Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on March 31, 1927 · Page 7
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 7

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, March 31, 1927
Page 7
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WIDEVARIATION IN STOtK NOW ^'tocks Drop 'Riis Moping, But Strength Is Revived. New York. Mar. 31 .(AP)—Widc- l.T ('))nfii(-liiig price movcniciit.s again tharacl«rizf(l today's slock market. Renewal of sollinp pressure against the oils, motors and some of the specialties brouslit tthoui fJirther iin.settlenient earl.v. in Ihe ..HC^'j-'ion l)ut the pcr.sistcnl demand /for a number of rails, coupled with, a revival of ajlivity and jtrenKth in United StHtes Steel i-omnion. turned the Jnain course i>f prices upwaifd again b.v early afternoon rmj.IOLA DAILY REGISTER. THURSPAY EVENING; MARci 31.1927 • 1 . I PAfcfE SEVEN BY TAYLOR •Call money ra ively firm, hut cs continued rela-' Ithis was resar(|ed iiB a tempi/rary Condition, a; retiirn to the 4 per-cent level beiuR looked for early, nc^xt week. The steady accumulation of the hi^h priced rails and industrials was'construed n some quarters as an indication hat part of tlie halt billion dollars .11 he (li.stri;butcd within, the ' next week in the form I'f divfidcnd anil Ituercst jiayments W(uil(f' be util- iz«'d for investment in i seationeU *ilivideijd paying .slocks. ; A few of tlie oil stocks nloved agHinst Ihe general freiid. International Silver inniped a|niost 11 points to a new high record. -(Al')-i- Kansas City. .March If' .No hay receipts: rain. KaiiMas CH) I-hfllorfc. Kansas rit.v. Mar. (AI'K (United Slates DeparlUHMiI. of Ag- riculiurei—Hops .'ti.lOO; fairly active, iinevon: 10 to l .'re higher than AVedn^aday's. arcrage; butcher welglitK showing most advance: Kiock pigs strong to l."ic higher: $n.75V<il2.-5: top $11.7.'-. on inr*. to jr)0 poun.ds: l~(i| to '^M pounds $ii>.sri((i ii.:jr.: ' 1:40 to pounris Jl<».2fi«710.75; bulk. 140 to 160 Ih.s-. $ll.35rff 11.60; packing sows ?n<f/) 3.7.'".. ' ' L«ads Crew UH A RPEAND ITS CITIZENS Mrs. VMbcr KelHiiiin KnteiiaJns TnriKlrih Centurj nub— The W. I. T. r. Meets >V |lh Mrs. Jury. Cattle 2,000; calves hM); fed .<;tcers fairly active, Btrong to ISc •higher: other klllitjg classes are scarce, fully steady; stockers aiid Presenting Geoffrey Piatt, captala ,„„ , of Harvard's varsity crew, affile ip- ' ; peared the first [day of practfc© this-season.- He foi 'ilarTard on redicts a vylntier le water- r Diseases Successfully Treated For thii-lyyoar.s the Cope- iand Treatment.^ for lingci'inp and Chronic I'Di.sease.s have proven a booh .to suflferiiig humanity. ; ' ^'Tired and discouVapcd people have found the relief they 'were looking for. The rejjson for our great is that oiir treatmeht.s are different from the tSi'dinary remedies' carried in .stock by all drug store.s and disperi.sed by. the medical profession.. Our medicines and treatments are manufactured in our own lalt- oratory under our: own special processes and fdrmulas and cannot be duplicated by an.v; other doctor, druggist, ho.s- pital or institute.' In order to give every .sufferer an opportunity to receive this wonderful service we are sending specially educate^ physicians to diagnose your troubles . and demonstrate b.ur feefters slow, weak; good medium weight and heavy steers $11; buIK. re<i steers |!