The Iola Register from Iola, Kansas on March 29, 1927 · Page 8
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The Iola Register from Iola, Kansas · Page 8

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, March 29, 1927
Page 8
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Page 8 article text (OCR)

The En^sh Mkjor Shoots OviwiBcach Speedway ; Traveling: at Rate ofi 207MaesPer i Houi-: Dartona Beach,! Fla, Mar./ S9.i (AP)—BurnlBK the «anib '«{ the faimiDH Vaytona Beach, Colonel H. O. P. Segrave, aii . Ehf ^Hlunan In . a- foitr ton J>rilllant red i)l>e^ster« liiMlay cata|ialt«d UH way to an. offiefol wprld> * speed Tcc^rd tor the mile! itn%hlawdy of ^11 mlkH "aa 'honr. - • •• • ' ! Major Sepnve, 'premier uf ; Enropean 'racing' ^rlrersv Kent h>8 tMjrsterjr attl^ astjoond,- lag j »«e otS97Mi miles down • the -coarKe, after iH ^iting upJhe track Info a queering hea^ vlnd ihat threw hM huge nice:F lntoi »klds that threatened Ink • vtantdeMh. The! campnted a>| eragetlnie tor the^jtlme on the ' tnro raUHiias 'JOSisll miles an honr, S(»1.7J1 tor t |ie'kilometer and 30&616 tor thel five kiloml , eterK;-' I "I 'jni satls ^d. ^ow we will pack; op and iro hdroe," Major- Hegrate toId>K. Galnnessl, Acompahion on thf AmeVlnin, irip' and -tofmeriy jone .'of En?rope !8, foremoHt divers, when he {ouid that .a broken lirak^ shot;|l|eiild prevent- his making • a--tM8f;*Hp. , • "1 Th^'jednrse wax plotted as a nln?«inile- stniigHtaway. and tlie- Intricate timing equipment ' Met up f«r the mile gnd the fiVe and one kIlonii^ter'.speed tests ott.,one'nin. TworunM-had to • be made In opposite'dIrectIon<s vrithin half ah honr andj the nTerago j xtruckl for'; the otBclal reckoning. Four miles was al' , Jolted' '^K. the major to ohtali acceleration—the gear ratio wii!i lowered so that the! maf cElhemi {^t reach Its maximum elHcieiic}- Ju j that. .<llNtanee-^a mile irlTen for the afficlul! test and ronr .mllps left for him to hrlng'tlifl huge!affair to a hall^ Qaytona Beach. Plii., Mur. t!l>. (AH)—JflaJor H. O. iD. BoKravf. English I racing drlvcf, traveled Jul t|)^ rata or 2(>7.016. litlloM on htiur today oiji th«i [meU Hjieodwuy. | The. tlhio, whieh was not ofdclith {boat Hill *i<xUllng Nptted rruordHi The worl'il inlln 4ilrulKhtHW4iy mark WHS sot by Mnleolm Ciiii p- wU.-«tHO on ICiifflUhmun. ut mrd a.^run on u WaUisj bcuclt I*i>t i^ibruary. Major- JSogrnvo htifl vMtuhllMlied laiofAclal Americnu record liist rhursday,' when he pounded' up he'coursq at a rate of 166.51- miles |in hour. • . . On his first trip' southward pii he mn^ mile, course. Major 8e- $rave niade good his promise to fttn over 200 /nifle|i an hour. Oji that run he made the 2U7.015 miles an nour for;the mile aud 207 .3S9 for the kilometer according to flB- urea yet to be officially veritied. His pace for the five kilometers was 207.509. The run was made wlah a Quar- [tering tail wind. - The first riin northward against the wind has Inot been computed. I After the second run Major Se|grave stopped for a tire change.! I The wind. pressure- was such '^s |io make steering all but impossible, -he said. ' | He exhibited wind burns and c((mp1aIned.:ot'ache4 in Usiwriaf frDm the:effoft' of fighting the wind. Give the Official Time For New Sp ied Recoup .tDaytona, Beach, KRtr, March 