The Iola Register from Iola, Kansas on March 31, 1927 · Page 4
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The Iola Register from Iola, Kansas · Page 4

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, March 31, 1927
Page 4
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PAGE FOUR What ai^ Ejarthqftakf ^ THE TOLA DAILY BEGISTER, THURSDAY EVENING. MAiR:;H A ircuiMiir w lii<ill};liiil .Hire. t.ikMi ill I* guak*:. H tlci • —NKA. 'foklo liurcuu il<:h TC'ktdDill ccntnil p:ifi of .laimii on ^hihli 7. deal Kiwiis iiiiil clalmt'il luoru tlinji 2000 llvds This pic- Osak.'i, B1U)W» Jlic Kreut craoks rent In tin-iciirth by tho rly iiliiiwt! Iiuw Uiflicult it Is, to luns'truct buildiugu that will witliKtuud iapuuusii quakes. NEWS NOTES OF MILDRED 3!ll<ire.! Kill! i'hint JJIIIC < liiiicli » ;i-le Auain April 1 Folks riiiM (.iiiitata. _MII.I»i:KIl. :>tar. yn.-Tlie Rev. Mr. [.-.I].I- will pvi'iifli Sumluylnnrn- iiiK. j Li-t's Kivii him a lull liouso. ]!/• j)r';i.v!ii-.'i tij)i.> l;eri' liall' .il 'Kininiiil .'^o we li;ive |)li<K (irvi<f (•nil Suiiilay, oinj Sunilay it i.s in 111',' ijKirninii and another at ni^ht.; \ 'rill' <!nir.h folks ar an Ka.s! i-r si rvii] • Thr hv^U K-h.: nin.U (II. have, a ilav I'lii .'j;; pr^ ii. VV. lluMoii •;p!'ii* Fridav evening at John Bar- I '-.v '.s-. : Ali«s^"Mary Koust siieiit the week end in^ KniporiL ! .Mr. "and ..Mrs. Woodruff anil Itii-liiud sjienl the ;Week iMiil wit(> -Mr, iiii^ Jlr.s. .lolin Null at;WaverI.V. Ktm i C;irdy have bevn received here annDUiiiinj; tlie birth of • Dixou j -Sim-key \Vil>M )ii, who has oonie' ijj inakf; nis hemic with .Mr. and .Mrs. ("I'drie; Wilson in their California home. > .Mrs. Wilson was formerly .Mifti .Vierie Stuekey, one of ^our !iij;h ^dhool teachers. -MisS'I'Onila:.\(:utf. who lias been vi.KJtin^* -Mr.s. 11. K., Nevitt, Jr., returned- to her iionie in • Gaructt Saturday. ' . .Mrs. i John IJyerly of Bronson jilanning ihe , week end wilh Hank I I .Mc.AihiKtis and family, j i alinnn,; is plan-i Thurjidfiy niKht was-the Parent- POTATO KOSETtES. To d quart ot hot smoothly mashed potatoei add two tablespoons ot butter, two beaten egg yolks, lit level teaspoon bakJng- powder, and hot top milk to make thb mixture pass easily through a puiitry tube. Beat bard and form with a pastry bag and tube into rosettes on a battered baking pan; brown in a hot bvea 375 degrees F. WHITE SALAD. Allow seven large, white cher-; rles for each person served. ' In the cavities made by removing the pits put a blanched filbert. Servo on heart of jletluce leaves witli dressing made: of mayonnaise and whipped cream. • (iOLli CAKE. Yolks of S eggs 1 Mips granulated sugar Z-'i enp water ' '/_• cup butter ' 2'^ <-upH flour level teaHp ^)unH baking pow-~ ld«r 1 uiblespoon vaullla Sift flour once, then . mt '.iRure, add baking piiwder and Hifi thrco tinieii. Sift Hukiir theii meuMurc. Creum liuti<>r, iijild Hugur gruiluully iii'id eniun Ihor ^uighly. Beat yolks until thick and llemon colored. mld~ thi>He la butter and sugar and stir tlior<jnglily. Add water and flour alterliutel.v. flavor and b^at vigor- ouMiy. I'm In a slow oven until raised to tho top of ; the pun and Increase the heat, nm) brown. Bake forty to sixty minutes In an uu- sreaswi mold (.li -'i -SDO degrees K) e, llaniiTi 't on Satur-jTcai-heisi i-cdins Kiister. i.