The Postville Review from Postville, Iowa on September 10, 1892 · Page 3
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The Postville Review from Postville, Iowa · Page 3

Postville, Iowa
Issue Date:
Saturday, September 10, 1892
Page 3
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LUHMAN & SANDERS. SHOES! We have just finished our Yearly Invoice, and find that we have a good many odd makes of Shoes on hand Which We Will al mm LOW PRICES! Until all are cleared up. Ladies' Fine Shoes, 2.50 to 2.75; reduced to 1.75. Child's Grain Button, cap toe shoe, sizes 9 to 12, at 75c. Men's Carpenter Shoes, in congress, worth 2.50; sold to close out at 1.75. Come and look us over if you wish anything in the Shoe line. We have the largest stock of Shoes in town. Richardson & Norcross line of Ladies' Fine Shoes, in all styles and sizes. RESPECTFULLY. LUHMAN & SANDERS. ML COMMENCES SEPT. 12th. Ami by the way your Boys may bo out nt the elbows, or tlio knees, or perhaps tlio seat of their punts. Wo have tome Groat Iiargatus in Buys' Suits, ranging in prieo from $1.50 to 97.50. Kxnmiue thorn. II will pity you to loon at our lino of $2,£&' and 93.00 Suits. Many of thorn worth, ttoublo the inoiuy. They aro mostly QjWiftiitB—only one of a kind—and we luajJcuiom Way Dowu to close. , t *r J, H. GRAY. TDK V. T. K^fltOTIUBR. Tiie Postville Weekly Review PUBLISHED EVERY SATURDAY BY W.N.BUROICK. TERMS: $1.60 A YEAR IN ADVANCE. LOCAL REVIEW. —New Cloaks aro here. JNO. CnoBBT. —Six Loaves of Bread for 2fic, at the Bakery. tf —Crosby has recaived stacks of new fall goods. —Piles and piles of new goods, at JNO. CROSHT'S. —Chot Kaston rolled in for a short visit this morning. —Mayor Clinton river last Saturday. was down to the —Mrs. Douglass has returned from her visit at Alguna. —rrof. Hurd occupies the rooms ovor Crosby's store. —Fresh Oysters by the can or dish, at JOHN TIIOMA'S. — Miss Edna Lucas has returned from her visit at Dubuque. —The Waukon fair next week, course you will attend. Of —A. T. Marston is building house dowu on the farm. Goo. Sonholz roturned from Griswold last Monday evening. -Kemcmber the Tennesseeans on the 20th, at tho M. E. church. Carl Becker, of Clermont, is tlx cashior of tho new bank at Elgin. —Winnesheik and Clayton counties have had a bad week for their fairs. •Underwear to lit cheapest to the host. and from the JMO. CUOSBY. -Jno. Crosby is getting in an abundance of now goods in all departments. — Peaches, Paars, ILtnanas, Apples, Plums, Melons, etc., at Joint TBOMA'S. —The familiar face of John Parker has been seen on our streets this week. For Sale. My residence on the north side. Mies. II. B. HAZLETON. Miss Anna JSaston, instructor on tlio piano and organ, Postville, Iowa. Miss Mabel DoOou, Teacher of Piano, Organ and Harmony, Postvillo, Iowa. Good Farm For Bale or Bant. A good farm of 200 acres, 5} miles southwcBt of Postvillo. For terms and information inquire at this office. Horse-Shoeing:. No hit and miss, but a good job every clattor and prices very reasonable. Titos. SHORTREED. Small Houso to Kent. On Williams street, cast of Lawlor. Apply to Mrs. H. Mitchell, north of Milwaukee depot. Farm Tor Bala. Good far.n for sale, known as tho Herman Cross estate, two miles of Frankville. Apply to 3w KOBEUT WATEKS. JR. —J. B. Hart wishes to announce that his meat market will be open for tho accommodation of bis pntroua ou Sundays betweon tho hours of 7 and 9 o'clock a. m., only. Small Farm For Sale. The John Moir farm of 40 acres, a half mile south of Postville, is now for sale. Call ou John Moir (or particulars. - No one should forget tho gteut auction sale on tho Dresser farm next Saturday, Sept. 10th. Tho sale is absolute and everything will go at your own prices. Bale commences at 19:00 a. m. • -Fresh "j>U'rs Unix meat market. at Hail' Aro You HunjjryP Our baker informs us that he has baked and sold 1958 loaves of bread in the month of August. Out of the 27 week days ho baked twenty times. . No occasion for stale bread at his place. - The following friends aro entitled to credit and thanks for cash on subscription this week: 8. Candce, John llarnack, John Haniniol, John Moetsuh, John Thoma. Bev. N. L. Burton, I. A. Harman, Eflio Harman. —(.'