Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on March 30, 1927 · Page 8
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 8

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, March 30, 1927
Page 8
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SPE^toRD? American MarTry It but If So Will Use Con- ventjonal Design, Dajrtona Beach. Pla., March 26 . (AP)—K an 1 American electa to challenge the {.supremacy of Major H. p. D. SCKrayeii' aatoun Hng speed re<|dif(l he wll^ foilowj th e ;conven- . tlojial American deslKn T) ither than copf the successful British machine^ fn the opiDion of C P. Harding, research engineer. Mr. Harding, who obftirvod' the test for the General Mo^tirs Company, '• thinks the Eoglliihman "raoveil too much Iron.*' Major Se- Krave»' autonioblle weigiia^ about four (onS, haW a tlength of approx- Imatply iwealty-sjx feel and an overfall width: of six feet. , The Ameri(»n design riina to the reaHtj automobile wefght with; .cor- . responding narrowness of' body. Man>^, successfifl 'racing cars arei well under two feet liTwIdth. "We baiiej^e the major retarding factor in aerodynamics is the vacuum ^reated behind rather than the front lend impact and that the vacuum jean be cut iproperly. only by . uarxo^ design,*; Harding sadi. "In my.opinion the weight of the ma- ichalB^ could be reduced materially by the other desigp with an accompanying releaa$ of power for speed.!* . ;- 1 ^ . •• Americans arje 'ijibt preparing to foMowj Aiajor Segraves in. the use of two motors, iJHarding said. The Britisli uutoradbile is equipped with two twelve cylinder motors, capable of generating 500 horsepower : each. ; • I i , • ' ^ : ;: • Consertri|tfe« Prdgijaihi in fl.RHas'B^iT "fiff^tiVe. Washli^gton. March SOJ '(AP)— American rubbe- consumers have deinonsti|i ted to ihe satlsft ctlon'of the coDii iierce depajrtraet t tlhelr abilitiir .t(| meet Conditions lmp(^sM a pen! them by fdrelgn price controls. ! - I - 1 T In pub] shing oday [oiltpntj of ing ;th^ ? ,^EPT TO RIGHT-::, OSE TORRES. 24; 'AUGUS*rjIX SALIDO 22; THO .MAS ZAFIltO. .lV: ; JUANITA CU?ARARB; 16; LO .A CUZARARE, 14.AND Jl&XITA PACIE.NCA. 13. . , ' . Runillng 82 miles and 26 milbs tribe of Mexico. The three' young griday.and the gitls made e.xcelle^t time over to Georgetown and baclt. 26 ini:^., .„ , „u Tarahuamaras live in th? mountainous region around dhlhiSahua City. Alexicb. and have been noted for ilieir endurance for centuries.! To sbo<| it they*re ready to 'i run again' Anv time' EAST lOLA RUmlliLINGS (J. P. Beil) Mr. land sjient .Mrs. ^lley Rats Defeated j TrapshoQters Squad Chaner Sends RjCgrets To Japanese Admiral - Shangliai. Mar. 3(1 _(AP)—fien- Ipral Chang Kai-Shek. Cantonese commander, sent bis chief of_ staff and a secretary aboard the Japan- -ese flag -ship here ibis morning; to convey Jii.s to the admfral for the Nanking affair. 4 The Doctors |were not able to get tbeirf rifle iteam together in ttnie for their scheduled shoot with the first Trapsliooters team last .iiight, jso the 8 ||cond Trapshooters look on the Sbutih . Street_ Alley Rats ijiBtead, goingjdowir to defeat l)y a margin of 19 points. The Trapshooters had!the beat of the 'Standing round, but in the kneeling 't>ositioia tiiey were - not able to compete. ; The next shoot y^M be the first Trapshooters team vs. the Doctors tomorrow night J The scores last night: i •• AI.I.Ry ^ATS. Tipple ; .--_L — 8!), - Davis - L- Florence :.. 84' Crews L J...