>(?» l|'.."i»r: several loads; desirable mixed yearlings $!).2.'>'?(> 9.80,' praclicUl veal top $10. Slieep 1.00(1; lambs steady to 2r.c lo.wcr: odd lots sheep steaiiy; top whoted lambs Sl.'i.fiii: others, downward to ?!.'>.r.'f; Wool shorn'arriv­ als ,?M. Kiinsiis fllj- (.'rain. ' KJinsa.H Cit.v. .Mur. si. (APt — AVhijat: receiilts TtS cars; unchanged: (o lie lower; No. 2 daik hard n.'iloii.u: No. :i. $i.2t;ffii .:!3V2: No. ,2 hard fl.27.ffri:5.'?'A; .No; 3, $1.2G(5(1.:{:?>-..; .\o. 2 red $1.2.';iA(ri) 1.26li: .No. .1, $1.24',-j(?rl.2.-)>-i. ' C9rji, unchanged to '/^e higher: No. 2 white 70 <'o72Vjc; .No. 3, 67® 6!)c; Xrr. 2 vellow 7.'5'ifi76e; No. 3. 71i*i (r/ «(iAc;-.No. 2 mixed 72igi73c: No. (,7tri •;{)(: Oats.l unchanged; .No. 2 white 4.')J/~ffj4K',ic; No. 3. 43 >^®l7c. .Mllo maize $l.l.Sf/1.22. Kiifii^ $1.10(7/l.l.S. Diabetes and ^ Troubles lUo Hfirli Kans j!i4(f /!t .'.c. |y 77if(7Sc; Its t^ily Closi! . ^...j AVheat; .Mav o!d.'.!«l.'27: Mav new. ^1.2ii'i: July $1.21?;, C.rn: .May '72^::c; ' July 7.'.%c; .S(i>t. 7'.ti!. t ('li|riig<» (•'milt. Whi-ai: .»l.iy *l.;!t to >„; Julv;$1.2S '„ .to U.-i'.l: Sept. $1,27. ("i >ni: .^Iay 72',, to "KC; .July 77 to f7'il •>,<•: .Sept. SO'ic. I: : (lam:- May .11/ to iirt^Uc: July ll 'S'f .Sept. I.'IU'-. RyiJ: .May .:1.<I1-H: JUIV !t!i',ic; .Selit. lIGc. We able troubl IhlniKo LIveslock . cjiicago. .Mar. .'M.- (I'niteil States reatments. !l)etj!irtnu>nt of Agriculture)—Hogs • 22,0t»0: top $Il.,st». pjiid for several T-» X J.' loads •betlir ir.O to H!o pound FOStetlC' weight: 210 to 2.=-.0 pound mostly |$10 .,s.-) (ii 11.2.-.: 2 (io to ,.'!0» pounds] j $10 .;r >0ff;l0 7.'i: packing sows largc- jly »!M;(I?(;».S.5: Imlk slaughter pigs now rnnsidor thorn cur. ••.lV^""^'U -5o; strong weight up to now consider tncm cui- ^^^^^.^ ,,„g^ $io .3Sfi roUbUS. . iVt,!Mi£ medium $10 .,!;o <f /ll.,';o; light Chlorine Gas - The wonder treatment for Catarrh, Asthma, Deafness and Lung Ttsouble. Consultation, examination, and a trial treatment FREE If you suffer froin any chronic disease, deformity, hidden or doubtful ailments, be sure to receive this examination. WW will tell you your Iroijble without asking a (juestion We have treatments for you Ilheuniatism. Nervonr -iie .-is. Call Stones. Female ' Troubi-, (iolire Spinal. .Stomach. Liver. Kidney Spleen, MIood and nptfcin! djseatic of nien and womrin. Recta rantcu (Mrs. Opal Mitchell) I-A11AUi'K. Mar. 29.-;Wcdncsday. he Twentieth Ceiiftjry club spent u di.-lightful afternoon, with Mrs. hiHtlicr Kebnian ,<at her pleasant ionic on South Washington St;- All Ihe members were present and the line was spent socially. ^Irs. Frank larKer gave it lew piano solectlonH ind with the: Victrola numbjers the iftcrnoon passed attlckly. The host•SK served a two-course tray ju^ch. ilrs. Molderman hud .Miss SJclla issisted in sprving. .Mrs. Culbert- ion was a fluent and Invited the ,lub for. the'af.tcrnoou of April 0. Those presept were: Mrs'. Culbert- jion, Mrs. Wm. Newman, Mrs; A. loldcrman, Mrs. Kalph Darker, drs. AVaJteriWIlson, Mrs, Otto Ohl- est. .Mrs. Charles Pennington. Mrs. loo iturgcr. Mrs. Harve Stephenson, (bf loin. Mrs. Chewning. Mrs. WilliH Kerr, Mrs. J. A. Iteeves. Mrs.] O. Clevengcr. Mrs. Wm. Daufiherty. Mrs. Otis Barker and Mrs: Frank Barker. —Closing out Cook's Paints at cost. Curtis Bargaiir Store, I.a- Hcrpe. The W. C. T. U. meets Friday afternoon at the home of Mrs.