The Iola Register from Iola, Kansas on March 31, 1927 · Page 3
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The Iola Register from Iola, Kansas · Page 3

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, March 31, 1927
Page 3
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Siinday School Lfissbn j;>TKR TKTKR,i F1SHEIUL1>, FI(.'HTER;A>t» FKIKXI). The International Snndiiy Schifol . Lesson tor AprH 3 Is "Pet" Be- romes a IHsrlpte of Jesus"— Mark 1:11-^:29-31- (Hy William T. Ellis.) ' Two fdulrusling pifiures hang iji tiic gallery i of itliis traveller's jiHinory. • One ij^ Of a swart fislier- ijian, Willi seainocl fate and Ions <ipaj equipment of the fountlers o our fkUh was not formal educatioc but a , personal experience o( ChriA. '. Later; Peter look a pen in his calloused, .gnarled fist: but lie handled .'a net more easily. He did better" when he. had Mark, for an amaiiuensis; for lie supj)lied th material {or the set;ouil Ciospe! which was the .first written poini of time. In the Apostolic O'iuircli I'eter was foreirfost in lhe| C.ouiK-il uf the brethren. Kvculuai hair and beard; liis loose cotton^ _ KuriueiU lucked into his girdie, i ly. he .seems to have reached Uoiucj some lime after I'aul'.s imprison standi«K Mil llie .sfioio of ilie Lake of Calik -c. ca .stiiig or throwing a big circular urti.' exijcUy aH de- .MTibed in the Hiory of 1N-Ier> cu41. It is ardu<iiiK svork. calltug for .skill and patienc«- and great physical hardihood.- The man niiglit. be the Fisherman Apostle come to Jife a ;:aiii- (lU the i very .^ccne where i '<-ter toiled. How the Land illuminates the. Ho (jk: The others picture is far from (.'alilce. In "Ulemal City" of U<niic. r u'lii standing beneath the dome 111" the grtn'ttci -t church in the .world, whichnrears the name of this same ;• 'fifehcrmaJi. . li is crowded with pilgrims from every <<(rricr -of tho cprth. A black bronze statue of Sainl Peter stands at one side, aiid a conlinuoirs pror rission of the rtcv lul pass it imd ri 'vcreiitly kiss tberto'e. wh ch has b "eii torn away by the jips o/ the VvrveiU I faUhfHl. As I'be- li 'ohl llie .-^jwctiijclc, memory reverts to tlie primitive life alKJut the Lake of CalaleeL Peter, the fisHer- nian. has cninela long way. View- ciE merely :is.;t; s.t^dy in "success" isDlicrc any otlier Contrast in the world !--o -x^-ondurful as this, one'.' JVliat made Simon Peter, , the rotigh swinger of nets and handler >if slippery fish, over into P^ter, the aiKisil^. and'sainl and imperial figure. ,in wlioByo honor countless . ijithcdrals have- been reared and iiatnc i^j^iibove that of kings and fc«iprrorsV It was otily . the ;iiidili()n i|f .Icsu'-! lo his prrsn'nal; - Hy. The fi .<=h(}riaan by Iho Jake was Peter minii .s: lh(» 'world figure (if I he apii.sllc waii, Peter filn.s. If >l <-;ii:; Usui not ciiLled PclcT into )lis fellowship, hi'.'would have re-, inaiiied an niiknowii toiler on' tlip •.v;i!ir 'i I" •h''- end of .his <ibs< iMe iind iiii-vi 'nifiil da.ys. Our very tirnt look at Simon prier relurn .s II'? trcnieitdiiiis ancl timely trulli lint llie gre .ili;:;! chiirafler-lrans- Irdnilng |or <e jn iiie worl'l - niiglilier lliaii any iolb 'ge or so- lial tvaiiiiiig .'<iinply assiocia- iioii vviMi .lemis Cliilsl. To lol- • Ir.w llini i:i 111 find -life in beauly aud in bigni'ss. _ .»hcn a Soul Wiik*"* I'p. Ail sorlH of .specliiciiliir evelil.'i well- oi'i'iii'ring annind (lie I.:ike of i ;.ilil<e at Ibis tjine llie erei 'lltiji ii( new liiilldiiigH' at Cain'rifauni and lli'lli siiida; i he opi'iiing of' iii >w iuarl>l>» >itrii<inres lo lioiise (he Iroi b .itlis on 111"' wc -iteru shore: - and' ibo cc»..selc.'