The Iola Register from Iola, Kansas on March 31, 1927 · Page 1
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The Iola Register from Iola, Kansas · Page 1

Iola, Kansas
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Thursday, March 31, 1927
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The Al'efkly Hegiittfr., Th,«- lola p-ally R^'eist K.-<t)il>II«b«l JS'i; K.«u^bU9h<*<l llsy". ;IQLA. KAN., THU^DAy EVENJNGJ MARdf^Sl, 192^ lolal rvjily Revoril. unit lola Vitfty Ind^x. FOURTEEN PAGES In Ford Trial Reirister's Model Home, Comolete in Eve|*y Detail, Will Remaii^ Open Fr6m April 2 to. 10^Visiting: Hours Named. It is wit I genuine satisfact-ion the Register is able to Announce: the cprapletipn of the Home' Beautiful,—tlie ent prise to whicn it has given so nyich attention during? the p: four months and which has excited so, much interest tiu-ouj|h- out the town and county. The merchants w-hp are to gIVf<'>'^ : ihe-bulldlng ltd final 'hoinerllktj tuiicb^re busy with th«ir ln«talla-j , tionB today and tqinorr.ifw and at rwo o'clock on Saturday afttrJKXjn the Home will be> open for ili<- first time to public iiifipection. ^ It will be open. evprj|- day follo'wlpg from April 2 to Apfil 10 lucluHlif, from two to six Iii tlie uftenioun and from seven to iuiue iu the evening, and everybody-lb cordially , Invited, to jvislt and inispect it on one-Tlr moj-pj of tbf'.He.days witliin ttie hours liientloned. There is ab- =solutely BO ; limit to'tlUa invitation tor the more people who visit the Hoiiie the belter will thiise ri'si>iiii- [ sible for it, be; pleased. t RAIV HAMI'KRS WORK , OX (lOMK BKAITIFII, Visitor.4 at the llonif IJeaii- tlfiil willirfullrii.- that It|<- uii- precedended .siircc.fK!T)!i of ruliiy i\u'yt jiiHt bi-forn the •)pe('!lnB|bave put iliffiiiillicH In the .way i,f frnishiuK. the feU" remaluing bits of nuisidi- puitiUng which remuined to i>(> done when the date of tlii> openlii;: wa.s annouiired It l» to be. hoped they will b<.' tolerant..therefore, if it is not pos.siblelto hanx thn outside screens !until a day or two after the openinR. At l^a.-st ••iti«' gotid' suushiiiv <lii>' will bp necessary heforo this lau be donc- i;. Pipp, Hho htaritd the llfHrlMirn Inde|>enii^l fur Hearf Ford a few day* after the umtfHih -c in 191H and remained »K fditur until 1930, IM one.of fhe rmimrfahf wKnetts- es In lli« trial of the fl ,«0O,- (MMI liltel snit bntnttht Biraln «t th«- piiper hf Aaron fteplro. I'Ipp e.\|MTl «d to teMUy as to l'<frd*.s anII-SemltIc views. CARTllBLE Matter |3 Shrouddl jToday Withi Secretary-^adge iDoes Not Connect It With mmdn •Uar Suit. I «....... ........... Temporary Organization i,^ I Of I'oultry Association Is Completed—B. "The Hon>e BeanUfulV idea did not by any means ptiginate with the Register. It has he^n worked out in many towns, and alway.s with so much .success that the Kegister coveted it for Tola, seeing uo reason why it should not be put over here as satisfactorily, as iu other places. 6f coui'se in' order tjjal the enterprise should succeed the co-operation of a large number, jot jjeople.—carpenters, brick . layers, piiiinhers, electricians, dealers in every'variety of - , y-. T» • ' T\ •• • > < • ((ulIdMig material, niercbant.s and l-<Ong jKUn ISringS UeClSlOni'' the like—was necessary,- and the | function of the Register was sini- ; POULTRY MEN OF COUNH IN lOLA MEETING Iietroiti .Har. 31. (Ar)|— lnve«tl {rn(lon vt a |iosM (b|e ron- nectlon betncei^ an allrgrd attempt to hantf ; Henrt F«rd and the trial of the <ilJNI«.ilO» ilbel Kult asiilBfit him keiaiT made at the InttlgatloR lot the federal eonrt. Judge Fred M. Rnrmond , announred | today. ' ''There IH'DO need for «arh an Imefttlgation," he derlAired. - Detroit, Mar. 31. (AP)t-Hen- ry