Carrol Daily Times Herald from Carroll, Iowa on October 19, 1959 · Page 6
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Carrol Daily Times Herald from Carroll, Iowa · Page 6

Carroll, Iowa
Issue Date:
Monday, October 19, 1959
Page 6
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Junior Editors Quit on WINDOWS SWEETIE PIE QUESTION: Where arc glass? used in place of Window ANSWER: When men first began building houses, they were faced with a big problem. If they left a hole in the wall to let in light, the wind, rain and cold would come in, too. If they closed j up the hole, they wouldn't get any light. The first solution to the problem was to mask the window opening with cloth or mica. This let in the light but people could not see through them. About the time of the Roman Empire two thousand years ago, people began using glass in their windows. But in the Philippine Islands the problem was solved in a different way. There is a thin, flat scashell found there that is so thin and transparent that you can read a newspaper through it. People of the island use them in place of glass in their windows. FOR YOU TO DO: Here is a picture of a Moro boy in the Philippines making a window of seashells for his home. Color the picture. The bamboo walls of the house are light brown and the boy's clothing is dark. (Janice Sui of Honolulu wins $10 for this question. Send your question on a postcard to Violet Moore Higgins, AP Newsfeatures, in care of this newspaper. If duplicate questions are received, Mrs. Higgins will select the winner.) CARNIVAL By Dick Turner 'm sorry I haven't got my homework done, Mr. Grimsley, but our phone's out of order!" SIDE GLANCES By Gdlbraith "I'm lunching with my wife, so I'll grab a sandwich first. She thinks all I eat at noon is a bowl of rabbit food!" BOOTS AND HER BUDDIES By Nadine Seltzer "Well, that's one way of trimming a hedge!" TIZZY By Kate Osann by NEA Service, In T.M. Re s . U.S. Pat. OK. "I think you're very narrow-minded—all your ever think about is world affairs!" Medley Answer to Previous Puzzle ACROSS 1 Penny 7 Fixed looks 13 Pantry 14 Formal show 15 Small space 16 Kettle tripod 17 Born 18 East in Paris 20 Adolescent years 21 Everlasting 23 Go 26 Auricle 27 Philippine peasant 30 Tuscany river 31 Adder 32 Curve 33 Small weight 34 Way (ab.) 35 Inner (comb, form) 36 Letter 37 State (ab.) 38KJenusof geese 39 Gobi and Sahara 41 Milk whey 44 Toper 45 Feminine appellation 48 Musical instruments 50 Seal-hunting mariner 52 Short aria (var.) 53 Respect 54 Made rigid oh teeth 9 Gazelle 10 Rant 11 Paradise 12 Hardens 55 Western battle 19 Horses DOWN 1 Wolfhound 2 Uncommon 3 Indian 4 Bustle 5 Take out 6 Obliterate 7 Seaport (ab.) 8 Incrustation 21 Bacchic cry 22 Neck back 23 Halt 24 Goddess 25 Emmets 27 Number (pi.) 28 Poker stake 29 Smell • 31 Aphrodite's lover 32Jonson and Franklin 37 Reduce in grade 38 Authenticate 39 Sand hills 40 Flowers 41 Petty quarrel 42 Ireland 43 Precipitation 45 Nautical term 46 Forest creature 47 Weapons 49 Sorrowful 51 Dined Davey Has an Idea BY EDGAR MARTIN ?ov TOUP I CCAiU? fcE OKte. GOT OUT OUR WAY 9? j. ir. WE HAP SOME T I'LL PAY YOLl SUITE A SPELL / WELL FOR BACK, BUT I \ JUST EWOU6H CAN'T 'MEMBER L TO SET US IF WE USEF OH, PAW, THERE'S SOME MORE CAMS AMP BOTTLES DOWMIMTH' CELLAR/ BORM THIRTV YEARS TOO SOOM BOARDING HOUSE . . . with . . . MAJOR HOOPLtt 1 KNE\M THAT A MAM <3F VOJR CULTURAL ATTAINMENTS WOULD E^OVMY^ER.AM PRESENTATION OF TMlS 50N6,M«.MOZART/MErt- eH.'