The Iola Register from Iola, Kansas on February 23, 1915 · Page 5
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The Iola Register from Iola, Kansas · Page 5

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, February 23, 1915
Page 5
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THE TOLA DAILY REGISTER, TOESDAY EVENING, FEBRUARY 23,1915. Ten ITaur Wants te ga^<>OOFcople Through the Rcsister » *i* * jjr * 3; * * * « * * * * IF IN NE^D OF A FARM LOAN..or any kind of INSUR- ance, come i'to me 1 am prepared to TAKE'CARE or you. •R. - L. Thoaiiison, office ,over Evans" DTUK Store Tel. 142. WAXTED—CHEAP 4 ROOM HOUSE •Write ue \V Madison St.. lola, Kas. BABUCS CARED FOR AT 202 N. Taylor. Mrs. Ol'flham, LaHarpe, Kas. WANTS-ALL KINDS WUXTED —THE ADDRESS" OP those who wiH.-have turkey eggs for saje. Address X, care Register. RFfJlSTERS C.\> BK BOIOIIT .VT the Hes.« Drug Co. Store at Humboldt. Papers leave press at :> p. in., reach Humlioldt .'>:or> p. m. prompt. $20 TO, $33 fER MONTH EXTRA money to any lemployed person without interfering|wlth iregular. work. Xo selMnk. No casvasatng. Positivejiy no investment Unemployed need not apply. Address The Silver-Mirror Co;, Inc., 123 W. Madison, .St.. CWoago, HI.! THE UNION; PACIFIC TEA CO. .want a man in every city -or village in Kansas to sell our goods to consumers. \Ve are ouT owp Importers, selling direct to consutners'through agents, giv- [ ing valuable aiid. useful premiums to' those wjio buy Ihe goods. This proposition offers unusual opportunities to men.wSo isan qualify and with ability to 'sell. Do 'n4t' apply if you cannot fui'nish bond.. vMust be a resident of that city and prefer one who has had •experience als an agent. No. 7 North'; Jefferson St., Ipla, Kansas. SALESMEN, PORTRAIT MEN, Solicitors. Would .not a uiercliaut's ad-, vertising coupon proposition appeal to you? If you want to better yourself. Ike to travel and are a salt's producer, of course yon are entergetic. We know our proposition will interest you. Vou bonded portrait and fi-auic di^Uvermaii We know you will call for particulars. Roberts, at the'V. M. C. A., lola. 7 to S p m. Imperial Advertising Co. LADV HELP WANTED .-\T THE .Modtl Ijundry. 122 North First St. FOR SALE—FOR SALE THREE GOOD PFiOPERT.IES ON paved street. Will sell, trade or exchaugt;. See Kelley, Pennsylvania Hotel ' EGGS FOR HATCHING. ROSE Comb ReJs. .\lso 1 splendid cockerel. Phone 310. FOR SAiJE^F^R gAi^ FOR SALE—FIGURE PAPER AND sheep akia scraps Tte Register Book bindery. FOR SALE—GOOD WALNUT POSTS Phone 117.5-21. GOOD USED I.NCUBATOR $.".00; one 240-egg machine $10; one 2-li> hot air machine |8'.50>. Oyster shell 7.">c lOt'-ib. .sacks. Hot plates, oil atove.H, washing macjiines. Hennlnger Stove Store, West Madison. FOR SALE—SEED POTATOES, large Red River Early Ohio. First year from the north.- Buy your Seed Potatoes now. Nice large ones, I. bushel 7.')c; .Vbushel lots for $3.^0. Davis Groc. Co., north side square. . FOR SALEr-A LOT OF SECOND- hand heating stoves. The Furniture Exchange, 202 S. Jefferson. FOR SALE—NICE DRIVING MARE and bugEcy and harness: ladv broke. Phone ins. . FOR SALE—GOOD PIANO REAS- onable; Tl-S E. Jackson. FOR SALE—FOR SALE * FOR SALE—FOR SALE <• •:• •:• • •:• •:• ^ 4><> ^ ^ ^ P09. SALB—PIOS AND SHOATS. • FOR SALF^B A R R E D ROCK Call 987-23. Frank Hal«. , Cockerels, fine ones from penned — • lottis, $1 oach. Also cKgs per FOR-SALE-GAS HEATING STOVE hundred or .-.Oc selting of i:,. Emma 1W>5 East St.- Mueller, Humboldt, Kas , Route No. 2. «. t. IVAITE Plumltlng and Repairing Phones—Office and Res., 12.18 205 South Jefferson •> • •:• •:• •> •> •> •> •:• .