The Postville Review from Postville, Iowa on September 17, 1892 · Page 1
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The Postville Review from Postville, Iowa · Page 1

Postville, Iowa
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Saturday, September 17, 1892
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THE KING'S HKillWAV. Rov. T. DoWltt Tnlmpfo Tr.Ucn on tlio RoyPoad to Ilnnvcn. A Roml I'li'im lout !••.«»>• to ViOlow, with liuum fill I'.ltlicr Mtle tir Dlxpusu of till 1 Ittirtlflm (If Sill anil sorrow. The following discourse was selected by Rev. T. DcWitt Tnlmugo for perusal by his great American congregation this week. The text is: Awl RO hlif'nvfiv H'I/III 1>O tli^r-*. tr\t\ a tv-<r, •nil It thnll lm inllo 1 tlio wnvnf niiUir'": tlm anc>nn idiMI n>-t |n«fi nvnr It: Imt ft s' nil l»o for tbo*f. tht* Tfnv'nr'ntf im*n, tl'i'indi foo'i, •hall not rrr thcrtn. N 'i Ton slntl ti' thti'<\ nor utiy nivpttmm hou«t HhOl ro lip tliTfnn: Itatiatlnnt lit« fount tli°ri': niul th" ift 'i c n-"o) of th© I*onl shn'l i-ptnrn. ntirl roni" to 7A 'ii with doners IUMI pvriltistlin? j'"' nnon llc-lr heads: th**y fthnlt obtain toy nii'l t»li Itmw. PII I Borrow unit uf KIIIIIK KUIIII fl-O .iwiiy.— Isalnh IIIV ., S-ln. There arc thousands of people here this morning who want to Unci the right road. You sometimes see a per- Bon halting ut cross-roads, ;MH] yon can tell by his looks that lie wishes to as'; ft qvieslion as to what ilireet inn lie ha 1 better take. Anil 1 stanil in your prcs- ence this morning comca-ius of Hie fact that there are many of yon here who realize that there are a thousand wnnr.' rends, Imt only one riffht one; and ! take It for granted that you have com- In to nsh which one it is. Here is on' road that opens widely. Imt I have not much faith in it. There are a (Treat many expensive toll-pates scattered all along that way. Indeed, at every rot you must pay in tears, or pay in llngel- latious. (hi that road, if Von yet through it all. yon have to pnv your own way: and since this dilfers si much from what I have heard in regard to the right way, I believe it is the wrong way. Here is another road. On either side of it are houses of sinful entertainment, and invitations to come in and dine and rest: U\it from the looks of the people who stand oti the piazza I am very certain tliat it is the wrong house and the wrong wav. Here is another road. It is very beautiful and macadamized. The horses' hoofs clatter and ring, nnd they who ride over it spin along the highway, until sutidenly they find that the road breaks over an embankment, and they try to halt, and they Raw the bit in the month of the »tecd, nnd cry, "Ho! ho!" Itut it is too late, and—crash! -they goover the embankment. We s.'.r.ill torn this morning and see if we can not find a different kind of n road. You have heard of the Appiuti Way. It was three huudrfd and fifty mill's long. It was twenty-four feet wide, and on either side of the road was a | man will path for foot passengers. It was made out of rocks'out in hexagonal shape and fitted together. What a road it must have been! Made of smooth, hard roek, thvee hundred and fifty miles long. No wonder that in the construction of It the treasures of a whole empire were exhausted. Because of invaders, and the elements, and time - theold conqueror who tears up a road as he goes over it — there it nothing left of that structure excepting a ruin. Hut i have this morning to t dl you of a road limit before the Appiau Wav. and yet it is as good ns when first constructed. Millions of souls have gone over It. Millions move will come. The prnpbntH and nnofttVs, ton. Pnfsuud thtai -n -vl wltlto h-r-b'tow: Wi\ thorofore, will, wlt'ioat "lism i -, Bill' wulk in OhrUt. th . until Ml wiy. "An highway shall be. there, and a way, and it shall be called the way of holiness; the unclean shall not piss over It; but it shall be for those: tho wayfaring men, though fool-, shall not err therein. No lion shall !>• there, nor nny ravenous beast, shall go up thereon; it shall not be found there: lint the redeemed shall walk there: and the ransomed of the. Lord shall return, and come to Zion with songs ani everlasting joy upon their heads; they shall obtain joy and gladness, and sorrow and sighing shall flee away!" First, this road of the text is the King's highway. In the diligence you dash over the licrnard pass of the Alps, inlle after mile, and there is not so much as a pebble to jar the wheels. You go over bridges which cross chasms that make you hold your breath, under projecting 1 roek, along by dangerous precipices, through tunnels adrip with the meltings of the glaciers, and perhaps for the tlrsttlme learn the majesty of a road built and supp -irtecl by government authority. Well, my Lord the King decided to Imild a highway from earth to Heaven. It should span all the chasms of human wretchedness: it should tunnel all the. mountains of earthly difficulty; ll should be wide enough and strong enough to hold fifty thousand millions of the human race, if so many of them should ever lie. born. It should he blasted out, of the "Rock of Ages" and cemented with the blood of tho cross, and lie lifted amid the shouting of nngels and the execration pf dovila The King sent Ills Son to build that road. Ho put head and hand and heart to It, and, after the road was completed, waved His blistered hand over the way, crying: "It Is finished!" Napoleon paid fifteen million francs for the tiulldlug of tho Simplou road that his cannon might go over for the devastation of Italy; but our King, at u greater expense, has built a road for iv different purposo, that the banners of heavenly dominion might come down over It and ul.l reileomed of earth travel up over It. . lloing a Kind's highway, of course it la well tinllt. bridges Hplcndidly arched and buttressed have given way and crushed tho passengers who attempted to cross them. 1 Itut ('hirst, the King, would build no such thing as that. The work done, He mounts tho chariot of His love, and multitudes mount with Htm, and Ho drives on and up the steep of Heaven amid the plaudits of gazing worlds) Tho work is done—well done— gloriously done—uuignitloimtly done! Still further; tills roml spoken of Is a clean rand. Many a line road has lie- ooiiio miry and foul because It has not 'onci 'le * • of 1 he journey you wilt tie crying out: "Create within me a clean heart!" If >..:: have no such aspirations as that, It proves that you have mistaken your way, ami if you will only look up and tee the finger-board above your head you may lvad npm it the words: "There is a way that secmeth right unto a man, but the end thereof is death." Without holiness no man shall see the Lord, and if you have any idea that you carry along your sins, your lusts, your worldlincss, and yet get to the end oT the Christian race, you are so awfully mistaken that, in the name of ("<od, this m irniag I shatter the delusion. Still further, the road spoken of Is a plain road. "The wayfaring men, thouvh fools, shall not err therein." That is. if a man is three-fourths an idiot, he can find this road just as well as if he were a philosopher. The Imbecile boy, the laughing-stock of the street, and followed by a mob hooting at him, has only just to knock once at the gate of Heaven and it swings open, while there has been many a man who can lecture about pneumatics and chemistry, nnd tell the story of Fara- ilav'-s theory of electrical polarization, and yet has lieen shut out of Heaven. There has been many a man who stood, in an observatory and swept the heavens with his telescope, and yet, he has not hcen able to sec the morning star. Many a man has been familiar with all the higher branches of mathematics, and yet could not do the simple sum: "What shall it profit n man if he gain the whole world and lose his own soul?" Mnnj' a man has been a line reader of tragedies and poems, and yet could not "read his title clear to mansions in the skies." Many a man has botanized across the continent, and yet, did not know the "Rose of Sharon and the lily of the valley." lint if one shall come in the right spirit, asking the way to Heaven, be will find it a plain way. The pardon is plain. The peace is plain. Kverything is plain. lie who tries to get on the road to Heaven through the New Testament teaching will get on beautifully. He who goes through philosophical discussion will not get on at all. Christ says: "Conic to me. and I will take all your sins away, and I will take all troubles away." Xow what is the use of my dis.nssing it any more? Is not that plain? If you wanted to go to London, and I pointed you out a highway thoroughly laid out, would I bo wise in detaining yon by a geological discussion about the gravel you will pass over, or a physiological discussion about the muscles yon will have to bring into play? No. After this Hible has pointed you tho way to Heaven, is it wise for me to detain you with any discussion about the nature of the hu- or whether the atonement is limited or unlimited? There Is tho road - go on it. It is a plain way. "This is a faithful saying, and worthy of all acceptation, that Christ Jesus ' came into the world to save sinners." ' And that is you and that is me. Any little child here can understand this as ' well as I can. "Unless you become aa 1 a little child, you can not see the kingdom of (!od." If you are saved it will not be as a philosopher, it will be as a little child. "Of such is the kingdom of Heaven." I'nless you get the spirit of little children you will never come out at their glorious destiny. Still further, this road to Heaven is a safo road. Sometimes the traveler in those ancient highwuys would think himself perfectly secure, not knowing there was a Hon by the way. burying his head deep between his paws, and then, when tho right moment came, under the fearful spring, tho man's life wits gone, and thero was a mangled carcass by the roadside. Hut, says my text, "Mo lion shall lie there," I wish 1 could malic you feel this morning your entire security. 1 tell you plainly that one minute after a man has become a child of liod he is us sife as though he had been ten thousand years in Heaven. He may slip, he may slide, he may stumble, but ho can not ho destroyed. Kept by the power of (lod, through faith, unto complete salvation. lCvcrlastingly safe. The servercst trial to which yon can subject a Christian inun is to kill him. and Unit is glory. In other words, the worst thing that can happen a child of j God is Heaven. The body is only tho old slippers that he throws aside just before putting on the sandals of light. His soul, you can not hurt it. No fires can consume it. No Moods can drown it. No devils can capture it. Firm nnd uuuioviia HIM t !iuy Wh • rest tUutr Boats on God. I '"(xo i la th i ground wUrr.