Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on March 31, 1927 · Page 5
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 5

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, March 31, 1927
Page 5
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7 ^i-rfT^^-^i^f^r^^^^^^pp^jjI^^f^^ : THE TOLA DAILY REGISTER. THURSDAY EVENTNG. 4- >$- WHERE TO MARKET NEWS EVENTS OFHUMBOQ)T tlHiiy iiiiiiilHildt Feo)tlb. t <i lolu Junior 4 «lle«f« Pla j-— I'ri'shjler- liin n«rkliiif SOi-My Elirls Oii'icers. (Kr.'iiirls Culvor) Hl!.MBULI)T. Mar. r'.Ui —riiaptpr A M of K K. O. nut .MOiiUay night at tlif lioiue of .Mrs. L; lloltscliiioid- Willi a 8<)(M1 altcniiaiuc? prt'i-eiit. j .Mrs., AnKrIia Works sav<- u v.-rv' intfirestiiig r ';view of Temple Hailey's new book, "Wallflowers." .Uillon .Amos., who lias been employed for .Hi'X 'eral ui'ojith.s in t'lii- cago, HI., returaeil thi.s week' to the home of his ])ar«'nls. .Mr. and Mrs. J. J. Amos'of this city. iJr. and .Mrs. (). C.^ I'ayne ino- toreU to Kalfsas City; the first, of ihi.s_ week'and returned here yes- lerdViy. "The purpose of their trip was; :lju.sine .ss and aJso while there | theyi were with Kdwlii i'ayne. a ' "stiid^-nt. at the Kansas City Conservatory. .Mrs. ItoiiKla^ .Mttllen and her two dauKliters arrived hei 'e todiO" • 1o vjsil for some time with her Hiotli 'er. .Mrs. .Margaret Urancher, and .her aunt, Mrs. Lulu Creen- iiian.. .Mrs. .Mullen has just returned from Lo.s- .Vngeles, wiiere 1 lier husband was killed •re<-enlly in ; ii: motor aciideut. She formerly lived in Humboldt, i .Miss Kuth Steenliack of Falis City, Nebr., lia.s been here jbis Week visjtijig her sister,;.\Irs.:.K<l MckarlH. The Music Club held its regular ' . nieeiiiis Monday, .\lar(;h US, at the ' hiub' rfcliool auditorium. There was u'g^<iorI atienduuce and an interest- i .iiK proijtiim. The anniivl ••lertion was also held and resulted ininiak-i liig .Mrs. IJartwiK. presltlenl; .Mrs.^ I.eitzba'( li. viec-presideni: Mis .s Hi'len llaiina. se(i'etary: Miss Theresa Clark, Irea'surer, and Mrs. K. U. Cifiver, reporter. Tlie pro- Kram was (;:-rmaii and was as ftdlow's: : • W;ign <-r - I'a|)er .Mrs. llartu'ij; . 'J'aniiliauser ._.Mrs. .1. .1. Amos t). Thou Sulilime Sweet KveniiiK Hiar i-^-d TanifliauMcr -Mrs. • K. C. I'erry Wcliome -My Wijod (Krantzi _ Mrs. Krank .Stevens -Kaitli in ijpring (Schubert I -Miss (ieorgia Hanini Charge of tlie L'Jans (Hohml , -^J-.\irs. f'aper, .Marjory Casper Sik'ii,t as Night (Bohtul . . J--.MrsJ .Siarkey, .Mrs. Aitdruss 1 I .i)Ve Tliee ( Ueethoveni i-.--i .Miss Leilzbaeh l)n Wings of Song (.Mendel.soJiun) : — I Mrs. Senser .Ma:ny Huniboidt peo^ile will nio~ for to lola to see the cullege play tomorrow night. 'Musi Out of College" takes ii'i some of the lliini- . bokit student.-i in the aiflt. p The tieiieral Working Society of the Presbyterian church held its anntjal meeting toda.v at the home of .\irif. J. 11. Arniel. A bu .siiiess meeting was held and llie corp.s of offitHT .s elected is as follows for •iy2S: Mrs. Louis Weinrich, ldent:( .Mrs. .1. 