The Iola Register from Iola, Kansas on February 24, 1915 · Page 3
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The Iola Register from Iola, Kansas · Page 3

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, February 24, 1915
Page 3
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''Mm THEIOLA |HILi^ECaSXSB> WEDNESDAY EVENmG.EE^^^^ 24, 1915. THURSDAY, FRIDAY AND SATURDAY^ Final Clearance! Last Call! Thursday 9 a. m. and continuing until Saturday night we place on sale for quick clearance the following merchandise in a Three Days Special Sale. We advise you to come early—at thes4 prices We expect them to go quickly. MILLINERY! MILLINERY! Tfee entire line of Falf and Winter Millinery —all of. ourelegant Hats made of our very best materials, \^alues up to $8.75, cho:ice of any of these flats, pick as you will Thui^day, Friday and Saturday only If; you want four Hats fourth; Hat \V;il1 be only 9c. the price of the Ladies' and Small Ladies\ Taildrmade Suits 18 SiJits, sizes 16 to 44; six small Ladies' Suits, sizes 13 to 19. The above Suits run in price up to $30.00. This includes all of our best Fall and Winter Suits, nothing reserved. Choice of the entire lot, Thursday, Friday and • T J Q Saturday, only ... vriTu The price of the fourth Suit will be only-9c. FALL and WINTER COATS • (Put in two lots, Lot 1 and Lot 2.) . ; Lot 1 includes a lot of fine Fall and Winter Corits,; running in price from $8.50 to | $17.50j pick as you will, choice Oui< Lot 2 includes all of our very best Coat values runjiing up to .$30.00; pick as you will for Thursflay, Friday and Saturday, ^7 40 choice . - • 01 iTU If; you want four Coats the price of the Jth Coat \Mll 1)e otilv 9c. • i ... BLANKETS. 48 pairs of $1.75 Blankets, 72x80, comes in gray, tan and white, choice $1.17 45 pair^ of $1.25 Blankets, 68x76, comes in gray, tan and white, choice. 85c Every Wool Blanket we have marked down, nuich than the wholesale price :^r this final clearance Thursday, Friday and Saturday, the price of the Fourth Blanket will be only 9c REMEMBER SATURDAY WILL BE THE LAST DAY OF THE BIG "NINE CENT SALE." HURRY!! RICHARDSOM'S We Pay Mileage to Owt-of-Town Customers Allen County's Greatest Department Store Court the decisiota or me lower court is affirmed. Early on the morning of tlie murder Mrs. Keller awakened neighbors and told them that a man had killed her husband and daugater, Margaret, with an axe and had tried to kill her, but she had escaped. The husband and child, whose heads had been crushed were unconscious when found, but did not die until several hours later. Mrs. Keller told many conflicting stories and later signed a written confession, admitting that she had done the deed. This, however, she attempted to repudiate at h^r trial. The Ijves of the husband and child were insured. ^ RUB RHEUMATISM PAIN FROM SORE, Rub A ^HmG JOINTS l':iiu \TC «y With a Small Trial BoHle of Oli "St, iMob's MRS. ftt'LLETrS ITEMS. Fob. -.•?.—l.aury Page has had quite an attack of hives since our last. Mr. White, who will occupy the Will Bristcr farm, passed by here Sunday. He looked like he h:id iH-en rain stayed. Harry Prcstnn has' had the grip. A number are having the toothaclic owing to the damp weather. Moving in thfs neighborliood is as follows: Will Strunk to the Klias Rhodes home place; Mrs. will have a sale and go west to visit her son, and a mhn by the name of Bradford will occupy the place vacated by Mrs. Kelley. He comes from Moran. Roy Hill will occupy Mrs. Curfman'-s house and farm the land adjoining. .Mr. George I.ooiiey will move aoutli of lola. Mr. Latimer will move to the farm-adjoining the