The Humboldt Republican from Humboldt, Iowa on October 29, 1966 · Page 7
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The Humboldt Republican from Humboldt, Iowa · Page 7

Humboldt, Iowa
Issue Date:
Saturday, October 29, 1966
Page 7
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Legal Notices Leo, (continued from page 6) pany. Supplies st f"dard Oil; Gasoline & Diesel Fuel j D | an Standley, Agent for Ruth Schweppe 4 Vera Standley, Right of Way .& Fence Moving Thof iWator Works, Water Rent-ard Quarter ,u,' °>*°<> M., Right of Way & Fence Moving '. Travelers Insurance Company, Re lease-Myers or Cedar ....; Welp 4 MbCarton, Ino'.','" ^Stone Whipple, Myron, Per 5.29 302.35 6.00 211.62 Labor ...... ' Hulsizer, Alvl'n,' .............. Labor ............. 140.00 140.00 Pfemlx Mocluro Engineering Co., engineering Service*.. Anderson Motor Co.. Gas Electronic Spe o I at tie's','" Radio Repalra Expel Printing Co., Log Sheets Bonds 4 P^lne " t<3PA t iv. Y Llh, L bt n ty , Sof vloo, n B ena m' Chlok °ns Killed by Dogn .. Speanns 8'".M*'vln, CMoiil ens Killed by Do/tn DRAINAGE FUND on «n & Mileage Whlsinand, George, Stone In Entrance IS.00 59.19 4.SO 15.00 . oClureEnglneorini Company , Labor, Mlloaga, Meals & Phono-D. D. BakTon", F 1 . 1 1" 88 5I8 '™ B^ThSnYas'wV; < 27 ' 60 BlomkerrwiiiVani; 313 ' 00 Mower Operator Brayton, Keith, •Labor Bruvlk, Olaf, Inspector Cllok, Roger, Mower Operator Enockoon, Ernest, sA'.ea Foreman Faltlnson, Donald, Mowor Operator Grebnor, Marvin, Inspector Jensen, Everett. Party Chief Joenks. William M., Patrolman Knudson, Jacob, •^Labor Knutson, Sanford, Labor Landolt, Eugene, Patrolman Lansing, Guy P. Mower Operator Maaoh, Dennis, Mower Operator ^lelson, Herlov, ^Patrolman Olson, Carl E. : Patrolman 4 Mileage .. Olson, James, Mower Operator Onken, Orln, Patrolman Pannell, W. H., Patrolman Parsons, Roger, VMower Operator Porter, Hang P., Scale Operator 4 Mileage Rlpperger, Lawrence, Labor 4 Mileage Sohultz, Niels, Shop Custodian Seyerson, Edward, Patrolman ;. Swanson, John A., -..Checker 4 Mileage Taylor, Thomas F", Labor Tllton, Kenneth, 214.50 407.00 302.40 79.20 418.00 115.50 420.00 500.00 407.00 407.00 407.00 407.00 148,50 82.50 407.00 414.30 74.25 246.05 407.00 99.00 260.20 419.85 120.00 407.00 363.20 407.00 o pany, Engineering- Humb.-Wrl. D. D. No. Woed Emdioa"uon"Fund",' ., Labor, Material & Equipment Rontal-D. D. No. Wee'd'Eradioation" F"' * ' <8B Weo'dE'r'a'dioation'Fund",' ' 5 ' T * Labor, Material 4 Equipment Rental-D. D. No. Weed''Era'd'ication'Fu'nd''' 18 ' 78 Labor, Matorlal 4 Equipment Rental-D. D. No. 7 •••••••:•"••" .•:•• 88.70 . Ko ° h Brothers, Cr'l'mln'.'" al Docket Lalng Auto Electric, Supplies ..'. aW"!.' 11 Apoo, Gns .'. The Smoko Shop, sheila & Dun Case O. A. Thompson, Index Cards Radio Center, Radio Malnt. page Station Ace Beebe, Labor on Trucks «, Station BJornaon'a Truck Stop, Punk's Oarage", Repairs Hilltop 66 Servloo, Gas Hooker Supply Co.7 Oil'" & Face Shields Humboldt Fire Department, Fires «, Meetings Peterson's City Servloe, Apo ° ''" 36.80 724.86 158.40 34.30 29.70 85.78 89.9ft 88.08 14.88 8.24 58.36 9.87 10.BO 28.21 4.88 10.27 • 77 ^'a'.oo as i.oo 1.40 2.46 1.00 8.00 a.oo »oaonFund, Labor, Material a, Equipment Rental-D. D. No. ''' ...Labor, Material 4 Equipment Rental-D. D. No. Weod"Eradi'o"ation"Fun'd"' 89 ' 8 ' Labor, Material 4 Equipment Rental-D. D. No. Weed"Eradi'oation"Fu'nd"' " 9>8r Labor, Material 4 Equipment Rental-D. D. No. 90.89 T oWe 'r pera { or ............ 49.60 Tilton, Larry J., Mower Operator ............ 82 BO Vesterby, Joy, 8J ' SO Area Foreman .............. 410 nn Vesterby, Ronald, Scale ^.Operator & Mileage ...... 340 20 Weyer, Curtis, Labor ...... 407 00 ROAD CLEARING FUND Crouse Cartage Company, rrelgnt .......................... j« go Espe, P. H., Labor & Material .................... la no Goodrich, W. H., Parts.. 1.19 Kleve Implement, Parts & Repalra ...................... 278 76 Swaney Equipment Com- ^pany, Parts .................. » ,n SOLDIERS RELIEF FUND Jaqua, Franklin, Commissioners Fees .......... BerryhllK Maurice, Pump Repair Rent .................. Cash Award .................... Clemenaon Drug, , Medlolne ........................ Cere «, Clothing .............. I oWa Soldiers Home, ^Caan Award .U.U^....v.v.». /•> pash Award-is..!. laz.-.ixla. "'' Laraen Drual'Stof*, Medi' uvMt*Aw*ttfQ ............. .'.'...'..' Northern Propane Gas ' Company, Gas ........... ... Cash Award .................... Smith. Dr. Clyde J., Medloal ..... . ................. .. Cash Award .................... COURT FUND v .Christonson, Phyllis- Treasurer, Grand Jury Foes .............................. Hamilton Printing, Supplies-Judge .................. Jenkins-Forge mann ""Company, J. P. Supplies .............................. Matt Parrott & Sons Company; Supplies- '178.00 3S.OO 47.72 8.S4 S4.70 Weed Eradication Fund. Labor, Material 4 Equipment Rental-D. D. No. 29 Weed Eradication Fund",' Labor, Material 4 Equipment Rental-D. D. No. 83 Weed Eradication Fund, _Labor, Material & Equipment Rental-D. D. No. 119 Weed Eradication Fund',' Labor, Material & Equipment Rental-D. D. Sub 1 of 11 Weed Eradication Fund",' Labor, Material & Equipment Rontal-D. D. Hurab.- .JCoas. No. ] Weed Eradication Fund, Labor, Material 4 Equipment Rental-D. D. Humb.- Koss No. 2 i Weed Eradication Fund'!' Labor, Material * Equipment Rental-D. D. Humb.- Webs. No. 3-9 Weed Eradication Fund Labor, Material 4 Equipment Rental-D. D. Humb.- Webs. No. 7-247 84.48 Upon motion adjournment was taken until October 10 1968 at 9:00 o'olook A.M. ' ' Orln L. Nelson, Auditor Marcus Holland, . ' Chairman 1-16-1 H-83-1., COUNCIL PROCEEDINGS CITY OF HUMBOLDT HUMBOLDT, IOWA „, The City Counoll met at the City Offloe on Monday, Ooto- ber a, igge. A quorum was not present and Wednesday, October 8. was set for the regulu adjourned session. The City Counoll met In reg- <L'»r adjourned session at th% Dan C. Adams, Refund Garbage Servloo City of Humboldt, Re• fund Garbage Servloe .. John Cunningham, He„ f und Garbage Servloe .. Humboldt Implement, Equipment Iowa Public Service, Electricity MoClure Engineering, Outfall Sewer Project.. OK Rubber, Tire Repair Sande Construotlon, Alternator Coast to Coast, Supplies Grace-Lee, Overhead Pipe Brush Ken's Standard Servloe, Repairs g Moved by Chrlstonsen seconded by Newton that „„,, work completed on the Inverted syphon river crossing be ap proved and accepted. Carried. 4.18 70.98 458.89 4.25 84.95 4.28 4.78 1.98 and the 10.08 31.TT 18.36 20.41 6S.38 on and vote meeting On motion adjourned. Harold Solbeok, City Clerk The City Counoll met In special session at the City Office on Tuesday, October n. All members were present ex- oept E. A. Clemenson. On motion and vote meeting adjourned. Harold Solbeok, City Clerk The City Counoll met In regular session at the City Of- floe on Monday, October 17, 1966. A quorum was not present and Tuesday, October 18, was set for the regular adjourned meeting, Harold Solbeok, City Clerk The City Counoll met In If 1 " «.« • d i°.V. tned ""Ion at the City Office on Tuesday, October 18. All members were present. Moved by Newton and seconded by Clemenson that the application of J. Emmett Con- Ion fora Class "B" Beer Permit for the Humboldt Recreation Center be approved. Carried. Moved by Chrlstensen and seconded by Clemenaon that the bill of Howard R. Green Co. of Cedar Rapids for engineering ft*. 5 s . ta oonneotlon with Plant h ' Pollutl ° n Control Mnv.rf i," PP % v ' d ' Carried. Moved by Clemenson and seconded by Chrlstensen that .„„ ^ 1Bol . utlon approving plans, specifications and form of contract for storm sewer Improvements be approved. Carried. Moved by Chrlstenaen and seconded by MoArthur that* a tton "|° B St <U ! l A«- oonetruo- 46.90 65.95 90.00 99.82 9.68 5.90 144.22 18.00 12.95 11.53 88.06 4.40 107.50 6.00 11.50 44.50 7.00 Northrop, Dennis Paul, Witness Fee & Mileage- Grand Jury Northwestern Bell Telephone Company, Service-Clerk of Court...... Pengad Companies, Inc., Supplies-Court Reporter Richardson, Kenneth- ^Probatlon Officer) Per Diem, Mileage, Phone & Mlso Rlley, Virginia, Witness Fee 4 Mileage-Grand Jury Rovn, L. C.