Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on March 30, 1927 · Page 7
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 7

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, March 30, 1927
Page 7
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MEWS t mum r , (Mrs. T, F; l^cnlan ) Mor. 29.—Pfor. Mrsi. IM^nA purcntai very: ill DiirncH land fanitly ^ of FliMit ih'f week eiirtnt the mnU\ hbrno. GcorRC Stout liaB boeS the past week "'with. puetijnonia. .Mr. aiul Mr.--. AJIret! Rogers, who nro louring the South, ina still at Corpus Christi. The fak report •was that Mrs. Rogers whs better anil they intended tb go to the Valley before iiuiB. 1_ .Mrs. £;rii!?st ^Hclins 'rcccl Suntlfiy (hat her Ijpqlher Gljilc was vcri-' ill' and a scriouR operation might have to l ?c "pqctormefl-to save bin life. His leg will have to be amputated at the jhip. Four or, the King children and Lawfence I BJeasles. Mr. and the GiKen now haivc • ' Mrs. A. h. Wilson motored to ilumboldt jWednes&ay and purGhasert| enough tile to build their new house wJilbh they expect to erect In-April." : _^ ' After spending Beyerai weeks with his grahdpjarebts. Mh andlMrs. O'Hara, lilllc Rayinqnd ,Joties; Jr.. returned to his home Saturday. Karl GUliland, XVJlhur Helms* Chester, Oi:vll s^nrt Glen Denny, 1-Voyd aim 'Rex Helms took their dinners and went oil a picnic and flshiag-trlp Sunday. They stopped for a <few minutes' and called on Mrs. Cal Morrlson'at Moran. While out cutting hedge Saturday Jjqyd Wilson accidentally cut his foot. In making a downward Blrokc with the a* II slipped and cutting through his shoe If cut quite a dcepi gash just: behind the biK.toc scvj-rlns an artery. He wa.s about a quarter or:a mile from . the .houHP-bul he wnlkod as rapii^ly (t^ posHlblc; Hy the; ilnio !«• iir- rived ho hnd.loKl «<> much Wood |i<' Wis lieglnning to feci fiiint. .Mts. Wilson ailmiJilHlererl a first aiil. t.v- ing ;i tourniiuci ahovn the ciit. A Cc .loiiy dottor was called and he is rvstiUK as well as could be expected. The llellns ix^ys are doing hi.s chores. I .Mru. \V. iW. CUairllon and daiiRh- UT Kutli. Harry Ander .soii and .Mar- Successfully tUlS AND QU«N AND X WIU- 06 H0«me <5cw JOBS For thirty years the Copc- land Treatnients for lingering and Chronic Diseases have} proven, a boon to suffering humanity. •Tired and discoyr^gedi peo- . pie have found the relief ^ey * were looking for. The reason for oijr great success is that our tiieatment.s aire diffei-ent from / ihe brdinary remedies carried in stock by all drug .stores land dispensed by the medicill profession. Our medicines .and treatments .are manufactured^ in our own lab- oratoj-V under our own special proce.