The Iola Register from Iola, Kansas on February 23, 1915 · Page 4
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The Iola Register from Iola, Kansas · Page 4

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, February 23, 1915
Page 4
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n THfilOLA DAILY REGISTER. TUEgDAYEVENmq FEBRUARY 23,1915. :i -I lOLA ioAaY REGISTER THE iOLA DAILY RCCbNO AND THE lOLA DAILY pDEX. Meirber of— The>Ai i«Mel«t«d Prett. Th* KahMs Dally League., The Bureau of AdvVrtlaing A. N. P. A. The Kan Me Edltorljil-Aftociation The Audit Bureau it Circulations. THE REGISTER FIIBLISHING CO. Chae. F, Seott, Editor and Manager. Entered at the lola Poslofflce a» Second Clans Motfer. Advertlxlng Ratcs^Made vKnown on Appll- <:atlon.i' Official Paper of City of lola. Official Paper City^ of Bauett. SUBSCRIPTION, RATES: By Carrier in lola, Gai pity, Lanyonvllie Concrete, LaHarpe-and.Baisett. One Week i I« cents Oine Month -i 44 centp One Yeaf i IB.OO i , BY MAIL. One Tear, inside county '; $2.50 One Year, autiilile count;^ JS.OO TELEPHONES. Business Office .' .- J8 Society Reporter IS jbb and Bindery Department 143 lOU H.4VE ALL,..SEE> HER. What has become ^of the old-fashioned girl who used to get bedquilts • and flannel petticoats for ^vedding presents?—Galena Republican'. You saw her the other day coming down the business «treet and the sight somehow made jou forget your business errand and Wok you back down the misty lai'Je of yesterday- way back to Grandihiothers" wonderful kitchen wheremarvelous pies made fragrant the air, and the cookies with big raisins in the center grew for little bare-leggwl boys and little girls with big sunUonnets and gingham aprons. She did not come tripping down the street like the gay young buds of thi;-- fox-trot, age, but .slowly, anj timidly she made her way; along. Nor was she garbed in any qf these new-fang­ led, narrow, ])ettie6atless creations, .\or did she wear r. <iat of crazy curves and angles,^ or • high-heeled shpes, mouse colored or of bronze tint. On her head, silvered by many winters' frosts she >vore a quaint little bonnet, and her; dfess was one of those old black alpaca affairs of the- pli^sh family alburafvintage—ample to conceal flannel petticoats galore, and at her throat was a bit of lace and an old gold band pin^ such as no jeweler carries now. It was well worn bui you could still read tlfc letters on i( 1— "Mother." i • A queer old figure, yes, for these days of ever-changing, flashing styles but you forgot all ithis as you looked j at her wrinkled, jnothc^rly face iand caught the kindly -^leam of her eyes from behind the gold-rimmed specs. Ah, there was so-much of goodness and sweetness and. purity and graciousness there—so much of .genuine- n'ess and sympathy* and divinity, that you felt yourself ?n the presence of real royalty and in your heart of hearts you murfnured, "God bless her."—Herbert CaVaness in Chanute Tribunie. - . ZEPPELI\8 iX PE.iCE. Washington PoSt: A recent mter- vfe'w with count .Ferdinand von Zeppelin presents thjit distinguished in- jvenfor and man df world affairsvin ii •most pleasing .ligjit. With the clouds of war hovering over himself and hi? country^ he is still "aMe to cast a cheery iand hopeful glance into the future. By his own confession,.the g^ gantic^'airships that bear his name have a greater mission to perforn- than that to whiph they are now being mainly. devo|ed. Predicting the Iday when the t'rans-Allantic voyugf will be made through the air, he hopes to live to pilot a dirigible oi his own making to the shores of ihiF country on a mission of peace. How much better this than all th<' dreaJnis of empirie! What an improvement over the view that makes of tht, Zeppelin an engine of destruction it" the happier outlook which sees it pur -|j suing its unhindered, way