Ford continues to pAiiSrettii favorably, said a bulletin issued at the Henry Fold hospital at 2:30 this afternoon. BANK FAILDRiEi A. Ray to Be President. [>ly to secure this co-operation add perfect an organisation thrbugh|! which the work could be carried-j oil. This having, :been .done an < . executive coihmittee made up of the chief co-operatgirs did the rest . wUh tlitt result that all' visitors to The Home will see ,'for them- selve.H. The whole thought lirtiind The , Htune Beautifal. of coui'se, is edu-; cauonal. Every normal' family wanMi a home of its own, and it want*" that home to )»«» as artistic, .aa.Jtell arranged, as convejJlent, as haiidsoniely furnished and as p<>r- \k fecily equipped .IK It Is possible to procure within. Its means. The jurpose to Which -the executive . omiiiltiee of Th^- Home Heautlful !iet Itself, therefiire. was to build u hoiifMj that was archltecttirally torrevi, lii.slde nii'l out. Diat was suppllfil with' all the conveniences and labor saving devices wlil<'li niodern sc'It-nce niake.s prtti«(ble. that was taslefj[illy'decorai<'<l and (iropcrly painted and adequutelv . furnrshed. and yi-t was within' tin- limit of cost lircHcrlbcd by a inoil- t-raie IncoJne. { The committee lu- irontlnue<i on Page S. .\1<j, ;Biy Directors - To Close Doors. (jlrganization of a county poultry a.s.iociation was started last night Detiioit, .Mar. 31. (AP)—Henry' Ford; '^ci-ounted the wjorld'a richest ,min, lay today iiu Ills own (•great hospital recoverllig from In- I juries iielleved to be result of 'an attetupted assassination. Meanwhile private investigator^ sought to lift the veil of Sfrcrety that has ever surrounded the manufacturer's personal affairs jaml learn whether the drivers of the laige car that tori-tfti his small coupe from the road Suuday, night and sped away lea\ing hlni uuconscoius in the smashed machine did so deliberately or by accident. Neither the federal department of justice nor the Detroit police was working upon the case and the close secrecy whlih; sbrotuls every movement of Mr. Ford or his plans bad been clamped even tight- Hazing Fatkl To Bciy 7, i^t Sanes Sqhqbl ;l • '41- , •Mexico, Mo. March 31. (AP)—Ja^es hm, 7 year old scl^ool boy, non of: Mr. and Mr i. / )i hit Park^ died \at a hos x tal here, last nightlof blood poisoyiing caused hr injuries receivedia jnyijth ago when he was "hazed" by another student at the Sdrns school, 14 miles northeast qf ^en- tralia. i^j. . Ligaments toere torn, in the boy'.t arms land legs and d blood bursted- as the hazing, ' discovered. tions tcere performe^i i. MINSJEA a resutt of physicians Fit wa­ in the hospital sinc6 jt/ie boy was b'ought here two weeks ayo. I A corohtr's ; inquest will be held in the ChamlJer of Commerce i y^-""*""'"-'' roon.. at Memorial hall by a dozen '"^'^''"'''^ Topeka, Kans., .Mar. .11. (APt. The American State IJank.of Coffeyvllle today notified the .banking department that a run b}' depositors "made it necus- .sary to suspend, pending reorganization." ' •' "Send repre.sentative oX department at ^once," ,the bank t<»leKraphed lu Rot l«. Uuiie, state bank coihmissioiter. - P. V. .Miller. <hlcf bank examiner and iJale K. Ainsworih, a deputy 'exatnliier. were d<- »pat<h<-<l tn (.'offeyvlllp. pojiltry raisers of Allen" county wild braveil the elements to attend j (he meeting. ' Temporary officers elected were: B. A. Kay, president, and J. U. Taylor, secretary. A second meeting will be held April 13 at the Clianiber of Commerce rooms to' complete the ;>rganlzation. One of the principal activities of l)ie aK.s<i^ctB>i<^rU. Boy' E. (Jwin, county agent. ai:nounce<l will b« lhl^ promuiion.of a county poultry show caih yeiir. The first of these will'be held this winter, he said. In