one he now lives on. Mr. Wilhite is living on the old Mitchell farm and is working for Will Laury, Homer Trox^ll is work- inc; for Will Alderman, and Fred Trox pll will occupy the Claude Stewart farm. Claude expects to move a house oufsoon. The Prairie Rose church was snow bound and mud stayed in front of Sloan's. Here's hoping they will sooii bo worsliipping in the new ctuirrh Ray Wagner is running a new bus wliio.h he recently hnuglit. We wi.sli liim well in lii.s new work Mrs. Tony Stewart was an tola visitor Wednesday ;(nd attended some of thp sales advertised in thp Register. Mr. C. Anderson's brother was out from lola a few days last week. Grover Myers has gone to Nebraska. He had his grey hounds crated and shipped to him. We regret to hear of the illness ol Mr. Alfred Ander.son. They are located in their new home. Ollie Miller and others were out af ter a wolf Tuesday, but we have no report of the result. We have an id^ that the men who work on the rural routes for rnole Sam were glad that the 22nd came on Monday. Mrs. Will Wag;ier has some littli chicks over a week old. We are sorry to hear Minnie Samuels is in |)oor health. She has'our sympathy. W'hat's Rheuipatism? Pain only; Stop drugging! N'ot one case in fifty requires internal treatment. Rub .=oothing, penetrating "St. .Jacob's Oil' directly upon the "tender spot" and relief comes instantly. "St. .lac- Ob's Oil" is a harmlesa rheumatisrn and scfatica liniment, which never disappoints and cannot burn the skiri. Limber up! Quit complaining! Get stnall trial bottle from yoUr drug- i >t, and in just a moment you'll be • from rheumatic and sciatic pain, oieness. stiffness, and swelling. Don't uffer! Relief awaits you. Old, hou- st "St .lacob's Oil" ha.s cured millions of rhcuniati.sni sufferers in the ast '!nff century, and is just as cood for SL -iMiica, neuralgia, lumbago, back- aclie, sprains and swellings. SAFETY HATCH INCUBATOR. Home of Ball Band Rubber Boots— The Palace W.^ Hoedoii. inorni'ns h'Tc of KIsmore, shojiping. —.1. PiiOIiO W. liicktnan, Paiier' Hanger PERSONAL MENTION $12 and up. ; Easv Payment ; ; Plan.- HENNINGER'S FURNITURE STORE. Canon City Coal To Close up SKk't. "'Vhilc it Lasts— Deliverjod, at $5J>0 Per Ton. lola Ice, Cold Storage & Fuel pompany Phone 116 It rank Riddle, Mfff. MILLER OE CO. PHOisrE 1128. WHOLESALE; DISTKlBinORS jMajestic liine Oils apd Greases, Kerosene |ind Gasoline, Iola| Kansas. Bi^ANCHES: 'Chanute, Kas.; Clinton. Okla. Humboldt. K^s. Custer, Okla. WIcBIta Kas. Mrs- ilizcr. whn livps at K'l' .N'ortii Fourth street, suffcicil a stroko of apoplexy this mornijis:. and i.s in a critical condition. i -P J. Honan, Tailor, 109 W. Madison C. .-\- Swiirizott and Miss Florence ?vtterstroni went to'I-Zlsmoro today to .Ttt >'ni fh (i wrilt!!!]-.; of .Miss S<>tter- .-irorr's hrnt"'^'-. V.'i'llT .rt SfftersfTniii. -"IlancJP- I;.' rv ;ii_-;ir i .i'ji; v/e^t 'It fhf .\uditoriiirn. F'lv.' cf'ntr-, .1 S Kp<':ri!i:ira. of BarMesville. ar- .ri-.p'i iiiTu .t'Vi:; :ificrno'in for a vi >it •A it'i frlt-nds. - »rs. Hull * Hull, Osteopathic Plij!!lcian!i. Phones 120 and 661. .r F! tl'^Mtii of (las <'ity. who hiw bi'pn ill 'for rnany wor -kiT. w»s r"- l><>i't>"l niU'-ii v -c .ik 'T ti>d ,Ty. —Pork i.-^ rn«'ai)fr- Frr-sti Hams; ILIi-r; shf>iilt!(:rs 10i .jr; sides IfH,i.c Rob'-rts .Meat -Marl<et. Phone 73, Gas. F K. Wright, of .loplin. Mo., who has he-'n si'en'iinf: A ti ^n 'iay.