^sea and forrfiuias and cannot be,duplicated by any , ti>ther| doctor,; druggist, ho.s- pital pr inKtittitc.. In order to - give every; sufferer, an oppor- - tunity to receive this wonderful seVvico we are .sending .specially educated physicians tb (liagiiose your troubles and demonstrate ;our treatme'nt«. Diabetes aijid Postetie , Troubles 4 We now consider them curable t'rbubles. Chlorine Gas The" wondpr treatment for Catarrh, Asthma, Deafness • and Lui^ Trouble. Consultation, examination, .and a trial treatment FREi; I( yoji suffer from any chronic disease, dcfonnlty, hidden or doubtful ailments. _be sure to receive this oKaminatibn. We will tell you your trouble without asking a question We have treatments for you I^bGumatisni. Xervout^nei ^s, Uall Stones. .Female Trouble, Goitre Spinal. Stomach. Liver! Kidney Stileeit. Blood and speci;;! jlLsease of men and women. Piles. Constipation am;' Uectai Diseases cured under a Gii rantee No Cure—No Pay • ! »' f ' Our expert Diagnostician v. .;i be g[ at the" Portland Hotel l^ne Day Only HEAVYS^UNG OFOI^tODAl .Uiisettles Market THoug^ Same Stocld Advance i Against: Trend. _ —'•— I i New Viirk, March 3t». • (AP)— [Heavy selling of oils and low' priced motor shares, based on unfavorable ,'developnicnts in those Industries unsettled, loiiay's stock market. Wiile a number of stocks continued Jto niove against. Ihe general trenid. there was a noticeable slackening of Ihe'strong demand . for incbt shares, many of which ostab- llhhed new high records earlier In the week. . The liqjiidation, of Ihe oils, wa> inspired largely by tlio omission o dividends 091 I In- I'an-.Vmericiii Western .\ jJltd H stocks. Weak;iii 'ss -of (ho ImotoiH rellccicd the disappointing .sales of .some of th • snjailer comp .Miles. and also denial < of:some of the recent merger rti- niOTs. The wciikl.v steel trade reviews were mixed in characlw. The iron trade review exjiresscdj the.opijiicn that a period of declitiing pro«lu<- tion was at-hand, while the Iron Age pointed out that tl ^ere were no .Signs of a luilisldeiK -e in either d - mand- -or production. Freight car' loadings in the week ended Marcl) 19 crossed ihe millicn mark for the second conseculi e week. ! , Further accumulation of DeJ i- warc and Hudson was accompanied by unconhrnied rumors of an early announcemeiit of a plan ,for tie segregation of treasury assess Shares "of stJnie of the trunk line systems showeil a tendpncy to fall' back on realizing! pf an Army in Glima K'fuist.'i (.'il.r (losK Kansas Citi', .Mar. ;!0. i(AP» Clo^c: Wheat. Mav old ?1.2T;-.M ly nevi. S1.26»j,; July $1.21?4. Corn, -Vlay 12c} July TSricj Se])t. TBiic- . ... ••'•]•! ; KuiiKas City (>'ra(n. :* Kansas City. Mar. ;!0, (.VPk'— Wheal, receipts ."iS cars; unchan.dcd to '>^.c.-lower; So. 2 'dark hdrd $1.27 1.3-1 "w; Xo. 3 $1.2«VJtg 134; X'o. 2 hard %1.27Vb<(il.-i*: No. 3-W.26'^@i.:u: Xo. 'it^ca |i.2fc® 1.27; Xo. .3 $1.2.5@)1.26. !j Corn. Unchanged; .No. 2.whilCji70 ?^71'^c; Xo.;! 6.-.V..#69c; .\o. 2 fellow 73 ^17.") Viic; .\o.- 3 71'L'.li^73%c; •V-j. 2 mi.\cd 69f/t2c;' .\o. 3 (jp 'Ti eyi /^c. Oats, unchanged; No. 2 w KY-ttiiHl^c.: m>. 3. 43VJ'<''47C. ,Mllo niaiJ^o ?l.Mrflil.22. KaCli $1.(55)1.IS. Rye, X-JiiiJiOH^c. Barley 77&78c. Iiitf AiictlMi.