Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois on April 13, 1961 · Page 26
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Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois · Page 26

Alton, Illinois
Issue Date:
Thursday, April 13, 1961
Page 26
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Page 26 article text (OCR)

THURSDAY, APRIL liy i«Bi ALTON EVENING TELEGRAPH Hospital Notes , Jeriiy. j ^_. I. Natwy Schwab, Mrs. Kermtth fiigmen, ,**frs7Mary Meeia tWtmxm, - Prank PowfUiJj rs. , Kenneth Marshall, MoCow, WSOKKL Eugenft H. Cram, * :bl Mrs. Mwy Qttu Leonarfl son Marl* J. Johnson, 198 Bast Alton V. Wright, 520 Ander- nm Ruffln, 2640 Moow ,,,..iam E. Briley. 3138 State M«. Mary Men Qaltfwr, 1813 Rodemeyer SURGICAL August L. Sfglock, Oratton Charles J. Curran, Moro Charles A. Breitwiter, Shipman Mrs. Edna H. Cornish, 1124 "Harrison DISMISSALS Sanford Alexander, Jersey. vllle Mrs. Thelraa Baltotd, South Roxana Mrs. Aim Blasa, 257 Penning, Wood River Miss Collean Cobb, South Roxana Enrol Fischer, Rt. 1, Godfrey Mrs. Kathryn Grosshelm, Fairmount Addition Mrs. Bernioe Kelly, Plainview Mrs. Roberta Lee, Godfrey Roger Scroggins, Bunker Hill Mrs. Lou Ann Seger, 427 George Mrs. Bonnie J. Wolfe, 3221 Donnelly Miss Cecelia Zirkelbach. Rt. 1, Brighton Rufus Woods, South Roxana ALTON MEMORIAL MEDICAL _ Mrs. Doris Watkins, 2O Henry Miss Hulda Rathmeier, Edwardsville Mrs. Dorothy Stuffelbeam, Wood River Mrs. Martha Dunstron, 2550 Union School Rd. * Pete Coorabes, Godfrey Mrs. Vesta Fenity, White Hall Floyd Lowe, 2615 Plainview SURGICAL, Leonard Steffens, St. Louis Mrs. Mary Sue Elliott, Cottage Hills Louis Carter, East Alton Mrs. Barbara England, Hartford William Schlemer, Edwardsville William Fulkerson, East Alton Mrs. Marilyn Overby, Edwardsville Willard Burch, Godfrey Leroy Korte, 536 E. 6th Mrs. Nancy Schwab, Winchester Mrs. Nellie Logan, 3006 N. Humbert Rd. DISMISSALS Mrs. Ruth Schaefer, 2407 Brown Mrs. Ethel Howard, 1801 Market Diana Moser, 313 Allen Steven Jackson, East Alton , Mrs. Maxine Westbrook, 2525 Randolph Mrs. Martha Short, 2404A E. Broadway Mrs. Addie Heydorf, Wood River Robert Darr, Carrollton Vickie Durbin, Shipman John Creeling, Godfrey Kristy Eardley, East Alton Mrs. Edna Nickell, 313 E. 9th Mrs. Lois Knottnerus, 2713 Walnut Mrs. Emma Fatten, Medora Mrs. Martha Ohm, Hamel £ Frank Dlckerson, Roxana * Susan Jane Hamlin, Edwards- S vllle ^ * ST. ANTHONY'S £ MEDICAL f Ignacz Markovitch, 120 E. k Penning, Wood River * Charles Patton, 3506 Oscar * Miss Vera Deerhake, Godfrey '• DISMISSALS * Michael Palen, Godfrey ; Henry Gansz, Cottage Hills -. Henry Broeckler, Jump River, Wis. * Mrs. Gloria Rister, 1919 Bur- Jling « Mrs. Margaret Mooney, 1908 I Liberty * Thomas Retzer, Jerseyville ; W. R. TOWNSHIP MEDICAL S Mrs. Ha R. Jennings, 803 Lo- »rena * WiUiam W. Tucker, 65 Carit stens i Miss Thelma L. Cameron, * Cottage Hills ' Leon P. Anslyn, 417 Church, East Alton DISMISSALS 1 Hope E. Waddelow, Mulberry •Grove * Carla S, Wilson, 1027 Old Oak * Road, East Alton , Mrs. Gertrud M. Largen. 