.!<.• Itisi'.p hit* -,>ld nis Miiall r-« iduncc mi .Summer HU'oel to .'. A. Ilav lrland. —Only two scraps last week. In scrap No. 1 a jack kmfo was used. In scrap No. 2 boor glnssss were i;sed as the implements of warfare by both parties. All are doing woll since the doctors patched them up, and "though slightly disfigured aro still in the ring." Card of Thanks. To tho many friends who have so kindly and willingly assisted us in nny way, either by act or deed, during the illness and after the death of our husband and father, wo wish hereby to oxtend our heartfelt thanks. MM. EI>W. STAAUT & FAMILV. — Wo understand that the Tumors have fixed the price of tho tiso of their hall for political speeches of ill parties at $10 per night. This will cut off tho light weight speakers, and probably most of tlio heavy weights. It is just as well not to have moro than two speeches on n side and have them good ones. —Slight frosts prevailed in this section Tuesday morning but wo hoar of no damage having boon done. There will be danger when tho weather clears up after this wot spell, but wo hope for tho best. —Fou SALIC—A second hand Show Case. Inqulro at tho Becdy Photo Gal- lorv. —Mr. Wm. Mcintosh, of Decorali. who is advertising his splendid farm for salo in our columns, was down ou Saturday and made us a pleasant cull. Somebody will {,et a great bargain on that farm. -John Crosby lias the finest lino of Black Dress Goods ever shown in Postville. -Mrs. C. A. Abel and daughter ro­ turned from thoir western visiton Wednesday. Our friend, Geo. S. Tuttlo is down from Spirit Lako this week, takiug in tho Sonnkalb-Leu! wedding and visiting Ids many fritmds briefly. Ho cports a satisfactory business in his new location. -Meyer & Thioso have moved their mi'.linery store into the old postofllee bulldin<r. ft' -Our school supplies will be in this wock and tho assortment will bo full and cheap. -A good many aro taking in the Docorah fair and dromon's tournament I at Docorah lo-dav. The KEVIV.W will now be sent to now subscribers to Jan. 1st for 40 cfs. Send it to your friends. -Tho Wrought Irnu Range Co. prc- I sonts a new advertisement with testimonials, this weok. -Malt Buuchor is repainting | repaperlng his business place. It look fine when liuished. and will The Allamakee Co. fair will como next week, anil if the weather should prove favorable it will, without oubt, prove tho best fair of tho circuit. All who possibly can should attend n ay or two at least. Our job department has been riming over wilh "biz" for several days and wo still have several "hooked." But. if you want anything in that line bring it in and wo will do it for you in good shape and on short notice. —Don't fail to rend tho announcement of John Crosby in this issue on tho subject of China waro and crockery. This will bo tho rarost chance to select anything in that lino os'iv presented to otii* people Homomber tho (Into. —Charles Weber and Gus McNeil | basked in the sun at the Brick City (Clermont) last Sunday. —We had a circus after all, but it was a ono horso affair and was only I billed one day in advance. —Miss Hardin, of Monona, visited I Miss Nora Hiloy between trains Mon| day, enrouto to Cedar Falls. —While in Chicago wo went to see Trod and Frank Haines and found them well, prosperous and happy. • -Miss Nora Riley left Monday night for St. Paul, whore sho will attend millinery "catohlng up" ichool. -Fred Ivluss, Goo. Redhead and we'uns havo got back from our "oxcur- •ions" and are ready for business. —Sohool will commence next Monday. The principal and teachers are all on hand and ready for tho work. --Louisiana Dlmenson, Cypross Shingles and Arkansas Yellow Piu Finishing, for sale at SANPEKS & KAPLER'S. —Mrs. Geo. Crawford, of Hampton | has boon the guest of Mrs. H. B. Tayloi »nd numorous other friends for th | past week. —Chairman Bosnian informs us that the republican county convention will be held on Saturday, Oct. 1st. Official call uoxt week. —Printors will no longer bo compelled to compelo with tho govorumunt in tlio stamped and printed onvulope business. A bill making it unlawful tor the government to furnish envelopes of this description has passed congress and tlio business will therefore bu discontinued. It was a measure that took hundreds of thousands of dollars out of the pockets of tho printers of the land, and should have been repealed long ago.