<t| f UUUIU AUCTlON-f Public auction every [Saturd.ny at [1:00 o'clock; at BL-shop'si. 8alji» Pdfilion.! PUBLIC AUCTlON-i-I. will seli .at^ j^ublic\ auction, at Bishop's Sales Pavlljon. Saturday, April 2, a.'t 1 p. m.j 7 head ofv good horses, 5 head golod milk cows, some gbod calves, chickens, 25 head of hogs; 3 automobiles, wagons, buggies, harnj^s,. farni m'achiriery; Idts .of small tools, and all kinds'of good Jiousehoid furniture. C. S. Bishol). Auctloincer. i ^ ; AUTOMOTIVE Anlo^noMIe,. Agencies: HUnSON -ESSBX—Smiles and Service. Bud White . Motor Co.. 1219 • Sonth Washlngloii. Phone_180^_ Aatonmbilcs Cor Sale 11 AKHOPLANK—Curliss J. X. -liD; motor fn excellent condition, jshlp bi(s never' been cracked. A bargain for $450.00. n. T. Harbc'r. DJiPRXDAT ^LlF 1!SKD CAlks—192C Hudson ci[)n(ili; a 'real; snappy Buk* roadster, four newitlres; a roHl clogc-oul In a 192:? ' Biiick loiirin^. Foril louring, and a Maxwell Sedan. ' Marr Auto Supply Co., Biilck Dealers".; Help ' ... I t»AGE SBV15 M4|RftIEDMAN-tWanted tb -Wo . oh farm. 56c mc at once. Pr .Vltblmqnist. Vatea! Center. Kajta. FlNAriciAL" tJ L<wnj-{y< M ohey t<i Loanj—iyorigagcs FARM LOAiNS—Quick Bervlce reasonable 1 rate^. { A. D. thonia_21J S. I^Tasliinstoii. MONEY TO LiOANf-Prlvato .ABstern mi mey tb iloan. on Vkrn rtBtlSclty property. Lo* Irat Terms aaii paynkeht to suit rower, Stewart i&! Funk. I-:ARM AND Cl-TY I^ANSHl rate on fahns. B^. city 6%. , _ or sliort tlitnc. R| M. CunnJn^aro, lloriies t'BltlP, I Vehicles m cows—3 iood ones, 1 freaji, ||2 .Icrseys fresh soon. S. E. MpOiin- nfs, 420 North "Elm. FOUR MUI ES 3 broke and 1 JI .ES—4 linil 5 yean old Before the victorious rush of tlio Cantonese forces, tlie armies oC Is'orUi, .China quickly melted away.i Here Is pictured the flight of a Chinese regiment along the road' near Haijgchow. A; great hole! where the road was: shelled Is •howu iu the center of the picture. pounds $11.50: bulk ,fed offerings $9(B10; prractical veal top $10. 3 Sheep 4.000: .SS to 199 pound loi- cally fed fall-shor)a California spring lambs arouiid. 25c higher, .$14(^14.25: wooled lambs' and sheep slow, about steady $15.50 paid for woolen lambs: some heTd considerably higher; shorn Texas wethers $9.25; Texas goats $5..60 ^'6. i ; Cfalrngo (Jriiln. 'ChJiago, .Mar. 30. (API--Clbai Wheat: May $1 .33% to 7«: to iSi: Snpl. $1.2f.%. luly luly ;Corn: May 72io Vifi 'Ac: 78'ic; Sept. 79% to 80c. .Oafs: .May 43-'54 to TH : Jpiy 44 «iV>i<-: Sept. 43r. " , iRye: May $1.«0T*:, July 9^%c; Sept. "96c.; . ' Kansas mt Lhcstofek; . Kansas City, Mar. 30. (Uilted Statei Department of Agrlcdlt'ure) Hogs 8,500i: uneven, steady, toi I6c lower than Tuesday's averag'e; fighter weights showing most de- CHiife; stock pigs steady $11,60J? i2.m: topi $11.50 on 140 to 150 pouniis: idesirable 170 to 230 bounds mostly $10.60@li.l5; 140 to lt;o pounds $11.25fi'11.5»: 240 ia 325 pound butchers $l0 10«i .10.55; packing sows $9(fi9.50. ; Cattle 6,500; calves $S; nicilium jweight and heavy steers fairli- active, strong to 15c higher; llight weight prferings. s\ov, blircly steady; other killing classes iiost- ly steady;, fat cows "slow; fairly large accumulation of steert in stockers and feeders divikioh: bulk heavy steers $12: few Ijthcr loads $H.50l?ih.75; choice! 