^" vacation here with his parents, Mr and .Mrs. R. F. W'ri^lil. n-turhed to .loplin t'oday. — IC\ctiant:e your Old Fiiriiiture and S(f )V (i..; for .Ncvv at Fd Ilcnninger's Htove Storf. Col. anii Mr- (Iforsi" 1). Vogelsona left today for(lyoavcnworth whore .Mr. Vo^ will take up his new dtitief as ('r at the Soldcirs' home RID STOMACH OF GASES. SOURNESS, AM) INDIGESTION -^Dre»««d hoirl 9r per poiiiid. lie- ttt lola, Gas riljr aod L.iHan»e. er points' F. y. B- Phone 73. Bob- OasiCitT. * ••I'.i |i<'> lliiiiicpsin" enA-s all Ntomacli lUslrcvs in lite mJnnles. d"i]'t «;int a slow rftiicdy when yoiii' ;.li,ni.'!r!t is li.-ni - or in Uiicerlain one—or a harmful oiin—your stomach is loo valuable; you mustn't injure it with drastic, tirugs. Papf's niapepsin, it noted for ft.= speed, in giving relief; its hariulessr ness; its certain unfailing action in regulating sick, sour, gassy stomac ,hE. Its millions of cu'res in indigestion, dyspepsia, gastritis and other stomach trouble has made it famous the world over. Keep this perfect stomach doctor in your hQme—keep it handy—get a large fifty-cent, case from any drug store and then if anyone should eat something which doesn't agree with them; if what they cat lajs like lead, ferments and sours and forms gas; causes headai 'he. dizziness and nausea: eructjatiofis of acid and undigested food—remember as goon as Pape's Diapppsiu "Tomes in contact with the stomach all sueh distress vanishes. Its promptness, Jcertainty and ease in overcoming the worst stomach disor- .Regist^r Walt Ads bring results.'ders ;s a revelation to those who tryj two weeks fr lir .M M. .McFarlaud is a business visitor ill Kiiic.iid this afternoon. —Try us for Shoe. Bicycle and Parasol work. .Northeast corner square. Phono 'JSl. I 'ico.'ge (.. Williams, circulation man- jiiser for the Register, spent this after! noon in .Moran on business. —Dr. T. 0. Canatsey, Pianologiste, Piano Tuning & Repairing. Phone 421. -Mrs. K. W Baker, of Parsons, is hero for a visit with her liiother, Mrs. A. N Smith. '--.Vttorney John W Brown ha." opened offices in the Stevenson build- in; where he will be pleased to receive tr!'j.»; desiring profPoSional services. Mrs. Van Robert-, of Sr. Ix)uis; ar- nvi'd h ^'ri- todav for a visit with i.Mrs. T W. Waiie. Money lo Loan — f )ri farms R. .M. Cunningham, olli'-e State Savings Bank. .Mi.;s Grace Brandt, who has lieon fi. re rlircp vs^eeks visiting her lirother, loo Brandt, loft this afternoon , fori ''ity. — n .-incing "very uiglit tliis week at ttic .suditoriiim. r ,c. \!r. and Mrs. II. F. Hagby. of Chanut«:. cauie in this afternoon' for a s'ort visit %viili friends. —Tlic firt' department number is: f)h II. V nunibpr is 900. Better call >nic first about that Fire Insurance. Vours for Safety First. .Arrowsmith; The will of the late .Mary A. Stros- ui'l. r was admilted to probate this itioruing. .ludge Smith apr>ointed ICIj- j:ib Sirosnider e.\ocutor. — I>r, <>. L. Spcctatiit, Kje. E""", Nose and Throat IT. T". S . Beattin went to Colony on hiisinc:--s this afternoon It is .a long tiuip since r>r. Beattie has found it nccssnry to depend on anything but hi-; Ford to carry him about the country on profes.sional business, but at pr <»^t nt the roads are iilraost ifnp^s- s-tblc. — I wish to announce my connection with the Penn Mutual fJfe Insurance Company of Philadelphia as local agent h am located over the Palace Shoe Store. Phone 296. G. 'W. Adams. Three lola people, Mrs. G. W. Thompson. Mrs.- L. Bradfield," and Mr. .?ames Upton, underwent operations in J ter. MOIRE MADBAS COLLAR 2for25f Oatt. E— boay * Co.. IM . Makan The .Allen County Retailers and Farmers Association met in regular session last night It was decidetl to leise a suite of rooms in the lola Business College building and hereafter will tiold their meetings there. Secie- tarv B"ard will have his office in the new location. The change from the old court house building to the Busi- nesi College building probably will W fuade i->..uly ne.