Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on March 30, 1927 · Page 5
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 5

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, March 30, 1927
Page 5
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— • : • " 7 fliU LI .T/\T JI'^fTX ATT V .,WT2 *^TOflr THE TOIAfDAn^ilEGISOTiR WEDNES^^ Thfe Has.Hnppened' CLAY CURTIS. BOn it.tbe mH- liu^uiro d«'partol>nt More owner, T. • Q. jCURTIS.ilias voluntarily given up a life :o( iitse uml lu\> ury to • earn hiii own way, and liniisia room in the (poorer se<-- iloti or town in the home of MIlS. VVfXLS. [Mrs. Wt-ilK 'ha .H a (JaUghter, U\LLY, whg works as lieiiU of tJiu ,'Klovt' Ut-partmcnt in thtjCiKtJs Store ill the daylime aiMlj at trt»lit pracUiM's wltli pas­ su naie earnestness CJD her violin.; A fricndiihip springsup bc- twef-n Clay and Hilly, for Clay l)a;j been a' student uf' musii; all hi£ lile. and hi^ aniliitinu is to be a great composer. When Old (J., as Mr. •fiirti.s is known In .the.,store, learns dial his son in in* the liiime oi one of his employes, he sends for lillly and uulzzes her. Hilly re- siints; iu spirited lanKUURe Old T; Q.'s insinuation that there is an affair between her and his .sou. jSke believes the .scene will culniihate iu her dismis.<;il from the store, hut the old man kindly assures her" that'it has no bear- lUK on her po.silion. She later learns that a meeting has been cabled lor all the Women of the sorely di.sappoin Hlore. Hilly eU at this is an- uouucemeut. aiiuiver'with eaKerness to gel n 'ome to her vio- liii, for .siie has i promised Clay she would play o|ie of.his songs with him that" night. Aon (io On "JVItJi Hie S/ory The CllAPTKIl VI. great , room, occuiiying • a. qiiarier of the space, on I lie. sev-- «nlh floor and dodlciited to amateur theatricals and balls, was-j . rapidly- filling with girls ami wonir en witen Hilly Wells entered, her arm airouiid ijie shoulders of her chum, Leila Sampson, a stout. Oj9Zr JxriSA SemcelK, agree^l. "I'll feet Eddie to ielp me think' up a arwell amblataj Good "I 'le ffot u ^nvy tlnte fulK^tory tliat greeted! ;.;^;;"^w ;n :.r .e >^';:irt ';;h .rwo;;:;:f appearance on thtrp • in ihe children -s shoe depa,, '^li^i, ",,,„,„.„ ,.„„„^„. „, Xyda iMtttHX pr<'en<«d Ix'r «uperh, ,.,f,„ ,,„„i,„|,:" 01,1 r. (J. raised voluiituouK .body In a new Chanel ],y>,„, ,„,',,.,„,,i,„!iv. hut that red panne velvet dresK, as .slie ex- nyitrliius at the nu-nersl p]uin.d,.ln the languid voice wirichj,,|^ lips •n.1.1 the more ilian she had adopted as be:.l suit'd to her vamp r<de: ••KiKhtceii ninety-five, and the liu per ceiii still to come off. Like ilV Susie lold me Ihey were going lo make it oiie. of toniorrow's specials, .and I slipped up to third on my noon hour and grabl)e (l it. It's an impori-j-honesl! Susie says" it was Hiark .-(r .sij(ty-f;ve whni it first came in, but a fat dame tore it Under the arm trying to get into it, and they were going lo put it on the damaged ra.;k. Lii ;e it?" she repeattnl. revolving slowly like a mannequin.' . •Wfs the caf.s. .\yda," Winnie Shclton, fragile, demun-. with silver-blond hair and wide, baby-stare blue eyea, told her friend gr'acious- hi \v:!s plciiM 'd. '"1 reckon yo \i ftiel more 'like liis -'ing than clap- pfi:g, bi'ing. k"i)t alter sl !)re hiiirs lif«: litis. Mijt uhal I 've .J ;ot to. -uiy ttyyi't tak" long.. I suiMios .i!' yon all know Cult the •Curtis Stiire c do- !)hites its ihirtii'ih anniversary on l ''el)riKny w-ith' a bin •i)arty in tliis loom .for tlx- Ciirli.s. family, i'.Now, I've liien <udgelinR Imy tWo ounci'.'i of bnUns—" polite laiightl-r i ;)lerr;);>tcd him—"fw iCew stunt lo make thi .s annivers try iK'>:i|i mnri' to yc)u lolivs. I'm pi 111- .itii;^''Koiuelhing Vi.