1,290 €McaKo I.lveKtitdk. Chicago, Mar. 30. (U. S. Dept. of Agric,uliiM;c) Hogs 18,000; market slow; top $11.65 paid for strictly clioice 150 to liiO pound weight; hulk, belter grades 150 tn.^200. lb,, (iverages »IJ.15frli:Gfl: itie. heavier butchers $11.25e'll.(>5; most packing sown ,$9.50($,9.75: pigs $11.00® Il,5(t; light wel|jhti< downward to $10,50 or below; heavy woight at $]U.2G@10.75: medium $10.40$u n'.35: light $10.7C(rj 11.65; the light lii;hts $10.65Id 11.65: packing aows $9.25(?t'9.85; slaughter pigs $10.8S(f 11.50. ' I Cattle 9.000;! best 1.300 lbs. at $13.25: numerous load^ . $li;50ig 12;5ni bulk $9.50'fMl.?e; mosHy $9.50 *1 10.50 on light vealers; shippers $13.00^14.00; mostly $13.00.. ,Sheep • 12.000: early bulk woeleiJ lain 'lJS. $16.00@16.75; few god« heavy lambs $15.75@16; choice ^3 lb. /arabs held" above $16.25. Sbeep scatco. Market unchanged. iori Rogere were calling on Irene Penland Sunday atte'rnoon. .JThc south section of the ijadic!' .\id. inet with -Mrs. Frank-Nfwlon "Thursday afternoon. "They^ p lauj Jo meet at Xewlnn's nextlweek. ' CLASSIFIED ADTF.RTI8- TNG fNFOKMATION. rT .ASSIFIKD r.ATBB , Pnlly rate per lino fnr consecutive .nsertlons: -t Charm C*!<h 81s dajra 7c «c "Farce < days 9c Jc fl;v> «Uy .....12c lOc Minimum charge. Sfic <>n any ad. Minimum cash. 30c. LATE .DODGE—Busine^i toupe, cxcelltMit condition,' very" reason- ablv priced ; no trade. Marr.'227j Phone Geo. OAKLA.M) — Dealers — PONTIAC '26 poi'tiac coupe, good as new; '25 Chevrolet touring, like new; '24 Fortl, roadster: "22 Fbrd coupe, goo<l: 'IS Ford coupe, tiirap; '22 Hudson ' sedan, good shape; '21 Studebaker 4-pa.s.s. coupe, fine shape; '22 Dodge toupe; 'l.S bodge, (tohr'ng, good. Soiree other very cheap cars. Cash, terms or trade. ;Hobart-SteeIe Motor Co. REAL USED CAR B.\RGA1.\S— 1926 Chevrolet coach; ,1925 Chevrolet coach; 192.5 Chevrolet roadster; 192.'; F. B. Chevrolet roadster; 1919 Chevrolet touring; 1923 Chevrolet ton truck; 1922 Chevrolet light delivery truck; 1923 StarJ roadster; 1925 Star touring; 1926^ Star touring: late model Star six touring; late model Stai* six coupe: late model Star fo|ir sedan: 1924 Es'sox coach: 1918 Dodge touring; 191S Chalmers toiirihg; Ford touring. B, T.Barber Oar­ age. 211 West street. Phone 515. 1925 FORD TOIIRI.NG—New paint, new tires, motor In first class mechanical condition. Third pay. mcnt down, rest term.s. Boyer .Motor Co., 212 S. Jeff. Iltone 23. OXFoSb lugs, J12, Strong, Mk»ran. « WHITE KHOATS—H. G. Ticc ,J% south. 1% west of Moran. Phpno 1605, Morbn. i „..^ „,... - halter tie. S. K. I Robert^, Colony, Kaii'ii phone; 30-p. ' ' ' EWES-|-Comlng kcaH- 00 per head. 