-Probation Officer, Per Diem, Mileage, Phone 4 ,.MIso Sorlle, John, Witness Fee 4 Mileage-Grand Jury.. Ulrioh, Herbert L.-Postmaster, Post Cards 4 Stamps-Clerk West Publishing Company Books-Law Library STATE OF IOWA vs . John Raymond Elwood, . Jean M. Kleve, Mayor's S*TATE"OF' IOWA v's James Laurie Morris, ' Jean M. Kleve, Mayor's Pee 7.00 .STATE OF IOWA vs Rollo Melvln Stouffer, Jean M. Kleve, Mayor's Fee . 8.00 STATE INSTITUTION FUND Bond, Gladys, September Care, Clothing 4 Trans- pbrtatIon-Franc Is -Thoma 174.79 Eldora Custodial Home, September Care-Wayne Bordwell 180.00 Enna.Dr. M. D., Medical-Norman Skow 4.60 Helen Rose School, September Tuition-Gary Bordwell 4 Francis Thoma 150.00 Newoomb, Harry, Septem— ber Care, Clothing & Mileage-Gory Bordwell 181.08 Quakerdale Bofcs Home, September Care, Clothing 4 Dental-Gail Rosendahl.. 130.18 State Comptroller, August Out-PaUent Care- Cherokee 110.42 Tommy Dale Memorial ^"Hospital, August Care- Faith Truelson 382.50 IN THE MATTER OF THE MENTAL ILLNESS CASE OF AGNES TORELLA OLSON Dr. Ivan Sohultz, Phys. Ipian-Fee -v 16-00 Franklin Jaqua, Attorney Fee 15,00 John P. Mansfield, Ct. Appfd. Attorneys Fee • 7.60 MENTAL HEALTH FUND Alngre-n Drug, Drugs- ~Osoar Orsland 34.00 Johnson Nursing Home, September Care 4 Prof, Service-Dolores Wilson :......'. 106.00 North Central Sheltered Electronic Specialties, Repair Lighting Damage • 03 a-] Phyllis F. Smith, Sal. Sept., lesa ded 108.90 Raohel R. Puller, Sal. Sept., less ded 108.74 L. W. Dickinson. Sal. Sept., less ded. , 8T1.58 Leonard D. Terwllllger, ' Sal. Sept., lees ded 838.89 Richard K. Chrlstensen, Sal. Sept., less ded 818.80 Duane J. Saathoff, Sal. Sept., leas ded 839.18 Harold L. Lookwood, Sal. Sept., leas ded 818.70 Howard A. Nelson. . Sal. Sept., less ded 888.98 Hazel L. Ford, Sal. Sept., lees ded 353,41 Vlona Pederaon, Sal. Sept., leas ded 338.89 F. H. Frederlokaen. Sal. Sept., lesa ded 88,83 Helen M. Frederlokaen, Sal. Sept., less ded 187.45 Mel Anderson, -Sal. Sept., leaa ded 53,97 Stoy J. Elwood, Sal. Sept., leas ded 848.84 John N. Miller, Sal. Sept., less ded 841.98 Jasper C.Reed, Sal. Sept., less ded .... 814.14 Oscar M. Lee, Sal. Sept., leas ded 883.83 James A. Anderson, Sal. Sept., less ded 883.83 •William H. Stroud, / Sal. Sept., less ded 297.68 'Merle E. Heldt, Sal. Sept., less ded 843,88 Albert A. Vlnsand, Sal. Sept., less ded 861.43 Victor W. Smith, Sal. Sept,, less ded 218.93 Edge Brothers, Rent of City Dump 40.00 Northwestern Bell, Phone Servloe 48.19 First National Bank, Used Refrigerator 17.50 Humboldt Postmaster, Postage 4 Box Rent.... 87.35 Brower Construotlon Co., Street Reseating (90F.) 11,069. li Sam Smith, Sal. Sept., less ded 66.46 Raymond Dlttrloh, Rent of City Office 40.00 American Legion, Rent of Comfort Station 75.00 Humboldt Trust 4 Savings, Withholdlng- Sept 679.66 Humboldt Trust 4 Savings, Iowa Withhold ing- ' Sept 77.87 Iowa Public Service, Electricity 798.63 Burroughs Corporation, Maintenance Agreement 10.83 Dust-Tex Servloe, Rug Service "... 8.30 William P. House!, Legal 99.00 Humboldt Printing Co., Council Proceedings .. 60.80 Iowa Public Service, Gas 4 Electricity Koch Brothers, Bicycle BOARD PROCEEDINGS BOARD OF TRUSTEES MUNICIPAL WATERWORKS HUMBOLDT, IOWA The Board of Trustees of the Humboldt Municipal Waterworks met In regular eesslon at the City Offloe on Friday, Ootober 7, 1966. All members were present. ' The following bills were read and filed) Robert H. Chrlstensen, Sal, Sept., less ded 400.38 Roger L. Helter, „?','.•. 8 V"" '••• d " d 880.86 Phillip L. Crowl, Sal. Sept., less ded 883.83 Harold Solbeok, Sal. Sept., less dsd 878.43 Northweetern Bell, Phone Servloe 3.60 Humboldt Postmaster, Stamps 87.00 Raymond Dlttrloh, Rent of City Offloe 35,00 Withholding Tax-Sept. .. 'l87.80 Humboldt Trust & Savings, Iowa WIthholdlng-Sept... 34,36 Haoh Chemical Co., Ino., Fluoride Hoag'a Plumbing & Heating, l Galv. EU .............. Hilltop ' " Servloe, Gas "«. Humboldt County Lumber, 10.TO .50 38.81 5.64 17.30 461,83 License Taga irboi 62.67 288.88 Workshop, Humboldt County's 4th Quarter «38.75 Share Wagner Custodial Home, •September Csre-Qsoa? Oraland ............ : ............. 