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The Iola Register from Iola, Kansas · Page 1

Iola, Kansas
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Wednesday, March 30, 1927
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STATS 'HISTOHICAI; IlOfil^* , c.c:«Pi. ^\ :^ I TOFJEKA .KAlli. J} VOLUME XXX; No. 134. The Weekly !ReKtat*r. , The lola^Diilly RegUiterj Bstablliihed 1867. EntiAIIiihed 1«97 lOLA, KAN., WEDNESDAY EVENINGi:MARC|I 30, l^fT. Between 350 and 600 jBelieved to Be Doomed —Explpsion so Great it Wre(fked Two- story Building: 200 Feet Away. South F6rk, Pa., March 301 (AP)-r-Beiween 350 and 6( 0 miners were entombed, and a nunlber .of workmen on the su *face were killed this afternoon |«(heri; a torrific explosion spread death and destruction threugWJV^ine No. 3, of i\ e Pennsylvania Coal and Coke Corporation at Ehrenfeld, rtej r here; The 'entire day shift of miners, togi'thcr with some e::; tra men, were in the workingssiwhen the blast occurred.'South 'Fork wa.s rocked a» if b^ an ehrtliquHke, ami an office building near the mouth of the mine, WaH-blown down. So far m . i« known, hone of the m«n in the mine eHcaped and rescue e.^- j)ertH held little hoiM* foif them, pointing out that it was j)rue- tically impoHsible for lifw to oxiHt- wht>re the forcu of the «'.\- "ploslon waK «o great. ; ' " • • Till-ilrlfi inciuth or ilu« niliii' wu(i^- - • vifvckM. KMTXU lumit lnnit)llii|(' <lowii from tlif hilt Inio whl<rh tlii- (liftniit 'l ii'iHlK, Tin- flrnt rvmwff oil MiM-iH', wi'ut l<) work on IIHH Iiloc 'kade, In tui'. mm ?n ROtllO ixiiht nitiKs which' Stunned by aster; the"t; munlty was the hot)« that Hoint^ or onrbed had reiii'hi -il ur :r««fiige In I he hie . exieiKlH bai:k Into (IIH mountain a llHtanee of .some eight inlli^sJ ... I the extent of the (IIH: itire Khre'nrelU Kom- 1 stricken, and it- was some tfnie-before 4be reacue work was under way. First those injured In: the wrecked office building .had to be given first aid. CaUa went ont Into the surrounding mining couutr.y for volunteer rescuers. Crews of men, traveling by auto- inobile. soon reached the scene. They Went into aciion with their picks and shovels,, trying to clear the mine mouth so us to effect an entrance.. People living ten miles from tiie 'mine felt the explosion, which •according to those near the workings, came ripping through the drift mouth and out into the open, •'destroyfng much property on the surface. r . Rescuers, doctors, litirses and first aid equipment was-rushed in by the Pennsylvania railroad from Uerry, Johnstown, Cresson and _other points in the central Pennsylvania coal field. Western Pennsylvania field mine owners offered their asaistance. The United States bureau of mines rescue car Holmes was ordered from Derry. while bureau experts traveled the scene by automobile jfrom Pittsburgh. . Pittsburgh, Pa., .Mar./3». rAP)— More than 500 men were entombed by a territic -*xplo8lon In the Kh- renfeld mine of the Pennsylvania Coal and.t'olc^ Corporation this afternoon, according to reports received here.' The. month or the mine was wrt^cked by tliu bhiHt, it A United Slati's buj-wui of mines reiM 'Uo car, siailoneii at JJerry. iiiear Khrenfeld. han been <irdered to the scene. Ail erforts to get iliito dir.i'ct with the mini' rullLMl. It is locHlfd In^ Cumbria ciouuty, aiioiii "."i miles from I'lUsbtirgh. i '(jeorge .McCaa, mine rescue expert of the federal /bureau, said lie .bplieved that' between H.'iO to 41 )0 men had been trapiied by the blast. The explqsion was of such great forjce that when it ripped from (he shaft mouth of the mine it blew down a two story brick office buildini about 200 feet from the entry. ] Some office employees were injured when the structure collapsed. Mining- men, familiar with explosions, said the blast was so- teirific they could -hold (Conllnued on Page 8, No. 2.) BULLETIN rr «HKan, Pa., .Mar. .Tfl. (AP)-f All but U-n «if lite ^M) men i(i Ihe expinslon>nrecked KhrenJ- )feld nJne Inive liren fnken I'miti thts uilnr iilivr,, 11 WIIH uitiiaiiii- red lul«' this at'terntHin, u( HIP nWife.or ihe i'enns}Mania <"<irtl ^uid (oke coniVnu), owner of f.thp mine! 