Mt. Vernon Register-News from Mt Vernon, Illinois on December 12, 1963 · Page 7
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Mt. Vernon Register-News from Mt Vernon, Illinois · Page 7

Mt Vernon, Illinois
Issue Date:
Thursday, December 12, 1963
Page 7
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1,, • iVv I . VUINIIVI'1, ILLIiNwij SOCIETY P.A.n. Meeting I* Postponed The Daughters of the Amre- lcan Revolution will not meet tonight as originally planned. The meeting has been postponed due to the weather. Duplicate) Bridge A master point, game of Duplicate Bridge was played Monday evening at the Elks Club with the following winners: North-south: Mr. and Mrs. Clyde Smith, Centralia, first; Daisy Seright and Elmer Wallace, Harrisburg, second; Mr. and Mrs. L. McLaughlin, Vandalia, third; and Wm. Hart and Jerry Embser, Benton, fourth. East-west winners were: Mrs. D. Driskell and Mrs. J. Canterbury, Eldorado, first.; Mrs. Marshall Clock and Mrs. Elmer Novak, Salem, second; Jane Seright and Martha Culley, Harrisburg, third; and Mrs. It Blowers, Centralia, II. C. Schep- pel, Carlyle, fourth. Geo. E. Hill directed the game. New officers will he elected next Monday evening. All bridge players are welcome. Alpha Delta Knppn Meets Featured Singers FOR LADIES ONLY — By SAUY Carolyn Wilfong, at left, Becky Fields, center, and Melody Warren, eighth grade students at the Casey Junior High School, will sing on Tuesday night, December 17 for the Junior High Christmas concert. The singers will be accompanied by the Junior High seventy- piece symphony orchestra under the direction of Kenneth Mills. Carolyn is the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Gilbert Wilfong, Becky is the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Clifford Fields, and Melody is the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Wendell P. Warren. (Delo Photo Craft) The Sigma Chapter of Alpha Delia Kappa Sorority met December 5 at the home of Mrs. D. Wain Garrison of 21 Cherry Drive for its annual Christmas meeting. Hostesses assisting Mrs. Garrison I ranges from were Mary Mnrtman and Peggy' Carey Preceding the business meeting and program, the hostesses served Queen Elizabeth's Royal Date Cake, a cake which the Queen does bake herself for special occasions. She gives the recipe only upon the contribution of the receiver to some charity in England. Individual Christmas favors wore, of white velvet elves lor corsages. A short business session was conducted by Mrs. Isaac Lambert, president. Secretary and treasurer's reports were given. The Altruistic Committee received contributions from each member toward the Christmas giving project. The current project is establishing a long-range, Five-Year Scholarship Plan, to be given for training a prospective teacher. The Christmas program was given by two sorority members, Wilma Boswcll and Opal Wood. Mrs. Wood told the story of "The Christmas Jewel" and Mrs. Boswel ltold, "How Mrs. Santa Claus Saved Christmas." The home of Mrs. Garrison was beautifully decorated in keeping with the holiday season, with a centerpiece of red carnations and tall white candles in silver candelabra The orchestra bus l>een rehears-1 play in the orchestra. Nancy ing a new Christmas song on- • ,1,-invll, a member of the orclies- lilled "Giddy Up Reindeer" \ Ira. will be ihe featured vocalist, which will be played [or the first V. R. Render, chorus director, , time <m this program. The song and Kenneth Mills, orchestra di- o( the program j was written by Kenneth Mills, rli- rector, will conduct tbe groups. "Songs of Christ- rector of the orchestra, and ar- 1 There is no admission charge mas" through a selection of tra-) ranged by Mr. Mills to fit the and Ihe public is cordially in- tlitional music. i musicianship of the students who : viled to attend. This program has been an annual tradition for many years and features Ihe girls' chorus, hoys' chorus, and Ihe Junior High