The Postville Review from Postville, Iowa on August 27, 1892 · Page 4
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The Postville Review from Postville, Iowa · Page 4

Postville, Iowa
Issue Date:
Saturday, August 27, 1892
Page 4
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A OiixoriNO ComuMiTios miiy l>o avoid, pil liy lliu timely u»o of IIAI.U'H HONIIT OK IIOIIEHOIJNII AMI TAIL VIKK.'H THUTII ACINI Ditoi-i, Cure In one minute. »lr, "Our nccliliiit. limiirniuo coinpuny, will i>ny yon $100 fur n lirukcn lotf " "An' pfwul lliln, would yuz bo pnylu' foi a whnlu wiiii V" ttKV. II. T. CA1180N, Be .llnn.l. I )nl ( ., »ay»: "Two Imltlct <>f IIiill'ii ' '•.<< •> ii inrr einiipleliily curcil iny little girl." Sold by DnigKlutii, 75c. "1 xliniilil cull tlii; i>U..L<i^ruj>!i r u ri'.ena nf Ms riot,-.'' "Kor wlmt rcttmiii V' 1 "lt« UIWIVVH tries lo mnko peoiilo loon plumoiiit who do liuiltitian with hun. : ••Don't Toliacici, Spit Your Ijlfo Away" In HID BtiirUiriK, trnllifiil titlo of a little hook ju»l r>c»ivi!il, telling nil nbo^ ftnlnhur, thu tnnulerful, /i(in>:/f'.i.i, eeonom ical, ijHiiriinlerd cure for the. tobacco lutbit in every form. Tobacco users who wnnt lo cjuit anil can't, by mentioning thin paper, can «et. HID book mailed free. AddrenH THK STKIlUNii HK.MKDV CO., Hox 241, (nji.mii Mineral Spring, Ind. l'rofidsor D.jiifjlus has succeeded in manufacturing unniaturo cyclones nnd tor nattoes l>y means of electricity, thus prov in'jt the electrical character of tho ''prairie terrors." 1TIS .-AII Kits stopped free by Tie. l\- Cinil .v,.. r . If,*!,.,-,,-. No FIU «fli-i- i; iltiv '.i ie<-. Miirvcll 'iiirt cures. TreutKi- .1 f.Msi liiiil liiilll.-. fnc to Kit c»»es. *.-in', Dr. Klhic, l'.'!l Arch 81., l'lilla., Pa. "Viit would you say, Able, If I geef \ t. tlillH- ?'' "I 'll 111 y twice ns much, fodder, for Hfle ccllls." Mudn to Look t.lkr, Nnw. n, (.'cut's (llolhi.ii;, Fctilltera, <h»v llu-tl or Ocuucil, 1'lunli { JHI-IIMMIU ', lit Olio riclcli's 1 >> 1: Works,aw W. 1-.1. Wiilcr SI., Milwaukee. Bend fur circular. While viii'ii I Uni always lie (,'ins with a V It »!«nys ends with a great scarcity of them. SreiiVY anil scorbutic affections, pimples and blotches on the tskin im* i-nimitl by im pure blood which llcechnm's Vills cure. Mrs. 11.: "lluvc you any near relative NiuitV" Nora: "Only mi itunt, ilium; anil she isn' what you nil^lit cull near, for it's In New Orleans she livc.i, 11111111." MADCAP; -ORr- TIIE STORY OF A SIN. M0TIIKR9, and ospooiiilly nnrsinr; mothsrs. I need the Btt-QUKttt- ' cning support and help that coiueg witu Dr. Pierce'* Favorite Prescription. It lessens tho pains and burdens of child bearing, insured healthy, vigorous o 11 spring, and promotes an abundant accretion of nourishment on tho part of tho mother. It Is an in- Yip -iraling tonic made especially for woman, periVclly liannlesa In any condition of the female system, as It regulates and promotes all tlio natural functions and never conflict* •with them. Tho •' Prescription " huilds up, strengthens, and eiii-es. In all the chronic weaknesses and di*' iih -rs that atHict svoinuu, it is guaranteed to beuetit or cure, or tho money is refunded. For ovcry case of Catarrh which they cannot euro, the proprietors of Dr. Sagu'a Catarrh itemed)- ngrco to pay •*>l>0 in cash. BT HE'.BN B. MATIIKRs. ' l'on will make her your wife;" arid slio took one of his IIHIUIH between both lier own: "mid we will love you, ho utid hctter than ever." " Von know not what you ask, Madcap," lie Bitid aitilly. "it is impossible— women do not understand about sticli things." Somehow as she looked at him then, ghe realized that a man may truly love a wonnm, yet have mint Iter side to his diameter, of which she knows nothing; mid his likeness ehanued in her eyes as she looked, and yrew liatefnl to her— Kiiini) jealousy pei'linns, mingled with her scoi'ii. as she crieil— •\o! they can only suffer; (ind does no! let Ibeiii die; and man will not let lliein iindei stand; and so you have been bad nil throtiirh—a coward and a traitor to both her and me. It' ymi Inula jrrai 11 of manliness in you. vim would have told me 1 he truth before her, and not Riven tin; half an hour of such at;ony as u lilelime of happiness could never wash away the memory oil'' '•Jlall' an hoiii'." he Aaiil; "it is 11 lonu time; yet some miseries last a lifetime. "As hers must." she said, with a seorn Unit showed how the stone was rolled away ivoin her li"arl, and the spir.t elast'.e, and iiiiluuised as ever within her. 'lint I will p;o to her; 1 will tell her that I did not wron Vr, as sliellKiiitdil; perhaps she will oru'ivt! me llien." "She hade me tell yon that she would not sec yon," said Frank slowly, "it, will he unwise in you to make any Bueli aUi'inpt." "Are you my keeper?" she said, her eyes Hashing; llien trembled, thinking of how near this woman and slut had been to each oilier an hour aitn; am passing ]•'rank by as if he hail been her lackey, went, proudly away. 1 ill pndu pave place lo sorrow, and that in its turn to joy; so that uneousi'iously to liei -ell she danced alniiK the last few steps of the coppice like a maiden hurry i 1 > lo llie "S!ie did 111 >t Mtiliev loin;." said Frank nit ill -1. when Hi - I.,.it whit" tied of her fjiiun bad vanished; "it wai ipiieklv over; and 1 will take earo of thu resl. 1 ' CIIAl'TKIt X. My tliouuiitless youth was wlue',1 with vain lil'Sil 1 1. .i.'l oil ntiiled by wiuiih'r'nv,' lives on the i 'l'iduy iiioriunij Mr. eliai'itetei' heucciorUi in tilts whole race; it was as though the force, whether for (food or evil, that luaiiile .i 'ed itself in lliein wrolo itself as indelibly on their liiiiuls as on their faces, so that what the lather bad been it was safe to foretell Hie son would ire; and up to the present time, with one exception only, this had invariably proved to be the ease. Lady Sara lived to weep bitter tears of shame, and see her pride laid in this dust. K .id a portrait of him who laid it there hanu's beside her on the wall—a slim young fellow, whose dark face is a masculine, copy of her own. but with more heart in the eyes, and soni"lhiir^ of the keen intellectual ulauun that dis- tinL 'iiished Madcap's husband, the present master of the Hull. He. was Lady Sara's favorito grandson, and his successes at college had h en 90 brilliant as to cause a certain eat man to single him out for his peeial consideration, and even to express an intent,on of briii-rim; him tor- ward in public, life at the earliest possible) opportunity. liraiidon. covered with honors and excited by his hopes, retired in com-| jiairy with half a dozen of bis friends to the' Hall, there, to indulge in those amusements that, with the IOyres. invariably alt era ate 1 with periods of absorbing slndy and intens"st application. On this occ.i'siim a ureal deal of liiirh play and diiukiii'; went forward, till til.