The Postville Review from Postville, Iowa on September 10, 1892 · Page 4
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The Postville Review from Postville, Iowa · Page 4

Postville, Iowa
Issue Date:
Saturday, September 10, 1892
Page 4
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BT IIK1.EN B. MATHISKS. tvicnin me prison, ttua saviiu'" anouc litul iivviiUc .iUHl llio two ffomim from an uneasy ilo/.o into which llioy lia«l fallen Kuril munii 'iit thoyclunttto^olhnf \vi d Iv, tliiiikiti L ; that it wan mumiiV-J. smtl thuy wero on their way to thu placo of cxccutidii. Tim siillncH.i that followed seemed to thorn; within to last hours. XeitlH' "I'oUe. II ml only llie loud heatiiu of their liciiils was" heard in the silence of thiM 'ell. lint |>ri't «Milly foolsieps wer hoard appro, ieh :nir, Ih^d'or wasthrown li.ielt. and Ui" lainkey entered hearing a lantern, anl followi-l hy tlieeliaolain wiio, appro ie!iiii<,' tho two women, toll Janet linellv, but in words of slron . leelinir, that hope was over, and only resignation to the will of Hod I to her. Tiien he lcneeleil down, and prayed, and the woni"ii rlasjiinir hand kneeled, and prayed also, lining the sense and the sound of theclanior with out, as they followed, word for word and from their hearts, that simple, rav erent voice. The, extreme favor that could lie granted to ,laii"t on earth was permit ted, and Hester allowed to spend with her the last few hours of Her remaining life. Toward the dawn they fell asleep, and were awakened from that litful slum'ierby the loud tinbarriir; of thu door, through which came several peo pie. hurrying on each other's heels, and while Hester tliouu'ht "7/ in d 11/," Janet saw not the awaiting irallows," felt not the approachim,' death-iian^s for her self, hut onl> as Hester, as spectator, winced and Uivw b 'U 'k. Then from out of Unit crowd of faces one s'nmled itself and advanced—it was that of Lord J .i 'vcl, w'oo looked past the two women as at some siijlit b-voud and even as he cried to .Timet. l, \'il:i an saved!" saw only Madcap safe, and clasped in her husband's arms. (Ml U'TKIt XIV. You may tnlie inv imr c. ...hut tho self 13 my own. nnil t !i.i in> M-ikt!!-'-. As ''rank sal at hreakfait next morn :n:. r . Job entered, and announced Mr Eyre. "I'rauk rose, but did not. advance to ineel his visitor, nor had Job heard any ar.'etins pass beiween tliein when hu ivluet intly closed the door. Frank's eye:; were downcast, lie it was who looked t'.i • sinner as .Mr. Kyro approaehe 1 and wniii-^ liis hand, coitr peibii-,' him to look up, and meet his glance. ••And so you've saved me, Frank,' 1 ho said; "and I'd submit to wors "dis !ionor lor her. Aft"!' all. I'd el. ;•) ptae you—bat no—she lov. > m:, not, you." "It was nothim,'," said Frank, turn wi aside; • any one else would have done as much." His back turned to Mr. Eyre, across who*' 1 features an exiiressioa of love il.ished as lie looked at 1I10 man whom, next to -Madcaii. ho loved better inau 11 'i ytlii 11 _» on e irtu. ".\i:d now lorthe future," ho said. "So I HIIJ : a ; that woii'iin is in the village there is no sa y, and I he oilier may bu in jail her.) s ai i days loader. I li'ivo already i.iU:'n »t -m tti Ii .-r V<jtu«»VeJ tint the law moves slowly: and avail whde, t s.i|)w.i.', Uiu ti.ii.T won't leave her " n!;, tlii.ik"! ; of tli'010 i ;ui'ei, lo-t; • I m each n 11 I K ; ha I seen over • biiiud to - t!i •!• b . a Imvo oniy one uti- Xo." sa 'd two des [i i r;:i • it tier's ar.n - ni :lu: '".') :-' c niinioEi 1:1 l!c OtU 'l' in I : • W .il' "linn I Lio >, I 'lMiikl" burst out Mr lCi re; ' you lino ,v 1 was i fnornn t of l ne cbaui ct'i oven,':} that led io :ius aiviul I a tal i l y. Ii'tiM wo.nan li.idoaly toil me tin'' truth when 1 left Iter, llm wliulo thine- WIIU,d Ii .v.' been averted.'' .Frank turn • I—110 louder is Madcap savior, 11.nler'- champion. I1.1 looke .i at Mr. . '. • re: but as to, aexnow l- el:. : asodya in 111 can. toe lempta u.'iiea.u wnicli h.s fellow has biiiiiini.' I. For a man cannot chair.'e bis nuliiro lire " :'. S:M ' : ; ,n,.io I li !. called out all that is lie-a and noblest in him; so much the inn;,: is its ohj 'el is lieyoild his reach, so much the uiorjstnmitlu to keep 111 it pur : v at fever heat is needed. And Fvank had n -on no Simon I'ure, having erred and fallen like weaker men, liatiuir himself always, and lookin,' b ad; to that, "miitlit liave lii'cu," which is oftener a fount of bit- ii'iuess than a s nuvo of future moral tievelopiueut. It was on that f^roim.1 of common brotherhood that he took Mr. Eyro's liand and cried. "V011 didn't know—nud I'll stand by you tlirough it till they are gone." "And aftory" exclaimed Mr. ICyro. "I'd no back to India and stay tlioro ft dozen years or so—perhaps thoeouutv will have forgotten the story by then.'' "And why should you guV" Mr Kvre, "what is jiooular rumor, public, opinion to you? We love you—and you love us—remain, and let us all bo happy ether." In Aivadia we mteht 'bo," said Frank bitterly, "but here—no, I could tell a lie for lier—but to remain—to see her every day and not love tier—it is beyond my slren.dli; and penpdn will talk," vonii; fellow added abruptly. Ji'l llieiii," s.iiil Mr. 10) r» iiulilTer- eutly, l'ov he knew his friend's liuarf as well us his wife's, and discerned dan tor in neither, "and in to the couuiy— ;t 'iall stand cap in hand to yon yet- " •'I. don 't want the couuiy, 'said Fran'c, to wliom the name of his honor mat ter­ cel noilim;;. wdiile the honor itself win his own. ••and 1 can't stay—as soon as ft/ic is safe, I uo." And if >he is still in danger—if you can secure her happiness by romaiiiiiijf —you will