Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on February 23, 1915 · Page 2
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 2

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, February 23, 1915
Page 2
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g^e--:>|- ---- i In Thi^ Morning A ^ig Shipment of i LADIES' AND CHILDREN^^ RUBBERS 1 Let -Us Pit You Out. : TgRIOLADAILYREGISTER. TUESDAY EVENmO; FEBRUARY23; 1015. mpTHER OF SIAMiT WIDOW OF CHIILALOKGKORN. -'.V* 1.'; , |.T, ' •4. .1 .Xhe <WlMt!8.Uie.Ui(«iies,4 of it All. • j The "what's-the-useness" of it all V , Strikes sometime^ to the heart, # ; ' |r An^ if ^e'rlse: or we fall, • T - s lUB^ the' little iheagre part ,.: ;1 - play aecme so i)ithetic—small. It malces the spjrit shrink and V- 1^ crawl .! . .:; • Tlie "what's^he-u^enoss" of it all. ' - - i And still—If flowers: felt (hat way •. I "'"'^ty'*' neverireach the light . ^t. And ii each suiirisc 'feared the day J : - >• We'd always'live jin niglit, ^ : G.If ^hakespeare's Muse had'surmised, ; I have use^ his pen. aT- < 'T^^ Defer grow* to men. -l.^e "jwhat's-the-usenoss" of it all , •! It'B I just an exercise ; i.Tb ma^c us grow astounding tall, ; 5 Pp j^e can scale tlie highest wall F ; That halts our spiritls eyes. E 'You j'-have my wclGonie • when you - call, y^:' ,' Oh, "V hats'-thc-uscness" of It all. i^-: ' • • —Nqw York Globo. ;;, There '^•««'c »overiil UliingK tluil com, iblaed fo make the raijcting of the Xflirrent (iVent;; Ghib at the home i^' -.Mr^- J- 0. Majors yesterday 'afteirnoioD especially; pleasant To with the storiii Tiad almost no on the attendance for nearly member was 'there, and be- ^cjui^ it was Qeorg^ Washington's >bj|rthday Mrs. Major liaa made special ' iirreparatipn for reminding her guests . /:pf the 'day by decorating her rooms ,in ^ l>retty and appropriate manner. the doorways and over windows ^ere"blg:flag8, with smaller flags here ibjild there, and looped;aoout^the walls, jfrokn the chandeliprs to the four cor- :1>!??s^of eachlrooija, and draping the I JBtairway were festoons of red, white k^d :b|ue, giving a testive iir to the Hoin which dispelled all thoughts of tl^e stprm. The program had not abfen {planned to suggiest the day but :aever^i members had chosen inci- - jl^rntelof the life of <)eorge VVashing- .^OB in answer to roll tarl. The paper thje day Was read by-Mrs. Wm.| • •rbavisJ and her subject was "Dlclicns'i «HiW ^ not limited to any chnrcp or any society^ but everyone who hag any interest whatever either in home or foreign ^missions is invited. * *'« —.|u8t two prices, 79c and 98c; Silks worth up to 12.50 yard. All new Sllk.>i In the leading shades.—New York Store. •:• •> • The meeting of the ex-TcacherS' club which had been announced for Friday afternoon of this week, has been,, posfgoned until Friday, March iifth, when Mrs. S. S. Hilscher, with Mrs. James AVelch and Mrs. L. H. | Wishard, will entertain. ' • • * —Big Sale on All Winter Suits and Croats this weelt. Prices unmatchablc. — Ramsay's. • •> • Miss Mabel Williams who has been seriously ill for more than a week is macli better now, and uer friends will be glad to know that it win probably • be only a few days until she is able | to be out again. • .;• •> Mrs. Ray Taylor of Mildred, is spending the week with her mother, .Mrs. A. W. Beck. • • • —Big Sale on All Winter Suits and I Coats this week. Prices unmatchablc. [ —nanisay's. • • • The latest in hat styles here in lo- la are to be seen in the window of one of the hardware stores, where pans of various sizes an'd ebapcti arp "trimmed" witb <|y swatters, colls of rope, egg beaters ahd other such decorations. They attract much attention but since Dame Fashion forgot to mention such headgear in her calendar of new