Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois on January 17, 1950 · Page 2
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Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois · Page 2

Alton, Illinois
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Tuesday, January 17, 1950
Page 2
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ALTON EVEHtKO TELEGRAPH Hawkins Jury i Being Chosen tef Wounded^ Gun Discharged WhenHeStumbles Apply New Law In Traffic Case T*ro Venircmen Oppose .. Pdnilal Putmlirnrn 'incurred shortly before noon to- lapitai i umsnmen ^^ wWle hunting wi(h a , 22 '"'' Icaliber rifle near the family home JERSEYV1LLE. Jan. IT 'Spe-.. i( , the Fosterbure community, of Reckless Homicide . . clal>-The ca-«* O f Lenard Hnwkms, . Dona | (! Henry L*u.v 20. «-«» f p|eaded inn ocent when arraigned alias Lucky Hawkins, was <-*>M ; brought by his parents. Mr. and ' f, Iondav afternoon in Circuit Court for trial In Circuit Court Monday - Mr ^ Henry Lau.x, to Alton MP- ; on a n 'indictment charging "reck-' by Judge L, E. Wilhite of Cariin- mr!T}a \ Hospital, where he was at- less homicide." returned by the; Ville. Hawkins is charcod wit>i u . nt j P a by a surgeon. j grand jury- last week in connection the murder of Albert Earl Cia r k p,j|, cc "said that they were In- j with the death Nov. 27 of John «. formed by Henry Laux that his ! Simon, elderly Alton proc«?r. - ' w "huntin, and fell when Disclosure of "» ""*L ct Of Boise Cily. Okla. Th« list of petit jurcrs summon-' SJ3n «as hunting, and fell when ed In the case was railori by Car- I titlrjm g his rifle which was i »«' " f "f . . v ff ^ i cuit Clerk Gebnre • T "<':" . toc ked. The fall caused the gun \ *°" rt a n °.!J n ^Yp W «rVaiKned on irdict- \VilhHe then ordered th« i' an ^ . to discharge, and the bullet struck | J*". "returned bv" the January ; excused from the courtroom whi.p. hlm tn lne Ieft 5 ^ e . He was i t(?rm of thc circuit Court grand i a motion to quash (he indictment founfl by his father who heard his ! j, jry | as , Friday. Was argued. Hawkins, a ceo m pa met-! by nis attorney, Frank A. Relsfter of .Tor- j sewilie was brought into thej courtroom by Sheriff C. E. Wed-i ding and Deputy Herman Kirch- j ner, j Hawkins listened attentively.' while Attorney Reisner nUackedJ the indictment, a faliint; to con-1 form to the statute, failing specifically to set forth the kind of weapon used and the nature of the wounds which caused the death of Ciark. State's Attorney Alvin Petitt answered Reisner. Judge Wilhite snouts for aid. Judge Kinney Candidate for • Retiomination Simon was fatally injumi la'.* i the night of Nov. 26 when stj.ue* I by an automobile driven by H*L1- , runs; as the elderly p:\ver arrf fc'.s , wife were crossing Washin^on »t ; Sanford near his hc-sr.e in As'pr., ' He died at 1 2o 3 m.. N>v '^. a! 'St. Joseph's Hospisai. A3 tor.. ' Hcllrung was one c! i ants to enter innownt j arraigned, before .'uAc? Griffith A coroner's ;urv A: ASv.n re-.-o.m- c Truman May Enter Fight House Control Hinges on Rules Action WASHINGTON. Jan. It. '&> — President Truman soon may move into the thick of a fight for control of the House. Administration leaders depended heavily on this today while they marked time in their maneuvering to thwart a bold bid by Republicans and southern Democrats to get a firm hold on the situation. The Truman lieutenants Indicated that the President may take a public stand at his weekly news conference Thursday. They said he is vigorously opposed to a proposed change in rules which would restore to the House Rules Committee its for.......... xj-_ j' • -*} ^ ^. - - —— — Q --. « -. ~-.. - v *- ——i m^T power to pigeonhole bills, suffcient wafer sucply. Firemen were forced to! The committee lost this power in FIRE SWEEPS BUILDING AS WATEH MILS—A 'c-^er ..:-e- a~ 3 r*oro studio at Baldwin'.,-!!?. Mass., is enveloped by * -.» re -«,t c ; f r ? which destroyed the bu ; 'd;ng in a matter C"' rrur.'ufes All-trith Ticket