The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on December 15, 1966 · Page 1
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 1

Algona, Iowa
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Thursday, December 15, 1966
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Clear Pictures - Mor* News - Largest Circulation Upper jfHoine^ I', ISfAIUSHID 1865 Entered «t iecond eliw tnttter at the pottoffIc* «t Alfemj. low* v. 1. IMS. under Act of Conftttt of ftUroh I. 1870 AlOONA, IOWA, TtmWY T DECfeMBER It, 1966 Sections - 2 2 Page* VOl. 101 NO. 94 By Buss Waller Mayor Bill Finn of Algona, by this time, should be about as adept a ribbon-cutting mayor as there is In Iowa. Bill has cut so many "Grand Opening" ribbons now that he has lost count, and says he can cut the ribbons equally well left-handed or right-handed, with nary a slip of the scissors. * * * Up in the Titonka area, Hugh Williams said goodbye to a rather odd assortment of livestock, Monday. Charlie Quinn of Bancroft bought an assorted collection - 2 Santa Gertrudis, one Brangus, and 1/4 buffalo among others. It seems that Mr. Williams, over the years, has done considerable research on breeding of various types of animals. He acquired a buffalo from the Nora Springs herd, and now has one whole buffalo, one half buffalo, and a cross between a Brahma and an Angus. But the herd had grown a little too large to look after, and as he is planning on moving to Burt the first of the year he sold off some of his stock. * * * With interest we note where there is a movement to increase the legal truck speed on Iowa primary highways to 60 m.p.h. (It legally has been 50). Can anyone be so naive as to think that the 50-mile limit has been in effect ? * * * New game around involves the pro football contests - "You be the Quarterback." As we understand it, each player picks a team and calls the play of his T-V team before the ball is snapped - such as pass, up the middle, sweep. If he calls the play that the team actually, uses, his opponent passes over a penny. We understand that not much money changes hands. * * * And speaking of pennies, one local matron recently visited Las Vegas with her hubby and acquired a magic touch with the large denomination slot machines. As she was several hundred ahead, her husband conservatively remarked that "you should quit when you're ahead." Her reply: "This is my money, I came here to have fun, and I'll spend it as I want to." Net result: She STILL came home a few hundred ahead of the machines. * * * An economist is one who knows more about money than the man who has it. .* * * Our best wishes to that family from Maine, ma, pa and two sons, who set sail in a 52-foot yacht for an around-the-world trip which they expect to last from five to seven years ... and may the winds be calm. * * * Speaking of Maine, it seems a fellow at Wiscasset, Maine, was rummaging around in an old desk and found a bond purchased from the State of Massachusetts Bay in 1777 entitling the bearer to 10 pounds sterling at 6 percent interest. Computing figured out that the bond is now worth $1.7 million, and is an authentic one ... the matter is now in the hands of a fleet of lawyers. If there is any moral to this story it might be to rummage around in old desks. * * * And speaking of rummaging around, the current project of the local American Legion post is to find the abstract and other necessary papers of ownership for their longtime building in Algona, which they propose to sell as a result of the decision to buy the old Postofflce building here. Those abstracts, etc. have a way of getting hidden over the years . .. plans call for a large lounge and meeting room on the main floor, a kitchen in what used to be the loading dock area. * * * Famous Last Line - (quoted from recent meeting of G.o.p governors in Colorado): "There are 25 governors here; five of them see a president every time they look in a mirror; the other 20 see a vice president.' County To Adopt Food Stamp Plan ^^B ' ^^ _ ._.... ....•.•.•.•..•.•.•.•.•.