> « PGR SALE OR TRApE—INCUBAT FOR SALI^-PAIR MUl.lCS. CORN. ors.—J. B. iiishop, lohi, R. R. 2. _ FOR SALE—40 FOOT LOT WITH 3 room house one block from scjuare on terms. Phone 117. FOR SALE—4-YEAR-OLD REGIS- tered Jersey cow giving four gallons milk a day. Phone 6')',. Hay and Household Furnitur-. phone liiSo Telt- FOR SALE-WHITE ORPINGTON! eggs for hatching. Phone 352. Sharpe. FOR SALE-WHEAT STRAW -VND fodder. Phone nS7-?.4. FOR SALE—IMPROVED 12i> ACRE I farm. 7 miles east of Burlington. Price •«.>40o. Addres.-: 419 S. Third ^t, lola, Kas. FOR SALE—SMOOTH MOUTHED workhorse. Cheap, if taken soon. R. -M. V\'illiunis. first house south of Electric nark. - FOR S.\T:.E—ONE SPAN OF THREE year-old filleys; good ones. Two ajid one half miles north on State street, lola, Kan.s. phone 'JSl-Ml . .FOR SALE OR EXCHA-NGE—PURE bred White Rock Cockerels, $1 each. .Nirs. Walter Strong Phone 94, Moran. 1.4.70 EGGS -FROM 45 WHITE OR- pinglon Pullets in December and January. Eggs for hatching $1.00 per 15; $b".00 per 100. Sharp, phone 292. FOR Ducks. S.-VLE—I N D I AN PJlone 975-2. RUNNER FOR SALb>-PURE pARRED PLY- , FOR SAIX CHEAP-FIVE ROQM " - -- -- i iioase, barn, chicken hou.'-'e, fruit. In- mouih Rock Cockerels] S. W. Harris, Geneva, Kaji^ WANTED—MEN fO LEARN THE barber trade. Positively the best trade I otthe kind. Can prepare you in short j terjn. Wages -wbile. jearnffis'. Open to I FOR SALE—FIVE SH.A.IRES FOR SALE-TEAM, HORSE AND mare, sound, wefghiilg 2,7:1i), work anywhere. A. F. Florence, lola, Kas. Phone 116r> or ti42. FOR SALE—FIVE-PIECE PARLOR set. mahogany finish; one wardrobe, mahogany fiilish, and one roller top d'?sk (oak), and one flat lop desk (oak). 214 N. Colborn St. Quire 32S N. Third. Phone 1042. REGISTERS CAN BE BOUGHT AT the Hess Drug Co. store at Humboldt. FOR SALE—G.KAY MARE, BUGGY and harness; riOl'T^. McRae, Gas. _ . __ , lOl^V . „ „ everyone. Apply by mail. Moler Barber ' Building & Loan Co. stock, series 17 j Papers leave press at .i p. m., reaches ' reasonable. College, Kansas City, Mo. 'and IS. J. D. S., care Register. i Humbcldi .":3:. p. m. prompt. j burg. Kas. FOR SALE—GOOD SECOND HAND Reo five-passenger touring car. Price O. n. Courtney, .Savon- FOR SALE—FIVE ROOM HOUSE; built three years. Price right. 402 N First St. FREE, VALUABLE STOCK BOOKS with each purrrhase of LeGears Stock' Food. Eakiti's Hardware. <• •:• •:• * •:• •> •:• • 4 •:• •:• •> •:•«•:• •:• •:• •:• • •> • V. L. B. LKAVELL, 3L D. <• • Specialties— O • . Diseas^ea ot the Chest. •> • Diseaseis of Children. • • X-RAY. • •:• <• Phones—Office 147; Bes. 147 • • Tola State Bank Bldg. <• • •:• •> •:• •:• •> * •;• •:• •:• •:• • •:• • •:• •:• •:• • -> <' • •:• • • • •> •> <' •:• •:• •> • •> •> •> •:• •> •:• •:• J. K, PEPPEK • •> • Dentiiit <• •> Oflice Riley's Hdw. Store !•> East Side Sq. Phone 687 •:• •:• •:• •:• •:• •:• <> •:• •> •:• •> <• •> <• FOR RENT—FOR RENT FOR RENT—ROOMS FOF. HOUSE keeping or sleeping; partly modern; 212 W. Madison. FOR RENT, FOR SALE, LODGING, Furnished Rooms, Boarding, and other cards can be had at the Register office, neatly printed in large, plain type. Five cents each. FOR RENT—FURNISHED ROO.VIS. 604 N. Jefferson. LOST AND FOUND IBA B. FBAXTZ OPTICAL CO. lola - - Kaniaf ' i'>ry. .\ocording to the custom of tho w'jrid for t!i!s crime, if it shall bi- known, th<_y will kill yen. And r>.'- niembiT, my daughter, tiiat. though hr) man sliall nee you nor your husband susptct, God, who is in every place. ?ees you, will be angry with you and will i;..