Symphony Orchestra. The music MRS. NELLIE HASSETT OF MCLEANSBORO in a much appreciated note, expressed her surprise at apping her name over in the birthday column. . . She wanted to know how I could remember ft, when, as she put. it, "There are so many other things to keep in mind." Well, I don't deny that I do have my share of things to remember. And, sorry to say, some of these things do slip my mind. . . However, it was no effort to recall the birthday of one of the most remarkable women I've ever met. .. (She is an artist of exceptional talent- One of my most treasured possessions is a beautiful landscape which she created especially for me. . . ft. has a place of honor in my living room—where it has hung since I the day it was brought to my ! home bv her daughter, VERONICA VOSS.) The fact of the matter is this: I really didn't need a hirthdate to remind me of this charming woman. . . I think of her every time I admire the lovely picture—and this is often. . . To be honest. I've lost count of the times I've explained its origin when it has been admired by visitors in my home. So, it isn't a question of being able to remember something as important as her recent ninety-fourth birthday. . . The question is: How in the. world could I possibly forget it ??? Guest Speaker Wayne Stanford, vice president of Ihe Stanford Kngineer- ing Company of Salem, WHS the featured speaker when the ML Vernon Lions Club held its weekly luncheon meeting, yesterday, at the I., and N. Cafe. Mr. Stanford was one in a group who made a three-week business tour of Eroupe. England, France, and Germany. DEAR ABBY . . . He's Always In The Drink! Abigail.Van Burer pecans and pour into shell. . , bake for one hour at 300 degrees. • • • RUTH PULLEY telephoned Tuesday to tell me that she had discovered one of the most unusual gift suggestions she's ever seen. . . I agree with her. . . It's a credit card game for a diner's club. . . (Be interesting to know all the rules and regulations on this one. . . Hope someone will let me know about it in case it shows up among the Christmas gifts.) * * * Have you ever thought about using goblets as candle holders??? I'll admit the thought hadn't occurred to me—not until I saw an illustration in a magazine. . . Just turn the goblets upside down and trim the candles to fit the base . . . Rod-berried holly clusters can be tied to the stems with narrow red ribbon. . . The allover effect is most attractive... (I think I'll give it a try. . . Even with my lack of artistic ability, surely even I would be able to got by with this bit of yule decoration.) In this same magazine, I also saw the results of a clever gal's dreaming. . . She covered a common baking pan with aluminum foil.. Tn the center, she placed an oblong baking dish —- upside down—also covered with aluminum foil. . . Three fat. red candles were placed on the top dish and, at the base, sprigs of holly, poinscttias, and over- greens made an unusually attractive centerpiece for a holi- (That seems like INA Mr. and Mrs. Dan Blood spent a few days visiting Mr. and Mrs. Dallas Darnell of West Frankfort last week. Paulette Beaty visited with Karen Blood Saturday afternoon SOCIALLY*! YOURS../ - By SAUY - *rea omaa aararasy afternoon. Mrs. Ermon Russel! of Be*Mrs. Ethel Clark of Whltting- "le left today for Sarasota Ion spent the weekend with Mr Springs, New York, for a visit day table I received a telephone call still another one thai I could yesterday morning wanting to! create. . . And, as I've told WE THE WOMEN Wontt Wife ro Look Nice By RUTH MILLBTT Nowipaper Entarpriit Ann. "Men are incapable of choosing their wives' clothes," Norman Harfnell, dressmaker for Queen Elizabeth, told women who attended a fashion show in London recently. Oh, come now, Mr. Harfnell. Such a remark was sure to please the ladies. They love to be told how much more they know than their husbands d<» on any subject at all. Pleasing the ladies may he your business, but somebody ought to tell them Ihe whole unvarnished 'ruth. A woman whose husband help* her choose ; tended services at Spring Gar her clothes might not look as j den Sunday.