The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on December 15, 1966 · Page 2
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 2

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, December 15, 1966
Page 2
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•^^^ IM ^ M ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^iBli!BBi8BKiHlRB?! AROUND ALGONA South Dakota Girl To Wed Algona Man CARL D. M:rdk Cols. Tisa*i v tad Mrs, C. ». M-rdk, BTRVTHSH1ERK FRAITKLBf HAGG, tefgr*3 *«*k* ago anrl sine* (rfUliwd at Sou FUlt, UvL,i vU lit (Kigfyt boos* a _> fcy hi* par«aU, Mr. Mff. Albert Ha« of Moo- rotij, CaL H« coottsoM to mate progress in at hi* two- her*. MR. AKD MBS. Emett Birr eipeet their two too* to arrJTe torn* toBwrrcr* (Fri.) for tfcelr bdMay vacation from colfcft. Doag U a junior at fere State UelT*r«ttjr, and Gary a fre«hffii& at Otrferrlll* Cantor O-jJJ*?*. Tb« boyi will be here aso; J*/ 4 . 2. IN OCTOBER scores for fc* Bound RoMn gpoasore^ l^ St. Ann Auxiliary, in first pii/.e were Ladle tfaroi.cfclck a«j Mir/ Bartlett, 4,550, second, Roti Bay awl Lois Marines, «,2<X>, Lillian Biijfir a&d Matilda Hc&3 f 4,280; and fourth, Haajri Jieisce and Betty Sctotter, 4,2«. Fort? couples are partlci^aiL'jg, -»1tfc ftinds raj£f>d to ?o tv^tr-l a project for the hospital. Vffi. A.'.D MRS. Fl^d Rolt became graM^arents U»« Sonday before ThaAksgirio? *i*a a SOT;, Edward TcxJfJ, vas h/vra to t&elr daui^irter Betty aul bnsbaod, Mr, and Mrs. Edward Carman, City. The grandparents the Qfew gra/jdsofi for th* ThirJL&- 0y1o? -weefcewJ. Tb«ir son, Alar*, traveled to Mar>-la,vj aad Mio- M^ffAlf dtirJAg hJ£ break. KEW MEMBERS of the Presbyterian Clrarch adjusted re- wmtly irjclod* Mr. and Mrs. Lyra Kueck, Mr. aad Mrs. Jerr^d PJa- gel and Mr. and Mrs. Ervirj Van Haaften, MK. A!tD MRS. EragstKotcM- EC« became graa«r%a.rei£ts tineday before ThiaksgiTtag wbra Michel* '/TORI** was bora to Mr. ar*J Mrs. Bill Hotcfai*» at Mar- shallt/ywTj;. Thft ae"*coiner, "Btio vel^tsed 7 ^-yoads, 5 ounces, jolaerf a brother, Clint, one-yfear- oW. Tb« grandpareBts have visited in Marsballicva aoj bare become acquainted irith tfaelr nev graoridaaghter. iv ' CAFT. V1CTOB Seely, son o/ Mr. and Mrs, Kenneth Seely, teft Fort RUey, Kans, *here be has been stationed since a tour erf duty in Korea, to serve in Vtet Nam. The geely daughter, Kendra, who waa recently roaiTted to Keith Seely of Whit- ternore, hjas been employed as a bookkeeper at Sacremento, Cal. Her husband is stationed at Mc~ Cellan A.F.B. North Highland, Cal. MR. AND MRS. Willard Gregson entertained 30 at their Thanksgiving dinner. They Included her son and and Mrs. Marvin _. Ankeny, her daughter and bus- band, Mr. and Mrs. Marvin Loebach of EsthervUle, Mr. and Mrs. Jerry McArtbur and son of Lone Rock, Mr, and Mrs. Carroll Sabln and son of the Good Hope area, Clarence Canadayand family of Indngtorv Mr. and Mrs. Russell Canaday of Hurt, Mr. and Mrs. Steve Canaday and daughter of Hurt, Mrs. Gregson'sbrother, Virgil Jennings of LuVerne, Mr. and Mrs. John Jennings and Mrs. Margaret Kent and children of Algona. ME. AND UR8. Perry Lowman, David and Dean, Mr. and