29: (AP)—Major! H. o\p. ScRrave's btficial time as announced this aft- ei!noon| by'the America^ Automobile Association follows: iJ^'ort^'run: Kilom^er: 11.2-^- ondsj 199.7259. miles per; hour. 321.4285'kilometers per hour. Mile: 17.39 secondji'200.668 miles per hour; 322,9364 l(ilpmeters per hour. ' M Five kilonietcrir:' |5C.47 seconds: 198.0637 mijes per hour; 308.7535 kilometers per hourl South run: Ktlomatcr: 10.84 seconds; 206.3590 . mil^s per hour; 332.1033 kilometers. .Mile: .17J19 sqcoiids; 207.0156 miles; 333.15 kiloiyejers. ^ Five kilometers: liS.DO seconds 207..'i076 miles; 3>13.9iil7 kilometers. -AvcroR^;: Kilomeier: 11.02 sec niids: 202:9883. miles 1 32C.6787 kil ometers. • ^1 Mile: 17.665 seconds: 203.792Si miles; 327.9733 klloniPlcrs. Five kilometers: !ii!.1}i5 Kcconds; 202.6757 miles; 326,1755 kilometi;rs Argument Witij Umpire Costis Cobb! 100 Bucks! it San Anjonio,! Tex.. March 29 (AP)—'Ty|Cobb must pay $100 for his argument with Umpire Frank WilsoD of! tire^ N'atiimal I..cague which resulted'in a forfeited exhibition gunic. K. M. L;ini|is. ba.scball commissioner uifnouiiced here .today. . A Match Soon Between Latzo and Joe Dundee Xew York. .Mar. 29. (AP)-r-Tlio New York-stite athletic commission today approved a world's welterweight championship match between Pete Latzo.' the titleholder, and Jj^ Dundee^ under the pro- mbtiou;^of Humbert J. Fugasy after .Tex: RIckard had withdrawn his bbject!()n to the contest. Th« bout win be held at the Polo Grounds June 3i Mr. and Jlrs. Tai Ticn-chiu when they arrived Cantonese government. 'The .\"atio<ialist flags.! The Crinese NnlianalJsts have many symb.ithizers In Japan. .Miovc is pictured the re<eption givbn. In Tokii), Japan. Taf Tien-chiu is a rtpreseitative ,oV resembling a cog WIUHSI are di.splayod promin It'seems fliat wlien the Punjabi Indian KO (is to w;ir, he lakes along hi^ canar,v to sing to uioment.s. Punjabi troopers, who were brought to (.>ina to protoct ISritish interests, arc s lemizing with one of Uic British constabulab .in Shanghui. .Nole'tlie birdScagcs in the loj\'cr right MJid corner. I ' NEWS NOTES OF GAS cin I{. Curniiiin Injured' by Road Crusher— Lanre I'rowd Attends Play en ut the School llous". Heavy Vote €ast in Leavenworth Primary Leavenworth. Kans.. March 29. {AP)--Mayor F. J. McAuliffe and .James t;. Davis, former mayor, were sflucti'd from a field of four candidates us mayoralty nomlneuH in one of the licavii^Hl voting' primaries ever hold In iLeavenwurih. MeAullff'. foriniT of parks and piilillc ohnilod'iby iln; ••Ity comnilHNtoner lu'iiperly was GAS CITY. .Mar. 2t).—Saturday being "Mr. and .Mrs. F. N. Steele s thirty-seventh wmliling anniversary their relative.^ honored them with |a oyster .supper. Those present were: .Mr. aud .Mrs. Jlowi- son Kraner and cliildreu. .Mr. and y,Uf. Wahcr Dav'sanil children of lola, and .VIr.s. Cli|}rles KIdd and (diildren of (las. .: ; ! .Mr. and Mrs. J<iliii: lloyer took Sunday dinner at hit! home of Mr. nd .Mrs. I). J. Folk of liriiuHon [and ^11 the aflirnoiin iiioiiij'ed |to Xlinia Lillle Jilin Fees is iiVllflni'il rill ihJiMinoxiVlreil lei'iii of lliinry • f';'.'''