'i'lie slutemeut wu^ \mat \e bj. JI. .S. Cole, serrelarj- to ('. L. Wntklns, vice president :in irharge «f operations. Cole said It was not known whether •the men uua'cctiunted I'of were 'alive or iem\. \ _ \ lyiississippi i I Back Water I Strands Farnls JHelena, Ark., Mar. .30. TAP)— Koused in Iwx cars, "hundrtdH of tenant farmers and negro .Jiands today watched the' muddy ; t)ack Waters of the Mi^^slsslirpi .' 'river sfiread ov<»r their liind, further de- Coar Strike Is,Ta Start At Midnight dliicago, Mar. SO. (AP) Midnight ton^rrow loilt usher in a strike in Illinois coal fields predicted i^to be WO.per cent effec-; live unless miners make a proposal acceptable to operators in th§ interim. The strike will stop la-' bar of 72,000 mineis in It .'jO vnnes. lom GOOD ROADSMEN TO OTTAWA Will Aid Ikosters There In Putting Across Hard Surface Petition On Red Star Route. MISSIONARIES TO Decide to Stay f iii, Spite Of Adiice of American Authorities-That i They Should Leaved - laying far hi work. TH iBox cars were sent to the danger zoni^ today to provide tein- iftirary housing foil refugees from the flooded area inside- the Laconia Circle levee, jwltich broke| at ? o 'clpcklihis morning. Screcrh- iiig distress signalk, sent by river boats,' yei terday as a warning, ^S'ere misi Herpretetl to mean that the levee had given way. ; Special .MIHsonrl Pacific trains rtniveii nianyi of the refugees to Slozark. aljier the levee broke. : .S 'o Hcti reported.' al' Kufferliig. iius been WEATHER '.t'Olt KANSAS: Pkilmliijr Minw. <trN tonlt^ht and TiiiirMlu); luuiler. ille leiiiijeijnlnre. ^ lire lilghest yesterday III.; hiwf 'ttt last night no normal! for today,! 51: erday 2:|! CXCI-KH since :t22 di-(;reeH;' this date hiKhcHt I lowest 24. .jTi 'miJfin M. at A V i{ 7 a. III. I" [cesK yi^ J iniiary 1 last -^ear .i Precliiitntton for 'th>f 2-»| hours »nillng at T a. m. today, .ill; total tor ihls year to dafe, S.IC; dcffc- lj?ncy since January 1. .52 inches. .• Relative humidity, at 12 noon yesterday. 7G JUT cent; 7 a. m. to- da'y, 97 per cent; barometer reduc- in\ to sea level, .10.0S inches. Weather and Koiids. All cloudy except Arkansas Oity, Unsettled: roads good, exceiit iSa- lina, Hutchinsofi. Coffeyville. Pijlts- bur.g. soft; Arkansas City, Wichita jimdiiy. • ?• • Hefiry Ford Is^n0)spt^ '{ Minor Injuries hi ah Auto Wredk Detroit, Mich., .Mar. 30. (AP) — Henry Ford is in the Henry^ Ford hospital for treatment fq^ injuries receive (J in ai> automobIle.,accident last Sunday, and has undergone a minor liperation, it became known • today. Reports were that the motor magnate was returning '^mue alone In one of 'hi& shiall cars from the Ford administration biilldinj:, at Dearborn; when a machine from the road sideswiped :^lr. Ford's car, forted him over an embankment, the machine rolling oyer three or four times near a- bridge on tlie River Rouge.! ^ Mr. Ford extricated himself and made his way alone to tht lodge at the gate of [his e.state where lie was met by a gatekeeper- and! led to his resideiice. Dr. R. J. JMc- Ciure. chief surgeon of, the HJnry Ford I hospital was summoned [arid reniained with -Mr. ForU all Sunday night. • •V esterday it was decided ] ihe injuries could be better cared, for at tiie hospital and, accompanied by Mrs. Ford. Mr. and .Mrs. Kdsel B. Ford, it was reported, the motor king was cayied into thd institution on a stretcher. A_ telephone cull from .Mr. A. P. Kl'k-r. secretary of the Chamber of Commerce at Ottawa, to .Mr. Floyd biliott reiiorts that the work of getting signers to the petition for the orgnnizali'on of l>enefit" districts