< iiuilc in. Assccialioii and it was - [.';iiii.-ep.Sff in every'liartieular.' A fleclion|hy the Sunshine orchestra of^ thej.primary room opened thje IiroKraSi. Solos were fjiven . by -Marguerite llo.-iley and Roberta Callonii; readiims by Luna Mac f'urley; and -Vorina Isaac, anil-.]l musicai numljor by tho K'rls' glee cliili. Miss I.istjj'il^ in.her pleasing way iiitrodn<-<'(l lli;e speaker, Ucan Ilatlie Moore .Miti licll. ..f Pittshnrg. whi) p.iv"; a I wonderful 'address, wliicl; '.was niiK-h enjoyed by the has!l;i!^c cjnwd prcsi-it. W. W. Wclihiij |iiiil family have moved io ('h.-iiiuiii -j .Moiire .Mit.-hcll, .Miss .M./r'lle J l.lsliin., Mf .ss .Malilc Kord ;>iid Mi«H U|ial lli-iiih wiie dinner ikucsl!i;of .Mi-^i. : .Mcribcih Ater of loI;i. Mr--;.. J.ahe. j'j -jiur.'iilay evcniiij;.; ' .Mrs. l>t>ta Shairi-r, who has been in< I'liy siuic Christinas, t.iiiic ii^ S.diiiilay for a visit wldi hi-r hrollier. Hall and -Mrs. Jl.'ll.. .Mis^ l-'iiinui. i-AuK ;;j)eiit the week end at i;l;ic Mound. [ - .-Mr. and Mrs.. .Mullen (.Mitertained eOnni:iiiy from lllije .Mound Sunday. The l;i-\...\Ir- and':Mr.'»- Slickncy Bpeiii 'I'm iiiay evening at tlic Ater honie. • ; 'Irlie steam shovel is potinding awa... a:-i.iin .I'lil it is (:.\r.i;iteil tliat lhe-;:liiii V. ill lie ruaniili,' in full ril. who Was a work bla.;i iiy I lie first of .Vp ll.i/il liiekinaii, Ireen ill tlic p.-isi \\eel;. 10 T'liiii; lu her .Si-hool Kini.'.-ii'l -Vlomlay. , .Ui- an.I .Mrs. A. U. .Sani;is of 1 sjii'-iii l'' evening at .lohn )!i lleyV-. . , .Mrs', .li.ii. ,. ,,, ...1... j Willie Warren and .Mr. ami .Mrs. I Kuuiiie S:iiel lir were liiiincr .uhcsin [at ll<i.;'efl Warr.'ii'.-j. .Ml: Cleiii 1,1-wis lias from Kiiii .1-: Clly where she iiii- dcrv.1 Nl a rioiis o(ii' ioi|.. The reiiiaiii'i of 'loin .My^rs of K(. I.eiii ; \M r.1- liri<iU!ht lure Sa,l- nrila; laul lo-rc.-it in l-'alrvlew <-eiiii,l' I \. Ml. l.eiia ."^liK lair jvas c.-illed to I'.hje \ii.Miil Siiiiii-iv -by the (Icalii of vli. r 'nivHer lii-law; Kobert To'l- ;.\lr. and .M|s, l.ewi.-i Wilson Kave a Tourjiildc hrldue party Krlila.v "•{cninu. , 'I'l e color seluine w<is yi^llow .and Kvliite. The flowers U'-re jtiii(|itil,s. The favors were paper Jonfiiiils. Dainty- Refreshments )Vere ilu; piic.sls: Reived Ir) the '.Mr. and Mrs.! follow- H. H. livar. . : r.lai-;-. jMr. atid -Mrs. Kstelli Dixon, .Mr,- n .iiliy and Itedy took dill-'.'Mr. and .Mrs! llerhert Koy,se, .Mr. nor \vit'll .Mr-;. .