> avcng.'d upon you as He >ee.s fit." How HUH a bit of counsel from a g-.anrtma of today", wouldn't you — givc to know whether the dusky niiss for '.vliOMi it was written minded it nr.'re faithfully than the young women of our day mind the instructions o' their i -lders'.' LOST—GOLD WATCH AND FOB Sunday. Leaie Register, receive reward. 'ft-SrSSrs^SS^Sr « « 3? •£ * * * * « FOl R MESSAia .S CARBYIX; SAD >EW.S Kt( EITEI> HEME .SLVOiV. Dr. >V. J. Hatfield <ioes to Elkhart toi* .Vttend Funeral «i Fathir—.News >ote« and PersunaU. ^ Sj:pcuil Prill's on tirocerits 4^ This Weels. * Hcst Flour — T- 1 Corn. 4 cans ••• 3- ' Large Rairiin.";, lb. •r 2 Tall cans Salmon. .. 1^ Pure I-ard. lb. .._ Comi)oi!nd, lb. * Silk Soap. 21 bars tor . ^ 3:7 bars for . * t:oal Oi'.L gallon 4^ Sugar, in lbs. for H S. Tobacco, per lb. Bulk Coffee, 2 lbs. for. >it' ... -i'.c - -lie - !»e -_ -60«- _.*I.0(> . 7e .MM . _-fSc _.JJ5c BRONSON K MO NOTES A> AZTEC t'VXTHIA GREV. ROY TAVI.OR REPORTS LOSS OF VAI-IABLE HORSE. *i.Serioii.s Acrident to Urundiua Sniai- Hisuesl market Produ(fe price paid for COLONY, Feb. 23.—It! was a cold rain that visite^d this part of the staK; Sunday night but the moisture is al-1 ways welcomed Mr. and Mrs. J. P. Turner went tojj-l Kansas City Sunday evening to tour ! a a; i a; a; gi'^t'^i^ 'ji; it; ^ a; ^ 'the wholesale ^district. j *" " "" '' "" jj B. Farris-was here from Garneit; '~ Sunday in chatrge of the Heflin fun-I son. It was an ideal and happy'union era!. ^ ley- ->ews Sotes nnii Personal .Mention. BRONSO.V, FEB. 23.— Willard Ross, Gene Brown and Clarence Hamilton Wicliita Bi ^acon: PrescoU, in liis ytory of the first i -onriuest of Mexico. l>n'ut .-4 :i li-tter from an Aztfi- motller to hir daughter which i.s liki- a voiue -:ianiung five ccnturii-s. "Beloved' daughter, very dear little di)ve, remember tiiat nine months I li)re you; that you were bom and brought up in aiy arms; that I placed you in your cradle and'.in my lap and with my milk I nursed you; I and your father are the source of your being. It is we who now instruct you. See 1 .1. A. BROWN. |.iiHnrpe, Kaiis. I heft for Chester, Iowa, this morning, i''"^^ you receive our words ami treas- They will work on a r:irm there. I ""''^ ^h-^ni m your breast., Hon. j' C. Hendris, sergeant at arms .in the state senate, had a holiday Monday and fepent it in Colony; returning to Tcrpekji .Mcjnday eve. ^Irs. KJlhel Murphy of lola was a guest of [Tom.Murray's Sunday. Prank Phaien, a nephew of.Som Murray, was ^ere from Denver, Colo., the last ipf^ ihe week: visiting at the Murray honje'. Harie Garnett yet ".vh>;n it .^hail be necessary to go with haste, do .so—in this use your discretion. "When you are in the street, do not c.irry your iiead mucli inclined, or your i(<.uy bent, nor go with your head very ujucii raised, since it is a mark cf ill brecjiua; walk erect, ami wit'n your head sliglitly inclined. Do not have your i-ovi 'red, nor your j face, froni shame, nor looking like a nf-ar-s:j;hteii person, nor. on your way. make faiita.stic movements with your ftut. W.i-lk through the street quietly antl witJi propriety. ".Another thin;.? Uiat you must attend to, my dauKiitor. is that when you arp ill tile .