—Lansing Mi'ror. —Chris. Sorlbevg, John Crosby's clerk, has teen seriously indisposed this weak but .'s better. List of Letters remaining uncalled for in the postollice at PoBtyille, Iowa, Sept. />. 1892. Parties calling for any of them will plcaso say "Advertised:" John Haggatt, May Ivors, K. M. Koarnoy, Anna M. l'eopko, Jo.'io V. Simmons, Jehn S^huenly. JAS. PEititr, P. M. Take Notice, That tho Postvillo Steam Koller Mills wiil grind Feed, Corn Meal and Graham Monday and Saturday of each week hereafter. Having added a lino of wood-working machinery wo aro prepared to do Planing, Matching, and all kinds of sawing, on short notice. Bring in your logs and have them sawed. Respectfully, K. D. STILBS. —(tcorge William Curtis had bnou associated wilh Harper's Weekly almost since its beginning in 1867, and had written tho "Editor's Easy Chair" in Harper's Magazino since 1863. Tho last number of tho Weekly, published September 7th, is in a certain sense a memorial number, and contains appropriate skotehes of his life, character and services, wilh a portrait anil other illustrations. MARRIED. SONNKALB --LEUI—At Prairio du Chien, on Wednesday, Sopt. 7, 1891, by the Rev. Hobbs, Mr. Chas. Sonn- kalb and Miss Lizzie C. Leui, both of Grand Moadow township. No more cstimablo young pcoplo have joined hands and hearts for tho life journey than those, and a host of friends extend greetings and heartily wish them joy and prosperity all aloug life's pathway, and the REVIEW desires to be numbered in the list, and to add its boo voyage. --•The town council appropriated £!• per month for two months towards defraying the expenses of a night watch, provided the business mou would subscribe an equal amount. Councilmeii McNeil and Standi were appointed a committee lo canvass tho business nidi, and thoy raised tho noc- essary amount in short order on Saturday morning. Now if they secure a good man wc shall fuel that wo have some protection both against burglars and fire, and it is just what tho town ought to have. —Sullivan is no longer champion of tho prize ring, Corbett having knocked him out in tho twenty-first lomid on Wednesday night at Now Orleans. The Postvillo sports had considerable moii- oy up on the fight, the odds in favor of Sullivan being mainly two to one. Tho whole business of jirizo fighting is barbarous, and we only wish that tho laws uf all the stales were so severe ai to shut it oil'effectually. I Farm For Sale, now offer for sale thu Wm. Mitchill farm, 3} miles west of Postvillo, ontaining llil acres, with good houso, barns and outbuildings, an unfailing well and running water on the premises, and fenced in sevoral fields. Cause of soiling, advanced years and inability to superintend it. For terms call on tho undersigned on tho promises. A good stock farm. (17m!l) JAS. KENNEDY. -The A. O. U. W. of Iowa aro haying a groat boom all oyer Iowa since adopting the graded assessment plan. I'ho Leader reports ovor twenty now members at Monona, the result of n wook's canvass by tho deputy grand master. - J. M. Harris, Wilber Drossor and Geo. Redhead havo loft us samples of sound corn. Tho lnttor is from Minnesota 1 , where Lmc resides. These samples prove that thoro will be some corn anyway, but wo noed a fow more warm days bsdly. -Brander Matthews has collected a number of his magazine articles on literary and philological subjects, and they will sinrtly appear in book form under tlio title of Americanisms and Briticisms, with Othor Essays and Other