'VValter ) lbs., will farroTJ- ree" weeks: three hor.seS; 1 14-lnclj 1 sei work! harness; 100 frbm exra walk- 20 PIGGY |sOWS4Welght fr^m Ib.s. to 31) one to tl good work ing plow]; two sadd: cows, just . . ^ f:om two to six weeks./ Will, sell lime < r trade for other «atJLle. J. C. Butcher. i_ ies; 10 1 extra goo fresh; 110 will be flrioslf JJVESTOC^ Wanteia-^Tei8to<?k[ PASTURE—For several jcbvfs; open ^ApHl 1st Kelley Fbrnj,' niile east t of Kentucky street.! Phonp 962F3. WANTED TO PASTURE— About .10 head cattle or colts. Phoiie 18-18, Moran. ; ' ! ^ I MERCHANPiSE Arttcles For Sale SI CHUNK WOOD—For sale. ;$2.50 .In timber or $3:251 deliyered. A. J, Swinford. Phone 5iq. i _J Business and (J|fflce Equlpihent M TYPEWRITERS—New and slightly nsedi ; A variety to selett from. Terms if cjeslried. Williams Type- wrltef Co.y R^om 10. i over Globe. Farm Eqntpment DISC HAftROW— JohnI De^re, with >.«>nguc truck, a. barga .fn dt $18.0ft. Allen County Implement [Co. EMERSON SULKY PLOW—Oliver walking plow,: both 16-inth. Wal«»!> Strong. Moran, K!aiisi FncI, Feeij, F^rtlikers M WELL ROTTED MANlfRE—For iflowers, gardens and lawns. J. C JButchcr. I TT mrk In Ponllry and Supplies BABV CHlCKSt-^Vhlte Ro<[ks sale, t .50.'; Xcrtjh j Third^str^el. BABV CI^ICKSi-S. C. Friday and Sunday, 'Phone 9^5-13. | Reds], ready each. lOd BA^.V CHICKS—From large it modern hatdury in southeast K-*^"'" slate accleditcd chicks for i»ald for [straight run chicljs. Jt42Fll, Jola, ICansas. B.\BY CLICKS—Why buy when yriucansfet State Acer ert chickb for $12.00 per 10)? 192c CHRYSLER •70" SEDAN— 1926 Chrysler I "68" coach: 1926 Overland sedan: 1925 .Mrfxwnll club' coiJ ip; 192C Ford road.sicr. We tradcv Ross Arbiickle's C>a-- .oRe, Chrysler Dealers. Phdno .V?. '26. FORD 'FoURlfNG- Wire uhcdi, newf balloon tires, new blue o^l finish paint, good top, curtains • opeii with doors, motor In In ex- c»llcnt shapp. This car is guaranteed, and is a real buy. Third down, balance easy ternjs. McCarthy Motor CO., 212 South Warth- Ington. Phone 893! ;"_ A««« Accessories, Tires, Parts 18 CHEVROLET . PARTS—Both new and nsed, a Big stock. B. T. Barber Garage, 211 West strelet. USED EARTS—Some parts for All cars, all parts for some cars, lola Wrecking Co. " horn eg 49 for :ai^sas, piliccs Call Household Goods BUFFET-^DInjng table, bed table, 9il2 Axminlster versa! electric cooker, niusic net. .Tames Lane, 218 tonwood street. Phone OAK SIDE BOARD—(Joo l, for sale ^ ._u..„.J.- S24 South cheap, street. C. H. Arbucfcle, :>9 . library rug, Uni- c^bl- ^outh Cot- 597. ' SEE US^For bargauiii in gas ranges, kitchen cablrietst and floor rug.s. Ilenninger's Furni|ture Store. USED FURNlTURE-lHiph grade; oil stoves; cook stove|; pianTs; phonographs. Easy j payments. Closing out Cook's Paints at cost. Curtis Bargain Storfe-^Harpe. REAl^ ESTATE FOR SALE To'ExehanRte—Biail Estate 88 EQUITY—In 5 room cottage for stock and fafm equipment..i Jack•son Realty Co., over Brown's Drug Store. FOR TRADBI—r have 2 SO-acre tracts that I will trade foi- lola residence at a' fair price, j Don't want much mortgage.. D. E: Watson, Bronson, Kans. LlIGALS Ing 10 ttcreit /ior« or leas, all .In Allen County, Kansas, ^nfd lands and tcncmenis boi sold without' (tppralsettcnt su ((«ry said Order of Sale. •. H. D, SMOCK, Sheriff 'of Allen Connfjr, Kan«as. By Kd J. Dunfce, Undersherlff. ^hcrirrs office, lola, Kan'bas March;30. 