Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois on January 16, 1950 · Page 10
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Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois · Page 10

Alton, Illinois
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Monday, January 16, 1950
Page 10
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ALTON EVENING TlLIOftAtfl MONDAY, JANUARY II, 19*4 Kahoks Go On Warpath in Last Half, Scalp Birds, 75-34 Ten Points for Alton HillsboroFive In Second Half; One-Two Kahok Punch Too Much Tuesday night the Alton High Redblrds will be battling for another kind of honor — that of fighting for the cellar of the Southwestern Illinois Conference, when they are host to the East St. Louis Flyers. Thjt Birds will also be striving for their second basketball victory. Their present record Is one win and 11 setbacks. In conference play, the Birds have five losses, while the Flyers have lost six. By DON PLAIWK1 Telegraph Sport* Writer Some guy once said to Collins- vllle coach, Virgil Fletcher, "The best defense is an offense." Those six words were murmured to him sometime during his earlier life and has atuck with him ever since. Saturday night his proteges—the Kahok basketball team—Interpreted that message to the visiting Redblrds of Alton High. It went Bowling ACftffi ALLEYS Amettean t>gk»n Inter-City Alton Post won 3 from Esst Alton Post. Roxana won 2 from Ed- wardsvllle Post. Granite City won 2 from Venice Post. Individual high game: Kelahan and Mclntock 213. Individual high series: Mclntock 535. Team high game: Granite 845, Team high series: Granite 2450. Odd Fellows Social Wood River Turtles won 3 from Western Star Rebekah. Wood River Rebekah No, 1 won 2 from Western Star Pops. Western Star No. 1 won 2 from Wood River Ticks. Greenwood won 2 from Wood River Rebekah No. 2. Individual high name: Lawson i 2(W. Individual high series: V. Lundreth 520. Team high game: Team something like thls-75 points for )Wood Hiver ' Turiles _. icaiii . us (Colllnsvllle) and 34 points for h| h Rericg . Wood R|m . Turt , eg youse guys (Alton.) At least the Redblrds kept In check with the season. They wer« colder than a polar bear's left nostril. Their second Jialf performance was simulated only by the weather outside. Lots of people didn't believe the Scoreboard at the 15-mlnute halftime pause. The miniature lights flickered out Colllnsvllle 29, Alton 24. It was an uncomfortable lead. But came the second half and the lights went crazy. Jack Renfro proceeded to break the game wide open at the edges. The bespectacled captain of the Kahok crew hit for three quick field goals and the defending Southwestern Illinois Conference champions were off. Mixed in with a couple "swishers" by his other mates, his top hat act spurted the "big team" to a safer 40-24 bulge. Capture* Fans' Heart* Chuck Kraak (rhymes with crock) did what was expected of him, but the player who had the fans ga-ga was Jim Belobraydic, six foot, two Inch rebound artist on the Colllnsvllle cage quintet. For Just about the first time this season the No. 2 of the one-two punch, Belobraydlc, was high scorer for his team. Saturday night, Jim treated the hometown fans to his finest performance. He collected eight buckets and a free shot for 17 points. At least five of his fielders were made on some uncanny tip-ins. His first quarter show was the thing that kept Colllnsville In the game in the initial half. Had it not been for his sensitive 'fingertips, the Kahoks would have been behind at the half. 200 howlers: Lawson 202. Acmo Wins from St. Charles Sunday afternoon at Acme, 20 men bowled a four game match with 20 bowlers from St. Charles. Alton after losing the first game by 34 pins, then losing the second by 2 pins, came back in the third game to lead by a margin of 119, however. The final game St. Charles picked up 88 pins which cut the margin of Alton's win to 31 pins, which figures a little over a pin and a half for each man. Sonny Hayes with games of 234, 210, 206 and 200 for an 850 total led both teams. Gib Fishback of St. Charles had 804. On Sunday, Feb. 12, the Alton team will go to St. Charles to return the match. Each team will add 10 women which will make a match of 30 on each team. * Four Tills Played InYChurchLeagiH Kraak was the ball handler of the team. If