1 II. Armel, 1st Their "Bafck to Kance" Essays Win Prizes "I waiit to .go back to France old that are fading wiUi the 3 essay that won a first prize of . want rp"6otTfranie AVith tlie Legion In 1927." Kaustus P. Ha^desty (ce.Uer) of Buffal^ won second prize. ,U0 and Harry C. Weftover ('•'«''t>^of^Sa.tta^Ana.^Cahf, Prize Winner once more.—not to seek new ioys or thrills, but to rev ve the dreams of ears." wrote Kobert McKinnls (lelt above) of New Brighton. 1350 m a national American LeglV contest. The subject] was "Why » SIM».\(;K J AKK UITH S(ll K .WII.K. -.'{ cui>s flour •1' cult's while sugar eggs r ':: clip Hour milk 1 teaspoon saleratus i • Dissolve tlie saleratii.s in tin- lljilk. Hi'al tile eggs seiiaraHMy. .Sjn 111!- flour ami sugar. Kirst jiul I I K- sugar into rlie milk ami egt;^ then the flour, am! slir all W-dl log.•tiler, usliiK atiy flavoring tract. I teaspoon.. As soon as flour is stiired Ifi. put it imuH! ately into a iiiiick oven. If it nil put into a <onimon squ, for which ii makes right amount. It will reipilre ab at to W miiuil«-s to hake. -I,. K. 1 cup suiiar cup biillor or lard 2 eggs 1 cut» Sour milk ' 2 even teaspoons soda • 1 <up molasses 21^ cups flour 2 teaspoons cinnamon I'.j teaspoons ginger teaspoon cIov(;s x- ilie (ii- is itre [he •lit .M. '4 teaspoon imtmeg Heat butter and sugar lo cream. Add eggs, then miik w soda ilissolved in it. Last, tlie molasses, spices and fijj Hake alKHit 2u minutes.—L. 10. a ith Id nr. .M. 1H2 l>resi TKA THI.STFK.S. (A liot d:iinty. snltuble jnr Innrli aitcrniKin Jeiij) 2 '2 cupful.^ fiour i •I lahlespfKinfitl .s fat , . \~i cupful sugar (white) ."? leasprionfuls baking powder^ ''-i t^aspoonful salt ' .'^weet milk to make a soft ii<i Sift flour, salt and baking p<>w- r. /Hub in fat. iidd sugar, ni'iik Vnoiigh to roll. Roll to H a! vice-presi.ent: Mrs. Uitzbacli. 2iul i„,;h thickness. Spr v.ce-;pr^^s.dent: .Mrs. .1. .1 .^nios, a,,, t,,,,,,.^. Sprinkle with sn^ secretary; Mrs. Cha-s. Schatfner. nf,,, ^ij,...;, j-f junior ti-e:isurer. 1 he four divi- ;» nrhi^,-,] j.:.n Wetl sions will meet next We.tnesday to !4rinkle top with sugar, a bit el^^ct olllcers in their .different di-!j,i|iv j„. „!.:,• of eacli. Hake visions. !.-\ very pleasant .iifternooii hot oyn.- .M. H. was .speiit socially after the hit- ^ Ues.s ' miieting, with • light retji;-... nieiits served by the old lloard-of olficers before retiring. or gh en third, $100. There wete more tha» TO.UATO, LKTTICK AMI TI.NA I I FISH SALA». . i Sijle<-1 large. Jirm, regular sized i tomaioi's; scald, jn-el and remove j I piil|/. Drain and flake a pound .' «uin of tuiiafisli. mix with half a ' ( upfiil of stiff|tua.vonnaise or boiled liresslng, adding a tablespoonful »)£ capers and lialf a cupful of i t:hoj».I)exI lellTy; fill the tomatoes I and 5erve oii lettuce leaves gar- i iuished with wlfirl.s of the dressing. "-K.'S. "TO.MATO SI IfJ'KISi: SAr.Alll, •Peel six tomatoc^j tiiid put in biix after sduiiiiiiL' out ecu Sofl''n 2 ti"!i~|/-iioiis cjirefiilly. BY SISTER MARY BTIEAKFAST — BakeS apples, cerfe^I, creamy eauntry sausage^ 'cornmeal pancakes, maple sirup, milk, crisp graham toast, coiree, . ; LUNCH,EON'^Ham loaf, creamed celery, fruit, puff puddings, whole wheat bread, milk, tea. DLV^TER—S