- yotim; host, proverbially unlucky at Kain 'es of chance, had lost a larger sum of money than he could pos -dhly repay In Mu.i-'rave. a nrin uupupularwith thu rest for more reason ilian one; and on certain ni;iil Mus;rave won more avily than usual, his pocket-book lively ciiulainiiu' the banknotes he c.raintni'd in.o it , together with an IO U trout lirati'lon forathousand pounds. The poor lud--hc was but little morn —on passine; Mus^rave's room that nii ;lit, an I ho. inn,' himself callel, paused to cxi'b 111 -i' a lew words with hisntiest. who in Ids presence put the liiiles awn\ in an esc ritoc his bed, and Id'.'iudoii noted with imconsciniis uraey that it wa i the t'.iii.lh drawer, ill I also the sbap • of the haiidle, which < tlilT••ivul. lo that oi the ntiii-rs; and iiro.i.lmj heavdy 011 his lo,scs, lie wen: his way. . ,\ |.\t niorniii'.'. as they s it at break- fii .il. Mus ^rave, as if by accident, pulled ut his pocket-honk, then mad" a sel- den eXi 'lainalioii that drew all eyes tip- 1 HI !."' 11 ' cried," "I am l's I 'e ":l".'" a. 'I l !r HI I 111, roil -in ; 10 111, I s iw y 1 >• 1 v.'lili • t hem ::i In - es •,• I . re our; Ii .(raw -r. I uitii .c. 11; tile l,e.'' inset.11 e. aiiccLi'i; to ro.dlv ioru 'el. If von "I; 'L'n. on him. robbed. ••liiip.Ms >r • h'.liise f. " W niv ii'Viii 'Vfi ;i la'-! niiihi -lb 1 It - 111 • 1111 > •!' lit " i )ttl i .'" S .l > pnzz'ed 'I pay Id, so cleansing, and healing properties, or you're paid. " How Old I Look, and not yet Thirty." Many women fade early, simply because they clo not take proper care of themselves. Whirled along in the excitements of a fast-living age, they overlook those minor ailments that, if not checked iu time, will rob them of health and beauty. At tlie first symptom of vital weakness, use Lydui E, rinkfnwfs Vegetable Cvmpcund. The roses will vcUun to your cheeks, sallow looks depart, spirits brighten, your step become ii: m, ami back and headache will he known no more. Your appetite will gain, and tho food nourish you. AM Ilf.iL'jtiili ic :i it, nr «nt by mint, in I.TUI of i'ill* <>r Ijoxeiijjci. uii ro-vMitul'ISi.OO. 1 ilver l'illi, 'Jft*'. t'urrff- /Z, T1 ,^ y fc* •puiiaem-* IV.;.- 1 y untweu'il. f™*'/**^*****^ l .VNN, MAH*. OINTEJ BNJOY® Both the method and results when Byrup of Figs is taken; it is pleasant and refreshing to the taste, and aots gently yet promptly on the Kidneys, Liver and Bowels, cleanses the system effectually, dispels colds, headaches and fevers and cures habitual constipation. 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Abt. cutbtreeUluJadelpWa, l »g »T "OUgH ill TM1 WOKtD.I Mr iiiMith JCjirly EVIII'.S fallifi' liiiil iiiiiiliii'r .sci/.inv, anil I liisilrnlli was liuiirly r.\|ii'cl, il tliruiigh- out till' 1 .Mr. I\siii iu'V«vtlii'li'S:i i-tiiii 'huli 'il his letter In .Maileap. i :iel |nisteil it himself liter uli.fli lie I I ill nt-il to take lusi plaee liy Ins lallier'sMile—a plaee whieli the lie•i'il.liuiicil line hail yielileil Hinee she liml re .iliM-il that it wouU nut be in the n. il tnaii's p i«t 'f. even it he hiul thu will, in euiiiur any i'nrlliei' benelita up 011 la r. Deathl .Mr. ICyre lnul laeeil it often, anil hail no I'ear nf il— lull he ha'l never been compelUs! to wat'li llni r >ln \yii^lit- ciiinjl ol' the. tirisly haail 011 its pvey, '.mil tnrneil fi'oiii the si;,'ht inipalit'iitlv, n.she wotiM have ilone I'rnni thatol'a boll emisllieloi' swallinvin',' a rahbil— a ilinntjiveniilii siyhl. Iiowever neeessary I'l'ulialily there is im siithtoii earth more paiiilnl than l !i"ileailt oftmolil, nnkiveil. ilepravi il p .'iM 'iii. 'l'lie very Hieapaeity in leel sorrmv in tk>•.-; the onlooker's heart but the biti.-rer anil hanlei; while the ilealh of a litllu ehilil that is loo y»»n 1 itr even to lts \i mil ils mother's naine, may lilt thai sjne heart, to an aeony ol" pain that w.ll teach it the ilivines'l lesson it shall ever learn There il lies—at, onre our pain, our punishment, anil; all that wo mij.'lit have, been, all that we 0:111 n-ver be, we seem to see in 1 hi* little llicker inn life before, us; in that tiny hanil Ho possibilities thai were onee our own, ami that one by one we have, niisseil or 11 u 11 ii away, ami between him ami us come u thousand subtle, vivid snipes (ions that never pass betwixt us and other faces that we love. Wu cannot see God's hand, but a hushed, yeiiniiie.i fear is upon us. and we dare not rail iiitiiinst 11 i 111. or erv aloit I as we hold upon our knees the liille .shape thai In never sinned imr sirn ••tleil.nevervext our hciirls, or needed ui ben our forgiveness. As the cry ri-es involiiularhy that we may be pernitlted to ^ive otir own life for tlio child, midway the aie swer silences it. "Yours is little—His so much!" and tho prayer changes on our lips to 0110 lor ourselves, wu boiiu? so much more in need -of prayer than ho. And BD he lviiia.ns to us ali our lives long the mi^hi-havd-booii of our tent's—the little snowy sail set to tho ocean of eternity, that lias reached alone nn iinehiira !J :e Hint the most ea^er of us may never hope lo win, and the spot, in our heart that baby hand lias touched remains ever vital, while that memory may hold us back from sin, and influence us for irooil to our dyim; day. 15ut by the death-bed of such mi one as Mr. Kyro we leel scant impulse to pray. His deeds have ({one before, and our words follow in inoclury—h 10 are no p.iteiittalit ies for Komi, but realities of accomplished