1927. (3J-304-(4;.6-13-20-27 vi tn >OTltE OF'APPOIMaESt fxecnter. » '; State of Kansas, Allen County, as. —»--"" ; •. . In the matter of the estate of, Elizabeth Williams, deceased, Jato. of Allen County, Kansas. NOTICE OF AmH.>T3IE>'T ; Notice is hereby given, that on the 25«i. day of March, A. D., 1927 the iiml'crsignedrjwas by the Pro- baie^Court of Allen County, Kansas, duly appointed and qualified as administrator- of the cstat© ol Elizabeth Willlatns, late or Allen. County, deceased. All partjes Interested in said estate win take notice- and govern themseliles accordingly. ' • ALFRED J. WILLIAMS, Exec ji tor. (:|)-30— r4 )-6-13 LE6ALS T l,eg»l Jiotkes 91 NOTICE OF APPOIXTMEST Admlnl-st^or. : State of Kansas, Allen County, ss. _ ^ In the matter 6t the estate" of Andrew Swiggett, late .of Allen County, Kansas. i XO-nCE OF APP0IST31ENT Notice [is ricrcby given, that on Ihe 21 day of March, A. D., 1927 the undersigned was by the Probate Court of Allen County, Kansas, duly appointed and qualified as Administrator of the estate of Andrew Swiggett, late of Allen county, deceased. All parlies Interested In said estate will take notice and govern themselves accordingly. C. A. SWIGGETT. Administrator. C!) 23-30 (4) 6. . YOU C.\N FURXlSH-^Ybur home, cheap by buying your ! turniture at Br.vson's Furniture. Store,. North Jefferson. ' i • - Mnsiral Merchandise - ,62 others :dlt- — ^ I- - . 'g- horns. $11.00 per. 100. .'Ccjme and se* wli: t wei have In' the chick -Toed lint. Sol Hot Oil Brooders, an 'jr size you \s^ahl. Custom Hatching. 4c >er egg. 220 We ^t stireet. Sturdy Chick Hatchery. EGGS—Binglc Comb BroWn ;s to hlitch, 6c abivc Silckley. P ion kct. .Mfs. Ola Kile Moran.'Kansas. EGGS White Wyandotltc, jfrom range [([lock, culled for typp| and production by state expe-t,.$8 per 100. Mrs. Briicc Armadost,|mlle east. ^1 south lola". Phohc 9i8-21. GEESE jEGCrS-~Two mll^s and half of Piqua HENS-Ul'y^ dotcn young While l.eghorn'hens. 1201 Jeffersbn avenye. j Phojie 9|79:32. iNHtllrj" UtaA SappUfs/ | 49 north HlQHBsir MAilK^T— Hlcea Pald tot' cipam, Onr tr ick 'and chicken at ybur s6r|vice to pIcM try.'BaJrker jProduce Ob. BUSINESS SERVICE Movlnff, 'Trncklny, {jilonige. CORR TRANSFER CO.—Packing, storage,! Ions I distance hanllng. Reasonable rates. Phone 140^_ _ ANNOUNCEMENTS . strayed,' Lost, Fonni ibe- .•!0x3>^ TIRE AND RI.M—I.«8t tween lola and the Cline lease or in lola. Return to - S03 XOrlh Wa«iiington.- lola. 10 Professional Scrrices 2S SURGERY —Medldtte. X-ray. J)r. F. Lenskl, Phones: office, 886; resldedce. 1126W. I- EMPLOYMENT Help Wanled^-¥nle SP. FAR.M H.A.\D — Wanted, experi- cnqed. good wages for right party- Box 6.1, Humboldt, Kans.. U. 1. eggs . and QUAl^llTy BtECTRIC W TCfiERY, Gas Ctty, Kkns. Custom hatfchlng. 3c per egg. jor 5c per cUck. Baby chicks heavy breed, $1! per 100: jjght hrced^. $10.50 per 100. WaniRd—Llro StwJk C0W6-- -A few good cows pasture. Olsoii's pastu Lallajipe. Won't be brecclv slock. B. W. phout lllRWj 11 Scott cows OUR PASTURE—Fpr open AprU 'first, $2.00 In advance. .1. P. Cop^nln^. PAStURE-iOn old Man miles ' montlljr southwest lola: .Phone 777, ultnr. Icoops aro up I poul- Pho. 658. 