\t week. f'nderslieriff VA I'. Sutherland went to Kuniboldt this morning to bring to lola a- .Mpxic;;n laborer who is charged with stealitij' ii suit of clothes from Hiiotlicr Mexiciu. The first Mexican^— name not <lcar even to the interpreters—is in jail awaitinc: <i preliminary hearing. County Attorney Anderson accompaniod the undorsheriff to Huni- boidt to investigate the case. .Charles Bell, grocery, becani drivicc his wac| fell from the .= he was (taught li driver for tlie Steyer suddenly . ill while on this morning ami at. In some manner between the wheels. hi.s full friRliteued the horses and thev rail, dnis.i^ing lilin several y^j-ds and hru'sine hiui quite severely. His injuries are tiot tliought to be dangerous. liM.^i-.. Ku.-s, Ruts Ow-r \m new floor Ru;;s ,it Kd MennluKer's Furniture Store. .Mrs. .Mary A ('opening went to <'lia- nute ihis afternoon to viMt her daughter, and later s!ie e.vpecls lo KO on to Tulsa, Okla.. lo visit other rolatiie.-i. She will return fo lohi about the end of March. .r. D. .Moor-' was called to Walnut, Kansas, todav by news of the serious illness of his daughter, -Mrs. liertha Hewitt. KELLKR SK>TKM'E AKFIR.MKH. aKnsas Cit^ hospitals yesterday, and reports from all of them, this morning say that the operations were successful aiid there is every reason to believe, thp patients will soon be fully recovered. Pie Supper Postponed. Oh account of bad roads the pie supper announced for Thursday night. February 25, at the Star Vklley school house, has been postponed until two weeks from THursday, March li. Supreme four! Sajrs HarrfiioDvilfi man Must Serve for Life. Jefferson City, Feb. 2:5.—Ida May Keller of Harrisonville, Mo., will have to serve a life sentence in the penitentiary for the murder tliere, on June 0, 1913 of her 7-year-old daugh- In an opinion handed down to­ by Judge Farig of the Supreme day Yes—Many People hxn told us the tame etory—disticM after eatisg, gaaes,h^rtbum. A Dyspepsia Tablet before imj after'eadi meal will reliera jaa. Sold only by us—25c. ' SurrtH'f Dru9 8ter«. MF .ST OF TiiK I:IVF:I{. I Sarah Preston i Feb. :;;{.—Those of our people win wont to town Saturday had a rather damp home coming. • • We extend con.cratiilations to .Jesse Beaty and wile for future success and hapiuness. We were mucli grieved to hear of the death of our dear friend Mrs. Goring. She lived" a number of years on the place where Mrs. Ling now lives and has many friends who sympathize with her grief stricken.children. Frank Bliss, Ed Osborn and C. P Clark were brave enough to go to lodge and eat oysters .VIonday night— even if it was stormy. While we were glad tlie mail carrier could have a holiday Monday we couU' not help looking toward tiie t)ox and wishing for tiie iiiail about mail time .Mr. Ketchum has some nice seed corn to sell. Virginia Ketchuiu and Opal Clark rni -sed school Monday it was ;-o rainy .STO.W POINT. ( Lelia McFarland) February 21.—Mrs. R. B. Brown is till very poorly. Dr. J.. S. Cummings of Bronson is doctoring her. .Mrs. S. D .Brandenburg and .Mrs. F. Brandenburg spent Saturday morning at R. B. Brown's. .Mr .andMr.s. Albert Burris spent Sunday afternoon at Mr. John Brough- tons . .'