Postville Herald from Postville, Iowa on August 25, 1948 · Page 8
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Postville Herald from Postville, Iowa · Page 8

Postville, Iowa
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Wednesday, August 25, 1948
Page 8
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« PAGE EIGnT. THE POSTVILLE HERALD, POSTVILLE, IOWA WEDNESDAY. AUGUST As I See It by C. VT. I"). is spent efficiently; to arm ourselves with the facts and use those facts against spendthrift policies that yield no practical benefits or produce benefits entierly disproportionate to their cost. tRalph i Taylor, Agricultural Council i California.) Crop To Be Fertilized Determines Lease Type Football is fas; becoming a sport to be watched under lights duriiii the evening hours after work is over. Postvilie is one of the few remainir.;; towns in this vicinity now without the benefit of lights and a permanent field for the football and track teams. In the past year Elgin has installed lights at their football field and have scheduled home games for night. Waukon and West Union are installing lights this year which are expected to be ready for the opening of the football season. Hawkeye installed lights last year. Sharing the expense ot applying commercial fertilizer and limestone of | on Iowa's rented farms is handled ! about the same way with all typos ] of leases, says I. W. Arthur.' farm A few pheasants have been 1 economist at Iowa "State College, noticed »!ong the roadsides during j He points out. however, that it the past few days as oat fields have; does make a difference on what been cleared and general weed cut- • kind ef a crop the fertilizer is ap- ting is now in process. Our rural! plied. A common practice is for carriers' are watching for signs of \ the landlord to stand 50 to GO per- ihe birds and their report to the [cent of the cost of commercial fer- Conservation Commission will be ajtiliier applied to improve the yield large factor in determining the j of grasses and legumes. However, lenth of the season this year and if a tenant on a cash rent farm ap- the number of birds that can be j plies commercial fertilizer on corn in farm tractors will result in improved engine life, provided air cleaner maintenance, is good and radiator temperatures are maintained at normal/' says Hull. Efficient farm fuel storage means more than merely keeping the barrels full. Hull maintains. Loose connections soon become costly, in addition to increasing the fire hazard. As a final recommendation, Hull advises filling the storage tanks in advance so that demands for petroleum products will not come all at one time. In this way. the already expanding distribution facilities will not be overworked, and the farm work can continue unin- terrputed. taken. Health and Public Safetv Share Interest •The Iowa State Department of Health and the Iowa Department And so the story could continue as l o{ PubHc Safetv share a cor nmon big schools and small schools alike are preparing for complete night schedules. > The night games will produce a. bigger following of fans for the game and consequently will increase the revenue taken in by the school athletic department through the sale of tickets. Football under lights can become as popular a sport as baskeibalt in this vicinity and can produce enthusiastic and interested audiences which can never be attained by daylight contests. * * • * * Coach Francis Babcock has placed an order for seven new pairs of football shoes for his squad this fall and five of this number are size lOS or over. Looks like we are going to have players with lots of understanding and should naturally provide plenty of weight on the top side. Weather of the past few days doesn't provide much incentive for football thoughts but that season is fast approaching. j ..... j Speaking of taxes do you know i how many hidden taxes you pay? For example, there are: One hundred and twenty six different taxes on a pair of shoes; 78 different taxes on a quart of milk; 148 on overalls; 191 on a fence; 142 on a plow; 154 on a cake of soap: 201 on a gallon of gasoline and they're all a part of the purchase price. .... * When an individual discovers that his manner of living is too extravagant he can trim and cut almost a will. But in the case of government, the only way to obtain relief is to insist that every dollar interest." said the Iowa State Department of Health: "that of saving and prolonging life." The health department is interested in accomplishing this aim through proper health measures and the department of safety strives for the same goal thru proper safety measures. It is pointless to use every health measure known such as proper health hygiene, innoculation against disease, spend millions of dollars each year for research on cancer and polio, and then deliberately kill ourselves on the highways. Unfortunately, we have no miraculous serum which will prevent accidents, so we have to rely solely on our own resources of caution and judgment as the "serum" to eliminate accidents. But, we do have serums and vaccines to prevent the spread of communicable diseases and much has been accomplished to reduce the hazards of cancer and tuberculosis by early recognition of these diseases and prompt treatment for them. We must learn and observe the laws that govern the highway to drive an automobile; likewise, we must learn and observe the laws of good health for successful and happy living. The laws of the highway are enforced by our highway safety patrol, but we must enforce our own laws in the health field. When you take your car to the garage for a check-up, take yourself to your doctor for a physical check-up. Remember, "The Life You Save May Be Your Own." or another cash crop, the landlord jwill not help pay the cost, j For example, a tenant on a cash | rent farm applies commercial fer- |tilifier en a grass-legume seeding j in the spring. The landlord has a real interest here and often an investment in the seed. He wishes to get as good a stand of grass and legumes as