Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on March 31, 1927 · Page 2
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 2

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, March 31, 1927
Page 2
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PAGE TWO THE TOLA DAILY REGISTER. THURSDAY EVENING. MARCH 31.1927. StSTMKR MXCUXGS. my heart 1H wejiry waljllng, '^/ailing tot W«rUnB for lii ;Wh!erc the jthu }May })li«$ant rambles- /ragiiant liawUiorn- bramblcii; .' . [•yflpi Ibc woodbine alternating, • Sieai tin: dewy way: •^h, niy heart is weary waiting,' ,! WallinK for the May. 'Ah', my heart is sick with longing, • L snging for the May— ; XiOl ^ng tu escape frpm study : ;To^ the young face fair and ruddy, 'iini the tiiousand charms bclong- l\ J -ing- the summer's day. •"iAh, my: heart is siekj with' longing, •^ji tinging "for the May, u^, imy heart ia Borei with sighing, jjSighing for-the May— '• SgjJDg tor their'sure returning Wh jn the summer^eams are burning.. Ho|ies and fiqwers that, dead or dying, | i/?II the winter la>% i Ah my hc:irt is sorq with sighing, gjighing for the Mky. -JJcni.s Florence MacCarthy. •MM Gnijrenf KM *nls (Jiib <o jiponftor: iJirls' ('Job ; A qlub for TEirls which is to in-, dm e! teachers, office cmploycsi .cletk^,.jijnior college; girls and al olhcr^ who (iesire to belong, wil ; -be sponsored by the Current ;-Kve itii club of this city and will ;"liolt its fir.'ji mcDiiiig tonight at 7 o'i;lock in the bantfuct room of the PortlaiKl Hotel to organize. rA this nifi'ling (lie ^sponsors will j JBJibnit prospi'cfivi- programs and • inie •cfetiijg literature inf Iho nature of i <e study to Im followed, which IJ 'hHS l)nen rcli-ased fr<ini Ihe iJnivcr- rUy of Kansas ' ftJiil n<>neral Feni ration of Woninu's C'l;il«h. V; rioiis girls liavr been ap- proichfd fin rlie iniKfer of organizing iuch a '-<liili anil liavc cxp'ri'snnd a HI ong-si -nlliiifiii ill lis favor. Tiie conitnitli'f irmn the ('urn-nl Kve it> <^luti which will nioci with tb0 'girl^ louJKbt for organisation con list»• ol iVIrn. A. i.". Speegle, cbarnian; M TH. A. A. Kchell and G, J. Troftibold. •:• •> •> t'ellani-dns .ShoHor for Ijfsler KcsslngiT tr». heslf^r Ke .sHingfr. a recoiit PRAIRIE UNION (Mra, O. a Strlcklcr) Mar. 30:—Mr.; and Mrs. O. W. Ramay rlsitcd relatives In Colony Sunday. Mrs. Ora Strlcklcr was hoHtcss to tl^c Ilusy Bee Society Wednesday, March 23. Six -inemberB and one guest, .Mrs. Ramay, were present. The ladles did some mlirccllaneoua cewing and pieced quilt blocks for their hostess, wiho served a dcll- eious i-course dinner to thouc.pres­ ent. ' ' ;• . • -Mr. and .Mrs. N. T. Strlpkler and Nnia visited Sunday at O. I\V. Mc- GJiire's. , Isimon Cox is. the proud owner of a ;Ford :car.. • The Will Nichols family sucnt Sunrtay^t the AValter Kettle h«ne. • M F. aid Mrs. O. W< Ramay were Sunday evening visitors at Ora Striekler's. ; ' Mrs. Ora Strickler spent Monday afternooin witp her mother, Airs. Matthews. . . This writer would very much appreciate any news anyone his from this district. Mrs. John Martin is, (juitc sick with a severe attack of appendicitis and it is feared may hare to have an operation. We hope she will .ooon be better. Onlyjone more month of EC|IOO I. The children are beginning to think about the last dayi Mr. and Jrrs. iluss Hand were in lola and Hu|nboldt Saturday evening. ; 1 Arthur Paine was calling at Ora Striekler's Monday morning. ! .tohn Henry and Harold Hill of Colony spent' one evening last week with Mr. and; Mrs. O^ W. Itamay. liORANNEWS OF THE DAY 4ri|rll Sfnlre M JI II OB Xearinf; .'oinplFtienl-SaJe of Traetors I'nnitRBlly. Large This • gprlnir. (Mrs. G. 11. Ford) .AJORAN. Mar. 29.