Mt. Vernon Register-News from Mt Vernon, Illinois on December 12, 1963 · Page 6
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Mt. Vernon Register-News from Mt Vernon, Illinois · Page 6

Mt Vernon, Illinois
Issue Date:
Thursday, December 12, 1963
Page 6
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THE REGISTER-NEWS — MT. VERNON. ILLINOIS i HURSDAY, DECEMBER 12, 1963 Today In Washington Jacoby BLAME WIIKHK CREDIT IS DUE By OSWALD .lAC'OUV Newspaper Enterprise Assn. Sonic pHi -lncrship arKiimcnts soorn funny lo otlicr bridge pliiyors. Norlh fell, thai Snutb had made a gross overbid when hp .jumped to four spudes. WASHINGTON (AP)-In the news from Washington: Final salute: For six hours, senators gave their final tributes. Then the junior senator from Massachusetts rose to his, feet. i "If the country can be unilrd. I the sacrifice will not have been in vain," he said in a quiet, firm voice. With tltese words. Sen. Edward M. (Ted) Kennedy expressed Wednesday the "he.irt- felt thanks" ot the Kennedy family for the Senate's eulogies of his assassinated brother, President John F. Kennpdy. Lady Santa- The role was to have ben pbiycd by Mrs. Jacqueline Kennedy, but it was Mrs. Lyndoi) B. Johnson who brought toys to 150 youngsters at D.C. Grneral Hospital. "Mrs. Kennedy suggested that T might fill the date." Mrs. Johnson told the young patients as she toured the children's w a r d s Wednesday with her daughter, Lucy Baines, 16. One of the last things President Kennedy did. the new First Lady told the children, "was to arrange for all the toys that we brought here today. .Strike hlnekcd: President Johnson has blocked for at least 60 days a strike by machinists against six airlines. The walkout had been scheduled to begin at 12:01 a.m. today. Acting under provisions of the Railway Labor Act, Johnson or- j made Ins proper rebid ot three dered an emergency board to! spades, lie, Norlh. would have look into the dispute between i K one to spades anyway . tlie AFL-CIO International As- i . At . tlllK I".' 11 ". West broke sociation of Machinists and the airlines — Braniff, Continental, Eastern, National, Northwest and Trans World. At issue in the dispute are wages and work rules. NORTH (in 12 * 106 V73 • AKQJ87 *K106 WBST EAST *92 *AS3 V95 VAKQJ52 • 10542 •$> • J9432 + Q8S SOUTII *KQJ874 V 1084 • 63 + A7 Both vulnerable North Ra*t South West 1 • = V ZA Pass 3 • Pais 4 A Pass Pass Pass Opening lead— V 9 News Briefs RACING SEASON — Helicopter helps men race winter weather to complete ski lift tower near the top of Madonna Mountain in time for Smugglers' Notch, Vt. season. Pirsidonls Wilson, Coolid^e, Harding and Tuft, will reo |H .>n next month as a residence for I he elderly. CINCINNATI (API - A few' ' n, ° - m >' oom lwM - located stolen pencils can be a inightv i ?. Kir U,P , Au K l " ,a National Golf big burden on the conscience. ' I Col "' S{ \ has becn closed f,n ' The Board or Education re- somo linu '- eoivod an anonymous letter this week from Whitticr. Calif., con -i ESCOND1DO. Calif. (API - taining SI for "used, soft lead., The head of the Strategic Air art work pencils" inken from: Command. Gen. Thomas S., the Sherman Elementary School Power, says he will retire next i gallons of milk, up to 75 loaves •18 years ago. year. ! of bread, potato's by the bushel, Power, oil, in the Escondidn 1 sugar by the hundredweight— For 16 Children Food $300 A Month — Milk Extra DALLAS, Pa. (API—A dozen CAPE KENNEDY. Fla. ( AP , pi'™ on a duck-hunting Inp. told -Radio flight records, especial-! "^^'smen Wednesday lie rcae - ly those on the control system ! os ' '',„ ma " r f'S of tin- first stage, are being °' b <! ."«*' _> cn1 ' He took studied by engineers seeking the ' om ' hAU 111 lJ ' H ' . lroui)le which sent a Polaris A'.',' missile off course Wednesday; LOUISVILLE, Ky. (API — night. i When Mrs. Caroline Cogbuni The missile was fired from | answered the telephone today, the surface ship Observation Is- j Santa Clans was on the line, land but veered from the j lie had found her wallet and planned path and was destroyed j the $1.1 she had saved to buy by the range safety officer after!gifts for her five youngsters. 