Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois on January 16, 1950 · Page 14
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Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois · Page 14

Alton, Illinois
Issue Date:
Monday, January 16, 1950
Page 14
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sTOUKTIBN ALTON IVBNtrlO TKLBORAMI MONDAY, JANUARY 16, ll» Shell Retires 11 Veteran Employes Elev*n employes have been retired by Shell Oil Co. refinery at Wo«! River. • • W. F. Stfaj-horn ""W. T. Strayhorn worked for the U. S. Government for 21 years as a steamboat engineer. At Shell's Wood River Refinery he was as- 'Signed to the machinists, where he Worked most recently as a tank •Vent Inspector. Strayhorn has maintained an enviable work attendance record while at Shell During the past sixteen years he has missed only one rtay of work. A native of Beebe, Ark., Strayhorn completed secondary schooling there, took with Jnternatlon MM Iftjarei William Baker of 213 McCasland, East Alton, an employe of Alton Box Board Co., Is a patient In St. Joseph's Hospital for examination and treatment of a head Injury Incurred this morning. Produce Prices Correspond- Schools. There arc two his Elmo 32, of St. Louis; W. F. Strayhorn and Dorothy 15, who is a student at the Maplewood High School. Strayhorn is a member of the ' Masonic Order In Wellslon. For the past several years he has lived In Maplewood, but plans to spend •Ms. years In retirement In Ottawa, til. R. O. Lee R, G. Lee first saw service with the labor department, then moved to the pipefitters where he worked until his recent retirement. Lee was born in Brighton. He ..served six years ' with U. S. Army Infantry and during the first World War spent 17 months In Siberia. His wife, before ., thelu marriage, .was Lula Barnett of White Hall. There arc three children R. O. Le« ,lp the family: Donald; Dean, v.ho Is • pipefitter at Shell Oil; and ' one daughter Fern. Lee Is a member of the American Legion. His home Is in Brighton. J. K. FOK J. E. Fox has been with Shell nearly 20 years. Most of this time has been with labor department. Throughout this service he has had no lost- time accidents, and has had an unusually good work attendance record. Fox came from Fox cam* from Clark, Mo. In 1921, he was married to At St. Louis ST. LOUIS, .Tan. 16, <JPi — Produce and live poultry: PRODUCE -* Eggs, extras 31-33, standards 29-30, current receipts 27-28, unclassified 24-26. Butter, 92 score 61-6214, 90 score 60-60 H, 89 score 59-60. BuUerfat, No. 1 55c per pound at country stations, No. 2 3c less. Cheese, twins and Cheddars 33, flats and singles 33H, daisies 35'4, longhorns 36, process 34%, nearby cheese Ic less. POULTRY — Heavy breed fowl 1914, leghorns 15, white commercial fryer, broiler and roasters 2022, crosses 20-21H, reds l8'/4-2l 1 /4, grays 21-22, nearby whites and Kfays 20, reds 19, blacks 16, bare- backs 15, white ducks, muscovy 15, dark 18, geese 20, capons, 7 pounds and up, 32; under 7 pounds, 28; slips 24, young hen turkeys 32, young toms 22-25, old hens 22, old toms 20, No. 2 turkeys 12-18, roosters 15. St. Louis Hay Prices HAY — Per ton — Clover and timothy or mixed 25.00-27.00, prairie 21.00-22,00, first cutting native alfalfa 18.00-20.00, second cutting 22.00-24.00, third cutting 24.0026.00, fourth cutting 30,00-32.00, western fourth cutting 38.00-42.00, straw 12.00-14.00. Market Steady, Trading Slow NEW YORK, Jan. 1«, I Jft — A quiet steadiness prevailed In the stock market today in marked contrast to the roaring declines of the past three sessions. The volume of business amounted to only a rate of 1,400,000 shares for the entire day as compared with 3,330,000 shares on Friday. Stocks going higher Included General Motors, Goodyear, Douglas Aircraft, Westinghouse Electric and Du Pont. Lower were Union Pacific, Gulf OH, Johns-Manvllle, Philip Morris, Eastman Kodak and International Telephone. Bond trading slumped Into • mixed price pattern. Abbott 50 1-4 Al Chem & Dye 204 St Brands >t*><>«n.«i.» 22 St Oil Cal «S 5-8 St Oil Ind ,, 43 3-8 St Oil N J .,,......., 67 1-8 Sterling ,., 37 3-4 Studebaker »,,,..,,.,.... 26 5-8 Swift 35 Texas Co .........4 61 Tlmken-Axte 153-8 Transamerica 15 5-8 Un-Carblde 43 3-8 Un Pacific 85 Un Air Lines 14 5-8 Un Aircraft 26 US Rubber 40 5-8 W S Stl 26 3-4 Allied Strs 33 3-4 Allls Ch 32 3-8 Am Can 105 3-8 Am Car A Fdy 26 7-8 Am Gas & Elec 50 3-4 Am Loco > 16 Am Pow 15 1-4 Am Rad 14 Am Smelt 55 Am Snuff 41 1-2 AT&T 147 1-4 Am Tobacco 73 3-4 Am Zinc 61-2 W U 21 West Elec 31 Woolworth 49 1-4 Wor P A M pr pf 18 1-8 Zonite 5 New York Curb Ark Nat Gas A 11 Carnation 63 1-4 Cities Svc i 74 El Bond A Sh 18 5-8 Ford M Can A • 21 1-2 Hccla Min 11 1-4 Kaiser-Frazer ..