a 11 s b u r y steak, baked sweet potatoes, parsnip patty, cake.s. endive with 'hard. cooked-egg dressing, ^ gingerbread, padding, graham rolls, milk, coffee. . j J ' ^ , ' Small persons under school age may have some maple sirup with their crisp toast, since they should not Indulge In the pancakes. Be sure the sausage Is thoroughly cooked and well draiiied from Its fat before serving. •" Ham loaf Is a good way to use up bits of bam that can't be used {u slices. Ham Loaf Two cups cold boiled rice, icup ^t^opped cold boiled ham.i cup bcale bread crumbs, 1 tablespooa minced parsley, 1 teaspoon onion iulce. >,». teaspooii pepper. U tea' spoon paprika 1 egg. cup milk, 1 tablesposn b ttterj ^ tablespoon flour. i Melt butter, ktlr in flour and slowly add ml'";,'; stirring constantly. Put ham and rice, through food chopper. Add saiice. bread crumbs, parsley, c^ilon Juice, pepper and. paprilia. Mix well and add egg beaten until light. Mix thoroughly and press into a brick-shaped pan well buttei^ed. Cover: with ' buttered'paper and bake ACi, minutes in a moderate oven. iTura out of pan onto a' hot platt«r, gar- "1 MARKET For two days only Friday and Saturday, April 1st and 2nd. mm Swifl'l j toG,...,.. ot Half Slab. lb. Pure Fresh Also (hoi llW'f, Ij Lninb; We Itest ui| kel; meul I 'rcmium Bacon.* Ibk to Slab, Whole 42c rompi und, S Jbs- _-S1.00 Ont^ II 1- -11c A good buy. Long • lofn Chcpae 27c lb. .*af Lard (i Ihi. for $1.00 One IF - 20c Ah.soljilely the^ lard tha can be bought. Pork Liver, lb. 5c 'or This Week End Bepf, Kii)ir.V Baby orli, (.'ennhip Siirini; lYiMini; ll «Mi>i. i lU}' 'niilhliiir liut the priiklurl*- for o ir m:ir. i ^lll meii»<* r. S. ^irer^- f|N |IP <-|<>«l. THAT VOIJ <A.>V^^ 1 rflBj-^-*"!; gelatin in 2 tablespoons cold wa- li-r. I'lii in'(loubie boiler oveij hot water and "dissolve. Creari . 2 pack;iges 'of soft cream cheese. Season with salt and paprikUiUnd Vj teaspootiful salt, i tablespoonful siigar 4 tableslnionfills fat .•\bout % cupful sweet milk Mix as I'or ordinary biscuit dough folil in 2 lups -of whipped crl-am. ami cttt into large .sizeil biscuits. Kplil in gelatin. 1^ possilile. I'ili stirring as little this cheese inix- Hake foi' aboAt fifte«'h minutefi in a hot oven. Sjilit each biscuit, cov- lureiiuto tomato and stick sjjrted i.-r half;with apricoUs (dried),'which a1ni(>;iids on top. Serve on lettuce ihave IJeeii cooked, sweetened and with; niayoiinaiso. If; cheese mix- iiia.-lied. C<iver with other half.' 'tir>-;i-' noi stiff.etioijgh set In ;i< e spre;id' with niort> apricots.' top liox ifor half an hour. Tills will . withl wliiiiped cream. This re<:ipe (should serve .six people and oiie- iialf iM .und of apricots will be re- (luireil.