Mt. Vernon Register-News from Mt Vernon, Illinois on December 12, 1963 · Page 8
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Mt. Vernon Register-News from Mt Vernon, Illinois · Page 8

Mt Vernon, Illinois
Issue Date:
Thursday, December 12, 1963
Page 8
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8 THE WORLD TODAY By JAMES MAH&OW Associated Press News Analyst WASHINGTON (AP) — The Important problem ol age gets scant notice down through the generations as constitutional experts argue a question as old as the Constitution itself. Who should succeed to the presidency if there is no president or vice president? Should it be a member of Congress? Should it be a member of the president's Cabinet, starting with the secretary of state? You can do arithmetic which will show that over the past 30 years, on the average, the secretary of state was younger when he began his job than the speaker of the House or the Senate's president pro-tempore. Then you run into an old truism: It's not just a question of age but how good a man is at whatever his age happens to be. Right now age is getting attention because under present law next in line behind President Johnson for the presidency, if he died, are two aging men: House Speaker John McCormack, D-Mass., and Carl Hayden, D-Ariz., tlie Senate's president pro tempore. McCormack is almost 72; Hayden is 86. Neither could be accurately described as a ball of fire. There were reports Wednesday that both might step down to lot younger men be in line if anything happened to Johnson. But when a reporter asked McCormack about it, he stormed out, saying: "Is there no limit to decency?" He had previously said he favors the present arrangement which puts him next in line for the White House. And in the Senate, Democratic Leader Mike Mansfield of Montana not only defended Hayden but practically called him a monument. Under law for 94 years, from 1792 until 1886, this was the line of succession: the Senate's president pro tempore and then the House speaker. Under a change in the law and for 61 years, from 1886 until 19-17. this was the succession: the members of the Cabinet, starting with secretary of state. The law was changed again in 1017 and for the past 16 yeai's this has been the succession: the speaker of the House, the r.nd then the Cabinet, starting with the secretary of state. The average age of the Cabinet which Johnson took over from President Kennedy — in contrast to MeCormack's 71 years and Hayden's 86—is <I9 years. Secretary of State Dean THE REGISTEfr-NEWS — MT. VERNON. ILLINOIS Rusk is 54. For the past .10 years the average age at which a secretary of stale took office;—there were eight secretaries in that rime was 58. In that same 30-year period the average age of the House speakers when they became was 64. But the picture gets a little mixed when it is remembered that some men stay on and on in a job, getting older, but still highly capable. BARBS By HAT, COCHRAN To hear some couples argue you'd never think marriage was a civil contract. * * * Years ago wedding rings were not as thin as those of today. They were made to last a lifetime. WHO SAYS THERE'S HO SANTA GLAUS! If IS v i h |k 8 t I I ONLY SANTA AND BREHM-HANNA CHEVROLET COULD POSSIBLY OFFER THIS KIND OF USED CAR AND USED TRUCK VALUE! Hollywood Premiere In Nudist Camp By BOB THOMAS AP MovleTelevlsltm Writer HOLLYWOOD (AP) - It was perhaps inevitable. After decades of giving formal-dress premieres, Hollywood is sponsoring its fist undress premiere. Thi Saturday MGM is showing "The Prize" at a nudist camp at Escondido. Calif., with all participants appearing in their finest skin. The announcement gave only the bare details, and questions remain. Will the stars of the movie appear? Will photographers he allowed, and if so, how will they carry their extra film? At any rate, the stunt indicates the degree of seriousness with which "Thp Prize" should be taken. It makes no pretense of being an expose of the Nobel Prizes, as did the best-selling novel. Instead, its makers have wisely steered a Hitchcockian course of international intrigue with laughs. The result