^ Mrs. Upton's mother though she stepped out of the pages of a fashion magazine, but she would probably never look like a freak, either. When a man helps a woman choose n dress or suit or bat, he doesn't rnrr whether It's the latest word from the fashion world. He doesn't give a hoot nboiit tbe label. HP doesn't rare whether or not the color l «t "pool! this season." He certainly wouldn't he favor n b I y Impressed by such descriptive words us "amiiMOg." What man wants his wife: to go out in HI ) "amusing" hat, for heaven's sake? and Mrs. Frank Nihells. Those attending the funeral of Taylor Wills at Benton Sunday were Mrs. Lova Farmer, Mrs- Ethel Glasco, Mrs. Nittah Martin and Alva Scarbrough. Mrs. Cora Roberson is a patient in Good Samaritan hospital again. Mrs. Roberson was released last week but had to return again this week. Albert Mason of Calif, visited here with his cousins, Lee Glazebrook, Mrs. Nittah Martin and Mrs. Ix>va Farmer and their families. He also visited relatives in Thebes over the weekend. Rev and Mrs. Ralph Uplon at- aecompanied them. Jimmy Scott Shaw of the U. S. Navy is visiting his parents, Mr. and Mrs. Howard Conner and grandmother, Mrs. Mae Toney. Mrs Ruth Conner and Cheryl spent Tuesday with Mr. and i Mrs. Dan Blood. Mrs. Ethel Nihells, Cor. 4-H CLUBS The Liberty Lassies 4-H Club will meet Saturday evening, December 14, at 7:"0 o'clock in the home of Crystal Wheeler. with her son-ln-Iaw and daughter, Mr. and Mrs. Donald Horton. The trip is being made at this time to get acquainted with her new grandson, Paul Michael, who arrived December 10. Charles L. Cook of 704 aouth 22nd street will be 76 years old Sunday. December 15, we have been told by his wife . . . Chester Baker of O p d y k e is having another birthday . . . He will bo 74 years old December 13 according to a telephone call received from his wife . . . We are mailing a card to each one and we do hope each will receive many others. Boy Scouts The monthly Roundtable for Cub Scout and Boy Scout leaders, committeeman and Den Mothers, will be held at the First Baptist Church, 720 Jordan, at 7:30 p.m. tonight December 12th. The "Family Alert" theme for Cub leaders, will be presented by Dan M Sonsini. The training session will include details on how to earn the "Family Alert Pack Citation." The Scouters will examine the January theme, "Trail the Eagle." The highlight of Ihe month's activities will be a Merit Badge Show in each Troop. Polly's Pointers POLLY'S POINTERS tsOXP ALWAYS AT HAND BY POLLY CRAMER, Newspaper Enterprise Assn. DEAR POLLY—I am hoping my hint, will make someone's day less complicated. The recent hint for washing a lace tablecloth was really a smart one. Mine is now as good as new. • Save the last bits of facial soap and dry them thoroughly. Grate them on your kitchen grater, fill a small pill vial an dkeep this in your purse. If you are ever stranded in a rest, room with no soap with which to freshen up, you al- vial and keep this in your purse. If seems I always pick a rest room that has run out of soap. —MARY DEAR POLLY— I have devised a game fo rour four-year-old The tour was headed by Governor Otto Kerner. Mr. Stanford, in a m o s t interesting way, told how each of these countries is anxious to purchase materials from the United States and are willing to cooperate with this country's method of foreign commerce. He also said that the businessmen of Europe are eager to meet and visit with Americans •— particularly in group meetings. This has led to a much better understanding of problems faced by all— plus an increase in orders for merchandise manufactured in this country. A letter of appreciation was read in which Eltis Hcnson, superintendent of the Mt. Vernon Township High School, thanked the Lions Club