stay'." said Mr. lOyre, "1 will stay," said Frank, reluctantly. "II ' said that- I OJ: the Frank, with 110 which hu was er tiappiness before everyihin Mr. lOyre, "all must trive way to •your die or mine as noihiir; in comparison with it—Hits 10ba persisted in to the end." "To the eudl" cried suspicion of that to swoar'tnsc himself. "Hut I must see her," said Mr. lOyre; "I mean tho woman, Hester Clarke. Vou will nrraiiKO for mo to meet nor sumewhore in your own grounds titter dark. 1 will repair tiio wroio; unwittingly Jono; but on certain terms. There can be no attraction in the place to induce, her to remain." It never crossed Mr. lOyre's mind that Hester might love, him still. Live that is not valued mostly knocks at the door in beggars' guise, and is refined ad n t- timeu, while- wo set the door wide for what comes tardily, its footsteps ti :at- Uw on our hearts. ••.\iy wiro iiBituu nio an ouu quest on about Harrington," resumed Mr. JOyre. "Shu thought ho wont, to her niter tho marriage—,lyoiir supposed marriage—and asked thu woman not lo interfere, lit) nlways liked Imr, and I told another lie, and said it was lie. Poor Biirringfon, lie never bad the heart or BOUSO to conceive the idea. Hut why didn't you write and tell ma?" ho added suddenly. "You wore happy," said Frank, "and she loved you. I let well alone, believing that you would never hear more of Hester. Slie neither knew your nanu< nor home. It was the fatal curiosity ot lior servant, Janet Suirk, Una bvon.'bt about the whole c itusiropho," ''Heaven knows how she traced me;" mud iMv. liyre, wno was wanting to mm fro; "through some mark ou my tiuun, probably, or a dropped letter." "Whut ia Iter BHUCOUOO?" said Frank, who had sat down weaniy, ns though, •on the bvlnk of battle, his eourasnhM- „'03tn :iB |P c nio.1,1 anq—.toil p .U 'tvH pun '.(DAM : ,iaiso|t d.i.i>'| [|i..\\ I '..l-m i|.n:o.iddi: 01 out };sl! i,uoc£ •u.tiios .iai| i<:>i:,| l,ut;.> I., 'A'|i !lBUO |ssnd jpiv.l,.] p.o.t.) ,,'oy., u '»(\ |||.\\ vuli '.tail >ip:<.'.iq 3oit i"j uni|,\\ '.nusiiji Hti.w ^ jCnn jsiinihiMiiii p.itmX oj omti |Ji[ ihnojr^ •.\|.ii:ap tio.< sa.\o| t >ns pun 'pto jpisii joe.w it,. '.Xpiaiipns O.I.<;.I :i\<i pins ,,'l.tie'ti rn jntun !R,di !aj >i!](0 ]|t!] l.uof].. •ir .T .'e uodn asmnou mn nun oi ti.nti." "Pshaw!" said Mr. JOyre; "you make the sacrifice, then shrink from a mere nothing; it, is her love for you, and a little womanly jealousy that makes her so bitter; but'that will pass. And now you'll arrange for me to see the woman —the sooner the belter, (iood-by. Frank: n man doesn't WioiHiod exactly for savin'.' him from a hideous fate, so I ilnn'l, thank yon; an 1. ifter all, you did it for Madcap, not me." He opened the door so suddenly that I Job fell head loremost over the tlircs- 1 hold. I "So," said Mr. Kyro, "you have overheard all." "Swear instantly.'' cried Frank stern- ] Iy to Job, "that you will never repeat cine syllable, or. old friend and servant that you are. you leave this house within an hour.'' "I swear," said Job sullenly, and turning upon Mr. JOyre an undisguised look of hatred. "lie is an honest man, so wo are safe." said Mr. lOyre coolly, as he left the room, then mounted his horse, ami was gone: while Frank, left alone, stood with folded arnn and lixed gaze bent on Ins mot tier's portrait, who smiled at him from the canvas with that look of love which is the lirsllhjng 011 earth that tier child 1111 iersl mils, as it is the last that he forgets: and in no moment 01 his life had Frank felt that lie needed her as much as now. CUM' 11:11 xv. Ye Imvn ,iropp -it :iM evn your lipnd. Anil il seem - :l- it vi, ti -i- d On your he u-i- in Hi,, p oh Ve tl. coined tu ill )lH HT.Hh. Justice in the ease of J.iuet Stork was not leaden-fooletl, bu. -.wilt, so that hardly a week elapsed betw -on the re­ spite'from the capital pa lishaieut, ami her removal to the first state of her journey on her way to a convict settlement. " it was on the eve of J net's departure, that Hester, torn ui Iwo between her fancied duly to acei. iiiany her servant, her longing to rem no, set out lo play her pari 111 the interview with Mr. IOyi'e arranged by Fran., in a so'duded spot on Ins own estate. Voslenii ;ht she might have met him. and yield d lo his bidding; hut. that verv day, us she had si 11 ml do I forth from 1 io prison 0 •!!, Madou/s children had crossed her p ith, and Do iy had run to uu I kiss al twr, and then* duly bad grown !I, and self- denial hard, and a desn T :te ton ;in „' lo snatch at Hie love oil red to her lips, strove in her with that vow which she had mentally registered u, Mate.ip. Sh • had liar 11 v tho.i : 1! of Mr. lOyre in the o.onfiilion and horror ol'tlilist we"l<: he uiigiit h ivo lie 'ii dead for a -iy pr .Diintiug of love or uo"iiory thai. iui- [i.died her toward him: out now as she hurried along the way to meet him, a sudden sense of his 11 \H ' presence checked nor steps, an I she went lag- gimrly. with eh 1 ds of Ion ; dead memories turoag'iig :u her he 11. Franc, approaching I rout an opposite direction, was thinkai r sadly of many tin 11 rs, short ou.v with the .MI Ideii convict.on that lie ha 1 iueu a loo'.. Hat in t lie same moment he thought ot liev and wa . cr.'d —truly, as L'.iseal lias sa.d, Hie heart his rciveis 01' which ju Igment. sic. die I, knows nothing. And p 'i'!ups in ob".v n : the diciat 'S of t'i.' heart, at the exp'.is'ol' s.s -interest, he had tliicniis.'ioai 'y couiribtited his little quota to t'l • gr 'atuess of the worid—peri'liance. Inevsver humbly a It.'io, his I i'o had b cnaie''a piece of the everlasting lie,irt of Naiiire il-elf;''and no wets -a -d 111 soul, it ,11 bodily estate, was Fran . l.ov 1 th ,t 11; dit as ho pursued lie; way to the spot where ho WH to iii.'ef Hester, and co:i,.lujt her to Mr. Eyre. Ho hardly noted ou'.ward things— how a nightingale's son : was s- ill 'red like a nee:,lace of p .Ml'..', by thu liideuiH '.'o.c /rnnuiiu of the sc.