across pie vast sea, upon v'hich it will be privileged to look (fown upon the slower argosies of commerce, representing the enterprise ojfall nations, each flying its own flag, without fear or favor! Doujily to be desired is the com- _^ing day,. when jidoing instead df undoing wHl be tlie rule of the peoples. Back of Count von'Zeppelin's expressed desire appears 'to be further incentive of its entire practicability. For sustained i^ight under the most ad'»'er8e conditiims, the dirigibles are in no w|ise at a jdisad vantage with tht afereyplalnes. As a means for the transpohation of numerous passengers or appreciable amounts of material, . they arJB far ahead of their rivals in aerial'navigation. The ingenuiljf that has been expend I ed in making .of the dirigibles a menace to the ent 'Hiy will find a better and probably 'more successful field I in lis appiicatlpn to the arts of peace. MHdiE |» HE 4T FLOUR. ' Buffalo Comjnercial: At this time when certain Jood prices are soaring ' the houseboldsf's mind quite naturally tui^us to measures of economy and retrenchment, v Flour which ig subject to an unusual demand owing to the European war, ig constantly rising in price, *ujul everyone is speculating on wliat the outcome will be. Many guggestiona ha\'« been made regarding tlie husbaadingof wheat fldiir by the ueflleatlon for bread more corn, and. the German ' war breald, made largely from potatoes and rye, has beeif recommended as a makeshift. A United States Inspector, however, suggests ^a plan which might be followed, not only with profit as an economical measure, but also as a t>ene> fit to the general Health of the people. It is to grind the wheat in .the old-fashioned way Into what is known as whole-wheat flour, thus getting about forty pounds of nour from one bushel of wheat, instead of less than thirty pounds by the "patent" process. \ The inspector says: "The coarfcr dark flour from the entire wheat contains twelve of the sixteen elementary substances found in the human body, while the white refined flour has only four of them, the rest and best going into the;'.'middlings," etc., for cattle food. ^ give the best part to the cattle and take the waste part, the impoverished part, for ourselves and our children. The darker part containing organic iron, phosphates, calcium. Iodine, etc., so necessary for growth ai\d repair of our bodies goes to the barn instead of the house." H 'S LIFE lir THE FROIIT Rreeiy Letter Iron an EnirliNb. Girl iVho It) !!i<Tving With tile Red / t'roKS Flamierii. BAIT FOR SUCKERS. Clay Times": With the great advance in wlieat jirices come the stories of men miking wonderful killings as gamblers, betting on the wheat mar Ifet. Discount these stories about 99 per cent. It is almost never that gambling pays aiid gambling in wheat pays even less profits, as ;i general thing, than gambling m poker, on horse races, the sheli game, or most any other smooth guy trick calculated to give something for nothing. Don't believe all these . stories.' Had all these stories been true in the past fifteen years, one Clay county m^u would have made something like ten lars as a wheat gambler 3ars. He hasn't got ten million. 1^ lere must have been sbme- hing wronjg with the stories. million do' In those yi 'I FOR IJOOP—OF THE STATE. Si. Joseph News: .Victor Murdock, on and after March 4,' will be out of liolitics—for good. This is liis own declaration. "I'm through," says the red-headed Kansas congressipan and Progressive leader. Some peoplfe; tell me I'm not through. But I believe 1 know' better. I haven't' the slightest idea, of ever tics." Mr. Mii who "also ran| itor last fall. jgetting back into poli- rdock was. one of those " for United States Sen- Just came across an item in a Record issue of 40 years ago says Homer Hoch. "Much talk is now being done