Consistent entertainment for those willing to go along with the preposterousness of it all. We are asked to believe that Paul Newman has been awarded the Nobel Prize for literature despite his youth and the fact that he has done nothing but ghost-write detective stories for six years HOLLYWOOD t T 959 Chevrolet « 4 door Bel Air V-8. radio, heater, white- 2 walls, power uteerlng, Powerglldc transit mission, two tone turquoise and white $ 1195 | I960 Chevrolet K 4 door Bisenyne V-8. radio, lienor, two tone g green, finest, A lot of transportation for g only $ 1O05 | 1957Pontiac, w 4 door sedan, radio, heater, automatic trniw- R mission, two tone tfrccn and white. Good g solid car 8 $ 645 1957 Chevrolet Station Wagon, V-8. radio, heater. Poworgllde. power Hteortng. Purrs JJI<* a top and a real sharp car. _ K *89 | 7959 Chevrolet & 4 door sedan, fi cylinder, straight stick. One « owner car and runs the best $ 1045 1959 Chevrolet UM" Mr *«* n n. fi cylinder. Powergllde, radio and heater. Clean „ 8 a whistle. & I I I I S 3 door Bel Air, 6 cylinder, straight stick, K two tone blue and white. Nice family car £ for those with small children $ 1045 $ 1095 8 I I I I » 8 I I I I I I I I I t 8 8 I 8 8 I 1963 Chevrolet car 1 t ^XtTa? . m ". , : s .:.. s . u, .'. un,,er "«» 1958 Chevrolet 4 door Bel Air, radio, heater, row<-rgllde, solid turquoise finish. Local one owner car. 1962 Chevrolet Impala 4 door, hardtop V-8. radio, heater, whitewalls, factory air conditioning, 2C.000 orlg- Inal miles, new tln-s. gleaming white finish. 1961 CorvairMonza Coupe, Kudio, heater, automatic transmission. Don't worry with and stopped- up radiators, This one doesn't require them. 1956 Chevrolet 4 door Bel Air V-8, Powergllde, radio and heater. Nice little car for $ 249 $ 149 1961 Comet Station Wagon Deluxe 4 door, heater. hi BCll(c „ rnpk , whif<1 . £ walls, standard shift. 23,001) actual miles. *P minded Vne '- A re "' bUy f ° r the * Con <»»y 1495 1961 Oldsmobile, 1 door hardton, power steering, power brakes, nil vinyl interior, whitcwalls, white with red Interior. Just about half of this one's originnl price 1961 Chevrolet 4 door Bel Air. fi cylinder, new whltewnll tires, radio, heater. Powergllde. solid blue. Don't miss this cream puff 1962 Olds 85 Cutlass V-8, automatic floor shift, bucket scats, rndlo, heater, new whltewalls, 20,000 actual miles. One owner 1958 Chevrolet 4 door Bel Air V-8, Powergllde. heater, whltewalls. like new. two tone coral and white. Sharpest MS Chevy In town. 1957 Ford V-8 Foirlone 500, 2 door hardtop, radio, heater, automatic, transmission, whltewalls, runs good Now it's proposed that Edward G. Robinson, a German- Uirned-American scientific winner, is snatched on a Stockholm street and replaced by a look- alike who is bent on using the ceremonies for Communist propaganda. If you can accept these and other stretchers, you may be able to relax and enjoy the many twists and turns of the plot, which is helped along by the flip dialogue given to New man. Writer Ernest Lehman and director Mark Robson have done a workmanlike job of creating a comedy-adventure. There is none of the gamy sex of the book. Even the nudist colony scene is played strictly for laughs. Newman has a meaty role as the boozing author who turns reluctant hero, and he handles it wit his usual skill. Elke Sommor is the Foreign Office aide assigned to keep him sober; she is a pleasure to watch. Robinson Plays the dual role with his great authority. The AT LAST! INDIANS ON PEACE PATH BY ERSKINE JOHNSON Hollywood Correspondent Newspaper Enterprise Assn. MONUMENT VALLEY, Utah —(NEA)—The Indians are on the peace path. The Yankees are the heavies. The man with one black eye- patch and pulled-down hat who dresses with the flair of an unmade bed is chewing nervously on a handkerchief. Nobody knows for sure what scene will be filmed next. Someone marvels in a whisper: "Only once in four weeks have I heard Richard VVIdmark read lines from the script. Ford gives his cast new lines as he shoots. He uses the script just for continuity." The "Ford" with camera and sound boom on the movie path to the scenic wonders of Monument