Far Committee At Wood Hiter j.j^jj.. from nearby river due ?o drouth and >naaeauafe -wafer , u, ^,, -Five Demos. Three GOP 9 s EDWARDSV1LLE. Jan. 17. — j mended that Hehrur.? Ne f-e'd over 7 Judge Michael Kinney has an- to the grand jury •<-" . : ^' € " 53 ' nounced his candidacy for re-elec-! homicide." a n?w rnrtw paced on ; tion to the office of county judge. | [he Illinois _ statute^ books by the ; i subject to the Democratic primary, • overruled the ) April 11. s Enter County Sheriff Race Junge \vimue mcnui™ «">-• , «H>"' "• . . , , .. ; rn rrie<i a fin<> nf *•••"& 'o <"YV> n r a motion to quash and ordered the! Judge Kinney was elected NOV. .• carries a n. or ,.^ .o ,.. ^ or a JIUMIUII i"" 3 " . . .. . ,9 iniu .., *HI „ vArancv ihen e.\- : counTj jail apmer".* ^r..... >wo to venlremen returned room. Clerk Bro' prospective jurors into the box. The first was Mrs. Edith Overmoyer of Graf ton. The other 11 were Melvin Leach, Nellie Haynie. Floyd Mains, Charles Rcher. Vir- In to fill a vacancy (hen ex- , . The coming election is for > F | x months or both or a regular four-year term. i " ar T sentence of one to five years. his candidacy, announcing Kinney slated: j Since my election to the office j of county judge a year ago last November, I have devoted my en- ginia Wiist, W. C. Muffloy. Myrtle Mire eftorts to the performance o! Carey, Charles H. Koenig, Edward the duties of that office. I have) Zimmerman, Claude Lewis, and j given careful and serious attention • Elzy Pickerel jr. IV ^ V r<Mc ™ 0 L\**. *? in ^^ \ Six jurors were examined by the state up to noon Monday. Three were excused for cause, two were opposed to capital punishment, and a woman declared she had n fixed opinion regarding the manner in 300 Negroes Continued From Page 1. Postal Inspector, Hurt atRobinson, Is Improving | EDWARDSV1LLE, Jan. 17. — j Monday's opening date for can- i didate filing for the April 11 pri- ' rr.ary election developed a five- siaed battle for the Democratic ; sheriff nomination and a three-way race for that office on the ROBINSON'. Jan. 17. <.*•> — A ' Republican ticket. I slight improvement was reported j In all, 17 candidates—11 Demo- j today in the condition of James A. [crats and six Republicans — filed clerk's of- for a place January. 1949. when the Democrats regained control of the House and changed the system. A coalition of Republican and southern Democrats is seeking to restore it. As it is now composed, the Rules '-. Committee is dominated by four i Republicans and three southern | Democrats who are unfriendly to much of the President's program. But the committee no longer can sidetrack legislation indefinitely. The 19-19 rule limits its delaying powers to 21 days. If that rule is tossed out and the committee is given its old powers. i it car i Thompson of Springfield, veteran petitions at the county I postal inspector who was critically j flee Monday to qualify i • injured in a post office shooting j on their respective party ballots. of the county that brought done to followed the policy of granting j probation to youthful first Candidates blossomed out for all signed by 218 of the 435 House members could force action. A Rules Committee recommendation that the old rule be restored is due for a House vote late this month. *.,,..c... »..~ ..,£.,-™ :::;'; attendance of colored students at i Sunday nipht. ' t-anojaaies oiossomeo out lor an j ,UEh> inTnmv c«ur' and**! have white schools Jan - ~ 3 - ° wens loki i A second inspector. J. J. Scherer i « v en office nominations on the i e^emhin^ EffinRham. w as less seriously [Democratic ticket, including five improve their conditions: I navel 1 -?"'