throughout the state aDout consolidating some of the 'county offices. The egislature has the matter under advisement and probably will take some decisive action. Too many officials— that has long been llie bane of Kansis. But' which one's to lop off— that's the question." And its' still un der advisement. / .J. •> > KANSAS CLIPS ASH COMMENTS • ******* A retiring disposition is not so great a handicap in society as a shrinking income, says tht; Leaven- vvorth Times. The Oberlin Times says . Decatur county never before receivt'd a rain n February. It rained out then; nearly all night. Mdney may not bring liappiness, buij it alius seems t 'hapiK'n along about th" same time.—Abe Martin. Be assured of one thing: When ."i woman visits her dressmaker she will have a fit whether siie gets one or not.—Osawatoniie Graphic. The Sedgwick Pantagraph states that a man can't make his home brighter by making light of his wife's troubles. Let us add that he can make it brighter by making his wife's troubles-lighter.—Sally Gassaway. In railroad towns everj-thing is gov erned and regulated by pay day.— Yats Center News. Grape juice in tW white house is no longer popular. H^atnip tea seems to have supplanted it,—Paola Spirit, "What are they moving the church for?" "Well, stranger, I'rti the mayor of these diggin's.-an' I'm for law enforcement. We've got an ordinance what says no^Ioon shall be nearijr than 300 feet from a church. 1 givp em three days i to move the church." —Coiicordia Ka^isan. —Hundreds of v Jiealth articles ap­ pear'in newspapers and magaftines, and in practically every one of them the importance of keeping the bowels regular is emphasized. A constipated condition invites disease. A dependable physic that acts without inconvenience or griping is found in Foley Cathartic Tablets. Burrell's IfiUK Stores. How To Get Rid •f < Bad Cough London, (Correspondence of The As- Hociatel Pi-ess.)—A letter received by and all our glass came shattering down serving as a ited Cross nurse In Flanders Ngives a thrilling glimpse of n girl's life on the NIeuport-Dlxinude line. "We had a lively dav of shelling on .Monday," she writes. "At about 1«:30. whiz—bang! just outside our house, and all uur gaxs came shattering down Whiz—tang! another, and another, and yet.another. Just then the Belgian doctor came in and told us we had better go into tne cellar. We went down into the cold, damp cellar and ^ood about on bltp of wood and coal, and listened to the continued whiz, bang ana crash of big shells. The noise was prMty near deafening, and they must have plumped in about 100. Out of all ttat lot luckily we only got two wounded men—a priest, wounded by a flying lilt in the face, and a soldier. It was extremely lucky that on that day the trenches opposite; our house vere not occupied or there would have been many killed and wounded." Continuing her. letter on the following day .the writer says: "The big cannonade is stlU going on. There must be a tremendous battle, I am hoping they are gaining ground, and that we shall soon move on down the road. 1 shojild just love to move forward into Brussels. The weather has been truly awful lately', nothing bnt r;i>ii. 1 live in Knec -liigh rubber boots and ni .v oil-skins. I am sure 1 will never be able to get back to hobble skirts and 'fashionable sJifes," as our .\inerican nurse says. "Wo are thiiiking of ?oing to Furnes for the alternoon. just for a joy ride. We have been hard at it for, nearly a fortnlsht without a break, so we think of going ill. You have no idea what a pioasi re a trundle into Furnes is, wiien you have not done a thing but ro niaiii In two smelly, dingy posts, day in ajid day out. I will tell you what tlu; pleasure consistfd of- Gettin.ii In- ] This- year for Ihe lirsl limu, a wid- to a motor-ambulance that has scon 'ow will be alU )w,ed $200 exemption on it3 best days, and trundling over brok- 1 her personal pr ^iperty, the same as en, holoy roads*that nearly jolt one 's Xhe head of a family.