50 wanted to e joining responsible for Ben, lola street. Ivlll be her :montR WANTiSD TO BUY—All tie aiiid hbgs. J. C- (OLA HIDE, FUR^A Y^OOL , COMPANY ' lQet oar prices on POULTKYI AND EGGf IVe wtll cone after poi' B. A. 3oms m So. Ohio Flipi —Adv. GRjENNAN'S MAR&ET W I pay tli« folloirtBf, prices I Faair KfCft* -..;L, No. t EKJCJI — - IKp No. I EnoL l.'.c \r. I Wens — J 21c Sit, * lleBK ..l.-jCc £m^iudeik~ ":J : ".n: 6tmt HWei-J.----. 4— _^ jfand Old Cocks _."L .Illc We will cone after year pt nUry. Jf; F .Grennah ProcliKc Co .t^ jfonroeaM JEln Bk^an S76 . .• I loUli Kani, ^ ley j;arm 4 $i;|50 per GOOD PI.\NO—Will exchange for livestock. W. H. "VVood. LaHarpe. Kansas. ' i ' ' . Seadi, Plants, Floyers 68 NEW TIMOTHY SEED-f Recleaned.. 'Wm. Gwilllm. 3% miles east La­ Harpe and north phone 706, liallarpe. iof slab, or SEED CORN—"NYhltc', iio failure In S years; 76.'l>n' to a<re" last year| on upland. H. Bjtl:tcrl lola. Kans. (First piibllshed In the lola Dally Register March 3dal927.) SHERIFF'S SALE. The State'of Kansas, Allen County. S3. In the District Court, Thirty- Seventh Judicial District, sitting in and for Allen Cpunty, State of Kansas. PAUL KLEIN, Plaintiff • vs. ROBERT BQTCHA, et al. Defendant. By virtne'of an. order of sale issued by the clerk of the Thirty- Seventh Judicial Court; in and for Allen County. State of Kansas, in the above entitled cause, and to me directed and delivered, I will on the 30th day of April, A. D.. 1.927, at 10 o'clock, a. ni., of said day. at the south door of the court house In the City of lola. Allen County, State of Kansas, offer for sale and sell to the highest bidder, for cash in hand, the following described real estate, to-wit: That (part of the North one- half of Section 34, Township 24, Range 18, described as follows: beginning at the cen- "ter line; of the Neosho River Bridge, thence • running East .683.8 feet along the North line of'said Section, thence South at right angle 107S.S feet to center line of the Neo- .sho River, thence following up- the Neosho River In a .Northwesterly direction to the center line of the Bridge contaln- JiOTICE OF APPOIXTMEJ^t r I Execatbr. I i -: State of Kansas, Allen Cotinty, ai. ' f .•• In the matter of the estate ol Anna Gerdin, late of Allen County, Kansas. • \ NOTICE OF APPOINT.WEST Notice is hereby given, that on the 23rd day of .March. A. D.,il927 the undersignedj was by ,th«s Probate Court of Allen County, Kansas, duly appointed -and qualified as executor ojT" the estate" of Anna • Gerdin, late of Allen County, deceased. : All parties interested In said estate will take notice and govern themselves accordingly. DAN OLOF GERDIN, Executor. . (3)-30--(n-6-13 M'anted—To Bny (16 CHIFFONIER—Used thite maple. Phone 8. : ' 1 ' ilEAL ESTATE; FJOR RENT FAT d Lai Farms itnd land For Rent 7fi 80 ACRE—Far: close in. gra Powell & Co. well rnnti jmprived. See J. E.: 1 Honscs For Kent 