for the dinner it sponsored in behalf of the Rams 1068 football team —an annual project of the organization. President Don Shafer presided at the meeting and the invocation was given by Herbert G. Wilson. It was announced that the Christmas program will be presented at the meeting next week. There will not be a meeting on Wednesday, December 2fS or on January I - New Years Day. Ed Dilley was a guest. Led by Kenneth Mills, the group enjoyed the singing of Christmas cards. DEAR ABBY: 1 am a widow who has recently been shown a lot of attention by a doctor. (He has never been married, and is considered quite a catch.) r enjoy his company and am flattered with the attention he's been giving nio; but here is the problem. When we are out socially, he drinks like a fish. You can't tell a Sfi-ycar-old man that you refuse to ride with him when he's been drinking, so I just close my eyes and go. Is there a diplomatic w a v to handle this, Abbv? LUCKY . .DEAR H'CKY: Lucky Is right: If you like bis company mid he drinks like. » risli. tell him you would be glml to swim with him, hut you don't want to ride with him. Suggest be call a when he's had n few. If he refuses, let some other "lucky" lady have him. know if I had a recipe for butterscotch, pecan pie. . . I had to disappoint the culler because 1 couldn't find one at I hat time. . . However, a more lengthy search turned up this one. . . It. calls for a dozen butterscotch chips. . . one cup --eachwhite syrup, white sugar and chopped pecans. . . two eggs—well beaten—. . . two tablespoons oleo — one-! fourth teaspoon salt and one | one known nine-inch unbaked pic shell. . . Directions. . . melt the chips over hot water and add the syrup. . . blend well, . . now cream the oleo, sugar and salt. . . add the well beaten eggs and blend well. . . fold in the syrup mixture. . . add the you gals so often before. . . Anything that I can do would he a cinch for those with real talent.) Requests for recipes — especially suited to the holiday season-continue to i - each my desk. . .This is to assure each one that I'll do my level best to find these. . . Right now, I'm searching—in vain—for as a twenty-four hour salad. . .This salad is not listed in my supply of recipes... So, I'm hoping there is someone out there in rcaderland who will come to my rescue. . . (How about it, my friend, do j cvor " rinfJ _ anything ihat only he never wears his ring. Once he said he lost it, and as soon as I told him I'd buy him another one he found it somewhere. Another time he came home with his ring in his wallet. He is always making up some excuse for not wearing his wedding ring. T don't believe a word he says. I got mad and told him if he wasn't going to wear his wedding ring, 1 wasn't wearing mine, either. T took mine off and haven't worn it in a week. We have two children and I know it doesn't look right hut do vou blame me? NO RING DEAR NO: Two wrongs don't make H right. Put your wedding ring bin l< on anil | t.nd out what tbere Is about j <v ^ iviiLv-iiiiinii m u»ui> f Kinmllnf|v spon , yesterday your ininieil life Unit makes j was a Mt. Vernon business vis-j lr . mM( , t ; n|r "business in Ihe YOU know how it's prepared If so, will you share it???) AJ1 a man is interested in when his wife tries on suino-iyj thing for his inspection i»- £ whehter or not it is becoming. ; 2 He may be influenced by ] g the price tag. but not as much [J: as his wife is. at Ihat. k So women who consult their & husbands ahout their choice of flf clothes might or might not get vr- on anybody's best-dressed list <*• -even at a local level but . ft they can be sure that their I tj- clothes will be hecoming. and j £ that no one will ever be startled I ft by their appearance when they \ V; oidev a room thai the first j« thought that comes tn mind is: H 'How in the world did she j ft un -|g . PERSONAL . Mrs. Omer Baker and Mrs. j Mrs. Nora Walsh and Mrs. Dale Black of Salem vi.silcd j Gale Hunter of