any of you have had the pleasure of seeing Ed Maculey play, then you get a reasonable idea of Kraak's style of play. He's not as polished on defense as Macauley, but his wizardry under the bucket gave the Birds the works. Chuck was only a step behind Belobraydlc in point making. He had (We field goals and half a dozen charity tosses for 16 points. Potent Posse There wasn't a boy on the Kahok squad who wasn't dangerous from anywhere on the floor. Curt Klobuchar, only a sophomore, pet- formed as creditably at any player on the floor, with the exception of Kraak and Belobraydlc. He gathered only five points during the fracas, but his defensive ability was too much for the Hilltop- per*. He was constantly breaking up plays in the middle around the free throw line, Elwood Sapp, the shortest man on the starting five (he's 5'-8") came in with four timely one-hand push shots, all from the edge of the free throw circle. As in the previous contest, Hed- bird Karl Hoaglund look over the scoring reins by tattooing Hit- mm, Hot lour basket* and it free loss for nine points, Two surprise sturlcrs on the Bird quintet came la lot secuuu scoring honors. Don Harrison, who not so long ago was playing with the reserve siiuud in prelim games, started his first varsity game ul the year against the Kahoks. Mice and Snug He fitted in nicely, Don connect ed for three Ions set shots in thi» second half. Along with those three, Harrison had a foul toss In six tries for seven Bird points. Jack Hill was the other starter that lifted a few eyebrows. He has been getting in first team games of late, but the Colllnsville and his assignment to the starting five In Senior Church League play Saturday night at the YMCA, Alton Gospel Tabernacle swamped Curdee Heights, 50-23, Brown r>t. Baptist more than doubled the score on Cherry St. Baptist, 50-24, Cathedral ran over Calvary Baptist. 61-31, and Wood River Christian bounced Upper Alton Baptist, 40-32. High man for Gospel was Dreith with nine baskets and one free throw for 19 points. Daniels had five field goals and a free shot for 11 points for Curdee Heights. B. Halford led the, Brown St. crew to victory as he dumped in eight buckets and two foul shots for 18 markers. Henson had, three baskets and five charity tosses for 11 points for Cherry St. For the league leading Cathedral five, Dunphy was high man with 12 field goals and two free throws for 26 points. Charlie Hicks dumped in 11 points for Calvary. In the closest game of the night, Wood River Christian was led by Rose, who had six baskets and tile same number of foul flips for 18 points. Tensley had 11 points for Upper Alton. A. Q. Ts». (SO) C. II. Baptist Player Clark : Dretth J. Pollard P.McGarvey D McGarvey Oettl* Fiinsler Medhurst Wallace fg ft pi Player 1 31 Combes B I 3Od«en 8 0 OB.Woods 0 1 OE. Woods 2 3 3Norvell 0 1 1 Allen 3 I 4Hord Oil Evans 0 0 3 Daniels Ig It pf 009 004 302 000 000 0 1 000 0 0 1 3 1 4 Totals ...l»12!.t Score by Quarters) Gospel Tabernacle Curdle Heights Officials: Holmes, LaMarth. Player 11 117 1234 1.1 3.1 42 ,10 4 14 20 23 At Wood River Tuesday Night The rankings of the Illinois prep basketball teams Is apt to bode III for Hillsboro when Its basketball team visits Wood River gym Tuesday night. Game time I* 8:15 p. m. The Associated Press sports writers ranked the Hillsboro ttve^ seventh, and the Wood River quintet fourteenth. The two teams today had the same records, twelve wins and one loss. Oiler fans, and possibly players, are Irked by the fact that the Hillsboro loss was dealt by the Tigers of Edwards- vllle, one of the 12 teams that have fallen to the Oilers. Why, argue the Oilerltes, does Hillsboro rank seven notches above the Wood River crew In the state ratings? And the Oilers undoubtedly know that the way to go up the ladder Is to knock off the teams above them. So far Wood River has been handicapped by playing few of the teams ranked by the AP writers. Both teams came within an ace of entering Tuesday night's battle with unbeaten records. The Hillsboro five lost an overtime game to Edwardsvllle by one point. The Oilers were dropped to the consolation round of the East St. Louis tournament by East Rockford by two points, on a fluke field goal that happens once In a lifetime— and It was once too often to suit most of the Oiler players and fans. But