evil, and wo shi'.uk from imporliiniiij; Uml for Ibis man. who He.ver dreamed of importimiiiif Him for iiimsolf. lint to his son this (rhnstly, unconscious face was more pivinnt of niean- iti^ than thai of any child ciiuid .have been, for here was that iniiti .slakable miyhl-havc-bceu lo which Ii sown life had pointed i,|l .Madcap had come to him to prove how Men nuiy ri-e 1111 stopplicr sioni'.s, tit tlici- tleiulHtilve* to lily her tilings, for to this, of u violent death stitinliiri, was tho end to which most of the Kyres came. Jtsec'ieil lluiir lot to live a vie aniyeitM, and die before the cup of life wasdrunk In Ihe last ilreus; while with liyrou iniulit each of them have exclaimed, "1 will work the niiiii) of my youth to the last vein of the or;j, anil thou—ifooil iiitfht—1 have lived, nnd i uin convuut." iliiUKhty, brilliant, with titlark p> Cilliill' beauty as coveted by men as it. was dangerous to women, the Kyres for the Inst hundred years had lieen an enlj!iiui to the world, and p-maps lo themselves; yet though their deeds were eccentric to the Verne of ma liiess, none could point to a shurlu inslanco of in sanity in the family, and as time went on, the world unvo up wondoiiui?, and accepted the Kyres us 11 race of boin ;s too distinct from ordinary human beings to be jutlved by tho cunuiia that ruled uiaiikind. There hud been a time when they differed In no way from their nei^hbina. by whom they wore respected as folks nor Inn clever to nuiki) other oi'onlo look loolisii, nor yet, 100 virtuous to Kludge 11 pleasant vice or two to thosa who could afford them; but with the (idvont of a certain Luily Sara Villlers in the family, both the fortunes nnd character of the Kyre family underwent u striking cluuiKC. Her sons giw 141 wild and turbulent as young hawks reared in n dove's nnat, perplexing thoir quiet father by their lawless ways; bub when It was discovered Unit their eccentricity at home took the shape of extraordinary mental ability at school and coiloue, their mother (jloded -lu them ami, tlioir sitccusses moretlmn evercJiwd.-wo'ilil 1,111 lterlntB- bund Uo>v this* nuivUud inora.uM of m- telleoliuul yowwiu Wio ,4iyv<» ; fti.ui ly luvd hiUesrselfv AM, ;fi;lii»liN»a; rent.'uiber tiie ilrawT and 1 don't, w :1 von tin me the kindness, my dear i'el low. to fetch lhem for nn i be bv Ins •,s'.if ;l at : viid Uraitiinn, tnn p:' anxieties lo think e v •.pl.'Tl; and hi left ', clo-,in { the do'.ir 1> tli then T ll'iicil lb.' n Ida llie room lltll'l MU. rual's a cool lliin,',' s litl one • men, "In s-ntl yn 'ir nn a laeii ->'s ei 'i '.ilid. 1 siippos -il ymi llniu .'lit lo,it, h .in,' your, he could not well re- 1:: I!:it Miis^rave sail not n word, only sal WII'.IM'HI .' Hi • sinit dniir. and cmiit- ill--; in.- -iv -uii is In ilr .tnil m's return. II" had a"i loiu" in wail, llratid m cani" in w.arilvand sat down cuipiv- liaii'l d. "Vnii ttavi! me a wild-KOose chase. Ma nr.iv '." h > said; "llie drawer was -1• 11• \ --von must, have chaicted lliein -.1 vi.-'ue other pl.n.'C. Huskies —1 feiuein- w—tin- miles Mere in Ihe pocket- bonk when you put I hem away." "Then I tuns! abide by Ihn fuss of my money," said Mns^r.ive, in so slraico n lone Unit all present looked at him in wood 'i'. "1'rovi! your loss," said Jtraiidou, haiiu'htily. "This is the lirstlinie a caesl 's nioney lias been missing or stolen in this linns'.and if the notes are not found I pledge my honor their va 'me shall bo restored to you. tJenlleiueit, will you come with niu and help me to conduct Ihe search';'" lie turned about lightly, and they all followed him; bulthuuKh they raiis'e-k- ed every nook and corner in .Musnrave 's room from the chimney downward, the money was not, found;"and the su -.m ^e look on Mus^rave 's face became more marked as, himself idle, lie looked on at tlio useless toil of the searchers. His cxpresiion was not lo-.t. upon Urainloii, and as sunn as the s.'aivh was abandoned, he said: "I ienlleinen, the next rnoiii to he searched will he my own." lint at I his. .Masu'iave sprang forward, and seized iintndon by the arm to hold him back. "Mul" he cried, "tho matter shall-uo no further; it was a hoax, it stup'd practical joke of my own." • Your jest was'a sorry one," slid livamlon, coldly, as he shook hiiiH -lf tree, while from the men burst forth expressions of contempt, anger, and disgust; "but, such as it is, I shall not, consider it complete without a sight oi' the notes that Have jtiven us so much useless trouble, and you somuchamus .i- nieul at our exp 'iisj." Tho notes are my own," said Mus,- gruvc, sullenly. "I decline for uior .i reasons than' ono"—and a meanng gluucn at liraiidon shot from his eyes, "to produce them." "I'ou have lliein on your porsoiiY" said Brandon, iiuiolly. "No." "Then, (jentlnmen," said liraiiilon, "we will coiitinuo tho search;" and he led them straight to his own room, •His fain bo n;i his own heail.""tid Musgrave to liuuiult, as lie toiiowiM, aud,'sUtudin!{ in thu doorway, bi .irla low groan escape one of the suitrciier.i who stood as though liirnod to stone, looking at a bundle of notes he held in his hand. They had all gathored round him iu n moment, and It was Brandon's hand that had took tlio notes and hi;; own I 0 U from his friend, and held them up to Musgnive, who stood buvond. "Is tiiis the other hall' of your oursod practical joker 1 " lie said, between his tooth. "JJoforo Uo;l, if you were not my guest, I would strike you across tlio mouth for the dog that you are; as It is 1 bid you begone with your gains, and never again darkou my'doors!" As ho spoke lie crushed the notes together into n ball, and Hung it al .Musgrave, who let it lie, only it bad black look gathered about bis lips and eves, us he said, slowly—"If a practical joke lias been perpetrated, you should know more of it Hum I." "By lleavenl" thundered out the yottu;.; fellow, "I'll got to tho bottom of this; and, If you won't spoak out here before these men, I'llforue you to speak els.iwhoro at the sword's point," To -which .Musgravo said siillonly, "You lmvo drawn your fate down on your head. With my own oyos I BIVW you take those notes from my room and place thorn in tho