Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois on April 13, 1961 · Page 30
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Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois · Page 30

Alton, Illinois
Issue Date:
Thursday, April 13, 1961
Page 30
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Page 30 article text (OCR)

At/POl? (MO t, MfOXtGi» t M o WettWf Wlfn. Atntand ttfM CBS Nswsi tdwtrts B Hartley, Brinkley News 9 Casals Master Class: fiacn, Sulla No. 1 in Q. Major for unawofnpanied cello. ItSMI Ofeitwari Ho: Hawk eye's feathers art ruffled when fat town decides to erect tnon- luMnt to it's greatest citizen and it's not the Pueblo chief. 4 December firldet Lily talks Matt into hiring decorator to help Ruth "re-do" house. 5 Outlaws! Young man • lets out to find tend of desperados who posed u Corded* •rate guerillas and lynched his •herltt-father in 'The Avenger." Victor Morrow. 11 Bold Journey: Deserted Island. 6:45-9 Sociology Course. 7:00—2 Donna Reed Show: Musical tobacco Jar revives differing memories for Donna and Alex. 4 Angel: Old saying is reversed into "Finders Weepers, Losers Keepers," after Angel finds $50 in "The .Honest Man." - 11 Science Fiction. 7:15-9 UN Review 7:30—2 Real McCoys: Grandpa and Luke disagree on methods to pep up the PTA charity drive in "The Bazaar." 4 Zane Grey Theatre: Butt Reynolds stars as freewheeling guide, and Cesar Romero plays the gambler he is 9 BM Mastersufi: Bit teruedee when a oroe! echenM threaten to start eft Indian up* rising in "Mwttng at Mlmbem" v speech CouTN 11 Broken Arrow S!to~3 My Thr« Sons: gobble applies Ms history leathers' unique methods in courtlitt a new girl in "The WU*y Metb- od." 4 Qunslingeri Danjerouj killer is released from prison in order to lead Cord to curren* cy stolen from the Union Army during the CM! War to "The Golden Circle." 5 Bachelor Father: When Kelly and her friends tun against the school's basketball coach, Bentley becomes Involved in an oratorical contest in "Bentley and the Great Debate." 9 Dr. Thomas Dooley 11 Rough Riders 8!$—2 Untouchables: Viveca LJndfors featured in "Rings of Terror" as Ness searches for a link between narcotics and crooked prize fights. 5 Tennessee Ernie Ford: (Color) Singing Everly Brothers guests. 9 Two for the Physics U Texas Rangers ' 9:00-4 CBS Reports; "Carl Sandburg at Gettysburg." How- ared K. Smith narrator for program recounting events of the divided nation's period a century ago. Jemes" (IMP) |J«*|| oil 16 fsjtfittjii MM 9:30-2 Stunts Plesje: "WlS RoBers," review of Ms oawer front eany bafflitorminji days to Ms unomely death, S Two FaoM West 9 Heritage: Louis Arm* strong feataraa WiOO-8 Totnbstom Territory 459 Nawsi Weather 10:15-4 Dye on St. Louts B Jack Paw: (Color) Nan* cy Walker guest 9 Sports Away: Story of Alton Locks. 10:30-2 Movie: BttKe Cabot, Virginia Brace: "Let !Bm Have It" (1938) Federal agents trap criminals. 