the Oilers, with a winning streak today of six In a row, have Improved considerably over the crew that had another winning streak snapped at six straight at East Side. To begin with they snapped back from the East Rockford loss to stop two tough teams, Robinson and Taylorvllle, In consecutive days, and cop the consolation championship. Since the holidays, they have beaten Collinsville, Roodhouse, Granite City, arid East St. Louis In rapid order, with only the East Side Flyers giving them trouble. Coach Chick Summers will probably go along with his usual, of late, starting five of Lowell Pa- tltt, Melvin Sheets, Norrls Dorscy, Don Capron and Bob Mutz. Petitt, Sheets, and Capron are all more than six feet in height. Pe- tltt is a big 6-3 while Capron Is listed as 6-2% and Sheets as 6-1U. Dorsey is 5-10',S but gets a lot of rebounds by substituting spring for altitude. Mutz is 5-10, the smallest, man on the starting five. Petitt has improved ranidly over his last year's form. He Is completely at home under the basket and picks rebounds off cither board. He has also developed accuracy In pivot shots from In front of the basket or from the side find gets more than his share of tip-ins. Sheets Is fast for a big man and a tough guard to get around. He handles rebounds and can wreck a defense with his «hots from outside when he's clicking. Like all Oilers who pay attention to Summers, he Is a smooth ball handler. Capron has had his hot and cold nights for the Oilers this year. He combines with Petitt and Sheets for the Big Three In Oiler rebounding, both offensively and defensively, and likes to take his shots from the side or not too far out front. Contrast in Scores i In Jr. Cage Loop Five game* were played In the Junior Church Basketball League Saturday night M Shurtleff College's gym. Brown St. Baptist edged Cherry St. Baptist, 14*10, Jameson Baptist smothered Alton Gospel Tabernacle, 39-19, College Ave. Presbyterian lost to Calvary Baptist, 16-12, Upper Alton Baptist hung a 22-5 defeat on Evangelical, and First Baptist humiliated Twelfth St. Presbyterian, 44-1. Fessler got six buckets and two free throws for all 14 points for the Brown St. crew, Each player for Cherry St. hit for one field goal. Jameson Baptist was led by Glover with seven baskets and a pair of free shots for 16 points. Dreith plunked in four field goals and a couple of aces for ten point* for Alton Gospel. Ingram was high for Calvary as he dumped In three baskets and two foul tosses for eight markers. Cook had four points for the losing College Ave. squad.* Upper Alton Baptist was led by Weaver and Simmons. Weave, had three buckets for six points, while Simmons dunked in two field goals for four points. Wollcrman had two points to It-ad the Evangelical crew. Three men had eight points apiece to lead the First Baptist squad to its victory. Phelps got the only point for Twelfth St. Flrnl fUptiit (44) ililli 81. Pre§. <1) Player - - - — Capehart •Prep •r tut ASBociAtift rftiss TlMen Tech (ChieitO) 81. Moui Mad Mount Camel M. totem 4s. Jfadltim 41. BUunton M. ColHntvttte 78, Alton 9*. Jottniton City M, Mut*tirtMra SB. Mollne S3. RIvtrtidt-BroMlfMM M. EMt MoliM M. Otmw 41. Princeton m. Arcnzviite SB. Peru 48. Qulne* at. Monmouth 41. Keokuk 38. Kankake* 47. Thornton 41. - I. Hammond Tn«., Tech M. nten 41, Brayalak* M. MWMVClt Jft. BlU« lilatld 14. Ar«o M. Bloom 92. Witt Aurora 90 Malm of DMPIame* Morten Park M, olie at. A. 48, Jetiet Catti. 44. Warren 38. Arllnston Helfhti 38. Crystal Lake SI. Sterling 34, Welli of Chlea«O M. Moofcheart S3. Ltyden 4». Calumet City S8, Lockport 41. Decatur 49, Lincoln 37 Vandalia S2. Ollleeple 41. Mattoon SB. Peoria Central as. Shelbyvllle 54, Klncald 34. Taylorvtlle 81. Charleston 30. HllUboro M, Springfield Lanphter SB. PaleiUne 38. Eatern State 3i Mobinaon 4S, Hlnidale 40. Danville SB. Peoria Manuel M. Pioneers Stop Eureka, 75-53; LeadingLeague Morrison Haynes Hewlett Bidder Llndlen Beckham Turnbull tt ft pi Player 4 0 ZWhetMl 2 0 OPhelps 4 0 OKortkamp 4 0 OReed 3 0 0 Da via 100 a 2 i a o o U it pf 000 Oil 000 000 001 Totals ...21 a 3 Totals Score by Quarters: First Baptist lath St. Presbyterian Official! Hurley. , 0 1 a 1334 11 ai 40 44 0111 Evanfjlical (SI V. A. Baptist (St) -- ' - (| ft pi Player Wollerman Tuhro Young Cairns Hull Vatei Ross Nauhaua Toatsl . . Score by Upper Alton Evangelical Official: Hurley. ff ft pf Player 0 2 3 Freeman 0 1 IFrcnch 0 1 2Stobbs 0 0 lOcdcn 0 1 OWeaver 0 0 1 Batty 0 0 OMcCaln 0 0 ORyder Scheff OSS Totals luarters: Qui Baptist 100 010 a i o JOB 301 ooo o o a ooo a o o ...10 a 3 1334 10 14 aa 32 i i 4 a The Pioneers of Shurtleff College will play McKendree at East Junior High gym tonight at 8:30. The Pioneers currently lead the Pioneer Conference with two wins and no defeats. McKendree has lost Its only league game, to Qulncy, a five defeated by Shurtleff. Calvary Bap. Player Insram Reed Me A f 001 D.Pcek Holmes Wllliama O6) C. A. frei. (13) It ft pf Player fa ft pf 3 a 4Newcomb 111 3 o 3Vourmand 111 0 0 3Fablanic 000 0 0 ICook 121 1 0 1 Johnson 102 1 0 I Foster 001 The Shurtleff College Pioneers, largely on the accuracy of George Gaunder's long-shooting, stopped the Eureka Red Devils at East Junior High gym Saturday night, 75-53, to take the lead in the Pioneer Conference. The Pioneers now have a 2-0 record in league play compared with a 1-1 mark for second place Quincy, and 0-1 records for Eurektf and McKendree, tied for third In the four team league. The first half found Shurtleff hot . at the basket, with George Gaunder hitting for two points every time he set for a long shot. Although he accumulated four personal fouls in the first 20 minutes and missed action in most pf the second half, Gaunder ended the night with 20 points on eight baskets and four free throws for gairfe scoring honors. The leading Shurtleff scorer, Totals 7 314 Totals Score by Quarters: Calvary Baptist College Avenue Pres. Official: Hurley. C. 81. Baptist <1«) Brown St. Bap. (14) ...446 1234 6 10 14 16 3 3 10 12 Player Bosaw Mlddlcton Earley Isaacs Corbett Crane Johann Bell Fshrlg Totals Ig It pi Player 1 0 2Halford 1 0 2 Miller 0 0 OLamb 0 0 3 Fessler 1 OtOChappell 1 0 OStuthelt 0 0 1 Monroe ooo 100 SOS Totals IS It pf 000 003 000 823 002 000 000 838 Score by Quarters: 1 3 3 t4 Cherry Street 3 4 • 10 Brown Street 3 T B 14 Officials: Hurley, D. McCarvey. tgft 7 2 A. (imp. Tab. (IB) Jameson Bap. Player —...... lun Dreith Youns Epper'mer Basden Wllklni Cheater fg (t pf Player 0 0 SGlover 4 2 2 Lawrence 3 0 SSooggins 1 0 ISpurgeon 0 0 IH.Gustine 0 0 OG.Glover 0 1 0 D.Clark Tyiwr ft pi 0 703 110 101 101 000 000 000 Totals 8 312 Total! ...U 3 S Brown si. Bap Player B.HMIord H.WIUon D Wilson Brown Browning Nash D.Halford <(UI)Cherry SI. Hsp. CM) fg ft pf Pluver 8 a apartnn SSI Gnqhrit 2 » I Talc 101 Hemon 1 2 IRose 1 I iBrlmhsll 1 0 4 Bell Totals .301012 Totals Score by Quarters: Brown Street Cherry Street Officials' llotmct, LaM«r*h Caltary Haiitlil (.11) Calhtdral (ID It ft pf 200 000 I 1 S 3 S 1 I 0 3 000 a o i •'•10 1234 1! .12 35 SO 4 1U 14 24 was his first honor this year, And he, like Harrison, came through. Six points were gathered by him. Surprisingly enough, the Kahok starting five played almost the entire game. The score stood at 64-28 at one time in the game and then Fletcher inserted his rirsi imp*: carsiii again. The first five had been out E$u * only a little while for a rest, A^ parently Alton was getting "hot.' Player HNash C.Hicks OHIc-ks Boehm Oycus Shorkey Total* It (I P' Player 4 2 OChlolrro 5 I UShorUI 0 1 ITei'llsnrr 3 5 JDimnhy 0 0 1 Lyons 0 0 IWIedman Qormnn Shea Dteillakanip fa ft pf 302 * 3 3 204 12 2 3 U 1 •• 1 n U 1 0 2 000 (I U I Dorsey uses his legs for drive as well as rebounding and can hit from out court as well as drive around the side for shots closer in. On defense, he hawks (lie ball and starts plenty of fast breaks that find Mutz endlnR up scoring. Mutz spends most of his lime on offense and defense out-court and consequently handles fewer re- hounds, and Is an uncarlny shot from outcourt—tossing a ball almost devoid of spin. He keeps his Kiiard honest, however, by driving nround if the defensive player pets loo close. Behind the starting five, Sum rners can count on Bill Grable 01 Dick Fisher to ipell the first flvi without weakening his team Grablo Is a cool ball handler and Slue-like guard, but suffers from his lack of scoring threat. He can hit when he shoots, but Is reluctant to fire. Fisher Is another coo customer offensively or defensive' ly. who'll shoot from the middle or drive under the bucket. He Is also precise at passing to open mates In scoring