— On Monday eve ling at the M. ti <«hurch oc-r ci:r ed the first mectiing of clioru.< organized' from the singers of the; various churches of the town who" will give the Kuiiter cantata. -Miss Coll man, music supervisor in the city xchools, will direct the chorus and Miss Floy McGlash^n will pre- Eidt at the piano. AI)out fifty voi< cs will ciomposc the. chorus and Ihe program will no doubt be -very plei sing. . i ! y.irs. Phyllis (I^mbeth) Hull of Kansas City' came down last week Memonal Pfi(>ppsed for lLaFol|ette Mlt .1 briue, w ;i.« pivfn ;i mi .sccllanroiiB : sho iver laFl uiglit in the homo df k Jiiiui Irwin, 212 North street, > With; Mlfcs Thoinia Maddux as asr sist ng!>s.s. The guests wore: ilss Catherine, (rannoii. Miss ;'Gla lys Marmont,. Miss Blanche -iMaimoDt, Miss Jessie May Dalgar'•no. Miss Wilma Shield."!, Miss Irene Dor ty, Alias Irene Corr. Miss.lva ^ Ove -meyer. Miss Hazel Irwin, Mrs. L. .(). Northrup, Mrs. George Fry, •JMTB Arthur Taylor, Mrs. Stanley t Kirl; and Mrs. Harold Holmes. •> •> •> jinniial Business .Heetln;^ PJrst;Bap«.st CbnrcJj v I O) e hundred and fifty,4)eople '•yen in attendance at the annual •r^)usi less meeting of -the First Bap- Itist Church held in the Baptist j Temple last-night. After a splen-' Idld banquet, an address bt wel- com i *a8 given to the iiew members by Dr. G. W. Shad wick, which •was responded to by Mr. W,' A. Kini, and Mr. Leonard Kidney, i Al alysisj of the statistical • re- lort i, shows that theije has been a et gain of 12 per ' cent in the! ihuich membership ' during, the; oai. There has been a net: gain; in 1 10 avonjge attendance of the; ^un lay school of 15 'per cent, but? «^iiring the past thret months the avei age a(tendance has bcm 30 per cent above the average a tlen- dap :e rcpoiled foi* the yea? at the last annual nieetlug. 'I .J^ .'W officii rs were elected; for the '-'b ^n ing y<'ar,,,:inrt at the/-lose ev- y jody viitcii it ;i threat/yeai\ After the ImsihesK sessiori.s a fine p^otrani wats given. Three ' lilH>! • ig ria • played a piano'trio; Miss .••'.Ma-y; M OH I IIT gave i\ riiudi 'ig and ; jthc Tuxis Guilfl BirlA gave a (iiis- JiifQ^ia'^y iiliTv-, "Helen En ,liKled." ! SOUTH FAIRVIEW (Thelma Rogers.) Mar. 2S.— Mr. and Mrs. Will Perry visited arrs. Perry's sister In Linn -county Friday. The ladies' Aid of South Fairview papered one room of the Hronson parsonage last week. Till* defeated siile of the "Bible question contest of the Kpworth League enterlafned the Viintxcm at Iho church Saturday night. UelatlvcH of Mrs. J. B. Nichols planned ,a surprise for her Sunday, it being her foriy-aevenUi birthday. All (if Mrs. Nichols's sisters were present. Sho has one brolh- (ir and a.daughter who were not present. Mr. and Mrs. Karl Klllolt and family, Mr. and Mrs. Kvereft llog- er?. and family and Mr. and Mrs. C. L. Rogers visited with Mr. and .Mrt. George Beaman Sunday. 