drawer, from whiuh Sutton, iu the presence of us all, took there." "xou lie!" cried Brandon, his beautiful face.ablaze with scorn and linger, ".Worn the momeut I saw yon put the pockot-boek away last night to that In which Sut'ton found themdiere, I have novor sot eyes qn, or touched your cursed money, Whon wo Uyros play practical jokes we are not in tho habit of doing so with our guests' gold." "You ctuuo into my room at daybreak," said Muagravo, quite unmoved; "I saw you take the notes from the pocket-book, which you replaced In the drawer, nnd I got up and followed you to your own room, where you put tho notes uwtiy, I wtitouing you from the door, 1 drew baulc as you shut and looked it; noross that threshold, I take my outb, X have never steppsd. I was ttlfeudy lu the dluing-room when you dime down to breakfast; my rcwon for askmg you to fetch them was that you n^lgUumve W>e opportunity of replac «j$)f9ttiW'sftld Brandon againi but rifa :'tlmB:bia.vfti»" E tlie nrst—tua last tmet oi vn» ouse of Kyre!" A report rang out— ho made a stop forward, shivered all over from head to beel, then fell at their feet—dead! In the public inquiry that was held on his death the whole, story becami- known, and the black flag of disgrac was unfurled above tlie house of Jiyre forever; but Lady Sara raved and wept, and swore that ii could all be explained; only the explanation never came, and to this day Brandon Kvre rcuiaiiH in the eyes of the wmld the first, last thief of thu bouse of Kyre. After this there camea harder devilry into their deeds; as their pride increased, their self-respect diminished, and the women of the family being permitted little or no infhieiiee'over their fiery husbands anil sons, the latter went on their way unchecked—at war with Hod, their own hearts, and the world. Alike lovely and unhappy (for no Kyre thought a woman worth the winning who was not unsurpassable of herkinil. and whether she loved him or no, i; was all one— his passions once lit carried all before him, and marry him she should, if only to repent at her leisure), these women lived simple, anxious lives, only too tlianklul if open scandal were avoided, and their dead brought home to them to teceive decent burial at their hands. And the old sipiiro hid been wild and lawless even b.-yund the common worn, of the K.T-S, nnd had trained up bis sons to walk in his steps, so that as mere lads they had bid fair to outdo their father in his th-viUty an 1 misdeeds. "At sixteen a youth cannot helphim- self, nor at twenty, nor perhaps at thirty," says Taine;'and at thirty-live years of age Barriiiglou Kyre assuredly could not help himself, nor lo all appearance could his brother, since some of their worst follies were perp itrated afler that age. Hut between the two men layadiffer- eneeasof alien blood; while ' Harrington was born to become the slave of habit, his brother was mat lu to be its master, by a single elf irt of will shaking himself as free of tlie chains tha 1 bound him as if they had been reeds that in .spoil, he, had permuted lo b- twined about him. Abruptly as with the stroke of a sword his marriage had cut his life sharply in twain—the one half liu threw behind him, wasting neither thought nor regret on what was irrevocable; the other, honorable and of good repute, h" lived in the eyes of all men, dev.,ling himself iu his early middle ago lo those quiet persistent joys and duties that his vimlh bid been spent in dell nice of. The. mail reekli era of the K> res had gone by, and a new honorable oho begun, said' his neigh bors, as vears .ed. and no brealh of scandal 'all i-lu-d itself to Mr. Kyr who exert d aaaiceudeney over a'.l wit! whom lie c.inie in contact, which prov him to p mifss that conjuring or mas Icrfnl quality of the human mind that (ioellie in one brief word suns up '•</• i .s I) 1,,1'MIIW," and never permits iu jMiss •.- .ir to rem.liu iu tin; back ground til' events, hut sots him in tli v in of every b iltle.n burn leader whon mail will follow blindly into I lie veri jaws of death ilself. And this fore within linn working since his uinmai: iu Hie direction ol gon,l, not evil. -M. Kyre came In he p.» • • -.1 of peril, ip tlie truest riclcs that earth can ali'ord — tiie unenforced respect in those among wiioiu he dwelt', and upon his inok an word men waited.—of what hediil notli illg Was, or viewed With tile ilidl- ference ot'.fii n i-il,"! in beiicr dee. tn.;:t Ins, iu very truth was tolho, around him — A Yankee invention. The Drop-a-Nickle-in-the-Slot Machine Utilized for Postal Purposes. It Distributes Stamps to the Public and Does Away with Government Agents. Will Save Loss of Time and Inconvenience Attedant on the Old Method. pies (approximately) of these numbero In each clam, affording a choice of eqtml advantage to tlio stamp seller and the coupon holder. This method of advertising has been pronouticul by these advertisers who have looked Into It n remarkable Invention of Its class, for they can tell, with inatcmiitlcn] exactness, just what business Is the result of Just that advertising. Beslden furnishing the stamp purchaser the value of the odd cent In the nickel, which he drops Into I lie slot, tin; scheme evidently brings custom to the druggist or oilier tradesmen, for he roceiveH It ut Its face for merchandise. is •illi: iioi:si:li(ii.i>. easier to conceal sorrow than II Tne liill^lltt til' till! tl-iilup to 111 ni u*. i \ir the fame that in quite early youtn he had wo i in toe world of letters I fell and expressed a in .i -i prnfouuilco tempt. Mow and aga u. at long iutc vals, he would put forth from his i treat some rare bit tin all cuiiiliv.l eyes upon him, but In e entreaties that he would boldly ontot that arena in which his splendid abilities might p:t mul sue -es against the l'oreiiinst men of his tiui" he turned Ii deaf ear. Aeen-.eil of idleness, 1 once reliiuketl tlr'.t his inlelU.'ct Was for his nn"i enioviueut and those im mediately about mm. •• I nings neaut i fill, terrilile, pathetic, or willy, write themselves on my mind," he said; "I do not sit down to write them for other My sens-'s are perfect; I feel what, un other man only describes, and if