108.00 'TEACHERS INSTITUTE BavgbowB. Dr. M.. Spelling 'Fee and Expenses for Bl-oounty Institute Service*,.., ............. ,••••.• 8Q8.00 Farw»ll,'Elw In, Speaking Fee and Expenses for Bl-ooonty Institute Ser- Ribbon &. Carbon Supply Co., Supplies.....:.... 20.14 Anderson Bros., Sand Blasting fc Painting on Bridge 1,590.00 Brown Supply Co., Calcium Chloride-Sign Posts 107.10 Herman M. Brown Co., Cable & Hose 25.10 Continental Oil Co., Gas *. 287.00 Fort Dodge Industrial, Towel Service 8.50 G & H Motor Parts, Repairs.,.; 2.60 Ronald Harrington, Driveway Repair 50.00 Iowa Public Service, Gas 4 Electricity 6.36 Kleve Implement. 44.41 .... 30.38 TirVRVp'ilr 23.00 Shorty's Repair, Repairs 3.60 Welp 4 MoOwm», Inc., Headstone ...„.....". 16.97 Yates Asphalt Co., 3-3x8 Naiu .......„.:"..:..: Humboldt Printing Co., Board Proceedings Iowa Public Servloe, Electricity Lalng Auto Electric, Parts a.2 5 Larson Drugs, Dlst. Water, Tubing, Clamp.... 3,18 Shorty's Repair, Parts 4 Labor ,95 State Hygienic Laboratory, Fluoride Samples 6.00 On motion and vote meeting adjourned. Harold Solbeok, Secretary 1-16-1 STATE OF IOWA EXECUTIVE DEPARTMENT PROCLAMATION In accordance with the provisions of Section 89.3, Code of Iowa 1966, I, Harold E. Hughes, Governor of the State of Iowa, do hereby proclaim and give notloe that at the General Election to be held on the Tuesday next following the first Monday In November, A. D., 1986, It being the eighth day of November, A. D., 1966, the following offices are to be filled by the vote of all the electors of the State: The office of United States Senator for the State of Iowa. The office of Governor of the State of Iowa. The office of Lieutenant- Governor of the State of Iowa, o The office of Secretary of State of the State of Iowa. The office of Auditor of State of the State of Iowa. The office of Treasurer of State of the State of Iowa. The office of Secretary of Agriculture of the State of Iowa. The office of Attorney General of the State of Iowa. I further proclaim and give notices that at said General Election to be held on the eighth of November, A. D., free, the following offices are to be filled by the vote of the electors of the several Congressional, State Senatorial and Representative Districts: By the vote of the electors of the following Congressional Districts! The office of Representative to Congress from the First, Second, Third, Fourth, Fifth. £ixtb, and oeventn Congressional , By Jne vote of the electors of the following Senatorial Dla- f'<>*•• .M provided by Chapter 41, Code of Iowa 1969: The office of Senator In &« £»»«*>. Afsenibjy of the §tale of Iowa in the First, Sixth, Seventh, EIghth, Ninth. ThIrtoonth, Fourteenth, Fifteenth, sixteenth, Eighteenth, Nineteenth, Twentieth (thfoo to be elected), Twenty-soo- ond, Twenty-third, Twon- ty-fourth (two to he elected), Twenty-fifth, Twenty-seventh, Twenty-ninth, Thirtieth (two to be elected), Thirty-second (two , to h« elected). Thirty- third, Thirty-fourth, Thirty- sixth, Thirty-seventh, and Fortieth Districts, for four*ynar terms, Twenty-seventh i Twenty- ninth, Thirtieth (two to bo eleoted) Thirty-second (two to bo eleoted), Thirty- third, Thirty-fourth, Thirty-sixth, .Thirty-seventh, and Fortieth Districts, for four-year terms. The office of Senator In the General Assembly of the State of Iowa In tho Twentieth District for n two-year term. By the vote of the electors of the Thirty-seventh Senatorial District: The office of Senator In tho Thirty-seventh District to fill the unexplred portion of a four-year term. By vote of the electors of tho following Representative Districts as provided by Chapter 41, Code of Iowa 1966> In the Districts comprised of Adalr and Madison Counties, Adams and Montgomery Counties, Audubon and Guthrle Counties, AppanooSe and Davis Counties, Clarke and Union Counties, Clay and Dickinson Counties, Do- oatur and Wayne Counties, Emmet and Palo Alto Counties, Fremont and and Mills Counties, Howard and Mitchell Counties, Humboldt and Pooahontns Counties, Sao and Ida Counties, Jefferson and Van Buren Counties, Louisa and Musoatlno