Carrol Daily Times Herald from Carroll, Iowa on October 17, 1959 · Page 8
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Carrol Daily Times Herald from Carroll, Iowa · Page 8

Carroll, Iowa
Issue Date:
Saturday, October 17, 1959
Page 8
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Showman of Spectacles Looks to U.S. By WILLIAM C.l.OVKK RI.OIS. France <AP> — Words ; rover worry Paul Rohorl-Houdin. ; creator of n spectacular new kind of show business. "Even if audiences do not understand what is said, they understand what they see," he explains. The financial .logic of his \ ie\v- point is beyond' dispute. Across Kurope this year millions of spectators have paid their cash to see his products Now he is mulling plans lor American operations. One possibility is a display at Independence Hall. Philadelphia. The entertainment form developed by the stocky, spectacled Frenchman is called "Son et l.u- micrc," which translates into Lng- ]ish as "Sound and Lipht." The basic ingredients ol each t,hnw are the same: an historic v-itp some reels of recording tape and a galaxy of electric floodlights. A dramatic script concerning the | locale is recorded by renowned actors, blended with appropriate musical background. An .intricate and carefully cued lighting plan is integrated with the vocal effects. The results, staged at night, are an evocation of events patriotic or romantic. "Their success depends upon being staged out of doors where the events happened." says Robert- Houdin. "The poetic blend enables the spectators to use their imagination to the cadence of words, music and changing light." In the eight years since he first devised the method (and carefully registered world rights to the "Son et Lumiere" name), Robert - Hou- din has supervised more than 50 .spectacles. Thirty palaces across France are now the scenes of nightly pageants. In addition the 65-year-old director has supervised installations in Belgium. England, Switzerl and. Italy, Portugal and North Africa. "I never follow the same pattern for two places," says Robert-Hou- riin. "Each monument is different in type and inspiration." "Each show requires a minimum of three months to create, and most require five." he says. In addition to the Philadelphia project, Robert-Houdin has tentative undertakings for Berlin, Yugoslavia and Spain. He also admits to inquiries from Williamsburg, Va., Washington, B.C., and the far reaches of California and Canada. 8 Timps Herald, Carroll, la., Saturday, October 17, 1959 Firemen at Manning Hold Annual Meeting (Times Herald ?JewK Service) MANNING—The annual meeting of the local Fire Department wa held on Oct. 13. Orrin Ramsey was re - elected president; Wilbur Karsten is vice president; Ed Knaack, secretary; Bud Wagner, treasurer; William F. Ohde, chief; Milford Wiese, Harold Ruhde, Jack Ramsey, trustees; Elvin Laurinat, custodian. Delbert Vinke, Bud Stahl, Jul Hoffman, Elvin Laurinat, Joe Kneuven and Donald Joens are members of the Fireman's Hall committee. Elvin Laurinat, Phil Zerwas, Joe Knueven, Bud Wagner and LeRoy Jansen are in charge of the annual goose banquet, which is Nov. 37. W.S.C.S. Has Rag-tearing Bee (Times Herald News Service) LANESBORO — Members of the Woman's Society of Christian Service held a rag-tearing bee at Fellowship Hall. They