possible so is willing to bear some share of the expense. When fertilizer is put on a cash crop such as corn, the tenant gets a return on his investment in commercial fertilizer from- increased yields. With a share lease, the landlord probably will help share the expense of applying commercial fertilizer on corn. Here he also shares the benefits of higher yields. Landlords in the past stood all of the expense involved in the use of limestone. The, tenant did the spreading when that was done by hand. A little later the practice changed and the landlord paid for the purchase, delivery and spreading of limestone. Still more recently, however, tenants .in some localities have assumed some of the cost of applying limestone. For example, some pay one-fourth or one-half of the purchase, delivery and spreading of limestone, Arthur points out. This, he says, holds true for all types of leases, straight cash rent and crop or livestock share. Butterfat production per cow in Iowa Dairy Herd Improvement Association herds dropped last month to the lowest July level since 1944. SAVE-AND STORE FUEL NOW FOR USE IN FALL NOTICE - - TO OUR CUSTOMERS GET YOUR FUEL OIL TANKS FILLED NOW AS THERE Sf ILL MAY BE A SHORTAGE. Home Oil Company Phone 202 Postville, Iowa Fall plowing and the tourist trade are, more closely related than most people think."* Dale Hull, Iowa State College extension agricultural engineer, says oil needs for fall plowing come at the same time as the peak demand for tourist gasoline. Recent Oil Industry Information Committee reports indicate that the farm supply of oil products has kept slightly ahead of demand in most instances so far this year. The committee credits favorable weather in helping farmers through the planting and early harvesting season with a minimum of supply problems. August always brings an increased demand for petroleum products, however, and the commit tee asks the continued cooperation of farmers to use oil efficiently This heavy August demand for petroleum products can mean shortage if farmers do not have a backlog to carry' them through. Hull has several suggestions for fuel saving as well as fuel storage Inspect the spark plugs closely before starting fall plowing—new plugs can mean a fuel saving of as much as 10 percent. Air cleaners should be kept clean to keep the tractor breathing freely: Radiator temperatures, for proper operation, should range from 165 to 185 degrees, according to Hull. Closing the radiator shutters will help the tractor warm up faster in cool weather, as well as maintain the proper temperature. "While not immediately apparent —the use of heavy duty motor oil Left To Write By Bob Klauer. Opinions expressed In this column are those of the writer and do not necessarily conform to the editorial policy of this newspaper. Rat-Proofing Farm Buildings Is Easy Job Your neighbor's rat campaign won't do any good if the buildings on your farm aren't thoroughly rat-proofed before the pests pay you a visit, County Extension Director Fred O'Riley said this week. Much of the expense and trouble involved in destroying rat harbors can be avoided if the rats don't have access to either old or new buildings. Rat-proofing will pay big dividends over a period of years, since approved methods are merely principles of sound construction. Two of the general principles are recommended by Iowa State College agricultural engineers. First, outside parts of buildings must be constructed to keep rats away. Second, all places favorable for rat harbors within the building should be avoided or removed. In making old buildings rat proof, usually only minor changes are required. Old foundations made of rocks and hollow' tile blocks are often infested with rats. Cracks between the stones and the openings in the hollow tile can be filled with a cement mortar. Cribs and granaries on piers made of concrete, masonry or wood blocks should be at least 18 inches above the ground level to allow good lighting, ventilation and easy- access by dogs and cats. Rats won't stay very long in places where there is plenty of light. Lattice work keeps larger animals out from under buildings, it also protects the rats. Wood floors that are near the ground offer a good home for rodents. Burrowing rats will pile moist dirt against the floor joists and sills, causing early rotting. Treating wood floors with creosote has been effective in discouraging the pests. If the wood floors are old, they should be replaced with concrete. Openings in the walls of buildings, permanent or temporary, may give rats easy access. If the pests are serious, barriers of sheet metal strips placed around the entire building will help. All permanent openings, such as ventilation intakes, should be covered with one- fourth inch hardware cloth. Tin collars will keep the rats from entering the openings around pipes. Line the edges and jambs of doors with tin, and equip all doors with weights or springs so they will close automatically. Boards, fenceposts and other equipment leaning against buildings are actually an invitation to rats, even though other protective measures are taken. New buildings often can be made rat proof when constructed, without additional expense. Good construction is in itself nearly rat proof. Best Care - Best Prices * Pick Up Eggs Often Cool Eggs Quickly * Pack Eggs With Points Down • PRICES: 48c -43c-30c We invite our patrons to park their cars on our property when they attend the Big-Four Fair. Hansen & Matson Co. Telephone No, 251 Postville, Iowa "If you should ask me, 'How do yon feci, Snooky?' I'd reply, 'Not so good, thank you. I'd (eel better if I had had a flass of WATERS' PASTEURIZED Milk before I came out'." For Pure Pasteurized Milk, Cream, Chocolate Drink and Cottage Cheese, Call 237-J. POSTVILLE • 237-J Early Weather Records The earliest regular weather records of Iowa were kept by U. S. military posts. Records of the Council Bluffs area are available for the year 1820-1825; the Fort Armstrong records have been preserved between 1824-1835, and Fort Des Moines weather