past years Allen has been one of the few cinnitles In this section of! Kansas to become known after it had been a closely guarded secret since Sunday night at S:30 o'clock. .N'o arrest ha:i been, made and none' is in sight, according, to Thomas C. Wilcox, head of the Detroit office o'f the federal; department'. of justice. H^ dMiied morning newspaper stories tha( his nietl had made uuitieroUH arrests ;andl that the prisoners were held i tinder secret charges. ' '"There has been no violation of federal law," he said. From tbe Ford organization there enmnated only such information as was wished published, and that coitsisted virtually entirely of brief hoiipltal btilletins. . Coiitlntied ,un Pago )i| No. 2.) CHINESE TEAR FLAG OF 0. S. FROM Incident Hajppens At U. S. Co^nsulate At Ohung king: Attack 0^ The French jConcession ; Is Described. Dirt to Hith IN KANSAS;|lHSSfRI lola Has Heavy ^lalnfall ! Shanghai, w And NeO^ho Riyer Goe$ Up. Shanghai, .Mar. 3ll (AP>— Chinese at Cliiitigklng. T>n the y'angtse river ;in SzecuWan province, have torn ^own .and destroyed the American' flag on the United State:j consulate. : i Ant^-Americanism tliere has grown to such proportions that the ."American" houses are beiijg chvsed and the • Americans ' are | concentrating near Id • watj-r front. The consul and vico ci>n.-;ul are reported to have t.-^ken up quarters on the KunUiat .Monocacy. ! \ • Anti-foreign fi'dingl still is high at .N'aiikiiig.i ami ij is dangerous for forei>;ner:f to ashore. Chinese. Hi<-sseiig»'r.s assert .N'ankiiij; j crowds hav^ threatened to shoot aiiy Brit­ isher who liands . The alisls have stufioned •on a hill there overloo river and trainecl their all foreign warsihiinj. It is stated here tliat a f'nitei! States marine ui'iali(>n| unit of six officers an>jl ' 101 ! men is enroute to Shang^iai fro'in C.uam ' on the t.-a!isj)ort (Jold j.Star. .Vationf artillery iiiig the gnus oii MINESTRIKE ISMI^ All Hope For Agreements Is Gone In District, Saysi ^ W. L. A. Johnson Of, Coal Operators Association. Kans A Jtllliou dollars wor^h dianiuudw and ;t ;oId Is .mrrvtv so much dirt to .Hajo» Alo\. under WIIIe«.\. The : | major, urrlvlnff rew-nlly in Lfis An- ireles for Ws first flinut<>e of .lAnifncnj has supieniseJ. the e.vtructJou of a bllUbn du|. I.-ir... wbrlh offrems and pie- ci 'iits metal from the Soulh Afrli-un niiue.s. Corfeyvllle, Kans.. Mar. .11. (APJ) Til* (losing of the Anieilcan Slate i iw' «»glnK u poultry show.. Ilaifk this morning was due prl- mailly to a "run" on the hank C. S. HI l.'l ' llosack of Cli.iniite spoke iiiKhiN (ii.-cHng. Hf^ dls- hlch has been In progress for sik 1 < u^s< •!. naring. handling and feed- onths. Th.' run has b.-.-n greatlv ! '•"''>' •"•"''••'s. H I: GIRL RESERVES NAME OFFICERS Vinita Smith New Head Of Organization At High School. The Girls Reserve of the senior liigh s<'hool held its induction cere- .|lmony for thf^ newly elected off|- 'vVrs this inorning at its regular •weekly meeting. The impressive • candle ceremony was used. The new officers: wfio took charge today are; president. Vinita Smith: vice-president. Frances CiJpening: secretar.v. Laura Benson: treasurer. : Kvelyn Harris: nioiitlis. Til.' run has b'-.-n greatl|y JHc.'ler.-it.-il tin- ir.isl two wtM-ki, here' being days early last week iiHonn- days this.week when as ch as $10.111111 would bo will|- drjiwn in a day. The bank was iiiiahle to sian|d lie strain. Ami despin.