-e Xor the m-ii; th's is .strictly a'Uniies' affair. As yVJU jiass out, you 'll find a tabic at Tvlth Eddie Hunnlnir lonltrlit!" |T. hion.x. head of the personnel'de­ al- iiarimeni, Mr. Hoskins. the general- manager, and myself. First lore priz^^ wjll be twenty-fjve dollurn, hl.s second tWenty-four, and xo on down ivry'llll the last priste will be one dnl- oflliir. Thai's all-hustle • along to hiin -f /;y(u;r «»p;ier.s. now, and .don't for<it ;ed uiid fifiv womei'i |ii<'sfail t]hat 1 get to lake a nuestioniiaire. oh. all tjie door, with (juestiounaires. yes. piipers have lo be In by .lann- ury L'U. (iiioil night!" T. t). lift the room abj-iiiitly by the door a' the- right of the Ktage, uuil'bedlam broke lose. Hilly elbowed her vyay through the crush of girls, her,ears bombarded by such di.sgu.sted. comments as: •Well, can you feature tliac;" "What.does'he Uiiiik jihis is- the army'/'\^ i A niunher \<^ijked past the table without glancing at the neat sfack of (lucstionnair^s. And .since there was no important store ^ecutives to report thenK fulfy a score of the girls who had taken up the printeil, night IHK h a pile of prin|tedi„(,Ki:s .scanned them hurriedly. Coin'g to give ly. "Hut vvli.v are you wearing it•.':,•( litilc fhomo work to do." .Tn make ns green with envy?'' "I're got a heavy date with Kd- die Uaniiing t»(night." ,-Vyila dropped into a chair and cro><sed her griuii'-diat l!ie disappointment the faces upturned to Ill's. "I mihht ^•"uViind droppisl them to the tloor of ••"'the hall before they took the wait- a.-j. W'ff tei! you right now that a' mother's d:iui;hlcr of you ,11 ot long, beautiful iliajied leg.-j as she' ijldig:-d to aujwer that (luestjon- bfganl to touch up her Iip.4 with alijuir«. I pry lor your time iu in;; elevator.^. "We've got a teacher hoarding at our house." Winnie Sheltou squeezed into the elevator with Billy and .N'yila and Leila S-nmpson. "I'm go... ''"'ling to gel her to help me dope out new tube of color. "IJinnej- at Thcj.'Jtore. hut I haven 't got the righjt lo.^,' g,„.,i one—string liini' along. Swan—liussiau,orchestra- and <Jn 'i )i ;iki- j.u do lioiiio work fijr ue"'That's <\4iat he wants. Vou ^olng ' .they play'/ <)ii. 1 HI \ : SaV.' 1 won- ' •' "Hut. just as one fri< ^id speai ing : j„ answi'r youi-s, Nvdu?" 1 - der when old T. Q.'s gornik lo nuikejfi'; uii.tlnr. 1 ho |)e nil of you >vill | -i ,:„nld "use twVntv-fivp dollars the grand entry'' Some nerve, he- rinsH '•: cvry (|ue.-Iion • nrefiilly. • j •;u ".-:s iyou've got tiie (right <lope lieve me, making us stjiy ari(r|Tlic (;u<st:.,iinaire lieaded, 'Whyjf,,,' j,_ '\Vinsome WIniile." X.vda lioiirs—" ! _^ ; 1 Work in the Curtis Slorc.' and a ;.,^reed. "Me and liidie'll give itthe "Oh, don't crab. .N'yda.' Hilly told 'h 't of you may get your back uji .-it ; (,„r,,.,jvr.r at dinner tonight. Hu'll h <r wfth a, vicious littlc! dii I: > i" some <il the (|itestioiis and I 'cij 'l like I „,., .j ij,„j;i) anywa.y-. AiiVt this her teeth. "He doesn't do il 1, -teltiTi!? i;'s "one of my I'durn : 7, scr 'eairt. Hilly 'Whai Is the big I hep.- youil ajufwcr .„„!,[,i„„;'„f your lifut: she. read and I've norii-cd it's usually i^oi..e-tbusiui ss, thing, for our good." f..ord, wlie'u (I'd .voii .sprout fli^Mii just ilii- saiiie." lie p;i;isi'd ami .