<s 'omiiigs and goings , >ir llom .in dignilarics. "liTlspro- ^ <;<'SHia I iif "public" evcnis would have got the headlines in the press of the d.i .v. hail there,been news- jiapers. No noii <re whatever Oiave' been taken of the in -sigliiflcalit fact tjiat';a few rough fisiiermen • had becoiiie follower.-; of i\ new religious Teacher who -se home was by the Lake. Locking back across the centuries.' with tru^r per .spective, we perceive. (learl.v. that nothing else in the wliole hisiory of thai day. imt only in fJalilee but' also tbroiishijul the entire known world, was so iinp .artant as the decision of this linii^g-roipe of plain meii to accept the leadership of' .lesus, • Histor.v knows nothing of the Ijcautiful .buildings or of the ..local potentatiis who wbre the talk (tf the towns and of the time; but the impress oij Peter and John and • tiieir brothers'upon the world has been revolutionary. All of the really big things that happen in the world take place inside -of somebody's head. Destiny <lepeiiii.s upon • decisii)n; - Human ciioifcs are the- most eventful ex- lierienics in the life of mankind. .Ml of the greatest news of our i.s entirely missed by the news- iuijer.<. beciuise it goes on, unseen iuifl unknown, within tiic inner life of ' individual men and women— •.ind mp.sily yonnfi nieh and women. When a sciul like Peter's wakes up to tiie call of Christ, vast new con.<e <iuciices poi;tend for the. world. TbV day that he imiswcred the voii-e of 111"' .Master, and left the nets, Peter .-iot Out on the r6ad to Konie and to universal influence. In ihai choice wa.-i a >vUolc edu- vaiion. Infrodni'ing n iireut .Van. Suppose wo jiaiiso . hore for a little Ki .imp .-<e of Uiis man Peter's lite, and jor a preview of his caliper. I'p' iiniil the 'time of our l .,«'s.«iin, lie wa.«r known only as a fiiiherniaii. ;i loib 'r at a hard trad". His vigorou;;. foii ^lcss aiid ImpelU- (lUK peis<iii,ili|y h ,(d malfle him !>' leader among his fellowa: but the wh'de crowd wrro r <'l ;i lively uii- inipiMiani..' Peter 's honio was the mean mud bou .so of a peasant. He v.n.i iiutrried. and his inolhor-in- law, who. watt ill—for blcKsing • (lilies lo'lbej ('Jil^re • hou .<ieholil : when on" mcrtibcr decides to. go . whoie-liririedjy along with Christ. This. roirghl CiRlicrman was lio parlor ornanfpni. Hisr language was roiish. aiid even profane.] 'He had a (iiiick jtemprr. but. a loyal heart. His inOmlsfvene.'is led him • jnto niany hUtndcrs, but the gift of l(isc'?rning and self-immolaling irirndship waii'his. Certafa qualities of self-reliance and initiatiwe . made him a jleader in any gro ip fit w .hich he Jwas a member. Andrew called a bigger man (han biniseU : when he introduced, his HfT*-, fcarlc .-is. fighting, frleiidly brother to .le^us. A i"prai)tioal man''.was Pe^r even quick lb lie .somctiiihg about it. No theorizer he: ivhen all 1he hopes of the Brotherhood jseemed buried in a new grave, it was Peter who proposed . that they retiirn to their fishinp. Sometimes I ^team of the I<os.siljiiily of a' great conference of plain, jiracticMl, .Christian men, mostly workers 'with their bands, to fa^e franWy "th.ej preBent problems 'of reiisioQ and lUe, -whicb meiii and doalh there. .No.record i.s to be fouiid In the Uible'oi' Pel er's presemie 111 Koine; but th^ early Church fatJiers_ are liuanl mouH in recording liis sojourn ant niariyrddiri lliere. Itccently, X vis ited pnc Of the catacombs in Kum< wher« it is believed that the bodiei of Pupl and Peter rested together before Ihey Wero enldmbed in th i-c.spective churches that bear thei names. All this matters little; th real 'Pater • Jives in the hearts o myriads of Christians who are pi- culiarly drawn to him by his liu- manness and frailt.v and his reajl love for Christ. ^ A Man niio Msule Mhttikes. . All sorts of cla-ssifications hav|i' lieen'made of mankind; one that i as good as any is the persons .wh^i have initiative and the person who have it not. One man .witji initiative—a self-starter—who ha been''allured by the" wiiisomeiies of the Saviour, is a belter asse to a community, and to ihc king doni of heaven, 'than whole rowi of expensive and cndowVd institu- tioiis. -Why arc goodiolk so oiler dull and drub and conventional izcd?