-—Howard Cour- insidi? out; probably at least once, and ant. A BMB*-Ma«e RcBicdr 'Will D* It Ualcklr. Cheap »m* Baallr. Ma4c ^ If you have a Ijad COUKII or chest cold which refuHes to yield to ordinary rei dies, net fram any drutatist 'i'/^ oun of Fitiex {iiO cvnin worth), pour into,, pint bottle and fill the bottle with plain Krknulated suKur syrup. Start takinK a teaspoonfut every hour or two, Jn 24 iiours yuur cou;{k will b^ conquered or very nearly so. Even wlioopiuK COUKII is Kreatly relieved iu this way. 'i'be above mixture' makes a full pint r^a family supply—the finest coujiii tyrup that loojiey could buy—at a cost of only C4 cents. Easily. prepared in 5 minutes. Full directions with I'inex. This Pinex ^and Suxar Syrup preparation takes right hold of a couch and KiveB almost immediate relief. It loosens the dry, hoarse or ti|)ht couKh in a way that IS really remarkable. Also quickly heals the intlained membranes which accompany h painfuL^ugli, and stops the formation' of pliTcgra in the throat and bronchial tubes, thus ending the persisteHi loose cough. Excellent for bronchitis, spasmoilic croup and winter coughs. Keeps perfectly and tastes good —children like it. Pinex is a special and highl.v concentrated compound of genuine Norway pine extract, rich in gitaiacol, which is so healing to the membranes. To avoid disappointment, ask your druggist for "2'^ ounces of Pinex,"—do not accept anytning else. A giiaranteo of absolute satisfaction, or money promptly refunded goes with this preparation. The Pinex Co., Ft. Wayne. Ind. LAW CQDE 4 ,000 YEARS OtO Acta on Babylonian Tablet Provided for Elopement and for Injury to Woman. Ijerhajis- more, sticking in the deep inudr^nd all having to get out and pusli and Rhove to get the car out, and evenUiaily arrivinsr at Furnes and liav- in.;; a mad rus -h round the siiops and grabbing all stores wo, can find, but it ali soeiiis PO new and intprostiii.ti after a lieaolate town. *" "Then a mad rush back again, over the same bumpy, holey road and homo to our - tunilited-'down cottaao. Yet you hiwe no idea wlipt a .irro .-it Iri.'iU it sotmia to us." / Every Sip of PaSTUM Is Satisfaction and suggests the aroma and flavour of mild high- grade Java. That's because the roasted "berry" of wheat; from which Postum is made, has a snappy flavour remarkably like that of the roasted coffee berry. The real taste is a delightful savor distinctively Postiim—rich and nourishing. Unlike Coffee, Postum never imposes upon its users a tribute of headache, nervousness, biliousness, sleeplessness, heart flutter and other ills, because Postum contains not a particle of the coffee-drug, caffeine, or any other harmful ingredient. INSTANT POSTUM is the contrated form of this pure cereal food-drink. No boiling, required—made in t^e cup with hot water —instantly! Wonderfully convenienf for the home, for travel, for the picnic—handy anywhere. Delicious ! 30c and 50c tins. If coffee is interfering with your comfort and success, as it does for most users, suppose vou shift to POSTUM. 11 ^ rhere^s a Reason'' • Pdstum may also be had in the original form— \^hich must be well boiled—15c and 25c packages. • Both forms of Postum are equally wholesome and delicious, and cost per Qup about the same. —sold by Grocers everywhere. New Haven, Conn.