-fa, s the plan of the association to boost poultry raising in Allen county. At the meeting April 13, J. A. •McAilanis. poultry «xpert from K. S..A. ('. at .Manhattan, will adUresa j nii-nibiTs of the a.s.sociation. Rainfall la Idla In ten tonn totaled .three.fourths ojf an InrhL arrordiiifc to Instminents at the n'eather Bureau, jthat amobnt of rain {fell llii lolik be, Iween 7 o'clork this morning and' S ofclocfc jthlsj afternoon. The Neosho I'lrer weg^ up fwojfeet nlnellnehe*! between 8 o'clock this afternoon. The river, howrVer. Is | far] below the iwinf where It ifonid go oat of Its ; baBks. Weather reports show that JM inclie* ef rain felli betwvB !7 Vcl^k ;4 <er. "dt^jiaamiBfr nn^ 7 Vein.^ mornlBfr. j « I.,ondon, Mar. 31. '(.M^j)—An attack on the French conie.-;sion in from :the was de|to today's mob after Co k that it had $01,430.71 cash anil sight exchange ()n liaiol.s liiglit and .iriiited States boiii^s am] .Cof;s totaling! ! feyville school warrai I $14,0-18 more, th,- dir. THE WEATHER tors voted J j til close the bank teni|Jorarily an iiJake hercii!.-an ill'iirl to reo g^nize |a» a national bank. |IJegio|n Meeting Is Open To All Ex.Ser\ice Meh Monday night's ,meeting of th! Atnerican Legion' in tlie Legio: rooms iit .Memorial hall will b|e open to all ex-.service men. Harrtr Cook", post commander, announc ed today. of a smoker and Haxter n. .Mci- a short, talk. JThe prest- ilent tiren stepped forward aniil gave a short .cipeech ,in which she jtassed on her work to the new president anil then lighted the candle of the incoming president. . Outgoing officers were: tUadys Cortner. president: Margaret Shannon, vice-president; Hazel Troutwine, secretary: Vinita Smith, treasurer: Irene Melton, jirogram chairman: Beth Brinnon. social chairman: Isia Elder held her po- "sitlon In th^ new cabinet of ser^ " vice chairman; and the niK KANSAS-Mostljr clondy with |»rui>able showers In east ijorlion tunlirhl and Friday and in nest iHirtfon tonight: not much -change in temperature. ' ' K»K lOLA ASn VICINITY— <:ioudy with pnibable .'(howers to- liitrlit and Friday; not fainch chunge ; in temfterature. Temperatnre—Highest yesterday CI. at 7 p. in.: lowest last night 7<6 at ."> a. ni.; normal for today, fil: e.vcess yesterday "; excetts since .lanuary 1st, 328 degrees: this date last year—bluest 36; BITIONSOF SAPIRO BARED Clash With Senator Reed Comes Aftier Few Minutes. lowest The meeting will be in the ford, ! l^' o r. i..— ^^., ,. w .ending at t a, m. today, .94; total for this year to date. 6^0: excess noon tore- du<:e<l to sea level, 29.72 inches. Sun 0:09! a. m.; sets 6:44 l>. m. Churchill Oil Field J Hits High Mark Toda^ Wellington. Kans.. Mar. 31. (Api ! il!'"^ """^ V'tf-!''," ^'"f„ i The Chufcliill oil fiel.l. in easier, j , "' * T^'''^' "ichita. cloudy, pll \ Sumner-coiint.v. to-lav reached tbl Detroit, Mar. 31. (AP)—World wide coci|>eration of growers of staple products was the dream of Aaron Saplro, he testified today in his )l .UOO,gOO libel suit against Henry Ford; confined to a hospital as a'result of an automobile crash. \ clash with Senator James A. Reed of .Missouri, cbief Fbrd counsel, marked the first few minutes of cross examination. The senator was attempting to learn from Sapiro the Intricacies of cooperative marketing- organizations. A short answer from Saplro.lwho claims bis reputation was injured as an organizer of cooperatives, by articles In the Ford-owned Dearborn Independent, drew a protest from the attorney. "I am just trying to get this stralg-bt." he glared. "And 1 am trying to help you," was tlie sharp reply. Reed asked Saplro If he had not planned world wjde cooperative associations of wheat, apple. cut- Springfield,. Mo.' .Mar.' 31] Heavy rains Iii the viclul Springfield last night and todax<caused sllreams and la go over their bonks, and th s city today is expei]lenclng the liecond worst flood In Its history. . Jordan river, which runs thru the cc^ntral part of the dt;, and under the Frlwo freight s ation, bn>ke ot^t of its banks earl r this morning ,and - was