- 'eeh -owl; how Strang.1 creatures croi., • 1 his path, nii.l strange scents wer • g.v m out on the bl 'C'"/.'.' (for tile night liath it 4S)>',»iiilors, of which the day knoivi 1101 liiug) — each inoineel lie exp 'eted 11:1,1 01' thes.) trees that stood so still, y .-t s'eau'd lu move liko one of a giant army at his approach, lo resolve its."., ulo the shape of a woniiii; an I so, at -.he n-'ar si pout of approach to th • vd . :•. di 1 aaoik- Iree so resolve its df, an I H 'iter's iialo face sought his own. .Frank fell, her hand tighten on his,as he led her to the cleared space ill which Mr. lOyre win standi •','bis lace .• nl figure fitfully revealed by tho uncertain moonlight, ami knew how in that moment slie had forgotten her dead child, and its living likeness; how Madcap's kiss was to her faint and far away, as she saw before bur tho man who had been to her tho all in all of her life, and that thrill of tonderness which moves a true wonan to what lias cos' her much, snpko in her gesturo as, relinquishing Frank's support, sno van forward, uttering his name. It was one that Madcap never called liiin by—it had been used by others, and therefore was not lit for her lips—lint one other than the man for whom it. was intended heard it, as whilo Frank had retreated. Job advanced, and at a distance of half a dozen paees was both spectator and hearer of the scene. "Master," she said as 0110 who, recalling the dead hv 11 name tiiat ho has forgotten, seoks to remind nun or her by one more familiar still, "it's llest"r; and 1'vo done you no harm yet, and I wouliln tharm her." Ho ditl not stir beneath lior voice, 11K0 11 uvuig oira, as sue tutored n>r plea, migiit have moved him, as perchance it moved the nightingale abavo, who had ceased his song, shamed out of it by tho throbbing passion of tnat human voice below. lint there is not on earth so cold a hearth as that on which a hastily kindled lire has 11 ired up, and died out suddenly; it is only the steady growth, tho warmth of years, that lingers long after the lire itself bus ceased: as there is on earth nothing so cruel us a man to wliom love is'offered that lie does not desire. "ft is impossible." said Mr. Kvre, in that tone none had hitherto dared resist. " Vour mere presence here is an outrage upon " lie stopped abruptly, and the omission of Madcap's name, as one not to be spoken m her presence, stung Hester keenly, "She kissed me, and you can't stain such Hps as hers: and when sho knew, she wanted to com • tome. '1 must, go to her—to Hester," she said; he told ino so—that, she tallied me thai, and yet her name's too good to be said before me— the shame's in the lips of those that speak—you can't shame //•/•." "What you propose, is madness," said Mr. Kyro calmly:'"your presence here must ho a \, 'ipetual annoyance to all concerned; yon will be the obje.-t of doubt and suspicion to 1 he village—a perpetual disgrace to Lord Lovel, whoso relations with you would be misconstrued. Vou have cone dved an extravagant fancy for one of my children —to gratify it, you would saeril'tce tho happiness of her whom yon profess to honor; in short, by remaining, you lose all. and gain nothing," As ho spoke, her heart grow cold— her long faithful reticence, lior proud reserve from 111 'ddling Willi his happiness, her lonely life, in which she had so stauchily kept her vow to Frank; all these wore unrecognized by him. did not even demand one word of kindness or of thanks, and to oiler one's sin-ilo jewel, and se 1 it shrined high in honor, is other than to see it east down contemptuously beneath the swine's foot. "It's nothing to you," she said, with that lleree mother-ring in her voice which Madcap wonid have un lerstood — 'nothing to give up what you've boon hungering, thirstm ,' after for six years; mulling to drag a child's twins" tvoin round your neck, and go out into the night to be haunted by them. If she didn't love him so, I'd take him away and make him love me. I'd be happy; and I'm to give ii nil up because i/i'iu want lo bo happy—and so yon may be. lint I must have a low crumbs; she'd not grudge Iheiii to me if sa • knew." Had Mr. JOyre in la,it inoin oil ab.ui- doned his l.l'e.-long rule of miv', to sloop to /Ju.could he have sp ikon one work 01 kindness, or in any way treated lior ou thai ground of common humanity whioli brings s nil near lo soul—he' might have extruded Ir .iai Hester tiny terms be pleased; but thu power of uttering such a word, bringing about such an undorsiaiidng was impossible to him. Thai lierc ' faithfulness to Madcap (more womanly than manlike) wnic.i made all other women superlliulies in the world's creation, and the existence of this one a direct menace and insult to lcr he idolized, hardened his heart to stone, as lie replied, "There are other children in the world, a lopt one; 1 will see la tl all arrangements for your com for 1 are mule.'' "Comfort!'' she cried, passionate,;,", "would comfort satisfy yon .f you had not her?