-A. A.-Jury. Mrs. Jury is prcsidi^nt of the Union Signal an<l she gave a very interesting talk on the ^ood to be received from this paper. She RI.SO gave a reading which was .appreciated very mnch by every one present. TTio work of the contest was discussed and other Items of interest. TIJJB members present were: Mrsjf John Walton. Miss Clara Parlipca, Mrs. iOoorge Sal- Ice. Miss l.>licy Jury. Mrs. Russell Henderson, f Mrs, Ernest .Myers, Mrs. B. C. f'lifford,' Mrs. Henderson .Mitchell. Jklrs. McGinnis, Mrs. Jury. .Mrs. Lew Chezem of Gas City. Mrs. Caroline I^we and Mrs. David Ayers were guests at the meeting, Mr. and'Mrs. Lester Knepp announce the birth of a son' Frlda.v, .March 25. whom they have named Alvn Jay. ' .F:aAter Footwear in the latest .styles. Hose Black or Hose Beige. The big hit In colors, any color you wish. Some with extra high iicels. They will arrive about April 4. It will mean dollars and cents Ir) you if you,wait. We carry U. V. .May popular silk hose. $1.50 liose for Oi'c; $1.00 hose, '>'>(: All gtiar- anteeil, spring colors. lloach-lClliott. Mrs. Hell J.,ee Davis called on •Mrs. David Ayres Sunday anil' took her a l»biiau''t of "le first flowers of the season. .Miss Charlene Lime.'* has chicken pox. . •Mr. and Mrs. Barney Limes and little daughter, of Kanaw. are here visitingi the former's mother, Mrs. ll. K. Limes, and other relatives. cncer leader; Tholnui Peck, reporter. There will be aholher meeting Saturday aTfernoon to outline the work I for tlio year. ! .Members are: -Mildrcii Tredway. Thelnia I'eck, .Marjory Peck, Olive Day, Delbcrt Johnson. Hex Johnson, Dale (Jar- Vey, Jack Mitchell, Fred .Mitchell, Everett .Meek and Day. .Mr. and Mrs. Henderson Mitchell ..nd sons visited at Blue Mound Sunday with their aunt. Mrs. Olive Spillnian and family. DKPKNDABLK U^ED CARS—1 ?26 Hudson coach: a real sntvijpy Buick roadster, four new tlrcsiJ a real close-out in a 1922 Btiick touring. Ford touring, and a Maxwell sedan; .Marr Auto SuFJply Co., Buick Dealers HKAL USED CAl SURGERY —Medicine. X-ray. Dr. 4 F. Lenskl. Pbones: offlcd, 886; residence. 1126W. j BAKC.AH .\ thin coat of floor wax evenly 'spread and llifhtly huffed is an excellent'pretierver anil indispensable as a polish.' Artichokes arc always eaten with the fingers, a leaf at a time being |nillcsii off and the edible end dipped In thi? sauce, then bitten off. ; : I \ CLASSIFIED ADVERTIS- INO INFOKMATIOJf. CLAPSIf-!!-:!) nATK.a Pally rale per lino fiir coiuireutivp :nMrtlnns: CJiargo CHsh 8lx: Otkjm 7r «o 'ntee dp.y» »o 7c <I«y ..i;k! 10= Minimum charge, .tfic on unr ad. Minimum cash. 30c. Cmmt flvi> irorda to a line. PHONE TOUR CI.ASS1FIBD. -I AD TO 18 Errors In ndvertisements oli'nitd ho roportod immcdlHtely. The RcclxtPr will not be rMponslblo for more than «iie Incorrect Insertion. , i Ads orderwl Irr six ttrncn and .<it<)p- rtrd bpforp ekplnitinn will In- rhnrged (V >r only Ihc number nf times the ad Appeared, and. ndjustm>>nt made at thn The Iota Reslslcr om<-<> Is o ^n lo toreive ndvortJs<-nients from X .