The Iola Register from Iola, Kansas on March 29, 1927 · Page 7
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The Iola Register from Iola, Kansas · Page 7

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, March 29, 1927
Page 7
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ktkfeVpi^eid induBtrials iind railH 'newvfilgh reebrdsiiibut they ^n- Bter«l ftlfler re^sttiBcb. Bear _iler», kept up Useir, relentless inp&il a for weak qpbte, ahd there ka rat wsr heavy pr^fit-tafclbg tol-. (I^WIHE ^he marking up.ot (the tall iHoney rate. The credit .stHn^ency itrlseB frjan| thie. montli^end dcmancl luh^s, and is benevejl to be •.bnly terapdrary. ."J'^- S, Steel ooramon, General Mo- tptb, Du" Pont, general Railway slg- - IMV tSotauaercial SolyfentB B, All ' .Aniftriran..Cab>e8. Delaware and ' 3tndsoti; Ndriolk and Western. Bal- 'tl^i9t<e. B«d qteio and kock Island •were; itinong i tb"p mam isisues to break througbrtheir pi-eTious bista . ,The cloBitaB>wilB trjrefeu ar. The W(>akne88 ol Titrioiis apecia ties and " Investment railroads dievel )ped in. Houston Oil breaking Uour pdlntsj : asd'Atlttnth: Coast Lirie five nndj '. CBUAed^ B bait :ih the eteueWl rise.; I^otal Mlea, approxiipate^y 1,900,-; 000 shares;. . Ifama tny-ifay. r 'KansnB City, Mar. 2,'». -- (U. S.. Dept. of|AgriciiUure).-^Ha}i market r ulicbanged. KtoMfir'Cliy Grain : Kansas Citjr, iiixr. 29. Wheat, receipts 40 cars; (AP)— ilnchaJig- HORANNEWS '^l^nin Pntlenfs ^ ,^ ^tital Imprbi ing— DelegatMn Ultends Rs kj* Unlversltjj t.'lee CI lb Coiicert. . <y.\rs. ( MOHAX. .Ma|r. Spawr^ one of THE DAY H. P:ord) 28.—Mrs. ll. M. our oldest' and uniqng our beytcloved residents, celebrated her elghty-rifth Wrth- (U'.v auniversafj at her hoine'tbere Thursday ami lad as ber quests her daii^htcr'.s i am:ly and h $;roup nf other near •elative.'i who gave hor a Hiimpt'jo IS dinner an i en- jo.ved llie "feniai ider of the ciay in a happy .social ime together Mrs. Spawn lias mii e her liciiie here many, niany yeal-s. ahd atter goln^ witji tliu faniila to Califdrnia to uial<p h^r hom< a few yfars ago, ionKed so muclif for the o^d -M.'onos and old! filend.>|l ips tliatj ibo family r'.'liiriiPd li/ei e aiiil since the dcatti of !i(?r lidslinnd u ir<iW months agi> iiialtps biT iKimo alone in town. .'Vltliougli 'hf yfi,r:i are n up: , her remarkahlo" licUlli and slrL-nRth ni:iki"t If poBHibI • for hi-if ti, jior- ft>rni ill! lu-r hi> isi-hold dull-s im t;it,||y as fnr niflin* yearn. Tli' folio* INK KIK-SI'* mi d« up I If (iHh- (l;:v. pafiy so mu<'1 enjoycl by all: Ml. and Mm. C,\» Mr tnd ^IIH. K')ro Am ••rMon Wilnm, .Ml)'. M^rl and UilJona. Mrs. Mrs. CIaroiic« Hu Cliarh'S.. .Mr. ajid Wm.son. Norvill«>j Chnrlfs Marionj fl friends oulsidd III ed to Ic lilgbtr; No. 2 dsirk hard ?1 .2r «&®1.34>^f No. 3,'$l.^(i<f.l.S4; 4?'i.S 'l7 No. fred $1.25 >^iff !l.2C'/..: • ' Corn, anchanged to Msc higher;; • '"No. 2 •white 70«B71%c;i No^. 3 cr.'/j .j • -®6dcV No. 2 yellow nti'imK-, No. n%mmc; NO. 2.nii>inl CU(&> ^»e^. Ho. 8. 65«69Vic:. . ij "" Oats, unchanged: No. 2 whlio • •45%»4fi%c: m. 3. 43«/..«i1<7c. MJIo-maIze $i.I3(< l .i^l. Kafir tlMm.n. Barley 76(5)7<|c, Kansaa CIIKPIOKI*: Wheal: .May r (olll) iU79i; May (newj »l .2«%: . July ll.2J9i .l CoVn: May 72W«:; . July. 75Hc:. Sept. 79c. ' . Kluilia City LIrfstock. City; Mar. 29. (United parttpcnt of Agricullure) ,000; .