—Could you take some outer body 111 your arms and love it as ii 11 were her? Can any other child be tu me whai (/o's one is, brother to my little baby, male in your image? Iltit'ldon'i waii t him lor thai. .Si:' would not offer me com ort—sh.s knew b'tter; she said that hesaould inv nio, and I caa 't htirtu her by staying, and I'll stay." "To starve," said Mr. Kyro, "forfrom this moment I ceasj tiio allowance L made to you; remain, and your fate be upon your o.yii uead." "Vou mean to kill mi?" she said, coining close lo him in the half light, their eyes flashing like crossed swords its they met; "then kiil me now—I've done 'her no h irui yet; but l may— there's no knowing where a sin 'II s.op, and death's lobowed in the track of tots one, and perhaps there's "uii'der lo loi- low " "If you harm her, there may bo." "Tuen you n-mhl kill mo.'"' "Ay, it'll woud save her misery." "liod neip her! ' burst out I'los'.er, "for nor punish.11 til is in yo 1,110: ia v' "And you rem un'.''" lie s.ud, cul.niy. "Vos—1 can starve, or I cm die.' 1 "Din then!" he exclaimed; "you resolve to stay—he it so. Vour fate be on your own head." ,)oti solan:; waiiin hiun df a: ,"ro 11 a bitter w.nd as .Mr. lOyre 1 u.'i.a- or right nor left, passed iiitu by, hut made a step forward and was noany betrayed, wnon Hester, fading 011 hui knees, sobbed out: "I'll sluv, but I'll never harm h.-r, sio help tu • ('io 1 Hut l'ii love the child, unit it'd love mo — llioiigli I'd have given up oven that, if he'd said a word u show he remem eretl." As Frank, who had met Mr. Kyre. approached, she rose trembling to'he: feet—smitten by n new remorse ou the young fellow's 'behalf that turned Iter vows to sobs, ns, led by him, she passed through tho woods toward Marmiton; nnil even as Frank thanked God,thinking Hint all had turned out well, and she behaved nobly, Hester was asking herself, with dim, prophetic instinct that chilled her blood, if reinutciaiiou would nut have brought her purer Imp- I piness, tian lhal eagerly coveted joy Dial she snatched at in defiance of death itself, FARM NOTES. ' —>U1 any food, however cheap, If n4_.y or spoiling. Choose lean meat for the hens and chicks when buying. Currant cuttings may now bo advantageously made. September Is the month for transplanting celery til the south. Pull up all dead stalks of plants from the flower-beds and keep them ueat and trim. Keep the tomatoes well picked off the Tines. livery one should be removed when ripe. Ulvo the young stock good care and keep lliem growing steadily and fast with proper feeding. Close planting on fairly rich land Is required for a gootl crop of brush titled* for making line brooms. Lending dairy authorities seem to be set in the belief that it pays them to warm water for the milk cow. Asparagus beds can to made In October to advantage ami will bo ready to start at the opening of spring, says A'lck. What can yon prow in a near proximity to market that cannot bo sent to your market from some distant point •and arrive In good order. I'otlltt, (il'IOVlllK. It Is the study of the potato grower just now to keep the foliage of Hie potatoes a bright green as long as possible, and when It tutus to have It. decay slowly. All the lime Ihe top Is dying Ihe tuber Is securing more sap Ir»m it and Is either growing or changing Its Immaturity to the ripeness that Ihe lovers of potatoes so much admire. The poor quality of potatoes of late years Is more often the result of a suppression of this last otllce of the leaves lo tho tubers than it is to any other cause. I'oullr.v Imlnstry. Southern Fancier: The poultry industry of tiio country has increased wonderfully In the last, year. Xew breed- em have come to the front by scores: new poultry journals have sprung Into existence and the older journals have increased In circulation and patronage. All tliis argues well for the trade, which, some very foolish people imagine, may be overdone. But, as the growth of the population in the United States keeps pace with the poultry Industry, nud the demand for fowls and eggs cannot be supplied, as prices rule stiff for market poultry, especially, and eggs for food consumption anil (lie arts. No, the poultry trade will never be overdone. In fact, it is ciily lu its infancy. icctatlou of a largo Increase In tho''™ ihe f™ p l 'X~« UI)ex * .Upon us. »» II toffieiiniea if, Hi » most unei- amount of grain prov'Wed the land liar » ^ nnM d W(J . lhl Mifliclent natural fertility to tiurlsh Uiu f. <ct t||tl (t ,„, moei lllIidlOM fo ,., flr .,i t i, nt 1.01 crop. On a well prepared soli from live onlj „ , t BRMLARY to combat 11 liy ilu> mom put- to six pecks of clean seed to the ncro e nt m«<licinal «s«n<:lri>, l»n o> piovmi its mmu will be enough, and If covered two testatum at oil l>y couuicrsciii K da* CMIM-'S tbm Inches deep during September n fairly .jroduce 11. Thus, exposure in wei weaihor, tin- remunerative crop may be expected, 'oJurcsd weaiitiK or damp ci«-iii<'» durhm «, without expending a large amount of "torm, a thorough iinuetu, umicriisioiiieil itt >i artificial fertilizers. t ""^ WBt,r , oodtty or m >*min ov-monk, ar,i b f e ' praot tllicai?, but llcslettjr'a Stomach late r> 'will mevMit Ihr-lr Inducing it. 'ilil* nn 'ilM..i' Ivrlltle* ll» ^Jplpm 11 11I111.I lie, nn«'irt,d ,SV ,i- •acta crait,e, won ,1 oiliii»>ln' proilui'O lo auartuer, lu., o;.u(ooi' tat i.rvr, tin' *tave of U,.e>»k ni.d pen, mid ih« t\- 1 --o. i-i'il (.em-rally, ti i- of tilt, uiin"*t iidvuiiiiii„,!, Jt\>pi'i,#iH. kijtiie, truuUl*, lunlarln, til lii,u-.t,rn.- <.., \ i -.u to it. \Vh,'i'»' lio Sltt't'p llt'ltiit^'.' American I'lirmer: They belong to every situation where civilized beings belong. They adapt themselves to the most forlorn conditions, mid taking characteristics in harmony with their environment, become as Indigenous to the situation as do the human beings 01 wild animals that may be found there. In a wild stale, we are told, they an natives of hills and mountains. In the domestic slate they have a liking for the higher lands in their pastures. Thl Is due to different causes, mid gives them special preference over other uul mals In the permanent fertilization of sterile hilltops and barren hillsides. God made them as the helpmate of man in agriculture as well as civilization. ItlllldlllK II ClIUIIMIhl Il4 'll|,. Market garduers know the value of compost heaps, but farmers have not as much experience In this line as thoy should have, according to Farm Life, which says: By composting it all, •.