•^luilrd <ini/. wingsT' Winnie Sh«dtoii snapped.' ;'is a .-Ui'hi ra -t 'c of iinjial ieujce be•Keel Sorla^ like one ot lh" lauti'.y , j., i;| an:. .11.; rlalir -ers and now. I suppose. Better make hay ifb.ile theisnu shines. dea'ri<-. I'apa may forgive his baby hoy iin.v inin- ically g'-.-KNial'i- til (he n'iiirr wouU • "J'lu not asking you to dli RigaiiCc |iii (•!• of work fur iiyl There 's i;oiii!: to bi- a pretty "Oh. shut uji!". Hilly .sprang for- 1 list of pri/.i^- <;ty]\ inizi-s." h« wnrd as if she intended to slap the , .Icrliii'-d. fiowirng pfoc'.i'.;ii)| delicate pink antj white face, i i "lor •'''' t A iiity-iive bist p; "Sh-h' Here (•onus T. Q." I.elia ! tiiriieM iu Yoiril liinl pbiil .SampHon seized Ifilly's arm' aiidihlaliJc sjiacc imiier the few ( drew lier down into a chair. "Don't |lii',iis lor y .'U to wrili- ine a h Ipead this ling, big 11 n- i.<ly. t from' the '(lueslionllaire.'. "K'tijiiy as a funeral," Hilly retorted, 1)111 her eyes were .«erious H' thiy seanaed tfie list of tiites- tinn,-,-. "W/iaf you goinir to; suy, Nyiia".' Tell lii 'm the Irutli—thut yiuir !i)g amliitioh is to show ilolly- »bat a' real vamp . looks [4l jet that little nuinh Dora get your gout. Hilly. Don't you know that's just v.hiit she's aching for'.'" Leila whJ.spered umlor cover of the pe 'filing .iusi. "hy you work 'i.'i lie awarrlcd fori and sets of ansv friie pi 'z ila i1)f>st I'M I ?r-'.^nd til" judt'.s will bo Miss iiim- ues- itler. here, the ers. AT THE FRONT IN CHINA. iviiod lik< •And lose my chance lo be head Iier .s|„f ,„j. iieparlmenf;" N'.vd,a 'H crim- "'isou lips curled ill derision.' "Not nn your life! Winnie's right- string him along! Tell him my hil^hest ambitujii is to he bend of ifi' cosmetics departtnenl, and may- lie I'll get the job." "Cse .your brain.s. .Nyda." Hilly advised scornfully. "Kvory hoot-| Mckrr in 'the whole store will pull that y;a<r on him. and he's smart i -uoiiuli to know it. I'd he willing to bet you'd stand a better chance with old T. (2. if you said honestly that.' you wanted to he a movie actress. He wasn't Imrn yesterday.'* ".Maybe you're right." Xyda A Biilte In 4li« House. The Aiuericiin eonsuJate nt SntikiUK, (Jiina, \tti>pvv j)iomre) wan icuieil ill the course of the ,riotlifK .*-hlcli f<dI ,owedi ciiptiire uf that city b;' till' CanioiieKe, Occuputiti* of the con^iilaie had taken refuge 'Ise- wiiere, a.iid e»<',up«^ injuri', The%wer ,iihiilo Is of the converted Vi cht, jiit (hel ,,flaKMhip of tile AniVrituin patrol on the Yaiigtfte river, front wlilcli Itesr Admiral Harvey. 4 1'. llouBh ittrwiienod K«ii>*ruf-bumbardineijt of faaUng ualMM l>«l<)ii<u«r«d {oralgiiart vt«ro U(k «d. , ^ "Last year daring expectancy \ vras not feieling v.ell any of the tJrae." feaM'Mrs. J. E. Mulheni of 2100 Spruce St.. Hannibal, Mo. ''Finally I was advised to take Dr. Pierce's Favorite Prescription^ and I did so. Now I am happy to know that there: ia such a wpnderful tnedlclnc. iAfter taking A small fltnduut of ^he 'Prescription/ I felt much better and had comparaUve. ly no isufrering. I. can bizblr reconiRnhd-the 'Favorite Presmp* iiiicli I t 'on' M oxpectant inothera," ' All afuKKlBU. TableU or Buld. BfludlUr. Pierce. Buffalo. N, Y, 1 bet ihe boy friend's chew- 8 nails.'