- onimliislon li >i'p ''i' boun' wiili the UH'UNII'X I Fiiuer.i reSlRUeH, . hnvls hiiH been eleeled Miayoi Leavenworth three limes, lie was misled onco and rosUned once. Fieldii Ciirr.v. whii II|.IM liteii iili- (if I'i'iiiii .'u'limil III ac^'oiiiH ol ill- her HCIKMII work Childress Comes Out Ahead in Port Scott Fort Scott. KauB.. Mar. 29. (.MM W. K. Childress, former mayor, ran nearly 400 votes-ahead of C. H. Morrow, present mayor, at the primary hero yesterday, the vote be- j ing: Childress LllO, Morrow 838. Both were nomhiated, the only-oih- er aspirant being P. C. Hcsscr, former, mayor. In the race for nom-I ination for commissioner of streets and utilities, Elmer Cpe and ^ Roy Kennedy rah ahead with 900 and 839'votes, respectively, eliminating Oliver Ditch and George L. Rose. In thfe West of England exists a belief that no house will take fire if a hot cross bun. the long- established Good Friday dainty, be kept' in one of the rooms from year to year. Mniues Center Fieldert seems to pursue the star ijntlef fielders of the Chicago IHThttatSoL. 1 Seren,yearn back Happy Fels^h playing that position. It wps a tosc-up at the time,as to who was jthe more valuable player. Tris Speaker hf Kelsch. ; _ Then c a m o tlie- world ^c- Todring Training Ctmpt IrlW acandal of that finally brol |(t a 'year later, causing itte iexpulilon of Pelsch as well as 1e«v«n otheri of .Iht White Bdx from organlied baseball. Put on the^markcl. Felsch trould have been worth at least ifflOO.OOD. It -certainly was a tough break for'the Chicago club. Years of experimenting with a dumber of • outlleitleri foUoiwed «^d Johnny Mpsfil was tlnally unearthed as. a worthy successor to i -elsch. . • • , Now Mostil is probably lost fbr- erer ak the result of self-inflicted yrounds.! * * * [Mqeti Best m American •pHB loss of Johnny M.ostil is a S .serere blow to the chances of U-{ the Chicago'While Sox. 'It makes the ^ebut .of Ray Schalk as man- iger, a doubly dilBcult task. Hostil last year ^-as the pest Renter fielder iu \ the Aihertran He enfoyje^ a bigbeason. I ^ail finally arriv-eidi was a bis star. £arly last sprliig. after Mostil "^i«d>t^urned In a brilliant perform' 'ice theilay previous, I sat on the Ticago b ^ch discussing hiiu •^Eddle Colllns.;;^^ manager iUie'W|iIteS «A.\ ^tfiTtll bjik'been a great player ti'.yhuj:^ J remarked. Then I - " cejo JtBTfine base- jreiBripr (|v^#s >'heii then; i|iade ;comment that In a measure may explain Mostll's rash act lb attempting to take bis life. Feared He ^; 1ad>|eart Trouble DISTIL .has developed Into a ••f* star quicklyhe replied,' "and^he;an even greater, player If hcj didn't worry over hli physical coi^dition. .VSevcral i 'ears ago soma ape- eialls^ told j Mostil he had a bad heart; Whether he really has or not, >roitll believed Him and ha worried about It conslantfy. "W^atch him run and you will see that he keeps b )s mouth wide open .^and is always tucking in wlndH ^'hen he pulls up. lie says he (Ides that because ho feels aa l( hef Isn't goliig to bo able to breathe after he strenuously exerts liimiieir. . . . "Johnny is fearful, and the psy- riholoKy of his alleged or real ail- ludutii greatly handiclap his play." • -»••>• Dubiput, His Favorite Word "XfO doubt.this worry so preyed oii Mosul's mind'that he was out. of his head when he acted so rashl>? in trying to take his life. In this connectipn I recall.tha favorite'word in Mostll's