records are complete between 1843-1846. Iowa and Mexican War Iowa furnished a sprinkling of troops to the Mexican War which ended in 1848. A National Crusade Hngh.D. Scott. .lr„ new chairman of the Republican National Committee, in his first chairman's letter since assuming his new duties, declares, "Our campaign to elect Thomas E. Dewey as President and Earl Warren as Vice President has become a national crusade—a cru sade to recapture the whole prom ise of the American Dream—free dom. justice, equal opportunity for all. The forces of freedom and orderly constitutional government are aroused, determined, united. An atmosphere of friendly co-operation and cordial confidence in our National ticket pervades the entire campaign. This is a crusade for fundamental Americanism. We are out to redeem American consti- tional government from the hands of reckless, spendthrift bureaucrats." We are sure that a great majority of the American people echo Mr. Scott's sentiments. Various polls taken in different sections of the nation indicate that the Dewey- Warren trend is on in a big way. The Democratic National Convention proved to the people that that party is torn by storm and strife and that it has fallen apart. Certainly a political party which is flat on its back, cannot put the country on its feet. Tobacco For Europe Congressman Frank A. Mathews. New Jersey Republican, chairman of the House sub-committee on pensions, has brought out many interesting facts as to what could be done with the money which has been allocated by the present Democratic State Department for tobacco alone, to Europe, under the pending Marshall European Aid Plan. The money which we would spend for tobacco to send to Europe, Congressman Mathews points out, would pay increased pensions to every American war orphan and Gold Star widow of World War II for more than three years. The amount which the State Department has ^allocated for tobacco only, (no food or clothing or- other relief included) is $262,500,000. The New Jersey congressman further points out that but one-tenth of this sum would provide free automobiles for every veteran paralyzed or blinded by war wounds, or who suffered foot or arm amputations. And only a fraction of the amount allocated would also provide specially constructed homes for paraplegics and other wheel chair war victims. On the matter of legislation pertaining to war veterans it might also be well to take a brief look at what the 80th Congress, which President Truman now so bitterly attacks, did along these lines. This Congress enacted 188 laws directly benefiting war veterans meeting a wide range of needs. Strangely enough all of the laws, enacted by the Republican Congress, for the benefit of war veter ans, were passed after President Truman stated in a message to Con- gres on January 7, 1947. that, "except for minor adjustments. I believe our pogram of benefits for the veterans is now complete." Speakers' Bureau Iowa State Republican Headquarters has set up a Speakers' Bureau for the coming campaign which be in charge of R. B. (Rusty) Laird, of Sidney. Mr. Laird, who has long been active in Iowa Republican circles is a former member of the Iowa Highway Commissioner of Public Safety. At the same time other active plans for the coming campaign in Iowa are being made. A series of district meetings are now being held in each of the eight Congressional Districts. The first of these meetings was held last week and the Until session will be held in the Eighth District August 30th. The meetings are in charge of the district chairmen and vice chairmen. , The I-'innnre Drive The finance drive which has been in progress throughout the state, under the direction of the Republeian Finance Committee of Iowa, lias been successful in many of the counties. A number of counties have raised their quotas while others report that they are Hearing their goal. In a few counties, however, there has been a slight lag. The finance committee is asking that the chairmen of these counties renew their efforts and emphasizes that only if all of the 90 counties in the state raise their quotas can the campaign be termed a successful one. Soft Job The Minister of Justice in Russia, someone said, probably hasn 't any more to do than an admiral in the Swiss navy. LATE WANT ADsf Wanted-Ico Box, m • capacity, or. more, for . I Call Ralinda ' b^"" Auxiliary, Postville. For Rent - lfio :lcro shares. Available March ] Smith. Rt. l^PustvUie, i Wa For Sale—1946 VAC~f >T, with power lift cultivator Schutte, Caslnlia, i, Wa ' CHECK STUBS A Bahaman corn-detasseler cashed a check with Julius Gorsch at Marengo recently. The check was of the voucher type and when Mr. Gorsch started to prepare his bank deposit, he found that he had cashed the "check stubs" instead of the check. The sheriff and the highway patrol helped him recover. Rotating corn with soybean ind legumes-so fts not to . corn on the same ground for than two years-will hclnt down the damage from com , rot. r DANcl at the — CHECKERBOARD Prairie du Cliien, Wis, — to — EARL FULTON HIS ACCORDION AND HIS BAND SUNDAY, Aug. Adm. —67 c plus Ux Coming— Wed., Sept.) Lawrence Welk j Save Time! Save Money! 5 HERE'S A TIP FROM SWIFT'S I USE YOUR OWN GRAINS Supplement them with Swift's 26% Poultry Balancer PRICE: MASH $5.55 PELLETS $5.65 WE DELIVER! Hansen & Matson Co. Telephone No. 251 Postville, Iowa CARLOAD OF | JUST RECEIVED j We have just received a new ship| ment of furniture in the past week in | the latest patterns and styles. | BEDROOM GROUPS | DINING ROOM SETS | LIVING ROOM FURNITURE | See these well designed individual | pieces and suites that are adapted to | today's living in comfort and beauty. I Louis Schutte & Sons 1 Largest Furniture Stock In Northeastern low Service to the Community When assisting business or giving personal service, this bank never loses sight of the fact that it is a service organization for the benefit of the entire community, customers big or little. Citizens State Banl POSTVILLE, IOWA

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