> David stood. Or wluM'ii tho ark ul» vtu. His soul is safe. His reputation Is safe. Everything Is safe. "liut,"you say, ' suppose his store burns up?" Why. then, it will only be a change of investments from earthly to heavenly securities. "Hut." you say,"suppose Iris name goes down under the hoof of scorn and contempt? Tho name will be so much brighter in glory. "Suppose his physical health fails?" Ood will pour into him the Hoods of everlasting health, and It will not make any difference.. Uurthly subtraction is heavenly addition. The tears of earth ace crystals of Heaven. As they take nigs and tatters aud put them through the paper mill, and they coino out beautiful whlto shoots of paper, so, often, the rags of earthly destitution, under the cylinders of death, come out a white scroll upon which sluill ba written eternal emancipation. Thero was one passage of Scripture, tho force of which 1 never understood until one day at Cltiimmmix,'with Mont Hluno on one sido ami Montnv.vent on the other, i opened iny Ihiiln and said: "As tho mountains aru uicuud about Jerusalem, R<I the Lovd Is around about them that fear Him." The surround ings were an omnipotent commentary; Thouxh trouble i aiu dl, itud ilauuois iiffnuuti Thuimli frlauaj t.ionlj ull full un I t JOS all ua'tn: Yot oini tiling sociiroa u% wtativsr hitl'ln, Tho f»rl;iturei liasura us tbj Lord will pro VWB, Still further; the road spoken of Is a pleasant road. Ood gives a bond of iiv demnity against all evil to every man What is the use of worrying for fear (J( ) V J ) J£ \ £ [) J\J \y something will happen to your home? ' l' "He hlesseth the habitation of the just." What is the use of fretting lest you will be overcome of temptations? "C.o:l is faithrul. who will not suffer you to be tempted above that ye are able: but will with the temptation also make a way to escape, that ye may be ab'c to bear ll." O, this King'shighway! Treesof life on either side, bending over until their branches interlock nnd drop midway their fruit am! ha le. Honscsof entertainment on cither side the road for poor pilgrims. Table spread with a feast of good things, and walls adorned with apples of gold in pictures of silver. 1 start out on this King's high- wny, and find a harper, and I say: "What Is your name?" The harper makes no response, hut leaves me to guess, as, with his eyes toward Heaven, and his hand upon the trembling strings, this tunc comes rippling on the air: "The Lord is my light and my salvation. Whom shall I fear? The Lord is the strength of my life: of whom shall I he afraid?" I go u little further on the same road and meet a trumpeter of Heaven, and I , say: "Haven't you got some music for n tired pilgrim?" Aud wiping his lip and takiuga long breath, he putshis mouth to the trumpet and pours forth this j strain: "They shall hunger no more, ' neither shall they thirst nny more, neither shall the sun light on them, , nor any heat, for the Lamb which is ' in the midst of the throne shall lead them to living fountains of water, and (lod shall wipe away all tearsfrom their ^eyes." 1 go a little distance further on ' the same road, and I m.-et a maiden of Israel. She has no harp, lint she has cymbals. They look as if they had rusted from sea spray; and I say to the j maiden of Israel: "Have you no song for a tired pilgrim?" And like the clang of victors' shields the . cymbals clap, as Miriam begins to I diseours.-: "Sing ye to the Lord, for He hath triumphed gloriously; the horse and the rider hath lie thrown into the sea." And then 1 see a white- robed group. They come hounding toward me, and 1 say; "Who are they — the happiest aud the brightest and the fairest in all Heaven—who are they?" And the answer comes: "Thes • are they who came out of great tribulations and had their robes washed and made white with the blood of the Lamb." I pursue this snlijeei only one step further. What is the terminus? I do not care how tine a road you may put me on. I want to know where it comes out. My text declares it: "The redeemed of the Lord come to Zion.'" You know what Zion was. That was the Kings paiuee. It was a mountain fastness. It was Impregnable. And so Heaven is the fastness of the universe. No howiizer has long enough range to shell those towers. Let all the batteries of earth and hell blaze away: they can not break in those gates, tlibraltar was taken: Sebastopol was taken; Ilabylou fell: hut those walls of Heaven shall never surrender either to human or Satan! • b.- siegeini'nt. The Lord (lod Almighty is the defense of it. tlreat capital of the universe! Terminus of the King's highway! Dr. Hick said that, among other things, he thou'/lit in Heaven we should sludy ch misiiv. and gcom-try. and eouie sections. Souther I h, niL'ii I that in Heaven he would have the pleasure of seeing Chaucer aud Shnkspearo. Now, Or. Dick may have his mithemat- ics for all eternity, and Siuthey his Shakspenro. (live me Christ and my old friends — that is all. the Heaven I want; that is llenven enough for me. O garden of light, whoso leaves never wither, nnd whoso fruits never fail! O liuni|Uet of Ood. whose sweetness never palls the taste, and whose guests arc kings forever! 0 city of light, whose walls aro salvation, and whose gales are praise! 