-ftilrly active; mostly 15c lower than Monday 's;] j^JiY j,^ extendllig •,. spot« 26c. off on. 200 !^ ' down;! stock pigs steady! . |li|50@12.50: top $11.G0 on 140 tocj -ilBO-pouiids: desirable 170 to 230 'touinds fl0.70{g>11.25: 240. to 3.50: pounds inostly flO.lO^lfli.60; 140!! to 160 ii6undBr$U.2^@ll.^; pack-; Ing' sows $9@b.75. i • Cattle 9.000:1 calves 1,000; heavy •'Steer .sa^tlve,'fully 25c higbeif:; light and medium weight offerinis| In fairly liberjil; supply, steady;, light yeaVlingS : and shb stock, slow, steady;^ other classes un-; , changed; obbice 1,794 pound' beeves other heartes $11.15(f»): 12.25; lighter; weiglJts $.<>(Q)10.75;; practical veal-top $10; thin'wJiite 'laced stockers |9.2.5; fat feeders 110. • @heep 5,000; lambs 1 .5 to 2.';c _ biffher; mostly 15c up; odd lots --sbeep Steady; top lambs to .shippers $15.75; other fed lots; to packers': $15:65 ami $15 ;70; top feeders : $14.85.\ , if'- : -.X.-JA.' . I , Chidago (iraln. Chicago, Mar. 29. (AI'l-^CIosc: Wbeat: May $1.34l^ffisi:' July at .$Ijp%®%; Sept. 11.27 • Oarn: May 72%(?( t-jc; July "T'/ic • and Scfpt. «0'/Sc. ^ • -lOats: May 44V(i(fi)'.4«'; .liily 44>{.<i| and 8 «a )t. 43«4c, il iRye: May $1.01-%; .Inly iia'ic;: 6tipi/96o. ; A( .BaptUt Sctvlfc ReyUal Stlil B^H. Held ('tiareli— )'un 'ral ,fpr ThoijuiM eyer«j. and Young vi«-*" <:liapel SC, and burial ^ aiisie his rikbt hand bad been sligiitly inj^in'd. I'lusnlcni Ciiol- idge iilied bis left ii) drawing from the famous Oavis (.'up the slips wiiii li deteiiniioed the order of play in the forthcomliiR international l<'iiniK matches for which the cup is the trophy. DIpliitiiats ropreHcniiiig tlu competing countries Witnessed the drawing. The cup is the donation j .Mr .s. Oi \V. o'f Secifelury of War Dwiglit F. Davis. ! northwest d (MM. dpalj Mitcb^ill.) . ; IJVHAUPE, |V1AUCH 28.—llevlvaj services for (he community are still being held at tbe Baptist jchilrch by Mrs. Brown a id co-lalM»-er.4. Everyone i» inv ted to atfend these services. The Sunshine l«i(lie.s* classc) will haw.' tho singing. —(?!o.sinR o It Cook's i-ost. Curtis Bargain IhiVpc. Funeral services fo .M«'y«-rs who i led Satun! i;i at St. l^nLs were .he ^_ I PiitslJiirg. KjuiinaH, was tile Kervicesl ciiiirgo of I'ajnis at bloi^e. La- iiear ' .Mlldifed. was in th lli.-n-. iti-v.| .Mm. Ji -.sH lilasHius. of fhlrofo LIvoHlock. ' CblCORO, March 2U.-|i:nlled fl|;atM IlepartRient of ^Vgjrlciilliire; -4i;IIOK».: 29,000; 'market '^low;: r >c lower than 'Mopdny'i* top f 11.80 paid for select- r 160rpound weight: bulk 5 poiind averagei^ $11.25@> •210 .to 2.''>o pound .J,';f6iSi '$lL3r»: feW butch-' [iOOjipuna )|iO.4<l0$lO .66r iticfkihg-::: sows $9.ito«/$9.8r> i Htlibnlk 'daughter pigi^ $11.00@. 11.^; h<?ayy;weight hogi $lu.2.'jiff. lO.T^i - medium- [weight $10.40i^ LPO; IIgHt 'ilO .9'O0)$ll.(|O: iigbi hi' $l0.8Gi@|11.80; jiacking sows .M.4tf@$10.00; 'Slaughter p gs $Il.U(t •. •rf|li76. ; • : . ] ; r iiiCfflUe 12.00$; most kllliinK nlass- /• steady; yesders 25 to 50c higher* «ei^ty fed ^t«ers abstntJ extrena- • It (|p $13.65, the: highest, of the year^ s iMveralstriiigl less de.siralile heavy - tteel^ •$12.25#$13.25; jbekt year-d . Ihigs $12.25: fat steersi $a ..^>0fr$12:: i ^litetly a steer run; fat chws werj; .