plan to have rugs made for the God's Portion Sale. Mrs. John Potter, of Fort Dodge, spent several days with her parents, Mr. and Mrs. W. T. Maddox. Mr. and Mrs. Frank Jacobs of Sioux City were callers Sunday in the home of Mrs. Velma Beeler. Mr. and Mrs. Russell Krause, Lyle Miller and Katherine Leist, Fort Dodge, were afternoon callers in the home of Mr. and Mrs. How ard Twogood. Mr. and Mrs. Wayne Forbes, Storm Lake, Mr. and Mrs. Jerry Wilson, Carroll, and Mr. and Mrs. Jesse Wilson drove to Des Moines Sunday to attend the evening performance of the Ice Follies at Veterans Memorial Auditorium. Mrs. Ella Waldron accompanied Mr. and Mrs. Waller Sherer of Lohrville to Cedar Rapids where they attended the funeral of a cousin, Mrs. Anna Worksman at the Lutheran Church. Mr. and Mrs. Warren Hemsburg and Eddie, Mr. and Mrs. Harold Smith, Kim and Kathy attended the Ice Follies in Des Moines Sunday iiflernoon. After the Follies they called on Mary Sherer and daughter, Marlys, in Des Moines. Mr. and Mrs. Frances Hroguu drove to Millard, Neb. Sunday to visit Mr. and Mrs. Robert Huff and .son. They also cajled on Mr. and Mrs. LeRoy Buelt at Omjiha. Mrs. Anna Wick was taken by ambulance Friday to McVay Hospital in Lake City after suffering a stroke. Mr. and Mrs. Don McCoy and family of Fl. Dodge, and Mrs. Pauline Strickland and family were dinner guests Sunday in the home ol Mina McCoy. Callers in the morning were Mr. and Mrs. Cecil McCoy and family. Radio and television stations invested $20,857,000 in daily newspapers in 1958 — 1C per cent more than in 3US7 — to tell the public about their programs and person UlltH'h. exalt ORIGINAL OCT. 19,20,21,22,23,24 MONDAY through SATURDAY TH.S WEEK MAGAZ.NE, PA^FAM.L^KLY and SUNDAY NEWSPAPERS A* adverted en REXALL'S TV SPECIAL *™ PERS "STRAWBERRY BLONDE" with a big ALL-STAR CAST . SUNDAY, OCT 18 NBC- AEROSOL PASTE REXALl Ml 31 AMTISEPTIC MOUTH WASH room room Pint, Reg. 89c Kills contacted i breath. Destroy Refreshing taste. lmp., , nth*",™ ind »«*" as it sweetens your ath odors for hours. sule* 100'*. Reg- REXALL Rubbing ALCOHOI A fa 80 C Pint, 79c and ....2 lot, 4.96 The finest rubbing alcohol you can buy. Cooling, soothing body rub. Ideal for sickroom needs REXAU ASPIRIN No finer, faster-acting aspirin at any price! *".'!?" RO-BALL DEODORANT Keg. 69c 2 for 70c A true antfperspirantRolJs on; no waste. Gives 24-hour protection. Children's Multi-Vitamins POLYMULSION 4 ox., Rog. $1.15 2 for 1.16 Pleasant tasting liquid. Vitamins A, Bl, 82, C and 0. Therapeutic Vitamins THERAMINS 100'j, Reg. $8.95 2 <.r 8.96 High potency multivitamin capsules. REXALL ASCORBIC ACID 50-mg. 100's, Reg. $1.04 2 for Vitamin C tablets D REXALL VITAMIN A, B, D & G CAPS. 100's, Reg. $1.59 2 for 1.60 D REXALL COD LIVER OIL. Pint, Reg. $1.59 2 for 1.60 D POLYDROPS. Liquid multivitamins for infants, 30 cc, Reg. $2.09 2 for 2.10 O REXALL DICALCIUM PHOSPHATE CAPS. 100's. Reg. $1.39....2 for 1.40 D POLYCAPS. Children's multivitamins. 