\.; U.. Sands in Tola i and .Mrj--. Don Itay, .Mr. aiid Mrs. Thiif.v^da.v <-veiiiiis:. Mi^^ i^-arl Klliot .spent, the -week Cljd t.ii • Withila.; • ; ;;5i !!claii s iiav'e :i new ^rbcery cffuiii; 1' ill Huir f;roeer.v store and li^at n.,iil;et. which 'adds greatly t(J»Hli'' aijpearalife of ;the store. i".Alr. an'i ;Mrs. A. R. Sands of lola I!, n. .Vf'Vitl, Jr.. Air. and .Mrs,- itus- srll "Warren. '; .M[-. a,hd -Mrs. i.i^vis AVilson, ^Ir. anil .Mr},- llerhert Royse and Mr. and, Mri-;'. It. K. Nevitt, Jri. were sui'sts-at the 11. H. iJlaisif home SiiHtJay 'evening. .Mr. liM -Mrs. Al Danow, of Kan- Lsr.s City, were at Mont .Miller's Snilday. • .M IS . Ronsick and Miss Emma ?pent Sunday with .Mr. and Mrs. Will Feeney in! Humboldt and at- .ended church. ' .Mr.-?. Ola Stickley and Ralph spent Sunday at Elmer Kite's . .Mr. aitd .Mrs. Roy Bartlett and Mr. and .Mrs. Crumpler; of Moran vere Sunday • visitors at Preston 'atterson's. .Miss Esther Ronsick, who is a lurso at St. Johus^hospital, spent I couple of weeks with home folks lere. I The Rev. .Mr. and Mrs. Sticknt^y. ire moving to Cresline, wher«- he will serve as pastor of the M. K. ^:hurch. Joe Browjg^ moved a load pf goods for them Wednesday. Mont .Miller and family visited Mrs. A. C. Best in Moran Sunday svenlng. Mr. and Mrs. Frank Isijac have returned trom California and have rented the parsonage, and he has gone to work at the plant; John Haberboscb entertained Isome of his friends with a St. Patrick party. Gaines were , played in keeping wfth the season and duintyi refreshments in green and white -were served. .Mrsj Olive Hegwood is Vn the isick list. " . Mrs. Olive Hegwoojd returned Ifrom Hurliugldn Sunday where she f| pas been visiting her son, Lester Sioker, and famlj.v.j She reports LMrs. Stoker as still seriously ill, the results of being burned so se- jverely about a month ago. Wlllii! Warren's, house near Bay- [ird burned down Saturday. A tum'iter of folks here rushed to the HOUSEHOLip JJEPARTMEN Address all letters and inquiries to Aunt Nancjy, bold Department, in care of the lola Daily Regi 'i 31.1927.: ' ; isler, of; tlie House, lola, KansasJ FARJ^.KITCHENS. When we stop to think about how much time ^ womaii spends in the kitchen, and especially the farmers wife, then wo can realize what it would mean to her toj have it handy andj pleasanL TJie most of the farin homes thati I have been in. It, seems as thtjugh the kitchen wajj a postscript and in some cases nut a very healthy one at that. - The kind I have in mind is the average farm kitchen. : 1 know there uro a few farms that luiy«» been built with kitchen'.•-piivpni- 'ence In liiind but the uvcrtigo kitchen is Komething on this order. It Is usually large enough lu use as a klUhen and dining room combined and that is no fault if it is handy. Bu|. generally spt^aklng thJ-y jare not. The size of the room Is usually uh<iut. lUxl I. T1 M» sloVM must be in one <!orper. Iln- lesH you W I K I I («I use several yards of irljie that is'liahio to fall down sonie day when,, you are washing or wlwn yon are In a hurry ,to gi-t dinm^r for extra bauds. Then Ibe doors ami windows are so arranged that the (-ablnet: must, set in the farthest corner; from the stove. This leaves tosiiu lor the, table in another cornifT liy the windows or iloor or Ijotli. T;hen If you have an oil stove for; shm- mer use (and the most farm wives have) you must try to put it where there.Is