53 seconds of flight. j An hour later Walter Cooley, 1!), showed up with the money, c explained he had spoiled the wallet in a shopping center Grave marker: Two simple granite headstones mark the graves of President Kennedy's two infant children buried on each side of him in Arlington Rational Cemetery. The markers were taken from the original burial sites of Patrick, who died shortly after birth in August, and a daughter dead at birth in August 1956. If cows could j /-^..they'd give \ MILN0T in and remarked, "U seems to me that you are arguing about, nothing. You reached a good four spade contract. The cards had to lie badly in order for you to be set and besides if my partner had not made a fine defensive play you would have made the contract and all would bes weetness and light." East's defensive play is one of those that looks easy when you see all the cards. He won the opening heart lead and shifted to a low trump. Once that play was made South could not make his contract and actually managed to go down two tricks. South won the spade lead and tried to get a heart, discard on dummy's diamonds. East ruffed the second diamond, cashed his ace of spades and two more hearts and chalked up 200 points on iiis side of the ledger. ft not only looked easy, but it should have been easy. The nine of hearts opening indi-! caled either a singleton or doublelon. South was marked I with the ace of clubs as part Nixon Visits Eisenhower IIAIIRISBURG, Pa. (AP • • Former Vice President Richard M. Nixon came to Pennsylvania Wednesday to talk politics with the man he tried unsuccessfully to succeed —- fomier President Dwight D. Eisenhower. The two also discussed other topics, including international affairs, Nixon told newsmen here after meeting with Eisenhower in Gettysburg. Pausing briefly at the Harrisburg State Airport, the former vice president said his talk with Eisenhower did not change his (Nixon's! mind about running for president again. He reiterated earlier state- menus that he would not seek the Republican presidential j nomination at next year's GOP convention in San Francisco. Ife sail Gov. William W. Scrantors of Pennsylvania "is being mentioned prominently" in GOP circles as a leading prospect for the nomination. Nixon would not discuss poll- tics further. He indicated he did not believe it proper so soon after the assassination of President John F. Kennedy. In a television interview on CBS Wednesday night, Eisenhower said thd subject of the current: political boom for Hen- $30 Is Stolen From Pay Phone At Hospital A public pay telephone on the fourth floor of Good Samarium Hospital has been rifled by thieves, polioo reported today. They said someone either picker! the lock or used a key to open the money box. Approximately S.'in was taken. Paraguay uses Spanish as its official I a n g u a g e, hut Guarani also is spoken there. Saint Stephen generally is recognized as the first Christian martyr. SliimKBIIlW MOUNDSViLLE, W.Va. (AP) —Camp Kaircliance, West Virginia's home for trustworthy convicts, is being closed. Penitentiary Warden Olto C. Boles said he is discontinuing the IS-yoar-old camp because it needs renovation and "walkoff escapes" have become too frequent. wouldn't that jolt your family food budget lor one wrek? It is routine reckoning in the teeming household of Dr. and Mrs. Jay Young, who were mar- j l ied IG months ago and now i have lfi children. 1 Young. 12, head of the chemistry department at King's College in nearby Wilkes-Barre, was a widower with 11! children, and Ann Treacy, 37. was a South B-it:d, Ind., widow with four, when they married on Aug. .15. 1962. Only one of the 16 SOILS and parking lot. where he 'is working as Santa Claus. Cooley refused a reward. SYRACUSE, N.Y. (APi—Nino fossils of sea lilies up to 150 million years old have been reported stolen from Syracuse University's geology department. Police said Wednesday the fossils probably were sometime last weekend. Warren To Shoulder A Double Load ll.v STERLING K. OREK.V WASHINGTON (AP) — Chief Justice Earl Warren, keen-eyed and vigorous at 71, will .shoulder his full load of Supreme Court duties while heading . the presidential inquiry into President John F. Kennedy's assassination. That is just an assumption, since Warren has uttered not a very