• 51-8 Kingston Prod 31-8 Nlag Hud Power 15 3-8 Anaconda 29 3-4 Chicago, St Louis Grain Quotations Chicago Canh Grain CHICAGO, Jan. 16, </P) — WHEAT—None. CORN — No. 3 yellow, lake, 1.25'/4-26; No. 4 yellow, old, 1.29%; No. 1 yellow 1.31; No. 2, 1.31 V4; No. 3, 1.26%-30; No. 4, 1.23%-26; No. 5, 1.19%. OATS —No. 3 heavy mixed 75>/4; No. 1 heavy white 76H-77; No. 1 white 76; No. 2 heavy white 76V*; No. 4 heavy white 74%; sample grade medium heavy white 73U. BARLEY — Nominal: Malting, 1.20-60; feed 90-1.20. SOYBEANS—No. 2 yellow 2.33 track Chicago. Chicago Grain Future* Armco 27 3-4 Armour 8 1-2 AT & SF 101 7-8 Bold Loco 12 Bendlx .35 1-2 Beth Steel 31 1-4 Borden •. 49 Berg Warner 56 7-8 Briggs 29 1-8 Case 40 1-2 Caterpll Trac 3,T 5-8 Ches & O 29 5-8 Chi & NW 12 3-4 Chrysler 64 1-4 Comwcalth Edis 29 3-4 Congoleum-Nalrn 27 1-2 Cons Edison 28 3-8 Cons Gas 43 1-2 Container 39 3-4 Cont Can 35 1-2 Cont Steel 14 1-2 Corn Prod 68 1-4 Corn Prod pfd 184 Crane 28 1-4 Curt Wright 61-4 Dougla 74 1-8 Dupont 61 3-4 E. Fox .?enns)e Bush, also of Clark. They haw one daughter, Mrs. Herbert Windier, of Hardln. ; Fox is a member of the Odd • Fellows Lodge. He is building a : hew home In Wood River, having lost his former residence in the recent tornado. ' W. B. Johnson W. B. Johnson was first employed In the labor department, '. was moved to the car burn, where ho later worked as car mechanic. • Ht» also had subsequent assignments in the compounding de- partment and until his recent retirement, with the pipefitters. : ' * Johnson spent his early years In McCleans- boro, He married the former V ; .-Eunice Allen of • 'the same town. W. B. Johnson "There are four children in the family: Zelda, who is Mrs. L. Sims : 'of South Roxana; Ruth, now Mrs. ' H. Miles of Alton: Betty Jean, : now Mrs. Nelson Ellis of Wood I. River; and a son Ernest, who Is ,- also employed by Shell. Johnson's home is in Roxana. .. ' J. B. Harris • • J. B. Harris was first employed in the labor department, was later •assigned to the pipefitters where High WHEAT— Mar. ... 2.16 Mny ... 2.10 % July ... 1.92'/i Sep. ... 1.92'/4 CORN— Mar. ... 1.29 May ... 1.28%' July ... 1.27H Sep. ... 1.22H Dec. ... 1.15VB OATS— Mar. ... 73U May ... 69% July ... 62% 61H Low Close 2.14 '/« 2.09 ',4 1.91 Vt 1.91% 1.28 W 1.27 '/4 1.25 % i.ai4 1.13% 72% Sep. Dec RYE— • May ... 1.41 H July ... 1.41% Sep. ... 1.41 H. SOYBEANS— Mar. ... 2.32'/4 May ... 2.28% July ... 2.24H Nov. ... 2.00% 67% 60% 1.39% 1.40 V4 1.40 H 2.31 2.2714 2.23 U 1.99 Vi 2.14%-% 2.09%-10 1.91'/4-H 1,92 1.28 % 1.27 U-% 1.26H-W 1.21% 1.14'/i 72% 68% 62% 61 62% 1.40-40% 1.40% 1,40% 2.32 U-% 2.28%-% 2,24-24% 2.00 h* served the greater part of his 21% years with Shell. Harris was born in Alton, attended school, at Cape Girardeau, Mo. His wife, formerly Clara Feldon, is'from Chaffee, Mo. In their family are four children: Russel jr., who is a Lieutenant in the U. S. Air Force andJ. K. Mattinsjly stationed In Palm Beach, Florida; Robert E., 22, of Wood River; Asella, who is now Mrs. Cecil Warsham of St. Louis; and Etta, also of Wood River. During the first World War Mattingly served a year with the U. S. Army, 334th Infantry, 84th Division, which saw action overseas. Mattlngly resides on North Wood river avenue In Wood River, W. W. Waller* Before coming to Shell, W. W. Wallers was employed for several Eastman 46 1-8 Eaton 29 3-8 El Auto-Lite 43 5-8 Gen Elec 41 5-8 Gen Food 48 Gen Motors 71 1-8 Gen Time 23 Goodrich 72 3-4 Goodyear 45 3-8 Gt Nor Ir Ore 12 1-2 Gt Northern pf 42 1-2 Greyhound 11 Homestake 47 i-g Houd Hersh 13 1-4 Hudson Mtr 14 1-4 1C 37 3-4 Inland 39 7-8 Ins Con Corp 14 3-8 Int Harv 26 7-8 Int Harv pf 180 Int Nick Can 28 1-4 I T A T 12 5-8 Jewel 57 1.3 Johns-Man 46 7-8 Kennecott 52 7-8 Keystone S A W 17 5-8 Kimberly-Clark 24 3-4 Lib-Glass 63 1-4 Libby, McN * L 77-8 Marshall Field 24 7-8 Mont Ward 55 1-8 Nash-Kefv 17 1-2 Nat Biscuit' 38 7-8 Livestock Prices At East St. Louis NATIONAL STOCKYARDS, 111., Jan. 16, (ft — (USDA)—HOGS— 11,500; active fully 50 higher than average Friday; instances up more; bulk good and choice 180-240 pounds 16.25-17.00; top 17.00 freely for choice 180-210 pounds; most 250-270 pounds 15.50-16.00; few to 16.25; 270-350 pounds 13.75-15.50; 140-170 pounds 15.00-16.75; 100-130 pound pigs 13.00-14.75; good and choice sows 400 pounds down 13.0075; few 14.00; heavier sows 11.5012.75; few down to 11.25; stags 8.50-10.50. CATTLE — 5000; calves 600; few medium and good steers steady at 24.75-26.25; cows active and 25 to 50 higher; common