Counties, Luoaa and Monroe Counties, Lyon and Osoeola Counties, Ringgold and Taylor Counties, and Wlnnebago and Worth Countlea, each one Representative. In the Countlaa of Cerro Oordo, Clinton, Des Molnea, Jaaper, Johnson, Lee, Marshall, Story, Wapello, and Webster, each two Representatives. In the County of Dubuque, three Representatives. In *ne. County of Potta- wattamle, four Representatives. In the Counties of Black Hawk, Scott, and Woodbury, five Representatives. In the County of Linn, six Representatives. In the County of Polk, e- levon Representatives. In all other Countlea of the State, each one Representative, further proclaim that at ™ .1. or ?' ? uoh lfttor "me «" may then be fixed. At nnld llmo nnd plnoo hoarlng will bo hold on tho proposed plans, nponl- naatlons and proponod form of £21 i ,j B . uon 'mprovomonts, nnd at said hoarlnR »nv Interested person may appoar nnd file objections thorolo or lo the oonl of aald Improvements. i oxt °nt of tho work and [no kinds of matorlaln comprls- intt Biioh aro an follows: Section I - Sanitary Soworn nrul Lift Station On nth Avo. N. to 310 ft. oast Mth St. . On 8th Avo. to 14th St. On 7th Avo. N. from I flth St. Th« Humboldt Indcpindont, October 29, 1964 from 1 fith St. of contorllno of N. from l,',th St. east of oontorllnn of 275 'ft". Mth St. 1...?" c?. th Av0i N> from vnnatod Uth St. to existing sanitary sewer manhole, ges ft. oast. . On 14th St. from gth Avo. N. t" 5th Avo. N. On | |th St. from Iowa llwy. "" , F . F F. F. , F. F. F. F. )lal oh . 48 . 42 30 24 . 21 18 15 12 48 Inch Inoh Inch Inoh Inoh Inoh Inoh Inoh Inoh tteln: Rein. Rein. Rain. Roln. Roln. Roln. Rein. Manx 48 Inoh Toe I said oVnerai E?eoti5n~to be"jiel"d" the eighth day of November D., 1986, the question will v °«« " to whetheJthe occupants ° 0 »'- dI1IoAo " The office of Judge of the Supremo Court of tho State of Iowa, five judges! By vote of the electors of tho various Judicial Districts, the office of Judge of the District Court as follows! In the Ninth Judicial District, four judges. In the Second, Third, Eleventh, Twelfth, and Nineteenth Judicial Districts, each two judges. In the Fourth, Fifth, Sev-. enth, Eighth, Thirteenth, and, Eighteenth Judicial Districts,, each. ,one. judge. ., .-utl/, .hi .farther t proclaim iand..aimi'v notloe-I that at said General.' Bleotlon>to be held on the eighth'' day-of November, A. D.,''1906V' the following question' will be > submitted to the electors of the entire State of Iowa to be decided by a "yes" or "no" votet" "Shall the following amendment to the Constitution be adopted?" "Section 1. The following amendment to the Constitution of the State of Iowa is hereby proposed: "Section twenty-six (26) of Article III Is amended by striking from line four (4) the word 'fourth' and Inserting In lieu thereof the word 'first'. Seotlon 2. The foregoing proposed amendment, having been adopted and agreed to by the Sixtieth (60th) General Assembly, thereafter duly published, and now adopted and agreed to by the Sixty-first (61st) General Assembly in this Joint Resolution, shall be submitted to the people of the State of Iowa at the general election In November of the year nineteen hundred sixty-six (1966) In the manner required by the Constitution of the State of Iowa and the laws of the State of Iowa." WHEREFORE, all electors throughout the State and throughout the several districts herein especially enumerated will take due notloe; and the sheriffs of the several counties will take official notloe hereof and be governed accordingly, ,IN TESTIMONY WHEREOF. I have hereunto set my hand and caused to be affixed the Great Seal of the State of Iowa. Done at Des Molnes this 7th day of Ootober In the year of our Lord one thousand nine hundred sixty-six, of the State of Iowa the one hundred twentieth, and of the Independence of the United States the one hundred ninety- first. (SEAL) /s/ Harold E. Hughes GOVERNOR ATTEST! Gary L. Cameron SECRETARY OF STATE R-31-1 1-18-1 NOTICE OF INTENTION TO SELL THE VACATED PORTION OF ELM STREET IN THE TOWN OF DAKOTA CITY, IOWA That portion of Elm Street lying west of the west line of Fifth Street and continuing to the west end of the said Elm Street, all as shown on the official plat of the Town of Dakota City, Iowa, having been vacated by Ordinance duly enacted by the Town Coun- oll of Dakota City, Iowa, notice is hereby given of Intention to sell the vacated portion of said street and that the Town Council of Dakota City, Iowa, will meet at 7:00 o'clock P.M. on the 9 day of November, 1966, at the Town Hall In Dakota City, Iowa, for the purpose of acting upon such proposal of sale. Orvllle Knudson, Mayor Attest: Judy A. Thompson Town Clerk . 