things for spring it is prob .able that thiey will be admired only througti the window. —Don't misB Ramsays Big Shoe | Sale. . , " About fifteen memBers of Miss Clara Stewart's class of the First Mehodist Sunday scndol enjoyed a This is the latest photograith of the Washington's birthday - party last Princess Sowati Pongsi. queen mother night at the home of Mrs. W. E. Car- of Slam, in her regular court dre .ss. ter, who taught the class before Miss She Is the mother of the present King Com<e Ocie, Come All, to the -at the— Commencing Wec}nesday Morning and Ending Saturday Night Stewart took charge. ciunting andlA- flags were draped about the rooms in' which the guests were gathered and winter. The meeting for tomorrow'' many tiny hatchets completed the dec afternoon will be at the home of Mr.s. orations. Several of the games were Chezum, 709 North Washington ave- especially appropriate, and including nue and the following is the program: "chopping the cherry tree" and cher- Roll Call—What are your senti- ry tree stunts. The dainty"- refresh- ments in regard to the new high Characters." Planning tori the ""^"^^ °f ey- school. -J buy a ^. jfqr next year pccupiied a part i>f ,t.hej business hour, and it was de- J;lded::that "America'? would be the ^(ibiect for study, biit just now the SilbJept is to be Uken up will be de- QMed Hta later meeting. This fol- ..Ifl^js the popular slogan "See America rlsst." I Just before the social hour |i|hli;h completed the.^ pleasant after liopn'-Jtrs. W. E. Carter played two pretty piano solos, pretty two course luncheon in ^i^icb cherry pie andjcherry decorat '-ices formed a ijart of the menu fi^t«d the patriotic idea and to ife-iaiest^'as givenja tiny silk flap a ap^yenir pf.the pfternoon. Mrs. • 4^.1 N. Burnsides was itie assisting host ••.••^ -•• .. <•,<•<• j-^he New York Slore is going to • '-1^ i'Salc Saturdajy and . :_. iyoijij time to _ j .«i«tiibr half price - . - ^.'i l;ip'*.s '•"ye. been complete(f for th' , - ^vi MnMaftiiM^^ tli^ Missionary I'n- ,,"r^J ^4iffi!^-pf'loila to be held on Thursday -> - * VQEjwTkt.... •' ..iH^'t ' iwpcrs by rcprc- ' •enailives' frdm the missionary' socie- --ties of the Episcopal pniirch, tlie Bap- :t38t. phurch' and the TJnited Brethren i^lirch, and the respec^tive; sufejects " ' ^1'''% '"^^^ Indians^" "The- Child at ; . J Work in Our Own I..and," and "The -~ <^liild in Darkness.' j.' A general dis- I «|u88lon of the subjeqls will complete ttls~T)art of, the program and follow- It tbere will be reports from the ' j 1 2 Various 'sociotleB. TSese reports will : :- : Include figure^ showing the member- t lgblp,''th^ Byerase attendance, number i membetB igalned sfnce the last an- 'meeting and mpn^y raised and ibursed. ' In this wjiy every society (I fain an idea of *hat other socle- - "Kav* done ahd tihere will be an [€ of Ideas v^ihlch should be — _. i„T. jlpfuJ- It has^ taken several . — ^Mrs to make useCiil and practical - - *»^rlrlng plan's for so'large'an organ- as it Is hoperf^ this will soon ie^ but the details i are being jiribil onf very carel^l'.y, so that ev- itjr. ime who' attehds }• is assiired of ib^ helpftil and; Interesting and It\JfTibned't6at'everj{ one will make € i.