and medium beef cows 15.00-17.00; canners and cutters 12.50-15.00; bulls strong to 25 higher; medium and good 18.50- 20.5Q; cutter and comrrlon 15.5018.00; vealers 1.00 higher; good and choice 27.00-36.00; common and medium 18.00-25.00. SHEEP — 750; lambs opened fully 50, spots 75 higher than Friday; several lots good and choice wooled lambs 24.00; few 24.25; bunch 115 pounds 22.50. INCOME TAX SIIIVICI I A.M. tott.M. I. C. •ROEHL •r •WWttrty WHn lAtafttM 1I4WMI1M Mi BROADWAY AftD tUENIM Phm« I-SMI ALTON, ILL. INCOME*?!? SERVICE MARQARET L PRUITT 122 North Pence BAST ALTON Dial 4-6588 Nat Cont 7 3-4 Nat Dairy 39 1-4 Nalt Steel 90 N Y C RR 123-4 Vo Am Avia 11 1-4 Morth Amer jg 7.3 N'orthrn Pac 18 3-4 Ohio Oil 27 5-8 3wens Glass 64 Packard 4 1-2 Pan Am Air 9 3-8 Parani Pic 19 1.4 Penney ... 55 3.3 Penn 17 j.g Pepsi ....« 10 1-8 Phclps ....; 49 1-2 Defense Rests in Second Trial of Alger Hiss NEW YORK, Jan. 16, UP)— The defense rested shortly after noon today In the second perjury trial of Alger Hiss, former high State Department official. Claude B. Cross, Hiss' counsel, announced "the defense has concluded its evidence" after its 54th witness had been excused. The trial began Nov. 17 before Federal Judge Henry W. Goddard and a jury of eight women and four men. Today was the 36th court day. The prosecution announced that it would introduce rebuttal testimony. Moline Elks Manager Dies MOLINE, Jan. 16. UP)— James A. Shoilenberger, 57, manager of the Moline Elks Club, died Saturday night. Schollenberger, manager of the club here since 1929, was n former minor league baseball player and manager. His first Midwest job was with the Moline Three-I League team as a player. Later, he managerd Rockford, III., Marshalltown la., and Moline in the Mississippi Valley League before retiring from baseball in 1929. He was a native of Philadelphia. • MOttUMtNTS-CtM. LOTS MONUMENTS FACTS AS A FAMOUS STATESMAN ONCE SAID. "LET'S LOOK AT THE RECORDS"! I MISLEADING STATEMENTS TO THE CONTRARY, THERE IS NO GRANITE QUARRIED OR CEMETERY MEMORIALS MANUFACTURED IN THE ALTON VICINITY. THE GRANITE INDUSTRY IS LOCATED PRINCIPALLY IN MINNESOTA. WISCONSIN. VERMONT, AND GEORGIA. AND LOCAL DEALERS OBTAIN STOCK MONUMENTS AND MARKERS FROM THESE VARIOUS MANUFACTURING SOURCES. THE DELANO GRANITE WORKS. Inc., DELANO. MINN., OWNERS OF FIVE QUARRIES. ARE THE WORLD'S LARGEST MANUFACTURERS OF CEMETERY MEMORIALS. SELLING DIRECT. DELANO MEMORIALS ARE MADE ONLY FROM FIRST QUALITY GRANITES AND ARE GUARANTEED EVERLASTING. THE UNDERSIGNED HAS BEEN A RESIDENT OF ALTON FOR FIFTY YEARS. AM A FULLY AUTHORIZED REPRESENTATIVE OF THE DELANO GRANITE WORKS. Inc., AND HAVE SERVED THIS COMMUNITY COURTEOUSLY AND CONSCIENTIOUSLY FOR MANY YEARS. THE HUNDREDS OF HIGH QUALITY OUTSTANDING DELANO MEMORIALS PLACED IN THIS VICINITY AND OUR MANY SATISFIED CUSTOMERS IS AN UNDISPUTED TESTIMONIAL OF FAIR DEALING. WE INVITE HONEST COMPETITION, BUT WILL NOT BE FORCED TO INCREASE PRICES. OR DISCONTINUE OUR POLICY OF SELLING DIRECT. BY STATEMENTS OR INFERENCES THAT MAY BE MADE BY ANY SO- CALLED LOCAL, NEWLY ORGANIZED CONCERNS. Signed: WM. V. BLAKELY Factory Distributor. DELANO GRANITE WORKS, INC. 3240 Hawthorne Blvd. Alton, 111. Phone: 2-2253 SAVE — BUY DIRECT COAL FfMmllfl Ctllftt] •r Fumact MltlHNU Ilia UHlIp ILLER'S Sit •§•• DM 2-1211 OFFSET PRINTINO OUR SPECIALTY Office f*nt*—t*nt MAI MNt (MM K BrMdway—AMM, OJ. M HELP MANTRD—MALI BOOKKEEPER—Prefer one able to take some dictation. Exceptional opportunity for ambitious vound man. Reply stating experience and quail Reply stating experience and quail- flcatlons. Box 910, care Telegraph, $85.00 WEEKLY—Belling 4 pain shoes dally, direct. Free outfit, Samples. No investment. Experience unnecessary. AdVance commissions, bonus. Paragon Shoes. 716Y Columbus, Boston, Mate. YOUNG MAN-Grocery or meat exper- lence preferred, to train for manager. Write full qualification, and lence. Bog 870. care Telegraph. _jR—-For retail (tore. Good position for thoroughly dependable woman with good personality. In replying state experience and references. Box 880, care Telegraph. VENETIAN RLINDS ^* BfMl OM RNndt Hcfmtted Dial 4-SS22 ALTON VENETIAN •LIND CO. eel St. Unto Are. R. Alton, til SEPTIC TANK CESS POOL BUILDING-PUMP SERVICE Electric Eeel Sewer Service DIAL 2-8642 (1**RR***RRRSB1 ^^^^™ = DECORATING PERSONAL! ALCOHOLICS ANONYMOUS — Alton phone 2-7229 or 2-4186, or P. O. Box 197. "WHO KILLED EVA SMITH?—Pleas* call. I. G" SOCIETIES—LODGES GREENWOOD LODGE—No. 421. I. O. O. F. Regular meeting, Tuesday. Jan. 17. 