Mrs. Martin Potratz and Kevin and Mrs. John Carlson, Whltte- more attended the wedding of Nancy Lowman and Richard Mc- FaJU in Des Molnes, Saturday. DR. AND MRS. Harold E rick- sop spent from Tuesday until Saturday last week at Denver Colo., where* he attended a post-graduate course. They made the trip by train. * 'CORLISS RUPP, daughter of Mrs. William Klrkland and a junior at Dubuque University, will arrive tomorrow for a holiday visit with her family. She will return to the University Jan. 2. MARY MILLER, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. H. W. Miller and a student at Drake University, will arrive tomorrow (Fri.) to spend the holidays with her parents. ANN BOHANNON, daughter of Mr, and Mrs. I, 8, Bohanuon, SJM) pam Kees, (laughter of Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence Kees, will 69919 horns Friday from Christian College in Columbia, Mo., to upend the Christmas vacation with their respective parents. MIKE S7TLLMA5, SOB of Mr. a«d Mrs. Byrart StfUnua, aaj TOT Bkfctefs, SOG of Mr. aaJ MM. A. /. Ricfcl»£s, rii] b» «cua« bos* Friday frwa km Cttr fcr C&rljtffiax raeatirxu Mr. Ri<±i*fs will dt1r» tr> i City to tit± tfe«as ap aad the st-^ for aar/fe«r sco, w!» is *t GrLraell. MR, A5D u . paresis, Mr. aaj Mrs. Dai* Aaid vf La Ports, City. . H. w. MJU«rvulxift«sj to t»r bTid?e chb list Frilay. "VJacifif scores -r«r» i»i/j t 7 Mrs. H. M. SEitfc a-vj Mrs. Lcb» MAKE ZENDER'S YOUR Notes Of I Servicemen mi CHEEET POtvi, ?• c. — Maria* Prtrif » First Class BJe- barJ A. Pets, sou ;f-Kr. »aJ Kr». W^fcyr Y. PtttU 3^ i I, Loas Rxk, was tc Sii« p-rt«eat r«ek s«nlas wia tbs Tiird AaB- Aircraft KissLI? Bal- taiios a! She Miartx Corp* Ait StaUsc, O»rry P^si, 5. C. His prxsic&x was ba*ed 06 ties La «ernc« aad rasi, military appearafios, aid kis of KJecl^l sHiiar? LUt! ME. A5D MRS, Terry Mc- Gsire ton* Mrs. JteGaire's Mrs. PiJil E«A»»n, to Ttjeiday -rter* sfce Ttii Tlsii ber p^reits, Mr. a,vi Mrs. Otto Lcttov, aatii Tt-jrsdiy at tiai* she Till reti~ to Mrs. Bf;*s* rt has b*ea tii-v weeks. THE DAR of Al^'jtia h-eW &«ir Cirtstoas pirty Tsiesfii) at the h/>Bie of Mrs. Ja.7.»s Lyt!«r. Mrs. v/arrea Jooes was in c^-ar^e of tie prc^rirri and gift BEL CA.VTO held tfaeir Christmas party at tfce botne of Mrs, Warte SalUran Wednesday. Mrs, Vera» Jensen a»i Mrs. E. C. McMah«% were In charge of the entertainment. CHARL£?TE OSEB1 Mr. aad Mrs. Lloyd Osefcy of Broc4dags, So. Dak. er^igesneat of t£*ir Ctarler^ Mary, to Jtfss Kaia, see of Mr. aad Mrs. Edwird Kaja of Ai?oca. MUs O*eb7 is a IHi graduate rt BroofcLa^s Hl«fc Scfaoil aaj Ls a so^fccraore a£ Swim DaJcota State University. Her fiaac* Ls a 1K3 graduate of Algooa HigJi Sciwol and Ls a seaior at Soots Dakota State. MR. A.VD MJIS. Hay Poeppe and cMldrea west to Charles CLty last we*k«id to rlsit Mr. and Mrs. E. L. Williamson. Also tbere were Mrs. Poeppe's graadparects, Mr. and Mrs. Dan Kapler, and her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Lester Prtebe of Ce<lar Rapidjs. Usta? "HA^T" tfce-Way KiUsr) cisstles, his teitailoG pro7l4e« local medsdm range air £sfsase a^aiast bos- tile low or ee-liaffi altitale targets. Tine