-street you do not iro looking and through fifty years tneir love, ai- fecticn antl fondness lor one anotner only grew stronger, tenderer. It was about a year ago when .Mrs. HefHn I was called 'home and Mr, Heflin then found comfort in reading his bible and many times e.xpressed himself as being ready to join her in the future life. Theii- home vvas gladdened by the birth of t-A-o children, S. K. Heflin, of Mr. Brooks returned home to La- Cygne this morning. He came lo attend the Johnson funeral. Mrs. Joe Love waa in LaHarpe Saturday night and . Sunday visiting her mother, Mrs. Thomas. Paul Mattocks, drove over to Xenia today on buainejss. Roy Taylor lost a. valuable horse | -Take care that your garments are'} hither and thither, nor turning your such as, are dficent and, proper; and observe that you do not adorn yourself with much finery, since this i.-j a mark I the ground. head tu look at this or that; walk neither looking at the skies nor on Lawrence_^and Mrs. \y. D. Bishop^of j gpringg for a short visit last week. "' ram in for Hartey {^elstadt was home from I t'olcny. They came to Colony about, wjjile there he received a telegrai irnett;over Sunday. j li> years ago and have: won many! gt^ting that his brother-in-law i Four de^b' messages were received • n-jends among all our people dunng. Q^jggjj^j.g_ ji[ _ ^^^j ^e left fo beri? Sunday;-'one for C. F. Burnhara, i their sojourn here. And during the j Qj^lggj,yj.g' Saturday on route 3. one aniwuncing the death I a-«-fui days of oar great. Civil War, of -Mrs,' S. H.- .Mooberry. - .\'ebr,. one announcing the W. J. Hatfield's father Ind., and on6'announ<.»ing the death of a daughter of a brother of Earl Hei- „ . , , Mrs. Sherman Lo->ve is improving, in at Omana.jwiien oar country was so sorel.y pres- .g^Kj, rapidly and is able to sit up. death of Dr.! to maintain a united existence! j, seyffer -was in town on business •'today. ot vanity and of folly. "When you speak, do not hurry your words from uneasine-ss but speak deliberately and calmly. Do not raise j your voice very high nor apeak v.ery low but,in a moderate tone. Neither lasrweer'k b 'diT" "=ick' onTv a "7ew : >'*'" speak, or when yofi j beinV o-ffended"'with you. Show a be- bours '• " ' I salut-^, nor speak through your nose, [(coming countenance, th'st you m.iy ' but let your words be proper, of a good sounJ, and vour voice gentle. "Irt walking, my daughter ,see that went to -Eldorado i '^''"^^yourself becomingly, ncith er going with haste nor too slowly; since it is an evidence of being puffed up to walk too slowly, auti walking hastily cau.sos a vicious habit of restlessness and instability. Therefore, neither walk very fast nor -.yry slow; Finley Helms and Alva Brannen attended K. of P. lodge in Ida this evening. James .Miles "Do not look with the eyes o fan offended person upon those whom you meet, nor have'the api-warance of being uneasy, hut of one who looks upon all with a serene countenance; doin-.^ tills, you will give no one occasion ni on the at Elkhart, I ^^-itii all men free, Mr. Heflin, quiet peaceful and home loving though he was, answered his country 's call Bcrv- lia, in Nebr.; and he went there from j jug .^s a privte in Co. -M, 9tb •'egiment, j Orin Marvel who has been visiting friends here left for Kansas City this Melvin Hefliii's funeral here. j Missouri State Cavalry, and offered up Dr W. J. iHatfield left Ifor Elkhart, ftiig: nfe on -the altar m the Union Ind., at no(>n Monday tcj attend his j ^.ausg and for two years he served be home j „ ith gallantry and good record. We r .-ad of the conflict in Europe where uwa are now being, slain and often are wont to think unkindly of them but the time should never come when father's funeral. He will . Thiirsday morning. JHelrln Henin. Melvin Heflin was born in Rusii- ville, Ind., ?ApriJ 11th, 1S42 and died! 'Tc .u n":'"io tl'*^ ^oi-Uers of our land should'fail !