%%%V«%%%%viV»"«!»V^»AVV."w'y**.» wwww^^ 1100 On Petition; Board Gives Wfflffitf&mf'&X'XWW ROB LEDYARD O.K. To Big Bond Issue Vote For Change Torch Used To Cut into Vault At a meeting of the Algona Board of Education, Monday evening, final approval was given by the Board for an election in the Algona Community School District on Monday, Jan. 30, on a proposal to bond the district for not exceeding $1,500,000, for construction of a new Algona High School, an addition to the Bertha Godfrey school, and remodeling of the present high :%%%¥:%%W: : :w^ Expect Large Crowd For AHS-GHS Coaches Clinic Plans for a four-sport holiday coaching clinic to be held at Garrigan High School Dec. 28 have been announced. The clinic is co-sponsored by Garrigan and Algona Public high schools and will Include basketball, football, baseball, and track sessions. The evening schedule features basketball games between Jefferson and Algona at 7 and Hull Western Christian and Garrigan, 8:30. Three officials will be employed in each of the games as an experiment toward clearing up some officiating problems. The program gets under way at 10 a.m. with Steve McCall, Garrigan basketball coach, speaking on man-to-man pressure defense. At 11 a.m., Howie Stephenson, Algona coach, will talk 1 on patterns against the man-to-man pressure defense. Mike Vanden Bosch, Christian coach, will speak on zone pressure defense. At 2 p.m., BUI Speer, Jefferson coach, will speak on fast-break offense. A 3 p.m. seminar conducted by Stephenson and McCall will conclude the basketball sessions. At 10 a.m. Keith Christie, Algona football and baseball coach, and Duane Kramer, Garrigan baseball coach, will talk about baseball. At 11 a.m., Don Caminlsh, Algona track coach, and Beanie Cooper, Garrigan track and football caoch, will talk about track. At 1 p.m., Cooper will talk about flip-flop offense and block- Ing the stunting defense and Christie will follow with a talk on secondary defense and the "monster." Christie and Cooper will conduct a seminar at 3p.m. Craig Lewellyn, former Algona High student and now head student trainer at Iowa State University, will speak on athletic training at 4 p.m. :*8 ; : : :*:*:*:*:*:^^ High of 39, Car Sale Drop? Low Of-4 u * r -j 11 During Week Not Evident In The weather in this area ranged, from mild to bitter during the past week, with a high reading of 39 degrees reported Tuesday and a low of -4 registered Sunday morning. Only moisture during the period was .2" of rain Dec. 8 and a trace of snow two days later as the lengthy drouth continued here as it is all around the state. Readings were expected to dip near zero Thursday and Friday, with a return of warmer weather slated this weekend. Here are the marks for the week: H L Dec.8 33 28 Dec. 9 30 19 Dec. 10 11 3 Dec. 11 24 -4 Dec. 12 35 5 Dec. 13 39 14 Dec. 14 - 21 Will Select Homecoming Queen, Lakota A king and queen will be chosen from six Lakota High School candidates to reign over the Homecoming basketball game with Titonka Friday night. The king candidates are Ronald Johnson, Bruce Meurer and Lyle Mabus. Queen candidates are JoAnne and JoEtte Junkermeier and Diane Scheldahl. The freshman, sophomore and Junior classes have selected the following attendants; Arlys Wirtjes and Brian Hamilton, freshmen; Glenda Hertzke and Bill Hanken, sophomores; Connie Price and Cecil Mabus, Juniors. Monday Crash Cars driven by Diane J. Becker 19, Wesley, and Eugene N. Martini 19, Emmetsburg, collided at the intersection of CallandColby, streets here at 10:45 p.m. Monday, resulting in an estimated $300 damage to each vehcile. Martini, who was headed north, was charged with falling to yield the right-of-way. The Becker auto was headed east at the time. City Police Investigated. Kossuth County We've been reading about a comparative drop in sale of new cars, but there was no evidence of such last week in the office of County Treasurer Rosella Voigt, where 48 new vehicles were licensed in one of the heaviest registration weeks for a long time. New vehicle registrations Chevrolets - Melvin Busch, Ledyard (PU); Marlyn Franzen, Titonka; Vern Anderson, Ledyard; Peter Kirsch, Bode; Ronald Stenzel, Swea City; Lone Rock Coop Exchange, truck; Merle Laubenthal, Whittemore (PU); Joe Culbertson, Lone Rock (PU); Elmer Anderson, Elmore (PU); Consolidated Coop. Creameries, Whittemore, truck; Fred Preul, Fenton; Marvin Simonsmeier, Swea City; ' Woodrow Russell, Whittemore; Orville Brandt, Ledyard; Mabel Lane, 1 Algona; Selmer Uhr, Swea City; Roger Fehr, West Bend; Melvin Logemann, Elmore; Cyril Thilges, Algona; Marcus