* ^^J ha l^u^'^^n »«"« in the fight. He was reported for the sheriff nomination, while 1 . .. --,._.. _« _.;__ sueeested tnat the Alton Erouo i .... .... . ,_.. rpnnhiir^me iv»r«> loft \i-nh thro* thp Alton erouD t ' 1 republicans were left with three opinion regarding the manner in j proaon to youu - Hogan ]A the group , hat dona j Scherer said Thompson was so which the case should be decided, ers where there is a P«M«WC j tlonsbtt . ould ^ rec ; ived and the re- ' twice in the chest by Harry D. '"°"' Scherer said Thompso'n was shot vacancies on their party ticket. Judge Wilhite adjourned the ch ™ cc fnr th « ? "; ' morning session at noon. rnU nfv ud J fo- a conderahle During his interaction of J»r- i "l" nt>t)M ;" To mv ele^Uon thor- : " alir ' ns ™ " ' mamder of the meeting was given i Taylor, post office janitor, wfio was Candidates filing for sheriff on the Democratic ticket, and the or. State', Attorney Petltt stressed! , , ovor to acceptine pledges and do- 1 beins questioned about mail thefts, order their names wul appear on Scherer sought to aid Thompson ; ^e primary ballot, are: , the fact that in case of conviction minal- a s« awaiting trial when ' ?'»"* th* jury will assess the penalty j i !( ,ok office. All of these cases which may be death in the electric have now been disposed of and the chair, life imprisonment or 1m.- docket is now in the condition where l.l«an s aie 8Mur ed of mv eeon torn ™mb*r7f «r"lil and ,' Today. Hogan reaffirmed the . and was clubbed on the head with j ames T. Calahan Alton, pres- ' «'ielded by the janitor- I en county auditor; Charles Ber- County School Head Files on 44th Birthday , t .. v. ' i who later collapsed and died. i naix Granite City; John A. Man- An autopsv performed late yes- ! Venice; KennehtT. Ogle ' ^ «"«» he prisonment under M years. j The trial is expected to require [s the greater part of the week. Wit- j £ nesses called by the prosecution j Include local residents and officers, | members of the Criminal Bureau j "',7^^'Kinney,'"a" J 'eraduat'e '""of ]^ ons lrom ^ e Board of Education.! of Identification of Illinois from j N - 0 tre Dame fniversitv Itw school, i 26 Colored Teacher* f Sprlngneld, and witnesses from j practiced law in WiWl River prior' But > Johnson said that apparent-; Dalhart Tex. and Clayton, N. M. to his election and resides in that j '>' th <? meeting Monday night had j "-' citv with his wife and two small not rt'«-»«"rf ""•' "' Ih " !«•-<./,« I EDWARDSVTLLE. Jan. 17 — County Supt. of Schools George T. \VIlkins filed for Democratic primary nomination Monday — his forty-fifth birthday. n *'" o MadlV>n CoumC-." " B Johnson terdav sJiowed the death was due <,. x , ,,..,,- ,- , .• of the public schools was asked to- : to a heart attack. An inquest will j M ° ore - Madison. | S upt. Wilkins. seeking election dav for a statement concermnR the ! not be held for three or four days 1 . Ballot post.ons determined by ; , o a four-year term as county resolution passed by the Negroes. : in view of Thompson's condition.:' 0 ^ for lfhe three Republican can-I superintendent, was appointed to but said none would be forthcom- • wh i ch is still dangerous despite the I dldates for sheriff were: Walter that office by the county board had received instruc- ;^mvpmpnt • J ' Emde - Granite Qty. a former o f super\'isors Nov. 13. :947, t EDWARDSVltLE, Jan. 17 — Democratic voters in Ko. f pfe- clnct at Wood River, especially those of Irish descent, may have a little difficulty identifying their favored candidates for precinct comlrtltteeinWi on the April primary ballot—without the aid of eyeglasses. ' Sure, and they'll have two fine Ifish names to choose between— those of Dr. James E. Mahoney, Wood River dentist of 714 Wood River avenue, veteran. Democratic committeeman in the precinct, and William (Pete) Maloney, of 20 Harnett, Wood River. Petitions of the two committeeman candidates, with surnames identical except for the third letter, were filed Monday at the office of County Clerk Eulalia Hotz and in the 5 p. m. drawing for first- place on the ballot, Dr. Mahoney won the top spot. Eighty-two Democratic and 45 Republican candidates for precinct committeeman offices filed petitions Monday for a place on the primary ballot. Ten contests ior committeeman posts developed from Monday's candidate filing, but