^ j Tell me a .good , ambition to have,I/Billy." said rliella Sampson. "What I honesUy want to ilo is to stay right where I, am until I fall in lo'.'e with a .nice boy bnd get ni.irrled—" I' "Tlien say so, you idiot!" Billy chuckled as she hugged her chum good nigftt. "Don't you think old T. Q. knows that any norjnal girl would rather get married than work in his store, no maiter how pteasiint he makes ft forjffs?" "But you don't want to get married^" Leila held'«n to her hand virilh the <log-]ike: devotibn that sometimes got oii Billy'^ nerves. "VoH wwnt to be a concert violiu- ist." •• • • I ' That* shows what a fool I amj'* Billy relorted bitterly . "Fit chaiice I've got to be a violinist ^at people would pay to hear, when 1 can't even afford •& decent fidale. or I a teacher that knows any niore than I do. I've got to run, Leila. Mother'li be calling out the police department." j When the jolting! street <^'"f dipo.sited Billy at-lite'corner nearest her home, it whs half past six —a very dark, bitterly jcpld nifeht.! torUired with an angry= wind; that tried to snatch her short coat'from •her body. ' . _ As she stepped upon the porch, a muted ripple .of piaho notes greeted her—a "gay . cascade of 80un«< that Jifted her, as if by inngic, eiut Of the'sordid {workaday world into realms of pure delight. Hew ho could play! lAnd what was that thing he, was pouring out as a welcome to her. though he had nh idc^tha't it was a welcome? She had never heard It before— She tried to make hei- entrance noiselessly, so that divine ftooil of nniiilc fvould not., be broken into, but the' wind selzipd the- door frotn her hand and banged It vlcioiuily. The music stopped, breaking a phrase ruthll>ssly, and la moment later the door into the living r|iom was thrown open, "Hello! You're Intel You promised to Jie herri by six, to try my song wlt^ me—" "What do you mean hy brepking off a phrase like that.7"| she scolded him, as he had scolded her that n'eniorable night -H -hen her Violin hod drawn him into her.liome from the unfriendly street he had been walking aimlessly. | He gjrinned. "Your mother's weeping over something that .she swears is spoiling in the oven. We'd lietter eat, and then we can play all evening, can-'f we?" "Can't!" Billy shrugged out of her coat, "(lot heavy literary work ahead of me this evening. CJay, your 1 onorable pa is slipping into his setojid childhood, or he's up to sometl ing. llere—take a look at this!" She shoved, the questionnaire nip his hands as they entered iliie living room.^flay •• Curtis started to laugh as ho ha'rdi>d the printed of questions 1 (irk to Billy, .but that pleasant so iiid broke off abruptl.v. His eyes i arrowed as-he heard, in memory^ words he bad hot taken the trouble to recall since he had spokcjj them so lightly—"YoU ought !to have had., a daughter, I)-td—t (To Be Continued) • •> * 4 «/• • • • ^ <f '«f * • i 4.U CLUb XOTES -5- The Sunrise clnb, whic];^ Js ilo- o^ed nie^r and- jaround tb i Fi\r- vtew comtnnnity. leld a 4er pte>- eeting -eorsanisition mee ing- on March ZS; Twelve old 'aikc^' new qiembers were present wit IKcts ft^rmore ster. Bri tion wajs elected president: •Valle Jordan sec etary of t|i< ESght are enrol led in thi project, two in luby beef, in 8hee|p. Evan 1. >f ynatt leader fur the club. Wm, Drelier, honors for Allen A ne]w club fb be introdubed ;ls the LaiHarp^ c( mmunity ciul^ pf eleven Imembers. They ai'e gJSfn to tak^ up I poultry, . sew n gardening as Projects. >riidred Treadway l& pr 'sident and' Olive Day, Secretary. Miss ' si isephine Welth is leader of the jliJJs' division land Mrs.) Hendersoi 1 plitch- ell will -have charge of tp^ boys' work. who woil county