-^SlNCE VOU'R&A DI5TAMT KINSMAN!Of BELOVED NEI6H00P?,HARVEY BARTER, I'LL. LET VOO HAME IT FOP A Tf2lPU1rJ6 *5,OOO/ UM-HAK/—-WE -RXB* SUM 15 DEEDED/ TO 6N& YOJ CLEAR TlT ^fL /&: Q o l^=~. ^ w "\ H &2M& ooot (S/UTOP NEIGHBOR- LlNESS, HE TOOK IT= «5 1 «§ 4 Jgl t^tj NCAJUnit*. jne. T.M. Bt f , U.fc, Pij. L 0ff,j X w BUGS BUNNY Big Target I BETTER STRAIGHTEN UP TH 1 JOINT. BEFORE PETUNIA GETS BACK I HMM... ' PRISCILLA'S POP Cornered BY AL VERMEER (TOLD > YOU V ABOUT RUNNING IN THE HOUSE ii -/WHAT'S HAPPENED r'&crr 1 PICKED UP FOR •SPEEDING ii j ALLEY OOP Giving Chase BY V. T. HAMLIM >m I TOLPJUH THEVP COME RUNMIN' WHEN THEY FOUND VOU'D TURNED / FINE.' PINNY 'LOOSE WHILE THEY WERE ( LET 'EM GAWKIK1' AT ME WMJ4N' AROUNP' 1 COME... IN THIS MEPICINE- RIG ...IF THEY'LL FOLLOW US FAR/ IT WON'T \.THEY \V0N'T RISK GET- ENOUGH, WE CAN CIRCLE / WDRK, OCO1A.. BACK ANP LIBERATE OUR ITS TOO LATE PEOPLE BEFORE THEY KNOW\ IN ' WHAT5 HAPPENED.' IN TH 1 JUNGLE AFTER /;' MORTY MEEKLE Crash Program BY DICK CAVALLI KEEP GOING <5TRAI6Hr DOWN ^SYCAMORE TILL YOU COME TO A NEWLY PAINTED RED HOU5E WITH WHITE <3HUTTER<3 ANP A NEATLY TRIMMED LAWN.THAT'LL WHY'D YOU TELL HER ALL THAT? OUR PLACE DOESN'T" LOOK LIKE THAT. TOMORROW NIGHT, THEN, LUCILLE. IT WILL BY \ TOMORROW J NIGHT/ J i I CAVAUJ © 1SI59 by NEA Servlci, I™. T.M. Ri c . U.S. P»l. off. FRECKLES AND HER FRIENDS Enjoying Himself BY MERRILL BLOSSER IS MK.-WILSOM DOWN AT THE -DO WE HAVE TOLJE. PERMISSION] TO QVE LARD A eooDHARD SHAKING? -._-^*- W-HAS HE DONE 'SOMETHIM6 PRETTr BAD? , 'S FALLEN ASLEEP/ THE STORY OF MARTHA WAYNE Look Alikes BY WILSON SCRUGGS YOU CAM DROP OVER AUY SUPPOSE I COULD Y IME / MKS - NUVS • OFCOUKE,, MEET THIS BEAUTIFUL) BILLY DOESN'T GET HOME *CHILD? , S FROM SCHOOL TILL ABOUT ...STOPS BY HIS MOTHER'S 5HOF FIKST, HIS WALK, HISCOLOKlMCT-i ,. -3 ^5^4, A ICAU'T 6ETOVEK IT/ BILLY WAYHE IS THE VERY IMA6E OP MY CHRISTOPHER/ HE WAS JUST ABOUT BILLY'S AGE WHEN- CAPTAIN EASY Worried BY LESLIE TURNER ^^^^^S^m^R THE\ WITHOUT HELP! FRANKLY, I DCHd'T POLICE DCN'T>CJ=!][HER...YET! BUT SOMEONE PIP! m I A i i W -vi n tn - i ^u a _ _^* ACTUALLY THINK I OPENED THAT SAFE, EA6Y! KEftLLY OUB5TIOM YOUR ALIBI IF THEY KNEW THAT PAW THOUOHT SURE SHE SAW YOU IW TOWN) AT NOONl THE ONLY TIWE ROHATCH WASN'T W 5ICHT O'HIS SAFE WA5 WHEN HE 5TEPPEP OUT FOR A QUICK LUNCH tifUF r W ^f lN iy, E ' y, 01 * 6 YOUK WITNE5SE EASY1 I CAN PROVE;CAN BE SPECIFIC ABOLJ THAT IN COgHAlAL/TIWE! LET'5 RUN OVER AN SC-~\ f'NP OUT EARLS TOfAOKnC ^ V YOUR LIE DETECTOR TE' ISN'T TILL NOON ^ •m' -d v •JK.-¥ p£&C« '^«

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