Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois on April 13, 1961 · Page 25
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Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois · Page 25

Alton, Illinois
Issue Date:
Thursday, April 13, 1961
Page 25
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Alton New* E vent* COMB of S. Rodgen Plans figure in Council Meeting A ^yi^^^^^ ui^tt^^^^ itpun Hsung estimates of Ow S. RodReTs ave- ,Hu* invproVewenl proposal was received In the Oty Council Wednesday flight. ^ ^ Comment appeafwi ffnst fsv* orable on a pten that wooM see a 44-foot pavement tram Milton road to Jackson strut, continuing on Jackson to Lttcflte street, terminating at Collet* avenue. Cost estimate of this would be tlOO.OOO, the report stated. The specifications' show that the pavement would be 44-foot wide with the middle 24 feet Of rock base and the parking sides of 20 feet of lighter base and surface. The job also would Include curbs and gutters. The report will be considered •STMlCHf OpMU at ?:•»—SUrts HI 7:4* HELD OVER TONITE thru SAT. CMMren Under II Not AOnttttd 3 FEATUIUGS FRL & SAT. Late Owl Show XDUC DOUGLAS AS "The Indian FJjthUrs" (Phtt CNtr Recnlar Program) TWO CAATOONS B0rr—Children Under U ^^ Playground. at th« ne*t meeting of the eoue- ell committee. Another proposal would ust the same specifications except the street would be run dfretHy to College. This would eat ihi east to $82.000. One other plan In the report would cost 1120,000 and carry the same specifications M tht $100.000 job but with a 44-foot pavement of solid rock base. Another set of plans carried a 176,000 and $100,000 cost estimates. The STB.OW plan would see the Improvement of S. Rodgers from Milton to College with a 44-foot pavement of light asphalt surface and the larger figure would be the same only of solid nek base. It also was reported that the state division of highways has no Immediate plans for the railroad viaduct work on Col jlege. Councllltien had requested that before detailed plans were made for S. Rodgers it should be determined what the state to vo wHk we s. with Also itfei'rtd to fce oounet oammitttt was a plan to 44 (eel Washington svemie to tte Bdttm Highway at an tatlmated cost of JNB.OOO. The report also carried a trat fie eoum wMeti showed th« frorrt MareD « to April M the following daily twata of DC Mcloi tnovca: Brtwetn MlHol and Brown stntt, 4,926; tit* ^^^^^ «%4MMBM aittlj flttM4IWkM iwevn Brown miu snerman street, 3,883? between Mortisci sli'eet and JscRsofl, 3,72ft! am between Jackson and College 1.918. Movie Scheduled at CurtUe Baptist Phone CL 4-416* No Parking Problems at Roxana Frt, Sat, Moit. Continuous from 7P.M. Sun. Continuous from 1 PJH. FBI* SAT* SUN., MON. Sophia Lonn, Maurice OhevMter, j^ohn GMtn "A Breath tfSoanlil" Color 9-M Bex Reason, Nan Leslie "THE MIRACLE OF TNE HILLS' 1 8:08 Grant Williams. Carole Mathews "13 FIQHTIMQ MEN" 7:00 Selected Shorts BEL*AiR MIB> fAMtaiCAl oaivs-wsl NOW THRU TUESDAY QJZABEnilYUt UtOKNCE HMNEY EDWERSHER BUTTERRELD 8 PLUS! Ava Gardner , "THE ANGEL WORE RED" TONIGHT Formerly Alt-Wood D. L Dick Shawn, Diane Baker "WIZARD OF BAGHDAD" , OPEN f:3S—START 7:M OPEN 6:80 — STARTS 7 PJtf. TONITE! LAST TIMES! At 7:$5 and 9:35 Plus: "Mysterits Of Tha DeipP. STARTS FRIDAY! FIRST RUN! THE TRUE STORY OP THI IN THE WORLD OF CRIME! Shown 7:15 and 9:15 CARTOON and SPOKTHC'OPE OPEN 6:30 FBI.. SAT., SUH. RINCESS* 2 OF THE SCREEN'S TOP STARS! Dr. George Hew, a Bunker Hill