no draft. Then wlien .vou get the wa.eli stahd or sink and a work table crowded in you have a little four-cornej-ed track that must bo traveled alxiut "fori.v 'leven" times a day in, order to. prepare a meal. i ' Be.siilos being nnlinndy it is iLsually on the warmest side of the house in Ihi' viimmer and tho coldest in the winter, and it. doesn't seem: as though anv thought wliat- spover has been tiveti to the view fj-om the kitchen window. Whal docs the average woman see when she looks from her kitchen window? Hen house? P'.g pens? Biirn? Smoke house? How many hi a [And, farm homes are planned w'i thought of Ihij reaii view? why not?':If ii ever is my blessed privilege to heli) plan a- farm ijotno I woiild try to improve these ditions. Can't it be planned the view from the jkltchen wbiild be sometljing restful, something besides the out buildings? (Na't it be built! with a tllought to ([(im- fort. beatity, and cejnvenience would It li|e pubTtible to obtaiii thri-e. Some of tl^e new hd that have: beenr erK'fed the few years'have! n<lglected things. .My ideal for a ifarm kit would 1 N > to build it on I hi so that llui main part of the h woiild protect It in ilio winter In the siinimer it would irrote from the sun (luring the l ^o part of tin- day.. But It would po .^Hlble lOi gel the breeici'-froiil south, norlh and e.i .Ht In tho Himi mer. 1 should lii|ve everyjh Or bll mes ijiSV >.^se I en [e tst :i^se ttnd It •St IK.' ho that I nee|ded to work with. In besides the HIOV(> and I .Hl)ioUld have it largo enough for thi' ily to eat in the kitchen if vf( dc-slred. I would want two outside of tim kind that are in two p In tho winter the fop door {ouhl hi fajn- sO - i iloArs be oiielied Icj let in the fres and sunlig it without the floii)r| ling so cold. I would want p of windows to letjii the lightj 1 would wimt the east Ire hoping to be of assistance. The new flag' floating on the jjrounds of the grade school bulld- ngjwas earned by tho pupils nnd^ hey are very proud of it. I i'ldwln, Harold and Dorothy Web- jier have movcil frcmi town and |irt! much missed In schfml. The graile children enjoyed the dnging of old time songii in cliapel •'riduy jnorning. 1 N. Y. MARINES ON WAY TO CHINA. JfEM'S FOK EASTER PARTIES I I>r>>ER Pineapple and Strawberry Cocktail Roast Lamb Mint Sauce Currant Jel^' Peas Potato Rosettes White Salad Ices in form of Lilies Individual Angel and Sunshine Cake Coffee LU>CHEOX Grapefruit with Mint Eggs on Toast with Mushroom Sauce Asparagus in Lemon Rings Luncheon^ Rolls Celery and Tuna Fish Salad Pineapple Meringue Lady Fingers "i'ellow and White Bonbons Salted Nuts . Coffee AFTERXOX TEA Chicken and Celery Salad ' Cheese and Olive Sandwiches Lettuc^ Sandwiches Orange Ice Cream Gold Cake Green Mints Salted .Mixed Nuts Tea EATMEAT FOR HEALTH But he .sure .VOU jret the hest m(>;it.s' obtainable. Our.s an^ i\w ( to ha hatl. h'^altli-siviiijf and Rtrc iiKth-buildiTij,'. I.ow- pncu(|. t<»o! Beef, Pork, Veal^ Hamburger, Sau-; sage. Chickens, i BASKET STOREi MARKET J T. A. Joyce, Prop. : Phone 203 iiir j^-t- c^ty aind w|ith nothing to obstruct ^n .sunrise. While 1' wasi view of the getting the [enjoy watch- morning meal I would Ing the beauty of thej sunrise. Did you ever notice how the colors come and go? How the pinks turn into red and get brighter and brighter as the old .