positions. Score by Quarters: Alton Gospel Tabernacle Jameson Baptlat 1 3 4 IS 34 38 334 7 13 19 Officials: Hurley, McGarvey. Mikan Scores 76 Points in Weekend Dutch Miller, spent most of the evening facing two Red Devil guards and got a late start in scoring, winding up the evening with five field goals for 10 points. . Bob Jones hit the bucket seven times for 14 Shurtleff points to trail only Gaunder in game sor- ing. Rob Poe ranked third with 12 markers on four from the field and four more from the free throw line. The Red Devils got off to a slow start against Shurtleff and never managed to hit their peak performance. Prior to Saturday night, the Eureka five had averaged 68.9 points per game. But against the hot-shooting Shurtleff crew in the first half, the Red Devils had little time to score. Playing only a small port in the game was John Logan, but Earl Lee took over the pivot spot and did a great job of controlling both backboards for the Pioneer five. He also added five points to the Shurtleff total. Jones, apart MtOKveNext Stop for Cadets Tuesday Night Western Military Academy, finding road trips disastrous so far, will have to grin and bear It Tuesday night. Why? Because the Red Raiders are scheduled for another road jaunt. This time the schedule maker has them hiking to Mt. Olive. The Cadets aren't too happy about the way things have turned out this season. Their first start was against Jennings, Mo., and the Cadets were thumped by the Mis* scurians. But the Cadets made up for It'In th£ next game by hand- Ing ancient rival, Alton High, a squeaky setback at the field house. Since then the Raiders haven't had the slightest smell of victory. Glllesple, Carllnvllle, and John Burroughs have taken them Into their fold. The latter game was an ABC Conference affair. The Raiders just can't seem to find that necessary little offensive spark. Against Carllnvllle, the Cadets were beaten by a point. They led for three quarters of the gnme, but faltered In the final period and didn't have enough drive at the end to stem the onrushing Cavaliers, who came with a last minute barrage of baskets. Not because they won, but the best game Western's Cadets hav played this year has been agains the Redbirds of Alton High. Thel shooting was uncanny In the game Little Dick Zlckgraff took six shot thi> entire game and made connec ttons on four of them. The whole team played Inspired ball. Whether It was because th foe was Alton High or because they felt like playing is something that can't be explained. But to date, the Alton High fracas is their best so far. If the Cadets can play bal against the , Wildcats tomorrow night like they did against the Redbirds, then their record should not look as bad as it is going into the game. Gus Bjorklund, who has been playing some steady ball all year, is rapidly proving to be Western's most consistent scorer. He has tossed in 58 points in five games. In the one point loss to Carllnvllle, Gus was at his best. He had 19 points that game. Next comes Zickgraff with 37 points. The little guy with the big push shot, has collected 37 Western points so far. Sport* Coaches 9 Families Take Beatin When Team Starts Losing C*lfefe Br «s ASSOCIATED Blf Tea !owa SS, Indiana M. Wliconiln 83, Mlchisan 41. Mlnnerata 87. Purdue 40, ., Ohio State Si, NorthwMtern It Caittrn "l»y" t«»««« Cornell 88, Columbia 48 Yale 81, Pennsylvania 44. Harvard 74, Dartmouth 88. Saatkarn Conference Arkaniai «0, Rlee 5S. Southern Methodlit SO.BjyW 4T. TCkai 48. Texai A * M 4«. Skyline Bit Wyomlnf S3, Brlgham Younl fT. Denver 88, Colorado A Ai M 43. Utah State 88, Utah SO. Sealkeattem Canlerenea Tennetiee M, Kentucky S3. Alabama 73, Geojila Tech 38. Auburn 7t, Florida 48. „ Vanderbllt 63. Mlistuippl State W. Bit seven Nebraika M. Iowa State 48. Kantai 4S. Mtnouri 44. •eitkweilern Caaferenee from scoring 14 .11 • T Total. Score by Quartan: Cilvury Cathtdral Official*: Holnwa. UMarUi 28 5 17 2 :i 4 « is 22 ai 11 XI 46 81 1 W. a. ChrlilUn (48) i;. A. an pi puy.7 2 5 'Klobuchar 1 • jHarrlion Playar Walch MOM Btovlnt Orafford Palntar Maywdl Qntn D.Prlma* ToUli It ft pf Player 1 3 aUMamli S 8 ajacubaon 331 OWCIK 0 0 0Sparks 0 a 4Meeden" 0 0 OStovkt) a 0 0 Tensley 0 0 I Smith 1 0 0 .1314 17 402 1 5 :i 1 U * ooo uoo ooo • 1 4 0 1 1 Principia Stops Score by Quarters: W. a. ChrlitTan >ar