Carrol Daily Times Herald from Carroll, Iowa on October 17, 1959 · Page 6
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Carrol Daily Times Herald from Carroll, Iowa · Page 6

Carroll, Iowa
Issue Date:
Saturday, October 17, 1959
Page 6
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Junior Editors Quiz on THE MOON QUESTION: Why do we never see a star in the crescent of the moon? ANSWER: The moon is a solid satellite that revolves around the earth once a monfh. Although it appears to shine with its own light, it really doesn't. That which we call moonlight is actually reflected off the moon. The appearance of the moon goes through a cycle which we call its phases. This is caused by the light from the sun striking the moon at different angles. Thus, we sometimes see the moon as a circle while at other times as a crescent. Even when the moon appears to us as a crescent it is still a round ball, part of which is neither receiving nor reflecting light. We cannot see stars in the crescent because the darkened portion of the moon is between us and the stars. FOR YOU TO DO: From the earliest times, men have imagined they have seen a face in the moon. See if you can find out what causes the markings that look like a face on the moon. (Ronnie Shepherd of Macomb, III., wins $10 for this question. Send your question on a postcard to Violet Moore Higgins, AP Newsfeatures, in care of this newspaper. If duplicate questions are received, Mrs. Higgins will select the winner.) CARNIVAL By Dick Turner ^M. Reg. UA pa. on. 3 1SS9 by HEX Suviot, Inc. "You proved you were tougher, Pop! You took five punches for every one he took!" SIDE GLANCES By Galbraith ^. R»j. U.S. Ftl. OH. lvic., hie. "Let me call a couple more girls, Dad, before I forget the line that just went over big with Doaisl" SV/EETiE PIE By Nadinc Selfzcr / c APE/ ADDING- MACHINE CO. T.M. R«g. 'O.a, Pit. Off. Si 19S9 by NEA SKikt, Inc. "Would you keep count for us?" TIZZY By Kate Osann ©1959byNEASorvlce, Inn, T.M. Retr. U.S. Put. Off. 'Have I time for a sandwich before dinner?" Small State Answer to Previous Puzzle ACROSS 27.Adjures 1 Small political 29 Musical state, direction Vatican .31 Standard (ab.) S 108,7;aore9 Is 32 Ravage 33 m-smeUIng tree of Canary Islands tS SI3H EiOH ——area 8 It was part of the kingdom of Italy during 34 Blowtorch the reign of 37 Tidings Pope IX 40 Eccentric' 56 Saints (ab.) 'i 12 Botanical wheel 57 Disorder suffix 41 Flushed ««„,„ 13 Forthwith 43 Greenland DOWN 14 Nested boxes Eskimo I Coagulated 15 Source of 45 Bullfinch 2 Peaceful iodine 46 Thai weight 3 Jouster 16 Hint 47 Nickname 4 Caroline 1 17 Grandparental 48 Glided .'Island 118 Suffix 50 Beekeeper's 5 Accrue 19 Heals cylinder 6 Traveled, }2l Cuckoo 51 Proper name 7 Freshest blackbird 52 Biblical weed 8 Arrowroot 22 Expire . 