causing c jnsld- erable iiroperty damaged The freight station Is not yet dai^aged. Tracks at the passenger station are one foot under water. ; | The high waters of the Jfordan river this morning wa» threatening to wash out the Frisco trac^ks in. the northeast part of the cltk-. Property damage will run into the tbonsands of dollars. ^ 0(her towns in this ylcijnlty exper enced heavy rains' but no seViqus property damage la reported. •' Miami, Okla., Has Heavy Rainfall Tliis Mojming Miami, Okla.. .Mar. 31. (AE)— The heaviest rain of the season; totaling 1.2 Inches la less than two i,hourS, fell here 1 this morning, swelling creeks in the zinc and lead field north of here to ;^4nger- ous proportions and threatejn^ng to interfere with mining operations. Heavy Rains Fall At Junction which is .'ijiar international settlement scribed iii a dispaicii Westminster Gazetie. The French' fired on a^ it had torn away" two li.rge gatcfi forming part of ttut sett eineiit defense, said the dispatch, and .soin»- ot the attacking party i re believed to have been killed. There are nearly fi.OOl) foreign residents in the French sfettlement All of them were described as anxious lest there bo another attack by the Chinese, aiid many were said to be seeking! refuge in the international settlemlent nearby. I An additional barrier of barbe<l wire Is report'ed to.have been erected t^e^ween the FTeuch and iiiter- natipnal settlements, as pan of a general strengthening . operation, j The corresi)ondenL of the Dally Kx- [ !Af^'> i press, says that the foreign atitb- >' (Of jorlJies in .Shanghai .ire welcoming early, the news that France " kes to ' • - RAIL yAtUES ON COSTS OF 1914, RULING Such Is Decision Reached By Interstate Commerce Commission In Meet At Washington Today. 3 City. -Mar. 21. KAP)—All possibltj bope for a new ' wagej scale agreement in the southwest; . em dLsirict. comprising" Oklahoma, .Missouri, Kansas and Arkanaaa,fi^ has be^n abandoned, AV. L. A. Jolm^soil, general commis4ioner Of ithe-^ Southwestern Interstate Coal Opr . erators' Association, .announced to- . day. ' • - P^"^ Johnson's announc'ement - was- made following the resumption oC a cjiufcrence here tbrlay between operators and ii>in«»r8 in an effort to arrive at an agreement. Last efforts-were being coutiaued, how- . ever, he safd, on the meager possi--'';^ billty of a last uiiuute agreement]; The -present " three-year," wage contract expires at midnlgl)t to-i^ night. I . ' I. . Between 30,000 and 35,00(1 mlMC'ri ers in the district would be affect-i'l ed by a. work su.speustoii ezpected| to be issued tomorrow. Conflicting Reports, On Number Involved 1-— - .. • Chicago, -Mar. 31. (.A.P)—ConflIct-;i;i| ing reports of the extent of •tbe;'-;4g mining shutdown in' the central!:! competitive field came today frojaal - ^ operators and miners officials as[ tne iiiidnight zero hour expired^ ot the Jacksonville wage agreement . fj approached. • Catilon- e.vpi-ctd a da^- or ton and potato growers. The wit- ' Mlea in a succession of Junction City. Kans.. Mdr. 31. 'AP)—An inch and a half 'fif rain hard City highest production in the histor.j of the pool, when the total witbiij the last 'H hours was 16.490 bar rels. This is nearly l .OOO' barreli high"r than on any previous day The |VViles No. 2 test, in the area present ; is-.showiiiK oiltod.-tv at 1.690 f. publicity chairman. Elizabeth Han-j f^4'" *'ray forniattmi. lictwcn th kins, will bold her office until a nfW chairman is elected. tipper Hoover lii.ri,>.on and Ijlie Stal ker .