^J..: 8!l '[ TRAPSHOOTERS. BlephensoR. ..L. ,.8(1 DUllea L^--_^ 88 'Bergman . . Sfi. Hair L.l ^^...:^.H1i Smith L _ . Armour Estate Valued At Over One Million on a stretch means little to Ithese members of-the Taraiiuamara Indian nen flnlsbed their 8J-m'ile run f)-om San Antonio to Austin in gtKid time City. Mar. 30. (API— Charles W. Armour, vice-president of Armour and: Company, who died here March i 22, left an estate estimated at $ it was revealed today when the will, was filed for prbbate. It was estlimat^d the) estate consists of oni million dnlalrs perr sonal property and $100,000 in 3>eal estate. The bi Ik of the es- 4ate was left to; the- widow, Mrs. Jlebessa C. Armqur. This inciucles $579,000 in promissory notes, Kansas City business 'property and household effects." i element' Olseii Sunday iu Humboldt vi.sit- lag Mks. Olson's parents. *. S. S. AVhiiaker of 32t; South Keutuiky street was quite ill the latter part oj last week. He was tjireatened with a» attack of ap jtendlcitls, but is reported better riow.. J R. J. Dunn, who has been oper a^lng a filiiug station at the old Sliraiton stand; cornier of I':ast and Renfucky streets, has sold . the equipment to Kd Shipley who liow In charge. , , ; .Mrs. S. S. \\liil .-iktr of "326 Soutli keutucky street who lias lim-ij 'ill for several wt-ek.s. is reported sbme belter at, this time. ' We notice' liy, reading a paragraph in the local columns | of Saturdays Register, that an effort is being made to establish a l/ranch of a ."^Jew York Community liervSce in lola. The writer has i*ad a pamplilet on Community tTervice as interpreted by the .New V<»rk eoijcern and wo find some niighty fine suggestions as rc- gUrds this service, but just why ajiy ,community with so many,hril- lijint minds as lola has, sliuuld p^y out good, cold caiili for an orgaUizer and an iastructor is not plain. There's no question about tile good an organization of tlils kind wiuild I) H able to aci 'omjrii.uli but why pay money for something that cair be handled equally'weii. by local talent.7 Thire are an> niiinber of men and women in Inia wlio are callable of organizing and conducting a ^community servii\ A. genuine community servict- means the federation of the difi ^er- eilt clubs and organizations of th» tilyvl'orklng together for the uplift o the people aud for llie en- tertai iment of the mas .ses and to find ^ome- plan by., which leisure time, hot bnly of laboring peopl^. but ot all the people, can be profitably employed. It has been said th}»t a great majority ot the cr4nie .*7 committed take place during leisure ijours. If entertainment of some sort were provideil foi" leisure hoi .s there would na- tutially be less crime committed. If'the citize-i of lola would lay aside all p -tty jealousy and get •together and form one big community, service'club and' work for th(^ best interests of t)ie city and itstcitizens lola would be the reddence town in the state of Kansas. In view of this fact wohid it not be. a' good plan for some prominent men and women of Ihe city to .start .the movement /ALPHABET (Continued from P 'uKe 11 crea.sed at; the normal After Set tested seVetal tim^s I about the 1 trol^ with tlie IS TOR THEVENOy/^ WHO JN SPITE, OF T«E FACT TMAT HE COULDN'T HIT WAS A WOPLD SERIES STAR BATSMAN ti(m. ariaiiged toiy^ co-operative iiietho<ls of| age. using, Make. "Racket Of Topcka, pvcrriciing he end retary ritish r| . tile ot th& yeah- oyer loover ha durijng ubber price cojn- Kubberj trades. governiient*s eo-ApeHa- Its rubber conservation staljistics'. the dep irt- ment sai^ Ameri^aii ujiers lucc >88- fuily haa reduced the' quaitlt] of raw mat^i lal use|d In rtibb< r fa lirl- cation. abjd at the satire t me the consuming demand had l^eejn saltis- fled with lin increased articles baised on: rubber. The mdin figure illusti development, thj* department explained, thai only 366,( 00 tbns of raw rubber w£s cousui^e I In the United States during 1926 against 388,000 to;^B the year beft re.