Langerman, Swea City. Fords-Maurice Bartholomew, Algona (PU); Joseph Schissel, Lakota (PU); Allied Sales Co., Algona; Nate Studer, Wesley; Alfred Redenius, Titonka; Henrietta Dontje, Ledyard; Ernest Lottman, Swea City. International - Marlyn Paul, Swea City. Pontlacs - Mark Studer, Wesley; Ralph Walker, Whittemore; Howard Geesman, Bancroft; Patrick Deeming, Algona. Chryslers - Arthur Anderson, Swea City; Archie Ditsworth, Swea City. Plymouths - Barbara Ann Wehrspan, Fenton; Roland Kollasch, Bancroft. Ramblers - Fred Behrends, Buffalo Center; Gail Towue, Algona; Diane Becker, Wesley, Dodges - Herman Gabel, Swea City; Chrysler Leasing to Lloyd Ashland, Algona. Mercury - Ernest Hofmann, Titonka; Edward Lickteig, Burt. Oldsmobile - Arnold Me* Farland, Swea City. Buicks - Silas Banwart, West Bend; Raymond Weiland, Wesley; Algona Livestock, Algona. Ambassador - Dau's Garage, Algona. school building. The new high school would be located on a 38-acre tract of land already owned by the district, adjacent to the C. & N. W. tracks in the southeast corner of Algona. The new athletic field is already located there. Following a six o'clock dinner at the Johnson House, the Board met in regular session until almost midnight. Russell Medln, president of the board, presided. Polling places for the election were officially designated as the Algona High School, the Whittemore City Hall for residents of Whittemore and Lotts Creek townships, and the Riverdale Community Center building for residents of Riverdale and Sherman townships, with polling places to be open from noon to 7 p.m. Over 1,100 residents of the district signed petitions requesting the election. After hearing representatives from two finance consultant firms, Evanson of Minneapolis and Paul D. Speer and Associates of Chicago, the Board agreed to hire the Speer firm, which will give advice and assistance particularly with regard to the selling of bonds following the election. Teaching contracts were approved for Mrs. Webb Fowler, who will teach second grade starting Jan. 3, replacing Mrs. Donna Bonnstetter, and for Mrs. Jan Anderson, who will teach f _ . Jdndergarten, starting Jan. 80, /replacing.. Mrs. Sonja Putnam. The replacements were necessary because of the resignations of Mrs. Bonnstetter and Mrs. Putnam. ' John Vint and Adolph Knobloch, representing the Algona Education Association, appeared regarding a group medical insurance plan favored by the teacher's association. Custodians and full-time employees of the school system would be eligible to participate. Suggested was that the school system pay a • monthly premium for the Individual employee, who could then at his own option pay for his family's participation in the program. After considerable discussion, the board delayed action pending further consideration. The schedule for the 1967-68 school term includes the opening of school classes August 29, with the school year to end June 1. Staff meetings will be conducted during the week prior to the opening of classes. Salary schedules for 1967-68 are being studies by the Algona Education Association, which hopes to have a report by the next regular meeting of the school board, which was set for Monday evening, Jan. 16 Vaughn Rising, secretary and business assistant, presented a summary of temporary surplus funds being reinvested at interest rates ranging between 4% and 4-7/8%. He also presented a summary of insurance evaluations of school buildings and contents by Lloyd Thomas Co. as a basis for new coverages for 1967-68. Supt. 0. B. Laing called the Board's attention to the new school tax mlllage rate for 1967 which is approximately 5 mills less than in 1966. The High School Principal, Elgin Allen, appeared and presented a proposal for closer control of high school student social activities. The Board took the matter under advisement until the January meeting at which time : a definite policy will be considered. Bulb Snatcher* Christmas light bulbsnatchers were at work in Algona Tuesday night, with thefts of bulbs reported by two residents living on East Oak street, it marked the first such reported occurrence this winter, .but the thefts have been going on for several years. The Federal Food Stamp Program, through which needy families buy groceries at reduced rates, and administered by welfare offices