE Tires at I ! 10 Pep Cenll Dils €Oun^ KVEUY TIRE! PLAINLY MJARKED Hero '.s yoiir cliance lo buy a real lire at a big reducltion. FASCINATING YOUTH WATCH 'EM STP:P 7'A< pr(Ifi'isf ijirlit and han(Inonie,st yovtha in Anii'iiru—ullncir faces! in a .•sparkling cniiifdf/ coclctail <»f joi/oint, dancing, rnmanc- ing cnlrrtainmi-nt.. A fa^thion display of gtnvns. A carnival of sport.f. A sioift, moving loif atory of an entirely new type! Comedy and Pelix the Cat FRID.W ONLY— I 1 II Ray ALSO .MtKUlK HATTERIEJ^ (•'oneralor and Slarler Work lola Battevy €c f 20fl Sojilh JclTprHon Tire C6 fjr be t ^fi seeii hat m in (he lilinuld. Ijelp (0; «r Con»- SALEM I (Hazel Markley) | .Mar. 29.—.Mr.l K. K. Kalm;enter- iiied the Allen Center ciubjal lier ;)me Thursday. ' " .Mr. and .Mrs. 15ay Poweii and fdniiiy visite-.! Sunday with .Mr. and .Mrs. Fred Uowen and faniil.v. Mr. and .Mrs.Merle Markley spent; T le.sday at the home of .Mr. and s. Fred Wi.xsoii iii Humboldt. .Mr. and .Mre. Claude Stutevlile d family were-Sunda.v- ,dinner csts of .Mr. and -Mrs. John Stnte- e |n tlie Golden Valley neigh- irliood. .Mr. and .Mrs. fJeorgo .Markley and iry. -Mr. and Mrs. .Merle Markley, M p. and Mrs." Fred Wixson !aiid ii^Dnld and .Mr. (). O. Haiidlcy took iner Sunday, willi .Mrl and Mis. .Moore and IHielina ilarkley 'liP Sijvoiiliiirg. Mrs. .Mollie Wray ntlelided the fiiberal of n friend In Fort ScotI Ties-lay. ' Mr. and Mrs. N. J, Markley aitd family M|i <'iit Siiiidiiy with .Mr. and Mi.. Minor. JAIih, I'loyd lluiiler of Fori .Srolt' .|iitll the wiek I'IM I hi llli^ paiejl- la,i l .<)wer home. |A large niimher Kti )ln>reit ut (he., me of Mr, iitiil .Mrs, J. W. Uiwer Iduy KveiiliiK and clinrlvtirled K iiiid Mrx, lloriKo Uiwor. They wi'ri* Keneruualy -truateil tu cIvAr*^ aid caudy. F|Q^ FRIDAY m SATURIM * The Qiialily is Extra lIiKh and l^e Vr'.cvn \i !•:>' tLow. Coats aiid Kverj- Day Urini^s New Thinirs New Sport Coal"* .Speiiuiliji liriced at <ill).7o, nith I'lirj collars. . Itluck and White ('<mls $|.v lo 4%i Kelt} Rose .('oats Spc: rial '(iiSAK \ SO New llrl^xes. Silk and' (•'rorttette, Siieclal ''s.T.'i. art .»w tlitei at *l.t.;.',. - filter new thlnK» In. Iliit rreiieN and iirlnli ut li^l 't lu Si!k«lTndcrV ear Silk Veiidies tfl'^). Silk Vests <t\M)i Silk (ioUns^ !>i|.S^. Silk Slips' ifl /JS lo $3..'i(:. Steplns, Special i IJls. I'ajiiiuas^ .Spe<'{jil ^ISA). Staple Depll. 23. :.!>c Peter Pali Vl\ '2iU- Fast;Color P» •.•.-.c lliiuitles 17c Belfast SaiUrjr •J.M- Vanl-wlje Ou yl--2:, White.,»-lb. ( otton Batt .S»c. L'llc t'onifort Chnlli 1.') Per Cent Redi^rtlim on all Cartala .Hateriala .-..1c W Ide Sheeting! ciul :i!»c yard. • 1 ^1.(10 IliMisfl Iire< clal *IJI.-|. line Big Table Kul) aunts lit One.llulf Just Receivj'd A beiiiitlk'ul assorjlnienl ui. new Itucklt 'H and Itu tons. VVe cHii tit }iiu In hat Rain Coat n«u. Uliy naltj $.'{.9H to $(;.75 Ith 4 .V. elirale 170. jfjirit. ' iahl." Ine I!»c. stitehed \es Lie. |:9-4 Spe- «es, Spe- of Rem. Ifrlce. .MILLINERY DEPT. Dozens of new thinJRfs foit the week end. hiifh hats, hair hais and tarns. Choice— $2.69, $3.98, $6.75 Silks and~ Wash (joods Flat- Crepes & 69. a*:, Creiie de Chines ilSil ^Ji:. (JeofKetfeH *l4i9. tHJOU VmcleH tSja. *W>n Bearcat Satin mM. W 'nHlialile Tubii |14{» , yardi ijtlJU All .HIIkl 'onKHe ,(!»<•. I lit ad el nheatl^ IL'JKI lloon>r Aproni of line iiuallty In^li Special iLtU. : Kxlra J.imif, Hose, Speelnl |l'.i :i. EXTRA ADDED—VAUDEVILLE 'MODERN FLA.SHES" A singing, dancing and nuisical Revue, featuring | Lee Murray, foot-loose (lancing fooj and Veta ^ Aluise, fJoy Wonder"iicc(mli<jnist. \ • JVIatinee- -Picttires only Ifle and 20c; Night—Pictures, and Revue I Oc and .'{5c MONTH END SPECIAL For Friday and Saturday Every item adverti.sed here i.s a .sure fire bargain. If you like lo .*?ave money yon will come to this store that sells for less. i MEN'S SUITS ' $14.50 Pretty d'rey Suits for young men_pr darkef shades for men. Regular $lS.i>0 and up-^suits from our regular stock. You'll save a lot on any one of them. See them Friday and Saturday. ; MEN'S DRESS TROUSERS $3.98 • A special .group including many, higher jirieed trousers from our regular stock.r You ciin geli really nice looking pair-of dress trou.sers from this L'roup. ' MEN'S DRESS OXFORDS r , $2 98 ^^^$3.98 Nohhy new light tan 0.xfo^d.^ for .voung men or ^ihoes-for men are i^i ( iwo groups. Reduceifl In price from our regular'sttK-k^—W. L^ Douglas shttes are included. . ! MEN'S OR BOYS DRESS SHIRTS 98c In new spring paltei-ns-every one is guaranteed not lo fade, ^ou get $l:i5 quality for 98c. KHAKI PANTS 98c Hen's !tl.:W Khaki I'ants- fnll cnl and well made. .\ bi'K fiarirain tor Friday nad .Saturday at 9Xc. OVERALIiS 98c lleary-irUO weiuhl oTcnills iir.iiimpeis lor men. Well made ^el your share here Friday and Saturday! DRESS CAPS ; • 98c A hfg (croup of nice dress caps for men—reKularly sell trom np. UNDERWEAR 79c .Summer knit anderwear for men with short Nleeres and lonif legs—the kind ONuolly iold at m% Men's Full Cut,! blue or gray Work 1 Shirts, each ........... i...... 59c, Good Weight Canvas Gloves .. 10c i STAR CLO. & SHOE CO. EAST SIDE I01.A. KANSAS Three busy cas^ stores at loin— Chanute— Gmporitt Have You a House for Rent? Or for Sal «7 Wihl to tiM inytlilng? U MO the CkMMified Cfilumiul ^ i

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