iUt year in jiidging and c emonstrat dn team work. I has been secured at leader for the boys' < epartmeni of the Horvilte club. e believe jiis will be a fine move for both toarlies. for "Bill" certa nly knov b club work and can ppt it acroij^. many COUNTY LINE - (Dora Ogle) Mar. 28—.Mr. snd Mrs. O ly Hen- drickii and-Billie Max WerJ callers at Frank Ogle's Monday afiernoon. Ted Ogle ground kafir dorn for Krnle Powell Mcnday afternoon. .Mrs. Will Byfii Id has be >n quite 'sick Vith a cold but is suhie better at this wrltlig. i,i -Mr. and Mrs. Will A\^p.sliburn were visitors at Ihe \jV'alte-rs home Sunday iafternoos.« !j The Mis'ses P::uline and- Marie Wells sljienf th^ week end with their grandparents. 'Mr. aiid Mrs. Will Byfield. • Herman Weav -r lioiight. hiled hay of Mr. Rose. j The dance a\ jklr. .Kiveirii Saturday night' was well alteniled and all report a fine lime. :| Frank'Ogle hajd a new motor in- Ist week, iie work. Bramlets PAGE stalletl in bis Fo^d truck, lai BatigueHs and Rifse doing t Will Byfleld vfas a Neosjio Fall.s^ visitor Thursda; Ted Ogle vished SHndii|y afternoon with Carl Barnett. Mr. and Mrs. Oonald Bbrneit of Lawrence spent!'a few d' week with relatives, Doii ing to I.,awreni|e Saturdaj noon, Mrs. Barilett rcfmaining till Tuesday. ' ' '' y after- Mrs. Jeffie Yeteto' eiitjertainod i Washington. Departure earlier Mrs. than, usual will be made possible. ih'e club Friday afternoon AlvinI Safrite artd .Mrs. <f! ly Hendricks were visitors. Carl Barnett was a calltjr at the Frank Ogle hoiie' Saturddy evening. e Misses Bejilah ByfiMd. Pauline and Marie 'Vyells werjel visitors at Charlie Wells's Sunday afternoon. Mr. Frank Bojim. Will Fox hnd Mr.- Morris weri? callers a.t Frank Ogle's Sunday. International ipfforts foii tion of armamehts begapi Hague Conference in 1899 The photometer is'an instrument used for nieasurlngl t le density of light. Trailing by these handcuffs is Henry, .ludd Orai*. receiitly a dapper corset salesman, now held as the confes.sed murderei of .Mbert Snyder at Queens Vi lage, Li. I. (I'ray'here is belii'g led by a policeman into court 'for ini^ctment.: CooKidge May Decide To Hui^t on yacation "Washington. Mar. 29. (AP)— Hunting may foriii parti of the vacation {rrograni of I'resjident Cool- rs fishing idge, although he pref^ as an outilood spiiri. Mr. ' Cool idge i has pti hunting hot nei-e>tlieJif' willing to think; it ovei his. summer vacation 1 1 tliit west. Tbe_ iiresldent iloes not expect eilherj the Chinese or Mexicaii situatrons will prevent hia depar- diiys last lure fj -om Washington as he has return-I plunni*d. It w«.i« relterjated at the White House trial he has not decided Where he'will goifor his vacation; or Just when he will leave plans for .ss he is as iiart of however, by thi? holding of the semi-atinnaFl budget meeting on June 11, which will ,be earlier than, usual. I I I. liinita- . at. The ; Too ipanyj people think opportunity means a chance to ,set money withotit yarning il. PHONE w;HEM YOirU. LIGHTS 00 OUT OR Y01TH"I'LU.MBING . GOESiBAD^ r Etectric and ^- PlambingCo: THK RADIO STjORE; • • - ' •> * KANSAS WEEKLY CROP vfr * BEPORT. •> • • . Kansas wheat has .passed anr> other favorable week. 