battalion's HAWT? missiles are also capable of destroying sooe types of mis- siks. FT. SILL, OKLA. — Pri- rale Lores I. Paonlrak, 20, son of Mr. aad Mrs. Irrin Pannkak, Roote 1, Tltocka, completed eight we*)ts of advanced artillerytral- oing Dec. 1 at the Army artillery and Mi&sile School, Ft Sill, Okla. w He was trained as a cap noo««r In field artillery. ill His training Locloded mai4» tenance and firing' of irtiller^ guns, howitzers and heavy mach- ln« guns. Instruction "was also given in ammonition hanffling -ARROW+ FENWAY CLUB 100% Cotton fhot tpn drie» 100% Cotton with the ipeciol Dwo-Neot* finith. Ftfwoy Club spin drie* »o a neat, cr«ate-f esitfont finiih that lost* a!! day long. A Soft rdl button-down collar. $5.00 -ARROW- DEaON Dtcfon ... luxury btcnd of /: --45% Doeron* pofywter :1; qW 35% cotton. Looks •j^ ffvot wilhovt ironing, |jeff«ct with fust a touch-up. Drake, soft, short-point collar; convertible cuffs. $7.00 ] i HAVE A CHRISTMAS PARTY ON US . AND A GOOD USED CAR, TOO "" W84 Cnr-rrolet Corvair 700 4 door sedan, 3 speed transmission, radio, TURQUOISE. 1964 v/°Ji«7 CUStorD 5 °° 2 door 8 * daa ' 8 c> ' mxler cnglQe ' staolard transmission, radio, " *• * * *S • 1963 Chevrolet Impala 4 door 9 passenger station wagon. V8 engine, Powerglide trans- mLsslon Radio, Tinted Glass, White Walls, Turquoise with white top, sharp, Low mileage. % DECTOLENE Dectolene...T(X)% Daeron* poJyejterr tricot, smooth, soft, porous, long wearing. Wash rt any way, it never needs ironing, not even a little bitl Glen, soft, short-point, medium-spread collar. $9.00 *Dv Pont JU 9 . TJA. -j^-~ f u- ?-, •*_, Choose hi* favorite sryie from our wide collecti6fiJf of perfect fitting ARROW shins in luxurious cottons and easy care wash-and-wear. We have button-downs, tabs or regular collars for your selection HAWM MEN'S PERMA-PRESS pre-cuffed only $9 Other in All Wool Daeron & Wool Slim and Regular .Stylet JACKETS Ponderosa Styles in Corduroy Melton Suede Cloth SURCOATS in Corduroys Tweeds Meltons DON'T KNOW WHAT TO ftlVI? 1963 2^,° let I 01 * 81 * 4 door sedafl< V8 en « lne ' P°»ergLtde transmission, Radio, EZ1 Glass, Low mileage. 1963 Chevrolet Bel Air 4 door Sedan, 6 cylinder engine, standard 3 speed transmission. 1963 Rambler 4 door Classic 6 660, Standard transmission, Radio, tinted glass, SHARP, .................................................... $850 1962 Chevrolet Bel Air 4 door sedan, V8 engine, powergllde transmission, radio/Light Turquoise " 1961 2?r J alrlane 4 door sedan ' 8 GREEN engine, automatic transmission, Radio, . . .$495 1963 Ford 4 door sedan, 6' cylinder engine, standard transmission, radio ...... $750 FREE ~, 4 ,,?Ju NERS AT CHARLIE 'S SUPPERCLUBON HIGHWAY 169 SOUTH OF ALGONA AT MORE THAN *™ DON ' T HI: 295-3554 AIGONAJOWA r******#*####l|#####*^ PROGRAMS OF RELIGION FOR YOUR ENJOYMENT SUNDAYS 8s45 - BETHEL BAPTIST CHURCH 9:30 - HOUR OF COMPASSION 11:00 - ESTHERVILLE LUTHERAN CHURCH 1;00 - CHRIST IS THE ANSWER SATURDAYS 10:30 - MESSAGE OF HOPE « h KLGA 1600 KC <N4****l****W^^ SHOP OUR GIFT BAR FOR THAT TRULY "DIFFERENT" GIFT GOLF SAR SIT. 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