Alton Baplitl . Uppa Olf lcltlr. Holmei, UKUrth. The Principia Indians won their tenth game of the year against one defeat Saturday night as they stopped the Washington University B team at Elsah, 53-47. It was also the tenth straight victory for Prln, after" losing its opener. Paul Kllburn led Principia with 14 points on five field goals and four free shots, Lowell Cain was second «"or the Indians on n ----i points, garnered through four has- a ai4 kel * anrt tnr «* charily points. Don Mclntush had tl points to lead the Washington Bees, on four field goals and three free throws. U is 27 40 t IS Norwegiani Sweep Ski Jumping Places FOX RIVER GROVE:in, Jan. U. UtV-The Norwegian ski team, led by Hans Bjornstad.^wept the first three places and eight out of tin first 12 lo dominate the 44th annual Norce Ski Club jumping championships yesterday BJonistml, with leaps of 194 and Itm feet tmd a total of 22'l.t) distance-form |«jinU, wun the senior points division. A crowd of about 12,000 watched the jumpers In rain, fog and wind take their turns on a hill packed with shaved ice in th* abMAce oj anp.w. Prlavlpla (til) Playar ' ~ Kllburn Pika M unman Burull McCartar M' Cain ivlnwNi ffttpt Player f 4 IMcIntoah a o i Sail* 0 S OPo«ttr • I IHrarhaUr * a ISmlih I'. (41) f 3 t IKlinplliif 4 • laackatr" Qarlrk* M I TolaU Total« iM T18 acor* at half; Prlnnpla so, Wtahlns- on y. "»" as. Official*: Rayburn. Smith, By TfJI ASSOCIATED PRESS Hurry! Hurry! Hurry! Come sec George Mlkan, the greatest one-man basketball show on earth. He runs ... He jumps ... He posses ... He scores. And scores. And scores. And scores. The price? One ticket to any national basketball game involving the Minneapolis Lakers. The incomparable George Mikan, holder of virtually every scoring mark in hoop history, Is running rampant again, blasting, tying and setting records almost everytime he takes the floor. The six-foot giant swished an all-time NBA record of 51 points against Rochester on Saturday night. His Laker mates, however, undoubtedly awed by such an impeccable performance, managed only 26 other points and, consequently, dropped an 83-77 decision. Proving you can't keep a goo\ man down, especially when his name Is George Mlkan, the talented pivot ace came back last night for another rich harvest— this time 25 points—to lead his revived cohorts to an 85-73 verdict over the same Rochester team. The double-barrelled bombing eft the former De Paul University star with 1075 points In 38 games, and the Minneapolis team en percentage figures behind ending Rochester in the Central Division race. points for Shurtleff, did a fine defensive job, holding Broers, the Red Devil scoring ace, to 7 points. Broers had averaged 21 points per game before being introduced to Jones. The substitutes took over for Shurtleff in the final five minutes of play and turned In a good account, proving that the Pioneers may have more depth than most fans in the area suspect. : For the Red Devils, Martin was high point man with 13 markers on four field goals and five free throws. Broers ended up the game with 12 markers, on five buckets and two free shots, with Summers, his running-mate at forward, also chalking up 12 points—on six baskets. The victory over Eureka ran the Shurtleff victory string to four In a row, and brought the Pioneer season's record to eight wins against three losses. This week, in addition to the McKendree game tonight, the Pioneers will meet Principia, at Elsah, Saturday night. The Principia Indians have won 10 straight games after losing their opener to the tough Independent Standard Oilers of Wood River. Panthers Defeat Benld Five, 5345 The Jerseyville Panthers stopped the Benld Indians at Jerseyville, Saturday night, by a score of 5345. - The proteges of Coach E. V. Halt jumped to a fast 15-7 lead in the first quarter and led the rest of the way. By halftime, Jerseyville had a 29-17 advantage, and went Into the last quarter with a 38-31 lead. Oren Legate led the Panther pointmakers as he racked up 18 points on five field goals and eight free throws. Also accurate from the free throw line was Gerald Nairn, who had seven charity shots and a field goal for nine markers. Bill Reynolds was next tor Jerseyville with eight points on four baskets. The free throws of Legate and Nairn won the game, as the Panthers