Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois on September 11, 1972 · Page 5
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Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois · Page 5

Alton, Illinois
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Monday, September 11, 1972
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A • Alton Evening Telegraph Monday, Sept. 11, 1972 Americans support heavy bombings of North Vietnam By a substnatial 55-32 per cent, a majority of likely voters support the continued heavy bombings of North Vietnam by the United States. And by 64-22 per cent, the mining of North Vietnamese harbors by this country is also backed by American public opinion. The rationale behind public thinking is that "by mining harbors and bombing, the North Vietnamese will come to peace terms faster," a view held by a 53-32 per cent margin. In addition, by 74-11 per cent, a lopsided majority supports President Nixon's contention that "it is important that South Vietnam not fall into the control of the communists." Thus, by a 47-35 per cent margin, a plurality of the public now opposes a coalition government in Saigon, "if that were the only way we could get peace in Vietnam" — the widest ijjurality in opposition to such a coalition -solution the Harris Survey has recorded since March of 1971. Yet these results from the 'latest poll of 1640 likely voters, conducted in persons across the country between Aug. 30 and Sept. 1, tell only •half the story about the profound shift that has taken place in the past month in American public opinion about the Vietnam war. Much of the renewed credibility of Nixon policies on Vietnam can be traced to the succession of statements and campaign tactics of Senator George McGovern on the issue. Back in May, by a substantial 54-21 per cent margin, a majority of the voters agreed that McGovern "deserves Credit for being against the Vietnam war before other politicians," Yet, now in September this credit has shrunk to no more than a 42-41 per cent edge, a dramatic drop of 32 points in the margin paying tribute to McGovern's early stand against the war. Contributing to this decline in confidence in McGovern on Vietnam is the 58-18 per cent disagreement with the recpnt statement by the South Dakota Senator in effect that "the U.S. was more brutal in its bombings than the communists when • they occupy purts of South Vietnam." By 56-15 per cent, the votes also feel that it was "wrong for McGovern to predict that if he wins the White House in November, General Thieu will flee South Vietnam and a coalition government with the communists will take over," By 4920 per cent, a plurality of the voters simply do not give credibility to the charge by McGovern's running mate, Sargent Shriver, that "the Nixon Administration blew a real chance to achieve peace in 1969, just after it took office," even though the Shriver charges were backed up by Averell Harriman and Cyrus Vance, the negotiators in Paris under President Johnson. By 51 to 26 p e r c e n t, a majority of the public does n o t agree with Sen. McGovern's charge that "Henry Kissinger's travels to Paris and Saigon were no more than a publicity stunt that falsely raised hopes for peace." By 42-25 per cent, a plurality of the voters agree with the Nixon Administration's, claims that "by sending Pierre Salinger to talk to the North Vietnamese in Paris, McGovern was harming efforts by Kissinger to negotiate a settlement." By 49-32 per cent, a plurality of the voters also does not go along with the claims of former Attorney General Ramsey Clark, after visiting North Vietnam, that "the U.S was engaged in immoral and inhuman bombings of hospitals, dikes, and other non-military targets which should stop." The irony of tfiese results is that by an overwhelming 76-21 per cent the American people favor "bringing home all U.S. military, naval, and air forces from Vietnam." And when measured against his 1968 pledge to end U.S. involvement i n Vietnam, President Nixon is scarcely out of the woods. Repeatedly, t h e Harris Survey has asked cross- sections of likely voters: "Do you tend to agree or disagree that President Nixon has not, kept his pledge of 1968 to end U.S. involvement in the Vietnam war?" TREND ON NIXON PLEDGE TO END U.S. INVOLVEMENT IN VIETNAM Not Pledge Not Kept Kept Sure Sept. 44 46 10 July 50 42 8 April 48 40 12 Although ' in this latest Harris Survey for the first time a plurality express the view that the President has kept his pledge to end U.S. involvement in the war, the margin who feel this way is no better than a narrow two points. In sharp contrast Is another question which asked voters: "If you had to say, which candidate would you feel most in agreement with in his approach to bringing home U.S. troops, naval, and air forces from Vietnam ~ George McGovern or Richard Nixon?" MOST AGREE WITH IN BRINGING U.S. FORCES HOME FROM VIETNAM Total Voters % Nixon 51 McGovern 33 Not Sure 10 Slowly, President Nixon is rallying public opinion back to his position on Vietnam. But up to this point in the campaign, he has been material aided and abetted by the statements and tactics of his opponent for the White House. Sen. George McGovern. Now...Plastic Cream Invention For Artificial Teeth Artificial Teeth Never Felt So Natural Before Now. forlhcl'irsttime.scicnceoffpr^a pl.'istic cream that hotels rienltirc 1 ; ;is i»r. er before-- forms an elastic membrane that helps hold them In Ihr nnturnl Hssuts of yniir mnnlli. It'-, a unique discovery called FIXODENI* that. hn=i revolutionized denture wearing. It \ri* von hitp harder, chew better, eat. more naturally FtxnnF.NT lasts (or hours KesisU moisture. I'ciifurc; that (it. nre e.-sentiril to health See your dentist renularly. f.ct f.a«y-to-ii-.f: KixouENT UerHuKt Adhesive Cream. 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