McLeansboro friends and shopped in the King: visited friends and shopped in City yesterday. Mt. Vernon yesterday. R. L. Kitezmann of St. Louis ' Mv aml Ml ' s - Charlie Whitley becoming?" But then, of course, if most husbands had a hand in selecting their wives' clothes the designers wouldn't find it so easy to sell women outlandish fashions. i No wonder tbe fashion in- ft dustry doesn't care to have | g women dressing to please their i«: husbands instead of to impress ' K other women. a Gifts from Jackson 's MEN'S EWELRY DEAR ARRY: This may seem like a silly question, but I am 15 and would like to know if a girl is supposed to say thank you when a boy or a man opens n door for her. Or should she just accept it as something they are supposed to do? JUST ME HEAR ME: Even though » courtesy Is expected. It should always be acknowledged with tlumlts. .x- -y- DEAR ABBY: My husband and I had a double-ring ceremony when we were married, your husband Hue tn pretend he is single. • o -o -o('OX FID KNTIOL TO VIV: If you thought your boss was out of line, ynu should have either put hhn In his place, or gheii hliu your notice. What did you expect your Iiiis- hani! to do? tin to the office and knock his block off? What's on your mind? For a personal reply, send a self- add resr.od. stamped envelope to Abbv, Box ,i:i65, Beverly Hills, Calif. •0- -o- -o- Fnr Ahhy's booklet. "How to Have a Lovclv Wedding." send 50 cents to *Abhv, Box 3365, Rcvorlv Hills, Calif. it or Wednesday afternoon. Mr. and Mrs. Gene Dixon of Thompsonville transacted business and shopped in tbe King City yesterday. William H. Carroll of Bluford made a short business trip to Mt. Vernon Wednesday. Ralph Kennedy of Dahlgren transacting King City. Mrs. Brcnda Lewis of Marion visited friends and shop- 1 ped in Ml. Vernon Wednesday.' Mrs. Alice Williams of Benton was a King City shopper and business vistor yesterday afternoon. Darrell Wright, who spent i u l Si 1 Plays Anywhere $ BATTERY OPERATED COMPACT Portable 8 lb. Phonograph spent yesterday a f t o r n o o n j several days transacting busi- transacting business in the'•• ness in Mt. Vernon, has re- j King City. turned to his home in Evans- j Lowell Popple of Bluford was ville, Ind. a Mt. Vernon business visitor Clyde Henderson of Albion I Wednesday. ', made a business trip to Mt. Donald Edminson of Opdyke | Vernon Wednesday, w'as a business visitor in the, 1 Robert Lappin of Mulkey- ! King City Wednesday after-1 town made a business trip to j noon. I Ihe King City yesterday. ! Complete With 25 Records $3995 POLYANDRY Polyandry is a familial system under which a woman is married to several men at the same time. Personal relation- • ships within jxilyandrous lam- > ilies often are remarkably free from jealousy, according to the Encyclopaedia Brilannica. daughter that helps to teach her the alphabet. I wrote the alphabet, and numbers on a piece of cardboard and on paper, too. I cut out the paper numbers and letters so each is in its own square. She matches these paper squares to the same numbers or letters on the cardboard. As she matches 1 tell her their namvs. '—-She has already learned to j iflentilv manv of them.—MRS. ! K. C. G. 1 i Automatic Action Brush tor Teeth DEAR POLLY — Urge iron and Gums from S QUIBB , nuts from the hardware store make attractive candle holders. They arc heavy enough to hold tall tapers and the threads inside the nuts hold the candles snugly In place. They can he painted gold, silver or any desired color. Decorate after painting.