0 palace of rest, where flod is the Monarch and everlasting ages the length of His reign! O song louder than the surf- beat of many waters, yet soft as the whisper of cherubim! When my last wound is healed, when the last heart-break is ended, when tho last tear of earthly sorrow is wiped away, and when tho redeemed of the Lord shall come to Zion, then let all the harpers take down their harps and all of tho trumpeters lake down their trumpets aud all across Heaven there be chorus of morning stars, chorus of white-robed victors, chorus of martyrs from under the throne, chorus of ages, chorus*of worlds, and there be but one song sung, and but one name spoken, and but one throne honored—that of Jesus only. Senator Ciiblmn begun nin campaign work Wednesday with a 6peoeli at Juliet. HI. The l'lrst National hank of Mkldles- boio. K.v., has beou compelled to sloso Its doors. Sales of butter on the Klein board of trade Monday amounted to -1,'JO pounds at 'Si cents Th» Onnrellriil republicans have iinuiiii'Hiil tleuorul Samuel K. Mcrivln for governor. Sonic changes in grniu grades lire made hy the stale railroad nud warehouse, commission. Cut Ion iva rehouses in llivon street. Liver,IOOI. valued nt IfllOO.IKX). were destroyed by lire Tuesday. ! J. It. Shacklefnrd. n lawyer of Hrisfol. Trim., was discovered stealing law books and has disappeared, j A Joint commute of tho St. mill fomiell adopts it resolution cutting down the salaries of city ollicials. , Two new cases of cholera appeared on iloH'umu Island Wednesday, and there was one (loath on tho steamer Itugla. j General John Clhbon will be at the reunion of the Iron brigade, which is to be held at Mnneio. Ind., Sept. 111. I Kepuhlieans of Indiana have begun a suit in the .state supremo court to lest the validity of the democratic gerrymander hill. ' Throe car loads of Immigrants from Ilanilinrg. tiermaiiy. were nllowed to come into the United States at Detroit by way of Canada. | Tho king attd queen of Italy have arrested at Genoa to take part lu the Columbus fetes. | Twenty-one houses in Vlsalla, Tulare county. Cal„ burned Friday. The loss is about >?5i>.0tM). j The Minnesota republican executive committee Issues au address to the i voters of the state. j Five mounted men nlidtictod Sctior Vega, of the Nena estate In Cuba, nud hold lihu for jfl.iMH) ransom. Dr. Haphael Nunez has resigned the presidency of the United States of Colombia on account of ill health. Frank Hank, n barkeeper of West Ptilnth, shot mid fatally wounded .lack Mittphy nnd Jack Iluggiirty Tuesday. The murderer has lied. Thomas KlrU residing near Fanners villi-.' 111., was found dead In his lied Tuesday morning. lie Is supposed to have died of appoplexy. During a circus street parade in May- vllle. Ky., a man known as "animal ti'corgc" was killed Uy n huso tl;4cr hi whose cage liu was tiding. A severe thunder storm passed ovei Chicago v'l'lday, aud several buildings were set on tiro by llghtulug. One man was struck and killed, Flro Saturday morning doHtroyed the railway supply house of Joseph Joseph & Brother nt Cincinnati, U. The loss is estimated at about lf2(K),00. Hisliop O'Mahony. formerly of the sea of Armidalc, South Australia, and more recently auxiliary bishop of Toronto, illuil lu Toromu, aged US. W. 11. Chiuccy nud Conrad Spetirn- Agio blew out the gas of the room at Jackson. Michigan., In which (hoy slept. Oluucuy in dead. Snciiruaule will live. Mckinley, — "We talk familiarly," said thcaroh- uishop of Canterbury not long ago, "about people being 'high church' people or 'low church' people or 'broad church' people, but tliuro is an unoccupied word, and it is the word which should come if not to our lips at least to oar hearts i.ud lives. I mean tlio word 'deep.' What is wanted is 'deep church' people, who can be produced oulv by Christian kuowlcdye ami Christian principle." Tho Koveniment of tho United States- hilM unveil $2,000,01)0 on money orders ilmt lmvc boen lont or fuv sumo reason remain unpaid, • Tho king of Slum has agreed to uutko nn exhibit of Siamese products nt thu fit If. dud uwy erect n Bpechil pavilion In which to display them. Over Michigan's hulldlnc nt tho ivorld's lulf will float n largo A-imrl- can ling, made of Hehlhig si I It by the woiucii of lonltt county, Hut statu. Whllo horses wilt not bo iifttl nny more In the (Senium iirniy becuiMo •"inoUelPSH powder "gives th*m nwny." It's n lucky hot-so that's hum white hi thu kaiser's realm. -VeUboUMLiv-- Noar Fowler, Ind.. Tuesday, Albert Morris and Charles St. John, while at work lu a gravel pit. were crushed to death by a bank of travel falling hi upon tln-ni. j It Is ngiiin rumored that Premier Abbott, of Canada, will soon resign itwtug to 1)1 health, mid that he will be succeeded by Sir John Thompson, minister uf Justice. The Gorman emperor lints decided to enter Ids yacht, the Meteor, to compote for the American cup for tho American cup lu isu;t. W. U. McCoy, of Freeport, wits killed by n freight nt Clinton, 111., Friday. 