physician, will Show the movie, "The Crimson Shadow' at the Curdle Heights Baptist Church, 503 Milton Rd., Saturday, 7 p.m. The meeting is sponsored by the Young Adult Training Union. Refreshments will be served. Edwards St. Opening 'Killed'by Council The City Plan Commission's recommendation that the opening of the east end of Edwards street be excluded from the six- year Motor Fuel Tax street improvement program was filed hy the City Council, Wednesday night Councilman J. V. Springman asked, "Does this kill it?" City Counselor J. W. Hoefert answered, "Yes." Councilmen Get Parade Invitation Members of the City Council received a formal invitation at Its meeting Wednesday night o appear in the Upper Alton Memorial Day parade. One councilman asked, "Does this mean the old or the new council?. 1 -' The ...present council's term will end on April 28. East Junior FT A Sits in on Class Fifteen members of the Future Nurses of America Club of East Junior High School sat n as observers at the educable mentally handicapped class of Lowell School, Wednesday. Purpose of the projct was to develop..interest in the club members in different fields of teachinf, a school spokesman said. Girl Has Party On Birthday ] Cindy Sterling was honored jon her fifth birthday Tuesday ! evening at the home of her par- lents, Mr. and Mrs. Golden Sterling! of Gulp lane. The young guests wore masquerade costumes. A birthday cake and gifts dominated the serving table. Attending were: Randy Taylor, Marlene, Gene and Vicki Blasingim, Marsha Kilmer, Cathy and Bruce Funderburk, Vicki and Danny Leggett, Debbie and Rickie Hawkins. Upper Alton Area Scouts to Meet The Upper Alton area Neighborhood Scout meeting will be held Monday at the East Alton Community building. Theme will be "New Council Coverage" including the new program level for girls. Members wishing transportation are asked to meet at the Bank of Alton, Washington avenue and Edwards street, at 1:30 p.m. In other soout news: Brownie Troop 83 from Thomas Jefferson School visited the Chairney Ceramic Shop in Wood River, Wednesday. Part of the troop went last week. The girls rtnfrtatted Jane BWaWa OW 8oeot . m ttttttd QramV In 81 LMW ottMBF laat Inrtdayi »...•» ^*^j*Jk' lUm. Jb J|Hj&Ua|^t ttffta^A nuowftt oy • iauBn« RON era, out latter and tr Hitmbtri ot Open Dally 6t80. Start 7 p.m. Adult* aoo—Kiddle* »5e .Matinee Sat. mid Suu. TONIGHT THROUGH SATURDAY IVININO) •town »t ftitt pan. Abbott * Cwtolla Mariorie &Uia "THI WI$HFUl WIDOW OF W4QOM e^P" ttbowit «t 7:99 juu. ttbwrt &ibJw;U 7 nou. Also last Pi-May, Girl Scout Troop 193 wwft on a hike to It itha^a alBaaaiaa*b HOM vpno* had a «x* out. AlHMBng were leaden, Mrs Mar* Witt and Mrs. Juanita ind scouts, Glennlta Owen Heater, Jeanette Kasstor, Zona Wohlert, Pamela Sttltt, JuBe Edelin, Linda Baker, and Jesse Qulley. Hillcfeet Church to Mark Spcdal Day Special servicet In honor of Olivet Naiarene College, Kanka kae, HI., will be held during the observance of National Christian College Day at the Hillcrest Church of the Nazarene, Sunday, the Rev. Robert Weathers, pastor, announced today. The theme of the pastor's Sunday morning message will be "Christian Education is Everybody's Business." The young people's program at 6:45 p.m. will present the values of higher education In a Christian college. During the day, special recognition will be 'given to present and former students of Olivet aio-ytar __te «*d ftwflftita for an additional v Wi) piaiia to add two science buiMlnt, fine