^•ttsxte; heifers, quality considered! ;^^fillIy .Bteady; shippers; and small killers active buyers of | good t,d .,i'{di0lce 140 to 175 pound vealers at . $12.SO@'$14.00. ^- I jBbeep 12.00<>: fat lamb |i «ry slow;, few early vsa! jfe 26c higher than Monda l^o|ice . bandy^eiglit to Ireiui' Bhmjililon, liroughlton Mrs. IrK. lla Herr • and f Clcnieiis. .etlia John Bit)U) htoiiT lulitou. iJcot I and I .Mrs. T /CIdrence tieraldlne and ildebrant. Many ^he family- Biri'le all-good \ l.^lies and may tlie ijvtjning of life] continue happy anji iseful to thi' end. The most; ('j»c< uraging n ports are received eac i day from .Miss Kva Hurley; and Mrs.' T. H, Mc- l.^ughlin, both oi whom are at'Sti John's hospital rccover:iHg from sMrRical operations. Their friends are glad tbat ir. will not be long until they canfrc;urn home. Jess Oliphadt nas given : very lileasant snrpns* Thursday' evening m bono? of his sixt r-first birthday anniter|.ary. Memlers Of tile family circle jmade up th« party and a happy^ time was spent to- gother. After-ga ues and music, re- f.eshments w.erc served to the folr lowing: .Mr. f and Mrs. Harrison Oliphant and km children. ) r. and .Mrs. Wili .Manbjck and .M« pjorie, Mr. and Mrs. CIJ nde Myers, Misses Kfiie and Oma Joiipbant. IValter and Marshal Oliphant, the )ionor guest, anil Mrs. Oliphant. Mrs. Harvu Re IdeR came n i from Parsons Thursday and vlsite<l with old friends. i • Mr. niiil Mrs. <Sam Daniels and little .son of Olathe visited here over the wi-ek end witii ijulatives and friends. •, ; ! ' The I'andora i unday school class! ol Uic r oshyterJan church!ehJoycd its nuin Illy' KOOIBI Thursda^ evening in t'le buselnent of the (|hurch. The aniiouiiceniHit (hat it Was (b fl "dress iiff-ilr" was responded o nioHl' geiierousiy and sinne of lie ni-w Frencli, designs (ha| have lein displ.iyi'd In (he ncwsliapers •ecently were vj-ry cleverly ^opled. >ii(t of these <o|i(umcs had q little \i6lJL HIDE, FUR & : COMI^ANY AN'S MAKKET UM ) fbUowIng l«c4o JJic i.4-0Td Coeki .1 riU'iticm* after yonr F. Gxtetman Produce Co. opening s strong '.'s close; rhippe^s xtra-in the wai' of a red bandana iiul a (tray felt hat. We nr« quite lure these very prominent 1 rench iienipi^rs would feel not at all flat- ered .If they knew their latest bodels bad beeji worn to a tacky liarty. The ladies of the clais are an unii thelrl S ory sure they „ j^rry tiine admiring iTasbion. aho*. [ I Mrs. Homer I 'owler visiting ber son at Bartlesvllle i Archie Eflin, mer Kflin. Her jtle daughter, A^rjorie Lee, Miss -Mabel Forq were amongj who beard the Glee CItrb progiram' at the $l(i^75; best beli desirable woole I $16.50; desirable had {sually own has been Walter and pmily |the jjast wejki. Mr. and Mis. El- l»ert Ford a^d lit- and those Unlfersity Baker cbiirch in lola Sunday evenmg. bigber; earlV bulk lambs $ clipped $14!oOffj'$15.00; cjlioice bandy tarelght ; few wooiei ^heep scarce in p'ply; 67 pound finishers 4-..=;o. held above $15.3 $12.25@$13.00: int/and shearling lambs Sll M. E. G.00@ lambs |l culls feed- light steady NEWS NOTES H. K. HIiod«»s KIpofwl S»n»e Vri^st. deni of (.'hibt DPOlrfs' Assocln. lion—I'liyloni Trnd.p for JfPNiiiurant. (.Mrs; W. E. Payton) COLONY. Mar. 28.