-i. m. to fi p. in. <i^lly. • All ads r«?relved up until : p.- m. will api.e.-ir In all city edition! the same dav. A > Ad laker will gladly yon If < e.slred. so llie cop.v for your ad a prepared In aueb a m.inner n .i lo irlng the grciitesl results for y<iu. A Ivertlsing ordered for Irresular In- »erl Ions taken the one lime ralo. No nd a Itaken for loss than a. bitala of thr< e linos. . * C ireful attontlnii given to mnll order ' which mUHt t— ea.ih with order. S wel.ll rnlcs for yearly advertiaing. t *> Individual Jirlverllspments under the followinc cliissiflratlons .ire •rr iKed In AI.PHABETICAI., order for ^ulok reference. A I ads. are resirlrted' lo their prop er i!ln.fslfication and to the reRuIar D «l y ReRialer style of typ^. Thi- pul>- Uah i >rs reserve the riehl to edit or rejije ^l any cl «BKlf |pd_«dvertl«lng copy. I91'B Chevrolet coach; 192,5 Chevrolet coac^; 19a;;'Chevrolet rpidster: 1923 F. B. iCheyrolet ster; 1919 Chevrolet touring: Chevrolet ton truck; 1922 Chej-ii/- let light delivery truck; 192.1 S^al- roadster; ;192.'> Star touring: 1926 Star touring: lute model Starj iix touring; ilittc model Star ! itix coupe; lale model Star fouri^c- ilaii; 1924 Essex coach; 1918 Dijdge touring} 1918 rhaltners tonr^nlg; Ford louring. B. T. Barber (fir- age. 211 West street. Phone tl.">. (;rAiiA.\T^:ED USED FORD CARS— FOUD. 192t; ROADSTER. I FORD. 1926 TUDOR SEDAN. FORD. :! 19,24 TOURINGS. FORD. -.1 ipi ROADSTERS. FORD. 19i4 FORpOR SEDAI^ MoTlnp, Trucking, Sfonigp CORK TRANSFER! CO.—Packing. storage, long distance bkuling. Reasonable rates. ! I Phone 140 .Professional Serrleesi ! 2S J FINANCIAL .>I »ney to Loan—jfortitay^s 10 FARM LOANS-Qulck Bcrvlce and reasonable rates. |A. D.i Hawthorne. 21.3 S. Wa8|iington. MONEY TO LOAN-fPrivate and eastern money to loan on farms and' clly propcrtjf. liow rate. Terms and payment to suit borrower. Stewart & Funk. ; .1 i .MO.N'EV—Wc now have pltjnty . of money to refinancejyour o|d loan or make you a newione. We also can save you from 20 to 25 per cent • on your 'infeuraneel The White Realty Co.. Inla. Kans. Al con All of theije cars have good tlfek good paln^. startlers and are,' iki litlon mechanically Several ii>thcr t,heap tourintaj These c|:rs are priced righjl. MCCARTHY MOTOR CO. 212 S. WASH. PHONE 192.T FOKDiTOUI^ING—New iJaitJt. pairi new tires.! motor IH«chanlcal condi In tiori. men Motiir Co.. 212 S first Third dowiJ. rest easy terms. HoyJE 'r Joff. Phon ANNOUNCEMENTS SIrajreii, l-esl. Found HI $10,'S5 (fe ll.Ro.; light^ light $I0.75i?}) ILSfl: packing sows/$9.:t5 . <fj 10.00; slaughter pigs $10.Sofj tl.75. Cattle 11 .0(10; no strictly choice heavies here: best $1:5.25; several lo.nds $10.75 ff, 12 .,-,0; kinds at inside price • being very rough but fat and scaling . around 1.300 poniids. shipper kirfels upward, to iU 'm cirly: now mostly $ 12.50 13M: with [packers bidding $9.00 (&• 10.50. i ShVep 12.(»()0: few early .iales wooled lambs S15.75'>i 16.2.'i: jjiioce hanfly and medium wooled skinned arofihd $10.50: sheep strong (o 25c higfier: desirable fat ewes $p.50'fJ) 10.26: odd head choice upward to fio.,*;!!