arta build- intt and a ttodtnt union.buflo !ng at an awmwhttatf cost a $3,000,000. Jorta* Johmon Home A city permit has t*«n Issu* clearing the way for the razing of the two story home of Mt* Jonas Johnson, 824 Washington Ave., where « large apartmert building will be erected. Start ot the wort* wffl be after April 21 when MM. Johnson plans to move to 908 ton. whjch she owrts. She will continue to conduct the aft shop at the new address, she said. The apartment project will In elude three buildings containing 43 units. Mrs. Johnson said- the home that will be leveled is the old Frank Levis estate residence. The architectural firm of Bert Luer, nephew of Mrs. Johnson* is designing the apartment buildings. Woman Hurt in Mishap on Humbert Mrs. Rosamond R. Patton, who are members of the Alton!3221 College Ave., suffered a congregation. Bill Shaw, member of the. church, is a freshman at Olivet. The college is one of six liberal arts colleges owned and operated by the Church of the Nazarene. Its student body of about 1,200 come from 28 states and nine foreign countries. 28 laceration of the left knee in a mishap between two automobiles in the 3000 block of Humbert street, Wednesday afternoon, police reported. Mrs. Fatten was headed north in Humbert and turning into a driveway and a car operated by Richard J. Gentry, 2418 Gayle denominations are represented! Ave., was- southbound when •flMfMMl fVWK VM t ProtW ' 41 wt ProtW OStf •am • ' ,. sha *•* tttetei at ' * rkffitef Gun on Man A 4fa^^^ i^A^h^ ' .A^ftA ' t^M d^M iann IWIKI wm ,PBIVQ on counts after he pHB«« a pistol Gem B«dde,.«fr tjnploye at the One4Rop StMip station, K. Broadway andWiSng street, Wednesday, f:16 ftlh., police Sported. William Edward Morey was fined 918 and costs on a peace disturbance charge and $25 on a concealed weapon! charge in police magistrate court this morning. dde said Money pulled thf weapon as he entered the service station office with a com panion and both then suddenly fled. Police apprehended him through a description and a tip. The weapon was recovered and found to be a blank gun. * Auxiliary Plans South Roxana Sale SOUTH ROXAtfA-^The Dad's Club Auxiliary will sponsor a bake sale Saturday at Charley's Market at 8:30, a.m. Proceeds vill go to the' American Can cer Society. There will not be house-to-house canvass for *unds. The meeting of the auxiliary has been changed to the third Monday of each month. firemen Plan Fish Fry SOUTH ROXANA — were continued for a fish fry May 20 at a meeting of volunteer firemen Tuesday evening during a meeting which was attended by 17 members. Plans ed RoxanaGirl AwardedTwo Scholarships DavM C. Lehwalder, S Shell *ti«e, Dai feeiif fwflftad that hi tfte recipient of ffto fhfp' awards from Knox Collet*, Oaletburg, and fltto an honoraty DifKott itatv Sh* ww mwanltd the dlstinguHb •d Knox alum* na« scholannlp which is ed on the battt of strong cha> acter, high scholastic capflcity, sertee of sodal responsibility and the generally «• csDent pton of becoming a leader, bom In college and to national life. This scholarship is granted for four years as long as the redolent demonstrates that she is profiting from her op- ty. In addition she was one of two yvlfliwrn of the Herbert E. Griffith chemistry prize scholarships at Knox which is awarded to the winners of a special competitive examination. Miss Lehwalder is a finalist in the Illinois state scholarship competition and is the recipient of the 3ausch & Lomb science award for her