Valley Is John Ford, six- time Oscar winner and granddaddy of the super-western. It was inevitable that he would return to the red rock spires, buttes and mesas of this remote Navajo country. Here 25 years ago he filmed the classic "Stagecoach." Here now "Cheyenne Autumn" Is his seventh mo \le In the valley, his 122nd since 1023. Monument Valley is John Ford's i>crsonal back lot. A NOT1IER DIRECTOR, George Stevens, recently scouted the scenic area for one of his movies. lie went around looking into a camera view finder and he returned to Hollywood in amused despair. "All I could see," he said, "were 'John Ford' shots. But John Ford could find new angles, new views and an almost "new wave" western story with which to paint on celluloid his classic pictures about the winning of the West. Ford tells his stories with pictures and a minimum of words. ''CHEYENNE AUTUMN" IS THE STORY of 300 Cheyenne Indians, men, women and children, defying the U. S. government in 1878 Starving and unhappy prisoners on a wasteland reservation, they attempt a peaceful return to their homeland of fertile plains and lush valleys. Fredom other prize-winners are reduced to minor subplots in the film, which is just as well, since none of their situations is particularly convincing is their dream. The story is based on fact. The, migration takes a year, with the 1 Indians at one time eluding 10,000 U.S. troops sent to stop them. Only when the troops attack do the Indians fight back. "It is the best story I 've had In years," Ford tells you. "The heavy is the white man. The government has wanted the Indians' side of the story told and we 're in it with both feet." The "we" meant coproducer Bernard Smith, the man behind "How the West Was Won." The film's east Is "big name" —Spencer Tracy, James Steart, Richard Wldmark. Carroll Raker, Karl Maiden, Sal Mlneo, Dolores del Rio, HI- cardo Montnlban, Gilbert Roland, Arthur Kennedy, Pat Wayne, Ellxabeth Allen, John Carradlne, Victor Jury and Mike Mazurkt. But on the set, one-time stunt man, actor, prop man and assistant director John Ford Is the star. BLACK EYEPATCII OFTEN ASKED, he is the epitome in dress of the man of nondistinc- tion The western hat is old and battered. Trousers are baggy and torn. The coat is frayed navy issue from his World War II service as a lieutenant commander. Slumped in his director's chair in deep thought, he chews on a handkerchief or on a cigar he seldom lights. Striding into a gone-wrong scene to chew out an actor or addressing a crowd of extras, he seems to tower above the tallest of men. He's always in command, always instinctively right. As the star he discovered and often directs, towering John Wayne, once said about John Ford: "He's the only man who can speak a few words and make me feel Itke a midget" Movements Show Emotion NEW YORK — American actors do most of their performing "from the nock up," according to Mrinalini Sarbhai stage director from India. Mrs. Sarabhai said that teaching bodily movements to help express motion had been her main concern during a term as guest instructor here at the Institute for Advanced Studies in the Theater Arts. In addition to conducting workshop sessions for professional actors, she directed an English- language version of a 2,500- year-old Indinn drama, "The Vision of Vasavadatta. BENOIST BROS. ACE HARDWARE * FOR PICK OF THE PACK „ 8 1961 Chevrolet Nomad Station Wagon, Radio, theater, automatic transmission power steering, power brakes, factory air conditioning. Nice as thev come. 1959 Cadillac Fleetwood, 4 door hardtop, full power and air conditioned. Ivvtra sharp for the model 1956 Chevrolet 3 A ton pickup V-8, J speed, stock racks, good hcavv duty (ires 1959 Chevrolet V 2 ton pickup, New paint, good rubber 1958 Chevrolet V 2 ton pickup, New paint, good solid truck as- I960 Chevrolet V2 ton panel, Less than ' 2 price COME IN AND SEENO OBLIGATION 8 8 X BREHM - HANNA CHEVROLET an I Our Greatest Profit-Customer Satisfaction I 1318 Salem Road MA m , S Mt. Vernon § KAVE COMPLETE SELECTION OF TOYS AND GIFTS FOR THE ENTIRE FAMILY! 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