-table mid barnyard niiiiuu'e can bo put In more available shape and be applied to belter advantage directly to the crop than it can tie In. ordinary form good way to build a compost heap is to lay a 1'omidutlon of thick sods, male big the basis of such length and wdlh as seems desirable. Put down sods say to a depth of six inches, then cover ijiem witli a layer of manure half as deep. Continue with alternate layers until the pile is live or six feet deep Then llulsli with a basin In the centre, mid pour water Into this until the entire mass is well soaked. Kermeuta tlou will soon take place'aiid assist In the decay of organic matter. After a few weeks cut tho pile down from one end with a spude and throw it over nud repeat the operation at least once before using. A few months will suf lice to give a Hue mass of rich compost heap is, of course, early in tin autumn. but shook olf her timid touch with silout contempt that for llio moni'ut cowed her, then roused in her breast that spirit which loneliness and suiter- ing never quite quench in 11 woman's heart. "Vou could not harm lior if yon wished," ho said coldly. "Tho sin was yours and mine; tho puiiishmont bo ours, not hors," Ours?" she said, with both hands pressed against her bosom. "And do we shiiro aiivthing? Do you take your half of it all? Does youi-'ltoart cry out for our llttlo dead child? Does 'it go with Janet toiler living tomb? If it does, I'll forgive you. But you've got her and vour own children; it can't be equal. It never is between man and woman." She was struggling hard to repress the rising passion in hor; she had meant to be so humble, to ask from her kntMis tho one poor favor that shecovotod; but tho consciousness of veal power would not bo kept down; only whatever hap- period, Madcap should not suffer. "My share of it is to rotnain," he said, "yours to go; mine to gnurd hor against ever discovering tho truth, yours to nar- fonn no deed that could reveal it toller. The whole consequence 01 OVOIILB 13 nun to yourself only—had yon placed me in possession of the truth they could not nave occurred, tuul their consequence) j must not, shall not, fall on uu innocent Uead.". "Shall not!" repontod Hester. "Yon talk liko God, and 1 am to go " sho struggled for quietness, but tho title within had risen beyond her control. "Vou take in your hands a human life, and say it Hhull ho thus and tints—it shall do certain things, and leave others undone—us though you wore a forua to compel it when its force isin. itself, uu I it must obey itself and Go.I; audi can't S o—not yot; it's liko Html chins I ha read away from a siarving mouth;you ntust love him yours df, though jo.t never Iovod little children," Ho did not reply, ami in tho uncur­ tain light she could not sea whioli wav his features were inclined—perhaps to mercy, she thought, with tho anger overborne in Iterby tltosetlirobbliigiiul- Bosof motherhood that from bor-ouiliPja- _l»LntJ. J— ' ' '- To he Onntinuorl. SMILES. ma am; 11 powers of Landlady—Gentlemen, I am afraid your steak Is overdone. Mr. OrtaiUor—Not at all, seems to have wonderful endurance. A Into fad is to make Ice-cream In the shape of billiard balls. Tho boys are expected to take the cue at once. First Blue Point—This is what I call horribly dull. Second Blue l'oluti—Never mind friend, "r" time is coming. There goes 11 inau Unit every one trusts. Langly—One of your leading citlzetiB, 1 suppose. No, lie just won't pay cash is all. Miimina—Tomuile, I think 1 toiil yon novur to turn down the corners of the loaves of your books? T'onuulo-Oli, well, this is Charley Dent's book that 1 borrowed lust night. ViHltor—Nora, you aro certain your inistresa Is out, are you? Nora—Well, just to juake sure, I'll go buok mid ask her If Unit's what she said. Book Buyer— Can you toll me anything of the blue laws of Connecticut? Book Bcllur—Vos, they are often read, I think. Book Buyer—They won't do; I want only tho blue OIICB. Puck: "It ia tho little tilings Unit woiry a man," remarked tho father of a family of girls, as he paid a largo bill for Ida daughters' batningsuUs. Pack: Keggy WoBtend—Did you hear of any trouble bovwoen Frank Treadwell and Uiu wife? Old Grumpy—Hoard they woro niar- r'edj that's trouble enough, isn't It? Dentist—With or without gas? With gas, tlfty cents oxtra, Mr. Hardaoro-Kf you can't see In thl^jdfvrjnii aunlliiiii-JLoi 1 ricking Applet. S, If. P., Ohio: Just at what period In their growth apples should bo picked from flic tree depends so much on the variety and the season its to make it dllllcult to determine In all cases. On this point funnel's differ considerably lu their practice. Tlioro la a tttrong Inducement to gather them early before many have fallen to tho ground, and some believe that ttioso picked while they aro a ilttlo green will keep hotter than If allowed to remain longer on the tree. Others, referring to eheli own experience, show (but upon Uiv whole, while they may not gather as many barrels, the crop will be more s-aleable and bring move money if picked then more mature but not overripe and ready to drop from the tree. So far as the keeping of the fruit is concerned, 1 believe more depends ou the apples are handled at tho picking and their treatment afterwards than upon a few