yorabulary: It.iJ^s the word "dubious" aud in a sense is an index to his temperament. If Ijcalled a strike On Mostil he didn't like and asked him If there was anything : wrong with my judgment, he would always reply: "It ves a;very dubious strike." If the weather- becaTOe cloudy and rain seemed imminent. Johnny never failed lo remark that the. wieather looked very; dubious.' iKveri^hiip was dubiouswith JohnnM ] lostil. It'w^i! 8; dubious old world to Jobni^v^ who was as fine a chap as eveif /n 'slked on the baH field. {His ntt^ttaif attitude was- usually CMS. K -liiriicd t ,\l <iiiday. { Alt'M. Maiiil <;arlitiell of Iltirlln;:- liiti IH viHitliiK'111 till'. lioiDe ol' Iter' •Ulster, .MrM. r. L. Onliorii. 1 .Mr. and .Mr.s. l.cHlle liee.lins iiml .•yirs. (ieorKe Wood vlslicii Siindav.- \illi .Mr, and .Mr.s. U. Lowniu!; oi tola. . C, It. (!arniain was injured in an uccident at the cruslier on the roail Friday' aflernoon and: had to be Irought home. His si.ster (it,.Moran is helping care^for liinij i .Miss Lutie Adams and .Mbi.-< I)oI- lle Adams motored to Emporia Frit^ay aud returned' ju the evening »:iili .Miss Dora Adams wlio is attending Emporia State Teachers' College. j -Mrs. Howisou Frascr and sons, Jimmy and Elmore, spent Sunday at the home of -Mr. and Mrs. F. X. Steele. . ) Mri. Cliarlic Kidd and family galled at the' Applegale home in Carlylc Sunday afternoon. .Mr. and .Mrs, Eli Ellsworth aiid Mr. and -Mrs. Leslie Reeding mo- t^prcd lo Humboldt Saturday after- ijooii in .Mr. Ellsworth's new Chevrolet. j A baby boy has conic lo make his honio wlUj .Mr. an-.l .Mrs.jA. T. (undy. He has been given the iiaml! Johii Joseph. The play. "The Path, .\i-ross the Hill," which was niven in the s|hooIhons<,' auditoriilm Friday liUht, was a big success. ' It was enjoyed by a large audience. JPauI Woodruff and Floyd II«»ath ol{ >jlldrcd .-ittendcd the play here "riday night. jllorbert Hergslein of Sfivonbiirp attended the play given at the Gas Hcrttoolhoiise Friday night. Eva Cramer is staying with .Mrs. .MJnrrls ItosoliaiiRh while sllii Is nUrsing u broken arm. " Sir. and Mrs. J. K.- Glfflii and diiUKhlerH have moved» liilu the Roberts properly whlcir they le- ci^ntly purchased. ' Harr)) ilylton tbok about thirty Hp worth Leaguers over to tola Sunday nlghl to hear the Men's GleeiClub of IJuker University. Thfe, I.adles' Abl ot the" M. K. church will have a -•'tea'' ut the church We <lneHdny| aftornooii. ' ntly. Iiini during^ diill lown hercrfila- Ycagcr, Operator, 1 1 jMf AI CSHAW^ Convicted of Murder LlPltULn i^IlUflCl TOURNEY CySS T'OIKU . Okla., .March 2<t..;(.\l'l Walter Yeager. New York oil oii-1 erator. found guilty by jury in dis-j trict court last night of the nninliM-: , on January 10, of Edwin A. Craig. RunS .71 drilling eonliactor. today wa.s in the county Jail, facing a .seiilciur of life innirisonment.. He will ic- niain in cu-siody of the, county until tlie .slate (iUiiri;:ne «:oiirl has rr- viewed his case. . , Verdict lit t'ke jurors .(-aim Tj^ckmis GOING ON 4thletes Pre[ ariijig ftor Inter-Qass MTecjt on i . April 8. NOW Poii^ts Againfet Team f rom Tenness^ In First tikme. surprise lo court aifjiiirlir." ami followers of Oie case. ! Tlio sijili- n- ili-d upon circiiiiistantial evid<'Mi-e with the lostiiiuuiy of two oi' it.! star vviini|sses iiiiiii-aibed liy a aienilier of the |iiof,it;uiloii staff Willi was plaierl on liie sliiiid during the ti'iiil. Thinks McNary Idea Is (Jcitlng StronjfcW y ... Topeka. KuiiM.. .Mur.. -'!