Mt. Vernon Register-News from Mt Vernon, Illinois on December 12, 1963 · Page 4
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Mt. Vernon Register-News from Mt Vernon, Illinois · Page 4

Mt Vernon, Illinois
Issue Date:
Thursday, December 12, 1963
Page 4
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4 fHE REGISTER-NEWS — MT. VERNON, ILLINOIS THURSDAY, DECEMBER 12, 1963 MT. VERNON REGISTER-NEWS US North Ninth Street, Mt. Vernon, Illinois (DAILY EXCEPT SUNDAY) MT. VERNON NEWS ESTABLISHED 1871 MT. VERNON REGISTER ESTABLISHED 1882 CONSOLIDATED SEPTEMBER 28, 1920 EDWIN RACKAWAY WM. C. RACKAWAY ORIAN METCALF _. JOHN RACKAWAY GUY HENRY ROBERT K. THOMPSON IRENE PURCELL JOHN McCLURE MEMBER OF THE ASSOCIATED PRESS The Aisociattfd Prest IJ excluiively entitled to use for the publication of all nevvi credited to It or not other­ wise credited In this paper and also tho local newt published therein. Second Class Postage paid at Mt. Vernon, Illinois _ Editor ...» Business Manager News Editor —„. Sports Editor City Editor Advertising Manager Society Editor - — Circulation Manager SUBSCRIPTION RATE Subscriptions must be paid In advance By Mail, Jefferson County end adjoining counties, one year $ 7.00 6 months $4.25; 3 months $2.75; 1 month $ 1.00 By mall outside Jefferson and adjoining counties within 250 miles, one year, $10.00; 6 months $6.00; 3 months $4.00; per single month $1.50. Outside 250 miles, 1 year... $11.00 6 months, $7.00; 3 months $4.50; one month $1.75. Delivered by carrier in city per week 30 HOROSCOPE FORECAST By CARROLL RICHTER GENERAL Be sure now —-— I popularity soars. Tr\-iii,'WMi .x. ! spoak morc c,oa, ' 1 >'< lEMJLNCJKh. j SAGITTARIUS to carry through >. ^ with the decisions you have matlc and the plans you entered into with others dunni; the past several days - \<>u have the power of the planets with you to start anew toward cherished ambitions with character and purpose. An unimi>ortant day Friday for new lieninninK-S but fine for winding up the unfinished. A Thought For Today They said to each other. Did not our hearts burn within us while lie talked to lis on the roiul, while he opened to us the scriptures.—Luke 24:32. 0—0—O O—O—O O—O— o I have always believed in the inspiration of the Holy Scriptures, whereby they have become the expression to man of the Word and Will of God.—Warren G. Harding. Editorial Biggest Log In The Jam V Quick Quiz Q Have U. S. senators always been elected by the people '.' Senators were originally elected by the state legislatures. Direct election by the people was provided for by tho 17th Amendment, effective as Noted Names to senators elected after May 31. 1913. Q—On what date did the formal transfer of Alaska to the U. S. take place? A—On October 18, 1867, General Rousseau took possession of Alaska for the United States, which paid about two cents an acre for the former I Russian territory encompassing \bout SSlvldO square miles. Answer to Previous Puiite IE1MIEIN1! ACV.OSS 1 Nelson 5 Mi.-s O'Brien 9 TV mc -Jico (.'ast -v 12 I'ersia 13 lie borne 14 American liumorist 15 Musts upon 1" Stitch 18 1 iiris name 1U Uais •il Identical Ti My Gal " 24 Compile a total 117 Kcmale equine 2 1 J Berk's nickname 32 Applatider 34 Kiftli. for instance 86 Nearly 37 Stair parts SB TV actress, Jacqueline 36 Hardens 4 J lirotlierof OMIIS 42 (Jolfer Snead 44 Opposed to thai 46 Klect rode's negative pole 4D (jarden spot* in deserts 53 Moh.umned 's Min -in-law 54 Ancestral extraction 5C Membrsnoui pouch 57 Sea birds 58 UnlUo/ energy &li Abstract being 60 Let it stand Iprint.) SI liacktalk (colLj DOWN 1 Congealed dew 2 Angered 3 Mohammedan judge 4 Unites closely 5 Age 6 Thelma 7 Notion 8 Arboreal homes 'J Goal markings in sports 10 Kuropeaa stream 11 Tidings 1G English stream 20 Domesticate* 22 Emporiums 24 Nomad 25 Alms 26 Servants 28 l'lanct 30 Kntice 31 Trial 33 "Law of Moses" 47 Wolfhound 35 Sight 40 Everlasting tpoeU 43 Is dull and spiritless 45 Surfeits 46 Container 48 Short barb 60 Feminine appellation 61 Hen products 52 Soap-making frame 55 East (Kr.) 1 2 r ( 6 r r r 9 10 1 12 13 14 IS 16| 17 li 20 a 23 24 28 30 it a k 37 a • ••44 45 46 if 149 60 51 62 u u w W & 66 *1 n "HERE IS NOTHING FUNDAMENTALLY NEW in the current controversy over the role of the House Rules Committee in the legislative process. This committee was originally established to assist the House leadership in guiding and controlling the flow of legislation to the House floor. It was a means of preventing a flood of useless legislation, and of bringing order and some reasonable sense of priorities to House consideration of legislation. Only long afterwards did the Rules Committee take it upon Itself actually to block the flow of certain major proposals toward the floor—bills which usually had the determined opposition of some influential House members. By 1961, that practice had become so ingrained that the late President John F. Kennedy, aided by the late Speaker Sam Rayburn, drove through a change in Rules Committee structure which permitted the installation of two additional liberal Democratic members. It was assumed they would help break deliberate log jams created by conservative committee membership. The change had some fairly limited effects, but on the whole did not yield the results anticipated. In 1963, the Rules Committee, under leadership of the veteran chairman Howard I Smith of Virginia, seems to be functioning with all its old power. 