^: feding and shearing lambs jiini-hatiged: medium lo good finlsh- you JIPIS 4;i4.25 •'(I 11.75: got.d shearing Piles. Constipation Diseases cured under a ilnd B|GU i • No Cure—NO Pay Our expert DIagnosflijlan v.: at the . ! Portland Hbtel One Day O^iy u April 1st iamb.s- held above $1.5.00. hi two evils, the small hoy al-j wayU chooses the one that niakeij tlie Iiiiore noise. LAH^RPE. Mar. 30.—Rev. .Mrs. Brown. • holding sertlces at. the Baptist church, was a personal friend of Francis Willard and wishes to liave Fridiiy a special night for Hie W, C. T. U. All members arc asked lb be present and each be pr^parpd to help with the services. I^hese meetings continue with great! interest and everyone is Invited lio ailcnd every night. —Closing' out Cook's Paints at cost. Curtis Bargain Store. La- Harpc. ; .Mr8. David .\yers received a telegram with the ^ad news qf the death of her brother. X. G. Hosier, at Creslon, Iowa. .Mrs. Ayers had planned to spend the summer with him and Mrs. Hosier and to help celebrate their sixth anniversary. —An«^}ier shipment of 1926 crop dat^s. cooking figs, imported cur- rantk Midget raisins and New Orleans molasses in bulk, at! City Baker.v. A number of youngsters met at th« home of .Mrs. Henderson Mitchell Saturday afternoon to organize a 4-H club. Miss Josephlije Wcllh is to be community leader .ind Mrs. Henderson to have charge pf the boys' work. Officers elected iwcre: .Mildred Tredway. president; .Fark .Mifihell. vice-president; Olive Day, lOLA HIDEJ FUR & WOOL i CORilPANY (Jet our prlceg.on I 'ori .TRy AMD Kfiftn Xff nlll ram« aKfrpi nlti7* M. A. JONES JKo.Ohlo ri one ISO GltENNAN'S Mi^tRKET yfft par the followinc 1 K)rir« 2 KKITS — .1 KKK* 1 Hens 2 Hens — HrWlem -—— Mo^sC Utdeit TltuWELLNG. BAG—Black, containing clothing, etc. Owner may have bv calling at llegister office.-j Identir .ving.and paying for ad .•{Oxri'i TtRE AND ItIM Lost between lola iAid the Cline lease or in lola. Return to So:! .North Washington, tola. AUCTIONS Aurtloiis 10.\ PUBLIC AUflTIO.N—Public auction cvei;y Saturdasi at l:oo o'clock at .Bishop's Sales Pavilion. PUBLIC AUCTIO.N—I will iell at ^^)ul)llc auction, at Bishop's Sales Pavilion, Saturday, April 2. at 1 ;:. m.. 7 head of good horses. 5 head good milk cows, some good calvt.s, chickens. -25 head of hogs. 3 - automobiles, wagons, buggies, harness, farm machinery, lots of small tools, and all kinds, of good household furniture. C. S. Auctioneer, lUTOMOTiyE_ At tonin.bllcs For Sale II 893 23. AEROPIiANE-Cnrtiss' J. .N. 4-D. 'motor In excellent ciHidltion. ship has never been cracked. A bargain for $450.00. B. T. Barber. 1926 CHRYSLER "70" SEDAN— 1926 Chrysler "58" coach; 1925 Overland sedan: 1925 Maxwell club coupe: 1926 Ford roadster. We trade, Ross Arbuckle's Garage. Chrysler Dealer?. Phone 56, BUD AVHITJE MOTOR jtO. IICDSOX-ESSEX DEALERS— ' M CHi ;vnoiJl -:T, 1926 lindau-sijd^n, like new. CHEVROL I ET, 1924 ROADST^ljt. CHEVROIJET. 1924 COUPE. CHEVROLET. 1922 F, B. Tou ^iii DURANT; 192:5 TOURING. ESSEX. 2ll926 .^IX COACHIIS FORD. 19:.6 Coiit)e, duco fini ih FORD. 1925 Tud )r Sedan, di co finish. FORD, 1925 ROADSTER. FORD, 2 1924 TOURl.NGS. I I FORD, 2 3j'92.'; COUPES. HUDSON, 11926 7-pas3. Sedad. HUnsO.N, 1926 BROUGHA.M. HUDSON, 1921 Speedster, ntjw finish HUDSON. Il921, Sedan HUPMOBl LE. 1924 TOURl.Nf^. HUP.MOBILH. 