«aiid. sville Athlete Fatally Wounded? Hays. Kans.. Mar. .11. (API— William J. Bedard, 20-yp3r-oid cqp- t.Mn of (he ^Plalfivllle, ftans.. high ec)ibo1 football tejxm. Was found Vrobtfbly fatally ^Hounded early to- dav On- a road, a short distance north of Plainvlllei Physicians said he ctjuld not live through the day. Bei ard was shotUhree times, one bijUiet penetrating;the skull above tic right ear. Another bullet ijlorced his cheek and the third Krazcd-" his chto. There were no powder bums jon his face and no Weapon wa^ found.- i He was found unconscious in his motorrrar M^lie side ot the road by Wm, 0'Url;'n, a farmer, who ol talned aid and br(iu>;ht bini to hospital hen'. .\rl1iur Bedard. the youth's fol ther, said be, bad no enemies si fiir as known,: WlUiam spent last evening the home of :a girl, leaving ahou' 10:.30 o'clock", jpresnmably,for homtj. He was found about 1 o'i^lock tbi morning. He was capbin of the 192C Plain vilje high school football tean which was UBjdefeated last fall, knt was re-elected captain for l!»2". He also was ifaptaln of the schtwl'^ basketbali 3eAm. < PUPILS IN HIGH SCHOOL REB$ Entire Superior Central School Group Walks Out Today. SviM-rlor, Wis., March 31. (API — The ••ntir.' simlent body of (he Su- pirijir central high school went on strike UMlay in sniiport of a de- ;iiand that a dismissed teacher be relnsliifed. Krojrts of i'rincipal C, (i. Wade lo br<':ik the .walkout'through the siiH|i>'ijsion of two leaders failed. (Several hundred students attended | -jan assembly hall meeting at which] iJ. pleas w.!re made that they go bsU:k jio thelTi desks, but all remained ajt i away from fheir classes. j Viola Wick and Dennis McGlnty. Ithe two suspended leaders, assert- eil tiiat the strike would continue until (heir demands that Miss Lulu J. Dickson, English teacher, be reinstated are given a hearing by the school board. She was dismissed upon the contention she had be ^n too criUcal of school system meUi- oda. ness .said he would not go so ^ar as to say-that be had planned them but he certainly' bad hoped for them. I — Senator Reed traced Saplro's cooperative work through • Kansas, Texas, Oklahoma, Colorado and .Vebraska: dwelling on fees and the natnre of speeches piade. "Vpu attempted to impress these people with the advantages of these asaociations," the defense attorney asked. "(Certainly." replied Saplro. The wltness^ fiald he had. been paid liofiO for worit among th» Colorado wheat growers. shower.i here since- midnight. Sumner County Gets Four Days Qf I^ins AVelllngton. Kans., Mar., 31.1 (AP) For the fdurth cohsecutivej day it is raining in ^umnei^ couiit steady fall taas| continued Mnce 7 .Mon- been Less o'clock this morning. Pinci?" day the total precipitation hatj slightly over twio inchesj traveled bighwsiys bver tbejdounty are in bad condition. Spring gardening and far^n Work arif jbeliig held up bv the jwej' weathei^. You re Invited You are ifivited to attend the openingr of tKe Rejgi.s- ter'.s Home BWutiful. j The Register hope.s you will accept this invitation aind that every person in this i»ection will make ajvisit tojtjhe home during vi.siting hours. i i ' The Home Beautiful will be open to the public beginning Saturday afternoon from 2 to 6 o'clock in the afternoon and from 7 to; 9 o'clock at night. Open hous^ V ill continue through Sunday, April 10. I Every man, woman and child in the county caii lea rn .something new in the making of a home by visiting t le Home Beautiful. \\ . The Register} trusts you will be its guests sometine within the tea period during which it jWiU be opcru l.'i ."endiiiK reinforcements. i That K'ugene Chen, the eso foreign minister, is to arrive in: Shanghai in so t<j demand the surn'nder of' tlif International ami .Freii<!ii settlements there! is rejmrtfd la a dispatch to the Daily :.I:iil. \ lis i or- respoudent. Sir Pcrcival! I'hillips. sa.vs that sininltaneoH.4ly with Chen's arrival, iti expi?cted the Cantonese will set jn motion widespread propasranda with! the object of counteracting last we.ek's disorders at .N'anking. ' William Prohmei, head qf the Nationalist press bureau, described as the chief Natoiiulst pijopagand- ist, Is already in Sbanghali to pave the way for Chen. As for. the Nanking di.sonlfrs. the followers of (.