4 Movie: Wallace Berry, Jackie Cooper: "The Champ" (1532) Bx-champ tries comeback to support small son who idolizes Mm. 10:95-11 News Roundup 11:00-11 Movie: James Dunn, Shlela Ryarm "Caribbean Mystery" (1945) U.S. Agent tries to solve disappearance of 8 men in camp. 12:00—4 Movie: Michey Rooney, Patricia Ellis: "Down The Stretch" (1936) Bey jockey has to live down father's reputation. 5 News: You Asked 12:15—2 News: Comedy Time 1:05-4 News: Prayer Friday Daytime. April 14 8:00—2 Camera Two 4 News: Grimsby 8:15-2 Willie Wonderful 4 Capt. Kangaroo 8:30—2 Romper Room 9:00—4 I Love Lucy 5 Say When 9 In School Programming 9:30—2 Jack LaLanne Show 4 Video Village 5 Play Your Hunch: (Color) 10:00—2 Topper 4 Double Exposure 5 Price la Right (Color) 10:30—2 News: Hayward 4 Surprise Package 5 Concentration 10:35-2 Coffee Break 11:00—2 Morning Court 4 Love of Life 5 Truth or Consequences 11:30-2 Love That Bob 4 Search for Tomorrow 5 Could Be You (Color) 11:45-4 Guiding Light 11:55-5 NBC News:' Soberer Noon—2 Camouflage ,, 45 News: Weather 9 TV College 11 The Story 12:05-4 Burns and Allen 5 Charlotte Peters 12:30-2 Number Please , 4 As the World Turns 11 Modern Almanac 1:00—2 About Faces 4 Face The Facts 5 Jan Murray: (Color) 11 Movie: "Return ol Frank James". See Wed. 9 p.m. Ch. 11. 1:15-8 News: Walter Ross 1:25-2 ABC News: Al Maim 1:30—2 Comedy Playhouse 4 House Party 5 Loretta Young 2:00—2 Day in Court 4 Millionaire 5 Young Dr. Malona 2:30—2 Seven Keys 4 Verdict is Yours 5 From These Roots 3:00—2 Queen for a Day 4 Brighter Day 5 Make Room for Daddy Unka Chase 3:15—4 Secret Storm 3:80—2 Who Do You Trust 4 Edge of Night 11 Scope: Documentary 3:45-11 Cartoons 4:00-2 American Bandstand 4 SS Popeye 5 Life of Rfley 11 Capt ITs Showboat 4:30—4 Movie: Frank Sinatra, Gene Kelly. Esther Williams: •Take Me Out to the Ball- game" (1948) Musical about baseball team and its beautiful owner. 5 Wranglers dub (First 15 min. color.) 5:00-2 Rin Tin Tin 9 Krickety-Krackety 5:25-5 Mr. Magoo 5:30—2 News: Hayward 5 Whirlybirds 9 Words and Music 11 Three Stooges 5:40-2 Weather: Hayward 5:45-2 Fun With Yo Yos 6:00—2 Pony Express 4 News: Max Roby 5 News: John Roedel 9 News: Walter Ross Telegraph 9 s Daily Radio Chart THURSDAY N—New* W—Weather S—Sports KSD (NBO) WBW (MBS) KMOX (COS) KWK tfOKZ «M KO 770 KO 1120 KO USO KO 1570 KO N: S; Law Business; Wtfk HHle N Como; N Music World N: W: Music Music World Music; N: W N; W: Davis B. Anthony N; Richard K. Richard N: Music S. Digest J. Palen Palen; N N; S H. Winterhalter World N E. Moraan Sign Off N In Person B. Bunws S; N K. Richard S: Richard' K. Richard Slsn Off N; Mutie Mu»lc The Wortd P. Story Q. Mnsfc M >l N; Richard K. Richard N; Wilde D. Wilde N; Multe N. Music N; Music 9 . Music ii N: Wilde D. Wilde Motronom* N; Music 9 . Music •i N; WUda D. wilde N MamorlM