110 was a briikeuittu nud nbout -!l years old". Postmaster General WiiiunuuUer Issues an order to put up letter boxes for the collection nnd delivery of mull at house (loot's. Dr. G. S. Burroughs, of Amherst college has beou elected president of Wabash college, Crawfordsvllle, Ind, lie will accept. Longfellow's birthplace In Portland has been bought by John Musgrave, who Is remodeling Hie house. This gives relic-hunters ti glorious chance one of thorn recently carrying off a whole mantelpiece lu his ttnns. A banquet was tendedod In the Crystal palace, London, by seventy Nim-uonl 'ormislH to Itev. Dr. T. DoWltt Tahiinge. During thu entertainment tho guest of the evening was prescut 111 with n handsome gold watch. Mr, Morley has gone the whole length of the law hi releasing mi Irish uuiu Imprisoned for contempt of court hi defying n Judso's evlutlou decision. Thomas Koouey, of Plymouth, Pa . having lust till his money mid properly on the result of the, Sullvuii-liorbutt light, committed suleldu Friday ni«ht. William Sharon rosltms as Nevada's member of thu republican national uomiultteu hcciumu his r.'lver views won't permit him to coutluuu lu that capacity. The North Atlantic squadron has boon ordered to nroceed to Youeniiolu, and tho ungship Philadelphia, Admiral Uherurdl lu command, will sail from Now York. Tho Inst weekly Itnuk statement of tho .,ew York uuuks show's it reserve cltoreaso of $2,818,5^ irjie-kaui. Whltclaw Held, Governor and ox.-Goveruor For .iKer. A lntlc Lima of .Mr. nud Mi's, llar- lui'l, llvlUi; weal UL J.H.IIAUUII.11', j.l., uiicoiptcu lu aimu op luc aiuc ul a lUloucl* |>t.C AUcau.iy liucu luc uuui'ua leu otcr aKU CL 'uaucil luc iliuc uue 14 uciUi. At Madrid, Spain, in consequence ul Uic pteacuce UL lu tuu ILIIUU, ul .^co tul'u, 11 li.ia lavu uiucicvl tu.ii all pcl'suua ari'ltiUe Lt'oul *\cw luiu auuu oc ptacou. uuuer UtlCU u-its' uo oei'\ a I lull. A dispatch to The Loudon Times lurui bu.ui ^ual says u i .uiupc .ui nnu- siuuary ami a nuuiucr ul name Cm (status nave been massacred lu luc province uf Sucnsy. Tue boulcs ul luc He tans were uiulllulcil by muus. U. W. Lewis, u di'tnli-craz-cd Uousc- pauncr UL £M. LUUIS , uuciup.iM lu KL> ula CUIUl, Will! UIM M»lcl-lU-lUW, bill auccccucU umy iu siiHUiiy UUUIHIUI„ uio lalicr. l uoll lie lurueil bis pioun upuu iiluiacU uuu bieiv uul Ills oruma. A inui dermis ussaidt was made upon Ucv. U.itlu -U. Cooper, pastor ul im Uemuiial l 'rcslo leiiau cUurcli ul Penult, in his suioy Muiutay, o.i a man ivtiu gave tus name as \> uuiiisuii, uuu uuu iicinalHlcd .Mr. Cuupcis uiouey. I nc niau was arrested. File broke out lu the Muku lirulhers wool bat laoiury at Kcailing, Pa.. Tuesday uigUl and the enure building, .tun an lis laluablc machinery and a utrye uiiiuuia uf limslied and uuuiusti- ed guuds, was destroyed. IAISS, *iio,- ool);iiisuraucc, about hail thai amount. The elections in Arkausas have le- sulicd iu a democratic victory, not- vvitustainling the fusion between lc publicans aud third partyltos for county olllves in various puns of the stale. Mr. l'lshback. democratic candidate toi governor, will probably receive fjb .oon Majority. M. Grenler, who wiis discharged with giving secret ollicla) ilocinueuis regard- tug the French defenses to C .iptam Itoiup, military aitashc to the American legation at Paris, has been sentenced tu twenty .veal 's' servitude, tills punishment to be followed by twenty .mirs' banishment from I 'rauce. J. .1. Sht'ppcrd. an aged and wealthy farmer living near Jacksonville, ill.. Tuesday nileuipted to drive n hog into a pen when lite brute llli 'licd on him and sei /.ed him by llie leg ami so badly laceraictl the member thai the mini nearly bled to death, and the recovery Is doubtful. Several hunters hud u narrow escape Iro in committing manslaughter at Utile Falls. Minn, in firing al a covey of chickens Ihey hit an 11 year -old sou of Itarroiic Dussette. The shot took effect about Ids face and body, but fortunately tlitl uu*, penetrate deep. The bey will recover, Felix Mottl, director of tho Grand Ducal opera house ill Carlsruhc, has bc- comu menially unbalanced and been taken to an asylum. Overwork is the cause of his trouble. The physicians give hope that perfect rest win restore his mind. Motti probably is the liucsi orchestra leader iu Germany. Information received at the state department from the Called Stales minister at Caracas as to ihe condilion ol affairs lu Venezuela has lid the president to direct that another war vessel bo scut to IM Guayra. The Culled States Bteanter Kearsarge has been ordered to proceed to V^uj^aielu Immediately. John Newnimi of 75 11111 street. Chicago, has ideulltled the body of the young woman found lu the hike oil' Lincoln park. Sunday, as that of his daughter oign. lie had reprimanded her, and told her to go out itud tint 1 work. She went out, mid the next lie saw her of her was lu tho morgue. She was 11 yours of ago The men employed by the Atlantic Cooper Mining company, at Houghton Mich., have gone out on a strike for higher lay. The company has closed dowu the liiluo, stating that prices do nut warrant such nil Increase. 'Three hundred men tire out. 