^hen in iSlianghai are represented as indicatii»g ' he wilL make no apology, htit only a general JixpTe.ssioii of regret. The government, t.he Daily Mail's dispatch Quotes Chen^s friends as sayingi will offer, to make a complete investigation into the Nanking affair, punishing Nationalist soldiers \ if jtheir guilt is established to the government's Washington, March 31j (APi— Railroad valuations determined by (he Interstate Commerce j Coiiiiius- sion will be l^sed largely UIMJU price levels for and supplies which prevailed in 1^14 rather than upon the higher price basis of later years, a majority ori the commission decided today in jdisposlng of a test case presented in behalf of all railroads of the country. Cndcr the df<-ision, to Which four coiiinii.ssion members con)j;lelely. total railroad lli;un'S will 1)1' much' les>^ total for which railroad.' Ohio Miners—Operators J Meet Set For April 7: Toledo. Ohio. March 31. ,(AP)—: i| Ohio coal operators in session here, ; | today iftvited accredited represent-: . =3_ aiiv-es of the miaers' union to meet! the'ni inCoiumbiis April 7 to ne-i gotiate a" neW wage scale. ; ' COALSIRTKE Central Field Confererice ^ Is Without Agreement At Noon. 31-. (AP)—Last dissented jiard, valuation hour attempts of miners' offlciala than the 'o Inter.-st coal operators of tba iontend j'""""""' competitiv,' tielS In wage with consequent effort j.pon the' wh'ch would, defer to- general level of freight 'rates and""'"^ allied problems held. ill the railroad I HEARING SOON ON RATE HIKE Clyde Reed Asks Attendance of Business Men of Southeasi Kansas. bry other Kansas Allen county and ev county in lliis section «i should have> bu.siness leailers, traffic managers, secretaries of Chambers of Commerce and otl ers interested in traffic matters at the Western Trunk Line class rate investigation hearing which opens i in Kansas City April T, according ,1- to information received here from satisfaction, and idemnliving the d^.^^ n ^e^ Parson,s.| attorney victims. Southeast'Kansas, .Inc. The British polH-y m ClUna. ac- jj^^.j figures that presentation cording to the diplomatic corres- „f testimony from Southeast Kan- pondent of the Westminster Ga- sa.^ Inc., will require bnb full day ze<i.e. is soon to undei^po an impor- the hearings and will come tant developmentj Meanwhile the somewhere around April'^° - "' government has under advisement; ..^ c-jise ot this ' demands to be placed before the Cantonese government, including mag more or less uncertain asi ule, but this is our l) at this time," Reed wri He points out that ii important that business the hine counties in ight's suspension of union soft coal mining had failed at noon today to elicit'any favorable response by op.Tators. " Midnight tonight, when tbe last renewal of the Jacksonville wage scale of war time wages,! will expire, would see tbe end qf unioa mining for about laO.OOO minjera, operators predicted, until-mfners' official.^ change their "no reduction" attitutlp. . — Miners overtures'in Ohio, asking operators to meet in a wage conference today to stave oft suspension was regarded by-Ohio operators as "having no significance la- asmnch as it was based on:Contin- i " uance of the present scale." A Sim- { '. liar invitation by Illinois iftiners' '. oftlcials was announced by President Harry Fish wick of the miners, who said he did not expect asf ! answer until "next week."