--.M. H. rerve six pi-rsoiis,—.M. R. APUHilT SHOKT ( AKK. (Ili -licliMis und UH {rood lo look nf . ii« II ,Is fo eai.) >' 2 < iipfuls flour 4 ieaspoonfiilH baking powder It's nev.M- too late for a woman to keep nn appointment. NO MORE SICKENING PILLS FOR HIM 63-year-dld man gains relief from constipation,with ALL-BRAN Follow Mr. Hoflf- iier's remarkable story of the wonderful work of ALL-BRAN, "I wu constipated from^ borliood nntn I beican catine ALL-BRAN. I am past 63. years old. F«el like 30.' No ;iDore pills Xor j me. I do.tbis with my own free will." J. H. HOFTNEB ' Wilfiamstown. N. J. Cause of more than fofty diseases! Thief of health and happiness! Pimples, headaches, .sallow skin, falling hair are but a few of the tell-tale signs. .Don't let con- • Btipition sap your health! Kellogg's ALL-BRAN will relievo' it. Two tablespoonfuls daily—in chronic cases, with every meal. Guaranteed. Doctors recommend ALL-BRAN because it is 100 7o{ bran. • Delicious with milk or cream, and add fruits or honey. Use in cooking. Sold by all grocers. Served everywhere. Ready to eat. Made by Kellogg in llattle Creek. ALL-BRAN CASH 120 E. Madison CASH qi ALITV GROt'ERlEf? AT LESS COST, iWIieu it <-omes (o iiualit.v we .satisfy the most particular people and save them money in everpthing in the grocery line. . Our Inisiness lieii^ ionducted on the principle of l.lltle .i'rolil>< mill Large Sales, w.. are; able to invariably give you a higlii-r <iuality ofg^ ocerii-s at a hiwer price than you can ob- l:iin eh<whir<-. I • I! thiTiloie follows thit you can live better at leas cost by • dr.iliiig at our tinsililj Xlori*. JUST LOOK AT The Many Bargains' Pork and Beans :i Small Yiin ('nm |ifi for 21c .1 .Meiliiim Van Ciinips 25c FRUIT JELL • .hi<it nsk your neigh- iMir nhout Siii .iile Fruit. 4HI unit (hey Hill .tWI yjui It Is the best on the miirket* :t pkgs. )ilj iliivors I t • 24c i . . 1 ; CORN 1 A real good rorii. only A heller grnde 2 for 2.'>c. lOc I 1 PEAS Van ('amps No. 2 van. sliteA and very lender, a real hur- iniln at only Another good grade of I'ens Kk- ! I5c Diamond Church iN^tes . ; (Kerr Irwin.) March 29.—.\I •. and .Mr.'J .spent Sunilay > reek ter's pareiit.s. 5 r. lein. with and .Mi(s .Mr. and .Mr.s. J. turned yesterdt y evening trip to Augii/t:^ where tlije: ed their POU. famity. They ing. ; The' Hev. Xojan W. who formerly was Trinity .MeihodiHt church but *ho is now work will give Ifrank ikeiit FridalyJ A. MARCH 31.1927. • f; PAGE FIVE n -$- -$' Tipple tihe lat-i Heln-i Mr. and Mrs.! lola Tuesday rom a , vislt- Viiieirs and morn- doing evaiifelistic a free le-^ure at the Pleasant Valley churcl^iThurs­ day evening. Earl Fergus Kub.v. ha Mr. and .Mrs. daughter.: .Miss vi.siting at the . and called at home on their way hack t> Wichita .Monday inori ing. ' ! Carrol Cooper has.been istaying out of school this week. Jack.son were In and called' at the hospital to see Will Crieves. They found him doing fine. Mr. and Mrs. Bant i got nfee strawberry plants of .Mr. and Mrs.. Bauer recently.; i N. V'l<jkjera re- i > James .Milton Irwiii, who has Just had a spe:II of ijickn^.ss including the measles, is! now somewhat Improved, i Mr. and Mrs. Banta visited at the J. X. Thorap.son home In Mo- run Sunday morning. ' .Mr. and .Mrs. Earn William^ recently of our : neighborhood, but now living west of lola; were the proutV parents of I twin girls but had the misfortune to Jose one of them. • / [ Mr. Tippie attended \ the reception recently 6t his hiece, who lives near Fort! Scott. ! Parishes are '\ reshingling and putting new weatherhoarding on their house. ' i iCIIIbert. pastor I of the 6f lola. find —|-;e been . B. Fergus home the Jameiji IrwIn iiects to start again .Mr.s. Banta ipent afternoon visiting Fern I he little sick l>oy. .lames We were sori'y to hear] staying |liut ex- sooi j. Wednesday Irfi-in and .Milton, of the sickness of Ileleii Harper i^^f Cellar Bluffs. .Mississipiii. M\RSHMALLO\VS—I lb. best quality 25c Pn<r T(*1.