were outscored from the field, 38-34, but counted 19 points on free throws to seven for the Indians. Contratto had 11 points to lead Benld scoring,, followed by Anderson with 10 and Verna with nine. larurvllla 8h^T r Shortal Both Freeameyar Miller Nairn Kanallakan Raynoldi Hufhai SContratto 0 0 OAndenon » B JTarter a 0 OMajztl 3 a avarna 0 0 OPolonlui 1 7 4 Til let 0 0 OGrlva 4 0 aAudl 0 0 ojpoionlui fgltpf ' 3'4 o a Clemaon Detroit SSrwicnlta S3. Drake SO, Tulaa 44, Pacific Ceasl Canference Stanford 80, California 47. UCLA SS Southern California 47. Washington S3. Waihlnston State 3 OTHER GAMES East Temple 89, Duke 49. • Bradley 84, St. Josephs (Pal 80. DePaul 88. Boston College 95. Canlilui S3, Notre Dame SO. Army SS, Rutgers 54. Vlllanova 89. Fordham 34. Holy Cross 77, Georgetown (DC) 81. Eastern Kentucky 65. Marshall 48, Colgate 70. Alfred as Penn State 31. Wash-Jeff SO. South Navy 58,' Princeton 37. LaSalle 66, North Carolina State SI. South Carolina 54. Georgia 43. North Carolina 66, Miami (Fla) SI. Richmond 76, Virginia 62. Weitern Kentucky 58. Murray (Ky) 52 Seuthwesl Arizona 71, New Mexico A&M 54. Arkansas State 58, Henderwn 56. Midwest Duquesne 62, Chicago Loyola 54. Cincinnati 86. Western Michigan 43. Butler 70, Western Reserve 56. Hanover 68, Canterbury 59. Indiana State 55, DePauw 47. Indiana Central 71. Manchester 55. Eastern Illinois 73. Ball State 36. Belolt 122. Monmouth 43 Iowa Teachers 37, North Dakota State 48. Western Illinois 57, Northern Illinois 43. Wayne (Mich) 54. Marquette 50. Oklahoma City 61, Houston Unlv SO. Far West San Francisco 62, Los Angelei Loyola 50. Santa Clara 65. Regis 61. Montana 81. Idaho State 74. Gonzafa 66. Seattle University 57. Oilers Drop to PourteenthSpot In AP Voting Shurllfll (Ti> Player Miller WPoe Gaunder M.Po* Pavelonis Hauaer **mm Iff PaU - r Palermo No basketball tonm In the not 111- •>rn division of (lie Pacific Coast Conference ever hai compiled a perfect record—Washington's 15- I in 1944 Is tops. Telegraph. Want Ads "CLICK* Leon Hart Receives Philadelphia Award PHILADELPHIA, Jan. 16. <*l — Leon Hart, Notre Dame's All- America end, will receive the Philadelphia Sports Writer Association 'Uneman of The Year" award at U 46th annual banquet on Jan. 30. Telegraph Want Ails "CLICK" ENJOY ELM DAIRY Jonaa Beach Evreka MS) If (t pf Playar ff ft pf S 0 aBrotra Sit 0 0 osummcr* sot 8 4 4Ch«steen 1 1 1 4 4 ftVetter 301 n 0 O^nckrn 0 0 t 3 0 1 Martin 4 It 1 1 I «Wuathrach 134 I 0 I 100 0 I 0 T n 3 000 Totali ...32 till Total* Official*: Prtada, Herman. .11 n ta Yale has won the swimming championship seven of the last 12 seasons In the Eastern Intercollegiate League. YOUR CAR •fould licvt • client* •f lubrlcanli and • COMPLITI ENGINE TUNE-UP POt IAN WINTM OIIVtMt Stop In tWay! GLOSS MOTOR CO. 1C B. Urea* Av»., Wee4 Hive? Totals ...171814 Totals Score by Quartan: Jerseyville t a & 001 4 1 S 000 111 000 304 000 .18 732 234 Ben en Id Off" 19 28 38 S3 7 17 31 45 clalit Albers, Cowglll. A diver in North Australia found a pearl worth $7,200. SPRINGFIELD, Jan. 16, Mount Vernon clung today with an iron grip to its No. 1 rating n the Associated Press weekly poll fo gauge state title prospects of downstate prep basketball .earns. Sports writers who took part tuck by West Aurora as the second best crown bet and returned Tlora to third and Danville to 'ourth place. From there on t'own, the top .5 ratings underwent a big re- iimffle that saw Kankakee and Crystal Lake bow cut in favor of nbeaten Argo ate Elgin, both isted for the tirrt time this sea- on. Mount Vernon, defending state hampion, was a unanimous choice gain for the top spot after tretchlng Its perfect record for he campaign to 15 games over he week-end. The mighty Rams, who won heir last nine games a year ago, hrottled Pinckneyvllle 54-38 on Saturday after crushing Benton 1-34. West Aurora, Flora and Danille, three teams beaten just once piece, all posted new triumphs. Danville was hard pressed to con- uer strong Peoria Manual, 59-54, or its llth success after downing 'eoria Central on Friday. Freeport climbed three rungs to the No. 5 berth, displacing Decatur which lost favor following a one point defeat by Pekin. Freeport's rangy entry overpowered potent West Rockford 56-46 for Its llth win in 13 starts. The Paris Tigers stayed one jump behind Freeport by