days' difference lu the gathering. A. drop into the basket hard enough to cause a bruise In an apple will produce rot soon after It is packed away. Leaves and twigs should he carefully excluded, and the apples well pressed down so Uiyro will bo no shaking of !ho fruit when the barrels tire moved. These should bo stored, if possible, In a place wliero a uniformly cool temperature can ho innliitnlncti, mid "wlVi good ventilation. Aa between a damp or wot collar and ono extremely dry, the former Is tho profevablo place. (Irowluj! Wlu'li!. Wheat Is commonly regarded as the farmer's most reliable money crop, more, perhaps, from tho fact that then 13 uniformly a gootl and ready donuim' for tho grain in cash, at whatever may he tho market price, than because It Is more profitable to tho aero than other, ftandard farm crops, Often a crop of corn may bring moro money to Hie ncro, but ngtiln tlioro aro seasons when com Is comparatively low In prioo and to abundant as to bo slow of sale, which Is rarely tho case with wheat Jjy^jyjre^iUo^jYrjjiiiid •» llolllrnllti'r. That it Is no use to ring hell* and beat pans lo make the bees light when Oey swarm. Bees have no earn and lannot, hear, make as much nn'sc ns j you may. They are susceptible of vl- ' bratfous and jars but not to noise. Bet- 1 tor keep quiet anil get the hive ready j for them. It Is a good plan to sprlnklo: a swarm liberally wifli water aftor j thoy light before hiving them. ! To move the hive in which yon have' put a swarm the first night, or the bees! will go back lo where if stood. Better | tit ill, (nit them in a hive whom you 1 wish them to remain. j To watch the new swarms us well as ' the old hives. Often they fill the hive in a week or ten days niid unless given supers they will remain idle or swarm ; again. j To see that all hives have sufficient' surplus arrangements. Then If you do not get some honey (his season, you are cither in a very bad locality or are it very poor apiarist. That a swarm will not hung very long on a warm day In the sun without leaving. That bees need some attention, and unless you give it and at tha right time, you cannot expect success. That honey should not be taken off the hives until ripened and sealed. That it should not be left on after It !s ready to be taken off, if you wish tho more salable article. That after It is taken off It should bo kept in a warm, dry place. That the honey marketed earliest this season will bring the most money, all other things being equal. THE HOUSEHOLD. ItU'iialitKs. Trying fo kill with (he tongue is as bad us doing It with a club. F.very gootl man gives a living emphasis to his pastor's sermons. It is only the body that grows old. The soul will remain young forever. You will do good, less by what yon say or do, or even give, than what, you are. lOvery man makes a terrible mistake who chooses for himself Instead of letting God choose for him. People who llsh for compliments do not need long lines. They will get their best, biles In shallow water. We are tremendously at Uie mercy of our characters. If what we say is not backed by our character it is powerless. How much easier it is to sit in tho shade and tell our friends what we intend to do, than It is to go out in the sun and do it. The longing soul is always the loving soul. "He satislieth the longing soul, and lllleth the hungry soul with good- t ess.'" Melvill: Tho harp of the human spirit never yields such sweet music as when its framework is most shattered and it strings most torn. A man that puts himself on the ground of moral principle. If the whole world lie against him, is mightier than all of them. A man I (•tight not to fear being in minorities so! that lu'-'Oiltles are based upon prlnei pies. Italn has fallen only twice in tweiity- olne years in Aden, Arabia. Previous 1 ihe last vain, which occurred lu 1SSS, ione had fallen in twenty-six yours. "Found Kanesred HralUi, Strength »n<l nope." l.a Fayette Sunday Timet, La Fayette, Ind. ihe Times ia » nowBpaptr if it is anything, dud never hesitates lo say a word in f.ivor of tiny enterpri-te that ia a benefit to suffering Immunity, although it may benefit and bring dollars to tho institu-, tiou in tho way of au advertisement, unit this reason that the Z'imes expresses its believe 'n the great curative properties of the waters and Mngnot'c Mineral Mini Hatha (in only given in this country w the Indiana Mineral Sp.ings. Incidentally we might mention that tho management can be relied upon to take advantage of any opportunity to augment the fame of the rt-HOrt by the most artistic and striking nitthoJs of adverthing. Not long ago thsy secured as tho Modi- cut Adviser of tho Springs tho no lean noted personage than the celebrated D ,| H. S. Tanntr, the world's well knowil hero of forty days' fust. Dr. Tanner, who has from time to time in the past ^);on u valuable contributor to this p.iper, ui diticussiug the merits of the water? of iinliau .i Mineral Springs a short time ago a -i .-yrted that in point ot medicinal illic.-.ej nnil ceilainty of remit in the treatment At liisensi's for which it has atltiined a <iett lcpnUfion iliut it has lurprised hi- 'uio -t Siiiiguine ay clatious. 'lliis i -ia'e- meut coming i.s ii iloeB from HO noted 4 plijsieiau us Dr. Tanner in lieitdy.ul lieio H Iy indursed by the Times, in lit .vi iter of this lus met and milted winj uiAtiy enthuiiastii: people who found iv- iv.'iieil iliiiigih, health nud hope io tin 1 lite giving wiittrsof these celehr .itti] ^p.'.lleS. A heiiuliiui ilhutru'ed book, telling all ale 11' the wonderful Indiana Miueral •V' ng'', will bo mailed freo, if you will •• 11. 