- "riils ability to get along on a l( s! er s ip- ply Was exerted j even thoigh he country's I ^tock of autonv>b les jin- creased. ' ] Sharp pijlce declines iii rubber occurred uringi 1926. larg dy fat- tributed to the" Amerlcaii ronser- vaiion proiram. while Stocks of raw ruiib^ir in the Far Eisl,. I AU- don and thj; United States w TC p- over pro- 1SI24 (AP)—Larry Capilo'., ... Kansas, Srelterwei^lit, last night evened the score wlt^ Jackie Kane, Denver, In their ten! round, bout here, in the opinion jof oewspaper men. Kane administered Cappo a severe beating several weeks ago .i ^yalke^ BIch, Fort Scott- Kansas,, heavyweight, wias j no match for "Babe" Bnnt. Rlrlb Was fcivpck- ed AovfB in the first jround and wag stretched on thel canvas when, the .fourth ^nded. '^e[ made & giiw fights in the- remaining six rounds bul was ontclaalsed by his har4 .--bitting ^pponftnk. ! . Det^- Kid outpoint^ Tommy MartilB 'lit a !lO ropn|l ipo. Moran Rifle Club W -First! Weekly Shoot • , f The .Moran Rifle (;lub held Its first .weekly shoot tit [the range by fhe .Moran park last Monday. The visibility was vcjryj poor and the last scores ended in the rain. Three . htindred and I twenty-five ^ TONIGHT AND THURSDAY I Buiddy Rogers, of Olathe^ and Tris Grayj I of \yichita, with a Ing cast df ^^aramollnt Jiinior Stars in 126 targets Capitol Building aiis.. .Mar. .lO .I (AP)i- JoVernir Pauieu'i ob- jiition to '{luakiiig a rackjet atoi^e out of the state hoiisu,*' th^ Executive cuuiicil 'today turned the i 'ntii|e Kansas 'caji|tol ovir t<i tl e stalje Sunday s.hpol cuiiventiun to be held liere ih conventlon^^ of only the Number 2 (Continued from Page 1) >f'such a sciicme? i>el» hear from some OIK* who is interested' in a Iiptier lola. fi. W. Krliiei^ of 1.''. .Vortli Third street was rjuile ill >iunduy hut K somewhat improved at tlii>< ime. , AK a nnlter of cnriosity tlu .vrlter coimleil the paragraphs and J ie i names of peojilc <-rioriI<'d in lew paragrupli:; priuiid in Satur lay's Rrgi.ster and found H'T. local •lanigraphs witji 352 names of lo- ul jf!u<ple l)p.>!ides ITS irim''s in he socij'ty cqinmn. Then there *as a, great number of names of \lleh connty i)POi)ie prii:te'l in .the, ouiiti^y corre-spondence.'^ Alto- jelher there were nearly 'oiu housand nanicH of Allen county >eop:e iirinted in Saturday's Keg- sler. "That's "going over the. top in great shape we'll tell the world. For the first time since the writer knew Mrs. Applesauce he saw her walking along the street he other day. Vou know she Iways has been ar <tho car ler head high,in the'air. . But the 'iir was out of commission this ime so she had to walk, and to ^y .she was humiliated is putting t mildly. She was furious. There was a good sized frown upon her brow and the corners of. her Report ExpIoSIOn in mouth looked like the shape of a — • rainbow. She wa.s- lieard muttering imprecations upon the head of her old man because Jie neglected to have the car repaired in .May. Ijleretofore, suci» have been gratitc 1 use rotiindti and the si ale aud house chambers. Afit-r the councils had hejierteil C .'