5 Smith, under heavy pressure, finally has said that in January his committee will hold hearings on the highly controversial Kennedy-Johnson civil rights bill calling for—among! other things—freer use of public accommodations by Negroes, j All aside from other aspect* of the matter, criticism is descending upon Smith for this declared intent to have hearings.; The point is made that the House Judiciary Committee I already has had extensive hearings on the substantive content of that bilL It is further contended that the Rules Committee, j basically a legislative "traffic agency," is not charged with consideration of bills on their substantive merits. It is supposed simply to meet and decide how to handle these bills. Beyond this, the whole question arises again of the wisdom of allowing a small group of House members, often quite unrepresentative of the larger body, to act virtually as final arbiter in determining what bills shall come to the House floor. It seems so basic it should not have to be said: All major matters, including the most controversial, ought in a freely working democracy to have a full airing and then be voted up or down. Critics of a particular proposed course of action often argue against It on the ground that Congress, in Its wisdom, has "not. acted on the question." They Imply they would accept such a course if Congress did act. But the Rules Committee today, not just in civil rights but in many matters, labors unabashedly to prevent the very kind of open, free decision by the nation's lawmakers which our system is supposed to assure. Learn to (November to December 211 Petty, irksome matters can be handled wisely now without taking time out from more important issues. Be more considerate with others. Then you get support when you need it. CAPRICORN (December 22 to January 20) A little time spent doing social niceties, buying gifts, etc., helps build good will you need now. Fight criti- ARIKS (March 21 too April i cism with kindness. Smile more 19) Be sure to make payments i and win out with all. where promised today, also any ' AQUARIUS (January 21 to other outstanding debls. This, February 19) Perscvcvence is clears the path for more pro- j important now at whatever ductive outlets, ventures. Carry | task is at hand or you can get through with plans made i i n Dutch with higher-ups. 'earlier. Don't try to be original with 1 TAURUS (April 20 In May i stodgy persons. They would not understand. PISCES (February 20 to March 20) Reading your paper thoroughly can apprise you of important matters you should know about. New acquaintance of foreign culture can now become fine, fast friend. Be courteous. IK YOUR CHILD IS BORN TODAY ... he, or she, will have the rapacity fur great loyally and friendship with others. This leads to interesting partnerships that can produce lucrative results throughout (he lifetime. Give a good college education, plus the study of languages, and the best field here is in scientific research. "The stars impel, they do not compel." What you make of your life is largely up to YOU! Carroll Rightcr's Individual Forecast for your sign for January is now ready. For your ropy send your hirthdate and Sl.lifi to Carlo!! Righter Forecast Mt. Vernon Register-News. Box 1921. Hollywood 28. California. tDistributed by McNaught Syndicate, Inc.* Digest Of The News WORLD NEWS 20l If you cooperate with associates painstakingly, you need not fear the Friday the 13th J hoax, which is all that it is. ] Ask if you don't know what is expected of you. Then carV on enthusiastically. GKMINI (May 21 to June 21) Seize the opportunity to be of assistance to others and build up own morale. Be generous, don't think of recompense. Your lortuncs will increase that is the law of life. MOON ('IIIIJIRKN i Juno 22 to July 21 I Karly morning visit to beauty or barber shop brings you fine imitations later that, raise waning spirits. Delve into hobbies that are pleasing. Ties' pav off big dividends later. LF.O (July 22 to August 21) Plan the gifts you want to surprise your family with and also be more comforting, devoted. Put family affairs above all others while you have the privilege. Forget the frivolous. VIRGO (August 22 to September 22) You are adept at small tasks and you are now- faced with many of them. Get to work enthusiastically. Then important affairs can be handled with dispatch, assurance. LIBRA (September 23 to October 22) A practical approach to all repair work in any sphere of your endeavor brings alx>ul fine results. See where you can cut corners in your budget. Are you a victim of pressure salesmen? SCORPIO (October 23 to November 21) Studying your relations with others reveals that you must remove certain little flaws in your own personality, appearance. Then Washington Beset by furious congressmen, Secretary of Defense Robert S. McNamara is expected to announce economy - induced plans to close or reduce operations at 25 to 27 military