seizing the No. 6 position. The Tigers turned back Bridgeport and Quincy, bringing their record to 14 victories against two setbacks. Hillsboro, with a 12 and one chart was next. Overlooked in early speculation, By HUGH sTDLUJlTON, j r NEW VORK, Jan. 16 - (*> _ One of the less pleasant aspects of a football gathering Is the stories you hear of what the coaches' families have to take when pop has a losing season . . , There are longwlnded, abusive phone calls— usually at night and often the wives have to listen to them it gets so bad sometimes, as Stu Hoi. comb of Purdue learned last fall that the coaches consider taking their children out of school so they won't have to take it, too . Even fair minded sports writers have been berated violently he. cause they don't "ride" the coach . .. Somehow, we can't understand why a person who calls himself a fan can act that way . . . The Important Point Five-year-old George Sauer, jr, son of the former Navy coach has a slightly different viewpoint on the same situation. (Incidental* ly we hear George sr. can have the Washington State Job if he wants it) . . When Sauer left the Navy post, he hurried home to tell his family before anyone else did , . . Taking the youngster on his knee, he explained: "George, your daddy Isn't the Navy coach any more" . . . "Where are you going to coach now?" Georgie asked. Dad said he didn't know . .. "Well, daddy," asked Junior, "If you're not the Navy coach now, who do you hope wins the Army-Navy game?" ... In One Ear Virtually all the amateur base. ball interests in the United States have joined to boost baseball for the 1951 Pan American games in Buenos Aires, with the Idea of getting enough support to get It on the program for the 1956 Olympics at Melbourne . . . Although Pappy Waldorf came through the Rose Bowl defeat in good shape, the California band director resigned as a result of the "licking" his tooters took from Ohio State, Standard Oilers Stop Mohawks The Wood River Standard Oilers defeated the Egyptian Mohawks at Ironton, Mo., Saturday night by a count of 62-59. It was the. second oss of the season for the tough Missouri independent team. Bob Caffery led the Oilers' scor- ng by racking up 20 points, hut ;ame scoring honors went to the Mohawks' Campbell, who potted 22 points on nine field goals and four 'ree shots. The next game for the Oilers vill be at Bethalto Saturday when hey go up against the Charleston Moose, State indee champs last /ear, In the. new Bethalto High jym. Argo's Argonauts bolted to the ighth perch on the heels of weekend decisions over Fenger of Chicago .and Bloom of Chicago Heights. The 66-52 decision over Bloom, which the night before knocked off Kankakee, was Argo's 13th in as many outings. Once beaten Elgin landed No. 9, gaining recognition for its ninth consecutive verdict. Elgin stopped Joliet 59-49. Its work will be cut out next Friday on a visit to West Aurora. Ottawa, 37-33 week-end conqueror of capable DeKalb, won 10th position, trailed In order by Decatur, Centralla, Rock Island, Wood River and Bradley. Kankakee's reverse by i Bloom, its fourth of the season, spun the Kays out of the elite circle. Crystal Lake's first loss had the same effect even though the Lakers hnd licked all 14 foes before Arlington Heights set them down 38-33 Saturday. The Top 15 Teams No. Team. W. L, 1. Mt. Vernon 15 0 2. West Aurora ' 12 1 3. Flora 14 1 4. Danville 11 1 5. Freeport 11 2 6. Paris 14 2 7. Hillsboro 12 1 8. Argo 13 0 9. Elgin 9 1 10. Ottawa 11 1 11. Decatur 13 2 12. Centralia 11 3 13. Rock Island 11 3 14. Wood River 12 1 15. Bradley 14 1 Other teams receiving votes ln< luded Crystal Lake, Morton of Cicero, Murphysboro, Pekln, Quincy, Kankakee, Riverside, Evanston, Edwardsvllle, Wheaton, Peoria Manual, Vandalia, Dupo. REPEATING THAT POPULAR MOTOR OVERHAUL SPECIAL Complete Motor Overhaul Here Is Whit We Do: ROD INSIRTS • INSTALL NEW PINS • ALIGN MODS• INSTALL NEW RINGS • GRIND VALVES • COMPLETE A.l.C. TUNEUP FILL CRANKCAfE WITH NEW OIL 59 YOUR SAVINO SIS.OS NO MONEY DOWN CMVMlMit SuuN NO MONEY DOWN IP CAR IS CLEAH MMitMy Pay*** IF CAR IS CLEAR Your Alton-Wood River Dealers UUULl RVmOUTH Carter Bros* Inc. 1400 IAST MOADWAY DIAL 3-5531 Darter Wee! Mver Meier 4e.i lae. 3IS WOOD IIVIR AVINUI DIAL 4 4315

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