-'&;'(i/^piff^io attend. The invitation hs of Siani, Phra .MongKut Chao, and Is the widow of King Cliulalongkorn; who was one of the famous monarchs of the East. BUTCHTR0CP3 ME PREPMEO WHEN HEADACHY TAKE CASCARETS FOR THE BOWELS 'I'oniglit! Clean lour Bowels and End Jleaduclies, Colds^, Sour Stomach. Get a IQ-cent box now. You're bilious! You have a throbbing uensation in your liead, a bad taste In your mouth, your eyes burn, your sliln is yellow, with dark rings under your eyes; your lips arc parched. No wonder you feel ugly, mean and ill-tcmperied.' Your system is full («f Tjile not properly passed off, and what you need is a cleaning up in- i.ldo. Don't continue being a bilious nuisance to yourself and those who love you,^ and don't resort to harsh iihyslcs that irritate and injure. Remember that most disorders of the stomach, liver and bowels are cured by morning with gentlel thorough Cas carets—tihey work while you sleep. A 10-cent box from yoiir druggist will keep your liver and bowels clean; stomach sweet, and your head clear for months . Children love to take Cas :;arets, because they taste good and never gripe or sicken. ' DEFENSEHGTION IN CONGRESS Thi-y Fear the (Jcrmans tVill Eveut- iiallv He Driven Into Their Territory by the Allies ening also carried out the patriotic idea. • •:• -> —Big Salp on All Winter Suits and Coats this week. Prices unmatchable. —Rairisay's. *•* Nearly ninety members of the W. R. C, the braved — „ j ^ —v^.—„t»„_,,{„ ^„-, r .,~ , l laci on accouni oi me lact that a and went to Gas City about half past fL^l^,^ ^^l^Jt'^J^^t^^^^^^^ of disagreeable incidents ten to celebrate George Washington's theprogram prepared for the ev-I. . . ..^ Scripture Lesson—Mrs. A. F. Florence. Reading—Mrs. C. B. Hall. Anistordam.—Corrcsjiondencc of tl"! The committees'who planned the i '''•«^«-7'^''<= l'"^'-''> ' "Jitney social" for last night at the ! soldiers who have been patrol Odd Fellows hall made preparations i opposite sides of the boundary line since tlie war began have been G A n and the ^Si-;,™?, lo enttmia .e.or.) l.unJM Ba.,t,. i ""f "f'"' <",^"' have occurred, lip to the beginning of February the Dutch and German birthday with Mr. and Mrs. J. E. Ad- ^"'"S: was postponed unUl Friday ams at the hotel. Of course the mpst night when all plans will be carried important event splendid picnic dinner .„ . , big dining room, which had beftn | sjof.'P, expression of dtverse of"thrd"rVasThe out' However t^e^rw^^abUtw^ --'^ ^y side and car OI ine aay was ine . npnnip whn Hi,i h-ni^^ fh„ •°" -conversations. It appeai-s "^[ich' \°aS.'°b^' a'nd'lhersay ult th^e wl o ^ [l^^ trouble sometimes arose_th'r'oug. ar^ped-wfth-ya ^is of red. white a^ stayed away missed one of thcj jolliesti expression of drverse views, so der arms. Premier Linden, however maintains that the position taken is the only correct one under the circumstances and declares that the gov-! „f ^,„.,„ „i „ " . , . ernment is sure that "the Netherlands ' nlaHnL ''^'""'^ will, neither now nor in the future, I t-.,.. .ii . j- surrender her rights to anyone with- • \°t' progress beinff Apiiruiiriatinus for the Army ke|)t the Senate Busy Until Late Last Slight Washington, Feb. 22.—.Appropriations for national defense • occupied (he attention of both houses of congress today in. the general rush to clear up the supply bills for the government before the adjournment. The senate dismissed until late tonight the army appropriation'bill, carrying approximately $103,(K)O.OCM), while the hou^e continued debate on the fortifications bill. Wfiile propress was being niiide on both these uieiisnres, the senate committee iirac.'tioally completed consid- er.itlon of the naval appropriations measure and the senate paused for four minutes to pass without debate the pension bill, carrying J 164,000,000. Increases for submarines and aviation over provisions of the house bill are proposed by the senate naval committee, including |1,000,000 for avi^a- tioh, instead of $300,000 as, authorized in the house bill; provision for six sea going submarines. Instead of one, and sixteen, instead of eleven, of the smaller typo submarines . Senator Smoot sought -unsuccessfully to provide for fifty .•••ea-going and twenty- KEPOITT MA.