1|he Ladies' Aid will meet next Wcjdncsday. at Mrs. I^oyd Broug^- ton's homew Choir practice Snnday night at .7:0Q~-o'clockat the church. Epworth League at" 7:45, Elmer Steinbrbok lealder. A birthday jdiiiner was given. Sunday for Rby Brown. A large company of young prcople was present. A part of .the birthday' Itonors were conferred upon Mr. Joe Landen of Portersvillcj it being bis ; birthday too. One cake had twenty -tbreei candles and the other considerably more. Strang^ to say both of the boys claimed the cake yith the smallest amount of candlfe^. ; ; j Prayer pjeetiiig Frlilay night at Mrs. Olivj Brpwn'fl home. Mrs. Odie Pool hai been appointed leader. She has selected Uie subject for discussion "Confession of Our Sins." Everyone is urged to attend.' • • - ' , for a visit.with her mother. .Mrs. Mary T. Lambeth, oUter relatives and frien<U. i hail Wheeler of Chicago has beei here the last few days visit- irg his mother, .Mrs. Wheolor, at the Victoria Hotel and with his sister. .Mrs. Harry Redden and fan ily. -V r.-. Roy Hurley went to the St jahjiis hospital thiji<' nuirnlng for the removal of her tonsils and a tele|Phdne message following the ope-ation stated she doing nicely wlvich is indeed good news to her friends. A I the rifle shoot .Monday aftcr- nooi at the. city park. Feed Swislier woiil first place with a store «if S 't pnUhr. and O. A. Vouim was second with a score of S:!. . .Mp. Leia Weast visiteil here .Mondi'y. the of. her .sister. Mr.s. Hl.-inclii; It .Trnes .Tiid . faniily. She returned to Uer hiuiie in Jola Moil lay evening. .Mr;. George Wea.s( anil .Mrs. J. <". NoPtnn vlsltrd'the forun'rls sister. ^Irs. Iva MrLiMighllii, al St. Jfilin's hiMpital Tuesday afleninon and report Iter gel(lng|On very niielj. Ml^s fJVH Hurley'.^ iniiiiy friend•• here lire: glad t„ know she is now Wisconsin Is preparing'to recognize tbfe services of the late slsna 000 memorial library at the Vniversity of Wisconsin. Madisdn. src now being considered in' the state legislature. A statue {of ' ' buHdlnc. Improving quite rapidly and with every hope. for complete recovery In the usual time. It seems quite probable that she can be brought from the hospital some time ne .Kt week. Miss Eva hojies to return to her school work in the Kansas City schntils before loug. bat the time of her return depends! entirel.v on] the time neccs.sary to regain i her usual strength. The carpenter work on Hie Jewel! service station fs niiw being ru^liod to completion. The very bad weather is interfering somcwhal but a large force is working ^nnd the entire buihjing wjll soon i be ready for business. Dr. Frank Sargent^ who cfanie here tbree weeks ago with a view to- locating, went to his foi^mcr home at Hoi.'sinRlon last Friday for a few days visit with his family who are remaining there until the end of tile school year. The ^alo of Irailors by our lo- Newton Man Is Founfl Dead.In Hotel .Newton, Kans.. Mar. 31 .(APy- Paul Thelenmn. 43. was foundj d<>ai js f^/the'baiiaitiK. sMp rn aboV«. Follette III to •t*oil in frdnt of th« cal Fori agency has been uiiiisually larse this- sprini:; . K ;iniiers. were ili'alile In ;di>' the Usual anuiiiiit of | fall t'ltiA-Jiig atKl the /•oiitiiiiieil wrt wejither lliis spring is delaying the work siS much! the crops eanimt | piisMlbiy be planted mi lime Wilh- iiut the sujierliir advanlitge gi^ined by Ihn lUe of tractors doing triple ihitv everyday. «i(<«ss lo ifriWe Clnb. ' 'SI at yesi .;. <. rn: II. P. .Niirlhrup w^s hostess ne o 'clnek lujiehnoh and bridge erday in her home tit 502 East strijeCIo the inemliera or the Wed- llay Aiietiiin club. ' Mrs. J. G. elbach jilayed high score. The iiieihliers pre.senl :were: ' . * \ m. J. F. Koiist; Mrs. C. C. Anahx ernan. Mrs. IJ .Vorthriip, Mrs! Ft |l. Horton. Mrs. C. Hi Spencer, W. K. Riiudall aij'd'Mrs. J. Midelhach: , _ <• •> •:• PIfnlr Slipper nild ' Party ie.s .