Isms. The book will bo issued by Harpor & ^Brothers, and will bo uniform in style and prioo with the dainty volumes by Curtis, Howells, Warner, Higgiuson and Hutton, already published. -AVo were unavoidably absent from town on Tuesday evening and hence missed tho "opening night" of our democratic friends, a'ld so nro unable to comment ou tho speech, which wo much regret, although from what wo gather from those in nttondauoo wo —Rev. Lockwoud will ba ab30Ut next Sunday, holding quarterly meeting at Hawkeyo, and there will be no services at tho M. E. church in tho morning, In tho evening a native African boy will speak. His African name is Boomer Somali Jarboydju Jupoio. Ho is preparing for a missionary and is attending the Central Tennessee college. Ho will speak concerning his country, tribe, roligior.. conversion and school life. Ho will oxhibit African curiosities, and sing and road scripture in his nativo dialect. MR. C. C. MoDANIEL, Special Salosmnn For PITKIN , <& BROOKS, OF CHICAGO. Ilis Largest Slina hm Is America. WILL BE m TVI 1UUUUUJ J KJ\JJJ LI 1UIU| UUXj ) AT THE STORE OF ^OHN GROSBY, With H. Magnificent Line of Samples of HAVILAND & CO'S and TRESSEMANES & VOGT'S FRENCH CHINA, CARLSBAD - GEHMAU - CHINA, 5 AND THE LATEST ENGLISH DECORATED WARE,: SIXTT STYLES to select from. Sets can he made up in ANY WAY you wish, large or small, and are delivered FREE of charge, in PERFECT CONDITION and at the very LOWEST CHICAGO PRICES. We have arranged with Mr. John Crosby to deliver all goods for us, and make all collections, and terms of payment can be arranged with him. — Madam Mitchell can toll you the Past, Present and Future. If you aro iu trouble over marriage, love or business nlYiiirs, or if you have boon alllic- cd for years and think thoio is no remedy for you. call and giyo her a trial, as hor powers aro wonderful. The Madam has saved thousands from ruin and niiido countless homes happy, and will show yon tho likoness of your future partnor. Call and bo convinced of her wonderful powers, at her residence, north of the Milwaukoo depot, Postvillo, Iowa. OUR OBJECT is to enable those who cannot make a trip to Chicago, to select their dishes at home, and to those who can go to Chicago, we promise a direct saving, as goods are delivered at your home withoiit breakage, and the prices quoted cannot be equalled in Chicago, except on sales days. Mr. MoDaniel will also show you the latest designs in Bread and Butter Plates, After Din- • ner Coffee Cups, Cracker Jars, Bone Dishes and an elegant line of Holiday G-oods. frlNNER SETS FROM $10 UP. lease call and examine samples. Remember the place and dates. All goods warranted as represented. PITKIN & BROOKS, COR. LAKE & STATE STS., - CHICAGO. -Fred and Ed Clinton returtuul lust Mouday from their suuirdoi-'s outing at judge that there was not much to com- Sloepy Eye aud La Crosso respectively, mont upon. Wo understand that oven whore they have had the biggest klhd the democrats wore not satisfied with of times, but liko all good boys were the spanker. A rather small audience glad to get back to Postvillo, homo win in attendance, aud mother. —Will Leui is enthusiastic ovor tlio state fair and says Scott Roberts onter- titiued thorn royally. He sivys Scott is prosperous and "happy as a big sunflower," and sent rogards to all his friends here. Wo would bo glud lo grasp his hand onco moio. •-Anoat card racoived at this office makes tho following announcement: "James P. MclCinloy, LUzio M. liuoher, married Tuesday, Sopt. 6th, 1892, at Wihoiia, Minn. At homo lifter Sopt. 10th. Klgin, Iowa." Tho RUTIKW congratulates the happy pair aud wishes thom all that moasuro of happiness and prosperity atlainable in this world. Wo thought the Prof. Fine Pasturage, I have splendid pasture for liorsos and other stock adjoining Postvillo oa lookod unusually ploasant aud happy tho south, "forms $1.25 per mouth, or I when wo saw him last —In ordering tho RKVIBW to his new address Rov. N. L. Burton adds; "If any of our friends' are interested to know