Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois on September 11, 1972 · Page 8
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Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois · Page 8

Alton, Illinois
Issue Date:
Monday, September 11, 1972
Page 8
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A*S Altott Evening Telegraph Monday, Sept. 11, 1972 U.S. investigators studying remarks made by Jane Fonda Speed -i e If) b(> offered at SWE By CARL C. CRAFT WASHINGTON (AP) Transcripts of remarks attributed to actress Jane Fonda on Hanoi radio quote her as calling President Nixon a liar, suggesting U.S. weapons-makers have a personal death wish, and saying North Vietnam is being bombed by war criminals. Miss Fonda, who visited North Vietnam in July, didn't urge U.S. servicemen 1o defect But she broadcast frequent questions to them and repeatedly called for an end to American bombing of North Vietnam, according to a -1,800-word text obtained Sunday from sources close to the House Internal Security Committee. The transcript, being studied by committee and Justice Department investigators to determine if she violated U.S. laws on treason or on efforts to undermine military morale, quotes Miss Fonda as telling U.S. servicemen: "Just like the Thieu regime in Saigon which is sending its . . . soldiers recklessly into dangerous positions for fear that it. will be replaced by the U.S. government if it fails to score some strategic military gains, so Nixon is continuing to risk your lives and the lives of American prisoners of war under the bomb in a hist desperate gamble to keep his office come. November." During another broadcast to American airmen. Miss Fonda is quoted as saying they "know that when Nixon says the war is winding down that he's lying, that he has simply changed his tactics." K - A noncredit course in speed reading will be offered during the frill quarter at Southern Illinois University at Kdwardsville. The speed reading course will be offered to students already registered for Hie fall quarter and to oilier persons interested in improving their reading skills. Thee will be two sections offer e d on Wednesdays. beginning Sept. 211. One section will be taught from 2:30 to 4:20 p.m. and another section from 0:30 to 8:2(1 p.m. A third section begins Thursday, Sept. 21. Feds continue investigation of vote fraud in Cook County f'HK'Af.O (At,) — Federal officials continued their investigation today into what U.S. Atty. .lames 1!. Tlwnp- son called "massixe and widespread vole Irairl" in Cook County. Federal investigators, under Thompson's direction hav. 1 reportedly been studying thousands of voter ircords ar>d s I;,' n a t u r c s provided by Stanley T Kusper Jr.. diairnir.m of the Chicago Hoard of Flection Commissioners. "The disclosures will be ample to shock even the most hardened and hardbitten Chi- ca.'ro citi'/ens who have been •apathetic to vote fraud in the pa 1 !." Thompson told a news on )<••>•<> i ice Sunday. "People tin) often have accepted roriujiiion as a Thompson's remarks came after (he Oiirat'o Tribune 'r- ported in its Sunday editions lhal an investigation of 'he election board revealed widespread vote fraud and election law violations. The. Tribune said more than 1,000 violations were found by a reporter working undercover in the election board office. T h e newspaper said evidence compiled in the four- m o n 1 h investigation was turned over to Thompson for possible presentation to a federal grand jury. Kusper said Sunday he lias turned over records of voter applications and ballots from the March 21 primary election to the Cook County State's Attorney's office. AT WOOD THE GOOD • OLD - DAYS ARE BACK AGAIN THE BIG TURN-ON STARTS TONITE AT 5 P.M. RERUNS TUES., WED., THURS., FRI. & SAT. OPEN TONITE TILL 9 P.M. •Ml While rummaging through some old files we found