nothing visible is wrought by my hand, bo sure my impressions endure longer than those written down ones that are imagined, not known." And Madcap, the cause of all—Mr cap, who bad been to the powers of good lying dormant within him as i air ami light that had freed them I'm their prison, and who knew it. not, \ working faith's sweet miriacle, liad made and kept him what she believed him to ho—Madcap was to the world one of those women who are principal ly known by the attitude of their husbands toward them, and through Mr Kyre was invested with a prueiousncss that made good wives discover a huu- ilro.l defects iu their lords, and bad ones decide that, had they been lawl'uiiy loved In such fashion, it would ha been an easy matter to he as pure as she. Mr. Kyre's soul was with her, then, if his botlv sat at his father's side. One by one fie had strangled those .scorpions of memory evoked by the ghastly face before him; they were old and fangless, lacking the venom that, projected into his prosont life, must have poisoned it to the core. Kxultantly ho said to lihn self that no past sin of his could harm Madcap now; his misdeeds wore nil buried fathoms dee)), beyond the power of (foil or man to resuscitate. Hi easy lo forget the sin that leaves no trace, the hurt (hat indicts no abidin sear, as it is iu their consequences lo those we love that wo most forcibly he hold our misdeeds; and there was no Eidolon to steal forth from the cur'.aiu- od recesses of Mr. Kyre 's soul, and eoiv front him with ghastly presentment of evil as lie looked forward, not back, long years of honor stretching before him with .Madcap as love and conscience at his side. Kven the thought of his treachery to Frank gave him no twinge; ono or oilier of the men who loved her must suffer, and why not Krank? Her happiness was the llrst consideration; everything aim everyuouy mast oe miiuu to give way to that. All his life through he had carried things before him by sheer power of will—and BO it would he to the end, said this man who, with Joubert thought that "force and right, are Ihe governors of the world; force till right is ready." What was she doing now, lie wond'ir- od; reading his love-letter, or writing him one; or kisdng lliose boys, who, after all, were his own; or in' thou , standing beside him in tiiis chamber,us in spirit ho had left It to seek her? Solf-eontfolled as he was, the blood rose to his temnles, and his heart thrill ed with a nearer and more vivid sensation of her prosimci) as his father's SIT vunt approached bearing a telegram-from her, of course-—a little tuesi ige to keep him from growing loo hungry In- fore ho could receive her letter.' llo tore it opi!ii,imd without ne;.'dlng to look from whom it came, tend the, context: To bo Gouiiuueil, Mvwy (lock muster should make It Ills uusUiesnto luicortaln by utoroutfb, bwpocUon whether U1B lambs luvvo ticks or not. Tho mere having of thorn does not ulwuya Involve a dlsgraco, but U is disgraceful to ooutmuo to luwe ulum In tua flock, FeeOluB -be owes nnd Iwubs with auApkur freely will bold (hem very well ut chock, uud It la wife to do this wldlo Oioy ure in. winter quurteni uud can be boused trow tlw ram, but It !# not safe vyUeu they uro liable tn gnt-.wet' ^~ Tho intended resignation of Col. S. A. Whitofield, first assistant postmaster general, has already been announced, but It was not developed till now that two or Ihn e well known postal officials contemplate leaving the Novice of the government with him to enter that of the Boston conipany wldch Is about to begin a new method to distribute postage stamps to the public. It Is a nlckle-in-tbe-slot nrrange- iui -nt, says the St. Louis (.Slobo Democrat's Washington correspondent, but It differs from all others used for this purpose In that It give full value for the money deposited. Col. 'Whitfield has expressed the belief that this Hellenic will revolutionize the sale of posl ;i:ro stamps, and some go so far lo say that It will do away with all government stamp agents. .They re reive but $'M a year and are required to keep a large sum of money invested In stamps, ft Is estimated that a person selling but 80 cents worth of stamps a day by this method will make u profit of !sli >5 a year, and the loss of time ind anoyance attendant upon tho method of selling stamps OUT the counter will not jlgiire In the calculation, either. The device is a Yankee Invention cotttriilleil by New Knglander.s. Col Carroll D. Wright, commissioner of labor, is president of the company and e.\'-(lov. Oliver Ames is the principal backer. The business of the company consists simply iu the sale of postage stumps by means of a coin-operated machine, which will be located iu every pine where stamps are usually sold The coin-operated machine or delivery box is a case "0 inches high, !) wide and 5 H-K deep from front to bar ind is usually made of highly polished quartered oak; or It can be made of nia !ioe .uny. clu -iTy or oilier ornamental Woods lo match store fittings. Il mountings are of nickel. The box is exceedingly simple In construction, and with ordinary care will not require any repairs for years. It is intended to rest upon a counter or shell', occupying a space Sxll inches, easily accessible to llie public, Is under the observation of the agent or custodian, and may lie fastened to the counter or shelf If di I red. l'lie box contains two magazines, oiu for 1-cont and the other for 2-cent slumps, covered with glass aperture through which a person desiring stumps can at once see before depositing bis coin, whether there is u cartouoh lu the box. Tlie back of the box presents only the paneled door and tlio back of Ihe cash drawer, which is principally glass, so that the hot (cm of the drawer is Inclined from back to front, every coin which drops upon it is brought directly against the glass, and the custodian can see at a glance Just what coin is dropped in, as a bell calls Ms alien lion to each deposit, Tho two magazines contain each lifty cart ouches (100 being the full supply for each box) mul every part of the magazine can be detached and exam Incd and replaced lu live minutes with only the aid of