•\udra Matue'y. of 14 North c street, enlcjtained last night |t^a' pichic .-iupperinj her home afterwards the girls )formed a p'arty at the; Elite/Tlieaf re to Douglas Fairbanks in "The k Pirate." The group of girls iisled iif: arrellii Symmes. Hilda Shelby, 1 noerniiig. Fern Seymour. Hes Paliher. Marie Fisk, Mary rriing and Elizabeth Ledei-er. rtdn Bridge fluh ; Mjra J. .1. Griffin andiMrs. Fred It «n ' entertained their bridge G: Lin • .V. -Sia W' and line see Bla con ^- * lint lor Ho Ehl Den citili hiPi and anrj P: Get yours on our dignified payment plan. The finest Diamonds I • . at the lowest prices. 126 YEAU.S OF SUCCKSSPUr. MERCHANDISING IN lOLA EASTER I —represent a .striking collection ol Hairbraiii.s, tailoi]cil ind flower Irimm^.'d model.s. VV*"c have grouped them in hrei? wonderful a.s.sortments and priced them at asttfn-' shint'ly low prices— , $2.^5, $3.95, $4.95 An;tl we believe they are the greatest values offered- Ijhis .season at the price. ' 'A special showing this j week also of pattern Hats at $7.50 $12.50 yesterday, afternoon In the honie of Mrs. Griffin, 602 South Waphington avenue. rt iss Elizabeth Apt, roreived th ««l .score favor. Mrs. ;F. O. Apt Miss Elizabeth Apt were guests the riicnihers presenj were: - Jjlrs. L. iV. BowluB, jjllss Hazel Bofrlit!!. Mrs. J. O. Stadleir and Mrs. .Mitchell. • • • Kniertiifn at Dinner j ' A r and Mrs. J. R. Stewiird, of 606 Bojith Washington; avenue; entertained at dinner today their r dau thier, Mrs. Esmond Gard and Sv'two little daughters: l^r.and Mrs. > C. C. Bollln(i:er and MrJ Bollinger's brot|»6r, Mri Dave: B6IHngor pf yvllle, Kansas." I I COM «ift- be liKbt to i ire lo turn ^ttae jdark. is. $14.95 New colors..New lines New trimmings Tleudy now, frocks that give a fashionable answer to "what's to ae worn for Easter." The ne\ /est Frocks, the srtiaj'test' frocks in colorsthat date them . definitely "Easter,- 1927." / ' Other dresses to ^45.00; 26 Years in bed at.a local hote^ this ni6rn- ing, death bein^ attrrbtited to heart trouble. Theleinan came here fkoni Water, k4ns., about tbree rears aso. j OF dAS CITY LadieH* Aid 86cle(y of ]f«Ui«dtit Kplsrnpalf'bnrclt Holds Mf;ei lugs and Program—Per sonai Mention. f.Mrs. A. F. Holten) GAS CITY. Mar. 31.—The Lfidies' Aid met at .the M. E. church iWed- nesday afternoon. After a Bhort business meeting the followingj pro- gr-'m was given: Piano solo Mrs. Nellie Lowe; reading by George Wood; vocil sold by Edward Rnssell; reading by John Dodd. and readings by Orpha Wilson. After the program refreshments were served. Mid-week services at the M. E. church Thursday evening at 7:30. Robert Savage is absent from school this week on acoount of the measles. •Mrs. Edward Russell ,leadcr of music and recreational of Farm by Mrs. Mrs. Mrs. Miss Bureau Unit No. 14, atitended a. special meeting given by Miss Pearl Martin. sp«cialist of Manhattan, at M»morial hall In lola Friday-afternoon. , : , Mr. and Mrs. Orange Clltz snd children of lola called atTfie"iiome rof .Mr. and!.Mrs. Edward Russell Tuesday eveiilng.. ci^ |fl)blishcr