1-16-3 NOTICE OF PUBLIC HEARING ON PROPOSED PLANS AND SPECIFICATIONS AND FORM OF CONTRACT FOR THE CONSTRUCTION OF SANITARY SEWER AND STORM SEWER IMPROVEMENTS FOB THE CITY OF HUMBOLDT, IOWA, FIXING TIME AND PLACE OF HEARING, AND FOR THE RECEIVING O^ BIDS THEREFOR. Sealed proposals will be received by the City Clerk of the City of Humboldt, Iowa, at the City Offloe, Humboldt, Iowa, until 8=00 o'clock P.M.. C.S.T., on the 21st day of November. 1966, for the construction of sanitary sewer and storm sewer improvements for the City of Humboldt, Iowa, as described fa the plans and specifications therefor now on file In the of- . floe of the City Clerk. Prpposala will be acted upon ty the City Counoll of said City at • meeting to be held at Humboldt, Iowa, on the day and hour above epe- Sootlon II - Storm Sowor On 14th St. from Rainbow Urlvo to 6th Avo. North, thnnco Southwesterly 110 ft. to Wont I 1 ork of Dos Molnon Rlvor. On 8th Avo. N. from Ifith .St. lo 14th St. On 9th Avo. N. from Mth fit. to igth St. On 13th St. from Oth Avo. N. to I2th Avo. N. On Iowa Hwy. No. a from 13th St. to I Oth St. On I Oth St. from Iowa Hwy. No. 3 to 11th Avo. N. Section I - Sanitary Soworn and Lift Station 3366 L. F. 8 Inch vltrlflo'J aowor plpo 10 48 Inoh standard pf- oast cone, manholon oornp. 270 L. F. B ln';h V.H.P. House Connection 20 6 Inoh x 8 Inch Viyn* 1420 L. F. 4 Inch f.ael Iron Plpo 1 Lift Station 1676 C. Y. Rock Kxcava- tlon Section II - Storm Sewer 1 titft Station nvr,««« 2336 L. Cono. Pipe 1320 L. Cono. Plpo 664 L. Cono. Plpo 366 L. Cono. Plpo 1130 L. Cono. Pipe 506 L. Cono. Pipe 96 L. I Cono. Pipe 336 L. Cono. Pipe 10 Speol holes 3 48 I Manholes 1 Manhole No. 12 1 Manhole No. 16 1 Manholo No. 16 1 Manhole No. 16A 7 Standard 48 Inoh Man- holoa 8 Typo "F" Intakes 16 Type "D" Intakoa 2 Typo "A" Intakes 8100 C. Y. Rook Excavation 90 S. Y. Asphalt Drlvoway Removal and Roplaoomont 125 S. Y. Asphaltlo Cono. Street Removal and Roplaoo- mont 21 S. Y., P. C.C. Drlvoway Romoval 4 Replacement 196 S. Y., P. C. C. Stroot Romoval 4 Roplaoomont Tho method of construction shall bo by oontraot In aooor- danoe with tho plans and specifications and general stipulations for said sanitary sowor and storm sower Improvements approved by tho City Counoll. All work Is to bo done In strict compliance with said plans and specif loatlons pro- pared by MoClure Engineering Co., Consulting Engineers of Port Dodge, Iowa, whloh have heretofore been approved by the City Council and are now on file tor. • public examination In the offloe of the City Clerk. Said •lane and. . speolfloatlons > and proceedings- of the City "Counoll referring to and • defining said proposed Improvements'are hereby 1 .made a part of this notloe and the proposed oontraot by reference, and the proposed oontraot shall be executed In compliance therewith. The work under the proposed contract shall be oommenoed Immediately after award of tho oontraot and shall be completed In every detail on or before the 16th day of June, 1967. Eaoh proposal shall be made on a form furnished by the City and must bo accompanied by a' check drawn on and certified to by a bank In Iowa, and filed In n sealed envelope separate from the one containing the proposal, and In an amount equal to ten per oent of the amount of the proposal, made payable to the City Treasurer of the City of Humboldt, Iowa, and may be cashed by the Treasurer as liquidated damages In the event the successful bidder falls to enter Into a oontraot and file an acceptable bond satisfactory