to build the road between Ottawa and the south line of Franklin county is proceeding fairly'wcll. htft c'llls for help. Topiorrpw morning Mr. Elliott; Cojinty Commissioner K L. Rarnhi rt,' .Mr. Oscar Stuckey and .Mr. Chauncey Sawyer will go to Franklin County and spwul ft day or twtf assisting the road "boosters, there in convincing the farmers that it would bo to their inteiesl'to have this road. ••'1 liKie is really a very interesting race on between Kansas and .Missiiuri right now," said -Mr. Elliott fu discussing the Franklin county situation this morning. Kansas City is working hard tar a rn«d HAuth along the west line of .Missouri that shall ptiss through Nevada and connect up itt Carthage with ail the big network of- roads extending southward from tbfre into Oklahoma and Texas and km tiirongh to the Culf. That road! ia due to be completed by the firstlof next .Viivemher, and it| will un-^ doubtcdiy carry the bulk of the bad \veather trattic between Tulsa and iwTn.-ia.s City until we get our^ Red Star Route completed. • The im- breaks In our'road-now are those between Cufftiyville; and Chunittu upon which wprk is'pro- ••eeding and wlilch.wh^n completed will shorten ttie' distance be- t\^een Tulsa and Kansas City bV twenty-five miles; and the break between tbemorth line of Anderson (iiiinty and Lawrence. The DoiiKlas county people are coming riKht along anii - promise within two years to have a cement riad to.the Franklin county line." I have every confidence^ that eveh-. before that time the Franklin county, road will he finished and wlien that is donejall this part of Kansas will be on the good roads maps eve^-y- wHere." In this connection comes an interesting rumor' from Topeka that Governor Paulen probably .*lll ap- poiht .Mr. James A. Alleii of-Chanute as one 'of the six members of the State Highway Commission. It that appointment is made it will be highly gratifying to everybodj- in this' section of Kansas -for Mr. .\ll£ii is known not only as a good roads booster but as a man of great intelligence and , influence certain to ^ake himself felt in any bodji- of which he is a member. It will be fortunate for the whole stare if he becomes a niember of this important board.' Blue Sky Board Today Authorizes Stock Sale Topeka. Kans.. Mar. 30. (AP)— The blue sky board todiy authorized the Steinlte Radio Company of Atchison, a< mantifactiiring corporation, to sell $500,000 In pre- ferijed stock and 255,000 non par shares of common.: stock. . Shanghai. Mar. :50. {AP)-^Apj proximately one hundred American miaslonariea are refusing to leave their posts. In the Vangtse valley^ notwltbatandingr:the. advice of tfae.j Aroeriicau authorities, to do so because or a situation that is fraught with da^gerouB poHSlbiUtleH: The rest dt tlift misBlonariea are ettber enrdute to or ii^ijl shortly leave for ilhanghsi, where the international HettleiEent la affording a haven of refuge from the fury of ^rlotonti mobs In Jfiv . porta and iurund ioyint along the, VangtMe river. The United States destniyer HiB- berl called at .Anking today ufai took ott 47 American and Britlab mlsRlonariea, who will go to Ktu- kiang lu await the tirst merchant steamer. The members of the Spanish mixslon and Dr, Krhest H. Taylor of the Chiia inland mission. witlH his wife ixiid family, refused to come out > The- American Chamber' of Commerce at llaiikow Jhas a.sked foi' mere protection, biit it;, is under%[ stuud that official Aotificatiou waa' sent thjit Amerlcaiis there shouliL leave instead of expecting protection. In response to a consular call for protection, the United States- destroyer Wm. B. Preston has gone to Chefoo. in Shiintung. Late reports from Shantung have indicated that the, anti-foreign agitation Is creeping Into that province, and'that all the American m'sslonarles In the eastern section are making their way either • to Tslngtao or :fo Chefoo, where a Japanese cruiser arrived Suhday. The United States destroyer Plllsbury irf going up the Yangtse river to take, off any American missionaries still remaining i'at minor ports. Although the i Americana who have lived .in Shanghai and those seej ^lng shelter from the Interior points have every iCoufidence in the defense fone.s now here, they are loofiiug forward to the - expected arrival of the cruisers .Marblehead, Richmond and Cincinnati/ : These vessels will constitute the jhaat it«or to Ttie loin Dally Register. The pany Record, loLi Cally Index. Snyder Is charged with husband while he slept man and Mrs. Alma. 01: their husbands and .Mi'J!' of her sivMthearf,' Juntas Jutlge Hugh Jkieans. of trict Court of Douglas and] lin counties la In lola ti niodrern and 'effrcienr niiir InThrHatlng as Dlstribt Judge in wMc international naval' concentration in Chinese waters. As the refugees continue fo stream into the International settlement here, those in command of the foreign defense forces are le.iving nothing undone to assure their protection. The barriers iJeiir arating the settlement from tiie native city are constantly Inspected and protect^, and any signs of encroachment are quickly; investigated. There 'is close t^iiHabora- tlnn between the various commanders. .Major Cenerai Duncan, of the ^Iritlsh defense force, has dirtcussed (he general defense situation with Captain Uyenifttsu, commander of the Japanese marine force. DOUBT IF MANY " CHINESE KILLED Admiral Says Bombard- mient of Nanking Has Brought Results. Washington, .Mar. 30. (AP)— Doubt that any large number of Chinese were killed when American and British ships opened fire to protect foreigners at Nanking wa« expressed In a report to the navy department today from Ad- hilral Williams, commanding the American forcjes in l^hlna. Inasmuch as the area fired upon Is largely owned by foreigners. Admiral Williams said, ,"few Chinese life there and it is nat believed a large number were killed. Such as were killed probably were either attacking foreigners or looting foreign property." No shells were directed against the Chinese section of-Nanking. the report continued, addiiig .that the "effect of the firing not only was to rescue the American consul and ills party, but other foreigners in the city." The t ombardment brought Instantaneous^ results, the admiral said, the foreisniers being able to leave their po: Itlon Immediately. D6E MEAN TO IRY CASES ill Preside In Which Over Forrest Is Not Qikalified. EIGHTPAGES 3^ ^"NoThi-ills MJtlstDiamn HardWork" New 0,rleans, Mar. 30. - (AP)— Francesco De Pineda, Italian flyer, today faced a busij round of minor consiiltations to .'be climaxed .with a mon­ ster.public banquet. The commander to the Italian foun continent flight reached .United States • yesterday. "No thrills— dainn jiard work," he said. \ MODELHOME ABOUT READY KILLED Miners Entcjmbed in Sail line Mine! Found to Be Dead Whjen Rescue ! Crews Reached Them Today. .Harrlsbnrg; (AP)—KIght m today ill a t;as Saline County tluh's mine Isv live miles xiiul liodles were i-efMnered late ttalg 'aflernoou. Jll., Jfar. 30, Iners were killed |e.viiIoslun In thi ConI Corpora. S at Ledfohi uf here. The I'har^ with mnrderhi^ their hasbands or their sweetheart*; these fonr wom^n face (KIISIITI • dwiht .«entences If i'hund Kniltyi. .Hrs. " I dlnff her Uiver in the brutal niunier of her n their New York apailmeiil. .