-jun peeps up over the rim of the hbrlzon? How many housewives g«;t|to enjoy the beauties of nature Ian she would like to? So why 'cleprive her of anything of beauty iiii *lier line of vision from her kiticbvn window? Al'.NT ^•-•\^•CY.• FREXCII (>-MK^,ET. 1 egg \ii tiiblespoonful evaporated milk diluted with tablespoonfnl water Pinch -salt 1 teaspoonful butter Separate • yolk from w'hi o. Tin yolk .add salt, and-"heat nnt I thick and lemon-colored: t^ien : dd diluted milk. Beat white nn 11 .stiff and fold info first miiiiture Heat pan. adil the fat. then egg iiiixtiire. CcMik slowly • until puffed and brown on the iMitlom. Brown or dry lop In tlu' oven. Ktdd and turn onti) a hot plate. Serve al obce. Servi'S one.- K, S. Mrs.. J:,K. Smilli entertained a few of MillhenI Hell's friends. S:it- iirdny In honrir of her tenth lilrth- ilny at her hoine. Til I .North l(iii-k- eyi- street. The llttli.'- hostess re- ceivc-<i many .pretty Klfls. Those present were ('onnlo Lee Handley, Kiirekii Hall. Kli/.iiheth .N'idson. Rena Thompson. Knkiiia Lois Saunders and Virginia 'Hr«)wn, Ernest Thompson. -Oliver Shepherd. Kd-' wtird'Si'iiilh and fleorfce Lucas. Many preserves and marm.ilades are improved by the addition of a few gronnil nuts just tTie same as in salads. > WHEN —IT- RAINS 401-402-403 FOR FOOD - c Special Siil^ Saturday 2-LBi CARTON GPAHAM CRACKERS, VALUE 3.^c; 1-LB. CARTON KRISPY WHACKERS, VATATE 5c, BOTH FOR ^3c i-lb. Humiiior Prince Albert Tobac. .$1:19 Mj-lbi Tin Edffworth Tobacco .......k^c 1-lb. Tin EIgworih Tobacco .... .85c Winner Fh ur, 48-lb. sack $1.80 24-lb. sack fo-, .?5c Matches, 6 boxes for 24c Mixed Nuti, 2 IbsJ for .35c Toasted Marshmal Vanilla Marshmallows, per lb. ; Burbank Potatoes, Burbank PotatoesL lows, per lb. 100-lb. bag per bushel . ...25c ..30c .$2i45 .$1155 r ' ' They're tramping along Park jnomiug photo^but ?6< MI they'll bb col'umn of Marines, ordered outifrcjim reccinstituted sixth roj^penf. at,Phl Wed Orient by .wayojf San-Diego. jBuhicipal buildlttg./ i >• Row, .New; York City, In this early' inarching through Shanghai. It's a ji their Nfew York .station to join the ladeliHiIa and strike, out for the trou- -Jjh the ,(listauce looms the New York ^as Pains Gone, Now Sleeps Well —"I: always felt BO sleepy and tired after meals. Now I sleep only when I go to bed. and then | sleep well. Thanks to Adlerlka, I feel fine."—Mrs. J. Class. Jr. Just ONE spoonful Adlerlka relieves gas and that bloated feeling' so you can eat and. sleep better. Acts on BOTH up|')f<r and Iciwer bowel anil removes old wdste matter you n^ver thought was there. No .matter Iwhat you have tried for. your 'stomach, Adlerlka will surprise iyou.—Palace Drug Store. A 'wbman's fdea of a striking ;own usually hits her husband's lank lialance. ' It's a good thing a barber doesn't lalways Illustrate his funny stories iwitb cuts. 