'The Peninsular mine has also closed down, ami two hundred men are out there. The Kansas Slate Firemen's ussoclu tlou met lu annual session mid timrna- uien/t Tuesday, nt Abilene. Twenty departments were present. A. P.. .Miller. Kureka. was chosen prosldout; I. l.lpps, Abilctie, vice-president; 11, W. Jones, Clay Center, secretary: S. M Stanford, Minneapolis, treasurer. A two days' louriiiiiuent was held, At Toronto, Ontario, James II. Kliltt. of Salt Lake City, Utah, Is under arrest al Ihe Instance of a trust company Kldil was formerly eashlvr of tin Oudahy Pork Pitching «iiupnny, aud liii 'imtcd about it uioiilh ago, leaving. It Is alleged, a shortage of $2,500 in his books. It Is understood that the prisoner's present inclination Is to resist exlradllioti proceedings. '.le Is married, and about -S .veal's of ago State's Attorney Crtiiumw.of Aber deou, S. D., has given public notice that he will nt onea Innugiirale u crusade nguhil all dealers hi hard elder. Injunction proceedings will lie commenced against those who persist In violating the law. Prohibition does prohibit, mid It can well be said that this law is its well or better enforced than iiiituy uf tho prominent laws upon our statutes. The aii'gest nud most Important mining deal lu the hls'ovv of the hills has been consummated at Dead wood. S, I)., hoi ween an F.ngllsh syndicate nud thu Haiti Mountain Mining company. Thu deal Involves the I'lilh'o mining property of llM company nud their niiiin- moih chlorlnnl works hi tho Hah! mountain mining district. The price paid wits frUMMHrl. Tltf syndlca'to will John Bull Advised to Lie Low With Reference to Our Politics. When He Talks He Injures the Cause of the Democracy. by Serious Advice Tendered a Foxy English Journal. Liverpool I'.cho, July 21, IMVJ: ?.'o\y ibat our home elections nr.- over, the i :real. conflict which is proceeding in the United States of America n itiiiall.i begins to uttract a little more .nti-mion. Ihe light lor Ihe white house ibis next fall is going to be on a s'.upeuilous •rule, and Its result may In p.'egiiaiit witli the most stai'lling i.'oii.s-.'ipieiice.-\ not alone for tin.' citizens .it the ercat Kcptibllc, but for the who'.e of the i Ivili/.ed and trading world. It is a battle which those :.t homo, if tln-y wish to show their wisdom ami di.sro- i!on, would do well to watch in a spirit of reticence and without display of t'eeling or partisanship. I'.ritish ipostit s of free trade should assume an indifference, if Ihey have it not. On moh an occasion It Is gospel truth Ilia: if speech be silver, silence is goHcn. Vinerlcii is just now divided politically into two great camps, formed of republicans on (.nc hand, and democrats on the other. General Harrison, die present ojcltpuilt of '.lie while house, has been chosen to again do baltio for ihe republicans, who .ire best known iver here as steeped to the lips iu protection, and as the aiders nnd support- rs of the MeKinlcy tariff, which was boomed with Ihe declaration that It was to raise workmen's wares throngh- ut the States, ami to huiigni 'U '.e an ra of unheard-of peace ami prosperity. I lie democrats of the United States have chosen us their loader Mr. «irover leveluiid, whose tenure of ..'ilice as President, which closed four year-; ago. Ihey recall as justifying his tvlectioii. It is perhaps too much to siy that Mr. Cleveland and Ids party go lo the poll is tho avowed champions of free trade, but they are certainly lit favor of Mrilf reform, and can point to the ter.liile labor troubles in the country, duo to lite Impending grout icihiellon in wages, is clear evidence of the fact that, whatever the McKluley bill may have done n pouring increased wealth into Hie pockets of plutocrats and monopolists like Mr. Carnegie, tt has signally failed to ameliorate the condition of the muss- or to better the earnings of the nr lisan and mechanic. Great issues have therefore, to bo decided within the next few months, but they liaro to bo dollied by the Americans iheitiselres, and for their own good ami proper reasons. The discussion of the pies lion nt issue frini the Knglls'u point ot view lias only one effect in the states, and that Injurious nud p'trulyzln.; to those who are lighting tlio battle of free trade. Kvery public expression of opinion In tills country hn-uilc to the McKluley larlll', from a I'.ritish point of view, is telegraphed across the Atlantic nud eagerly rcprodiieel lu tin republican papers throughout the .•minify. As we said before, the apostles of free trade. If they wish to further the principle.; they are so proud of, should rigidly hold their tongues during the present presidential campaign. Their ulterniices do Incalculable harm to lhe democratic! cause, mid If Mr. Cleveland Is after till defeated it will lie hugely owing to the too loudly and Indiscreet ly expressed sympathy proceeding from these shores. TARIFF ILLUSTRATIONS. ill common urc. The evidence ef this insertion, which Is directly contrary to the teaching of our Free-Trade adver- irics, Is found hi the price-lists of those goods during two successive years. Tho tin-plate duties have not raised the price of canned goods. There has bciu, on the Wiiole, u tendency toward lower prices, and it will lie accelerated when the new Ameri- in Industry is lirin'.y established and the price of tin-plate is cheaper than It has ever been In Free-Trade L'ng- l.ind. A SHORT SERMON Industries." which, being established, were less in need ol pio .ivliuu thsiu our struggling industries, ami of refusal of protection wuei'e it was most needed. So mat the Democratic plutfonns have Viiiied in auiucacy ol dii 'CJl Itou, protection, prog! ossivo lice ir .tuc, .u.d, i.istiy, in lsj_\ ol ab- Miiutc ire,- iraue. is lo be pected of u party mat changes creed en ry L-ui' ,\e.os.' exits THli OUTLOOK. tltiw the DciniicralH are llitiiiUrupiHitl tit TIIIN ('unipiilKti* "Wc '.'