\Y CASES OF RHEUMATISM KOW Says We .' Kecp] Feet Dry; Avoid Exposure Jiud Eut Less Meat out a struggle." FEAR FAMINE QF DOCTORS —Stay oft the daijip ground, avoid exposure, keep feet dry, eatlesS meat, drink lots of water and above all take a s|)oonful of :salts occasionally to keep dowwn uric acid.. Rheumatism is caused by poisonous toxin, culled uriil- acid, which is generated in the bowels and absorbed Into the blood. It is the function of the kidneys to filter this acid from the blood and cast it out in the urine. The pores of the skin arc also a means of Creeins: the blood of.thls Itnpurlty. In damp and chilly, cold weather, t^ skin . pores ar(! closed, thus forcing the kidneys to do double work, they become weak and sluggish and fail to eliminate tliis uric acid which tteepa accumulating and circulating (hrpugh the svFtcm. eventually settUn.g In the joints and muscles'stlffaess, sorenes and pain called rhenmatim. At the firt twinge of rheumatism ^ get trom any pharmacy about fourj ounces of .Jad Salts; put a tablespoon-V fill in a glass of water and drlak before breakfast each morning for a week. This is said to eliminate! uric acid by stimulating the. kidneys to normal action, thus ridding the hlood of these impurities. Jad Salts is inexpensive, harmless and is made from the acid of grapes and lemon juice, combined with lllhla and is used with excellent results by. all the bills can be passed even though no attempt be made to renew the ship _ ; purchase bill fight. Several Demo- Insurance Act and War Have Caused senators said they feared it may made on appropriations- in the senate,, there were indications today that not taousands of folks who are subject to Serious Shortage in Great BriUln. blue bunting and mrnrflagslTTnUi; evenihgs of the winte,. There was an i Patrols have pictures Of the big jS"}''!'?:?^:."";,'" oi' 100 yards. afternoon group pictures of'the big""P'"9™Ptu progi-am in which lliefol-i ""^ "'^'i' '> <listance crowd were taken, and for the re- i "}»"ng took part: Miss Lillian Allen.; „ ... . , ,. ,. aiainder of the time the guests told "'^8 Letb.a Kerr and Master Grant ; f^'"I'd H'c frontier line on both stories, sang patriotic songs and en- Omar Miller, who gave readings; '"^.^c been erect.rjd held fortifl jo.ved themselves in the way that Miss Jennie and Miss Anna Divis con cations; in tlie sliape oi* trenches and these people .always enjoy any gather- tributed piano numbers: Miss Lena pn emplacements. Those in Dutch ing. All ard so delighted with the Brown sang a Norwegian solo; Mrs. territory are placed so as] to render hbspitality of Mr. and Mrs. Adams Ph'"'!' Heigele. Mrs. Brown and Mr. impossible any surprise ihroad into that they expressed tbe hope that they G. W Adams for^ncd a trio; Mr. Walt Hu- Netherlands and they are defend may live to invite them to many more er Woodside plaVed a violin solo ac- cd by strong bodies of troops. On the Washington birthday parties companied by Miss Anna Davig on the'side ot the line the German en• ' piano, and Rev. J. T. Sharrhan sans [^"I";'"^«"tf. 'af^c away from tlie Miss Ida Weith entertained the two plea.sing solos: There were ric- ^•"''^'' teachers from Washington school last I'cJous refreshments and everyone eyenin gat her home on South Wash^ th.PToughly enjoyed the evening, ington avenue. It was one' of the * •> • pleasant meetings the teachers have About twenty members were pres- heen enjoymg,from to time dur, ent at the meeting of the Sorosis club ing the winter. The hours were spent yesterday afternoon when Mrs J T with fancy work and the hostess Price: entertained, and the usual pro- KPrveH hinrhnnn g^am and routftie btislness occupicd the time. - • • • • For many years it has been the custom for the children at the Garfield served luncheon. - • • •> •> —Big Sale on All