fle|(| For Criminal Libel Muncle. Ind.. .Mar. 31.MAP) — George R. Dale, publisher of the Muncle Post-Demotrat. was! arrested on a charge of criminal libel at his home here this morning by Sheriff Harry B. McAuley and a , deputy, and is being held in jairiii; lieu of $3,000 boiid. Any w^oman-who is coni'.iletcly. wrapped up in heracir is a Ijundic of ^conceit. A radio station is soon tn be put ! in operation at Angora, the new | Turkish capital. of Successful MerchandMng in lola! This store justifies its 26 years of success beoause of its policy of g-ivingr the public only merchandise of Ch^racter^ and Dependability. The founders 61 this store had these principles in view when ^ , , they first mid the foundation of^ the Seven Big Ramsay Stores, knowing-^that a store built upori price alone cannot endure. Youth in all Hii charm is reflected in the dashing smart Th^ Well DressecJ Woman ' ' Demands Dainty Under- Wear New Colorp, N^w Styles, New Fabricp, jat Prices Astonishingly ]JOW for the Quality Offered. $9.75, $12.75, $1^.75, $29.75 i Preparations for weeks and now we are Even King Bab New Easter 0 the great event of Easter have been going on for raai^Ti'jr the most'di.scriminating shopper. OnJy;when y'gu s!ee Ihojit beatitiful Prcssc.sKvill you appreciate the jrieat vakics we offe j; ul )-to-the-minute in style. Fresh new quality tna- terjal.s. Rare values. The best for less is Munsing Rayop Charleston Bloomers at |1.95jiwith Brassieres to match at $1.00p' Teddy Bears at $2,25 with Brassiere tops at f2.95, in your favorite shade. Featuring Unusual Values in Rayon Knit Stepins and Chemises^ tailored and lace trim at $1.00, in all favorite spring shades. it- And we hav^'n^t neglected them in any way. Baby's Dainty Dresses from six month.'? fo 114 years. ?1.50 an(| $2.50. • Dainty hand made the sheerest Philippine Lii|on, hand tudked, hand embroifleff 1. Babies must have [new Easter. , Showri in soft soles, first .steps of plain white kii, mode kid and black patent with white kid tops. Priced as low' as $1.26 a pair up .t .$2..50 a pair. ' ' jssies fricpd al; $1.25, little dresses of Fluffy MttleCfraandlie Caps and Bonnejks for B^by Ruffled; hand tucked trim. Priced 75(r, $1.00 S3.95. Dame Fashipn Says You must wear a flower on that Easter FrockjOr Suit to give it that cMc > touch. We ^re showing^ a big selection of tjfiem in all shades at— 75c, $1.00 and $1.50 and lace land up to And Here is the Honie of the Taylor Tot —that relieves mothers of lots of ^re aiuj worry and teaches baby how to walk. See them in the children's department at $4.95. IT RAIN! Naturally Yoi^ IV^ust Have Easter i[ose to Mitch the Easter Costume ! I \ We Still the Best $1.85 to $2.50. i ' Wayne Knit Chiffori / In all the populat; Gokham Gold Stripe, Chiffon and Service Weight at We feature Pento $5.50. Kayser's 3i}k and and Service Weight $1.00 to $2.50. Ej^ter shades. The Gloy^ CJtves the Finishing! Touch to the ]^a^r Costume .1 imported French Kid Gloves, p|ived from $2.75 F^fic, priced from $1.00 tov$2.75. We knew it would. That is why we have an unusually large assortment of liihbrellas. Priced as low 3(8 $1.00 and up to $6.96. Featuring (frpmnpw until Easter a iruaranteed rainproof, split- proof Italian silk and linen umbrel-: la. with the newest fancy club han- dte^a:t— ' • i . •• , , '

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