7:30 p. m. Work in third degree. Visiting brethren welcome. Arthur B. Maupln. N. G. H. H. Plopper, Secretary. YOUNG LADY—For general store work and can do some typing. Experience not necessary if willing to work and learn. Give personal reference, age, and past experience If any. Write Post Office Box No. 8. Alton. 111. WHITE WOMAN—To care for girl before S:30. and after school. 2-6848 after $50 WEEK TO START!—Sell beautiful solid brass Door Name Plates. Write National Engravers. 212 Summer, Boston. Mass. > EXTRA CASH! EXTRA QUICK!—Show sensational 21 card Everyday Assortment to friends, neighbors. Everyone buys. Also Birthday, Get-Well, Humorous. Plastics. Metallics, Deluxe Gift- Wrappings, Millinery Style Notes. Personal Stationery. Monogramed Napkins, Children's Books. Big profits. Experience unnecessary. Sample* on approval. PEERLESS GREETINGS. Box 828. Highland Park. III. AMAZING!—$30 is yours for selling 100 boxes greeting cards at $1. Stationery or napkin with name on. Send for samples on approval. MERIT, 370 Plane St.. Dept. 190. Newark, N. J. INTERIOR PAINTING - Removing W cleaning wallpaper: floor reflnUhing Special prlcea now. 3-8364. MAKE OLD FLOORS LIKE NIW-BMt our high speed sandei and edger Dial 2-2141. 1004 Phlnney __ INTERIOR PAINTING— Plastering and patch plastering If yo« arc tired at old wallpaper, call us today we will remove your wallpaper and. with the iat«t style colon, we will remodern- lie your home. Call today for • tree estimate. 2-6030. _ ___ WALL & FLOOR TILE Baker Aluminum A CROXTON BROS TILE CO. 3-308* 1406 Rodgen Ave. ELECTRIC—RADIOS l» BEL?—MALI- * FEMALS WANTED—Experienced couple to live on place; pleasant quarters. 3-7381. FRANKLIN LODGE—No. 25. A. F 4 A. M. Stated meeting Tuesday, Jan. 17, at 7:3o p. m. Financial matteri of Importance. Verne Williamson, W. M. PIASA LODGE—No. 27, A. F. & A. M. Special meeting Tuesday, Jan. 17th, at 7:30 p. m. School of Instruction. Visiting brethren welcome. Harold W. Beattle. W. M. FIRST-CLASS COOK — White man or woman; must be experienced; homemade pies; first-class restaurant. Write Box 860. care Telegraph. «8SALESMEN WILL ACCEPT APPLICATIONS — For men who can sell complete line of art and commercial calendars and advertising apecialties. Good commission and bonuses. Small refundable deposit required. Write or call Standard Calendar Co., 1213 Madison Ave., Madison. 111. BREGENZER'S Radio. Television Service at your home. Guaranteed. Dial 3-5032. 1222 State. RAD1Q 6 TELEVISION SEW. TOUR MEN tOJURVlCE VOU SQUARE DEAL SHOP 720 E. BROADWAY - 3-9411 HOUSES FOR SALE CAST ALTON, lIHneta 4 fMMI HMB*tll» fWBIIHJt'i MM* late*, Ml basement, t«*4 *•*• mce, Range, chicken house, Price 94,050.00 WOOD RIVER, EdwaHsvtlle Road, • room modem, new furnace, Rood roof, located near Wood River Township hospital. PHee 95,500.00 HARTFORD, W. UatWnt, rooms modern, fas hi basement, wired for electric stove, fall batement, plastered walla, coal furnace, water heater. Price f4,75O.OO Buyers wt have many, Listings wt have few, List your house with us, And we will make you happy, too. Cad Halt HALE REALTY COMPANY EAST ALTON, ILLINOIS Phone 4-5115 After 8 P. M. 4-8081 4« FURNISHED APARTMENT* 2 FURNISHED ROOMS—1311 Hampton FOR RENT—Modern house trailer. Dial 4-9824. 2 LIGHT HOUSEKEEPING ROOMS— With «un porch, private entrance, private bath. Utilities furnished. 208 Illinois avenue. East Alton, ROXANA — 3 furnished rooms. Heat, lights and water furnished. »12 week. 4-7801. TWO CLEAN — All modern basement rooms. Hartford. $30 month. Phone 4-7840. FOR RENT — Two room furnished apt Can, light, heat and water. 3-8093. 47 HOUSES FOB RENT STORAGE—MOVIMO FOR QUICK MOVING Or rURNITUR* REFRIGERATORS. STOVES. TRUNK* BOXES OR WHAT HAVE YOU? CALL 3-7830 m 2-8840 PRES. BELCHER WANTED—Man with sales, experience. .Liberal commission and overwrite. Car essential. Write full qualificationi to Box 830. care Telegraph. •II SITUATIONS WANTED—MALI HIGH SCHOOL BOY—Wants work after school and Saturday; store work preferred. Phone 2-4009. OFFICE MANAGER - ACCOUNTANT — Wants job where some sweat stain on "white collar" might spell $'s. Resume and references on request. Box B20. care Telegraph. LOST—STaAYED—STOLEN Philip Morris 51 3-4 Phillips 61 1-4 Pure Oil 28 1-4 R C A 13 3-4 Reo 10 7-8 Repub Stl 23 7-8 Soars 43 3-4 In 1919, married former Dorothy Jones, also of Alton. He resides at the present time In Cottage Hills, where he Is also building a new home, Harris J. T. Dwy«r • J. T. Dwyer has accumulated 27 yaars service with Shell. He was •first employed In the labor department, and later worked as an . Insulator and painter in the car department. • • Dwyer l| a native of Greene County, where as a boy he attended the public