Winter Suits and Coats this week. Prices unjnatchable. —Ramsay's. • • • Since the Mpthers club has been Dutch frontier, and arc evidently intended to offer shelter to the German soldiers in case they are forced to re tire from their presejnt position in Flandrs. There iH a strong feeling among the Dutch troops that the Germans will be forced over the frontier Into j Limburg should the Allied forc^ eventually push them out of Belgium. The little strip of Holland, forming a sort of apex to the south, ig very narrow and would offer great temptation to a retreating army trying to the work and a largisr attendance at |;';^''';."^."'^_»"^"'^ ye^ieraay os^oh mAetlnT than n, anv ni^nvlonK "ChOOl affair Wa« postponed Until S^e^.5«*wlKt^.^\eJS2'S ?lH ?i^^^^ these results " ' " be continued the home meetinkrwil ''"S*"** li'as learned a pat- S^tSe'ren^S'oflS ^ft^^ STANDAICP REMEDY FOR MANY HOMES i indigestion and constipation ,are two conditions closely related and the cause of mjuch pbyslcai suffering. The tendency to indulge one's ,ap- petitB is..seneral, 90 that most people suiter at some time or anothet- f rbm rebellion .of the overtaxed organs of digestion ithd eUmlnatibn. A Bimirie, pleasiintly (effective repedy that will qiiickiy relieve tJie congestion ot poisonous .«^ste anil -restore :^falarity. is the,combination of siipplfe laxative herbs with pep­ sin/ststd In-4r,uc stores under the tiame of Dr. Cald.weiljs Syriip,pep­ sin, 'fhls is a iidid, pljeai^nti^xa- tive^tom^ and dig^tant^ a))sblii|ely tree frdm opiates or narcotic.4rug» and has :l^h the,standard bpUse- hold remedy.iii.^<H}iuitl^e ^lB hojnia.for i»aiiy,jr4»ri8. A fr$B t^^^l 6oMe cjan ' pbtAlned by wrWng to IJr. W.iB. ^^eiij^y^'w;Ml»^|t«m^ 8t:, SipB- altempts are frequent owing fo the profit attached to such transactions. While tljese efforts to maintain strict neutrality by the. Dntcli government in consequeace of its action in k'eepr Ing such a large number of troops uni sc'hool to entertain the members of get away from its pursuers. The the G. A. R. and the W. R. C. with a Dutch realize this and are prepared — to resist any such action with every means in their power. On the other side of Holland the greatest attention of the Dutch government is directed toward the prevention of .attempLs to smuggle con-—„, , ._- _ I traband articles "bveV the frontier they sing'as they march to the lower J from Holland into Germany. These hall where the salute Is given as soon ' ^8 ail classes are gathered with their .goestJ!. 4 • * At the home of Mrs. J. O. Major, 309 East Madison avenue tomorrow after noon the General Aid^ Society of the Baptist church will ctehtertain at tea. The b'durs are from three o'clock until half past six andthe inviUtion is general, and it is hope dtbat a great many people will attend as the,funds are to be given to the-Missionary society for some special work, Gcand Chancellor A. L. Williams, of Kaniae C!lty, was' bore last night to a^Jenl'the meetlpg of.the K, .of P. lodge and gave ope of the finest ad"'"'*8 '^1[he lodgte'^'Ms^ hMrd in some tnie. A' delegation of! KhigbtB' froip Bron9on and^Mpran. came dVer in' a' -6peclurcar. and although the members or lh¥ Ipckl iodijf:dt8liW to admit it on th^r own acraniit, they feel 'It only dJie ci^it toEa^that the piit-of-town d^tegatrdn Was-larger than the home wpFAsfentaybdV • Dtrtiag imie wife Is suish a chore' Uiaf its" wdiidiiiri^ui how the Mormon' cfitrch"1ji8=growa,- ' ' I REXALL COLD TABLETS and CIIERnYBARK COUCIU SYRUP will cure your cold. Sold at are London.