our prcsont state, I am pleased to bo ablo to roport overything as pleasant as wo anticipated. Uriggs- villo is an American town in whluh the dominant social element has always beon of tho Now Kng'.niid typo. The schools aro oxcellont, and society the very host. Tho people hero gave us a 1 peculiarly cordial welcome, and the prospocl for a pleasant and useful pastorate is all that 1 could wish. As our acquaintance extends among tho pco plo our appreciation of the place Increases in exact proportion." —Hid it evor occur to you what striking resomblanco tharo is between Mayor Clinton ami Recorder Shepherdf The phonograph man that was here last week thought thoro was. Hearing it intiiuatod that ho would bo called upon to pay a license, ho thought to got on tho soft side of His Honor by tho charms of his electric music, aud so called him in, as ho supposed, and gave him several of his choicest soloo turns gratis, and then called kini one side and asked him If ho was not the mayor, but tho ghastly palor which camo over him when ho found ho had been giving musio to a common man (Recorder Shepherd) far surpassed iu lily whitenoss tho snow-capped peaks of tho Rocky mountains. Wo don kuow whether the cigars are on Will or Stove. 35 ct». por weok, payablo Btriotly in j ndvanoo at Wm. Shepherd's oflloe. 22w3 P. J. DEUCHISR. —Homomber the Postvllla orohestr I benellt dance, at Turner Hall, tomorrow (Saturday) evening, Sept, 10th Tickets 76 cents. -Our six room residenoa on Summer street will be for rent Snpt. 22nd. It Is ono of the pleasantest locations tor a umall family in town. - - Jasper Marston has returned from FOR SALS! Buggies of All Descriptions. Gnarautoe; Aflor two week's trial if tho Rico Coil Spring proves not to bo the easiest rider on earth, will oxohange and give any spiing desired—with the j within six rods of house Top, tho most convenient | W. S. WEBSTEU. FABM FOR SALE. My farm of 200 .auras for sale. Situ-, atod in Madison township, Winnoshelk Co., Iowa, threo and a half miles west of Docorah, in seetlons 11 and 14. Well improved and limber enough for farm use. In good state of cultivation. Well watered and good buildings. School Long time will bo given on part payment. Inquire on farm for particulars. Address: WM. MCINTOSH, (Hox 238) Deoorah, Iowa. Handy i>«ggy- Dr. Wtfi Oole's Dental Rooms Will hotoaftor be open every week tlay, as I havo lusoutatod with mo Dr. —Tho grandest chance of the yoar to M A. Humphrey, u graduate of the visit friends in the oast is by takiug deutal school at Iowa olty, and a good advantage of the (5, A. R. DISD. STAAUT—At his homo in Postvillo, on Friday, Sept. 2nd, 1892, after a liu goring illness from a complication of diseases, Edward Staadt, agod 70 years, 1 month anil 36 days. Mr. Staiirtt was born in Traer, in the Rhino Province, Prussia, July 6th 1822. Ho dame' tb America in 1854, since which time ho.has resided in Post township, until lust,spring ou tho farm since thou having resided In town. Fob. 9th, 1860, Mr. Staadt was mar ried to Hniuey . Mitchell, and; to them four children were born, throe of whom aro still living. After.the death of his first wife he married her sislor. Mis' Mary 'fuller, in 1884. - •••> CLEARING*- SALE OF FOR THIRTY DAYS ONLY. I WILL GIVE A REDUCTION OP 20 PER CENT ON WALL PAPEE And 10 Per Cent on Ail Grades of Carpet. A splendid opportunity to get a nice Carpet at Wholesale price, Come and get First Choice. Yours Traly, WALTER OHRISS. •$1119.58 W WflTGHES, Since tho 15th of Sopt. '91, when wo began business iu this aiiy, wo havo sold 73 Watches, ranging in prioe from $2 to $110. The aggrognto being «1119.*0, lu Watches alone. This yoiir' wo are going to soil $3,000. Wo aro buying in larger quantities than over before, and iu all grades and standard makes. If you want a Watch of iiiiy'kind we can mako it an object for you to buy of us. 'Thanking ourtrldoustoiiiors for thoir liboral jpnt- ronago, wo remain, Respectful!r, W. J. HANKS. POSTVILLE, IOWA.

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