1 jour atkliess to Mr. 11 L. Kramer, ',:•.;;. policial iimu.cjer, Indiana Mineral Sprn.g-, lnd. Tk* Only On a Krar I'rliiUitl— dun V.m |i*t , Uie Word f Tliere Is s, 8fncli display nrtverllsouit 'n:. 11 tkls paper fids week uldt-ti linn no two uui.l, •like except, one word. Tim sninu U trim ui' each new one nppem 'higcacti week from Tiei Dr. llnrlcr AletUcinuCo. Tltls liniiitu plnnM • "Crescent" 011 everything they tmitte and 'publish. I.i,ok for It, send ttieiu lie: iciae) of tho word, rout Uiey will return yim HOOK, BBiUTiriil, i,iTlioouAl'll9 or SAMl' iiiai:. Tho pioneer vlncysrd of northern Ohio, now famous for Its American wine-, « a 1 plsnted by Hiram T. Dewey In 1857 one mild from the city ot Sandusky. Mud* to Look Like Maw. J Dresses, Gent's Clothing, Feathers, Qtoven,, etc., Dreil or Cleaned, Plush Gannon ti Sfesmeil, nt Otto I'ietcu'a Dye Works, W« W Water St., Milwaukee. Send for circular. An eel Hint Is ordinary In all respects et- cept flint it has a sklu of a "beautiful go'el} en color" lias been added to the collcitiou in the Londou zoological garden. T OTHB R KSCDB WITU IU LB'S IT ONKTON HonuuouND aND Tin before the baby strangles with croup. 1' IKW'S Ditoi'% Cure la one minute. The .UutuiKuim'nt i,l' Stiit.til,, I-'U-IIIN, Xow that harvest is well nigh OUT the problem of how to manage the stubble Holds is worthy of serious consideration. When these have boon sown lo clover and timothy and the stand is perfect of good and the growth rank, there is nothing further to be done or desired. There will be no waste of uitralos through fall rains, as the soil will he completely llllod witli roots, and Instead of loss the work of restoring fertility will go bravely on. Ful'orltinalely many fat mors have not yet learned (he great value of clover In this respect, and many holds with nothing profitable to occupy them will, like Idle boys or men, proceed to do mischief. Whenever the rainfall is abundant as It is tills year over nearly all the western states, a crop of weeds will spring up as if by magic. This may, to a great extent, be avoided, by simply running over tho Hold with a disc liar row and thus covering the shattering* which will, by their Immediate growth prevent the waste of nitrates, and at the same time produce a crop of oats or wheat that will have some value as forage, and at the same time smother out tho growth of weeds. When tlds In not done and tho weeds have «tart we would let them grow until they are in bloom, and then mow them and bum them when dry. After all there is no purifier like lire. Nothing will .*/ completely destroy weed seeds am whole bodies of noxious insects as it swooping lire that will lick up everything clean. Tho ground will then ho in the very best condition for late fall or early spring planting. When farmers are preparing to put in crop of winter wheat on stubble ground we advise burning the ground iver under all circumstances. In burning stubble there Is no waste except of nitrogen, and the mnoniit of this Is so small In stubble that it Is not worth speaking of, mid the damage that the stuhblo will do in preventing a solid seed bed is far moro than the value of the nitrogen. Every farmer knows how nicely the ground works after it has been burned over, and how easy It Is then to secure a good seed bed. In ad lltlon, great hordes of insect pests luwo been destroyed. The ash of the stubble contains all the elements of real value except the nitrogen. Try the renovating value of fire on these stubble fields, and after trying onco tho practice will bo continued. When tho floor of tho Brcslnu town hall, In Germany, was taken up recently 4,000 historical documents, some of them of great Value, weie touud hurled Luuoalk It I'txum'UuK'o nod Testimony. If you have never felt tho great necessities of life, you havo never turned them into language; If yours has been a flowery path, If tho velvet lawn lias swelled up to your library window, and you havo lounged there reading tho lightest literature of the day, then you kuow nothing about llfo's agonies; you will not bo consulted upon any groat subject. If you have been plowed through nnd through, and torn to pieces, nnd vent asuuiter; If you havo been dovll-rlddeu, and hunted by temptation from sunrlso to sundown that would not let you alone oven tu youi' flmnin »J _l* Excursion Kates South* Tiio Cldcngo mid Euslern llllniis Itnltroiid will sell excursion tickets Sept. 27, mid (Jet. fiT>, lfey«, al lite tow ruie of ouu fnre fur llio round Hip lo liiiliiL'iiiiib points to the Southeast, South and Southwest. I'or full particulars, maps, tlmo tables, or tiny oilier lufoi million, apply to agents C. oi K. L it. K., Chicago city ticket otllce, 204 Chirk street, or to Charles L. Stone, Uencrul Passenger and Ticket Agent, 415 1'lrat .National Uaiik Building, Chicago. Artesian wells were known at Thebes aa long ago as the time of Tlmurlou 2,000 years' uoinre UU* beginning of the cUrlslian era, a. A, 11. lSucuiupinont, Washington, D. C-, Sept. su, 18Ug. U'ho Motion Itouto to Ciuclituatt, lo connection with the Chesapeake and Olifo 'Houte to Washington, Is the oilictal route of the DepnrUncut of State of Illinois. Special trains will fcuio Dearborn Station Sutiiiiluy •light and Sunday uioriihig, Sept 17 and US, firivtiig at Washington llio following il'ity. rt'lio route passus nil Uiu famous batllu-llulus (of Virginia via Gordonsville.. On tho relliru .tickets will bu honored from lUcloinnid, fussing Lynchburg and Appomattox. Only ty from Washington to Hhlnnuiid vllntka Vototuuc River nud Old Point Comfort Special slop.over privileges will bu granted, 'ontiblhip; all tu visit the battlo-uuld* without extra cost. For circulars, raana and