Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois on April 13, 1961 · Page 15
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Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois · Page 15

Alton, Illinois
Issue Date:
Thursday, April 13, 1961
Page 15
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ALTtW EV82«NQ TELEGRAM TMUMDAY, JMSMHe JUMjgl nsWIWV CBIfwlB0 By Loo flRt JIJtID SAXON By Ren BaM and Jerry Bronfleld THE STORY OF MARTHA WAYNE By Wilson Scruggs Of Ml TWMS, TUB <M HAffTAUBD B6MTOMTH6TWCK5/WMY,TWS If UKE A MSHTMMtC/ i fcr HtQ MBit BOLT By Jrtffl CaDw lltiffcf ALLKY OOP By V. T, HRfliHft RIVETS CAPTAIN EASY By Leslie Turner By George Sfeta -aw MORE THAN OWE WAV It) SKIM A CAT/ THE BERRYS By'Carl Grubert >ES.THH-Houseste FORGBTMMlIfl) SAVE ME-BECKOM I BETTER GET K0> OFT»S,EASy!>/CAU geu. OR EEWT IT NOW THAT iris WO YER-UMSI OlPl THAT* ONE REASON I SOT SIS' HEARTED AWO SAVE IT AMP SHE MUSTVE FOUWP OUT IT W»5 A WHT& ElEPHAMT, AND GAVE (T HESES NO PEiWUP FOR T SO IU. •EM KWWi MO NEWCOMER*) BE PAVIM9 BUT IF 50*EroOY£ «U$6 7 TAXE5 ON BURNS WWW, WU MlfiHT/ tTWWUE IT UNLOAP {TON flMl -jm, SffS EMPTVt EH? TO ME! VOU CAM HAVE IT BACK-VERY CHEAT! THE SMITH FAMILY By Mr. and Mrs. George Smith f I'M «?\CK OP THE. SW-AE O1T POOP. TO ME UK6. \ Nt3UR APPCTtT AU. 1 W>>\7 V/A<V TWO TWINGA. WOW'COULD OU«5T TMD UL'OU TRIPLE. PECKER ICE CREAM CONES. THATS ONiy THUNDER AND MOM/ LISHTNING, OKAY/ OKAY.' COINS/ HENRY By Carl Anderson A/IB ••am l FRECKLES AND HIS FRIENDS By Merrill Blosser OUR BOARDING HOUSE With MAJOR HOOPLE OUT OUR WAY By J. R. Williams , BE- ADVISED THAT T<9<?TOtSES A£E E5PEC/ALLY OF CUTTLE8OME, if? HAT TO BLO>d 14 __ COULD VOU TWO VtoOLD MAKE A~<SREAT REUtf TEAM .ESPECIALLY WHEN., . .._ _ . , COMES TO ^ I /ACTIOMS/ UP JABS/ . _. _ SALLOPING GERARD, WHY tJOM'T 1OU 6ET HIM A , -i-s/ OH, V)A, HE'S PONE ITAfiAlN"T WELL, !F VDUI?HAPSEWSE i-; "if JUST J-OOK AT THE <SA& of ENOUSH TO BRlMG IN THE ii^- "V THAT SNIP'S WAKPEP W CLOTHES PIN SAO SENSE OF HUMOR HAS » LEAST COULPNT HAVE COME UP wrm THIS TIME/ avew rr A TITLE POPSGONK4. ^ BU3WMISSrAC< HE SEES" MVI I WISH 1 GOULD THINK OT A SAFE WAY 7&. SHOW rrjB>-r •Junior Editors Quiz on- TRAFFIC DONALD DLCK By Walt Disney MAV \VEQO TO THE ( MAV WE HAVE SECONDS ON J f NO/ RE? AV WESTAV UP I ANtP UATCH THE NO/ »v EM? WHATS U4IS J WHVi,, ^«-«^. , TUCKED IN THE /BE MY REPORT True Life Adventures SHORT RIBS By Frank O'Neal *Q<3® YIPPIB: QUESTION: What is the historyoj the white line down the highway? • • • ANSWER: Traffic problemt ar« old«r than the automobile. In ancient Rome theit wu much riding in horse-drawn chariots, especially M man went back and forth to battles. The Roman roads were built with occasional wide spaces along* side where a chariot could be parked for repairs. Chariots which were going to Rome were kept from running into those going away from Rome by a long hump built down the center of the road. A line which divided a road into lanes of traffic was used to Mexico as early M 1600, The line was not always white, but it was a color which could be seen easily against the color of the road and the surrounding trees and flowers, in America not all lines down highways are white. Some states use black or yellow lines. Some of the new superhighway* divide traffic win a ditch or • flat expanse of land. Some have even gone back to the Roman style of separating traffic. They nave • long built-up block of concrete. • • • * F0» YOU TO OOi The ant time your family takes an auto trip, notice how your car is safely kept aw«y from the Qoooalni core, , e • • (Craig Cager of Piedmont, Calif., wins f 10 for this questioa. Mill yours on a po«t card to Violet Moore Higgins, AP Newa- features, In care of this newspaper, if duplicate quefUoMara received, if*. Hitfios will itJMt fee wkoirJ 4-11 How* It takes no effort to embroider this picture that adds interest to any room. Try it! Mainly in outline and single stitch, you'll find it fascinating to see it grow in soft colors. Pattern 854: transfer, picture 15x19'-; inches; color chart. Send 96 cents (coins) for thto pattern—add 10 cents for each pattern for first-clam mailing. Send to Laura Wheeler, care of Alton Telegraph, M, Needlecrnft Dept., P.O. Box 181, Old Chelsea Station, New York 11, N. V. Print plainly Pattern Number, Name and Address. JUST OFF THE PRESS! Send now for our exciting, new 1961 Needlecraft Catalog. Over 125 designs to crochet, knit, sew, embroider, quilt, weave—fashions, home furnishings, toys, i gifts, bazaar hits. Plus free— j instructions for six smart veil i caps. Hurry, send 25 cents now: t | Styled-to-Slim \ PRINTED PATTERN 4582 1414-24*4 Face-framing flattery — airy neckline is accented by easy- sew tucking! Make this smart, young daytime casual in crease- resistant cottons or shantung. Printed Pattern 4582: Half Sizes 14>-a, 161,2, 18%. 20%, 22%, 24*2. Size 16',a requires 3% yards 35-inch fabric. Send 50 cents in coins for this pattern—add to cento for each pattern for first-class mailing. Send to Anne Adams, care of Alton Telegraph, 177, Pattern Dept., 243 W. 17th St., New York 11, N. y. Print plainly Name, Address, size, Style Number. Announcing the biggest fashion show of spring-summer, 1961 —pages, pages, pages of patterns in our new Color Catalog —just out! Hurry, send 35 cento now! Read Telegraph Want Ads Daily Women can drive just aa well as men—and from either side of the front seat ADD A LOS ANGELES (*)~The Los Angeles Angels reached Into the Little Leagues when they tilgmd Cesar Faz, 41, of Monterrey, Mexico. JTaz is the Angels' ebiel scout in Mexico. JTa» managed the Monteney Little League team to the world Utle in J957 aoci 199» and dt! veloped the team's star pitchMr Angel Macias, now U bwitOD young to be signed by orgaaiMd STumnri was bora in &ui Aotonio and Wi previous big te«gue con. tkM) ewe is a b«t boy wlih flW 81. Loui*

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