•. (Al'i Tin- .Mi.N'.iry ilaiiKiu fiir'ui nlli-f lirogram " IM Keiiliif;-(itroiu;.;! r;giil along," Senator .C-apiM'i-, a I> ad'-r for UKrlcullural' leglHJailoii. ile- «-lnrcd today. 'J'lie sen.-iior, Iioiue. from WaMliliiKliiii. inadi- iliLvol^Mr -r' valloii in a ('oavMrxalloi wlilt newspaper men afh'r he It. d crill- I 'd at floverniir I'liulen's i rfl'-c. ".•\ new bill prolialdy will be paKS'-d at llie. nexl session of (oii- gress." lie adiled. "Rut il i.^ too (•;irly lo in-eiliut that II \\[U r<- feiv<' 111*' support rif lw<) '^lliirds of both liouscs." ChieaKo, .Mar. 29. five high school l)oy; of Alpine, 'I'enn., ih' keMiall team of Lincoln. Neb., to'liiy compiled the ev<ii run up al tia (API—.\g from the red clad largest CniVc-rsiiy iiirst hi Is ba s- ihi lb i Hteh cliopi track I practice bai^ beeii going .'on for the last severa weeks In preparation for the intcrclass: track meet which is to be held Friday, April 8;iand Which will be the first meet of Che yi ar. • The ifiter-class meet wis won by thc 's ^niors last year with the juniors of that year lagging by some li.ttle margin. Thej Junjiors this year made only a few points last year but promise to I be strong contestants for first tbi« yea|- with the men that arc now trainlt)g for the meet. The sophomores ajiso promise t ;o put a good tea ih. int^.the field. • The' team wants t(> be. iii. shape to duplicate its victory in thfr county meet' which it ; won last year Tliii 't^uniy meet follows, tht inter-; coming on fho 15th| of^ April, tola took the trophy for, fjrst place but lost the relay clip. This year they,are working to: win.|both. Spring football wijl start tonight for those men who arraoc in track and want sonie type of sport to keep them in shape land ^specially to gain material,for next year. . Chicago national high scHool basketball tournament.: I Lincoln won 71 tOjP. Tpeir victory stamped the cbrnhuskers as the outstanding team to rpveal it- .sjclf in the early games of the play for the interscholastic tltl^. I Other teams to come'thi^ough in the first games were Safft)i'd, Ariz.,' llondon. Ky., and Huron. s[ D. The Safford team won from I?ranklin. N. H., 30 to 20. Muscatinq. Ioy»a's entry fell to London by atI5 to 12 count. While an extra period ghmc brought victory to Huron liver Greenville, S. C, 2.2 to 20. Officials of the toiirnamjent said that never in the nine ycarti of play for the scholastic. caA: crown had a team run up 71 poijits over a foe. and that probably no individual ever had compiled ns large a score in a tournament clnlntcst ns did Fisher,* Lincoln forward, with 2C, points. . . l\- ^HEALrarOLLOIRS)' iOMHMUCIICISMKIS ' ' •nosunoMsnuL mnsmoBueeor —..w^Soi many hundreds of't^i mjsdiids, sick people have iregained tjieir Jieall through taking |jhiropracti<:;:yerteb« adjustments that -it is surety worth jtiy^ ing in your case. Only be_s ire to; cbi suit a competent chiropractop. j The: re^l sutts will surprise you. donstdiation is Withoiit ] Cluirye or OhXigation. ] ' DR: C. Z. MONTGOMERY THE ClIIROPRACTOB PALMER METHOD i. tola Tdinndryj BIdg. $16.50r$18.00-$19.75 ^hone-lSS k For men and young men kt pnc you want to pay. Wft jhave just^l. received a shipment of ;nfw ofieiS;^# Two and three-button co^s, light'.