none on the Republican.ticket. Two of the Democratic commil- teeman contests resulted in Wood River township, one in No. 3 precinct of Chouteau township, and seven in Granite City township. In Xo. 13 of Wood Paver township, John R. Walker, incumbent, and Guy Virgil Dilley are the contestants, while in Chouteau No. '2, Samuel Sanders, incumbent, is opposed by Albert E. Doerr. Women's Underwear Stolen Police about 6 p. m. Monday found in Rock Spring Park a parcel containing some women's underwear. Explanation came an hour later when report was made by two residents in the 500-block of East Broadway that garments from a wasliline on their rear I»rch had been taken during the afternoon. Police learned a youth, said to be about 18, had been seen on the porch. Lambert Rites'Thursday t t JANUA«Y in ^ tiOHiiiMtiitmiiimii*a0*Biii**im __ Spartans Test Blue Law Ban Special Election Finds Town Sharply Divided SPARTA, Jan. 17, OP>—A 122- year-old ban on Sunday entertainment in this southern Illinois city was tested today In a spirited special election. The Issue has become a aeriout one, sharply dividing Spartans. A citizens' commlteee working for repeal bf the Sunday blue law asked In campaign matter, "do you read the Sunday papers?" The repealers conceded that "everyone" reads the Sunday comics and claimed that wa» no worse than going to a movie on the Sab!bath. On the other side, a church group asked voters If they want "a wide open Sunday?" By "wide open," the churches' campaign matter pointed out that It was not so much the opening of Sparta's only movie on Sunday Uhat was opposed but that repeal i would permit public dancing, cir- l cuses, carnivals, pool halls or bowl- j ing alleys to operate on the Sab- I bath. j Both sides provided free rides to ! the polls, just like in a full-fledged general election. Observers predicted the turnout of voters would top a previous high of 1800 in a city election three years ago. To understand the situation you have to know that Sparta was founded by pioneering Scotch Presbyterians 122 years ago. Their i customs, taught to succeeding gen- orations, barred Sunday entertainment on a commercial basis. This custom never was challenged until a showman opened his theater on a Christmas week Sabbath in 1935. Such a clamor arose that an election was called and by a 100-vote margin commercial Sunday entertainment was banned by law. Now the citizens' committee, backed by the theater interests, claim Spartans flock to Sunday shows in surrounding towns. One qualified observer said the younger Spartans are more lib- era! minded and he predicted today's vote? would repeal the old blue law. Funeral rites for Ramon Lam- Thursday at 9 a. m. at Feuty fu- bert of 3.^50 San Jose, St. Anne's I neral home, '1800 Natural Bridge, | Village, St. Louis County, who j St. Louis, where friends may call | died unexpectedly Monday of a | after 7 p. m. today. Burial will ! heart attack, will be conducted ' be in Greenwood cemetery, Alton. ini !prov ement. Defense Attorney A. Reisner Indicated Monday he will place his ciient on the witness stand in his pated in the civic affairs of that " l . , ~_ icitv and is now serving as chair- children. He has actively particl- own defense. Hawkins has been In v«^.v~j , . aincc his arrest Oct. 17 at Dalhart, Tex., after a man hvmt In several , j man of the board of directors of liver Chamber of Com- During World War II. he problems confronting the district if i the NAACP plan is followed. This j problem, according to .Tohnson, i hinges on the colored teachers. Capture Continued From Page 1. jssate highway patrolman; William j serve out the une.xpired term of i C. Straube. mayor of EdwardsvJUe, j the late L. P. Wetzel. who died hind Edwardsvilie Township Su- j while in office, ipervisor Earl E. Herrin. j Supt. Wilkins, who lives at 2323 j Positions on the ballot for sher- j Pontoon, Granite City, presented I iff candidates of both parties j his primary petition Monday after| filed Monday were decided by lot j noon at the office of County Clerk at a p. m. at the county clerk's: EuJalia Hotz. ers are now employed ^ John Merkei, blind i loyed in the d:s- i **'" had been ielt •' ° brien m operator of the courthouse soft-; Bodv of Gen. Arnold ..