around the state of Iowa, will not go into effect here for at least another seven months, according to Mrs. Helen Huber, county welfare director. It has been announced that by Jan. 1, 1967, 43 of Iowa's 99 counties will be using the plan. Kossuth, as well as other counties in this area have made application for the stamp plan, which is supported by the U. S. Dept. of Agriculture (two-thirds) and the county (one-third). The application for Kossuth was filed last May - and while the county will probably be accepted, it will not be before July, 1967. The stamp plan is designed to replace the present surplus commodity set-up. Through it, food stamps will be sold at the welfare office, and the stamps will then be used to purchase anything edible, with the exception of some imported foods, beer and cigarettes. Grocery stores will be authorized to participate in the program by the Consumer Foods Field Office. The number of stamps a person or family may purchase is dependent upon family income and there are bonus stamps, also, based on the ability of families /. to earn and the number in the : ".family. Grocers take the stamps to local banks where they are repaid the actual cash value of the stamps. The banks then redeem the same amount of money from a Federal Reserve Bank. The welfare official pointed out that a county can not have both the food stamp and surplus commodity programs. The U. S. Department of Agriculture pays approximately two-thirds of the food stamp program costs and the county pays the balance. Under the plan, it is supposed to cost less for administration and there is more dignity for the participants and more choice of food items purchased. Grocery stores are reimbursed for the stamps turned in for edibles by participants. Mrs. Huber pointed out that her office here had not received any word as to the exact date Kossuth county might be included in active participation in the plan. Four Fined This Week In Mayor's Court Perry D. Radig, Lone Rock, was fined $40 in Mayor Bill Finn's court here this week following a preliminary hearing on a charge of speeding. A Mason City man, Donald Hutzell, was fined $25 for having a loaded and assembled gun in his vehicle-; Edwin C. Berggren, Swea City, $10, speed- Ing; and Matt Weydert, Algona, $10, failing to enter a highway safely, in other mayor's court matters. Court costs were assessed in addition to fines. One License One wedding license was issued at the office of County Clerk Alma Pearson this week. It went to Leslie Holland and Gesche Brandt, Dec. 10. Sheriff Ralph Llndhont wa» called to Ledyard •arty Wednesday morning to Investigate a break-In at th* State Bank there. It was not known Immediately how much money wai taken out of the bank vault, which was opened with a cutting torch. The break-in wa« discovered by Leon McCoy, realtor and Insurance man who has an office In the building, when he wont to the bcnk at Is president of the bank. Entrance to the bank wot through the front door, according to the sheriff. Officers of the bank were checking records Wednesday to determine the extent of the robbery but no attempt was made to give an estimate of the loss. Bank robbery In Iowa Is a federal and state offense, so FBI and stale agents will also be called In. Federal insurance coven ail such fosse*, thus the Federal Involvement. Voting Tim« Election of directors for the new Lakes Region Area Com* munity College and Vocational School program will be held Dec. 30 at designated polling places in the five - county area. Polls will be open from 12 to 7 p.m., according to County Supt. A. M. Quintard, with seven directors to be elected. Two will be elected from areas serving Kossuth. Algonans Wed 40 Years 8:30 a.m. Wednesday. Clalr Clark, Ceylon, Minn., ; :m::¥:¥:::::::::::::::^^ Adult School Plans Hearing Completion A complete list of subjects available at the Algona Community School Adult Education classes was released this week by school director Frank Brusio and will be found in a large ad in today's UDM. Most classes are slated to begin Monday evening, Jan. 9, with certain exceptions, also outlined in the ad. Details on enrollment, etc., will also be found in this issue. Two Divorces Granted And One Filed Here Two divorces were granted by Judge Richard Cooper in district court here this week as Jury action