<H \ <'^"'"" ["^-^y f 1-^' to awak.-u a deep sense of graUtude He wus a jiiewu.^r of a Jamilj o m , soldiery iu times of peace arc just twevc children His parents mov.-d j ,„,j, inoffensive, lovable and to Nodaway:.'ounty. Mo, when be was j • maividuaW as Mr Tleflin six years 01^ and he gre. t.._:n^n).o<,a I'^^^^l^'^^^^^^^ there. All the members of this large tamlly, i :xc«ipt one brother at Liberty, ^ Mo., have Pl -ei '-Jcd ium to the great j )>arl4 'sly as he did'on rndes. In suuim-jns was bound to coine, this FcTiruary, just as calmly, resignedly bevoud. AtKavanniih-. Mo,, August 31, ist:. b.' maKrb 'J Mi.-s .Satlie A'. Morri- Jf Your Hfiir is J-aiung Out ire know tt no better remedy than "93" pair Tonic A preparatioo which f we gladly lecoia* sinend to yifu, f^d. a bottle. Biurrell's D^ug Stores war as in jieacp, aM honor is due. He ttus faitiiful unto death. ReV. I). Ira ITfanier conducted the services at the .\K ?;hodi8t -Church at 2 p. ni, Sunday and the services at the Colony cemetery w>'re conducted by Olive Branch I Lodge. NO, 212, A. F. & A. M. Present at the Heflin funeral from out of town were: Mr, and Mrs. S, K. Heflin and daughter, Lucile, from Lawrence, Mr. and Mrs. H. C Smith, Marvville, Mo.. Sherman Heflin, Barnard, Mo.. Earl Heflin. Paruell, Mo-, R. ll Heflin, Raven wood. Mo, - Mrs. John Windle 'iert for her home in Eldorado Springs this afternoon, having spent the week With her moth i ;-r here. Mr. Windle has bought the Russell place near New Hope school house but will not take possession un til next fall. The W. C. T. U. celebrated Washington's birthday at the Russell hotel vvlih ^program Tuesday. Mrs. fjzzie Steele'.^ sale was '^ell ait;<.'ndifd' and. everything sold w-fll. Tlijfi I^adies Aid of the Baptist church seirved lunch and realized 1-8. Mrs. Steele will leave for Beatrice, Neb. .about the lirst of March. ^ain Foraker sold a valuable mule to Orval Holeman. Mrs. Owen Tliomas and little dai'gh ter left with her raoniher Mr!<. W. P. Jackson this morning for De.vti-r, Kan sas. for a tew weeks' visit. ( She. is able to be out on crutches. Mrs. Nan cy weel^s is caring for her. AStMPlfWAYTO Prevent Falling Hair and End Itcteng Scalp. There is one sure way that lia.s never failed to remove dandruff at once, and that is to dissolve it. then you destroy it entirely. To do this, just get about four ounces of plain, common liquid arvon from any drug store (this is all you will need), apply ft at nigh.t when retiring; use enough to moisten the scalp and rtib it in gently with the finger tips. By morning most, if not all, of your dandruff will be gone, and three <>f' four more applications will completely di.s- 1 solve, and entirely destroy, every single' sign and trace of it, no matter how much dandruff you may have. You will find all itching and digging \ 5 tor a lew weexs visit ' scalp will stop instantly and your Iraudraa Smaitey fell last week in-'^^'T S",*^^', '"^'S""'' ' juring li^r knee quite badly.' She. is'^.^-d soft and look and i eel a hundred, • times better. If you value your hair, you sliould get I f rid of dandruff it once, for nothing , • —• — . i destroys tljc hair so quickly. It not only , j • starves this hair 'dnd makes it fall out, ! In a'couutry community, the weal- but it makes'it itringy-, straggly, dull,' thy farmers are apt to regard forty drj-,.brittle and lifeless, ancjf wcrybody dollars a month as big pay. j notices it ' " neither appear morose, nor, other hand, too compfalsant. ''See, my daughter, that you givi^ yourself no concern about t.he word.s you may hear in goIn .H- t'arough the street nor pay any regard to them, let those who come and go say what they uill. T.Ike care that vou neither an- S '.ver nor sjieak. but act as if yoi' neither heard nor under.stood them; since, doinsj in this manner, no one will be able to say with truth, that you have said anything amiss. "Soe, likewis«!, my daughter, that you never p.Tint your face, nor stain it or your iips with colors, in ori'er to appear well, since this Is a mark of unchaste women. ' But, that your husband may not dislike you, adorn yours-elf, wash yourself and cleanse your clotlies. "My tenderly loved daughter, my little dove, only one thing remain." to be said and 1 have done. If God shall give .vou life, if you shall continue some year-; Biion the earth, see that you guard yourself carefully, that no .stain come upon you. When it shall pleas*' Ci'd that you n -ceiv.- a husband, and ynu are [ilaced uniT^p htm Buthorlty. b.' t 'ri'i' from iirrof^ance. see that you do ttot neglect him, nor allow your heart tr. b.. in opposition to him. Bi'> not disrespectful to him Beware that, in ho tlnit' or place, you commit a^rainst him the tre .Tson called udul- Uniiip and Whooping Cough. —.Mrs, T. Neureuer, Eau Claire, Wis. says: 'Foley's Honey and Tar Cora- pound cured my boy of a very sever>^ attack of croup after other remedie.-! hai failed. Our milkman cured his childivju of whooping-cough." Foley's has a forty years record of similar cases. Contains no opiates. Always insist on Foley's. Burrell'sDrug Store. TKAMP1.KU AMKKICA.V COLORS. (iernian Soldiers in LieiJe. Belgium, Cansed Stir by Actions. .\msti-rdaiii, Feb. 22.—German soldiers in Liege, Belgium, last Thursda} tore the .-American colors from th(. breasts of several citizens there and threw them into the mud, according to a dispatch received by the Telegraaf here today. Fourteen burghers ,the dispatch st.ited, iirotested to the American consul. , V .- alti'iusit by several thousa.ii.i I.ii-:.- clnldren to hold a demonstra- •-'i ;n, -.iiowinsr the gratitude to the \rnerican relief commission, was pro- i' it' :i, the Telegraaf's correspondent w it ed CAX TOD DOUBT IT? tVhen the Proof Can Be So Easily In- Testigated. JIf You Art Nervous •ad an IOBD ( weight, wa ncommecd thatyootake ^ ivOllveOII Emulsion fofAflhoit ^ime. Apieaaiptogpirhicb Burrell's Drug Stor*. When so many grateful citizens of lola testify to benefit derived from Doans Kidney Pills, can you doubt the ovidence? The proof is not far awa.v^it is almost at your door . Read what a resident of lola says about Doan's Kidney Pills. Can you demand more convincing testimony? Otto Krueger, 407 S. Chestnut St., lola. says: ".My kidneys were badly disordered and the kidney secretions passed irregularly and contained, sediment. I had severe, attacks of backache and stooping -.or lifting always caused sharp pains in my loins. Not until I used Doan's Kidney PUlswas I able to get any lasting benefit. This remedy helped me so much from the first that 1 continued its use until my kidneys were doing their .work properly. I gave a statement for publication, telling of ray experience then and I now take pleasure In confirming it." Price Mc, at all dealers. Don't slm'^ ply ask for a kidney remedy—get 1 loan's Kidney Pills—the .same that Mr. Krueser had. FoBter-Milburn Co.. Prop .5.. Buffalo. .V. T. Hatched by Sun's Heat. The female crocodile laya her eggs in a sand bank near-the river to the number of 50 or 60. and. when they are hatched by the heat of .the sun,. the young ones at once take to the water. Few persons have the opportunity of witnessing the rapid dash of a crocodile when it rushes upon Its prey, but, when it is considered that flsh constitute its ordinary food. It may readily be imagined that the maximum speed of the reptile must be sufficient to overtake the swiftest swimmer. imVEN to THE UST 'oifE Jutt One Mora Visitor and Mrai Mil ler Would Have Served Her "Ple-Puddlng." 