well in their 19-room three- story house, wilh three bathrooms, eight bedrooms, a restaurant style refrigerator-freezer, and a U-shaped table in the dining-room. Mrs. Young usually shops on Monday, a quiet day in the siores. She says the family daughtei-s doesn't live at home! grocery bill is aboul S.'iOO a in this hard coal country town ; month. Milk, which is delivered, of about 3,000. John, 21, the eldest, is in his third year of study for the priesthood at the Holy word publicly on his plans. Rut '•;.'s associates and friends claim they know Warren's views quite wel'l enough lo predict his course. lie is resolved to absorb his extra load as chairman of the bipartisan presidential commission by working nighls and weekends, taking advantage of holidays and court recesses, and possibly giving up sill or purl ot­ itis usuai three-week Christmas trip home lo California.' There may lie one case, far ahead, which Warren will avoid. If I IK* Supreme Court- ever erilcrlairts an appeal from a Texas murder case involving Jack Rubinstein, alias Jack- Ruby, the court's opinion is sure to carry a notation al the bottom reading: "Mr. Chief .Tusliei; Warren look no part in the consideration or decision of this case." Ruby, 52, is the man charged with slaying Lee Harvey Oswald on Nov. 21. Iwo days after Dallas police charged Oswald wiili assassinating Kennedy. Ruby's pistol obliterated all hope of fixing Oswald's guilt by the only Cross Fathers' Novitiate in Ben nington. Vl. The other Young children arc: Paul, .19, a part-time student at King's College: Cecilia, 17, n j freshman at College 'Misericordia here; Michael, Mi, a taken; sophomore al Wesl Side Central i Catholic High School in neigh- Iwring Kingston: Joseph, 15. a is extra. [sure way, Oswald's own confes The Youngs hold in storage sion. whopping supplies of meat, fish, | Thus Ruby not poultry, frozen fruits and vegc tables. Fresh vegetables and bakery goods are bought on an approximation of a wholesale plan. Nearly everyone has a hand! which in making dinner. Mother looks jjustiei LOUISVILLE, Ky. (APi - It i -os i Jefferson Fiscal Court S5,- 500 to buy Vernon Starr's outhouse. ,, v . lmt ._ .,.„„„..„ v ... soohomore at Dallas High; An- j set the table. It was In the path of the re- 1 UNITED NAlIONs.. (ll .' ou \.\ n freshman al West! Recltime is 8 to !):.!<) oi location of Louisville's Outer, (API—The U.N. Political Com -i Sl( ] e ' Central Catholic: Therese, I haps Loop superhighway. Jefferson ! m it tee Wednesday voted a "ow,.,. firi ».„ry 11: Thomas, 10:' Countv needed only the strip of i appeal for a unified, indopend-! ^ and Margaret, G, who ' ' ' ' ' cnt Korea and called upon the I * parochial school in Communist government or,.,..,. North Korea to accept U.N. objectives. only is indirectly responsible for creation of the Warren commission but also figures heavily in its investigation. There is now law or court rule says a Supreme Court may nol participate in a after I he meal. The girls pre- j case in which he has prior part> and cook the potatoes and J knowledge or interest. II is up oilier vegetables. Father helps I lo the conscience of each jus- j tico. Warren's conscience, like per-, the justice himself, works over­ land occupied by the outside toilet. To move the outhouse closer to Starr's house would be against health regulations. The court voted Wednesday to buy all of Starr's property, then sell il for residential use—less the portion needed for the road. AUGUSTA, Ga. (AP) — The famed Bon Air Hotel, whose guest register since the 1880s included such famous persons as •———. . rTTMMMMWillli • ill ••• WASHINGTON (AP) - President Johnson gave his formal support Wednesday to naming a proposed national cultural center in Washington for the late President John F. Kennedy and financing half the cost with federal money. Dallas; and Antonia, -I. The Treacv children are John, 7 ;.Miehael, 8: Cathleen. 