—Littlp Miss Rveiyti Ressel, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. John Ressel. was •quite sick he past week with appendicitis, ljut isinow convalescing. | AV. A. Marshal went to Kinsasj Anna Wood. NEWS EVENTS OF HUMBOLDT f.. If. I^ltxliach (;iveH Bell to Prc«. . liytfTliiii (,'hurch n.« .HeuiorinI -Clifford Family lie lunis Here. (ilicwniiig a vision of La the ('liri)>(ian |hurch at I Mr.s. J. W. HtJke in lola which WHti an jail day lit !a picnic dliineruit noon. 1 Mr. and Mrs) W. M. uliire and daiighter, C :iii:l lion, .Noriiiaii.; of Mo., arrived iierc Thiij- visit over tliej wee|{-end son. A. I!. Crandenshiie Mrs. K. K. Wilcox lef for Sallna. Ki^sas. for visit with Iter ison. Bert family. ten dies' he tionie of (FrancU Culver! HU.MBOLUT. Mar. 2S.—A new church hcli is being .installed in the belfry of the lYesbyt'-'irian church, givi-n liy K. 11, Leitzrnaciv as a memorial for his sister, Mrs/^ The work of indtall- ity last week and drove hohie a f ne now s^dan car and they-are iiilding a new garage to bouse it. -Mr. and Mr.s, T. J. Slane.were here from Parsons last week and also drove on to Garnett on business cpnaected withtlie settling' up of the esitate of her mother, Mrs; Delia Gardner. Mrs. Slane has purchased the residence property Ijere and her sister, -Mrs. Clarence Jrhnsoti and family will move ovef from Kincaid and occupy it. Ravi Garrison and R. S. Brooks are among those driving new cars. Mr. and Mrs; llarfy Ratnsey: are (he paren(s of' a daughter, Lois Irehe. born March lii. . ^George Wiley, who has been in Kansas City having, bis eyes treated is now at home and his eyes are considerably [Improved. . The Forgetr.Me-Not .club enjoyed a very .pleasant meeting Friday attei-nbph at (he b'ome of Mrs. C. A. i'alm The study for the afternoon jwas recent inventions, and amouis, the papers given was a most excellent one by .Mrs. J. V. Schafgcs on the radio. . Mrs. ^Vnna Wci^)lc of Kansas City and Mrs. Lucy Balyeat wpre guests, aiid (hu hosiesH served p nice light liint-h. .Mrslia N. Tonkin, Miss Catherine atjd blaster John went lo To- peku Sunday to spend tbi- day with t'lelr son and brother, iliirold Tonkin, wiio is in (he San(ii' Fe ho«p1- (al there lor several weekij* medical t real men t. C. N. 'Ponkln spenl Sunday In Kansas; City. Mr. ahd ..Mrs. C. V. Archer wore up from lola Sunday afternoon vis-, Iting his mother and siBtcrs. Mrs.i Rilla Reeve and Mrs. George Cook.' H; R. Rhodes and F. V. Denton were in Topekn last week to attend grain dealers' convention. Mr. Rhodes made the address for (he association and it went Over so big they elected bhn state president, a fact that will be highly gratifying to |il3" many Cblony friends. ! ; Lyl^- Jacksop has gone to' Clay Center where Jie will work! ,for John ! Bo'rton; who is buildihg a Srain I elevator there. . | After castihgji about for sbmettaing to do unjtil Hcliool ended, W. TSL Payton traded'in two residehces on the res'taiirant In Colony; owned by. A. B. Smith, i^ the Lasater building, and the Payton family is operating IL It, wijl interfere with (he ipt^sive fishing program that was Svell under ..way for the sum- # PHONE yloDR CT.u'VasiFteD . AD TO li 1 I Erroni l:i advertlaem^iits £h>iuld be •cportcfl Iramqwati'Iy. Tnie Reglstttr witt not lie rp.ipon-slMe for more tlian jne Incorrect, Insertion. , . Ads ordered i:r.r six llmfs ai| pcd hpfore exiilrnllim" Willi (or only the number of I (Dpcnrml. nnd ladjusitmeijt r«te earned. I Tlio loLi nppt.Wtcr offlci receive I'll.vcrtisements from 8 (i. m. to <5 p. m. dally.'lAU iirts rec •Ivecll up until 1 T> ni. will nppcor In all qlty e<II- tlons the same day. l>e nies madi An Alt TaKer [will iflafll If dpslnd. so Itrtsit th.: cipy fl Ilia ad l!