N. *•»»•* . S: Wild N; WUd N; Memorise Momomi Memorlei: N N; Buck J. Buck D.' N; N. Ude atCh atch FRIDAY seo Opener Music World Roedtl N U, Viewpoint Muiio World N; W; Music Muilc; N; W Clockwstofcsr N; Clvb Coffee Club N; Club Coffee Club N: S; Day N: Bob world N H. Ount N; Ouo Muile World N; W; Music Music World Music; N Bs> t Davis ClockwsteMr Coff«» Club M N S ! Burto Burh, Music N;"wi Mm Jo: World N; W Clockwatcher Flstri N: Oavli O. Davis N; D«vl» 0. Davis : Nswsome Nswiome Mu^lo WarW N; Dav O. Dtv S : JP^X 6. Dtvl N; Nsvtomt (^ NSWSMM N n Musis N; Wj M Muilc; K N; DavJs IS 8 * G. oavto M. Osinss P' 'houis PJr. Muiic world N »* G. D»vi« N: Pa F'^OUM Musto Wjirttf Vour N: W; M Music; II U N; J4 ft. J. Jonat B. Ceuatsr •4 K Music World N; W; Mujie Music; M:W <£ M M M M M W COME SAVE ON IT All WITH OLE PAIL8 flavorful Mayrottl Armtal First Cuiil BEEF CHUCK ROAST. Ib. C New Short Shmkl READY -CHAMPION! TO JTWHOLB EAT HAMS 14 !• i6.ib. 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OLEOMARGARINE . 4^89c All Flavors KOOL-AID .... 10r^.39c Hickory Hollow!! CHARCOAL 20&99c It'» Ttuigy!! Brook*' ' BBQ SAUCE Sba 39c American Beauty!! TOMATO CATSUP . 6 ££. '1 16.96 Cane ol 48 PET or CARNATION H.10 Case ol 48 TOPIC . 1 A TtUI »1 111 Tins 1 M.TS Cat* of 4S MILNOT f A TaUStJ 111 Tint 1 Red or White! nm vnr wvni»wi ^ ^^ ^^ *^ Seed or Table! 4 A HJAfl POTATOES ID » 2? Red Ribbon t! Genuine Yearling!! BEEF ROUND STEAKS »69c Red Ribbon!! Genuine Yearling!! BEEF T-BONE STEAKS «69c Red Ribbon!! Genuine Yearling!! BEEF SIRLOIN STEAKS" 69c Red Ribbon!! Genuine Yearling!! BEEF SHORT STEAKS.»69c Red Ribbon!! Genuine Yearling!! BEEF CHUCK STEAKS.«49c Red Ribbon!! Genuine Yearling!! BONELESS PIKES PEAK » 79c Red Ribbon!! Genuine Yearling!! CORNER RUMP ROAST » 69c Full o' Vitamins!! SLICED BEEF LIVER . »29c Hormel's Finest!! BACON END SLICES .4 ,'"..'1 Hickory JOWL BACON . . . . »29c Finest!! We Hove It Tool! WAFER SLICEDM BOILED!! HAM 69 S&. SMOKED HAMS . » 33c SMOKED HAMS.» 43t Hunter's Finest!! Thick SLICED BACON . . .2£i,89c Sunrise!! Plcapae!! SLICED BACON . . . »49c Hunter's IXL!! SLICED BACON . . . 3 £b '1 Rath's Finest!! ALL MEAT WIENERS . »49c Rath's Finest!! f if .2ft per rail ALL MEAT BOLOGNA '1 Two-Found Cello Jumbo FRANKFURTERS. . 2 ' 99c Meadow Gold's Gurn-Z-Gold It's Grade 3 35c HALF GALLONS Quality Dairy's Grade "A" 2%HOIO 3 35e HALF GALLONS PREFERRED Grind Your Own COFFEE DINING CAR COFFEE 59« No Limit U. No Trleta MIX or MATCH 'EM! Mussilman's Apple Sauet Tematois • Swt, Potatoet Wholi Kirnil Corn $3.95 Cos* of 24 6 U Tins MIX or MATCH 'EM! Criam Stylt Corn Shtllout Beans • Gr, Bians Appli Sauce $3.25 Cos* of 24 7 l5c $1 303 ^ I Tins I MIX or MATCH 'EM! Sauerkraut • Slioed Beets Gr, Beans With Potatoes Mustard or Turnip Greens $2.95 Cost of 24 8 J.S $1 Tin, I MIX or MATCH 'EM! 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