a screwdriver and a pair of pliers. Knelt piece of the box Is described and numbered so that In case of accident (the only means by which renewals are required) any of them can be ordered and sent by mall or express lo any part of the, country. It Is believed impossible to beat or rob the box by any of the devices employed for that purpose upon other coin operated mechanisms, except, of course with bogus coins or disks tho use of which is now punished by law. Pour cents' worth of stumps are placed In u cartouch, together with a coupon, good for 1 cent; so that when a person drops a nickel In the maclilui he gets -I cents In stumps and itcoupon for ono cent. Other machines have been patented and operated for the sale of postage stamps, but tho purchaser Is required to pay 5 cents for 4 cents. By this new Yankee system the purchaser pays only for what, lio gets, the advertising on the coupon, which. Is good for 1 cent, being the gourcu of proilt to tho company. The cnrtoutU. which contains stamps and coupon. Is a small cylindrical box, 1 3-8 inches long by 5-8 of un luclt in diameter, with Kllghtly rounded ends, nitulo of wood or paper, and opening exactly at Its center transversely. One half bus u thin inner projection, over which tlie other slides like a sleeve, UB the two halves lit to gether. A groove Is cut entirely through and entirely around nrouud this Inner projection where It joins tho thicker part, nnd, us a drop of glue united the two ends of tho cartouch when packed, the twisting motion necessary to open it (as described by tho label which seals uud encircles it) breaks off and destroys this lip or projection, BO tltitt no further use cau be made of either enrtouon or label. Insldo the eartoucli, snugly rolled, but with their ends projecting from tho lutlf in wlileli they rest when It is opened Xso that tlioy can bo easily removed), nvo two 2-cent postage stumps and four 1-cont posiago stamps, and the demiuul draft (or coupon) is "good for ono cent" iu any of the goods of cither of tho thirty- two advertisers whoso commodities are named upon it. Tho contents aro removed and used, tho fragments of the broken oiirlouoh, which has now served Its purpose, being thrown away. Thu label Is of paper, just-long enough to unolrclo tho onrtouoli uud is firmly glued to it. It serves to seal the enrtouph, oovors its joint, gives directions for opening it and show quloltly by its colors. It is registered at ttio patout office. The coupon 6v demand draft, whlun Is tlio cornerstone of tho.wbole busl Hess nud tlio element of profit in tho salo of the heretofore profitless postage stump, is n thin lwtnnuuliu' Hthojurpu- ed paper nbout three and ona-uulC Inches wide by four Inolies long, having exactly the enporllolal area of slxtoou 2-qent postage slumps, it. Joy. We would nil do more lifting up we would do more looking up. (led has never yet. made a <naii wh old please all his neighbors. To want to be good Is the surest prophesy Hint we shall be good. People who do not control their tiui pers ought to have it done for thcin. How easily a trade can he made with man who pays out another inaii'-i rash. A -nan with a good hack bone will often win more battles than one who has bigger head. , The man who Is satisfied with himself is always being dissappoiuted with other people. i'liero are lots of people who would sooner be captain of a rowboat than mate on a steamer. If Christ lives in your heart the people who live in tlio same bouse with you will not be long In llnding it out. The road to heaven is llie best thoroughfare in llie universe, it looks hlll .i- but you will lind every foot of it love! ground when you get to it. The Lord sometimes lets our feet lip clear out from under us, to show us that he is our strength, but as long as we keep our hand In bis we are ife. Ill nth. Death is like sleep. Yon do not labor to go to sleep directly. Yon think nothing about, sleep. But you work hard up lo (he limit of your strength, and you lie down and somehow, you know- not how, sleep c es of itself—and all the more sweetly if you thing not of it. I'l'llr it'lstlnllt. Our expectations, our ideals, our hopes, our intentions in beginning life are all too low. Many a one is but indifferently successful in living a si rung life, because at the start the standard of what ono ought to be ano the belief In what one may bo were set Tor. low. Ot.r Alms in Life. There are things that are right to be done nnd said in one place which are iu appropriate nnd wrong in another. Hi Is n wise man who knows what Is right at the right time and In the right place—who knows the proprieties of life. an heirloom of the Swan family for nearly two hundred years. It llnally came Into (lie possession i .t I'riink Swan, one of (lie family, who liven in Nevada. He did not appreciate the value of (he walih uud gave It to hW children to play with, and when Mr. IxjngulKiugli first, saw It, about 11 yearn ago, the hands hud been broken off arid one of the three caws within which tie; works were im-losed HUH IO»L Fie recognized its value and K";ur'r<l It from Swan. The watch was < xamiiiw] by Tucker, the San I'laiiclm-o Ji -wHer, and, after making n HI arches, he pro- nouii'-ed It genuine. More . rec<nil;.- Might ii I'ab'lield. of Biitt<-, made a search in the misty past, hut. the earliest date they could find In the exlso-ti'-e of watches was In l.'i'K). The watch in question iloiit,lli-;s represented the labor of many years, as it was made entirely by band, and the lo'il marks throughout nil its parts are plainly visible, and the watch was probably (lie only cue made by Mr. Davis, of London. The machinery consists of a large steel balance wheel, which with ;i pendulum like a lever, and In plan; of the modern hair spring Is a long steel chain whli-h winds and un- inds upon pulleys. Another laru'e wheel, the purpo-e of wid'-li Is not apparent, looks like a bell wheel on a tin "siting :nar|iiiio. The works an- protected and held together by a line or- iiainejital network of b.'