« prcmrea ju such to bring the greatest ro.<< Advertising ordered for ^ertlons takes the one II . ad is taken^ for less than a pasls of Hiree lines. i , . Careful atteht on given to rhall or- if^rv wllloh mitvl h» or,!.*.' ANNOUNCEMENTS strayed, ;L.ost, Folind Saturday (jvcning fifom BiKchers bi»rn. Phbi ins the IJCII began today. Dedicatory j^ierviccs will be held la|ch •Mrs. J. L. Purjihurst enterlirined l»er bridge cl-rb. Saturday, at her heme on_.North :^12!h street." She had aside' from ithe regular luem- bers. guests for an e-ttra table. The jruRst list comprised .Mrs. t. T.' Cannon, .Mrs. J. L. White,' .Mrs.' B. •>:. Wise and Mrs. i'arkhiirst's sister, .Mrs. Kohler of Lailarp}. Dr. and .Mrs. .1,. L. Park hurst and Ml-, and iMrs.! -V. A. Arinel were Ft. Scott visitors .Sunday. Mrs.; N. T- .McCarty . returned, from "Texas on the 2Yth/'.nccompan- ieil by friends mad'- while oir thi.s southern, trip. .Mrs. McCarty accompanied by Mrs.rE. II. Leitzbach,. moloreil to Texas early in February and has spent the greater jiart of her time lit San .\ntonio. Texas, where she lias hail a most, delightful visit. Dr. Ulaisdetl of Par.sons was a dinner guest at the Byerly home Siiiiday. Ill 'he afternoon accom- pmiicd by .Mr. ami .Mrs. Bycrly and their thr^e children he motoreil (o Gurii«(( where (hey visiicd M'"«''ifiTnAvi;^n—("iiiP 'h-iv tiiar.. Ryerly's parents, Mr. ami Mrs: W .t«J.fJ .^j !,^'?-9Mt.,^f> A Dayls. Mrs. Jllaisdell. who ihad been it guest of her narciits forj the past week, ri'turiieil with llii'tn .^hd Dr. .-iiid .Mrs. lUiiisilcIl motoied oir (o Parsdns-that evening. .Mrs. CharlenjKelly, who is very seriously ill, ri«-civ<M| a visit from her four brotl^ns and one His (ei' Sunday. Tliey !re(uined to their honied .Monday^ Miss Ruth ^V ilie«|!*ho has lyrcu cdnflned to the lioftM'Vfor the pisli two wj-eks with! flu; lijl*conyalesctn^||, and able to bo out again. Mrs. A. R. Chambers left yeistc.r-i day for Kansas City to visit b< parents. Mr.ainl .Mrs-. It. A. Per* kins. Ilnring -.her . absence Mrs. George Culleii will care for the cli'Idrcn and the hoiiSeholid. The Rptary club held its regular meeting and banquet niglit at (he Presbyterian churcli. The sup- p(>r Was served by the girls of the youn^ people's' senior Christian Endedvor society. Mr i and Mrs. Frank Honey and taiiiilSf came here yestenlay for a short vi^it with the W. A. Caldwell f mily. 1 Wm. A, Gifford and family of El Dorado. Kans., bavc moved .to ! Humboldt this week" . They wer©; formey residents here, having IcfJ: for El ippradoi sopie time ago. Spri tglleld. i: CLASSIFIED ADVI^RiriS' LJfG :!>'FORMAT! OX cuvBsiwEri RA -tea DaPv rate per line for |c<)h. lecutlve nsertlona: -; ^ i Cbrirge Ca*h Six dan -i.. : ?c • 6c T^iree day* J ac. 7o n.vf »!