«., -- „..„„, in the navy and was dis-! tri ^ »« addition to three adminis- •, a «r^ of the other adult suspect. ; dn nk stand, drawing names of the . •tales of the Southwest. The body cnargef j wi t h the rank of lieuten- i trators who are Negroes. Twelve : He also turned over to the police .candidates from a box. Top posi- j To Be Buried at Arlington Albert Earl Clark was found i ant . He is a member of the Amen- i of lhcs « a! 'e,, on tenure and cannot a camera he said was given him :ion on the bai!ot {or prec inct! SOXOMA Cali' Jan 17 «;P>— on a ,IUCri JC*«»* » v-*** 1 ** •• •-*' •""'•' am. in* i* n a jjx:iiii/t:i t.nviii.-^iin-ij-i. -i — — - ,. ~- ..^.. ,,.. ..•._ utbi.t.. *v* ^. »*.,..*,v.v • aU\VJ>l*\ V-aii •! PH. i ( *Vi '— „„« side road near tho Black Jack s can Legion, Elks, Knights of Co-[<» dismissed 1 w-ithout legal action, j by O'Brien. Police said the cam- ; C0! r.mltteeman contests in the : Frien " ds " and neighbors paid their Schoolhouse, three miles south of lumbus, and Veterans of Foreign i Johnson said. 1. the .NAAC. plan , era is believed to be one taken < Democratic party also was deter- {resects todav to Gen H. H (Hap) jS£yvUUTabout noon. Oct- 12. by Wars. were put m.oeftect there would ; m a recont burg!ary at the Wes- rcined oy th ^ ^ me method . to be inspects toda> to Gen. H. H. (Hap) I..?* ^'_.u „ , «~ n t ,h»? b* not enough entirely colored , lp .. KPIIOV home on Hirhiand ave- ,-„P., George French, a farmer of that locality. Identification was established, and work with New Mexico and Texas police revealed a chain of circumstances which led to the issue of a complaint In Jersey County, charging Hawkins with tht murder of Clark. !' ' waived extradition and was *d to the county jail here, he has been confined pending dlctsaent and trial. State Adventists In Session Here Annual eonrenlion nois Conference the Seventh 2024 Main, and morning »nd evening sessions are held. Coal Strike classes to employ all the colored 'ley Kelley home on Highland avenue. followed again on nexi Monday's i The 63-year-old wartime head of : final dates for filing in deciding i thf. army" air forces died Sunday. leaching rxrsonnei. according Continued From Page 1. As president of the Robena local i Ozanich controls one of the largest o • f• i I D • . t>'J i MW local, in the area. Robena. i S>pnil{lf iel*l Reject* Bid ownerf by H. C Frick Coai is the largest mechanized coal mir. in the world. Good Rusinnu Practice A spokesman for U. S. Steel of a tie clasp and watch from the.™ "1 ^^""^ UCKK; treas- v«,io.. K.,^r urer—Cuy Harper 01 Wood lUver. home. Chief Galloway said the burg- Democratic ticket, and Mrs. Muriel i.. Ambrosius of Collinsviile, Monday. : Bates & Evans Mortuary. Hotz, Ed- l From President Truman on county clerk, j down, the nation's leaders expressed sorrow at the passing o: the retired five star general. After the noon services, the bodv was to be taken to nearby , i (CW** ,, , »»t t -i^ t Ij^irig .-beyond what viouid b< Ktsod busi- i p fffr "would ! ness praciic*. We've hclp«i the; n'.en*. 1 ^! to t'r t>e p\c<r-<?ding!y detri- the flectric customers Theodore Carcich, pretident of the i we've reached a ixsir.t where we ei^jrifiiy for pars of the city, and JIUnols Conference, R. J-Cnristian, j can't so any further with it." <CTPS for the remainder. Washington, D. C; Stanley Harris, j This is the third week o'. the : HuhTiUe. Term., and J. J. Strahlc, j "now you $«« it, now you dor. t" Washington, D. C., s-epresentatives [ coal strikes. First, 16,000 I'MW Of the Adventists* publishing house , ! members in Illinois quit work. The tnd conference oMicers. are in Al- ! nest week they went back to work Ion for the convention. ' as about 69,<XX> miners walked