this radio script from the nostalgic. We also found some merchandise from the good old days Join us then tonite and for the next 5 days, as we relive and regret some of our o! THIS old days so nostalgic. Now we have the best truck driver and helper there is and they are really careful with the furniture when delivering it, but accidents will happen anyway. Denny Droit, our driver, said it was Clyde's fault, and Clyde Davis said he didn't know but he would take the blame anyway — So here it is a | beautiful Vinyl Covered Hide-A-Way Bed, the back leg got broke off, — our service man repaired it and I marked it down from $289.95 to 148.00 only 1 — So hurry, you may never see a bargain like it again. THE BOSS — MR. FREDMAN, SAID LET'S REALLY CLEAN HOUSE IN THE WAREHOUSE AND ON THE FLOOR TOO. — MARK THE REGULAR MERCHANDISE DOWN FOR THIS SALE AND ALL THE ODD PIECES — CUT THEM TO \ REG. PRICE. SO THAT IS WHAT I HAVE DONE, MY NAME IS CLEM FORBES AND I HAVE BEEN WITH THE COMPANY FOR 20 YEARS AND BELIEVE ME, I HAVE NEVER CUT PRICES THIS LOW BEFORE. SO IF YOU LOVE A BARGAIN COME ON DOWN. Now here is a real bargain right off the floor — I thought it was beautiful when I bought it but it hasn't sold and Jean Deason, our Office Manager, doesn't like the color — it's a 2 pc. Johnson Carper L. R. Suite in Chartreuse Green—very fine quality—it's tagged at 379.95 but I marked it down to 24S.OO. Now Pat Benefiel, our Credit Lady, likes almost every- \ thing, but she said some of our recliners are old style | and some colors aren't right. So I have slashed the | Now nere Ss another 2 pc. Colonial price on every RecJiner Chair in the store, some as I Suite, Jean doesn't ISke the color on it low as $48.00 and some LA-Z-BOYS as low as $99.00. 5 «;F W , s*» c r n ^ * , A vi, •.- i. • ^ ? eJtaiGr, it s Caolca tweed with hsgh wing Oh yes, here is another item she didn't care for — it's | back—it's tagged $374.95. I cut it to a 2 Pc. Living Room Suite — Big 3 cushion sofa and * matching chair — green floral cover. Reg. $349.95. I slashed it to 229.00. 273.00—you may love the color and it's a real bargain. Gal Forbes, my brother, said, Clem I think some of our Bedroom Suites are priced too high — so I let him pick out several 3 Pc. Suites to mark way down and that made him real happy and you will be too when you see these bargains. 3 Pc. White Canopy Bedroom Suite, reg. 389.95 Slashed to 269.00.3 Pc. Solid Oak Suite, reg. 359.95 Slashed to 256.00.3 Pc. Modern Walnut Suite, reg. 344.00 Slashed to 239.00. >\\VW*WVWW^ V^^VVVVVVVV*\^^**VV^**^**^V»V«*^VV^*^*^<VV*4«VVVVVV^^^VW>VVWVM,W WVW^WVkVi^VWVV\**<,*WV*W*V*VWV Mile Don Cummins, our Warehouse Mgr,, was cleaning up ad rummaging " through the warehouse he came up with some real rummage items, Like this 2 pc, Dixie L. R, Suite — it had been there quite a while — was tagged 279,98, But Don said he needs the space, to sell it cheap, So here it is at 148.00, Here is another item Don totind, A 3 pc. Bedroom Suite — double dresser, chest and bookcase bed, was 179,95, out it goes at 99,00, (Oen's wife) and Pamela Jeffreys realSy get down and looked for scratches, ;, or chips arcd came up with a | Sot ©f items to close out cheap—too many Don also tound 4 odd China Tops, he put legs on them and they make J . .. ... . .""" ' beautiful Bookcases or a Display tor dishes or what have you. They are $ *° mention, DUl here IS One item they worth 250.00 while they last only 138.00, J . . ... ,., u . , . n . . Don said we have too many odd chests, let's get them out o the warehouse \ SoSfi " aK ro 8°- " s a Walnut Unina Top '• They are left over from Bedroom Suites — out they as 24,00, Don found a lot of odd Mattresses and Box Springs, twin n some Simmons Queen Size, Some are damged. Some soled, all have to be sold AS IS. But if you need bedding, come in and look the pile over, You may find just what you need, they are all about J reg. price as low as 19.00, 5 $ * # * t i «««* «* scratched pretty bad and if *«s 2«9.00, so to make them both happy I marked "it dOWR to 99.00, HOW about that Now here is one for the books, the BOSS, Manuel Fredman got over anxious to sell a lady a Hotpoint Washer and in pulling it out to show her all the features like — Permanent Press Cycle — 2 Speed Controls and all the other goodies, he scratched it, on the side. It's taggd 329.95, but with the scratch you can buy it for 199.00. _.