-7—i lie 10= 'Minimum charge. SiSc op {any ad. ' Minimum cash. 30c. Count nv«« wjnrdff to a Thomas lay. d at Fair- .March llnetery Til edu day .March clibnie of lied the Aid of lirsday i-titig with Grtinden- .Mae, for a with their and; Saturday n ;i iViblox and fir your finer as Uts for you. irregiilar in- ine nUc. No _AtJCTJON$ Aort lonK Pl/'BLIC AUCTIO.V—Pp jllc-kuctlon every Saturday at 1:0 i o'clock at Bishop's Sales Favlliob. AUTOMOTIYE wlfe. - "mm -2(10 «;a ;a .Miporca:,. Sac i$ Rofe loutli'lolq.^ (jt, first class Boyer Mo- Ion- Phone 23. DBPENliABLE bsEd ClARS—1926 Hudson coacb a real snappy B-iiick roadster] four new tires; a real close-out kn a 192^, Buick louring. Ford touring, and a^ Max• w.ell sedan. Marr Unto Supply Co., Buick Dpallers. FORD ROADSTERr-jjew tires, Al condition, new ; paiijt. feood upholstery, starter, demountables. Ralph Jone.s._ denevja. FORD ROADS new paint.'good monnta'bles. first cl^ass f:iiaranteed. O ance eisy ternis tor Co.J 212 A: ER-|-1926 model, tirts, starter, de- eering wheel, al condition, le-thkrd down, bal- cCarthy Mo[Wash. fhone R03. lofk s met^han 'M.-|rr, i£.'7. '2t! Poijtiuc cot] '24 -yiird rtmdsd good: -'18 Ford Hudson sedan. LATE ;DODGE -Bu; iness coupe •>xceileiit condition, y»)ry reasonably priced: in) tnuli'. Phone Geo. OAKLAND - licalejls — PO.NTIAC pe. pood asj neW: •L'.l • Ciht'vrolet lourlflK. Ilkej new: lellnite d stop- charged the ad at .the open to y nsilM. you 10 mule^ j; O. IDA dependable it A U^ED CAI&-ts as ' \htf dealer who sells Sales and Service. • Thi to biiy good, dependabl i (Vt present we have, live of both open aiid .i el.s, priced to sell. 1 Co.. 214 Nortlv WashinJKtotj be it us id h c >m .dlos^d EllM Aniomijbiles Fop lliil« LET^—Fnuij tl ioi CHEVROLEI^—Fnuii tl ior sjidah. At condition, good r il»b« r. Inquire 317 N.'-Sycarhorf. P lo. 331. —^Telephone your Classified Ads to 1R DEPENDABLE USi^D CARS—1926 Chevrolet coach; 1925 Stj r touring, perfect condition; Essex coach: ,19321 F.B. Chefrol^t road- ister. rebuilt! and f^fini.shel; 1923 Star roadster: 1923 roadster, rebuilt and good Dodgo kouring; t' $25.00. B. T[ Bai;ber j. AVest street | Phone 5 ref brrt parage, 5; 4 a4 Dodge 'place carf|. plete mod- Motor II Chevrolet jnished; ouriiig. 211 •r: Ford coupe^ coupe, .thoap: '22 good shape: '21 Ktiidebaker 4-bass.l ciijupe.; fine shape; '22 Dodfie colipe:.' '18 Dodge Sonie other very cheap cars. Ca^h. t^rms or trade. llbbart-Steele .^lotor Co. 1926 CHRYSLEfe "fO" SEDAN— J926 Chrysler "58"I coach; 1925 Overland sedah; 1925 Maxwell club coupe; 1926 FJord roadster. We trade. Rois Airbuckle's Garage. Chrysler Dealers. Phone 5C. ftUD WHITE M6T0li CO. Hl'DSO-N-ESSE^v DBi\LER.S- CHEVROLET. I:kc new. CHEVROLET, CHEVROLET. (1924,' COUPE. CHEVROLET. DURA.VT. 1923! 1 ESSEX. 2 192e 1926 jlandau .sedan, 1924 ROADSTER. 922 IF. B. Touring. TOURING. I SIX CO.A.CHES. FORD, 1926 Cojupe..! duco» finish. FORD. 1925 Tiidor 1 Sedan, duco finish. FORD; 1925 RCJAD?TF:R QUALITY Gas (Jity, Kans^ 3c per fegg. ipr chicks, heavy light breedsj i Wainfed- ELEdTRIC HL ^TC Cutaom ' ;c fcipflaSB^, •eed ;-jH?ii 1.50 :We:'" \ few gilod COWS; ,,..=,11.... Olsoi's I..aHarne. W'bn't be, . - broeihv stoik. B. plione illS'W.. 11 Sfcott FARM HAND — Wanted., experi>l PASTURE-^For several co' 1 J - , ... I .Vnri! 1st ICt^llev Parm.