—-A nabylonian tablet, believed to have been buried in the earth more than fouz>. thousand years and containing the earliest law code, recently has been unearthed, and is now in possession of Yale university. The tablet is lieavily encrusted but part of it has been cleaned and deciphered. The laws are written in^the Sumer- lan language, the language of Southern Babylonia, prior to its conquest by the Semites or Accadlans, in the time of Hammerabi. Owing to the imperfect knowledge of the language, the work of deciphering is extremely difficult, but the university expects to have complete translations made and published. The laws that have been translated refer to legislation; concerning injur>- to women;; the repudiation of children who have perhaps been adopted; elopement; the hire of boats and cattle; and provision for the killing of a hired ox by a lion. ' These laws are' believed to have been written about 2500 tf. C. TUOS. H. UOWLlfj, l're»Ment. .1, F. StOTT, Cashier Allen Clounty State Bank ESTABLISHED A QUARTER OF A CENTURY Capithl: ....... Surplus Deposits $ 30,000.00 60,000.00 550,000.00 1 >TKHE .ST l'.\IU.O> TI -MK |)FI >OSrr .S. V S.\FK'rV DEPOSIT HO»ES F0« UEM TO BE RED CROSS NURSE Miss Nona McAdoo, daughter of the secretary of the treasury, sailed recently | for Europe, where she will bo a war nurse. Alis.s Mc.\doo has taken a in nursing and will take up active service in the field liosiiitals iu southern Prance.. .Miss .Mc.Adoo was accompanied by her chum, .Miss Catherine liritten of Wasliiiigtoii, also a, and Mrs. E. H. House, who will act as chaperon,for the party. i. D. .\RXETT, W ^sWent .lOE McKIXLET, ra -.h »«r .1. F. Mt.'ll, Ti«-.Presldent E. V. Mc( lain, .\sst. tiishier COLO.\EL I.A.NVOX. 2nd Vice-President STATE SAVINGS BANK IOLA, KANSAS. CAPITAL $25,000 SURPLUS $2,500 We Pay Interest on Time Deposits and Savin(js Accounts. >Safety Deposit Boxes Free to Our Customers. L. E. IH)KVII.LE, Pres. W. S. KAI'FMAN, 2nd Vicp.Pres. .1. If. (AMPHEM., t'Hshier. A. W. ItKVK, Vicc-Pres. F. O. HE>SO\, Asst. fashler IOLA STATE BANK Capital Stock $25,000.00 SurplMs 15,000.00 WE VAX INTEREST ON TIME DEPOSITS SVFETV OEPoil'T IJOXES FOK KV.ST. FAIL TO GET JOBS AS "MEN" Women in Male Attire Seek Aid of Police After Vain Search for Work. Lafayette, Ind.—Dressed in men's clothing, Mrs. Mary Smiley, who.said she was forced to support her three children, and her sister. Miss .Toseph- ine Williams, both of Danville, 111., applied for aid at police headquarters, saying they were hungrj-. They had been seeking work, according to Jlrs. •Smiley, and believed it w-ould be easier to find employment dressed as men. The police decided to send the women back to Danville. , The decision was not opposed. According to their story they left Danville on a Wabash freight train, going to Logansport. They were aided in that city by the charity authorities, who sent them here, giving them aprons t6 wear over their clothing. ' Northrup National Bank IOLA,KA>SAS. OVER FOItTY VEAKS OF rONSEKVATIVE IJAXKisfi !>' IOLA. Dcposilory for the I'niled States, the State of Kansas, |iud Allen rouniy . OFFHEIJS. K. .1. Mll-r ,l•:^^, l-'i-osiidi-nl. MKLVI.N' FROMC . Ca.diier. /.. I,. ADIt 'l'llltriP, V)-(-l're.'!t. .1. I,. JONKa, Assistant Cashier. CAPITAL $50,000.00 SURPLUS $20,000.00, INTEREST PAID ON TIME DEPOSITS. PUBLIC SALk I Mill sell at Public Auction on the Wood farm, 2 ^2 miles sooth and 2?i miles cist of LaHarpc, and 4 miles west and 2 )2 miles south of .Vorau, on Thursday, February 25, 1^15 U'c^'innin? at 10 o'clock a. ni., the following described property: STEALS $L60; LIFE SENTENCE Convicted Fourth Time, West Virginia Man Is Sentenced as Habitual Criminal. Huntington. W. Va.—For the theft of 150 pennies and a plugged dime. Beriile Smith will spend the remainder of his life in the state jienlten- tiary. Smith was sentenced by .Judge Graham. It is alleged Smith broke into the office of the Guyan Big Ugly |and Coal Iliver Railroad offices at Hamlin and stole |I.CO from the safe. A dollar and a half of the loot is said to have been in pennies. Smith was arrested when he spent the plugged dime at the company store. It was tile fourth time he has been convicted of larceny, and Judge Graham sentenced him under the habitual criminal act. , LUXURY IN THE TRENCHES Drainage and Sanitation Are Almost Perfect—All the Comforta of Home, London.