—Great Britain is threatened with a dearth of doctors. So serious is the impending shortage that the Royal Army ^edical corps is advising medical students who' volunteered for hospital, service to return to their schools, on the ground that it ig their duty to qualify for theif degree as soon as possible. Previous to the war the National Insurance act bad relieved the profession of overcrowding by absorbing a large number of physicians \a inspect ahd look after insuried workers. War has since drawn away so many from home practice that civilian doctors are now scarce, overworked, and high- priced. Death has been busy amoiig the medical corps men at the frpnt no ;cns than among the line officers. A3 a result, it is now prepensed to take the doctors out of the trenches, letv- ipc the first-aid work to the ordinary Itospltal corps men. The wounded tnay then be taken to the rear lor further treatment. be necessary to adopt some emergency, resolutions in the closing ho'urs of the session. So far as the ship bill is concerned, notliinif has yet been done by the conferees. '•Many srieeclies were made in the house on the fortifications bill. Representative Fordney of .MIchigap, Republican, predicted that next year the administration w-ill have to enact a so-called war tax revenue measure, issue bonds as in 189.^, increase tarii'f rates or materially reduce government expenditures. LAMB IS GREAT FOX CHASER Raised With Litter of Pups, Kentucky Animal Develops Strange.^Char- acterittic. Cynthlana, Ky—Former Assijssor .lohn lnglo.<i sold a Iamb to J. D. E«ans the other day because It insisted on chasing foxes and wouldn't stay at home. The lamb's mother early in its life disowned it and Mr. Ingles gave it to a dog which was raising a litter of hound pups. The lamb suckled at the breast of the dog, grew up with the pups and waxed strong and fleet or limb. It rejoiced in the sport: of the dogs and withal became quite a gay young thing. It ran rabbits tol, its heart's content, outstripping the dogs, but not knowing what tb do with the rabbit wiien cauglit. 'The lamb would butt hogs to beat the band, and when the dogs treed a cpon it would stand at the foot of th& tree and try to bark. Finally it got to chasing foxes and staying away frop home ao mucJi Mr. Ingles thought the safest plan was to sell It. V. S. iX HOPELESS POSITION. Correspondence With tiernmny and Great Britain rnsatisfartory. Washington, Feb. 2S.—That the United States is practically - helpless in. the .position in which it now finds itself as a result of diplomatic correspondence with Germany and Great Britain was admitted here yesterday. Dlplonjatica'ly, it is conceded, the .situation of the United States is hopeless, but practically it is hoped that it rheumatism. Here you have a pleasant, effervescent liUiia-water drink which overcomes uric acid and is beneficial to your kidneys as well. COMB S4GE TEA !Ji HAIB TO DABKEJtr IT. Grandma Kept Her lioeks Dark, files- sy. Thick With a Mlxtore tf 8if« Tea and Snlphnr. The old-time mixture of Sage Tea and Sulphur for ~ darkening gray, streaked and faded hair is graadmoth- er's treatment, and folks are again ns- ing it to keep their hair a gopdi even color, which is quite sensible, .aa we are living in an age' when a youthful appearance is of the greatest, advantage. Nowauays, thougb, we don't have , the troublesome task -of gathering the sage and the mussy mixing at home. All drug stores sell the ready-tb-use product called "Wyeth's Sage and Sulphur Compound" foir about 60 cents a bottle. It is very popular because no- • body caVdlscover itihas been applied.; Simply moisten your comb qr a soft brush -with it and draw this through your hair, taking one small strand at averi % we'; hful. will'work oui less dis^strouTly than ?l^„t' ^L??!ei«f .5jy.w ^.l.'^"; would seem likely from a review of the recent exchange between this gov- erninent a*d the two belligerent gov- eninicnts. While it is granted that ('.