schools. His wife, formerly Lena Griffin, is •bo from . Greene County. " their family five chil- li Hubert: I. T. Dwyer now Mrs. Darrel Ferch of Eva, who is Mrs. H. and Wllma and Mary i. plans to keep for the hi* residence in Rox• ly had been with coming to ne worked for « •hop in 8t. Louis. with Shell he had with the •atlve of Olney, years by Illinois Central Railroad. His first, job at the refinery was in the labor department. He was then moved to the car department the where " e worked for 23 years. At the time of the reorganization of the car department Walters was assigned to the pipefit- ters until his recent retirement. Walters Is a native of Water Valley, Miss. W. \V. Wullcri His wife, formerly Bulah Simmons, Is from Louisville, Ky. During first World War Walters served several months In the U. S. Army cavalry division at Camp Pike, Ark. Walter's home is In Wood River. IV. H. Fieb«r W. B. Fisher is a native of Ed- wardsvllle. He was first employed at Shell as a painter, later worked as a crane operator, and then moved to the railroad section where he was assigned as car inspector. During the first World War, Fisher, served 10 months In the quartermaster corps at Camp Cutter. 'n 1019, he married Judith Nix, also o( £d wards vllle, Fisher has had over 30 w, H. Usher year* service with the company. He will continue to make his home In Kdwardsvtlle. j, y, luker J, F. Baker hai had 31 years wltto Shall, and durlnj (hat Shell Oil 35 1-4 Simmons 281-4 Sinclair 22 3-4 Socony-Vae 16 1-2 South Pac 52 1-8 Spiegel 95-8 time has had continous assignment as a carpenter. He is a native of Ridgeway, 111. In the first World War he served two years with the Nnited States Army in the 4th Infantry Division which saw action overseas. In 1925, he married Viola Main, farmerly o f J. F. Baker P«'«rl, 111. Baker is a member of the American Legion. During his retirement he plans to continue to reside In Alton, F. O. Qrakam F, O. Graham began his work at Shell with the labor department, later moved to the Cracking cleanout as a coke handler where hi> worked until July of last year. Graham came from Summer Hill, III, In 1909, he married Mary Slaughter of New Salem. In their family are five children: Grace, now Mrs, Clarence Wilson of Kdwardsvllle; V. o. QratVeM Helen, who is Mrs. Charles Keenan of Wood River; Frelda, now Mrs. Harold Dwiggins of Wood River; Fred 27, of Wood River; and Wllma, wlto is now Mrs. Louis Chalrney, alto of Wood River. Graham Is active in First Baptist Church of Wood River, where he is a deacon. He plans to con« tiBue hi* residence la Wood River. Chapman Nomination Approved WASHINGTON, Jan. 16, UP — The Senate Interior Committee today gave unanimous approval tt Oscar Chapman's nomination fo secretary of the Interior. Both Democrats and Republicans heap ed words of praise on Chapman who was named by President Tru man on Dec. 1 to succeed J. A Krug. MOaU. MOTtCRB STATE OF ILLINOIS, ) til. COUNTY OP MADISON) IN THE COUNTY COURT EARNEST MARTIN LONG. ) FERN OPAL LONG Petitioners DAVID MONROE McGEE, MARGARET DOYLE McGEE, PATRICIA SUSAN McGEE. Defendants > No. 776 Petition for Adoption of a Child Named PATRICIA SUSAN McGEE PUBLICATION-ADOPTION NOTICE The requisite affidavit for publication having been filed, notice la hereby given to you and each of you, David Monroe McGee and Margaret Doyle McGee, and to whom it may concern, that on the 9th day of January, 1850. Earnent Martin Long and Fern Opal Long tiled a petition in the office of the Clerk of the County Court of Madison County, Illinois, for the adoption- of a child named Patricia Susan McGee, that summons was duly Issued by law returnable on the ID third Monday of the month of February, 1950, and that said petition li Mill pending. Now, unless you, the said defendants, file your an»w«r, or otherwise make your appearance In said cau*e. held In the Court House in the City of SOth LOST—Black and white beagle hound, about 4 years old. Reward. Call Jack Phillips. 149 Cardot street, East Alton. 4-3100 or Wiegand Oil Co.. East Alton. 111. 4-7241. POINTER BIRD DOG—Lost from 904 Washington. Color red and white. Anyone knowing whereabouts please call 3-8355. HOME REPAIRS—Miscellaneous work electrical, plumbing, linoleum tile, guttering — any repair work in home. Phone 2-6175. SMITH BROS. MOVING LOCAL - LONG DISTANCE DIAL 4-6561 18 W Ferguson. Wood River After 5PM Dial 4-2329 Used Furniture Bought and Sold H A. NEVLIN MOVING, STORAGE ACROSa THE 8TREE1 OR ACROSS THE CONTINENT LOCAL & LONG DISTANCE 1838 WASHINGTON AVI. DIAL McCOY TRANSFER CO. ta FRONl ST ALTON. ILL. DIAL 3^B3» - M7M G-ROOM—Unfurnished, close in. References required. $75 per month. Write Box 540, care Telegraph. 