.iss carved out by hand and riveter) logetler with brass rivets, which show plain hammer marks. On (he hark of lie; works Is a polish'-d steel fare M |n,i)ar to the «<•<:- olid dial rn a modern watch, bat the figures mmilng from one to n)x. The object of il lias never been ligiued out liy any of tie- JeweliTH who have examined it. The face of the watch Is of polished steel, and the hours are; marked by raised Itoman numerals. Around the edge of the faces are figures from 5 to to represent either seconds or minutes.. In Ihe center of the dial is the British rout of arms in raised brass, consisting of the crown, lion and j.ulcorii. The whole Wolk .s are enclosed in a silver hemisphere, n,,. ,-ihcr being hammered and sharp-ind by hand, the Indentures of llie baieiner .showing distinctly. On the outside of the silver ease Is another of liauimi i'< ii brass, and Ihe evidence is plain that at one time lhere was Mill a third rase on the outside of these two. 'The watch w;us uud up with some kind of a key, (lie keyhole being protected by a rude trap ur sliding door. The watch has stem nearly two inches long, and a ring on the end large enough to hitch a horse to. Tli!; stem is of solid silver mil In the middle is nearly half worn iway, which alone is a slight indication of Its exlreme age. Tlie watch is said lwe been in running order up to 0 j :ars ago. It weighs about four ounces, and in shape looks like a base ball cut in halves. Mr. Kongabaugh has it different times been offered several small fortunes lor his relic, but he says it is not for salo. He will have It on exhibition at the world's fair. "German Syrup" Mr. Albert Hartley of Hudson, N. C, was taken with Pneumonia. His brother bad just died from it When be found bis doctor could not rally him be took one bottle of German Sv;:p and came out sound and we!!. Mr. S. B. Gardiner, Clerk wirb D ;':;^:«.t J. E. Barr, Aurora, 'f<:xi-. j/revented a bad attack of pne<j;so:j:;t by taking German Syrup in lime. lie was in the business and knew the danger. He used the great remedy —Bos .chee's German Syrup— for lung diseases. 0 It CHT»B Co'. fo.Coa jb«,8or« Throat,Crotip,InfllM> ta.Vf'hooping Couch, Bronchititand ABttiml. A certain rare for Consumption in flrit lUffea, sal & mis relief In tranced itago*. Uat at ano*. Tea will aee tho excellent effect after taking Ute ffrit ticie. Eold by dealer! fTtrTwhara. ZATga bottlei 50 cecti and $1.00, - to riir. Kirciif.N. Hi,I,id l'ruelim. I'eaches which are ripe but too hard for eating aro nice baked, pare, remove the stones, and place In loose layers in a shallow earthen puddlngdisli with i little water. Sprinkle each layer lightly with sugar, cover and bake, .Ili/ili* With .f/iWriifa. Pare core mid quarter some nice sour ipples, put them lo cook with two halves of dried apricot for each apple. When tender innko smooth by bakin and rubbing through a collandcr, and sweeten. Dried apples may be used In place of fresh ones. i'n-nm t'nhhiif/c. One-half teacupful each of sugar and vinegar, 2 eggs, one large spoonful of butler, u pinch of sail and a sniiill pinch of cayenne, stir well together place In it double boiler and bring to ;t boll. Tour over tho cabbage after ad ding half a toueupfvn of hot cream. Hulitil J'vm'n. Hard pears make an excellent desert and when tlioy uvo baked. Pure, lialv and remove seeds and place in sh'.illow irtlien dish with u cup of water t» each two quarts of fruit. If the pears are sour a little sugar may lie added. Bake closely covered In n mod crate ovennntil tender. Serve with sugar and cream. Tart perns arc the best for baking as tlio sweet varieties are often tasteless. TuHnttii SOIIJI. Use nearly three quarts of strained beef stock (eumc ua for bean porridge; to one cau of tomatoes cok the toivmoe in ii separate ketllo until nearly all but seeds will pass through a solve or; strain, add suit if needed, sugar (black pepper If liked), mix with Bloi; and simmer slowly fcr an hour or 30, To bo eatou with fancy crackers or toasted bread Is uicc for a diner course Netilhiu i>f <l<ll\l </«!•«, Strain jelly Into Jolly jura which hav been thoroughly washed In soap and water and have been standing in boiling water for half an hour. When tlio Jolly is cool pour over It a small quantity of molted pitiaillno, let harden thou pour in more, for us (ho llrst hardens It may omcK or shrink from tlie sides and leave spaces whero ferments may oceur. In other words Iho Jin's need to ho made air tight—not that tho nlr does mlsohlof, but because It contains tho organisms whloU on on toring tho jelly cause by their growth tlio changes known as souring. Tho ob jeot is to exclude nil microorganisms, This may bo done in other ways than by tho use of puvnflhio. Out a piece of white paper just largo enough to cover the jelly, cook it iu alcohol for live uiin utcs, then tit It Into tho tumbler nud pack over it a wad of sterilized cotton batting, let it All the mouth of the jav or tumbler llko a stopper. This is an effectual means of preserving all kinds of fruit, as miero-orgaulsnis cannot so through tlio batliug. Cure must- bo taken hoivovor, to huvo it properly sterilized. This may easily he accomplished by taking wads of the. required shupn and size and putting them hi a tin (ditto in u hot ovou for half on hour. AVlum puling the cotton into jars he eiuvful not to touch tlie wider side of tlie wad or nllo\v it to touch nny thing until it Is placed in the jar; euoh may he wound with a- piece of cloth to inako It look neat or a pleoe of paper so ,that whon | may bo tied over It folded four times it Is of the exaot size luid jhitpo of q shiglo atntoik exoont In ^^^^^ • t ,-r lie Without Ilrcnd BiauuP'd JtB3iPi:Si.l;, Marquette, Mlcb., I Nov. 7. lKOJ. ( Tlie- Ke -T. 5. KOBBIIIUI , of above 1>1 BCO , writ*!; I have buffered a great tlenl, autl -prbonover I now feel a nervous Attack coming I take at dot* ol Paaior Ko6ntg'« Nervo Tonic and foai ra- UeTed. 