- « v . w . w w . *r«'« v B*»«K>kf'SrfliW^ti5, Wiiau *»w**»»«w****w«***ww»wwwwwwwv»»\»*^ Now we have one real quiet, shy, young lady, Is all beautiful, so I picked an item out for her and here it is, A 59.95 Baby Crib with waterproof Innerspring Mattress and marked down to 38.00. Now old Jake Robertson is retired and not with us anymore, but he still comes in to see us and he said, "Clem give my old friends a real bargain. 11 Something comfortable, so here it is, our reg. 114.95 Night •i tit Clouds Mattress or Box Springs — twin or full slzii How about this Sale price 79.50 each, with a 10 ytar guarantee, Jake says they are wonderful, he litept on one himself. Now here is the Bedroom buy of a lifetime—made by Bascett. So von know the quality is the best. It consists of a Big Triple Dresser, Big 5 Dr. Chest and Panel Bed. Beautiful Edge Grain Walnut Veneer tagged on floor for 500.00 i only out it goes for 297.00. You say you like Mediterranean Style — then don't miss this bargain — here is a beauty by Ward. Big triple dresser, 5 dr. chest and bed — it's tagged on our floor for 418.95. I have reduced it 100.00, Buy it now for only 318,95. j Now of cosjrse our Buyers have to get in on the ? action. They are good but sometimes goof, too. So * here are some of their mistakes. They bought too | heavy on Dinette Sets. So I have slashed the price j on every dinette in the store. 5 pc. Sets as low as J 60.00. * announcer, had to get his all those rolls of carpeting . . . why don't you do something about that?" So we did. 15 rolls (and part rolls) of assorted carpets with values to $7.95 sq. yd. . : . YOUR CHOICE $4.44 a Sy. Yd.! Before we sign off, may we suggest that Y'ALL COME. You'll find Sale tags all over the place . . . and plenty of great values not mentioned here. j Color TV . . . My son Rick Forbes | thinks they are wonderful. He must, * because when he is supposed to be 5 working I catch him watching the TV. * Anyway he said let's mark this Admirl al 23" console down real low. It sells 9 regularly for $695.00. So you can save $100.00 on it now. Only 595.00. WOOD RIVER 144 E. FERGUSON AVE.-WOOD RIVER, ILL. -PH. 254-0631 Mon.-Tues.-Wed. Only SEPT. 11,12* 13 NOTICE: We Reserve the Right to Limit Quantities! "OSCAR MAYER" 2 to 3 GLAD Straws ELBO DRINKING Straws BLACKBERRY JELLY SO-Cl. Pk 3 . 40-Cl. Pkg. 25c 29c HYPOWER JUMBO Tarncsles JERSEY FARM 'can"' 53C 10-oz. Jar STRAWBERRY JELLY SMUCKERS 10-oz. 4C r Jar ™l Broad 5 ^.,$1.00 GRAPE JELLY SMUCKERS' PEACH BUTTER 17,-oz. Jar KRISPY CRACKERS 16-oz. pkg. ELBO RONI STEAK 5-oz. SAUCE hot. hot. OMEGA CORN MEAL MiX Shoestring ?c*~-loes S a cans !->]'/.. can PILLSBURY EVON" NEW CROP fi-rt. r - "TENDER LEAF" TEA BAGS 100-ct. » n pkg. | qt. bot. PETER PAN SMOOTH ^ | b . CRUNCHY tar jar FROZEN ORANGE JUICE «-<»••• 20c Off Label MOUTHWASH 18-oz. Bot. A.NTI DEODORANT Reg. or 6-oz. Unscented bomb Mint TOOTHPASTE , or 4.6-oz. tcbe LOTION SHAMPOO HEAD Be SHOULDERS ii-ii/.. But. r 59 Disposable Diapers Large She Overnight 15-ct. ||/^ 12-ct. Pks. bath bars LIQUID STARCH EASY MONDAY Halt 41 10c Off Label PINE • SOL IOc 23-oz. bot. CALGON BATH OIL BEADS '£• ftOe 89' BROWN 'N SERVE BAGS REYNOLDS io ; i ;:°" J 0-d. 55 "GLAD" SANDWICH WHAP 35* "GLAD" SANDWICH BAGS 35< 80-ct. pkg. FORMICA FLOOR 22-oz. SHINE bot.

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