10; and Eileen, 11, who attend the same parochial school as the others. "What the professor and his wife need." said a neighbor affectionately, "an? a school bus all their own, a built-in grocery store, and a half-dozen dairy cows." 10, throughout the school year. The average day in the Young home starts al 5: :10 a.m. Young says he is glad to let more people know about his family "because I should like to encourage others to appreciate the benefits of largo families." He thinks the wider experience, the greater sharing, the community feeling, the give- and-take, the range of personality lhat characterize so large a family us his are of Lmmeasur- lime. Fractional currency was issued in the U.S.during the depression of I.S.'iT. Britannica. ,at)!e value in the children's dc- the Wings say they manage velopment. Johnson Motor Co. CERTIFIED USED CABS 0th and Hnrrlisnn Street* PHONE 211-1044 •Mmuna l «Ki »nilEB<l cream of' of his bidding strength. He j ry Cabot Lodge, ambassador to also was marked with good | Viet Nam, had come up in his spades and it was up to East! talk with Nixon, to kill dummy's miffing power Referring lo reports that: he while still retaining control of had urged Lodge to return to the trump suit. j th , s country, Eisenhower add'ed: Now both of us agreed that we'd like to see him hack here '. because he's a dynamic, viva- II r ' J ! '•'I°u s man. a leader-type. We'd Mere rridayi iike to see nim nere discussing ' I political matters. But neither of us, as far as I know, communicated with him. 1 haven't." A spokesman for Eisenhower in Gettysburg said the meeting with Nixon was set up some time ago. mmmummmmmmmm •••mi t—i • .mmmmsxm 1500 North Salem Road "If It Comes From Borden's ... It's PLENTY OF FREE PARKING SPACE DIAL 244-1807 OPEN SUNDAYS AND EVENINGS FREE DELIVERY Circuit Court Judge Randall S. Quindry of Fairfield will conduct a session of circuit court in Mr. Vernon tomorrow. Non-jury matters have been set for hearing. WHAT? You drive a TRACK CAR? Borden's Complete Line Of FRESH 6AR-6E-QUE Just Plain Hickory Smoked Chickens—Boneless Pork—Meaty Pork Ribs—Smoked Beef—All Fully Cooked For Hours or With The Borden's Famous Bar-Be-Que Sauce. Borden's Genuine Hickory Smoked PORK BAR-BE-QUE 89* Slices In Sauce BEEF BAR-BE-QUE ^ 98« BAR-BE-QUE SANDWICHES |QC Each For No Limif Borden's Elsie Print Sharp Chedder CHEESE By The Piece 69' Choice Fresh Ground Pure All BEEF HAMBURGER Or Fresh Ground Pure PORK SAUSAGE T33* 3 T u ' $ 1 00 Emges Choice All Meat Juicy Tender SKINLESS WEINERS Us 39< M • 4 A Of course not! So, we won't sell you a Comet with the doors bolted shut, or with masonite interiors, or with special racing tires or the other special safety and track equipment used for the Comet Durability Run at Day tona International Speedway! (That's •where a fleet of '64 Comets, specially equipped and prepared for high speed driving, broke over 100 world records by blazing through 100,000 miles of continuous driving at average speeds of over 105 mph.. * including pit stops!) The Comets we sell have the same powerful engines available, but they'ra priced just for yon! HEADQUARTERS FOR THE BIG DRIVE CAR...THE COMET CALIENTE W-G MOTORS 513 South Tenth—Mt. Vernon, Illinois Choice Juicy Tender Rich Soup Meat and BEEF TO BOIL 3 ^ Emges Choice Thick Sliced or Mild Cure 35' (Thin Sliced) 2 ibs 85< Roth's Dairy Brand Fresh Rich CHOCOLATE MILK 2<*29< Hawkins Oven Fresh Korn Krust BREADa e fo 9rU 3°5 r c2' or 25* 5 *" 59* Choice Garden Fresh Red Ripe Firm TOMATOES 23* TASTE LIKE HOME GROWN, LB. ri ri • • I ri Lb. Bag 39< U. S. Choice Grade Clean Red POTATOES 10 DON'T FORGET YOUR NABISCO SNACKS, P! CHIPS AND CRACKERS FOR YOUR • HOLIDAY PARTIES, 20 VARIETIES TO • CHOOSE FROM. BORDEN'S YOUR HOLIDAY * HEADQUARTERS • Borden's Christmas Regular 6 Roll $1.98; AA< NOW ONLY 77 3 Roll Pkgs. Regular 98c, LOOK It's 1 2 Price Look It's only 49c, While it lasts and we have a lot. /5k WRAP •CVCl 3 Roll Pkq: 1 Again we offer you the finest fresh Beef at low, low ! Prices. Fresh made Chopped Sirloin Steaks M ^Sk BONELESS SWISS WH*M trr 1 Ur Fresh Ground Round steak l (\C Jl CAHj All at one low price, Lb. 07 Borden^ Extra Special Big Thin shell New Crop last J Bag 69 ? ] i!l PECANS 3 1 (2 tons, 4,000 Ibs.) Hurry: This is our last shipment Again we offer you the finest fresh choice pork at LOW, LOW Prices-Choice fresh sliced Pork Steak Choice lean juicy tender Pork Roast- Choice lean fresh made Pork Cutlets. -• ) All at one low price, Lb. J/ t

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