.vcrnor I'aulen's niollon to deny conVeiitioiiH the, use bf the ci pitol lid the state'house grounds the ciMef executive atiiended. an ither m'oiii'ii so as to tuijn over th^ eiil- l!t little hope for the men trapped In the -wrecked workings. 'I'lie nioulh .>f the mine caved in making re.s- :ue work difficult. Voluilteer resciie crews frolii all part.s of the Caiiibria. field wi)re organized quickly when word of the liiasi spread. " 'I'licse men, 'quipileil with helmets, were rush•li to IChrenield liy atiiomobile. Within a short timtf the.V were attacking the mine mouth blockade. jen seen driving her, j" »" ^""'^ isn*t paid for) witli Rescue men were unanimous in the opinion that the explosion was one of the worst in the hi.story of mining in western and central Pennsylvania. I think this Is oivl term, I «'aii I'.iiileii de.-lared. the l)inf;est fool til iig eve|r ^ou^. Kansas is the oiilyl state pn the union where they jiave a store ill tlie capitol Governor Pauleii <1 jjected |to iiam|- ples being dispiayel and j omerH tafcei: ill tlie stale IH use iu ^u^heCf lion with conventio IS. VTiie state house is tlie pyoderty oC^-all liie taxpayelrs and iheV shoulfl have Ihe right lo usejit,* de'r cljired Frank J. Ryaii, secr^tarjy of stt.te. i |Uiig rubber its- d rubb'eit. aiid restricj renovat incre.ising|tire ropjitr facHitiJ.s, all with the Idea of restricting ttie quaiitty offimbber in demalu. Store" meetiiigii dues had provided' barely enough money to mainluiu au organi/.a- tion. .and ^hen it heiame iiei-es- .sary to hav^ liiore money for s:>iue public project it was a question of "passing tlie hat** to raise it. Wlieir the moil got ;t«3Rethet' and hef;aii figuring they", discovered thatj in point ofjfact while, tjieir. Chamber of Commerce di^es were only ten dollirs they had ajll paid u Kood deal' more lhan twi/nty-fivo doilurs to 'ni'-et the 'demands that arose frolii time to time. Tiiey re.soIve«l therefore that they would take care of all tlitS4! things at once, by advancing the dues to tWenty-five dollars ami increasing their membership. .Vs a result . tliey -i:ow have ^-i Chamber of (lommerce abundantly financed and there Mill be no more passing «if the hat. .Mr. 'Wiisou illustratcil his points ani dro%'e.them home liy niaii.v pat and humorous sioriis so thiit l-.Is aildrcss was as entertaining as It was . suSKcstive aud helpful. As ('htiirmaii Benson .said at the <on- cliisimj of Mr. Wilson's .•iddrei's. ^ "he has given us an liour's talk in !''>•'• <apitoI lo siicl) Iwentv-five minutes,'* and ev. ry-: <artied without a diasentiilg vol^. b.^v appreciated it. . "You're all <andi( ajes fo( a secj- ' • term, I «'aii sJBe. rounds were fired and made. i Captain Fred Swisher woh Lthe prize :with the Sharpshooter score of 85. Ora Yourig and! Clirf Laughlin qualified as marksmen, scoring S3 and 80. The scores: Fred Swisher i ! 85—87 •Ora Yotjng J.^ J 83—74 Cliff Laughlin -J-i—80^72 Ralf Strlckler !—^^_.74—71 Bill Stizel ^. j __4 ^__73—66 Steve F^y _j i L -67—58 Claud Taylor l.i ;i 60—59 , -rTclephone your Cllaaalfled Ada to 18, (ipvrtrnor If. Sharpening ^nd Lawnmower Repairing: I • i We call for. and 'deliver PLOW WORK, WOOD WORK, AUTOMOBILE PAINTING, GEk^RAL BLACKSMITHIIIJG C. C. McCaiifcjf & Son 301 South St.