-l OUR PASTURE—For CO*, open April first, $l00 peFl in aC.ance. : J. P. Coi enced. good wages for right party. | '.Box 63. Humboldt. Kans.. R. 1. MARRIED MAN—W'anted to work : on farm. See me at once. Fred vHolmqni^t, Yates Center. Kans. KELIABLB FARM HAND—Wanted immediately; experienced in, milking; apply in person. Ai H. Knocp- pel. Phone .53-3. Colony. Kansas. jFINANCIAI. - Jlbner ilo- I.oan—yortgages 40 FARM LOANS—Quick service and reasonable rates. sA. D, Hawthorne. 213 S. Washington. MONEY TO LOAN—Private and eastern money to loan on farms and city property^'/Low - rate. Terms and payment to suit borrower. Stewart & Funk. FARM AND. CITY LOANS—Base rate on farms, 5%, city 6%. Lofig OP shortJLIme._ R:._M.. Ciyuifngbam. llorxM, CaUIe, Vebliles . H> COWS- 3 good ones. 1 frl•^^h. ii. Jerseys fresh soon. S. E. M<(iin-"{ nis, 420 .North I-Um. COWS—Three good fresli milk cows aiid G nice shouts, weight about 75 lbs. C. F. Geiitz, 1'4 miles north on S(a(e street. FOUR MULES—f and 5 years old, 3 broke and 1 haUer broke, gentle. S. R. Roberts: Colony, Kans., phone 30-6. HOLSTEIN COWS—Two pure bred. ."• and 7 years old, one giving over three gallons per day. one givin.i; five gallons per' day. both are sound and 'gentle. These j cows can be bought worth the money, .but -must go soon. Inquire McCarthy .Motor Co.. 212 S. "Washington, or phone 893. OXFORD EWES—Coming yearlings, , $12.00 per head. Waiter Strong. Moran. 6 W'HITE SH<)ATS—H. G. Tice, south. 1%, west of Moran. Phone leCi. Moran. ; FOliD, 2 1924 rOURLNGS. FORD, 2 1923 OOUpES. HUDSO.V. 1926 HUliso.V, 1926 pROluOHAM. Spoedster, new IIUDSO.V, 1921 finish. lilJDSO.N. 1921 HUP.MOBILE. 7-p^ss.; Sedan, i 7-pass. Sedan. ] 924 TOtiaiNG.i HUi'MOBILE, 19221 TOURING. NASH, 1924 T'oiirliiK, winter; en- closare. ; OVERLAND, 2 1924 TOURINGS.. STUDEBAKER, 19^4 light six coupe. STODEiJAKErj, 19B3 Special Roadster. -I. We TradejO^ Spll o'l 219 L WASH. Auto Accessories, USED PAR'Fi^ cars, all parts Wrecking: Co. Tires, Ports 13 Some lfor:sl BUSINESS S MoTln^, Tnifekliiir, .Slopage TRANSFER CORR storage, lopi RAanonable Professional Services SURGERY — F. Lehski: residence. Medicine. Phoned 112iW. iEasy Terms. PHONE 180 parts for all Ionic cars. lola IRVICE co.- dtotancfe ;e8. Facldnff. baullnc. Phone 140. 28 X-ray. Dr. office. 886: 20 PIGGY SOWS—Weight from 200 lbs. to 300 lbs., will farrow from one to three weeks; three extra good work horses: 1 14-inch walking plow: 1 set work harness; tv,o saddles: 10 extra good milk cows and ten will; bte in from two to six weeks. Will sell on time or trade for other <:at(le. J. C. Butcher. • 104 HEAD—Regislcred Hereford catde: 23 choice bulls including Herd l^ulls Delaware and Prince Domino IfiiiUi. One-half females offered are'by Delaware by Beau l>e!.iware bv Beau President. Sale April 13th. WrJtc for catalog. Allen Mansfield, Ottawa. Kans. April 1st. "Keiley Farm, of Kentuckyf.street. Phoii^'i WANTED TO-BUY—Alii !tle and^hogs. !J. C. SS WANTED TO PASTURB-^^ ihend cattle or colts., .lE ^0 ]|e MOran. ' "v' . ^ MERCHANDISB 'v^ Articles iFop Sa» CHUNK W^OBr-For'sale,$. tinfljer or $3.2,1 deliveced.