'What makes our modern poetry Interesting la guessing what it supJMsed to mean. - Yiour Telephone Than Your Our Delivery Service makes in unnecessary Quickejr Feet for you WE ST.4NI) BACK OF EVERY ARTICLE CHARGE IF THE GOODS DON'T SIHT FRESH FRUITS AND VEGETABLES^ LAMB AND CHICKENS. j Swiffs Quick Naptha Chips. These two large C)iii( 1\ XfipUlrl ages for And this jean of Sunt Cleanser Free. 2 can.s Van Camp Red Kidney •1 cans Van Camp Soup for __. (Tomalo. Vegetable, Chicke \'efretable Ijecf.) 2 larjje cans Van CamplExtra I White-Hominy _! '• 2 large packagei? of Poehler King Fig Suit Corrj Flakes . 25c 2 lbs. Fs 3-lb. can Pickwick Coffee _i-_..-__S1..33 none WE WANT YOUR EGGS AND A. W. Anderson's 1^ ojwalk or ride to (he store, r ORDERED BY YOU. SO Oy. TELEPHONE 2ii2-pl -BEEF, PORK, VEAi., ai^cy Honduras Head Rice better 25c IIICKENS. g Phone 497 701 S. Washington For this Week End Quality:.Alcrchandi-se at Ix)\v Prices. Large Cornflakes, 2 Pkgs .25c P.;& G. Soap, 13 bars .50e lb. Cocoa for .. .'.\ 10c 5-lb. Box Gloss Starch . . . i 43c 5-lb. Good Cooking Apples ....... 25c Fancy Cduntry Gentleman Corn 14c 5-lb. Box Blue Ribbon Peaches .... .$1.00; Raisins, per lb. lOc Pears in syrup .25c CoflFee, Golden Wedding, lb. .. .... .r,2c For your ••iinvriiit^nfc \vc b;ivo. a lint' of DruRs most used every dtiy. When you in'(^(| Ihfsi' lhin^V>! ^yt^ will apprcnate your |):t(i-oit:igi>. i wiiipPiNCi (; RI':AM 'J'hc very bt-sf, tjiianinlecd lo whij). this a (ry. HKINC IS YOl K I'A'.C.!^. A Nickel a (Jhance And You Took What ji'ou Got -' 5c Grab Bag A child's game I But the "Grab Bag"'t much good wht-n it comes to buying cannet fruits.a^d vegetables. What you want is the same dependable quality every lime—the full value for what!you invest. That's why it's .so important rfo specify Del Monte. Del Monte Apricol.s, can L_-_2;')C Del Monte Fruit Salad, can . __-50c Del Monte Crushed Pineapple.ican "-: 25c Del Monte Spinach, can — --Ji^ 15c F. F. O. G. Fruit Salad, can ' . i A^55c Monsoon Loganberries, can _ ,.'{0c Pickwick Red Ka-spberrif-v;. cari --."JOe Congress Blackbcrrie.><, can _ ! _ __;,-2.5c R<id Oak Corn, can . : , : J_lOc Monarch CarroISi can .. . /. r - '•^'^ F. F. O. G. Tiny Lima Beans, can _ . Monarch Red Currant .lellj, Jal- SOc Monarch Grape .Jelly, Jar _ i -J- . . --'^c Welch's (; rapelade, ja r ... _ . _ :{.()c Pallas Corn Flakes. 2 pUgs. ... -liic Pickwick CoflVf. lib. can . i<»c Folger's (.'onrec. Mb. can - . ., 5:}c The Basket Store our Chef ice Make up a list of these excellent values priced at 25 cents! Plan to ask the manager about others offered at your store. Corn ' Tomatoes —SOLID PACK A REAL VALUE Bananas LBS. P&GSpap 7-^25c and Beians Delicioui Beans and anj aasortment of Soups at^ Cheese Brown Sugar AMERICAN FULL CREAM SANTA CLARA irruncS ^o-ro PER I.B. 'BRAN FLAKES ALL FLAVORS Post JeUo Birdseye Matches Lima Beans 3 2 2 3 6 2 LBS. 25c PKGS, 2.SC PKGS. 2ic BOXES XSC LBS. 2.5c

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