bases in about 16 states. President Johnson is sending career diplomat David G. Nes to South Vict Nam to serve as the key No. 2 man under Ambassador Henry Cabot Lodge. Chief Justice Earl Warren plans to shoulder his full load of Supreme Court duties while heading the presidential inquiry into John F. Kennedy's assassination. Atty. Gen. Robert F. Kennedy is casing back into the public life that was so shatteringly altered by an assassin's bullet two weeks ago. President Johnson puts members of his Cabinet on notice that he expects them to give their personal attention to his campaign to hold down federal spending. SAIGON. Viet Nam (AP) —A 22 - year - old Buddhist monk ! burned himself to death on the grounds of a religious pagoda in coastal Binh Dinh Province Monday, the official Viet Nam Press reported today. The report said the suicide was an "oblation," an offering for religious or charitable purposes. It did not explain further. Viet Nam Press said the monk, whose name was not given, poured gasoline over his robes and set them afire. It was the 1.1th suicide by fire in South Viet Nam this year. Seven wore in protest against President Ngo Dinh Diem's treatment of Buddhist opponents. Xntiminl Timely Quotes It is all very well to say we should have crash programs in oceanography or to find a cure for cancer. Rut if we were to put all the lunar program money into these fields there wouldn't be enough competent scientists in these areas to spend it all. -Re v. Francis J. Heyden. Georgetown II. astronomy professor. l.os Angeles Police Chief William II. Parker says the BIF li.uu II Parker says the FRI gave his department a "black eye" by net informing him on trie Frank Sinatra Jr. kidnaping developments. The FBI has no comment. Sinatra Jr. declines to give details but says "I was scared." The Fischer quintuplets are expected to be home from Aberdeen. S.D., hospital in time for Santa's visit. They will be 3 mouths old Saturday. Intormttinnnl A standoff prevails in the Bolivian tin mini's whore four Americans and others are held as hostagi s. Catholic Church leaders may be preparing to intervene. PANGIM, India (AP) - A party advocating the merger of Goa. Damao and Diu with neighboring Maharashtra State has handed Prime Minister Nehru's Congress party a humiliating defeat in the first free elections held in the former Portuguese enclaves. Complete returns from Monday's elections gave the Congress party only one scat in the ; enclaves' 30-seat legislative as' sembly. The Maharashtrawndi Gomantak party won 1-1 seats. Linus C. Pauling, America's .1962 Nobel Peace Prize winner, suggested Wednesday night that the United Nations share control of all nuclear weapons to decrease the possibility of war. The controversial scientist from Pasadena, Calif., made his proposal in his Nobel lecture at the Nobel Institute. Pauling received his peace prize Tuesday for his long fight against nuclear arms. People In The News WASHINGTON (AP) - President Johnson will servo as honorary chairman of the National Red'Cross, continuing a tradition started by President Woodrow Wilson in 1913. The White House announced Johnson's acceptance of the post Wednesday. MUNICH. Germany (AP) Thomas Krafft, a former sergeant in the Nazi SS elite guard, was sentenced Wednesday to 12 years in prison for the murder of four Austrians on V-E Day. Krafft, 43, went into hiding in I960 when he learned that police were on his tracks. Last year, he got drunk at n Munich inn and mistook a police prowl car for his own automobile. When he tried to drive off, he was arrested. OSLO. Norway (API Dr. NEW DELHI fAP)-Pnkistani and Indian forces exchanged fire at two points on the Assan- East Pakinstan border this week and one Indian border policeman was injured, Parliament was told today. ^ SUPPORT YOUR RED CROSS BLOOD PROGRAM Good things happen when you give STARTS TODAY GRANADA IETROGOLDWYNMAYER PRESENTS A KING BROTHERS PRODUCTIOI CBPTBill SfflDBBD IN TECHNICOLOR' AND WONORASCOPE AND 16SSOJFTHB A Hnrm f *o rndadoi • A Unnirul West I TIMES TONIGHT "Captain Slnhnd" nt 8:20 "Vampire" nt 6:80 Opens 6—Starts 6:30 Phono 242-2175 NEW YORK (AP)—Attorney James B. Donovan, who obtained the release of prisoners captured in Cuba in the Bay of Pigs invasion, was unanimously elected president of the New York City Board of Education Wednesday night. He succeeds Max J. Rubin, who resigned last month for rea­ sons of health. Donovan, 47, wa* vice president of the bnnrd. VATICAN CITY (AP)-At a Vatican audience for pilgrims from many lands, Pope Paul VI has urged Catholics to prepare lor Christmas with prayer. "Pray," the Pope said Wednesday, "pray well...this advice, which is always valid, is even more appropriate now when we are preparing for Christmas..." NEW YORK (AP) — After n five-yenr absence, Helen Hayes is returning to Broadway lo star in "The White House Story," a drama about presidential families. A. E. llnlehner's script relates what are described as non- polilieal episodes beginning with George Washington and ending with the Theodore Roosevelt family. The production, announced Wednesday, is scheduled for a May 13 premiere. 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