-Phpne 216 \hscmmG\ FRIDAY—"RUBBER TIRES" and VAUDEVILLE-i I WATCH 'EM STEP The prettiest (jirls Vnd handHomeM youths hi Ame.rica—all neiv faces! in a sparkling joijoiis, dancing, romancr, A fashion \ display of\ of sports. A sib if t, mov- k entirely neio type! comedy coefctail of ing entertainment, go tens. A canrivall ing love story of a Also:'Com ed> 'MODERN FLASHES," and Musical Revue. and Novelty Reel. a 5-people Singing, Dancing eeping It Mine at Pittsburgh Serious Handicap for Umpire •rmiAT'S in a nam«? " Several weeks ago I pointed out tbAt as far,Bsj a baseball umpire was co'nceriied, il meant con- alderable. , I maide-mention of ithe fact that one of I the umpires 'i onte broke In iwj^n Amer- fcap Leaguer iw^s named ICoHindwer. 1 1 jls oibvlous that an nmplre with a V'esetable handle is^ Immediately under a great handicap. Now cauliflower au' gralln is a most appetizing dish, but when Colliflower.' the umpire, made a decision that failed to please the fans, he was greeted tliusly: "Colliflower not au gratiu but how rotten." unfortunate enough to hftTB a handle that offers a cbapce for ridleule. That Is a favorite pastime when- the home club Is trailing by 4 lopsided score. "No doubt Colliflower paid the penalty of his v^egetable handle and;I am sure Tom Croo]( will often have, his-uame takeii In vain by (be hard-liearted fans, but I am [tpsitive no umpire ever had a tanglier time than I did during the iieasons of 1924.25." At this point In the letter I became curious and glanced to.Ahe boitqm of the page to get the connection and noted t^io very rare ;name |>f Pigue. * • • Pittsburgh. -Miir. .10. <AI')—An . explosion iu tli^ .\o. 3 mine of the time for her to drive it on this trip. Pennsylvania Cpal and Coke Coril- o town. She spends a lot of time pany at Khrenfeld. PH.,- was rerunning to the neighbors (who ported to the I'nited Sir.te bureau i Resume Rate Hearings In KansasI City|Soori Washington. Mar. ,30.' (AP) J -Interstate Commerce j Commisliio* hearings on western trunk rates will" resume at Kansajs ij^it.v, April 7. .with Commissioner .Mauamy presiding. I The wesl lines'have souj^ht a general crease from the commission part of the evidence on tlieir demand is based has .•jlread>j been recorded. ' | Greeted With Assorted Grunts iij AO.MI7J Colliflower Is a tough ^ iiame for ati. umpire, while }t:ruo)< is Just as bad, but my handle lias bot^i of 'em bealt. "My name Is Pigue, pronounced Then. I told how later, this um-|as U-iHe last two letters, "u** and plre sliifted his name 10 James j"e,'* were fi'iot there. Iu other and was at oiae called Jesse and ireminded . that the - horse alone 'was missing to complete the picture. • -. > i also called attention to the fa'ct that my very good Jriend and capable! umpire, Tom Crook, was to .Work in the.cioaist league and thtit he! no doulit! would often be remindeja of his name. - . 1 : 1 . « • »j » Claims i His Na^ the Woi'st yHE above Is meWly^*** ««**« as I an iiitroductlou iu a letter re- ;ehtly received from a brother, . uhpire :0f otlver | days, Mutu-e Pigue, a! most -unltsual front and Jliear hhnille. Herein is:; •'I reajl your article.on what is ha name, relative ie umpires, pf ;^Jlh a great deal .of iMtttr&sl. ' .'It is I certai^ily p|dtf »*ttoa iror guy topfre who 48 word^, ijust plain PIG. "My ;.apptarance on tho .fleld during ! my ji connection with tho Southern Leiague was a signal for all oiiti)urs( of hog calling and.' sitorl^ that |. would have put the expeAsfrum Wisconsin to shame. .-li'heard I more grunts in two year!( from ihe lans tliau a whole iierd k)t ra'ztjrbacks could make. . "My^ iianii was too much, of a handicap lir my ability. HoVv- ever,,'they didn't run me out. I held -on unjlil the 'pres* handed nje a;pUilc siip. .. '•'I jilliy 'Cilange my naue'soine- tiine aiidige: back intu tlie gaine, hut it ;Woii't lie James. 