2-ROOM HOUSE — In North Cottage Hills. Dial 4-5077. 4-ROOM MODERN HOUSE — $50 pet month. $60 rug for $20. 2-4259. 6-ROOM MODERN — Close in. References required. $75 per month. Write Box 540. care Telegraph. 7-ROOM MODERN—Located Upper Alton area. Stoker heat, good neighborhood. Dial 2-6730. 4-ROOM UNFURNISHED HOUSE —For rent. 2801 North street. 4-ROOM BASEMENT HOUSE — For rent. Dial 2-6881. FURNISHED HOUSES FOR RENT—2-room furnished house In Wood River. Adults only. Dial 4-9774 58 BUSINESS PLACES HORNSEY ROVING •> BTORAGF CO Local and Long Distance Moving PACKING CRATING SHIPPING FURNITURE REPAIRED REFINISHEO IteMi VAN UNI NORTH AMERI _ 203 W Broadway. Alton Call 8-8021 After 5 o n.: 4-9737 UM 41 SLEEPING ROOMS SIT WANTED—FEMALS WHITE WOMAN—Neat and clean, will do housework by hour in Wood River. 4-5396. EXPERIENCED—Colored woman wishes week work. Phone 3-7195. EXPERIENCED LADY—To do day work: washing and Ironing, wash walls 2-4248. WOOD RIVER—Clean, modern sleeping room; private entrance. 150 Tenth street. 3-7237. CLEAN, QUIET ROOM—On bus stop. 838 Washington, 2-5569. FOR RENT or SALE—Masonry building. 28x42 at 197 Goulding avenue. East Alton. Suitable for grocery etc. Oil heat and water furnished 1'wo apts. above now occupied Dial 4-51)84 54 WANTED TO RENT' ENGINEER & WIFE—Desire completely furnished 3-room or larger apt, or house; prefer Edwardsville or Wood River area. Call 4-7301. extension 53. Mr. Bruner, week days before 5 p. m. BUSINESS PROPERTY STATE ST.. North Alton—Nice commercial building, first floor, store •pace second floor; 6-room apt., stoker, forced air heat. 50 ft. frontage. Quick tale to close an estate. Write Box 840. care Telegraph. GIRL—Wants day work. Call 2-6226. FOUND—Dog of mixed breed; white with brown ears and head, medium size, In vicinity of Fosterburg. Call at 328 George street. East Alton. FOUND, PUPPY—Owner may have by identifying and paying for ad. 2-8826 WILL CARE FOR CHILD—In my home while mother works. 4-9673. In my home. IRONINGS WANTED Dial 2-5953. OPPORTUNITIES RdwardiviUe, County of MadUon noli, on or before Monday, the (I- —/... day of February, 1890, default msy be entered against you at any time thereafter and • decree of adoption entered In accordance with the prayer of uid petition. EULALIA HOTZ, Clerk of the County Court, Madison County. Illinois. 4 NOTICE OF NEW CLAIM DATE Notice It hereby given to all perton* that First Monday In March. 1S50. la the New Claim Dale In the estate of Ju«lu» Bllderheck. Deceased, pending In the probate Court of Madison County, lllinoit, and that claim* may be filed fore mon*. Dated this 3rd day of January, WALTER I. RILDERRECK, Admlnlatrstor Attest: JOSEPH HEALEV. Probate Clerk. WM. P. BOYNTON. Attorney. Jan. It, 83. «0. STATE LICENSE AUTO. CHAUFFEURS DRIVERS C. CLARK. 1504 E. ^ Etc LOST — Black, tan and white female fox hound. Will be identified by three Initials in each ear Liberal reward. Leroy Caftney, Mcdora. Phone SOK. LOST—Ladies brown billfold in vicinity of Wanda School. Money, drivers license and other valuable papers. Reward. 2-2767. 3:104 Jackson. Alton. LOST—Beagle pup. In Mayfield-Brown street area. 3209 Mayfield. 3-5816. LOST—2 keys on black leather key holder In or between Kroner's and Degenhardt's drug store. PTa*! 3-7817. LOST—Small black, brown and white beagle hound. 3-8600. 517 Mather. II NOTMIB WANTED—Riders to California. Leaving on Jan. 22. References preferred. Dial 2-29S1. INCOME TAX SERVICE C. CLAHK._1304_E._BDWY. _ " HARRY A MOORE PIANO TUNING and REPA1K1NU 803 Forest Ave., Alton. Dial 3-788* ALTON CEMETERY HAS LOTS TOR SALT Several hundred 8-grave tola in rarMut o« «he cemetery arc available. INCOME TAX RETURNS BOOKKEEPING SERVICE NOTARY PUBLIC Call 2-5466 IT BEATS ALL—How this new odorless Flna Foam cleans 'auto upholstery. Buck's Paint Store, 655 East Bdwy. PASSENGERS WANTED—Leaving Wednesday morning for Virginia. Can lake three. Phone 4-9382. ALTON REALTY CO, REALTORS 613 E. BROADWAY Small restaurant on E Broadway. Good Income for someone who knowi the business. Low rent. $2500 for contents. Can be bought on terms. Phone 2-2222 NEAT SLEEPING' street. 3-8798. ROOM—817 E. Sth NICE SLEEPING ROOM — In private home. 1 block from bus. 2-9166 after 6 p. m. . NEWLY FURNISHED Large front room, private; gas heat and telephone, private entrance, 330 Langdon. NICE SLEEPING ROOM FOR 1 — 311 Market. WARM SLEEPING ROOMS — Closets, bath, stoker heat, private entrance. Laundry. Near restaurant. 