came to a halt. According to County Clerk Alma Pearson, it is possible a criminal matter may come before the court Friday, but is is not known which one. Mary C. Dietrich was granted a divorce from Edward Dietrich. They were married at Jackson, Minn. Nov. 13,1952, and agreed upon disposition of property. The plaintiff was awarded custody of a minor child, plus $5 per week support for the child and title to real estate. Malinda Jennings was granted a divorce from Virgil J. Jennings, with the plaintiff awarded custody of a minor child and $50 per month support for the child and $75 for herself. They agreed upon a division of property-They were married here March 3, 1938. One divorce was filed. Plaintiff is Dolores A. Riedel and defendant is Robert C. Riedel. They were married Oct. 16,1949 here and have three minor children. She charges cruel and inhuman treatment and asks separate maintenance of $400 per month and custody of the children. , Whittemore Man's Father Dies At Britt Rank L. Mullin, 88, Britt, died Monday night at a Mason City hospital. Funeral services will be Thursday at 10 a.m. at St. Patrick Catholic Church at Britt, Burial will be in St. Patrick Cemetery, Boughton Funeral Home arranging. Born Oct. 21, 1878, at Britt, he was the son of Bernard and, Maria Tooley Mullin. He was married April 88,1908, to Teresa Doughan, He was a member of Knights of Columbus, awl served many years as a school director and township clerk, Surviving are two daughters, Mary Rockwood, Garner; Mrj. Bernard (Helen) Engstler, Gaj> ner; three sons, Frswcis, Whittemore; Hugh, Brittj E4wai& Caldwell, Idaho; 14 graadchil* dren, U grefU-grandcbJldr«L three sisters, Mrs. Frank (ei||) Kelly, Britt; Miss Josephine. Mullin, Omaha, Neb,; Mrs. WJJ. llam (Ursula) Doughy, Diego, Calif. Mr. and Mrs. Anton Sorensen of Algona will be honored on their 40th wedding anniversary with an open house from 2-4 p.m. at the Presbyterian church here. The event will be sponsored by their children, Stanley, Algona; Shirley (Mrs. Duane Burnett), Rudd; and Louise (Mrs. Curtis Johnson), Glendora, Cal. They request no gifts. M&fMXS^^ Just 3 Families Of 42 Left, Xmas 'Adoption' Only three of the 43 families originally available for "adoption" at Christmas by warmhearted groups or individuals, remain without a sponsor. They are numbers 12, 21 and 43 in the list below. The complete list with the adopting groups are as follows: 1-Adopted by International Ass'n. Machinists, Local 1045. 2 — Adopted by Algona Junior High. 3 - Adopted by Algona Rotary Club. 4-Adopted, anonymous. 5 - Adopted by Garrigan High. 6 - Adopted by Algona Senior High. 7 — Adopted by Presbyterian church. 8 - Adopted by Presbyterian church. 9 - Adopted by Algona Kiwanis Club. 10 - Adopted by Trinity Lutheran church. 11 - Adopted by Trinity Lutheran cliurch. 12-Mother with two girls, ages 4 and 6. 13 - Adopted by Tr'nity Lutheran church. 14 - Adopted by Episcopal church. 15 - Adopted by Algona Junior High. 16 - Adopted by Garrigan High. 17 - Adopted by Algona Senior High. 18 - Adopted by Trinity Lu* tueran church. 19 - Adopted by Garrigan High. 20 - Adopted by Garrigan High.. 21 - Family with four children, three girls and one boy, ages 4 to 13. 22- Adopted, anonymous. 23 - Adopted by Salvation Army. 24 - Adopted, anonymous. 25 - Adopted by Garrigan High. 26 - Adopted by First Methodist church. 27 - Adopted by Trinity Lutheran church. 28 -.Adopted by Zeta XI Sorority. 29 - Adopted by Trinity Lutheran church. 30- Adopted by Garrigan High. 31 - Adopted by Algona Senior High. 32-Adopted by International Ass'n. Machinists Local 1045. 33 - Adopted by Garrigan High. 34 - Adopted by Trinity Lutheran churnh. 35 - Adopted by Salvation Army. 36 - Adopted by Trinity Lutheran church. 37 - Adopted by Trinity Lutheran church. 38 - Adopted by Trinity Lutheran church. 39 - Adopted by Episcopal church. 40 - Adopted by Swanson's Store, Inc. 41 - Adopted by Salvation Army. 42 - Single lady, no income, small gifts appreciated. Anyone wishing to adopt one of the three remaining families should contact Mrs. Marvel Immerfall, county relief office, for details. Algona JayCees will be hosts at a Christmas Party for underprivileged children of the area, Sunday, Dec. 18, at the V.F.W. Hall here, at 2 p.m.

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