.re handicapped by the general prosperity of the country." This was the despaiilug comment of a prominent democratic chiettaiii, upon the report of tlio deniocr.itic labor commissioner of New York. It rctlects pretty accurately the sentiments of the democratic managers generally. Their stock lu trade is calamity. Prosperity is to iliem what purls green Is to a pototo bug—they •hrivcl, shrink and die by I's touch. Handicapped by prosperity! Vcs. in- Iced, you are, democrats: and here is i brief outliuu of the weights j on must carry: 1. The report of the bur-an of statistics, showing, instead of Ktr .tiulcd iniinei'cc, a foreign trade for ts'.)2 larger than ever before hi our history; in export trade for the same y.-ar amounting for the lirst, time to u billion dollars; au Import trade more half of which is absolutely free ot duty, and a lower average turl.f rate than under the old law. '. Tho report of the senate committee showing that the average price of 211 articles of general consumption has declined under the new Tail IT li.lit of 1 per cent, by one method of iinparlson, l.S per cent, by another, while lu tho same time agricultural products have advanced IS.'-':! per cent., and general wages have, advanc- d 0.75 of 1 per cent, u. The report of Labor Coinmissiin- *r Peck, mentioned above, showing that In the great Kinpire Stale there was an increase In the amount of wages paid during the lirst year of ihe .McKluley Tariff of $U,;;77.S>:!5 over the year before; that production in- eieused $31,1119,1:10, and the average yearly earnings of employes Increased $Si.ll hi the same lime, while Individual employes hud their wages raised, and strikes were 17-10 less numerous. •I. 'The report of tho democratic niperintemleiit of the banking department of Xew York state, showing that deposits in savings banks on July 1. lS'dli, had increased ^hi 'i .SSiiilti ;!5 over the deposits ou January 1, ISbli, while the nuinebr of depositors has Increased from l,;!iil!,Si)2 to t,ooli,L!H in the same I tine. Here are four weights, one for ouch leg of tho dcinociiulc mill'.', to hamper liiiii lu ids hopeless race for tho presidential stakes. What a show the ridiculous beast is making of himself, lo be btirc. ERRATIC PLATFORMS. ut once begin mining openitiiiiuLiaLii—muii«"'- timple* nf a l'rtu'tfciil Kluil of Wle !'i-otmitliiii U titling. Since Louisiana lies ou the od«>> of the btigur-produclug mnc, anil not fairly, within It, It has been able (hiring recent years to furnish only tt -mull fraction of the sugar consumed in the United States. Willi mi '.lupoi'ted supply of ¥100,000,000, the sugar duties lacked tho characteristics of protective legislation mid luivo been revenue duties. These were repealed by the .'list ltepiiblleun Congress for tho benelii of consumers. A cheapening of sugar supply, while it W-UM relished by every ivorkingnmn's fi>" , was most highly appreciated ..j manufacturers of American preserves. The cost of their goods was greatly diminished, and they were enabled to compete sue- eessfnlly hi Ihe production of u class (if Jams which hud previn'.isly been Imported to the extent of Sf.MXW.ono n year from Kuglnnd. The result has been the establishment of u new industry which has assumed considerable Importuned lu fruit-growing regions. With cheap sugar the American goods are driving tho Scotch Jaitu utul '. .ar- miiluiles out of market, and the farmers lu Western New York have found n new market ul home for their small fiults. So much for the repeal of a revenue duty anil Us effects upon fruit- cunning. Tho Inrronse hi the ditties on Hit- plilto wui tl protective measure: •designed to promote the establishment of t| new ludustry. Vast qnnntllle'i of Uii-plate had been imported for many years, mid tho price hud been rogttlnt- ed hy Welsh comliltiathiui oiMrnsts, IlltiMtriitlniiH of How ttic Dcmoeruttt IIuvv Changed TUtdr Ureuil to Still Clrcuiii Htant'i'4. Senator Morrill has added to the (.(infusion of Democratic affairs hy un exhaustive analysis of the 'erratic platforms of the deiiiccmey.'' Observe that It is erratic platforms—plural, not singular. The democratic platform of 1S02 is erratic, but most democratic plutfonns have been erratic, as tin Senator demonstrates in the current number of Uio .North American lie view. '•Tlio democratic platform of 190: states (lie party creed thus: "We declare It to be a fundnuieiiiul principle of tho democratic party that the Federal Government has no con- slltiitlouul power to enforce and col lect tariff duties, except for the purpose of revenue only." Hut in 1872 the National Democratic platform said: '"There tiro in our midst honest, but irreconcilable, (inferences of opinion wllh regard to tho respective systems of protection and tree trade, and wi remit the discussion thereon to Un people hi Ihe Congn sslonul districts.' 'This wns lu unticiputluii of Han cock's democratic, aphorism, "tlr; hi riff Is a local issue." In 1S81 the (1011100111110 National platform avowed: "The necessary reductions In in 11 IT luxation inn and must bo eiveoteil, without depriving Aiiiorieiiu labor of the ability to compete wllh foreig labor, mid without imposing lowi rates of duty than will be sullieu'iit to "cover any Increased cost of pnatut lion that limy exist In consequence the higher rule of wtr^es prevailing In this country." This was "tnrirf reform" with tlltvc not incidental, protection to Amerioni labor, but without a particle of protet Ium to American capital vested manufactures, though the llrltlsh rate of lutoiest was U per cent, ngulusl hi this country. Hut this platform of 1SS1 contrast with that of ISStl. which resolved thus "It is time to declare for free nud for progressive free trade through out tho world." 