128 *E. St. Louis Ave., East Alton i Mrs. June R. Ottwell, 102 12th » Paul A. Lovelace, 231 Fergu- ftOR * Roy Martin, 329 Elbe ? Pamela ft Klmetha Groy> 818 .Picker Start New Furnace At Granite City Steel GRANITE CITY, 111. (AP> ~ A new blast furnace high as an 18- story building will go into operation Friday at the Granite City Steel Co. The firm said it is tiye only turofice yhy^mlfd to to nit into nroduction this year In llflllltesj, Yto fttimmtai a hear* » lMt in Hamrlfr PHTflMf* oJ MM tow ol Pi( lion a UJJ, Triton «- to* swift. tsj|p m najsje trow • algn IB ^f / too. the QiwA «id e| ttw SM tfeftontfy UKOi Mil. CUT AND LOOT Wife C4efc 70 SCATTER RUG «*? 1 100% VltMie Hare* Yew. *»-Jhr«iilt. tewiftrtt* Wsrttele SWIFT'S SWEET RASHER SLICED BACON Rolled Pork Roast 49 M IKw fto*tf 50 FREE EAGLE STAMPS WITH THIS COUPON And • tt-SO purchaw or more •xcludlof ^^ tobacco* or el«ftrette« Redeemable at Your National Food Stor» Offer Exptre* Suturtay NH«. April tstb ThU coupofn Ii Inued for your u«e and txettanf* In National rood Stores Only and remain* th» property of National Tea Company The only right you acquire in thlt coupon Is to exchange U for Bagte Stampi at the time you make a purchase at your National Pood Store. You mutt not dttpo*e M thte coupon or uae It In any othar w*y without mtr oonsent lo writing. LIMIT ONK COUPON TO A CUSTOMER P I BUSH'S BEST SALE! Pork and Beans Northern BMIM Kidney Boans Navy Beans Hominy Spaghetti Mexican Bean* Red Beans Showboat Blackeye Peas YOUR CHOICE 300 Can 10 •USMf IBT BUTTM BEANS BUSH'S BIST WHOLE CRUN BEANS 4 CHIPfON — FOR DISHES DIAL SOAP 2—100 Caw 15« 4—303 Ca^i >»• ', 22-Ot. Slxe 58e 2 Bath Bars 34« WHti Se Coupon Mailed To Your Home. Don't Forget To Infer the "Predler Tha Oaear Winnan" Sweaaerafcaf. REDEEM THIS COUPON FOR 25 FREE EAGLE STAMPS WHEN YOU PURCHASE A 10 POUND BOX ARROW CHARCOAL BRIQUETTES only 65e RodaamabU At Any Nation*) Food Srora Offar fnpiras Saturday Hire. April 15th HXTRA SAVING WITH KAGLt STAMPS! 100% Pura VcfttatMl, Sc Off SPRY SHORTENING •Illibury Buttermilk Dellcete Nature) Flavor, All Sweat MARGARINE Helve* or Sliced 3-u. CM * Daodorltes /^ REG. O ^Pft PRAISE SOAP 2 »" s Z/° It Deodorim /•% BATH O f\f PRAISE SOAP 2 •" 39 C 88 PANCAKE MIX » 37° 2 » 57° •taJ W / BITS PEACBES 2 «^ 61 e PliSORY FLOUR & 55° 9m SsmrJe lilies win, QT. f\f\n JOHNSONS BIO-COAT & 89' YOU JUST CAN'T BCAT THAT NATIONAL MEA Got From U. S, Cov't, Intptettd Corn*Pfd Pork! 4 To 8-Lb. Avtragt. 