\ST1ES—2 larRC pkss. i.____..25c M.\ZOLA 011^1 quart i___-_-.50c Sl'GAR—15 Ib.s. Cane t.,_-_._$1.00 l»UMIMvL\—No. 2!/. Van Camp.s 2 for -__L_-_25c TVSA FISH—Mpht meat, per can ___l__.20c S.AL.MON—2 cans choice pink .--35c ^O.VP—27 bars —Sl.OO LIMA BEANS—:Mbs. best quality 25t RAISINS—:{ lbs. Thompson Sejedless 30c TOILET PAPER-3 rolls INlorthern Tissue _,---25c (OrO.V—1 lb. Hershe\-s . 30c CORN MEAI^o'lbs. Cream Meal ._-18c m'N('H CARROTS—2 bunches ; 15c SWEET POTATOES—« lbs. Nancy Halls 2.'»c CHICK FEED—11 lbs Buttermilk Starter ____-50c You will always find a complete line of the best Fruits and yegetables at our store. Farmers, We Pay Highest Prices for your Eggs. Our Cuslom^r^^Must Be Saitisfied. McKenna's : 203 The next time .vou inake brown bread or fruit; dumplings substitute small sized prun^'S- The result is most ptisfact^r.v. Cook the prunes the same as! when preparing them for! the taljfe. cut them in two. remove, the i it's and add the prunes to the batter. Cash & Carry Gro. South Washington Opening $ale So mariyjoi" our good friends and ciistomer.s have i-fque.sted u\< to stay in bu.sine.s.s that at the nioment we mave been able ip obtain a location at 20.'i' South Washington. ' • . l! We apprecialp, ijerv much the patronage of our frientls at oiir old lotation find surely invite you to come the .^treet to .--K' us in.ouf new location. We have a mueh better j)lact,| for business and we are '.'^iire-we can give ypu even bt.^ter service than in the past. few of our prices for Saturday in Here are a our new location: I lb. Canova Coffee i • '. . • • G pounds PiireCane Sugar --. II 35c can Del .Mont^; Royal Ann Cherries 1 loc can Del LMonte; Pears .-i—_ I ^~ic can Ifancy Red Salmon 1 .3.5c Carton Matchj^s : .-J.50c ..il5c .__.3pc .--36c ..:.30c 1 Uaf of Bread I.---7c We will havea fresh supply of Fresh Friiits and Vegetablesj LEAD? We Istudyjthe needk of the public. We watch the markets cJoselyJ We hnyt in quantities at a discount. We pay. prompt iy and discount again. Our theory i.s many sales, small margin of profit, many satisfied cu.stemers. Ourjevidence ihat we are giving, values that bring us repeat business i.s exprlL's.sed in a few plain .simple word.s— Wcntch the Shopping Public $2l2S $ll95 FLOUR • i Crackers. -3 Rice, 3 lbs. Sugar 25-lb KxpaKfilon (Highest patent tlonr sold In lola) 4H-1I». Img; — Peerless (Best flour sold at the price) 48.1b. lb. box Fancy I: Potatoes. Burbahk's bag Pure C. & H, Cane i /Oose- Whiles krispys ' ,__4—4.5c Beans, 7 Ib^. large o]-, small Navies _ .