'The deiiiocnitlo platform of IStti d olnrod for; "A turlh* for revenues cn foi"ig Imports and such equal luxation undt hileinul revenue laws as will a'fortl Incidental protection to domestic maim- fuctiuvs," of lttiw the Clllll|t.tlMii l, .-ruKi'cidllK ill Utile. N. Y. Tribune: The placatloii of Mr. Pl .ill and Uio quieting ut Senator (Juay ive been discussed so long and so aiior.ticty m uouiocr .iiiu newspapers, IUU ICillc.-iJUte.l US .so l.tvl'MalJ lo i'O- piiulicau s .ioccs.1 ami ,\ el so impossible, ll iiius„ no oMivii .e .y oi ^o ,.taglug to ucnioci'.ns lo lean mat utcse \ei- i i.-mni'.i mo umn'iy en .isu 'd in eaiiiC'itisii, atitl win i.uior won zeal l'i p.ui.i. ,,n wcmi'y, 'i roe, ine .e •l' ti.l.s ,iiiy ill supposing Hint ncy wouitl nil,, i,oia uu' ni 'iicul in ici'oiiou to luc rep.,b.lean purl/, j.oili now tniu rep .Ui.iciiu li .ilion .il ue .e .U could l,o attiiiiiiU'tt iurgoiy to their lUdiifereiice if tney stioaai eiilier be appear miimVrcnl. liutu know that (heir future iiidueiice in the pany and in the country woo .d be greatly nimhi- hed by the election of a tl'inocruiio resident. Tims every ccnccivubie iui- ulse of a personal nature wotil.I move iioin to do JI.SI what their known zeal ior repiib.icau principles has impelled tieut to do in p .ist campaigns. If either was located iu a different tale his Interest iu litis campaign night lie less powerful. Lilt New York nut Pennsylvania have as great need of the maintenance of republican protection as any oilier stale in the union, in liiiinufucliirlug they overshadow all ither states. The new larlll' has oroughl greater enlargement of iu- lusiries to tlieiu lliau to any oilier lute. No leader could ever have uoped lo bear an active or prominent part in the opposition to democracy in illier of these states, if by Ills act a linage of the tariff hud been rendor- tl pussiKo. Nor Is this the only issue which binds the strong tueti ot Penu- ,,'lvania and New 1'or.i lo the repub- icuu party. No political manager utiuugcr can do much without the con- lidciieo of capitalists and business men. The two greatest commercial cities In the country, able by withdrawal of onlldeiuo tu render any political (iitler nil lmpossibi.lty, are both Intensely Interested lu the maintenance f u sound currency. 'The declaration of the democratic platform for a ro- . turn to wildcat bunking and for the du- truclion of the national banking system, as well as Its well known propensity for other dangerous linniiclul sdii 'iiies, make Its success dreaded by ousiTvative business men, who would not readily forgive any sacrllice of sueu national interests by a political leader. As tiiere was never any reason to imagine Hull ex-Senalor I'm ll or Seiui- ior (juay would bo indifferent this your Was a stupid biumlcr of democrats raise hopes wlncn were certain to ue disappointed, lu nil pans of tho oumry many ileiuocrnuc volet's have neon coiiiiuug largeiy upoll the weakness of the reptiU.ieau parly ill tills state and Peuiisyivamn mioiigii Uio elaborately hcrunicd opposition of well uuuwu loaders lo tho national ticket, in proportion lo the false hopes UiUB tWlsiuy fostered will he the uishoart- eunieiu resulting when it is known unit the repub.hitu lorce is nulled aud iruesily at wont tor • thu naiiunal ticket. in other states the same united effort is scon. Speaker Kecd lias been ended lukewarm by democratic Journals, but ids speech opening Uio campaign lu Maine is evidence mat the contest this /oar arouses him to the utmost. Governor .McKluley lias been doing •-H'ect- ive work in set oral stales already, and even Uio most Impend and rainbow- chasing democrats admit mat Indiana is likely to repeal Us vote for President Harrison. Thu nomination of Senator Spoonor for governor hi Wisconsin gives bright promise ot success in that state, and the withdrawal of tho domocratls governor from tlio canvass in Michigan Indicates clearly what ho thinks of tho situation there. Now are the democrats of 'Tennessee its happy as they profess lo bo at the prospect ilmt the present governor will bo it candidate against tueui, diverting thousands of votes lo the people's ticket. Republican prospects aro bright. Itut that is uu reason for neglecting tho thorough work which is necessary to Insure success. Itepeiitedly the great party to which the country owes so much of its prosperity within the last thirty years, after beginning ti presidential contest with seiinty conlldcnce, has compelled victory by the uiagultl- cent energy of Its workers. This year It has more reason than ever to reckon with certainty upon a splendid reward for faithful effort. It Ii llari) tn Snll V iliiinily (Ulcm. 'These free traders mid calamity- howlers are hard to suit. The senate llnunclul committee's non-partisan Investigation embraced a eompurl'iou ot LU'OOJKIO quotations of prices and was the most thorough mid seloiititle work of the kind ever undertaken iu this (limitry, lint our democratic opponents assert that It does not amount to anything. Commissioner Peck's investigation extended 11.000 Induvtrlnl establishments In this state, aud the re- suits are tubulated nud ealmilutod to the fraction of a deelmal by expert 'Tho moaning of which Is what ^njo^ja^jsq ^iiujiL But out .ii»ur»f*iwj- f oliOW^ otin (liixl—.^"A-l*—"—• '

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