'Very little moisture tell and temperatures were low enough Uf retard growth but there.were no damaging, in- fluehces Of oause deterioration in the prospect Cotworms are present in some localities; but not in sufficient numbers to cause material loss. Some fields |ire still being pastured. . • , ' Last week was favorable for the completion of oats seeding..On. the average, seediiig dates were later than normal.: Growth and germination has been solw due to low temperatures but early sflwn fields have sprouted and some show< green in the drill rows. ' Barley seeding isf'about completed In the seutherh and central .distrlcte, but is only well started In the northwest. • i ;• Alfalfa was set bdck by cold weather during the last week and some fields have been damaged by cutworms. On the 1 whole, hay meadows and pastures'are in' excellent condition . and good early grass. Is promised with a week or ,ten days of warmer weather. Cattle are beginning to move into the Flint- Hills .region but the heavy movement will not place for two weeks. Development of fruit buds was slowed up by cold weather. Some early blooming fruit like aprltots are reported ; damaged. Opinion still prevails;that the most of the. peaches are safe' so far. Apples' and bush fruits have not been injured. ^ The custom of exchanging colored eggs with friends difring the Ea.ster season is said to have originated in Russia, from w'hich country'.it was, introduced into other parts of Europe. LETi JONES DO IT! Jones Electric Woi FOB TOUB COXVENIEirCBj- WE DELIVER FBsi r Si ^mme IMRLEMENIS lOLA -kANJ 'AX- Q. Why is the Rubber from the United States Rubber Plantations espedqlly strong apdfieMble? A. Rubbb^reepondstoecientificgrow. ing methode, jiist as wheat, cottoa and farm crops do. ! From first to last, rubber is gtoWn for qiiality on these Plantations. SJxd is selected for quality. The trees arefiud' grafted—for quality. They are fer^lized for quality—cultivated constantly and cleaa._ Consequently, they yield ex. ceptionaliy fine latex,-which .giveis stronger .and more flexible^ rubber, andbetter tires. .> The Oiiited States Rubber Planta. tipns enjoy an international reputa> tion as the headquarters o£ scientific rubber cultivation. . ' 1. . , United StitBs MM Rubber Company Tnik^^Mark SPRAYED RMBBER WEB C 6 RD FLAT BAND j ^ETHOD BUY WHERE YOU SEE THIS SIGN UNIIXD STATES ROYAL CQRD r BAIXOON Mr Side. MOTOR COMPANY m. w. PEc^ & COMRANY .^JiSiTi 2XQ amazed at the.results \ they get from the new motor oil, Iso = Vis. Thousands of letters, lik0 the one below, voluntarily written' to the StandardfOil Com-, pany- (Indialia), praise ithis new product "Tolerton and Warfield Co. T Wholesale Grocers- Sioux City, Iowa, ''Standard Oil Qompany, \^ : I Sioux City, Iowa. I ^nilemen: ,"I have been so profoundly im\ pressed with the superior qxMli- . ties (rf^iso = Vis a§ a cold weather ilubricant that I am pleased to . ndrpp you a few lines ia cokn- ' imendation of the new hibricant . imarveL Have been using Iso = Vis jthroughout my Buick 48 and "at ; 12 below; zero had not the slight- esJt difSculty^ with the lubricated • l^arts of my car. - . ^ ri certainly hope that your suc-f cess with Iso.='Vis i§ 100%, as it has served me 1G09& 'and fulfilled . a long-needed want Sincerely yburs, aan;8, 1927) . J^E. Packer" Iso=Vis "fulfills a lohgf-needecf want" by solving the old problean of (liiution. It maintatnls consteiit viscosiiy—never thins out—always lubricates efficiently! Tiy Iso=Vis—and you'll jiraise it,;too! 30 cents per - quart is . a trifle higlierlprice than for ordinary oil —but the cost per mile is a whole lot lowferl 180=-^ "F" for Fords. Staiulard Oil {Company •J:. I (Indiana) ! : IOLA.,KAN?AS - .4667 1 ' <'.

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