Meetings opened Sunday and i O ff th* job in seven other states Mother Hardin, Native Of Carrollton, Dies Republican ticket. iSpe- Hamilton Field and flown to Washington. Gen. Arnold's body will be placed in the chapel at Fort Myer, incumbent, and R y Va. Funeral sen-ices will be held Alton. Democratic ticket; j at 2 p. m. Thursday at Arlington superintendent of schools, i National Cemetery. T. Wiikins, Granite City. ' ratic incumber.j: county READ TELEGRAPH WANT ADS e—Michael Kinney, Wood Riv- j er, Democratic incumbent, and Francis J. Manning, \Vood River, JKRSEYVILLE. Jan. 17. Cial i—Mrs. R. L^o Smith received word today of the death of her! cousin. Mother Adair Hardin. of I the Order of Sacred Heart. j y-. mr . r> n • i Mother Adair Hardin was born On .NorOlllC to Be Buried in Carrollton. a daughter of thej iate Mr. and Mrs. Hardin". Her ir-ii i Ollie Killed Democrats Continued From Pace 1. TORONTO. aJr.. 1 Bodies Bother Was the • Vornier Miss Julia • senators had conflicting engage- irill continue through Jan. m. Flood of some of the 119 persons who c«rlin. a member of a proniinent ' ments which forced postponement g.^ (jjjyj a g O UM'.V president ; riitx) in the burning of the steam- .Carrollton family. She w-as niece of Acheson's report. John L. Levels "iuss*sted" to his «hijv Xoronlc !a.« Sept. !7 will be of the hue Cariin. a for-; The Georgian cheered the State miners that they return to work, buried here today— four tr.onths "- er governor of Illinois. i Department's action in recalling The re*;>cn»$ wa^ not o\*rivhelm- to the day after the Great Lakes Mother Adair Hardin celebrated ; a)! (_•_ g. diplomats from China Conlhturd From Hage 1. __ . r-.g. Instead, another 5000 niine-»: pieasure cruiser burned at her golden ;umlee as a nun s*v- , after ^g Pei p in g incident. 'The •-" -"'• ..... "" '" — ...... ""'' ------- "" K buses and trains neared regular i have qui; work 1 sa;:se states. in almost the Toronto Names of all the victims have Funeral services will be conduct- \\'ednes<iay at S a. m. in Mary-Si. I.ibe;al credit is one of she ;cir,ic been determinwl. bu? three bixiit-s s ,[i e achedulc and schools began to re-i a , tractiORS 0 » a company store, were so severely burr.ed that path- open. Property damage ran ir.tO; Thc ,- rc< ji t shut-of ( hits" miners; ologists were unabie to attach in- >-v 4 i • • . million* ot dollars and at l*«st U. ha!d H c Fr;ck> p rln , ar> owner i dividual namw to the remains. Upon AlimilllStratlOH persons are known dead as a dtreci ; or unjon 6upplv Riso employes' Today's funeral rites are for these result of the cold, wind and snow. abou< u ^ di ,. g< , rs ln j {s own ithrw persons and for a number Frigid temperatures continued!. • • - . . to plague northern states. Inter national Falls, Minn low zero N. D., It was -18. The temperature hart fallen •.bout 20 degree* in some parts of Dixieland. The weather bureau has come for firm action by the United States." he said- Republican critics of adminisira-' tion foreign ;-< t !i < "y continued bitter over the Chines* developments. ! One Republican senator who Iii Altonian's Estate aike<i his namc not ** used had 30 be- Bui I'nion Supj.-b also has stores ' various reasons., were not returned fails, Minn., JU &e- J8! OiX , rationi o! j ones & Unughlir.! to their home towns for burial, early today. At ..Imot, an(J Re ,., ubllc Su ^,i Corporations, i Officials of the Noronic disaster l "" - 1R as we)! as in other western renn-jcomn-.itte* did not disclose tht EDW\ROS\1I I F *an IT Art Ac.'ieson will be asked why he did' ;of other victims who.e for ^JSJ^f ^ L ^ M^ I not let the foreign relation, com:n Probate Court in the estate o f| miue * know that P*«P»ng incident tald temperatures were in the -SO's early today in northern Alabama, Mississippi and Georgia. sylvanin captive-mine towns. l'rt*» fsnerstnt) Action President Ozanirh of the Robena number of bodies to be buried. '.oca! f:red off a telegram to Penn- syhania Go\. Dufl urging emerg- icncy