>irs. Hell- II, of ('hlcago. are cliariteil with i^iurderiiiK Stolies, also ol* ^'blcagv, with tiie murder J. (•'lehnon. Cases tjhe Dls- Frank- djiy offic- he trial •ii Judge of some lawsuits'over Forrest is unable to preaidi; on account of havingi b(>en .counsel on one side oj* the I other p^ltjr to his election to the olllce ol JijdiBe. The cases which proba'ily mil come before Judge ^I(!ans arfi^lhe following: Barbara Lucll^ Jones Howard I..avonla of an vers'ns .Mary Doiiica and .V. Jones versus .Mary aim Donlca, both growing oiit| -uiitomobile acijdent; Kdiia Fouch versus Douglas |Schumerut|. Jn, and Kdna Fouch vl>r, km LottH Schomer- uii; and a damiige suit tji^ought by Frank Sicku against Allet County Cominissloncr.H and the Janta Fe railroad, a suit growing kmt of an accident which' occurred} on the Santa Fe track ^s a resulji of which a son of ;Mr. Sicka lost hi t life and tho car he jwus driving was wrecked. Judge .Means ii a brother-in-law of Mrs.' Charlej Spencer and has many friends li^' lola who are glad to seeihlni. Cross Examine Ssibiro* In Court TriaflToday Delrolh Michl, Mar. 30 (AP)— Henry Ford's chief coIinb< I, James K. Reed. UnUed>'Stitek sena.tor from Missouri, stniggied throughout the foreno(jin session to trip Aaron Saplro, oiii the staid In his libel suit against the mote r manufacturer Into I niisstateiiiuils, but only once was Hble to U t upon an Item of impestc|iment. Even then Sapiro stuck sturdily to his own intejrpretation of what He had/written in a letter in 1919. He had wrlttbn in reference to the "disaster" to a cooperative agency he had; organized and of "three prim^i-y defectJi,' which contributed to the fallulri, but he Stated from the witness s and that the coopera^lt-e liad been successful Inasmncli as the purposes of its organization had lieen realized. Most, of the pross ek: minalion dealt with the incomesi firom varf ious Sapit^o-organized ciKperatives and there was] little of t^he flashing genjus for Whiclv liatl. the witness and bis 'c'ross-ezamlnei: ^re noted. WILSON TAliKS ABOUT SERVICE Tells Luncheon Gjiests of Real f unctioiii of C. of C. A , snappy speech upoii Inspiriiig REV. HANSON WRITES THAT MMEDINTERMEN^riQN INCtflNA WILL BE FATAL ; ; — • • -r •• • 1 •— -1 • 1 ' ' — —I — - ; ~ • • _ . . n —»- —I The aiarnilng news which has be<*n coining from China for the pqst two weeks has prompted In-; numerable anxious inquiries as td the safety of Rev. Perry O. and .Mrs. Rulh-Bwlng Hanson, who with part, of their family are statipneit at l^aianfu. about ^aJf way lie!ween I'eiting and Nanking. Their itengli.- ter;; Mi-s] Kleanor Hanson Millers receives frequent letters from butli her fat^'er and. mother and klndly IHfVmlts the Register to publish tli^ /dllowii g paragraphs'from some; of the latest of these letters: . -From letter of 'Perry son dated February 8. iO. Han-- "Thej situation in C^hlna Is as you see in the papers, ^fe hope that England will not get tooi active In a military way as It loes seem Hoj.-hopJBljess to get enough soldiers lout here to do any real good in I protecting foreigners l>e- cause China has a million or more men under arras. China is ndl at all the land it was In 1900 when a comparatively few sbidiers took Peking. We feel tliat if England fights in Shanghai-it . will mean sUrrlng the Chinese all over C^ina against the foreigners. Whdther we like it or not. we are in dhinn and, must put up with what we find jhere and try to ihake the best of It. In Tslnanfu yesterday I talked with our American <:!(fn8ul and found that he feels as ws do that any armed effort from at road will be fatal. Of oau rse it. is hard to know what to do v l/en our gor- ernmeats-vanl tq p^tect us and yet it iif apparent that protM^on ';1 ' 1 is impossible except in an v effort to give China what sH^ wants now. The worst of the situation Is that 'Bolshevists ot -the most i rabid shade are taking the bit In their teeth and trying to carry, the coiintfy with them. ; • "WHien In Tainan, the lifst few days It was disgusting to seo the activity of the soldiers; the recruiting, etc. The goternor la an interesting rascal .who has an Insane fear of being shot; yesterday OR I Was going along in a ricksha on. a' Tslnan street, the cry was raised tliat the (lov^mor wasjcom- ing and immediately every/ cart and pedestrian was. hustled