—SARA The beaver, dog, grizzly bear, horse, lion, mountain goal and pack rat are mammals with exceptional animal TQs. GIRLS — This would be R good idea for making extra holiday candle holders that might be decked with fireproof Christmas "jflit- <er"—POLLY DEAR POLY — An idea my husband thought up has worked to successfully for five years that I thought others might like to use it. Our storm windows had round holes across the bottom of each wood frame but. we always wished more provision had been made for ventilation. To remedy this, my husband cut a big oval across the bottom of each frame where the small round holes had been. He further improved the situation by nailing screening, on fthe outside, over this opening. Insects cannot get in as they used to before we would get the storm windows down and the screens up in the spring. We ran leave them up longer without depriving ourselves of the outdoor air.-MKS. H.V.H. the perfect Christmas gift HEAD START by Janet Henry Oh, say can you see By the dawn's early light My wosh on the line? (I forgot it lost night, Gift Hats by Champ quick, gentle up-and-down action Mi BLADES WALGREEN AGENCY DRUG STORE 2 Exclusive 1st Mt. V. Showings IJ TTTH 4 Route 148 — 343-378S Open 6:00 — Starts 7:00 TIMES SHOWN 1. Faustus-7:00 and 10:00 in part 2. Maiuter-8:50 STARTS FRIDAY 13TH GUYS BRING YOUR GHOUL FRIENDS Special jinx show for Friday 13th —Are you a man or a mouse? Anyone staying through entire performance will receive a free pass at the concession stand by turning in your ticket stub. A ghastly degance that suggestsTennesseeWiMiarosf Color miuiMiSHUioHMtatfttiWH cartoon wsiRBtmc wiwtti hciuftts COWOMTWI Hats that make the perfect <*ift for Christmas my «-*'Y ' v v-,. 10 K GOLD MEN'S INITIAL RINGS $1250 ^ Up a BEST BUY from RECORD DEPT LADIES' 250 hours of music on 6 | FLASHLIGHT BATTERIES! For that blue-chip man.., a gift that's most likely to please-a Champ Hat Gift Certificate. What better way to give him the styling, colors, textures he can choose himself-at his convenience. An example of Champ fashion...the Executive, shown here. Pick up a Champ gift certificate... complete with miniature hat and hatbox. 9.95 CHAMP HATS THE MAMMOTH DEPT. STORE t i As truly portable as • lady's purse $ ... yet delivers fulL, rich music in « tht round like a big home coo- H sole! You'll be amazed to hear the wonderful clear tones of this new Mercury Compact with its fine 7" Ticonal Speaker—and just think —6 ordinary flashlight batteries deliver full power for up to 6 months of normal playing! Plays all stereo or monaural... 4 speeds... automatic shut-off... with diamond stereo cartridge. Come in... see, hear for yourselfl g I I I % t I I t Costume Jewelry $100 u P TIE CLASPS I CUFF LINKS 1 TIE TACS I $165 Up SPEIDEL WATCH BANDS .IVe RECORDS - THE GIFT THAT KEEPS ON GIVING .op 45 records (or $91 fERTHERSTUn DOMINIQUE—Th» Singing Nun LOUIE, lOUIE-Kln B »m.n EVERYBODY—Tommy Ro. I'M LEAVING IT UP TO YOU —Dilo 4 Gr«co YOU DON'T HAVE TO BE A BABY TO CRY—Tho C.r.v.ll.i SINCE I FEU FOR YOU -lonny W.lch IN MY ROOM-Boich toys DRIP DROP—Dion THERE I'VE SAID IT AGAIN —Bobby Vinton WALKING THE DOG —Rufui Thomti LITTLE RED ROOSTER —Sim Cook* SHE'S A FOOl-li .li. Gort SUGAR SHACK-Jimmy Gilm.r WONDERFUL SUMMER -Robin Wtrd AS USUAl-Br.nd. U« LODDY LO-Chubby ChtcWr THAT LUCKY OLD SUN —Riy ChirUi ComplaU ttUclion of Sttrto and Monaurit Christmas Albums Glvo Rocordi-Th* Gift That Kttpi on Giving On 45 rpm—WHITE CHRISTMAS by Andy Williams DO YOU HEAR WHAT I HEART By Bing Crosby J I 8 • » premium indt transistors plus a • ButovMnttniirsdspitkir lor rich ton* translator died* . . tslsctsd, teatad • room-filling volume. 7 end electronically "matcried" for hlt> • ineipenslve to operate... vtea sMfla. eat performance. low-cost, tone Ufa battery. • Advanced Bulove circuit detlfn for • Exclusive Bulova iewelry-styled un> ultra-ienjltlvlty . , . euper-powered breakable cabinet. Choice of beautiful performance. color combinations. $15.95 Itii betroriet. Prico inclgdea leather carrying ceto end eerphona SO EASY TO OWN... U LITTLE AS M A WEfK JACKSON'S OFFER YOU: • Guaranteed Satisfaction • Free Gift Wrapping • Greater Selection • Cradit Termi • Greater Service • Everyday Low Prices M. E. JACKSON SOUTH SIDE SQUARE Southern Illinois' Leading Jeweler for Over 43 Years.

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