72's, Reg. $1.98 2 for 1.99 D REXALL THIAMINE HYDROCHLORIDE. Vitamin Bl. 10-mg. 100's, Reg. $1.49 2 for 1.50 D REXALL VITAMIN B-COMPLEX CAPS. 100's. Reg. $2.59....2 for 2.60 n REXALL VITAMIN B12 CAPSULES. Snog. 100's. Reg. $1.20....2 for 1.21 REXALL MONACET APC TABLETS lOO'i, Rag. 89e 2for90c Combination of ingredients to ease pain of simple headache, neuritis, neuralgia. Klenzo Antiseptic MOUTH WASH Pint, Reg. 79t 2 for 80c Ruby red, spicy-cinnamon breath sweetener. Kills contacted germs. CHERROSOTE COUGH SYRUP 8 oz., Reg. $1.19 2f.r1.20 12 active ingredients re lieve coughs due to colds. REXALL GLYCERIN SUPPOSITORIES 12'f, Reg. S3e 2 for 54t Choice of adults' or infants'. REXALL BUFFERED ASPIRIN 100'!, Reg. 98c 2for99c Brings pain relief , twice as fast as ordinary aspiria. Won't upset your stomach. REXALL MILK of MAGNESIA Pint, Reg. 52c 2 for 53c CARA NOME Fast Dandruff Treatment SHAMPOO rl.01 12 oz., -^ Reg.$i.oo£ I Medicated to relieve infectious dandruff. Removes dandruff scales. Leaves hair lustrously clean. Dependable antacid, laxative. REXALL SACCHARIN '/4-gr. lOO'i, Reg. 35e 2 for 36c Ideal food and beverage sweetener. VICTORIA TWOSOME REXALL LAVENDER AFTER-SHAVE LOTION 2 for 80C Fresh, clean fragrance. 6 ox.. 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Reg. 20c 13 ............. ces Subject to Change Wilhoul Notice* Right Rsssmd to Umlt Quantities ^' TOflCTKICS CHCCKllSt D AMERICAN BEAUTY ROSE MIST COLOGNE by Cara Nome. 3-oz. Aerosol. Reg. $2.50 2 for 2.51 D New! RADIANCE HAND LOTION by Cara Nome. 8 oz., Reg. $1.00 .............. 2 for 1.01 D ASTRINGENT by Cara Nome. 4 oz., Reg. $1.25....2 for 1.26 DADRIENNECOCOANUTOIL SHAMPOO. 8 oz., Reg. 98c 2 for .99 D ADRIENNE BATH POWDER. 5V2 oz., Reg. $1.75 .......... 2 for 1.76 D BOBBY PINS, rubber tipped. Card of 20, Reg. lOc ........ 2 for .11 D HAIR NETS, nylon mesh. Reg. lOc ........................ :...2for .11 Q LAVENDER DUSTING POWDER. !& oz., Reg. $1.75 ............ 2 for 1.76 D CLEANSING CREAM by Cara Nome. 3-oz. jar, Reg. $1.25 .......... 2 for 1.26 D BLOSSOM BUBBLE BATH. 20 pks. per box, Reg. $1.00 2 for 1.01 D REXALL AFTER-SHAVE LOTION. 6 oz,, Reg. 69c. 2 for .70 D REXALL BAY RUM. Full pint, Reg. 75c .................. 2 for .76 D LAVENDER SHAVE CREAMS, mentholated. Lather or brushless. 3'/4 oz., Reg. 59c .............. 2 for .60 D REXALL DENTAL FLOSS, waxed nylon. 30 yd., Reg. 29c ...... 2 for .30 D DENTUREX DENTAL PLATE CLEANER. 7Vz oz., Reg. 69c ........................... 2 for .70 G DENTUREX ADHESIVE POWDER. 3 oz, Reg. 89c .................. 2 for .90 D REXALL CHLOROPHYLL MOUTH WASH. Pint, Reg. 89c ....... 2 for .90 D REXALL COTTON BALLS, sterile. 200's, Reg. 69c,...2for .70 H QUIK-SWABS, sterile cotton on sticks. 200's, Reg. 59c ...... 2 for .60 D REXALL TALCUM. Pound, "K4 MILLIONAIRE in TOKYO, fARIS, Or ROME." No purchase necessary to win. Just ask tis about REXALL SUPER PLENAMINS .. .America's Largest Selling Vitamin-Mineral Product. REXALL PRO-CAP ADHESIVE TAPE WxlO yd., Keg. 43t_ 2 for 44c Sticks better; less irritating. Waterproof. "AUTUMN FRAGRANCE \ NUMBERS" MIST COLOGNES 3-oz. Aerosol, Keg. $2.00 2 for 2.01 Delightful fragrances toT complement every mood. D REXALL AEROSOL MERTHIOLATE. Antiseptic. Reg. 98c 2 for .99 D REXALL GAUZE BANDAGE. Sterile. 2" wide roll, Reg. 27c 2 for .28 D ADHESIVE TAPE, 3 widths on 1 roll. 5 yds., Reg. 65c 2 for ,66 D REX-SALV1NE ANTISEPTIC SALVE. IVz-oz. tube, Reg. 75c 2 for .76 D REXALL MERCUROCHROME, 2%. Va oz., Reg. 25c 2 for .26 D NEOMYCIN-BACITRACIN. Antibiotic first aid oint, 1/2 oz., Reg. $1.42 2 for 1.43 D REXALL IODINE. Tincture, U.S.P. quality. 