> Peter is a liplash of colojf in Christianj history. He had pcH sonality and! push. He did thingii! without' waiting for some iirgani zation to pass a rcsolutioii that they should be done. All: ilie vir tups-and of tin- pioneer.^ ma.d^ (heir home hcneafh his fish erm:4n's cloak. ()f all ilip qnuli tics (o he sought in .voiitli. none more priceless than iniiinlive. T' unleash a rJiris'ian Peter .<i|'oii th^ world is a greater work! than U, build a cathedral. I'iidoulitodly. I'etcr m '.id" nii:; takes—and how the piin.v. pairot ilig, powerless little cliliis iii.ig| nifiert them. The'world ni;id up of two groups, out- very siiriil and one ver.v lartv - jier.'^oii.'! wli i dO; things, lyid (be (ither persoiu wh'* (alii abf»ul (be person;; ivli > ! do things. Alway .'i (he t.ecoiid con pail'y evelililally become fidlower of Ilie firrtl. Heller a bluiiderin|( |.do(!r Ibaii mi? uiicrlUcised idle Tllfiro is no other •inl.'^lake <ijii: lo 'tho making of no misiaUes, In cause making iioHiliiK else, limib^ less Peler'rt frleiid.s and family liui, sciircely Ills mother-ln-laxv fotliKl. laull Willi bihi fur i |Uitlin|< ! hl .s; fishing In onler (<} beconi" tlsher of men. All Ills life" he li.'^. j lened to criticism—and iievijri heeded It. ' I • fJne of "the jirlceless iieqiu'.sts 'If Pejer to the world is the lesso that "a nian may be down, bdt ncA 'or out." Ho embodies the go(!|l j news of a second <:hahce. and of third chaiico. He taught the lei son of beginning^ again: whi( someont! has.put into verso:— . •'There's a wonderful place for th whole human race. Called Jithe Land of Heginnin|c Afedlin. Where thiJ acts of the past, in foii | getmlness cast. Rise no i more, for Cod'.s p.-irdop ; we 'gain. And a Sai'viour wt^ find, who wi • al .wa.vR be kind, '•• 'As, the: King of our hcarfs Hi shall, reign, .Add though sin-slcli and .s .Td, w ! shall all be made glad. In" the Land of Beginning Again JIo that will n(tl iciison In bigot; be lllfit (.-aniioi lea.-.on I- Tool; and he' Mare imi re.i>;(| H > a slave.^Sir • William IJriiii inond. Jud?c Ben. S. IJndscy Carries Fiffht On I AVaHhinglon, Mar. .'tl. (AVf Ji/di^c Ben R Liiulsey, order<d" oiJstPd from the juvenile court j it i Denver, Colo., by (he Hiiprcii(ie court ot thafTitate. today pave n ti<c of Iii.'< ijitPiilion (o a::k ( United Stale.s ;;upreino court firi.. i review. ? I • SKVKN SFNTKMK .SKKMONSJ And all niiay do what has by i:^a^i be^n dontf.-Ll'Mward ""/oung. • • • • Whoso jwould bp'a man musti Ij non-conformist.—ICmerson. Kind hearts are more than cor : net.s, •And simple faith than .Norrii: blooii.—AIfreil Tennviion. ' • • • * Some books are lo bo lasd d. ' others to be swallowed, aud soiio fpw (o bp chewed and "digo.'-ted. Kruncis Bacon. • * « » « Th,at mun'may last, but neyer liVi} Who mu<!h receives, but' .no'hii • '; fily»s: Whom none can love, whom no can (hank,— i Crsatlon'.i' blot, cre.iiioii'.'; blahlk. i —Thomas GlhhoK.'^. P HARRY SINCLAIR IS DENIED NEW TRIAJL AVashineton, March r.l. (AP)] Harry F. Sinclair, ronviciod of < tqmpt of the senate, was deiiied| niiW trial today by Juslicc Hitz tile District of Columbls^" supre court. I • Farsohs Blacksmith Electrocuted Tod^y vParsons, Kans., -Var. 31. (AP» Si. Christine, loical blacksmilh. i^B8 (electrocuted here this" aftir- t lit this shop. 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