1 think a great deal of il, and would rather be without broad than without the Tonic. Tired ol Llring. roL'SD, Wig., 1690. Two yean ago last Fobroary I commence* havlne; eeileiitia attacks, anil could not rest a mlnutft vfitliout having my limbs jerk. Iwa, alinoht tirod of Jiving, when 1 heard of Pasto,' Ko^/il;;'.4 Nervo Tonic, and thaiik the Lord 1 gol 'toll ttfu-r unjn£ ouJyon<i bottle; and I will uevor tartiet in my prayors rrliat this medicine did for no. MISS MAY WET1CK. —A Valuable Ttorf* «n nerrotil lilhetitio4 emit free to any addreat, and poor pallcnls cau also obtain tills niedlcliio froo of charge. A small Island lu Passamoquoddy bay is inhabited only by ono man and his family. It Is said that the man has several whes, and he certainly has a surprising number of children. They live by llshlng and farming, and although the husband and father does not own tho Island ho Is king there. [Unk«M Mnrvolmlt, Curon Every tiny. .itiiyo JJUult, Vliii'tujo. A trillo over a hundred miles 60uih of (.'liictigo there in a beimdlul little valley if the uhapa of u hot Be shoo. In the iiminer times there urfi no greener hilln than those looking down upDii the land, the shape of which all the world over is ,v Hyinhol of good luck and a certain protection iigninst the assaults of the evil one. Whether tho horse shoo bills have magnetised tlio crystal waters at your feet or whethor deep down into tho heart of tho continent diimo nuture has set up opposition to the schools of medicine, no one can Bay, but it is certain that at Indiana Mineral Springs murvelouB cures aro being made ovory day. Air. H. L. Kramer, the energetic pro motor, developor and inannger of thU magnificent proporty, upon which ho has lidoly expomleil upwards of $150,000 in its improvement anil development, thinkB it is a little of both. Now and then you lieur a patient declare thnt the manager alone is u good remedy for discuses. A uiiiu o£ fii '8C -c)u88 business capacity. Ho hub overy detail of the business about tha hotel ana ground* nt his end nnd there is u lieiuty, though quiet fellowship about the man that makes him tho friend of every guest. It is a tradition about tho place that the people go away from the SpringB one Bummer cured and then come buck the next summer to spend their vacu lion uud visit the mnungor. This health nnd pleusure resort haubeoi) rightfully named tho Indiana Mineral Springs and is located in Warreu County, ind., and tho llhule takes pleusure in ud vising any of iU four hundred thousaud waders who aio seeking quiet, loet and recreation or improvement in their hotditi to visit this most popular restart o£ this country, A beautiful, illustrated book that tells nil about this wonderful 6pring. will bo font by mail froo to nil who iiildreas 11 IJ. Kramer, Gen. Mgr., box 3, Indiana Mineral Spriugs, Ind. In 177-1 Maskolyue, the astronomer royal of England, tirst ouiouluted tho weight ol llie eurth. Tho weight, as estimated in an encyclopedia is 6,000,000,000,000,000, 000,000 tons, Tli*- Only Oi»« l °.v„r rrlmetl— Clan YouKlu thu Word? Tlitti-u Is a 11 hii'li display tttlvurllsuiuuitt hi Mils |ui]ioi- this ivnok wldi-li luis im two words nllliu uxrupt nun word. Thu sitiuu Is trim of. i-tuli new oiu'. upiivntitigmu'li wuuli fvimi Tho Dr. Hurler JUcilii-Iiiu(!o. This Imiisu pitied* ii "(Vimi-onl." nn oruryllihig tlioy iniilio uml ,]>til>ll»li. l.ntiU ftir It, SIIIIII Ilium Iho intuit) nf Hut wind, null tltuy will rutum you uooit, llliAUTItill, l.I'l'IIOllllAI'IIH III' HAMI'I.Bg IfllBy. "Sao hero, waiter, this plo hasn't any ap plus hi It." Waiter: "I know It, sah; It am made of omrnii -tited apples, »»U," Tony Muiiauo, Cincinnati's old time oraok pitcher, has jumped that club and gone to BuUo City, Mont FREE Till remedy bu boon prepared by the Reverend pastor KoaalK, of Fort wavue, Ind, since 1570, and anowpreparad underhia direcUon by the KOENIC MED. CO., Chicago, lit. Sold try Drusslabj at m per BotUe. 6 for »5 T.irce Size, »t.l5. O BottUn for »0. Doii't Suffer. Poa't auffer with ilioumatlaan. Donl avuflar with pneumonia or pleurisy. All these maladies come from one sourca. Whoa tha kidneys are Inactive and fall to separate the urlo aoid from the blood, it remulna in and poisons the whole llfl current. If it manifests It- e)f In tha jolnta it becomes pleurisy, uml if it ut- tucka the lungs it becomes pneumonia or pleurisy. If it attacks tlio brain it becomes apoplexy; if the heart, hour* dlBeuse. It may produce any malady, such ns bllmluo*B, paralysis, or thi like. All these mala lies have one com* men origin, and that Is kidney trouble. Tho Bceds of most of these ore laid ii tho summer. It Is then (hat peopl* fall to take slmplo precautions. Thef get wet and oxpo^e thomKelves unne es*- Barily, and the result Is they take cold. It. nettles upon ihelr kldue.s and pro* dm o^ any or all of the maladies men- Mono! above. V, hen yon feel that yon are a .sufferer In lids respect got a buttle of Hum's (Jr.i».M.\s Cutiii ASK KIUNUT Oiutr. uitil take it fieely. Do not bo nfrald of it. It will not in into you. It Is Impossible to luko an overdose. It contain* no deleterious S'lbstunco whatovor. It can be given to children without any danger. A-k sour druggist for it, aud do not let him give you anything else In plueu of It. Knitiil bottles -J"c, large "Oc, SVJ.VAN iir.Mr.pv (in.. Peoria, 111. LITTLE LIVER PILLS t IOT nun MB nim iOO am ^ 6u I B* Kill •ae Madder. btaalKk «^ ut* Aonev blood •»!>• does to atnly a«M»<te «««~, as ana •« »aa »«T »r IM toe saaco. Sack vleUeateuia at, Mrrtef la nal ~ MMil. Dualneaa awii'i «ta*< kra taskf taaa iu«ar. Sal* every pock.l. Ilka l *s4 BUMII. _ '- i*. tSskta tacWr I , —. I nsiuiiM geed* Dsar'-Oresofat. eouvtnlatic*. vrtura. all l S«iul l-otat **mt. Yoa rtt M v*c >»ok visa iaa«ja> U. HAITU WOICINB CO-, *L CeaW. Ha, #tf*MM#****»k>»t>s«(>« V v w RIPANS TAHULCS Ihn rtl uni II • Ii, IIYIT mul U (y Ui'i 1)1"; ir*' tinlV an „, llto Liunt iin'ilK-iiK' known fur bllioint- UOM>, t'tH]rillti:illi)H, Uyi " ' " lirpftUi. lioa<l<U'liu,iiieiiui r di ni Uimi'iH, nurl*Z aiul otfw.CuMiS i »n for bJUoint -I UOM>, t'tH]rillti:illi)H, UYkJUOV«ia. fo\vli lirpftUi. lioa<l<U'liu,iiieiit»( duprostdon.f piitnfut iliKtmUau, bod eomi^tlOD, f aitUall (lletiUJctii'd.iNt'tl by falinro off tiui sUtmncli, Uvur or bowels to P6r-f form Uiolr proper tunriioruf. 1' ITHOUS trlveu to 0T«r >f t ' Mtluff *ro bou«Dt«ci by t&kltie ou« htt«r moh Tpeal.T rrice, Mimplo. ibc. At imig^hta, ur nont by rnall .X • ItlPlNS OHKlllOAI. 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