1922: TOURIN .NASH, 19^4 Touring, wlntcij e'^i closure. OVERLA.\D. 2 1921 TOURLN ^S STUDEBAKER. b24 light s x coupe. i STUDKBAkER. Il923 Special I Roadster. Wc Trade or Sell on Easy Te^m 219 3. WASH.' PHONE 180 OAKLAND — Dealers — PO.NTIAC '26 :'Pontiac coupe, good as new; '25 Ichevrolet touring, like new; '!H p-'ord roadst,er; '22 Ford coupe, good;.'18 Ford coupe, cheap; '22 Hull.ion sedan^ good shape; '21 Studebpker 4-pass. coupe, fine share: '22.Dodge coupe: 'IS Dodge louring good. Sonic other very cheap lars. Cash.'ierms or trade. lilobart-Steele Motor Co. Auto Arces'sorles. Tires,: Parti 13 CHEVROLET PARTS—Both and iised. a big itock. B. T. b'r (laragK 211 iWesl street. USED PARTS—Grljyour used here, theyi are "reasonably p lola Wrecking Oo.' FRKCKI^ES AND HIS FRIENDS Phone FARM AND CITY rate bn farms, 5.%, city. 6%. Long, or abort time. R. MJ Cunningham. Farnk Eiinlpment DISti HARROW—John Deere, with fonj:uc truck, a-bargain at ?1S.00. .Mien County IJilPlenif-ni-.*^'"-: — Fuel, Feed, Fertilizers :>C, WELL ROTTEI) .MANITRIC—For .flowers, gardens and lawns. J. C; Butcher. .>ll llonsehold («oods MERCHANDISE Seeds, Plants, Flowers «S' NEW TI.MOTHY SEED—Recleaned. Wm. Gwnilm.-3% miles east Lat- Harpe and % north of slab, o|r phdife 706, Lallarpc. SEED CORN—Whlte,. no failure 1^ .<t yrrirs; 70 bu. to acre last yeaj •on ijpland. ri. Balzer, lola. Kani ROOatS AND BOARD linoms For Housekeeping 6^] <\ RJ00.\I APART.MENT—Ground floo furd front entrance, everything ished. 210 East St. Pho. 1396.^ REAL ESTATE FOR RENT FarniK and Land For Rent 7rf .so .\CRK—Farui, well dosp in, graijj • rent. P.>wVll X- Co. ' improved. Sec J. E. Houses For Rent COTTAGE—Five room, close In, complete city service. O. l... Cowan, \\>st street, after six. MOUHE—6 room modern. 300 block on South Washington. Phone 79. JACKSO.N. E. 71S- Seven room modern house. Innaire 722 East JacliKon. THREE ROOM HOUSE—Electric lights, city water, located at 608 South Chcstniit. Siie %L A j^Schlick. OAK SIDE BOARlV-f-ood, for siile, cheap. C. H. .•\rhjitkle. .S24 South | street. Suburban Fur Kent 80 SH:E" US—For bargains in gas ranges, kitchen cabinets and floor rugs. Henninger's Furniture Store. USED FURNITintE—High gr.ide; oil stoves; cook stoves; piaii w: phonographs. Easy paymei;ts. Closing out Cook's Paints at cest. Curtis Bargain Store. l.:illarpe-. LOANS—Base LIVE STOCK, Cattle, irehlcles 48 FOUR MULES—4 and 5 years o|d, 3 bri^ke and 1 baiter broke, gentle, is, R. Roberts. 'Colony, Kans., phone 30-6. MALE HOG—Large type Black Poland China, weight near 175 lbs., carrying the bi-st blood lines. Liberator, Col Jark and Yankee .Master. Jake Mueller, Chanute, phone 936-11. ! 6 WHITE SHOATS-JH. G. Tice, south. 1% ,west of JSoran. Phone 1605, Morin. Fonltrr and Muitplles^ . 19 BABY! CHICICS-Whitc Rocks for sale. : 505 .North Third street. BABY CHICKS—Why buy others when you can get State Accredited chicks for $12.0<i per lOO'/ Leghorns. $11.00 per 100. Come and see what we have in the^ chick feed line. Sol Hot i Oil Brooders, any size you want. Custom Hatching. 4c per egg. 220 West alreet. Sturdy Chick Hatchery. EGGS-^Single Comb; Brown Leghorn eggs to hatch. 