oft that main street to the'all^y^ etc. It was reported, that It might- b« hours iiefor4 the great man would arrive -but j he must have the streets prepared for him' properly. Thefactf that it caused dlscobilort and inconvenience to hundreds meant nothing. "It is rep6i^te<I that a man in Tslnan was expressing himself in •favor of the Cantonese and in a few minutes was on his way to Jail and perhaps worse. However. I ani told that such a thing is the usual plan in Jime of war. This North party is" strong on emphasizing the fact that they are fighting Bolslievism and not r^llt fighting their southern; brothers." .Mrs, Perty O. Hanson writes on February 26. "Of course you hare been reading ail tlje. exciting things going on in China. Just now we hear nothing from Shanghai and you may know more about us' than we Uo ourselves. If the English and' Americans begin to- fight in Shawhai ft wUI Midaaser tlia lives of all Inje'rlor forei the South comes^ North' probably have 1 to go tb But all may b^ settled] i way so we go |peacefull|y our work, veryimuch as cqnsuls write ihat they lug In touch {with th^ and will do everything gners. If we will U. S. A. I^ another on a^ut [sual. The ?ire keep- situation pjissibie to protect, warn. etc.. us ht expected danger. We dd not feel afraid, bi^t do not enjoy living s< {uncertain a life; Extracts from letters' clf Rev. O. Hanson. Taianlfu, Shanuui g, China, dated. Feb. 23j 1927. J : We are still peaceiu here in Shantung and jour live^ go on as usual though! wje do notjk ii^ w!hen a change may :come. Ho srirer we do riot tbinkjthat we w^ it lM> hit so hard as. thelffleads taVtidr south becdizM it. present ve ^e aur- ^ vigorous^ the duties^ responsibilities and of a wide awiike ChamI er of Conlmen-c ,wa.s heard by the men in attendance at the C. of C. luncheon ;^t the Port- laud Hotel tojlay. The .speaker was .Mr. John Wilson, District Superintendent of BJiy StoiK Work with headquarters j at Clu nute, and while his to|j(ic was not along the line of his .s(i><-ial,ty th(| manner in whi^l^ he tre^^ted it KhiUvtjd it was a subject wi^li whieli-jie was entirely famillai-. • "The watci^word ot tlie 18tli Century," said .Mr. Wilson, was 1/ib- erty. ' Tlie wiitilnvord ,'of tlu? i9tli Century was |K <|Uullty. j Thi; watchword of the I'jith Century i.s Service. We are Icurjiiilig in tiliCMC great days liow much may j be accomplished by co -oiMiratipn and how true It Is that a inunj who .Serves his neighbors^nd coniiiiunity really serves himself. It Is titiie of that a Chamber, of (Commerce Is not organized to servtj a community in exactly the sani^ way as the Rotary Cluli or the Kiwaius or any .•<ui :h specially oTHMii^ftl societies. Andi yet at bottom aiChamber of Commerce exists for the .service it can render a'ts eommlinlty. This service is v: ried In direction but its one centr »1 purpose Is to build up the town to proin<>te its business and to nake it a 'better place In which toi Jive. One thing always to be renieuibered Js that the town which floes not K 6 forward is slipping backward. There is "Tio such thing aji standingl still. .JVour town must bt a better fo .wn tomorrow Uian iti was yesterday or it will be a woi-se town. I Tlie Chamber of Commerce is (he. one organization through which business men can inokt eft"ectivi-ly co-operate to proniciie conunuirity interests and co-operitlon is the kt-y woriT of progrens.T I - Mr. Wllsoji devoted a few minutes to a report upoi the recent (campaign wUich has been made in Chaiiute to jbuild up tjhe Chamber of Commerce there. As ii result ot that campafin the iiietiibership basj been' increased to -100 notwithstanding thi' fact tliat.the annual dues had been raised rroin ten dollars to tweity-five d<j tofofe in Cljianute the (Continued on Pagej liars. Here- membership S, So. 1.) A Spedal Home Beautiful Edition of Register To Be Issued Tomorrow