action by the state's depart- mi'nt of public Battle&hip Missouri Runs The county public assistance of Aground Off Virginia NORFOLK, Va.. Jan. 17. uf» — The battlethip Missouri rar. f , ur ( ami iies are in need right now f;ces in t'niomown and Waynesburg wont take our applications three wfreks or more and with no money and no credit," wir- ^ oeatxich. "Please aulhorlw more aground in Chesapeake Bay miles east northeast of Old Comfort today. Naval spokesmen had no expia- The of the DPA in western Atomic Inquiry to Be Returned Julia H. Bilderbeck. Alton, j was developing- vh> d;ed ,'an. 5. Miss Eilderbeck.' " The State Department knew It who had been associated with a' rnore than * week a S°-" he *a»d- sister and brother in o;*erating a;" 11 was advised by the Chines* grocery at Alton to: many years, i Communists on Jan. 7 that they WASHINGTON. j»n. left no will jwould 'requisition' the- consulate. Heirs listed in the petition for Acheron came before the commit-; The congressional prooe into stories adnunistraiion were three bro-!' e * of uranium shipments to Russ:* thers and two sisters, Harry F.,: *? after receiving thU mes _ _ But as far as I know he : will be reoj>ened Jan .M, wit.l Walter K and ?,!Ui Hmma Bilder-j did not indicate anything unusual. Henry A Wallace billed as the top beck of Alton: William H. Bilder-1 w&s happening." witn-.-^ The wartime vice-presi- u ^ k °' w ' ix>d River -» n( l- M ^ Hat-: w ~——^r. dent has been invited by the House t! e Cowrau, San Antonio, Tex. ' KMIJ ie-«-tUKAf« \SA.^.i AUS , un-Amcncan activities commute«to publicly teply fm a statement by a radio comemntator that Wai- UruiM^d in Traffic Mithap Fie;>ort %va> made to the (>oliee ShoaJ light. She ws* out- only active tug* were unable -a off the boUom and a in the lace exerted pressure to get atomi.- Monday afternoon that a sjx-year- director week. ' WM litU* bop* k*r before (tt* next •I 1:30 p. m. had }iut tefi th* •t Ports* ha4 umieqpui* i PARIS, Jan. 17, Cf»—Kr&nce e are equ!p,"-«d to handle only j <j a y delivered a vigorous j 140 applications a day," Lit-j against Chines* Communist seizure declared. "W* simply hart to| o ( French property at Peipmg the foreign ministry announced. The note protested against the Chinese seizure for military purposes on Jan. 14 of a barracks school and several houses in the old diplomatic quarter- <» ran out froir. in front of a parked i i tell some : later. In ttfi, we're booked up until early in February' already. As soon as we get more help, we'll , move the** people to earlier dates. i "Usually, when applications are i filed, we can give ai»i>tanc»? in) inrouiid five days—sometimes a lit-, ; tie more." i He S«id the amount of DPA jhelfi usually ran a little lew than; j$l « day, excluiivf of reni. I Union Supply w&s teluctant to; Charles Gulike. i>. of Alton. . . Route _'. is a ; aueni in Alton Me- j moria! Hospital following an ac- icident this morning in which he f iufferwl a severed tendon of his ; left fool. discuss the amounts owed by mine famllle*. but Instances were reported where miners, with previou* good credit ratings, now owe aj much as $1700 to the company store. ; Kep«H« H'al«* «t*to« • ' Steve Roflis reported to the; I IH>Uce late Monday afternoon the ; theft of a wrist watch from a dU-j I {.-lay case at his place of business,; 1310 Washlngtoa I DEPENDABLE WATCH REPAIRING Prwnpl. Gua/Mt««d Senicc! Jewelry Repaired. STOM: SPECIAL SELLING TAX FREE FUR COATS 1 OFF S119.50 NOW $79.«7 $134.30 Valu»t NOW $ M9.S9 Valuu NOW $99.«7 ATELY GaMly Bids, W. Third, Alton A CHANCE OF A LIFETIME SALE .r FINE WATCHES NATIONALLY ADVERTISED (We Can't Mention the name.) S69.95 to SI00.00 Values NOW L t $49 951 - WHILE THEY LAST A VALUE YOU CANT AFFORD TO MISS! • 14-K. Gold Cases • 17 Ruby Jewel WATCH Yellow. Pink or White Cases. Gold Hands WATCH BRING NO MONEY! M THHII rY JN 19.SU JJl » I It 1 Of I'l N MtIN t \ GUARANTEED PRECISION MOVEMENTS ALTON

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