to the City assuring the faithful fulfillment of the oontraot and maintenance of aald Improvements as required by law within ten days after tho acceptance of his proposal. Payment to the oontraotor will be made In cash out or such funds of the City as aro legally available for such purposes and/ or from the proceeds of the la- f uanoe of such bonds as may tm igally Issued for such purposes. Payment to the oontraotor will be made on the basis of monthly estimates In amounts equal to 905J of the oontraot value of the work complete, Including materials and equipment delivered to the Job during the preceding calendar month and will be based upon estimates prepared on the first day of each month by the contractor, subject to trie approval of the engineers, who will certify to tho City for payment of each approved estimate on or before the 25th day of the month In question. Such monthly payments shall In no way be construed as an aot of acceptance for any part of the work partially or totally completed. The balance of the 10% due the oontraotor will be made not earlier than thirty (30) days /rom the final acceptance of said work by the City, subject to tho conditions and in accordance with the provisions of Chapter & 73 of the Code or Iowa, 1962. o such partial or final payments will bo due until the contractor has certified to tho City Clerk that the materials, labor and services Involved In ouch estimate have been paid for in accordance with tho re quire monts stated In the specif loatlons, By virtue of statutory authority, a preference will ho glvun to products and provisions grown, and coal produced within the State of Iowa, and preference will be given to Iowa domostlo labor In the construction of said improvements. The successful bidder will bo required to furnish a bond In an amount equal to one hundred per oent of the contract price, said bond to bo issued by a responsible surety approved by the City Counoll and snail guarantee the faithful performance of the contract and the terms and conditions therein contained and tho maintenance of said Improvements in good repair for not less than two years from tho time of acceptance of the improvements by the City. The City reserves tho right to reject any and all bids, and to waive Informalities and technicalities and to enter Into such contract or contracts as It shall deem for the best Interest of said City. . The bidders shall submit separate bids on Section I and Seotlon II. The City reserves the right to award the contract to the bidder submitting the lowest aggregate bid for Sections I and II or to award a contract for Seotlon II only to the bidder submitting the lowest bid on Section II. Plans, specifications and proposed form of contract are now on file In the office of the City Clerk In Humboldt, Iowa, and the namn by thin rnfironce ar« made a part horoof. Copies of said plans nml npor: If Nation* may b* obtalnnil from thn City Clefk. Ooplnn of said plans and Ap«ol- flnatlona may bo obtained ffom thn office of tho Enctlnaorn, Mo- Cluro Enalnoorlng Co., M-21 Wardon nidg., Fort Dodii», Iowa, upon a doponlt of $20.00, whloh In ronulrod to Insure the return of plans and npenlfloatlons. rho full amount of deposit will ho rofumlorl to tho bidder on return of tho plans and .ipeelflca- tlonfl In Rood condition and nub- mlltal of a bonn fMo proposal or bid. Thin notlnft la published upon oMor of the City Council of tho City of Humhol'H, Iowa. CITY OF HUMHOLDT, IOWA Joan M. Klovo Mayor Attodt: Harold Snlbonk City Clerk I-I 8-2 Mrs. Beverly Borg and children of Forest City visited Thursday evening in the parental Otte Nelson home at Humboldt. Senior Class to present class play, Nov. 4 BODE-The senior class of Twin Rivers Is practicing for their class play "Yes and No," a comedy fa two acts and an epilogue, to be presented at the high school In Bode, November 4, at 8 p.m. Cast of the play are, Gerl Vedvlk, Jack Knudson, Monl Aure, Mary Lou Olson, Roberta Holland, Jim Collins and Dare Moyt. Mrs, McCaleb is director of the play. A number of Twin Rivers High School students music department will compete in eliminations for the All-State Band and Choir at Clear Lake, Saturday, October 29, Quartets are Dalt Rossing, Dale Fredrick, Marj Thompson and Mary Lou o.'