1 like Irish iianie» aiid nKiy pick on one like Itiiiiie^h.^Mi riarty. Moraii,~'0'Day oily. Those fellows hav.e ucc«sstul la i^e um- —For prompt ntsults Classified Columns. ;don't Want her) and feeds the old of mines heife'. today, man. who world hard, on a cold bite ot any old scraps tliat can be • roiiiid alMJut tho . place. People with dispositions like this old woman should lie; .segregated from the l)etter class of cltlzeua and Iherdod upon si>nie dessert Isle Iwhere they could vent their spleen fip.m each other to their heart's content. use the FOR INSURANCjE^ City and JFartn Phone 131 pr 820 Ray Investment Co. ! Mrs. PhlHp jCRm Be General Strike Of Shanghai Laborers Shanghai. Mar. 30. (AP)—The general lalmr union In Shanghai l(as decided to order sinotlier general strike, tho date |lo be fixed lliiter. Twenty thousand riilscel- (uoous workers are still idlefrom [he last strike. Thousands ?of icki ^ha coolies, .Tre reported to avp been forcibly enrolled in the linion. Ceneral Chang Kai-Shek, the (|!antonese commander, asked if he pproved the carrying of arms by ifiembers of Ihe Sluinghal labor unions, replied: • Yes they have the right to ami them-selvcs for pr6le<}ti6n." ' Ho also' is quoted 1 as declaring completely recognlxpd the ten- executive committer' at Han- kiow. the present sea% of the Cantonese government. >He said he was still {nvestl^tin'g.the Nank­ ing affair., in which foreigners were attiicked and property de- sjroyed. iJe c tfal or (,'usiiu>: been iiXifte : ifarlejl Over Kidnaping Of Edgkr M. Wilkins Washington. Mar. 30. (API^i A nbiissador Sheffield at Mexico C ty was directed today by thje ^ stile department to make repro-j se Illations at Ihe foreign office r«f girding fhe Icidnaplng at Guadalal- |a a have. been making efforts tb obain Wilkins' release and cap-" tu e the bandits, thus far-wltlidut su-cess, so far'as the Washington go rernment know^s. Vilkins Is held for J20.000. His 10 year bid son.captured witli.him. 1 wa i released to take the ransom 'A. 'de4iand .to Ouadalajam [ > , fw THE LITTLE HOU^EjWlTH THE BIG SHOWS. I^st Times ¥ohfghf—7 and 9 . , , • : . —IN— "THE BLACK PIRATE" Doug jrcs never so fine—a su'eeping figure ^through this true pirate story—ivreakingihis . vengeance on the bdisterou.'i buccaneers of the seven sens. There's rillany—buck(>ts of it— and a love story as beautiful as the girl herself. The most wonderful color film ever made. Aesop's Fables—Topics? of the Day—Ben Alexander in 'Scotty of the Scouts" VAUDEVILLE ! Direct from the Orpheum Circuit 'mHE ' WHITET KUHNS I 4^PcopIe-|-4. Composers and Singfiifs ot TTieir Own ^ngs. Come Earljir-^hil^ren 10c; Adults 40c e power of a greac whcerfall lies chousinds of cons in its persiscency of falling waca--^n6t once in a while, buc surge after surge. iVe suggest chat you keep this face in naind the next -time you use a » Classified Ad in our columns. Don'c order ic into the pa|>er once \ arid expect i: tb develop the result power thjit it would if it ap^jeajrejl for three days or a week. Give it; a charice to reach different readers on different days. , We offer a specia \ low rate for three insertions and a still lower one for a w^ek s' irisercions. You can cancel your ad at any time it produces the results you want charged for only and you will be i:heclays ic ran. . advancage V \ of these hdpful\ Give youit* ad a chance 50 "keep ic up'unciij results chat are on^ hundred percent sati^factc^.

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