3-5764. RESTAURANT FOR SALE good business. Dial 4-3531. Doing S4 INVESTMENT—STOCKS STOCKS - BONDS - SECURITIES JOHN THAYER SLAYTON & CO. INVESTMENT BROKERS 103 East Broadway. Dial 2-2711 mumaa *»t> HUAUT* Alton's oTdett^atTAccradittd tauty School U Vears of jhicceufully Oradi Studenta AMBER W HUNTER MMIMI MKNRV luatUat LAIINDCalNO .HI LAUNDRY WANTED — In home. pick up and deliver. 2-7463. We WHITE LADY WANTS - Washings and Jronlngi. Reliable work. Phone 2-8183 CURTAINS - Washed and stretched Called for and delivered. Dial 3-8373. ALL MODERN SLEEPING ROOM—Adjoining bath: hot water at all times. 656 Lorena, Wood River. 4-9103. DOUBLE SLEEPING ROOM — On bus line, near broadway. Automatic hot water. 730 Washington. Dial 2-4612. _ VERY CLEAN—And nice front room" In . private home, block from bus. 3-5728 SLEEPING ROOM—For rent on Bluff street. Phone 2-2743. MODERN SLEEPING ROOM—For "geiT- tleman on bus line. Phone 3-8474. BRICK & CONCRETE—Block building with concrete floor space of 3200 sq. ft., suitable for automobile repairing or industrial purposes. Box 850. care Telegraph. n FARMS AND LAND FOR SALE—60-acre stock farm on all- weather road: all stock and machinery. Close to Alton. For information phone 109-L2. Brighton, 111. M Houses for~Sala> FOR SALE—New FHA approved hornea in Wood River or East Alton at low as $350 down and 843 per month, rhese are real buys. Must be seen to be appreciated. Phone Edwardsville 2168. Ralph H. Ladd. General Contractor. FOR SALE by owner—Tipton avenue, Wood River. S rooms and garage, hardwood floors, gag heat, automatic gai hot water heater., storm sash, insulated. Venetian blinds. Dial 4-9559. 41 BOOM AND BOARD ROOM Ic BOARD—In private home for lady. Dial 2-S90S after 5:30 p. m. ROOM & BOARD—In private home for lady. Dial 2-5905. HOUSEKEEPING ROOMS FURNISHED-Light housekeeping room Lights, water, gas heat. Adult*. 703 Washington. 2-1740. «» CURTAINS - Washed and stretched Called for and delivered. 2-7658. a|IS 4MMO|IN«ltMRIIIT> TO PROPERTY OWNERS — Beware of termites. They are destructive to your property. For free Information call Century Termite Control. Phone 152. 1019 Ruikin Ave., Edwardsvllle, III, All work guaranteed. CONTRACT CEMENT WORK — Of all Union work, Full estimates. WOOD, 3803 Franor. 3-8293 NOTICE OF REPUBLICAN MEETING The Greene County Women's Repub- Ican club will have a 1:00 luncheon ?,'. lh £ Cn' 4 **" House in Greenfield, 111., Thursday, Jan. 19. The Honorable Everett Dirkson, Republican candidate 'or U. S. Senator will be the speaker. Reiervations must be sent to Mrs Carion Metcalf of Greenfield by Tuesday, Jan. 17. The luncheon will be $1.25 per plate. LET US BUTCHER—And process your hogs. Lockers for rent. Brighton Pack- Ing Co. ' n* prwutiv wuuri m n»a»an **VMII- llliiioik, and that claim* may be I against the said eatate on or be- Hid date without luuance ol turn- • MOMiJMi>rra~OTM LOTS MONUMINTS - MARKIRS ALTON MEMORIAL SALES Sie Main Si AltM. 111. Eelabhdied to loWr'AiiM and community M AUTHORIZED DEALER! From wir modern atiplay MOM «aa- JOHN KRPON SHOE REPAIR 715 Delmar — Hartford. Illinois One block north of Hall's Service Station. Prompt and efficient service. All work guaranteed. _Unlon_ shop. WANTED-Ride to" Union"and "NaturTl Bridge. Hours, 8-3. 2-7184. l« MANTKU-MA14 WANTED—Experienced used car (ale*. man for General Motors dealer. Write Box 830. care Tel *8' r «P"-_ MAN-TO do do light chores in retail (tore; experience will help but not neceuarv If energetic and willing. Full or haUnJay time considered. C±ve age. and personal refsrenceVr Write Potl'o'ff' S, Alton, 111. I pei Bo ce Box No. _ 0«N, FOREIGN. TOMESflC^ Immediate need for office help (killed and unskilled workers on large gov't. and private contract here and abroad. kinds. LYNN 2-1175. TREE SPECIALIST rrimmlng. topping and removing, we haul away the brush Fully Insure* and reliable We al«o have aome iweot gum ahade trees left. Free eetlmst* M C LOVE 4-TStt THREE ROOMS — Private bath, entrance, water, lights, heat. Adults. References. 3423 Glllham street. 3 & 4-ROOM MODERN APTS.—Automatic heat and hot water. Apply between 9 and 7 p. m. ACTON APTS., Wood River. Apt. 7. 2 MODERN BASEMENT ROOMS — 298 Goulding. East Alton. 4-ROOM UNFURNISHED - Ultra modern, In preferred location. $135 month. No children. Dial 3-5436. 4, 5 & 6 ROOMS — $2000 down Immediate possession. Good location, RIEHL AGENCY 303 Delmar. 2-7722 - 2-5354 - 3-3722 NEW 4-ROOM BRICK HOME—For sale; just completed. Coved ceilings. In- iaids. chimes, cabinets, beauitfully plastered, well j>uilt, ideally located. Inquire 214 Carolina. 3-ROOM UNFURNISHED APT. — Modern; Venetian blinds, floors covered, utilities furnished. 817 Washington, Alton. 3-ROOM UNFURNISHED APT.