53Unitof 9»Violata 23 Mountain spur reluctance 10 Planet 24 Flat failure - 54 Row 11 Sound 25 Shank 55 Paradise 19 Spanish N clicker 20 Sentry 26 Utilizer 28 Indolent 30 Studios 34 Simple song 35 Sports official 36 Light bat 38 Churchill 39 Discolors 40 Brahman 42 Asiatic weights 44 Peruvian mountains 49 Lair 51 Shade tree BOOTS AND HER BUDDIES Living It Up BY EDGAR MARTIN OUT OUR WAY SY J. R. WILLIAMS GET HIM.' INSTEAtJOPFEASTIW' V VOU AM 1 Me TOO HIS EVES AWPRIMKIM'IW THE J ----^- -^' TO °' BEAUTIES OF THIS WONDERFUL FALL PAV, HE'S GOT HIS BEAK BUfclEP IM A BOOK/ 1 FE SORR.V FORA 6UV WHO DOESN'T KMOW AMV BETTERTH AM THAT/ 'THE PIRSTPARTOF'EVI/ %,wm J*K*i~l -«"-M ^«wm M • |I T4w'i, l V«=£ OUR BOARDING HOUSt . . . wWi . . . MAJOR HOOPLE MY WORtJ, MR. MOZART, I'VS ^ & 5eeM •fCYiNS ~(o TELL VL> ' GREAT/ SIMPLY GREAT/%|lTISNI' r r P ^AT 2 -CHE PERFECT T6SMASE LOVE^*\ V0D SAYrTS 6 KB AT* / TMOSE MOANS AMD SROAN% XOU LI KE IT 2UM.-YAS THE CLAN6IN6 BEAT—THAT /T AS 1 WAS SAY(N<S, You MADE NO MISTAKE Voice POR TH& MOOPLE, /MAGNIFICENT/ , WHAT MISTAKE VOL) TP?VIN6 TO CHAT'S THINKT- BUGS BUNNY Either Way ONE HOT DCX5,OL' FWIENP! HEY! DOWN WHO'S DOIN' IN FRONT! h ALL TH' • BELLERIN'? PRISCILLA'S POP 1 VA WANT THIS ' 'WITH OR WITHOUT MUSTARP, ELMER I. Collector's Item BY AL VERMEER I USED TO WORRY ABOUT ALL THOSE , ,,.. LITTLE *^" 1 BILLS- I WENT A FINANCE COMPANY.. :.ANO PUT 'EM ALL INTO ONE BIS LUMP/ MOW I WORRY ABOUT THAT, LUMP.'; (j?_1?59hy NtAS ALLEY OOP Disguise Worked BY V. T. HAMLIN .JUST LIKE WLJ SAID, WEU.,1 \ITSCARED 'EM SILL\ SEE NOLI II WALKED ALL DID ALL ; AROUND...EVEN RIGHT / INTO TH' PALACE., „ SOOD...AMP WHILE YOU AM' MOU \ HAD THEIR ATTENTION, WERE RIGHT..A r SLIPPED IM AND ITISOL' KING CUT DIM NY LOOSE WUR AN HIS ' !S?» $? PS. BEING RESOURCEFUL COP ROLLEP HIS CIGAK OUT OF AVAIUASLC MATEKIAU MORTY MEEKLE Tough Customer PINNER^ ALMO-STREADV? BY DICK CAVALLI FRECKLES AND HIS FRIENDS WHY DONT YOU LOOK ANP6EE IF THE ROAST \<o DONE WHILE I'M SETTING THE TABLE? One for the Road DOES IT MEAN IT'<3 CX3NE WHEN IT WONT LET GO OF THE FORK? e 1M» by HEA s«nlc«, Inc. f.M. Rif. US. P«t 0(1 TWIRP SEASOH / J EXPENSIVE/ _^^^__^ -^- BY MERRILL BLOSSER THE STORY OF MARTHA WAYNE Shocked (THE TREATS OM ME/ MK. WAYMG'S A WlDOlV/TDO. 5HE PUMS A (SIFT SHOP. JUST OHE CHILD £HE HAS.. ' MV FRIEMPS HEK HOOSEKEEPEK'eQi'a BY WILSON SCRUGGS THIS 15 HEK SOV) BILLY/ ,— ' ^ I-IT CAN'T BE/i Man.- THE EESt'MBLAMir.e/CtyMO CAPTAIN EASY WELL FINP our, wis* BURKE, AND PAST] ^FUANKW you CAN veRiFy\8E ENOUGH! MV ACCOUNT FOR EVERY MINUTE OF THB PAY/ INSPECTOR! I'M WORE CONCERNED WITH LEARNING WHO GOT IN THAT Penny Co-operatet BY LESLIE TURNER BUT I PIDN'TJ/I HAT MAV HELP WE'LL~" I'LL GLApty /SET ONE UP TOMORROW TAK& A LIB / ALSO WE'LL SB&T THIfl TB rOR CHAP CRN IPENWy you T£STl ^ASTH66IRLH&SftW _ _ . you COULP'VG ALONB KNEW THE.COM8INAT/ONI^ 6IVEN THAT ^U KNEW THE PAPER WA5 THE 5APB...ANO WH5W HE USUALLV STEPS OUT FOR

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