further lu formation call or writ* P..J. Kuivo, Q..V. A., Mf South Clark strcot, .Chicago, lib In Inqdon a rat cleverly opend a. b1aek<- btrd's cage, presumably to feast on Use birdseed. T|io bjrd flow away and the d«*r closed. This lime, tljg n )t waa wuaJA* to •pen it,. "Don't Tobacco Spit Your Xdfo Away" Ii the startling, truthful title of a little hook just received, telling all about Notobac, the wonderful, hatinUss, economical, guaranteed cure for the tobacco habit in every form. Tobacco users who want to quit and caa't, by mentioning this paper, can get the book mailed free. Address THE STERLING REMEDY CO., Box 244, Indiana Mineral Springs, Ind. In tho Boulevard St. Germain, In Paris, yon can drop a small sou Into a slot lu n clri'iilui- column, publicly situated, picas a button nud catch eight quints of hot water lu a pall. MrmiaAL science lias achieved a great tiliunpU lu the production of licucbum's l'ills which at 26 cuuta medicine client a box replace a Vour of tho five men that constitute thei democratic coiuuut '.-CiO at lUckory Mountain, township, NorUi Carofiua, weigh 1,018 pounds. F. J. CHENEY & CO., Toledo, Q., Propra. Bull's Cuturrh Cure, olfor (100 reVMd for any casu ot Catarrh that cau not be cured by taking Hull's Catarrh Cure. Send for Uati- wouiula, friio. field by druggists, 75c Tho ponslou agoncy Lu Topeka I* tbe larg. est In thu country. It pays out auuualfy 115,000,000 lu Uiu veterans of Kansas, Missouri and Colorado. I'lfHj-AU l''il» Stunned froo by Dr. Kllllp'a •••"in la>•••»'<• 11 »„,.,„•. No 1,'ti, ttttur n v , t ,?.?"","' Mnrvoluusoures. Treallaoanil I3.IW trial Uoltl .1 1 Irou to fit C'u»o«. HuuU lo Or. Kllno, 1131 si 'i'h St., I 'liiu., y u< Tho now Uonnan m-my tent Is divisible Into two portions, each of which cau bo converted into an overcoat, lu enso of rain. No Wonderi (•«oi>l«tti>«»k Well o> llOMO'a. "for • long "German Syrup" Justice of the Peace, George Wilkinson, of Lowville, Murray Co,, Minn., makes a deposition concerning a severe cold. Listen to it. "Ik the Spring of 1888, through exposure I contracted a very levcn cold that settled on my lungs. Thli was accompanied by excessive night sweats. One bottle of Boscbeft't German Syrup broke up the cold, night sweats, nnd all and left me in n good, healthy condition. I c&n give German Syrup my most earnest commendation." mm ItOtireaColil > ,Couelia.Bore , rhroat,CronB,Tiiaas». aa.Whooplnj Couch, Bronchltitantf Aithma. A etrtaia euro for Consumption in flrgt aUras, asj ' aaurorettof in advanced •tages. TJaa at Mas. You will act, tho excellent effpot aftor Uklug- thi Jr.tdoso. Soil by deolcra ararTwhara. Lazs* t» ttloa 50 conU and 81.00. . A FRIEND IN NERD. The old adage Is that "A friend la need is a friend indeed." This every- ono will acknowledge who has tried that sterling remedy, R BID'S G EUMAS C OVJCIII AND K IDNEY Cunis. When racked by a violent cough or suffering with a terrible cold this great remedy comes like a messenger of peace with healing on its wings. It at onoe stimulates tho kidneys so that they* resume their normal functions; it aid*) the lungs to throw off the surplus car^ bonic acid; and it restores the circulation to its accustomed vigor. When tliis i- done, but not until it is done, will tho system bo restored and the cold be banished. No one can take even one close of this great remedy without fooling the benefit. It acts at once, and at tho same time It U perfectly harmless. It never under any circumstances does harm. This makes it the most invaluable of cough remedies. Get it of any dealer. S YLVAN R EMEDY Co., Peoria, m. « Going to Buy I A Dictionary? • GET THE BEST. . 1 Fully Abreast of tho Times. A Choice Clft. A Crrtnd Family Educator. Tho Standard Authority. Successor of the authentic "TJna -J 1 bridged." Ten years enent fa revising, a> 2 100 editors oinployod, over $800,000 s> 4, expended. _____ • • SOLD BI All, llOOKSEMiBBg. • 4> rto nnt buy repHnla Df oteolrte edition*. e> _ Sciul (or TII'I, na,mihlot 0011(0111111* tpecUuroi • vases and l 't'l .l. I'AltrlCl'I.AIIS. T O. & C. MnrtlUAM CO.. Publishers. X » Springfield, Mass., U. B. A. 4} •••••••••••••••••••••••• RELIEVES all Btoumcta Distress. REMOVES Nausea, Ho DM of Tnllussa COKOCSTIOH, Pain. REVIVES Janjuo ENERGY. RESTORES Normal ttrculaUoo. - TJI MT uses TO TOK Til* IW. HUTU MEDICINE CO,, St. Lours, •«*' I win MSSSl u *ttd,rrM, Hi* praaorln. lion Ih ail uia.le at uuuf of im>, atnaf v.U.t liATTi'liB It to C-rS any sulluier from Varloiw Vitality, —voua DIs* I Debility, **• ttt)»D, ",I;II. iUlolfa v.U.t it VN'l'liB It to Cm a—1 _. _ _ any aiilVui-er from Varlo r aHl I" aT" I Sr.'*', Vltallt Li I J> aL I. I "onkiie-ia, Nervona III W fit H M I """.lei'., t.on.iul liebliit I II L L I ^ftew,'i,:sv; m " • •am Baal • Mua.hall ji|i u GUITARS .'"MANDOLINS •altan from »».W oawarda. |S>adollnirraa tlUNan-aato THt MaaautTTt, I THI Anion. THI LAKESIDE. «u»rt t t»«w«l ihk, ititiqu, ., __,„. kiiimlt* 7*?** Mi •"arantaa'l 100,000 oj w , lo ti,. You, loul wlUort/rfcrm. Ooi. tan. li.v. u.ui. b»ru,J 00 lo,id«. Saud tot tllotUotod •atoloiw. VXON A UKAL.Y. S3 atuuro* Streot, Ohioaav AUCTIOXI SALE. DON'T PAIL TO .STTWM) TUB Uroat Auction Snloox^ots in Itw new i!>wn ot WUA UY, two mllos sdDia of Mllwitiiki't. Exi ',-1 out o|i|ioituiiltv tor iiroflt-""'- uUlu luu'ouuoni, for fiiriimr inrui'ulars aaoly to C'llOAIIY HUOS., rr ' -No. Itiil Sooouil St., Milwaukee, Wis. BARLOWS INDIGO BLUB. 'I tin Kainlly Wiisli ill no, for salu liy Uracars. TFXAR iJ ' , i , ''? t , 1,e « lou - 1 All crops siileadUl. I CAMO for Joldfr sivlui/ eeiioral Information JWI1N W .fUUHHia, Wnahlliuluii. U.Ol

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