(•rmany and Great Britain have placed the United States most dangerously and uncomfortably between the tipper and uetlier millstones of Itieir conflict .and rendered it practically impossible for this government to help itself short of a resort to force, the strong belief exists in many quarters that as a practical matter the re- s;iilts will bo less tcrrifyinp; than has been feared. •ound Wavea. Some curious facts about the effectf of tbe wind, temperature, moisture and cpmpQsitipn pf t^e attaPsp^re on the way sound w.ave§ travel thrpugb the air and reach pur ears have been brought to llgbt by some investigatipnc wbidi Dr. H. .Bateman,« famous meteorologist; haa been malting. The general infiiientee of .any wind, it ajpp^arii, is to r^uee the audibility of a^undisv The usuiiil P^sjit^;^^^^ pf.a foi^d i^ith tl)e'windjt^ against it,is ascribed to the iscrcise of wind «^lty with altitude, w^eh bands up- -vanl the sound-:wares traTsUag tigiiait the/wind and downward thdiie • " with tBirlHnd.-l_£_ " OyTOIfPACE Got Worse and Worse. Qisfigured for Time Being. Causetj Itching. Scratched and irritaten]. Used Cuticura Soap and Cuticura Ointment. Face Free from Eczema. 127 Emily St., Saginaw, Miclu—".Several months Ko my favo broke out with eczema. It got worse aiid worse; it was a iilsbt, all red andUeedliiK. Tbe enema dla. figured me for the time being. I It caused much itching and of course I acratched my face and irritetedit. "I took a treatment but it did nut seem to help any. I used ticyeral kinds of salves andsoaiM and they did *ao good. My face be «aui to get worse. My brother said tu gp lio uie drug store and get a cake of Cuticura Soap atMtiome Cuti­ cura Ointment which I did. Ithen washed xiiy face with Cuticura'and applied .'tbe Cn^oun Ointment and kept tlib.treai- ment up for some tim& After using two allies of Cuticura Soap and the Cuticun ointment my faca was free {hum tbe edse- ma.'*' (Signed) Bay L. O'BriMi, June 18.'!«, Saniple Each hy Hall Whb 38-p. 8Un Book oa requart. Ad* drcis postcard "tCudeuini, D«irc T. Bo»- «iidtknwgbMi(tlw«gcli|. appears, but what delights the ladles with Wyeth's Sage and Sulf Vur Is that, besides beautifully darkening the hair after a few applications. It also produces that soft lustrie and appearance of abundance which is so attractive; besides, prevents dandruff, itching scalp and falling hair. Special agent, S. R. BurrcU. - (5) ) CREAM FOR CATAHRH OPENS UP NOSTRILS Tells How To Get Quick Relief from Head-Colds. It's Splendid! Ih one minute your clogged nostrils will open, the air passages of your head will clear and you can breathe freely. .\o more hawking, snuffling, blowing, headache, dryness. No struggling for breath at night; your cold or catarrh will be gone.^ Get a small bottl^ of Ely's Cream Balm from your drugglk now. Apply a little of this fragrant, antiseptic, healing cream in your nostrils. It penetrates thi-ougli every air passage of the head, soothes theinf|amed or'swol- len mucous membrane and 'relief conies instantly. It's just tine. Don't stay 8tuffed -up with a cold or nasty catarrh—relief comes so quickly. .fe . ir - le i. i- )r m ly c, a- of -l- .ef SIM RewaiA SiM The readers, of thii .'aiSS^ win b« S ^ed to learn thattHerTSr- " '^ dttcaded diaeaae that •Ue to-cure In all Its Catarrh. Hall's Catai poaitlve cure BOW I fi »t ^tty^ Catarrh me^^H5?>'(Stari *i '.w^ terpally. acting dtieoUjr —•• oiuQaas" by a^«ttoyinc.tbe ease, a^ glvtnr bulldlnr np the c__ iiature;ln;doliv its have «o much faltb g« that they otter ' for any e«ae that for Hat of teatii t^STkiT-iJui TWwKaU-a tbe up the conati .y aie There is some coiispiatloa in the fact that a lot of people' who marry for mppey adolt .get 1|

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