Night. Things are moving rapidly In the prepfifation of the Register's Home Beautiful for its first opening to the public Saturday of this week. The biggest Joi> of all, that of laying the rugs'and putting in the furniture, Jwas completed this afternoon by Mr. A. R. Sleeper and already the house is beginning to looH like a real home. , Tomorrow practically all of the other exhibitors will begin putting in their furnishings: Bustard the Frigidaire, Jones the electri- ;cal aprpliance.s, Leffler the silverware. Fryer the groceries. Roberts the Panatrope, Gibson'the art furnishings,'Evans the books. Shields the shoes. The Globe the men's wear. Fry's the toilet articles and first aid remedies, Arbuckle the radio, J. C. Penney Co., the linens. Shannon the stove and kitchen ware and Barber will put life Star car tilled with Peerless gasoline in the garage. Tomorrow, a special Home Bean- tiful Edition ot the Register will be published a.nd circulated to 2,OUO families in tho near vicinity Ii addition to the regular subscription list of the Register. This edition will have a wealth of ih- ,forniation In it concerning ail of the ^rarious phases'of this unique |; project and concerning those who "hjive cooperated in its accoinpllsh- inent. Every word of It will be riill of interest to; those who have been following the Home Beautl- ffil idea and who are concerned aiiy of Its features. Watch for |t. ' • . ) '. Infatuation for Maid Results in Suicide -Joplin, Mo.. .Mar.'SO. (AP)—Infatuation for a maid at the home of a wealtiiy minfe operator here, where he was employed as a chauf­ fer, is blamed by police for the suicide last night of Wayne Smalley, la, ol ()sawatomle, Kans., whose body was'; found early today in a stolen mcitor car. in front of her home. , • Smalley. police said, theirlnves,- tigallon sl^owed, shot himself through the head. When found his bi 'dy was in a sitting position behind the steering wheel of the car, which he had taken ."Honday night from a garage at the home 6t his former employer. His hands cliitclied a 45 calibre revolver. itarrlsburg. illE, .Mar. 30. (APJi Rlrtht men wej-u entombed-and le-.,'^1 lleved to huvejbteji kilted In a gaa explosion toiiayj , In the Saljue County Coal (..'^rouratlon 's mineJIo.- 2 M Ledford, iflU miles south ot*' bore. Three othir miners were injured by the l)lal<t. The 300 otlJer ' men In the niljiv' were all account"'; ed for. i ' , " ' . 1 The blast occurred when a 'poiilc- et of gas wa.s; i(initJL -d in a sectioa'^ ' -'• ' p hilles from tlidj shaft. The niI,W ^ rescue team from Eldorado, arrived soon after the e.xplosioii and start--'^ ed to close off the section. Two rescuers ^were overcome iby after-damp and were rushed to the ^ surface where i they regaitied con-.'^ stiousness. i ' I • ^ of the mine • Iw bottojn of the Rescue workers said they had doubt the [eiglui nien were killed outright by the eft such force, as ers to the groudd .500 yards awkyi Ijlast, which >VB «ff'^ to hurl'three min- ' CATTLE RATES AREkLLRIGHT L C. G. Refuses to Graht^ A Reduclioh to Live Stock Shippers. Washington, JMar. 30. (API—1| Railroad ratej; on livestodc-. through'out" the western half of- . Uri^tetl States ^ere declared 1 the Interstate (^ommerce Comntla-;! sion today to be not unreasonably! high, and a .sepea of. complat by therAmerican National-"Iji stock kjssociation .and . other' ganlzatlbns wttl^ln the Industry manding reductions was dlsaSaaed ^S Except for siigh.t alteratlonsf li schedules throlugh southwest territory, the t ommlssion" retu^tfi-' for the present to dlstiirb rates now applying to cattle slj meats, and mer tioned the railrp contention that an annual loss 125.000,000 would result to carriers should the livestock ers be grante<l their claim!. The dechilon set' aslde^ one) the more Important cases brou under ter^s of a congressli resolutloi^ whlcji imposed'ujion