-'j seemed to close the door On thfr'f'*^ possibility of forestalling tonight's suspension. I ~ I- Miners in each( state clalnied some mines woul^ continue in op-: eratJon but operator's officials discounted tbe4r figures and said It would be next Tuesday beforeany- jthing- definite could be said of the inuraber of operators^ electing-to Continue paying the Jacksonyille Ijscale. • c ' 1 ConditioBs in Indiana and Penn- isylvania, the two - other states'^ ini j the central coinpetit"ive field, and men fToiii' southwestern field, where be- 'Southeast i t^^'ewi; 30.000 and 35.000 miners in IS or lit. nitnde is to sclied- judgineiit es. is highly reparations or compensjition ,'for the Nanking disoniers. Negotiations with Washington and Tokyo tending toward ijofnt representa-, _ _ . tions to the Cantonese governmenti Kansas. Inc..' should attend! " He jOklahoma, Kansas and are looked for next. . I riguriwi that ther<; s^ouid( ' j "ill business men there, gests at least five from each county; Efforts will be made to SIX KILLED IN ^4 be 4(1 or '^••''S""'"'' w'ere expected to quit. send rep- «w||Ti^|l 4"«T ' res.-ntatives from this ciiuuty, ac- llANKlilll rKA i i''"'''''"'^ .Dors.[y.> secre- iirUVllAllU 1 lU&l i tary of th^ Chamber of Commerce. D<irsey hopes to have additional information on the meeting soon. He declared today that ^t Is highly important that Allen county s<^nrl repnsentallves. u| is poln*- eil out that the railroads are at- t<-nipiin;r to hav<» the freight rates Itik.-ii. WIIIIH Southeast! Kansas. Fifteen Chinee Wounded, Is Cantonese' Kepbrt. Shanghai, Mar. 31. (APi—The^ Chlll^^8e'casualtlfsi from the .Anclo- American bombarilment of SIM ony ; hill,; .Nanking.! Thursday were j estlPiated by the; Cant<mese com- j mander. Chang | Kai-Shek, in a j statement today as six killed and fifteen wounded, iwlth tbe majority of tjhe victimsi civilians. From, forty to (fifty houses were de-i strpyed. . Chang ejnpha.sizpd that a fiill and accurate I'eport Was not yet avali- Hjile and that these, figures were subject to revision. (.•nils is the fijrtst dennite estimate of the nnmtier of i Chinese casualties from Tltiirsday'.* shelling, which was 'indertaken to protect Americans and ot ler foreijsners on Socony hill who ' cere meiiaced by soldiers in Can onese liniforms. Fantastic figures to tbel number ot ca ;si>alties have been dissemiiiat- -(Ooiitiaaed oa ljaga ;8, ^{0. 1.) were without change. In Iowa which is outside the central flelj. Governor Hammill and President " George Heaps of the Iowa Coal Operator? Association^ arranged a con- i ference to discuss ppssibilitlea of preventing tlie shutdown. In that.' state. Government To Keep p Off In Coal Strike Wa.'fhington, Mar. 31: <AP)— The eve of an expected : widespread 11. . feels the rsrtes at piesent art- 1 shutdown In the soft coal^mlnlnjT'M oo h:>;h. (Continued on Pag© 8. No. 3.) Poor Little Rich Indian Girl O. K.? .Muskogee. Okla., .March 31. (AP) —Positive identification c(f the man whc» l4st "was spjpn with VliUie Na- harkey. missing Indian, h M 'ress, before she disappeared from her home last Saturday; was made by friends and investigatots here late last night. . \ "Millie will be home today," he Is said, to have promised' > his morning. Tbe inaii» whose- name) was : not divulged, admitted he took the glri away. At first he denied ..he knew ~ J anything about her. but when cbh- i^l fronted with four persons who aa^d he was the man who called to see ?-.^r her last Friday and again on ,Sat- i '% ,urday, it was said he changed bls :.i story and said he knew ^here she i was. . ^ . • ' He was not placed under arr <|stL - fm so far af: eoold be leanied.ilmi'Jhf (^*i|[g being tept Juifler flomfflitt^

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