95% Bontltst PORK BUTTS LIAN, ALL CINTIR CUTf-.TNIVM OILICtOUS IRIAOID PORK STEAKS Lb. U. S. COVT. INJMCTIO, MIM-PMSH FRYER PARTS VALUES! legs & Thighs ^ Chicken Breast "55 FRYER WINGS FRYER BACKS FRYER LIVERS Ib. 29c Ib. 12c Ib. 79e Jl/ST CAN'T FIND FINER, FRESHER PRODUCE SNAPPING-FRESH, POLE VARIETY GREEN BEANS 1C Id. 19 •rath. Tender, Florida Egg Plant Maw Crop! Valencia Calif. Oranges ooz 10* 49 Garden-Fresh Salad Fixin'f Firm, Red-Ripe Salad Tomatoes Freth Crisp Botton Head Lettuce Long Green 'rash Cucumbers «• UCH , Uw In Pascal Celery *"» 10 10 12 POTTED GERANIUMS HARDY PLANTS READY TO BLOOM IN 3 INCH POT 00 EACH 39* With Coupon Below NATCO CERTIFIED U. S. GRADE A FRESH MEDIUM EGGS Doz. NATCO COFFEE CHUNK TUNA CANE SUGAR DRIP OR 1-LB. REGULAR GRINDS CAN 59 CARNATION BRAND 00 C&H PURE Natco, In Decantw Tumbler, Creamy PEANUT BUTTER $ 1 'NATIONAL 3 9-OZ. SIZE Niteo Certified GRADE A FRESH MEDIUM ECCS With This Coupon 2 DOZ. And a $1.50 Purefcaea ar Mere ftadaamable At Any NaMeMaJ Feee* Store OHe> («eira* Jatvrdt*. AeHI !5th gXfRA SAVINO WITH IAGLI STAMPS! 10 * 99 Ida Cold Frown FRENCH FRIES CRINKLE CUT FRENCH FRIES OR HASH BROWNS 2-LB. PKG. 39 RfDilM YOUR LIVIR BROS. COUPONS AT NATIONAL.! CONDINSID ALL Wrrh la Cewpa* MeUad Ta Yoyr CONDENSED ALL WR% Ic C«u»on Mailad Ta Yew FLUFFY "ALL* , With Ic C«WB»a M«ll«d Ta Ye.» LIQUID "ALL" With Ic feiif** Mailad Ta Yam GET SPECIAL IEVER COUPON BRANDS HERE ...and mail entry blank for Lever's RIOIIM YOUR LIVIR •ROS. COUPONS AT NATIONAll LUX LIQUID WMh S* C«upe. M»ile4 Te Yew IUX UQUI&-WI* Sf Re|. Wif. ilc Heine Iv lever Brae. 10-lb. Pkg. $2.21 Heave iv lever Broe. 3-Lb. Sis* 7U Heave By lever Brae. qt. can 65c Heave By lever Bra*. 12-0». Sue 32* By Iswer Bio». MeiM Tt Yrar LUX LIQUID Wit* Sc Ceuaoa MaiM Te Veur HANDY ANDY With 7c Ceupee MelM Te Yew HANDY ANDY With 7< Ceweeai W»ile4 fe Yeur LIFIBUOY Wit. 5« Ceeiwai Mailee* Te Yw LIPEIUOY Wit* S* C»«p-a M«iM Te Yew H^SM ly LeWfff IftB. King SIM 82c Meeie ly Ur»e« Irei. Pint Btl, 32« Heaxe ly Uver Itaa. Qt. IH. 62e Hoaa« ly Wve> Ire*. 2 l«rti Bars 26e Heaie ly lever Irei. 2 Mf. Bin 18c Heaie ly tcvei 22-Of. SiM 5I« Wieners Ml. WO. ' AmtHcM Sunrtee. By Tin ffese Lirje Bologna U. 4* 39* •. 1 Cwt. Imtetted, ••** Ctwto A ^sfll Fresh Roasters *-. u 39 Canyon CltMt Dried Beef 4-OZ. PKG. 35 SAL7ID SEASON LAWN AND GARDEN SUPPLIES AT MOST NATIONAL STORES Viforo, Peat, Peat Moss, Rid, Grass Seed, Rose Bushes* Pecan SheHs, Nu-Turf Combo, End-0-Pest And End-O-Weed NATCO PURE STRAWBERRY PRESERVES REDEEM THIS COUPON FOR 50 FREE EAGLE STAMPS WHEN YOU PURCHASE A TWIN-PACK OF SO GOOD POTATO CHIPS Redeemable At Any National Food Srora Offer Expires Saturday Nlta, April 1 5th EXTRA SAVING WITH EAGLE STAMPS! With Ulrr«-Violet Whirener GIANT OOfi SURF DETERGENT "«• OO C Cannon Premium In Each Pkg. ^^ REG. f^ •^\| BREEZE DETERGENT 2 "«*• D9 Cannon Premium In Each Pkg. f^ R£({. A\ ^\ SILVER DUST BLOE 2 "» 69 Blue Laundry Detergent WISK Wonderful Mild QUART CAN 22-01. SIZE SWAN LIQUID "« 63 e for Electric Oishwashars REG. A §B* || DISHWASHER "ALL" "» 45* Tha Soap of Hollywood Star* £•% R£(J. ^ ^\H LUX SOAP 3 •« 29' 9 Out of 10 Hollywood Stan U«e ^ BATM A/^H IDX SOAP 2 •" 29' ALTON SHOP AT 510 DELMAR AVE. • 1S62 E. BROADWAY IN WOOD RIVER SHOP AT 337 E. FERGUSON AVE.

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