^^ and dark colors. Somej have twc^ trousers. REMEMBER THE PIlIjCES: $16^0, $18.00J $i!).75 ^22.50, $24.75, New Odd Trous^s Jtfst| i:eceiTed^ Light Colors, Beautiful I^tlems ^ $5.00 to $3.0() Barclay-Shields Clotliiiig Co. No Contest in Race For Atchison Mayor Atchison. Kans.. ^ilar. 2n. (AP) Out of a total legistfation of 4,523 only .'i:!C J)aIlots were cast in yesterday's city primary, in wiiich there was no formaii opimsition to reno'mination of present members of the city commission and .'fclKioI iKiard. Fred W. .Mangclsilorf ani^ .M:iyor .\. If. Lehman. who| h.lve served j-six year.s on the city commi-sSiioa ] and II. V. •.\rmstning. Hheflield Ingalls and .Mallocks, KchofjJ iKiard luenibrr.'^, were re­ nominated, i i I SPRINfe COME^ BUT ONCE A YE^R: Bufr AN EVENT LIKE THIS D 6 ESN'T COIVIE TH ^f Priced to busines?;. Only Half of Voters , i Go to Parsons Polls Parsons, Kaiis.. Mar. 2.1. (Al'l-- Almut half of the Persons voters woiiL to the polls yesterday in the city primary and nominated the, iniumbents. "The ra^e tor mayor was very close. Mayor A. C. Hoke receiving 1,.')27 vofetf and .lames Powers 1,412. The. miiinbers of the school Isiard Teceiveil almost a two lo one ma^irllyl over Ihelj opponents. Out of a jmssible S.-tlO only .'I,20n voted yesterday. A war g .ts has turned out to be of grcati use to the silk industry. ^Vhen tlie cocobns are killed; it Is found that gas|«ing Ihem is much better tlvan the old methods of baking cr Keamitjg. The cocoon is said to I keep much Ifanger. ami thereforf' ^can be handled as nonperishable, merchandise Jn transportation and storage. i /M^tatelj'^tpr.MliP-^ Stomach Trouble Gone M —BakeslOPies -i-"I was a nervous wreck with stomach trouble. Had dizzy spells an^ could scarcely walk.- I began ,uking Adlf^ika, and now I. run a redtaurant and bake 40 pies a ilay." -Mrs! L. AmroU AdJerika relieves stomach gas an|l sourness in TEN minutes. Acting on BOTH upper and lower bowel, it removes old, waste" matter you '.never thought^ was in your system. Let Adlerika ,give your stomaoh and bovTels a REAJ. cleanSing'and see how iinch better you feel. It will surprise you!—I*alace Drug Store. Let ii.s show you the latr things in wall-paper. If j'ou are buyriig vi"^!! coverings, buy the They cost no more than cheap, faulty designs". Patterns n.s low ns .5c per double roll. in volum^ a;nd tic that rea.soni make it easier for both^'of us:to do Suits th^^ ordinarily sell for a ^reat deal more—sifits in ^ quality that you coi Idn't nithin dollars bf these buy else\vhere' prices! How-ido we do it We're members o^^ the Affiliated Clofhiiei -.s! That's howj we (Jo it! and irbuy i:nh::ird of values for We buy tbgietherj with one hundred three othbriretaiJfir?i of men's Wear- And this volume I wXii ;)03.iiblq by that You may member this chance to NOT OLD notn€€d a suit now-^but|-re- ypu may not get buy o^e at these price^^! K MARKED LOW )BT T another NE\y STYLES BOUGHT LOW! A SALE IS ONLY , A SALE BUT WHEN PERHAM'^ ADVERTISE A SPECIAL EVENT ; ITS AN OPPORTUNITY! THE lOLA.KANSAS n ' J ' 4

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