7" HSUSE—6 room modern, 300 block oih South Wafehlngtoft. Phone 79. JACKSON, E. moderh house. Jackson. I 718-4Seven room Inquire 722 East THREJB R0O.M HOUSE^Electric lights, city wateri located at 598 South Chestnut. See M. A- SchUck. NOTICE OF EINAL SETTI,E.nKNT.t The Stale of Kansas, Allen ; County, ss. Iii.the Pmhate Cnnrt In and for ^ .Suld County. In. the matter of the estate of -Mary A. Haney, deceased. Creditors and all other persons Interested in ^he aforesaid estate are hereby notified that I shall apply to the Probate Court in and. for said county, sitting at this' Court House in lola, county of Allen, St^te of Kansas, on the 23rd and final settlement of said estate and for an orfrler finding and lad-. judging who are the heirs, de-'; visees and legatees of said deceas-.. ed. A. R. SLEEPER. Administrator of the estate of!M.\RY A. HANEY, deceased. • • (3) 23-3fl M) 6-13. • • NOTICE OF FINAL SETTLEMEXT The State of Kansas, Xilen]:^ County, ss. "In thei Probate Court in and fbrj said couhty. ' 1. In. the matter of the estate oti Hannah L. Shoemaker, deceased.* ' 'jrit Creditors and all other persons 'y\ interested in the aforesaid estate- are hereby notified that I shall ap- iS. .ply ^ the Probate Court in and for said County, sitting at the eoact house iti lola. County, of Allen, State of Kansas, on the 30th day^s?f of .March, A. D.. 1927. for a mi.J^ and final settlement of said estate. and for an order finding i and; ad-;;^^ jndginK who are the heirs,' de-^ 's visees and legatees of said deceas- 4 ed. . " , • R. F. SHOB.MAKER. | Administrator of "the estate of • # Hannah L. ShoemaHor. deceived, J-^ (3)-30—(4)-6-i:t-20 -. CLASSIjPIED DISPLAY Snbdrban For Rent ^'80 HOUS 3—Birn iindiS acres, chicken; houst, lots of " KcUe.- Thicalr fruit. 'Van Hyntng REA L Ekr^TE FOR SAL^ I HOases For Sale COTTAGE j— Five: room modern.; garage, easy terms. John Reutheri HOUSE—3 room, io ihe moved off lot. Phone 605.. I kinds cat- Bntcher. .MODfeRN |H0USB—^ine location, 6 rooms, closets, bath, pantry. . porches., garden. Humboldt, Kans. \D. C. Cation, EXCEPTIONAL USED CAR VALUES ! A Used Car Is as Dependable as the healer Wlio Sells It! j - t " ^ We have on hand at present the best a.ssortment pf nsed cara we ha,ve ever had that must beTnoyed ip make room for our new cars that are now coming In. ' v ' • i • • • • : i - i • 19«« DODGE SEDAN', looks and mns Hfee new. m» DODGE TOURLNG, a real valnc. 1955 DODGE COUPE, same IBS new; T > ' 19S3 FOBD tUDOK. fine condition. ; ^ 1996 OAIO/AIID I.A,\DAr £^l)rA ?r. at a bargain price. 1956 £8^X COACH, sllgligjr used. J8» FOltD BOADSTER, a real talne. Two 19& FOpDj fOtmiSGS, woHh the money. 8 .Good SerTf<«able Used Fofd TrniRk»i. Chea|). 1965 GBAMAJI l!!6-T0N tRUCK. like new. Teh other good cheap Ford tourings and roadsters that we must move. ; ' ' ^ ; . ' We trade or sell on easy terpis. 1 Dodge Brothers Cars—Graham Brothers Trucks ELLIS MOTOR COMPANY iU \. Washington (Open Evenings and Sundays) Ilione SOI BYBtOSSER

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