-AdulU. Wood River. 4-5886 after 5:30. GUTTERING- Spouting, metal ch WHI ™ ilmaw I TIN THEB SPECIALIST mm Top. Take Down and Haul AM* Innif^t EO KRAUT. Dial FIRST CLASS CARPENTER WORK DONE—Neat on finishing. Contractor. SLIP' COVERS—Tailored to fit; guaranteed workmanship; draperies custom made. Phone 3-1308. FLOOR SANDING - And reflnlshing; alto painting. Reasonable rates free estimates Dial 3-8314 or 3-3330. PAINTING f, DECORATING-Removing wallpaper and patch plastering No. money down with M moathi to ao desired All work guarantee* estimates. John Ewlnl. 1-am VANTED-Paper hsafinf. Oood work at reasonable price*. n*ne MSST St Mis Vager rtreoi. INTERIOR DECORATING - PlSateriai. DIAL «-314| - For free eetimate on floor sanding and inside pain Dial 3-3141" 1004 Phlnney _ --.--. - -------- ----- .... .......... art wpliiVS ion blank'»' ie (iSid% n oo ll u WHY WAIT?~Oet your deckling done "" own", »e . MODERN — 3-room unfurnished men! apt., newly decorated. been treated for dampness, tile floor, pri vate entrance. Has its own automatic gas heater, heat water and lighu furnished. Adults only. 845 per month. Dial 4-3846. 4-ROOM UNFURNISHED APT. - 103 East Ferguson. Wood River. 4-7381. ROOMS—Heat, hot water, (love end refrigerator furnished. Wood River. TWO ROOM APT. - 830.00 per month. Two rooms partly furnished 843 per month. Lights, heat water furnlahed. G. H. Forstlng, Hartford. 111. "*™* ALTON REALTY CO., REALTORS 613 E. Broadway 10-ACRE FARM—8-ioom modern house) near Upper Alton » $10,500 15 ACRES IN CITY — 6-room modern house, good barn and garage. $2000 down. Will sell house & lot for $14,000 1 ACRE—In North Alton. 5-ropm mod- Cm house $0950 5 ACRES—And 4-room house, 'near North Alton. All weather road. .$4750 Office Phone: 2-2222 Night; 3-9478 - 3-8284 • 2-3322 5 ROOM — All modern, about I acre, small outbuildings, on highway $7500 E. ALTON — 5 room, all modern, gas heat, combination windows, insulated •. $7300 C. H. AUTEN AGENCY 3-8422 Hale 2-2246 — Tuetken 3-5095 Drew 2-1296 FURNISH** APARTMENTS 2-ROOM—Modern apartment. Private entrance and bath. 131 Conley, Wood River. 4-7701, 2 NICELY FURNISHED ROOMS - In Milton district. Electric stove and refrigerator, private entrance. Working couple preferred. 850 per month. 3-8408 2-ROOM—Modern furnished apt.; front and rear entrance, newly decorated. 2-1548. 3-ROOM FURNISHED APT.—41 Weal Penning, Wood River. Phone 4-8984. TWO FURNISHED ROOMS—And bath. Newly decorated, private entrance and garage. MS month.'Baby accepted. In Wood River. 4-iBU. FURNISHED- 3-room baiement apt Private entrance. Phone 3-ROOM Private entrance, heat. 831 E. Sth MODERN - Furnished apt bath, gai private (treet. a FURNISHED BOOMS~- HMt. Ughta water, refrigerator. 3T13 Viewland. blanks, (end fl 00 Ic. employment Information Center Dept I»-S3. Box 4. Brookllne 48, Mau. D* livery guaranteed. NO other fee 01 charge of any kind. ENJOY EARJNINO~- r -~ S .,. ._ rjwh Tfcere U . , job top (mall or loo large for us will we plaster your celling' Yer Will we plaster your complete roomr Veei Veal Will we remove voui wallpaper, paint your wall* or Mas wallpaper Yeel D« we guarantee aui workf Vest will we decorate VMM iefaieSeJ*' 1 01 eeurse Ret > rURN18HE"D "ROOMS ~-TEa»t"Alton. Couple. Heat and lights, g refrigerator. 144 OM St. . gai. hot water. - U> U |, Road, •in 4-ROOM-Nlcely light, and gai furnished. 838 E. street. Dial 3-838T. 3-R rent. ma Boua May be »een any time aft- 0f 3 m^ ^| pyMMy* iMAf MstMBCfti OOM FURNISHED HOUSE - for nt. Ugkta. |88 and wster (urnlahM. HOMES FOR SALE ROXANA, Dotrr Ave. — 5 room modern brick, long living room, with fuest closet H.W.F., built- in features, large kitchen, good sized dining room, 2 nice siied bedrooms with large closets, wired for stove, full basement with den or playroom, gas automatic water heater, F.H.A. loan of $8000, full price ....$10,000 UPPER ALTON 6 ROOM — Modern, 3 bedrooms, large kitchen, dining and living room, two screen porches, full basement, hot water heating system, automatic water heater, stairs to floored attic, house in A- 1 condition. Full price $10.500 LAMPERT ST. NEAR SANFORD 5 ROOMS — and sun room, modern, new asbestos tiding, new roof, new furnace, level lot, house in A- 1 condition. .$7100 MOWN ST. 5 MOM — M •«" room, modern, all large rooms, closets and cabinet., full basement, lot Ufa 200, only ............ $1500 NEAR WOOD RIVER TOWN? SHIP HOSPITAL NIW 4 ROOM - Modern, cab. inert, nit* bath; full basement, large kitchen, ready to move In, Only ........... SS2SO Terms HALI REALTY CO RIALTOfi Dial 2-7121 ~ 2-1975 14-1472

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