6c aboye market. . .Mrs. Ola Stickley. Phone 615, .Moran. Kansas. EtJGS — White Wyandotte, from range flock, culled for type and production by state export:. $3 per 100. .Mrs. Bruce Armacost. mile east. % south lola. j Phone 99.S-21. HIGHEST MARKEi;—Prldea paid for cream, eggs and ipoultry. Our truck and chicken coops are at your service to tick np poiil- trv. Barker Prodncfe'Co. Pho. 6pS. Wunted—Live iSloeki YOij CAN FURNISH -Yoiir home cheap by buying, your furniture at Bryson's Furniture Store, .North Jefferson. HOUSE—Barn and 3 acres, chicken house, lots of fruit- Van llyning, Kelley Th'fatre. REAL ESTATE FOR SALF lloll^es For Sale .Musical .Merchandise Hi GOOD PIANO—Will exchange for livestock. W. H. Wood. LaHarpe. Kansas. lURflAIN FROM OWNER-Nine room house, modern, except fur- nac. at 124 .\. Fourth street, lola,' Kans. Writ.- .\ira I). T. Smith. l.siT'i; S, -M.iiii i^t.. Wichita. Kans. COT'T.AGE — Five room r modern, garage, easyjernis. .John Reuther. •tft Kxchange-Real Estate 88 ^viJ!lTY--In 5 room cottage for stock and farm efiuipnient., ,fack- son Realty Co.. over Brown's Driig Store. CLASSIFIED DISPLAY CHEVROLET r One 192.5 CHEVROLET COUPE, fine shape. One 1921 FORD COUPE, a dandy. One 1925 CHEVROLET TOURING, like new. One 1924 CHEVROLET TOURING. One 192.3 CHEVROLET TOURING. One 1923 CHEVROLET TOURING. One 19^3 CHEVROLET TRUCK, priced right. One INTERNATIONAL TRUCK, nearly n<!w. One 1924 FORD TOURING, with starter. One 1924 FORD TOURING, without starter. Two FORDSON TRACTORS, new, $50 off. MOTOR CO. .Authorized 118 West Japk.«5on Churolel Healers. Phone 60 n< w Bsi r- jparts iced. COWS—A few good cpws w-anted to \ pasture. Olson's, pasture joining ' LaHarpe. Won't be ilcspontiible for breechy stock. B. |w. Bell, lola phone liloW. 11 Sf;ott street. OUR PASTURE—Fon cows will be open April first, $2. )0 per mouth in advance. J. P. ({opening. [ PASTURE—On old Manley farn^ 4 miles southwest l0|la; $1..50 per month. Phone 777. • WANTED TO BUY -:-iAII kinds cattle and-hogs. J. 0. Butcher. WANTED TO PASTliRE;—About 10 head cattle or colts.i Phone 18-18, .Moran. MERCHANDISE Artkles Foi-iSale ,ND CHUNK. WOOD—For sale. $2.50 In timber or $3.25 del vered. A. J. Swinfprd. Phone' sl8^_ BnslneNs and OBirc tqnipment M TYPEWRITERS— Afclv and sllghlly used. A variety I'} select from., Terms if desireft. Williams Typewriter Co.. Room 10. over (Jlobe. EXCEPTIONAL USEE) CAR VALUES / , A Used Car IK as Dependable as the Dealer Who Sells ft! Wc have on hand at present the beat assortinent of used cars tve have ever had that must be moved to make room for our new cars that are now coming in. , . r lase DOI)(;E J SF.DAX , looks and runs like new. lUa-. nODGK TOl RIMJ. a rejil value. 192.? DODGE COlirE, same as new. mr, FORD TI'DOR. flue condlllon. 1926 OAKLA.ND LANDAT SEDA>. al a bargain price. 1828 E .H.SE.Y rOAI'H, silghHy n.sedi ' 19W FORD ROADSTER, a real value. Two 192.5 FORD TOi:RI>f.'S. worth flie. money. 3 Good Serviceable Used Ford Tnickx, I'lieap. 1925 GKAHA.H 1)5-T0.>- TRICK, like new. Ten other good cheap Ford tourings and roadsters that we ; miist move. '>-.., We trade or sell ort easy terms. Dodge Brothers Cars—Graham Brother .s Trucks ^ ELLIS MOTOR COMPANY 211 N. Washington (Open Evenings and Sundays) Phone 301

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