^jr^l SwEuford. Phone 518:; i GARDE-N AND FLOWER; . Hoes, rakesi and' forkSiVJ Furniture Store. N. Jetfr" Bu .slHess andjOMce EffBl| TYPEWRITERS—New an^ iised. A variety to selec Terms if desired. Wllllaitt^ writer Co.. Boom 10. OTdPpt Farm ; Equljiment "4* EMERSON SULKY PLOW-r-Olf walking plow, both lO-Incb/''^ tcr Slrong. Moran, Kjtng, Fuel, F«?ed, Ferilifannf^' NICE PRAIRIE HAY—BAlWl,^ bale at burn; Uwls Powel^i? north, and oite ciii ^t ^on WELL iiOTTED! MANURl _ flowers, gardens and |awas^|ji Butcher. IlnnsMiotdi ({foods « BUFFET—Dining table, bed, tabl'A 9x12 Axministpr. tat vcrsal electric cooker, mi^sf net.. .lames Laiie. 21S .Sout&<d ton wood - street; SEE ; US—For .ranges, kitchen rugs; Henninger USED FUR> ' oil stoves: coo phonographs. Closing out Curtis, Bargafn CoAk' GOOD PIAXO- livestock. W. Kansas. Seeds, Plants, Flow( Phone 597." bargains, iai^l cabinets and-fi 'sj Furniture i RNITVRE—High I k istoves; Easy^ Is Painta . •Store. LaHarpe ^fa nene .Mnsieal .wewhandise iWill exchange Li Wood, Lai FIELD SEEDS-t-Of all kitidSii; iyours. early. Rep us for ppji^ Ulleii County Imblcment Co, ^^3^ .\EW TI-MOTHYISEED—Jle.cleaii Wm. Gwillim, 8Vi iniiles east.' Harpe and ',{. north of siabpi phbuc 706, I.,aHarpc. Ui Poultry aAd Supplies 49 SEED, CORN—\'h te, na.faiiure;:) .S vpijrs: 70 bu. iioj acre Ia8t'.yi on uj)lamL_ .11. |B|tlzcr. Iolat.4 Wanled4^n ^Bur riiiFl-'ONiER- u .s'ed wbito mil' Phonic S. !- - ., KAIIY, CHICKS^From Reds that are Reds. Ready now. 142.'i .N'. Cottonwood. Phono 13r,2W; IJAHY (illCKS-From largest modern hatchery in southeast Kaii.sus, slate accredited chicks for prices paid for straight run chicks. Call 942F1I. lola, Kansas. PORCH POST I Wanted, 8 I by 7 ft. in loiigtli,: miiHt b»rroli|li Call 1417.; . , ' 4 » REAL ESTATE FO •ijmrlmeiiip hnd t'laMJ BABY CinckS— Why buy others when you ciiii get State Accredited chicks for $12.00 jier 100? I.*g- iioriis. $11.00 per 100. Come ami see what ive have in tlie chick feed line. iSol Jlot Oil Brooders, any size you want. Custom Hatching. 4c per egg. 220 West street. Sturdy Chick Hatchery. EGGS—Single Comb l^eghorn eggs to batch, Cc above market. .Mrs. Ola Stickler. . Phone 615. .Moran. Kansas., EGGS — White [Wyandotte, frdm range flock, culled tor type and production by state expert, $3jpee 100. .Mrs. Bruce Armacost, mile . east, % .south lola. Phone 398-21. GEESE EGGS—Two miles • and bait east of Piqua. north HENS—4Vi .dozen young English". White Leghorn hens. 1201 Nbrtb Jefferson ^vehue. Plione 979-32. TW(i ROOM |APAKT.\tEM|bi sletfping room,! ground tl^t^v South Buckcyu street. ^tf-ji-l^ Hou<ies iF^r Rehl HOIME—6 iiooiu modern, SfXii on South Wusbingtou. Phc THREE ROO.M HOU^E-r-I lights, city water, located ai^ South f^hestnut. S<>e_!HL^A:^^^ Snbnrfian Fop HOUSE—Barn and 3 acres, cl house, lots of fritit's. Vaa Keiley Th'eatie. REAL ESTATE Fkrms aiul Ijin* P.ot: 80 ACRE—Farin .r well. ^ close in. grum rent, See^j Powell & Co. Of>--i^ Ifonses: For S^lie COTT.'VGE — CTve ' T<)om garage, easy terrhs, JQbif HOUSE—3 room, j to be| & lot. Phone 605. .AIODER.V HOUSBl U rooms, 'closeis porches.., gardeq Humboldt. KahS REAL BARGAI.^ ern cof(agt.%-'ne front, lot and with owner. i41 .street. : Phonei 1 To Exchange- ECJlilTY-In 51 rpom .stock and farm son Realty Go|. Drug Store. -Fine te bath; D. a .t_ Elife , wiy. (tecorai h^If. 0 Soafbi S4WI cottem lequlpmenfej over FOR TR^\DE]-1| tracts that l-w residence at a want mucbnii son, Bronson :n'mori ispn, J OCtoD BIG «TX- cliu.nge eqjuiiy 'Brop «rtx. llltrit '4 'all: pr

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