—Tlie Germans boasted to some prisoners, one of whom escaped, that they had recaptured the iowi\ of Dlxmude because the allies were "too soft for life in the trenches." Some of. the trenches even in the scenes of the shifting battles are ap luxurious as houses. Sheltered passages lead to back premises; on one side is the storehouse and kitchen, on the other the offices. The drainage and sanitation \yould pass the test of the British factory^cts. One of the Tommies said that if you had "cards, cigarettes and sbcks tbe trenches weren 't tad." .-. HEAO HOK.SES. 1 black mare, \vt. 1100, sound; 1 brown mare. \vt. 1200 lbs., sound; 1 bay mare. wt. 1300 lbs., sound; 1 black mare, 2 years old; 1 brown mule colt, S months old. 10 HEAD CATTLE. 1 white face cow. with calf by side, 1 wliito cow soon to be fresh; 1 Jersey cow, giving milk; 1 red heifer, 3 yoars old, fresh soon; I red heifer. '1' years old. fr«sh .soon; 4 heifer.s coming I year old. 'i head of Shoats, averages weight about 70 pounds. l.Ht»LE.«E.\TS, ETC. 1 good farm w^agon, 1 good top buggy, 1 stirring plow, 1 cultivator, 1 double set work harness, 1 set single harness, 1 Hays pump, with 20 -tt. pipe, 1 water tank. 1 lawn swing, chicken wire netting, 220 -egg incubator—Old Trusty, canned fruit and household goods. About ;i00 bu. ear corn;, some hay in bale. Klgtit dozen chickens. TEH.H.S OF SALE—All suiii.s of $10 and under, cash In hand. All sums over IHi a credit of i) months will be given, purchaser giving note with approved .scH'iirily, bearing "'v interest from date if paid when due. If not paid when duo to draw 10'"v from dale of sale' .i' r discount for cash on credit sales. .N'o property to b<> rciiiovcd until .scitlcd lor. (OL. II. I>. S.HOCK, Auctioneer. V. U. OL.SO>, Flerk. LUNCH ON GROUNDS. Mrs.Lizzie A. Relley EXJIXEEH HVKE.V KILLED. Chtinutc Man >Vas in Coliisinn Yesterday Southwest of Clicrryvale. Iii'lcpciulence Reporter: J. O. Byren. iMi.;;inp(n- on the Santa Fe switch en- pine tliat works in the yards at Cher- ryvaio, was killed this afternoon when iii.s cnujne on its way out to the Uncle .Sam rpi'inory west of Cherryvale met iuuul-on an extra freight going east from tl:is city about 2:30 and Mr. Byren diiul shortly ,ifter 3:30 o'clock as was boiug taken to Cherryvale. The other trainmen were badly shaken up bi.t nr>ne was dangerously hurt. .Mr. liyrcn was about 30 years old and lived at Chanute. He was work- DoNotGripo We have a pleasant laxativs tbal will do SusI wb&i yoM vaat U to doi. We sell thousand* of them and WB lave never se«^ a better remedy for tha bowela. Sold only by us, 10 cents. , Burrell's Drug Stor*. Does MotRab Off, Lasts 4 Times u Lone as Otkert, SavM Work. Get a Can Today ing at Cherryi-ale for the regular switch engineer who is off on a vacation. The engine was bound for the Tnclo Sam plant to do some switching •AwX was not expecting or lookins for the extra freight train. The trains met with great force an dthe tender on the switch engine buckled into th^ engine cab. Mr. Byren's legs were cut almost off by the steel plate on which the fireman stands between the' engine and tender. He was married and loaves a wife at Chanute. SevcBtj-Seven Tearn Old. —George W. Clough, Prentiss. Miss., who-had suffered greatly with kidney trouble, wrtt^s: "Foley Kidney PllU are the only remedy that ever did me any good at ail" Just think of the>e- lief and comfort that means to him. Foley Kidney Pills are recouunentled for sleep disturblhg; bladder troubles, pain in sides or back, rheumatism, and kidney and bladder ailments. Burrell'a Drug Store. - . I I • /

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