.Irs. .lohu Broughton spent Satur- lay at her mother's. Mrs. Bledsoe. .Mrs. .less Hamilton and children pent Saturday at Mr. Theo Hamilton's. Mrs. .lohn Broughton spent Thursay at Percy Broughton's near Bayard. .Mi-s .Naomi Broughton spent Tliurs .lay afternoon with Miss Leila McFar- auil. Little Russell Brandenburg has not b?en so well the last few days. Mrs Camphelberry who is sick at he home of her parents, Mr .and .Mrs. Will Broughton, is still no better. She s in a very serious condition. Dr. George Lambeth of Bronson. is doctoring her. .Mrs. Nellie Heckenllable, Mrs. S. D. Brandenburg, Mrs. Lester Amy, Mrs I. W McFarland and Lela, were callers nt Will Broughton's and R. B. Brown's Sunday afternoon. Mr. Lester Amy and little daughter, Mr. and Mrs. Dave Hopper and Minnie and Edith Heckenllable were callers at R. B. Brown's Sunday afternoon. .All those who have had tiie chickenpox the last two weeks are all better. Mr. .1. W. .McFarland is not ne^r so well at this writing. He is suffering with rheumatism. .Mrs J. W. McFarland ami I.elia spent Friday at .lini and l.oii .Mattocks. .Mr .Albert Burris went to loia Thursday to get him a new five passen r Ford car. They did not have t!ie kind, he wanted but ordered him one •—Register Want Ad .5 bring results. Self-Llghtlng Cigars. Thp German military atithorlttea and the German postal aulhoritios havt authorized the transmission by parc<' post to soldiers in the field of cigyif equipped with a special chemical prep aration that enables the smoker to llgbt them without the aid of matches The chemical preparation is applied to the end of cigars/and is ignited by rubbing it against a hard substance like, the ordinary match, but it cannot Ignite automatically. The chemical used, it is said, do not affect the fla vor of the cigar. GRANDMOTHER KNEW There Was Nothing So Good foe -Congestion and. Colds as Mustard But the old-fa.shioncd mustard-plaster burned and blistered while it acted. You (ran nc)w get the relief land help that mustarS plasters Rave, without the plias ter and without the blister. MUSTEROI-E dne.'v it. It is a clean, white ointment, made with oil of mus fard. It is scientifically prepared, so that it works wonders, and yet does not blister the tenderest skin. Just massage MUSTEROLE in with the finger-tips gently. See how quickly it brings relief—how speedily the pain disappears. And there is nothing like MUSTER- OLE for Sort Throat, Bropchitis, Ton- silitis. Croup, Stiff NecK, Asthma, Neuralgia, Headache, Congestion, Pleurisy, Rheumatism,.Lumbago, Pains and Aches of Back or Joints, Sprains, Sore Muscles, Bruises, Chilblains, Frosted Feet. Colds of the Chest (it often prevents Pneumonia). At your druggist's, in 2Sc and SOc jars, and a special large hospital size for ^50. Be sure you get the genuine MUS­ TEROLE. Refuse imitations—get what you ask acvelana.70hio. The Mustcrole Company. ^1 ELITE 6-FEATUBE REELS-6 Broncho 2-reel feature ' "THE FACE ON THE CEILING" "The Message" "A Hatful of Trouble' EXTRA! "Exploits of Elaine" ELITE TOXIOHT. $4,0M wonh el MofioBPictores for 5c from Kansas City which will be here soon. ' "93"|iaif Tonic sbps Hi Mr frM Mkl Ht i Burreirs Drner Store. New High ScHool . The need for a new high school has been shown in these cohimns. Have the statements and arguments convinced you that it is needed? If not, visit the high school and personally investigate the matter. Go from basement to attic. You will be con'vinced. Tell your neighbors i of your visit, and ask tKem to go and see what you have seen. i Wishing for a new high school in Tola will not biiild one; waiting for a new High school will not build one. We be up and' doing. There is a pai;t for each one in this work for a new high school. Get ready tc| do your share. HOW? Every man and woman should register. I WHERE? At the City HalL WHEN? Today. Register! Register! Register

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