I commission thd duty of consl^ Ingi whetfier "railroad rates con.. _ tute an vndue burden upon aferlrl cnltural producers. Jury Eiisagrees About Coiivictirigj Cat Slayerl r In the case hi the State versust Everett Kinsley^, which was tiriedj in theiDistricl Court the first ofj week, .the Jury hisagreed after iiar^ Ing been out for twenty-seven hbu:~" and was discharged ^ last nlgli This is .the casie in which the I de§: fcndant was charged with wanton-; ly killing a pet|Perslan cat belong-- ing to Mr* Lalte of Osage ship, and,was tjried for violatip: the statute relating to' cnie'ltr imals. ' j ' *'Nothi7tg the MattkrWitlfi Youth Except Example of TheirElderls St. Joseph, Mii., March 30. (AP) —There is nothing the matter with youth, except wh^t is caused by the-example of f heir elders/ says Dr.; W. B. Flemii^g, president of Baker Univer.sity, Baldwin. Kansas, who'spoke in St. Joseph last night commemorating the forty-fourth anniversary of the founding of the. Y. M. C. A. in St.. Jo'seph. "Old bald headed derelicts are flooding literature with rotton views on marriage and every other e.'jtablished institution of Mte.'i' Fleming says.'j "It is" not mn wonder that high school and L.. leige' iboys throjughout the conntr are blowing out their 'brkhitj^ Pi-eachers throw stones when itfi^J should be tolerant." I (Bniphasizine the need of the M.. C. A,, in changed tlhbeil the speaker siid: j :Q /"AVhen I wals a bqy the goal ol every young man was to be presl^ dent some.dayj Now the goal la ' k,eep out of Jajl." - rounded and the provjince is controlled completely by [the Mukden forces which are absolutely oppo.'s- cd to the cintou metljods. Plt^ase make it as'public as nossible tliat at this date all is Well in our region; that may : he loo strong at least we are wcU ami the worl has had jno interference and then is no sign oTAJCTl us or Stiytbing "When) in) Tslninfu"' (where Mr'. Hanson preaclied on Sunday ai the Union Services for all West!- erners whoj live in tliiat city) "wfe were on tlip street »hcn It wa* announced that. the (Jovernor was approaching and so all traffic mnst stop: we ^ere In rickshas arid Dick on a wheel so ^'e went into *a shop where we had some business and there we waited quite a while and then tht^ procession began and 53 aulomoUlIes went by at about a *^ mile {clip and of course no one knew which • one contained th^ governor. The reas- jon for having 'so much palaver and such a procession is that the man is afraid that some one might take a shot at him If they knew where tfe was, and also the other reason is that It makes a great -show to have suCK a procession and hold up regirlar traffic for an holir. Recruiting in Tslnan {and Oliver places goes on furiously; "I am not sure that I reported that a cable bad been received saying that oar Mr. Baker cannot come back and so it will be necessary for Richard to stay at the University ^through the term. The reason for;.the Baker's delay in coming is no doubt because of the unrest here and the fact that sp many of onr peoplein other sti^- tions have been (Compelled to.leave for U. S. A.i or ai least leave their atlons for residencia in Sb bi--.Manila. . \yo are disappoii in a way as vye wanted Dick ise we want^ and also beca .._ er here In Shantung to get Int work and get his sbbulders the jload. Thf Hibbafds arc. iiig 'soon and that 'will leavd Hobart and tlie the riien from IT, j?. A.^in thi »:Co| e!nct«. It Is cfrlainly giving dbiticse a' chance to work <Jat _ Bjtrictly Cbinelse (Tonference •trii o great interference . from ]igners. "Last night Mrs. Hobart ha^d; ll In-for a Washington partj ?' ill had a pleajsant time. Sucn tie affairs ar^ great helps. ii^i life we live. We are? desi iJusy all the time.—My teai^i ^taff is' low ioo, and :';^h&t eixtra -work fbr me hut t 'Bve the men jail here

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