.ror., and Jim Collins, Jerry DeBoom Roberta Holland and Trudy Hoss- ing. Dennis Kissinger and Julie Ver Steeg will be competing In the band. KNIGHT Lin. Ft. 36" Wide also In 28" and 48" widths TIMtMp Make Your Home Winter-Tight, Draft-Free Use Crystal Clea\Shatterproof FlexrO-Glass to Cover your Doorsand Windowjr^Porches and Bree^eways *> JUST CUT FLEX-0-GLASS TO SIZB AND TACK oven SCREENS FLEX-0-GLASS is the only plastic window material that carries a 2 YEAR GUARANTEE. Look for the name FLEX-0-GL'ASS on the edge. Get Genuine FLEX-O-GLASS At Your Local Hdwr. or Lmbr. Dealer BUSINESS and PROFESSIONAL HUMBOLDT CITY OFFICIALS .Jean M. Kleve, Mayor Hgrold 'Solbook; City Clerk L. W. Dickinson, Chief of Police Counollmen ttfnest Clemenson Robert Holden Chrlstensen R. T. Newton • .Norman M. MoArthur JOHN EDWARDS REAL ESTATE BROKER '\RM MANAGEMENT Phone 33M663 Humboldt; fowl COUNTY OFFICIALS Attorney, Robert Baker Auditor, Orln Nelson Assessor, Marls Phillips Clerk of Court, A. H. Goettaoh Engineer, Vernon Miller Recorder, Esther J. Ruble Sheriff, Marvin Andersen Superintendent, Harold Gran- n ?. r Treasurer, Phyllis Chrlstensen Coroner, Or. J. H, Coddlngton DAKOTA CITY TOWN OFFICIALS Orvllle Knudson, Mayor Judy A. Thompson, Town Clerk Counollmen Dale Rhodes Jerry L. Qeorgt Robert Myers Marvin Berhow Robert Griffin JAQUA A MANSFIELD LAWYERS Jaqua Rldg. • 526 Sumner Phone 332-2102 Humboldt OLSON. ABSTRACT CO. Enid S. Day Phone 332-1593 Humboldt la. CHURCH PASTORS Methpdlst Churoh Rev. S. A. Hammer Congregational Rev. Pranols P. Burr Our Saviour's Lutheran Rev, Arthur Montgomery St. Mary's Ca'thollo Monalgnor J. E. Tolan Seventh Day Adventiat Russell Johnson 2 Ion Lutheran Churoh Missouri Synod 806 No. Tart and Beaver Township R*v. Larry Kudart I>H. ROVBLAND CHIROPRACTOR Hours HumkoUt. Iowa X-rsiy gervlce Floor Office DR. E. P. HANSEN OPTOMETRIST 9:00 to 12:00 4*0 to 5:00 Pally Friday Evening 7:00 to 9:00 Closed Thursday Afternoon Phone 332-2281 Humboldt SISSON NURSING HOME Registered Nurse In Charge Care of Aged, Convalescent and Ambulatory 24-Hour Nursing Service Phone 332-1525 Humboldt Cloned Thursdays Evening by Appointment Phono 332-2756 526% Sumner Humboldt PH. UAVIO W. HOVT CIIIHUPItAC'i'OH Complete Health Service Hours 9-12 a.m. 1:30 to 6 p.m. BILL HAFNEK UOOKKKBPIIVU AMI> TAX l.cgluti PcrvonalUed Vervlv'e To Mttl Your 'OK. im-uM HCS. CIVIC AND SERVICE ORGANIZATIONS Chamber of OoipmeiQt TTP, Welch, President BEN MILLER Logos Insurance Legion. Building Phone 332-3812 Custom Floor Service Carpet • Linoleum • Tile New it Remodel Work 1 Year Installation Guarantee Richard "Pick" Tull Ph. 332-2004 Humboldt, la. _Mason Knight, President' Klwanls Club Elnar Hansen, President Lion* Club T. P. Welch, President Jayoees Charles Hknrahan, Pres- dent 'Ins American Legion John Van Horn, Commander American Legion Auxiliary Mrs. John Seller, President Veterans of,., w Br? Leonard Collins, Commander V.P.W. Auxiliary Mrs. Lawrence Olthoft Woman's Club Mrs. M. L. Northup, President Business, Professional Women Mrs. Ruth Barrett, President Beta Sigma Pbl Sorority Mrs. Russell Hutuumson, President Worthwhile Club Mrs. Marvin Berbow, President Newoomers Club Mr*. Helen Hawthorne, President . > Humboldt Development Uorp. Hyory Chitl»t»B»on, President" OlrJ Scouts Mr*. Wayne Warren Methodist Men Ngiman MoArthur Seiler Appliance Service Offers You Complete Major Appliance Service—All Makes Phone 332-3836 Humboldt G. E. Sales 4 Service W*cren H. Smith, Broker REAL ESTATE • INSURANCE FARM LOANS Telephone 332-1071 Across from HumuU Theatre DR. K. G. PRIDE CHIHOPIIACTOH Office Ph. «M-IB(M - liuiue Calls Office irviir*! 0 lo I'J, I to S dully Bvculugai T-Uiae Tucs. « rrl. No Ofdrv Hours Saturday fte H ruviiloiu«tcr * X-r,y service .Vo. :( 3rd *l. No. lluiuliuldt' POUG MEYER REPRESENTATIVE OF CONWAY BROTHERS- FIRST OF IOWA STOCKS-BONDS- MUTUAL PUND3 883-8019-HUM8OLDT

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