3 "That's the third time," obserrwl Mrs. .Mlllsap, who was visiting "country relatives, "that I've heard reference made to 'Airs; Minkler's pie-puddlng,' and it usually brings out a laugh. It there's any joke about It, I'd like to he'ar It." "Well, I 'll Ull you the story," Bald one of the cousins. "Mrs.'Mlnkler told it herself, so jt won't do any harm to pass it on. Perhaps you've observed that we speak of the pie-pudding when we have to divide, up something, into unusually ^mall portions; and pos^ sibly. since you are not acquainted with .Mrs. Minkler, the joke may not strike you just as it did us. But here it is: " J "Mrs. Mii^k'er does the cooking ifor her fantily of four, and als she isn't in love with the science of cookery, it's very little in the way of extras the family gets. - .Mrs. -Minkler says she considers "apple sass and molasses* a good enough dessert for anyone. ' "Well, one day, for a special treat, she baked a pie for dinner, allowing a quarter apiecQ for each member of the family. But wbile she waa preparing dinner her sister-in-law looked into th*^ kitchen and announced that two cousins had come over from Rushville to spend the day. . •'"Shucks:' ^a:d Mrs. Minkler. 'Now I'll have to cut the pie into six pieces.' "A half hour later, two neighbors. Judge and .Mrs. Peters called, and Mr. Minkler asked them to stay for dinner, to which they-agreed. , "Mercy sakes:' grumbled Mrs. .Minkler. ".Vow I 'll have to cut the pie into eight pieces.' "Just as diaper waa being diabed up, ••vho should drop in but an old baclielor frieijd of the; family from the other side of town, and he also accepted aa invitation to take dinner. I '" ".-^menda Jane,' declared the exasperated Mrs. Minkler to her sister-in- law. Til make out to cut that pesky pie' into nine pieces, but I tell you now it won't .stand any more cutting than that. If ja single other persoa conies here to-dinner today, I'll squash the pie up. dish it round with sass oa it. and call it a pudding.'"—Vouth'^ Compaiiion. —J. L. Southern. Eau CValre, "Wis., writes: "Tears ago I wrote you In regard to great results I obtained from Foley Kidney Pills. After alT these years 1: have never had a return of those terrible backaches or sleepless nights; I am permanently cured," Men and women, young and old, find this re liable remedy relieves rheumatlBm. backache, stift joints and Uls caused by weak or diseased kidneys or bladder, purrell's Drug Store! \ No. No, No. .Vo. No. No. -No, No, No. Xo, No. MILLER oa CO. PHO.VE nafc WHOLt:.SALE DISTRIHUTOKH Majestic Line Oils and Greases, Kerosene and Gasoline, lola, KuDSai^ BRANCHES: Chahute, Kas- Cllntan, Okla. Humboldt. Kat, . Ciitter, Okla. Wichita Kas; SA.\TA FE TIXE TABLE. (Effective Feb. 7. 19i5) Sonth fioond. 201 Passenger dally 11:42 a. ra 203 Ptfssenger dally... 2:45 a. m 207 Passenger Dally... 8:24 p.'m 209 Passenger dally..- 6r30 a. rr, 215 Freight da. ex. Sun, 12:35 p. m 219 Freight daily ^2:20 a. m. >orth Bonnd. 202 Passen.erer <laily 1:40 p m 2fk4 Passenger dally:.- 3:30 a. m, 20S Passenger dpib'-— fi:30 a. ta 210 Pas-sensrer dally—- 7:lfi p m 216 Freight da. e-u. Sun 12 15 n, m

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