outstanding record in science and mathematics at Roxana High School. She is attending the advanced chemistry course sponsored by Olin Mathieson Chemical Corp. at Alton High School. Miss Lehwalder is active In dramatics at Roxana High, Is a member of the National Honor Society, Thespians and the Quill Found Ailwp In Family Auto hour Btatvh wr -A cast of hew. night ended _ in. when a the girl asfei of the family car, Object of tM leawh Mary Ann Johnson, dtoghter of Mr. and Mrs. OTvffle " residing on Marittt rotd, east of Edwardsville. Sheriff's deputrti John Urbin and Virgil Chandlif, dttpatclgd to the Johnson honw, reported the girl was found Jcrst as thty arrived. Her partnts had feared she had met with fdul play or had fallen into an old well or abandoned cistern in their neighborhood, the deputies said. EDWARDSVILLE—One area resident was admitted Wednesday to St. Joseph's Hospital, Highland, three patients were discharged and One birth was and Scroll. At Knox she plans to major In science. Ulttl al»o. watt, eteftdtfo tit|fy> TO oMaktns aw recorded. Born to Mr. and Mn, Dwtld Bowlw, t!> WMt rranWta, a danghtw, at 8:38 p.nv WMHNs* day, wafgm t ftottftdi, 7 oon^N. The mother to tnt fontttf Mta Smith. Mn. Marian semen, Matt 9, was admitted. Discharged were: Tttiy Albl and Oeraldln* AIM, 810 Ws»t Fourth; Mrs, Emma Hsinrteh, 627 North Kansas. DUKE BAKERY 819 Henry Dial HO MW FRESH BAKED QOODS DAILY Specfo/tee in Cokes If cows could MILNOT excellent in coffee I tkru Sat., SALE VALUES PROVE. DIMES ARE A GIRL'S BEST FRIEND! Vegetable Soup Mexican Chili Beans A&P Whele Potatoes Paper Napkins 4 Seasons Salt Topic or Milnot Tomato Paste Cut Green Beans Mustard Greens " Lf. O. Cjovt. JrmtftfctiJ GRADE "A" 2 to 2V2 Lb. Avg, American 0«aurf . Thi •uik I6-O*. Pkf. ot 60 •teht »r Iodised 26-Os. On. Tod Tin CofitadlM 6-O«. hue* Tin 16-0*. Tin lono Tomatoes Fancy White Hominy French Fries Pork 'n Beans Marshmallows lona Diced Carrots Kobey JS. Potatoes Bake-N-Krisp A&P Sliced Beets Tin IC-Oi. Ti« Ion* Frozen Pkg. Sultana 16-Os. Tin Firetid* t-Orr Pki. 16-0i. Tin ZVi-Oi. Tin Bacon Rin4 2-0*. Tin 16.0*. Tta Salad Mustard Elbow Macaroni Ann Page Spaghetti Pie Crust Mix White Vinegar Corn Muffin Mix Jiffy Hunt's Tomato Paste Saladettes Macaroni Aspirin Ann Pooo Ann PofO 9-0*. Pk«. Thin or aofl. My.T-Flna 9-0*. H|. Ann Pat* ft. BtL Pkg. can 7-oz. 5 Grain 100 in usr FRESH FRYERS WHOLE Lb. Chicken Breasts Quick- Fronn 99* Chicken tegs Quick- Frown All fryers offered in Super Markets mutt bt U. S, Gov't Inspected as required by law ,. * All A&P Fresh Fryers are not only U. 1 Gov't Inspected BUT Graded "A" for the finest quality! Don't be misled ... If o Fryer isn't GRADE "A/ 1 ifs not the finest quality . . . A&P offers only GRADE "A"! A&P BACON IS BETTER! Thick-Sliced Bacon Thick-Sliced Bacon Right" "Swotf- Right" 97* Allgood Sliced Bacon Sliced Baoon Thin-Slicri "Suptr-Rijhr £49' £53' Bantr Flovor! Betttr Nutrition! B«tt«r Sflactionl Youll morval et tfce wondtrfgl flavor of A&P'$ truly iup«rb bocon. Evtry Itqn ond rtndar ilie« ii luoor-curtd end h«rdw9ed«smokad ... for fraiaatN, for bottar flovor, for biggtr lavingi ,,. try M Supar-Ri«ht M fad All«ood ioconl BANANAS ....... Lb. 10c Asparagus 19c Iceberg Lettuce 2 u ^25c Cueumbers ^ 219c Tomatoes S 29c "19o New Potatoes — 5"i9e Joni Porkir Rio. 49e ^• Oomntle Held or 'iice CQNTAOUIA Strawberries Um Nu Apple Fw Swiss (pheeta Clinf Biseuitt (tNtefir @5 10 iW

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