1 oz., Reg. 35c ....2 for .36 D RAZOR BLADES, Permedne, 50 double edge. Reg. 98c..zfor .99 D LEATHER BILLFOLDS. Men's or Ladies'. Reg. $2.00 2 for 2.01 D LATEX HOUSEHOLD GLOVES, Belmont. S,M,L, Reg. 89c....2 for .90 D CHILD'S TOOTH BRUSH, Klenzo. Reg. 29c 2 for .30 D COMBINATION SYRINGE, Victoria. 2 qt., Reg. $4.29 2 for 4.30 D HOT WATER BOTTLE, Victoria. 2 qt, Reg. $3.29 2 for 3.30 D REX FILM for better pictures. 620,127, 120. Reg. 50c ....2 for .51 D HEATING PAD, Electrex. 3 speed. Reg. $5.95 2 for 5.96 MEDICINE CHECK LIST D ALCO-REX RUBBING ALCOHOL. Pint, Reg. 59c 2-for .60 D REXALL 10 GRAIN ASPIRIN, double strength. 100's, Reg. 89c 2 for .90 D REXALL CHILDREN'S ASPIRIN 1-gr. 50's, Reg. 35c 2 for .36 D EYELO EYE LOTION. 8 oz., Reg. 79c 2 for .80 D REXALL FOOT POWDER. 4 oz., Reg. 43c 2 for .44 D NASOTHRICIN NOSE DROPS. Vzoz., Reg. 75c ....2 for, .76 D PETROFOL MINERAL OIL. Pint, Reg. 63c 2 for .64 Q CASCARA SAGRADA EXTRACT. £gr. 100's, Reg. 99c 2 for 1.00 D REXALL LIP AID. 1 oz., Reg. 35c 2 for .36 Q REXALL ANTIHISTAMINE TABS. 25-mg. 15's, Reg. 55c 2 for .56 D ACNOTHRICIN for acne, pimples. IVz-oz. tube, Reg. 98c 2 for .99 D REXALL BORIC ACID SOLUTION. 4 oz., Reg. 29c 2 for .30 D REXALL CASTOR OIL. 3 oz., Reg. 55c 2 for M D REXALL PEROXIDE, medicinal. Pint, Reg. 45c _...2for .46 D REXALL EPSOM SALT. 4 oz., Reg. 25c 2 for .26 n REX-RUB for muscular aches. 6 oz., Reg. $1.19 2 for 1.20 D REXILLANA COUGH SYRUP, 8 oz., Reg. $1.19 2 for 1.20 D LOZOTHRICIN, anesthetic, antibiotic throat lozenges. 12's, Reg. 69c 2 for .70 D REXALL NASALATOR INHALER. Reg. 69c 2 for .70 D ANAPAC TABLETS. Quick cold relief. 15's. Reg. 59c 2 for .60 D POUND PAPER or ENVELOPES, Elite Crushed Ripple. Reg. 89c 2 for .90 D BUSINESS ENVELOPES. Reg. lOc 2pks..11 D TYPING PAPER TABLET, 8'/2" x 11". Reg. 39c 2 for D BALL POINT PEN, Belmont. Reg. 39c 2 for D PASTEL PAPER or ENVELOPES, cello packs. Reg. 39c 2 for .40 .40 .40 D DECORATED GIFT WRAP PAPER. 4 sheets. Reg. 25c 2 pks. .26 O CURLING RIBBON. Spool, Reg. 25c 2 for .26 STATIONERY or NOTE PAPER^; V\o Reg. $1.00 Box, Giant assortment. CHRISTMAS CARDS Reg. <59c 2 for 70C Box of 18 tall cards, all original designs. QUIK-BANDS in New Zip-Quik Dispenser new i Balloon-Blowing MONKEY 21's, Reg. 49c Choose "True-Skin" or Flesh Colored adhesive 3.44 bandages. VICTORIAN BOX STATIONERY 98c 52.50 Value Keg. K98 Blows up balloon and dicks Heels as stool revolves. - 3 INDELO LIPSTICKS by Cara Nome. $3.75 Value White vellum sheets, 60 decorated ^ and 60 plain, p| us 60 envelopes. 3-TUBES REXALL TOOTH PASTE «E|, Symbol. Fdding. FEVER THERMOMETERS, Clifton. Oral or rectal. $1.69 Value 9>4-oz. total! $1.59 Value Delightful tasting keeps your teeth sparkling clean. QUIK-BANDS, adhesive bandages. P am, mer. or "Little Warrior". 45's. Reg. 63c CHRISTMAS TREE LIGHT SETS. 7-lamp indoor. $1.49 Value . ,99 ••«ag.w.«r::.:r: 2,99 GIANT TOY PLUSH BEAR 29" ENGLISH COLONY COLOGNE and SOAP | Reg. fl $2.50 Sat I* Lavender Cologne and 3 cakes of fragrant Soap. REX-WAY BATHROOM SCALE WITH HANDLE 4.1 Flat style; magnifying lens, quilted mal • —. MEN'S AND LADIES' WRIST WATCHES $'0.95 Values Ladies': gold coloTc'asT matching band Men's: extra thin gold h'c have Swiss movemerits LEHMAN'S The Drug Stor* The Marquee

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