—50c ?hie __J -_-25c ._^_$1.80 „ . .J ___jIOc Com or Pesis, good quality. No. 2 size __---_-__---10c .j _--2.5c ..._-30c. 65c .j_--20i: Beechnut Prepared O.Vsters, small size good cookers, peck _—__. Spaghetti, 2 cans .5c; large size 1 Salmon. Fancy Pink^ Tall can 18c, 4 for _ Tuna, Light Meat, pier can Special Prices on Gallon Fruits for aiLim- ited Tim^—See Our Window. Pineapple, I iby's Cni.shed, gallon J i___._;___80c Plums, Ridenour-Baker's splendid J —45c liartlett Pears, Ridc^nourfBaker's spl«idid ___55c Gooseberrie^ Ridenokir-Blaker's Fisher ___ L__55c Blackberriesl Ridend Jr-Baker's Fisher! _-.^--65c Peaches, Get^rgia Bell, white sliced and peeled 59c Apricots, per gallon .i .__75c Head Lettuce, .solidjheads -•. ___10c Celery!, well bleach^ -__15c Buncb Carre ts, California, 2 for J -__1.5c Green;Beans, per poiind > , -__20c Apples, Win^saps,! fiihcy for eating, 3 lbs. -25c Bananas, Falncy Fnift, 3 lbs. i--2.5c Chamberlain's $larter Feed, Nutrena Chick Mash, Bulk Oats and Oyster Shell. WE BL'fY AND SELL EGGS. I^k for Red Tagged Items Saturday. On tke Sqdare at the East Side Three Reasons for Trading at Foster's SERVICE. 2—QUALITY. 3—PRICE WE DELIVER _$1.15 1—85c -__75r -__70fe ___65c .—556 -__50c .__45f __i25c —25c -_-50c —50p —35c —25c 1 Gal. Red Pitted Cherries —-_ 1 Gal. Blackberries --1 Gal. Apricots _| I'Gal. Gooseberries ___ -1 Gal. Yellow Egg Plums — - 41 Gal. Peeled Peaches I Gal. Apples --.—_ -I Quart Grape Juice. 1 Pint Grape Juice —; Minute Maid Jell .L-—L_Sun Maid Seedless Rai.sins, 5 Ib.s. Prunes. 5 Ib.s. —i ; 2 cans No.-2 Blackberries _i- No. 2 can Red Pitted Cherries —_ Van Camp Soup, Tomatoj \'^getable. Beef Vegetable. Chicken. We Redeem Soup Coupons. 2 cans Van Camp No. ^ Pumpkin i__:25c 2 cans Van Camp Hominy. No. 3 : ^__20c Van (Tamp Kraut, No. 3 can ,_--__15c 2 tans Van Camp Chili _ ^—i-—— 25c MorreU's Sugar Cured Bacon, sliced or chunk, lb. --_35c See Our New Dress Prints, 3 yards Tub Cilia, printed, per yard Wash and Ready Oepe. per yard .'!G-inch Bleached Muslin, per yard 40-inch Unbleached Muslin, per yard _. Play Suit.s, for Boys and Girl.s, each Play Oxfords to fitiall feet —_^__$2.15 Men's Dress Shirts. All sizes ___ Fancy Bat-Wing Bow Tie.s LadiW Ka :^(in Vests — Kayon Bloomers • Call on Stitched Comfort Bats, eac >,$1 .'h __ 25c 50c 25c -- 15c _--12»/2C --_.--_$l:00 .50 and $1.25 —$1.50 L_50c -85c ..Sl.OO —75c ni AnotherPigglyWiggly At Pigffly Wrggly you set your own time. The conveniently arranged shelves make shopping^ so easy. There is no one to keep you waiting, no one to urge you on. Oppprtunities to Save For Friday and Saturday Carrots Head Lettuce sol.^ Fresh Green Top o Per bunch _• QC Head 8c Celery tender. Sweet t O ^ Well bleached loC Apples Fancy Hand. Picked - ^ 3 lbs. _—— :Zi>C Heinz National ^etchup Week March 28 to April 2 Heinx Ketchiip Large Size ..: 1.. .26c Mince Meat None Such Brand -j Q ^ 0-oz. Pkg LoC \ PostToastiesle?kf!.. .mc 'A^Af .Scotch Brand , W€l W I.jirge Pkg. -i.— 19c SOdp 1.5 bare for 50c Saturday Only Maxw# House Coffee Per Pound 49c . Climalene Water Softener Large! ^ize _i 23c Salmon Happy ville Pink i 1 PI /» Tall cans i_.^-_L LDiL Floiir Guaranteed 18-lb. sack'- -^^ $1.90 '^^Mm^A^m^ Wisconsin Cream; .OQlrt Per pound _t ^OC 11.3 East Madison Here you select what you wish B .•II

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